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SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Florida Reaches Lowest Coronavirus Case Rate in the Nation

Manchin: IRS Bank Reporting Proposal Won’t Be in Final Reconciliation Package

Vaccine Policy Should Consider the Power of ‘Hybrid Immunity’

REPORT: Donald Trump Will Attend Game 4 Of The World Series In Atlanta

One of the Big Lies In the Kyle Rittenhouse Case

Biden boots paid family leave from $2 trillion social welfare bill

President Trump Responds on Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election

Fox News Heir Spent $20 Million Opposing Trump

Clinton Campaign Spread Alfa Bank Ruse Throughout Obama Admin to Press Trump-Russia Probe

Merrick Garland says DOJ stands by conclusion Andrew McCabe lied despite reversing his firing


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Current 7-day COVID new cases average: 5.4

Meet the Bernie Bro Embezzler Behind the Progressive Push To Primary Sinema

Report: Loudoun County Teen Claimed Sex Assault Was An Accident, Happened When His Skirt Snagged On Wristwatch

Why Is The Media Letting Hillary Clinton Sell Her Book Without Getting Epstein Questions?

Law Firms That Raced To Defend Terrorists In Gitmo Leave Jan. 6 Defendants Out To Dry

What To Do About Your Local Library Putting Porn On Kids’ Shelves

Obama Says Parent Concerns About School Rapes, Porn, And Learning Loss Are ‘Fake Outrage’

Influenza Is More Dangerous To Kids Than COVID Is, So Why Doesn’t The CDC Recommend Masks For The Flu?

New Billionaire Venture Focused On ‘Disinformation’ Exposes The Left’s Fight For Monopoly On Truth

Hawley Presses Pentagon Official On Why Administration Prioritized Packing Planes Over Vetting Afghan Evacuees

Loudoun County Students Walk Out In Protest Of District’s Sexual Assault Cover-Up

Aide: N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy Is Waiting To Mandate COVID Vaccine Until After Reelection

Missouri Breaks From National School Boards Association Over ‘Inflammatory’ Letter Targeting Parents

Legacy Media Fuels Corporate Wokeness But Will Always Choose Wokeness Over Corporations

Action News Jax Gets Real: Decoding history and race relations in Brunswick, Ga.

In Defense of Qualified Immunity

The Zillow Tax

Imperial College told to remove bust of slavery abolitionist because he ‘might now be called racist’

Dan Crenshaw: VP Harris Wants the Fun Stuff, Not Border Role

Frances Haugen took thousands of Facebook documents: This is how she did it

McAuliffe buys 'fake news' ads in effort to sway voters, Fox News investigation finds

Anti-cancel culture platforms Rumble and Locals combine to take on Big Tech

U.S. Takes Bitcoin Mining Crown After China Crackdown

Marvel Draws Fire, Hires Controversial Writer For New Series

Chinese Media: If Taiwan Changes Name Of Office In U.S., China Will Respond With ‘Military’ Action


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

New coalition of federal employees sues Biden over vaccine mandate

McAuliffe in 2019: 'Diversity, inclusion' are 'as important as' math and English in schools

Baltimore facing ‘crisis’ as it struggles to prosecute backlog of felonies amid attorney exoduses

Sinema confronted in airport for second time this month, ‘Don’t touch me’

How Virginia Democrats Are Working To Make Elections Sloppy Again

Columbia Law Professor Explains Why Public Schools Are Tearing America Apart

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Message To Concerned Parents Is Clear: Shut Up Or Else

Kyrsten Sinema, John McCain, And The Bad Omens For Democrats’ Wildest Dreams

How Texas Protected Its Vote From Getting ‘Rigged’ In 2020

When Did Sexual Assault In Schools Become A Partisan Issue?

Biden Admin Gave School Board Organization President Plum Education Appointment Two Days After She Issued Bogus ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter

Dave Chappelle Willing to Discuss ‘The Closer’ With Trans Community, but Says He’s ‘Not Bending to Anybody’s Demands’

The New Billionaire Tax in Democrats’ Sights

Opinion:Biden’s latest tax-the-rich scheme would be an unworkable and possibly unconstitutional mess

Biden works to turn out Democrats in N.J., Va., as approval, fortunes teeter


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Americans are more generous than Europeans — by a large margin

Attorney General Merrick Garland must call off war on parents: Devine

Anthony Fauci Has Been Abusing Animals for 40 Years

Florida Surgeon General refused to wear mask in office of lawmaker with breast cancer

Fact Sheet: National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Twitter Mob Comes for Dave Chappelle. It’s Time to Realize It Isn’t as Powerful as It Thinks.

Justice Thomas at 30: Principle over Precedent

Fear the Economic ‘End of Men’

Vaccine Mandates Decimating Police Forces Across US

What Is the Root Cause of Our Supply Chain Problems?

Homeland Security Chief Mayorkas ‘Has to Resign,’ Sen. Rick Scott Says

US Must Defend Taiwan’s Independence

Sen. Tom Cotton: Biden's national emergency at border – US needs real leadership to tackle crisis

National School Board Group Communicated with White House while Crafting Letter Likening Parents to Terrorists

‘He Takes Questions All The Time!’: Deputy Press Secretary Rebuffs Reporter Who Calls Out Biden’s Basement Act

When Did Sexual Assault In Schools Become A Partisan Issue?

Two Transgender Specialists Wonder: Has The New Orthodoxy Gone Too Far?

Biden Forced Americans Into A Game Of Chicken Over Their Livelihoods, And They’re Not Flinching

Why The Biden Administration Wants To Track Your Bank Accounts

Biden Plans To Further Break The Border With Fraudulent Asylum Seekers

Big Tech Insists They’re Protecting Americans From China While Importing Chinese-Style Social Controls

NBA’s Jonathan Isaac: Standing For The National Anthem Was About Conviction

3 Takeaways From AG Garland’s House Panel Testimony on Virginia School Rape Case, Conflict of Interest

Global Burned Area Has Shrunk Despite Reports

Biden Says First Responders, Police Who Refuse Vaccine Mandates Should Be Fired

Women athletes fear for their lives after Taliban beheads volleyball player

Garland won’t say whether special counsel Durham is still investigating Clinton Foundation

CNN says it won't apologize for 'bruising the ego' of Joe Rogan by claiming he'd taken 'horse dewormer' ivermectin for COVID infection - despite network Dr Sanjay Gupta groveling on Rogan's podcast

Los Angeles bans homeless encampments near schools, parks, libraries

What is race norming? Here’s why NFL adjusted concussion settlement

AG Garland dodges question on special counsel for Hunter Biden’s art sales

Joe’s potty mouth

AG Garland Denies School-Board Memo Represents Conflict-of-Interest Given Family Ties to Progressive Ed Company

FBI file disproves Trump-Alfa Bank link

Afghan Placed In Montana By Biden Admin Charged With Raping Teen, Victim’s Neck Had ‘Significant Bruising’: Reports


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

On Massive Spending Bill, CNN Hits Bernie Sanders Ally... From the Left!

Scalise on Pelosi's Halloween Deadline: 'This Package...Should Be Scary to Every Family in America'

Workers fed up with nights, weekends seek flexible schedules

Democrats Pushing Transgenderism In Schools Are Fully Responsible For Bathroom Sexual Assaults

Southwest Is A Window Into Modern Tyranny. So Will The GOP Fight Back?

Transhumanists Gather In Spain To Plan Global Transformation

What Every School District In America Should Be Teaching Kids About American History

US Military Is ‘Right There on the Edge.’ Here’s What’s Driving Its ‘Marginal’ Status.

Rogue Prosecutor Steve Descano Cuts Sweetheart Deal With Child Molester

Canceling Thomas Jefferson

Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide

DOJ Refuses to Arrest Man Who Traveled to DC to Kill Matt Gaetz

Texas welcomes patients denied lifesaving organ transplants in Colorado because of COVID vaccination status

International Pronouns Day!

Man baffled after landing in hot water for starting on time at new job

Tool for police reform rarely used by local prosecutors

NIH Admits to Gain of Function Research

Netflix Employee Walkout Grows Tense as Trans Rights Protesters Clash With Dave Chappelle Supporters

M.I.T.’s Choice of Lecturer Ignited Criticism. So Did Its Decision to Cancel.


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

If White Evangelicals Sold Their Souls For Trump, What Does Playing Kamala Harris Ads In Black Churches Mean?

McAuliffe Agrees Public Schools Should Not Tell Parents If Their Child Is ‘Gender Fluid’

Why Slate Can’t Vet ‘Dear Prudence’ For Satire Anymore

The Worst Is Yet To Come From Biden’s Vaccine Coercion

Watch Bari Weiss Embarrass Brian Stelter On His Own Show

OSHA Isn’t Tracking COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Because It Doesn’t Want To Undermine Biden’s Shot Campaign

Biden’s Approval Plummets To 37 Percent In Abysmal New Quinnipiac Poll

New Report Finds The Pandemic Exacerbated Inequality Of Social Capital

ESPN Star Allison Williams Is Leaving The Company Because Of The Vaccine Mandate

In a 2022 ‘gun fight,’ Republicans look beyond Georgia for campaign cash

Sen. Josh Hawley: America under Joe Biden is a land of scarcity and want

State Department internal watchdog announces probes of Biden’s Afghanistan drawdown

Psaki slammed for offering no explanation for why Build Back Better will cost nothing: 'Because it won't'

Liberal Media Censor Alleged Bathroom Rape of Teen Girl by Boy in Skirt at Virginia Public High School

Parents Sue AG Garland for Violating Free Speech Rights with FBI School-Board Memo

Democrats Are Trying to Sneak Gender Dogma Into Bill on Family Violence

Biden on Energy Crisis: Begging Others to Save Him From Himself

In Remembrance of Colin Powell

Director David Zucker Says Airplane! Could Only Be Made Today “Without The Jokes”

Rachel Levine Becomes First Trans Person to Become Four-Star Official

Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Needlessly Polarize, Impede Private Sector Labor Market

What’s Inside Democrats’ 2,465-Page $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill?

Ted Cruz: Biden Is Counting on the Corrupt Media to Be Complicit in Covering up Border Crisis

Jan. 6 panel votes to hold Steve Bannon in contempt

Fired Teacher Sues School Board, Claims He Was Terminated for Conservative Political Activism

7 Ways Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Tax-and-Spend Bill Would Take Over Your Health Care


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

National Incident Management System

McCarthy predicts more House Democratic retirements to come ahead of 2022 midterms

Israeli scuba diver discovers ancient Crusader sword

Manchin Told White House Child Tax Credit Must Include Work Requirement, Income Cap: Report

52 terrorists heading toward U.S. blocked by Panama, congressman says

Joe Rogan Slams Google: ‘You Guys Are Hiding Information’

Andrea Mitchell Falsely Claims GOP ‘Booed’ Powell at 2000 Convention

Midnight runs: Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

FDA to allow Americans to ‘mix and match’ COVID vaccine booster shots

Brian Laundrie’s former co-worker remembers him as ‘chameleon’ and ‘weirdo’ who sometimes lost temper


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Democrats want to bolster working women, but face tortuous choices

Strikes are sweeping the labor market as workers wield new leverage

Cassidy says he won't vote for Trump if he runs in 2024

Antarctica's coldest winter on record doesn't disprove global warming

Pete Buttigieg defends being on paternity leave amid supply-chain crisis

"Printing Hate" details U.S. newspapers' roles in lynchings

A climate disaster will likely affect you one day. Here’s how to prepare.


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Joe Rogan Forces CNN’s Sanjay Gupta To Admit His Network’s ‘Horse Dewormer’ Smear Was A Lie

CNN Just Spent A Full Year Running Interference For Hunter Biden And His Family’s Corruption

The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen, It Was Vandalized By Democrats, Big Tech, And The Media

Why Gay Superman Needs Rescuing From The Leftists

Telling Women They Don’t Need Men Is Hurting Their Children

Rising Rents Are Fueling Inflation, Posing Trouble for the Fed

The Revolt of the American Worker

Today’s Left To Americans: You Can’t Make It Without Welfare

Garland blasted for unleashing FBI on school board squabbles

The California Version of The Green New Deal and an October 16, 2020, EPA Settlement With Transportation is What’s Creating The Container Shipping Backlog – Working CA Ports 24/7 Will Not Help, Here’s Why

January 6 Committee to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt for Evading Subpoena

NFL’s Only Openly Gay Player Asks For, Gets Day Off After Gruden’s Emails Revealed

NBC Ignores Loudoun Rapes, Smears Parents Opposed to CRT, Edits Audio

Afghanistan: Explosion strikes Afghan mosque during prayers

Radical Left Wants To Ruin Halloween

YouTube suspends Steven Crowder after video about women being impregnated by biological males in prisons

White House vows to treat climate change as "systemic" financial risk

Democrats' attempt to lower private drug prices is likely to fail

Blinken: U.S. and Israel ‘Prepared to Turn to Other Options if Iran Doesn’t Change Course’

‘Hamilton’ Accused of Discriminating Against ‘Non-Binary’ Actor Who Requested Gender-Neutral Dressing Room

Biden to Press Climate Agenda on Wall Street

Virginia Democrats Voted to Allow Schools to Refrain from Reporting Sexual Battery in 2020

Zuckerbucks 101: How A Media Mogul Took Over The 2020 Election And Why GOP Leaders Must Never Let It Happen Again

The Worst Is Yet To Come From Biden’s Vaccine Coercion

Cleveland Clinic Bans Severely Ill Ohio Man From Kidney Transplant Because The Donor Isn’t Vaccinated

Aspen Institute’s ‘Commission On Information Disorder’ Silent On Couric’s Censorship Of RBG Quotes

How Media Distortion Disempowers The American Public

Explosive Documents Prove McAuliffe’s Administration Pushed CRT In Virginia Schools

Biden Tells Private Companies to 'Step Up' or He'll Take 'All Appropriate Action'

The coming vacation spike

Biden’s Commission on Supreme Court Reforms Warns Expanding Court Could Be Seen as ‘Partisan Maneuver’

Netflix CEO Doubles Down On Chappelle Amid News Of Trans Employee Walkout: Humor Doesn’t Translate To ‘Real-World Harm’

US to restore full pension of FBI official fired under Trump

Bill Clinton in hospital for non-COVID-related infection

Psaki refers to climate change as a ‘crisis’ after failing to do so for the border

At Times Like These, Inflation Isn’t All Bad

Putin directs sexist remark at US anchor

Clarence Thomas marks 30 years on the Supreme Court: A look back at the most vicious attacks he's weathered


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
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A Yale Law Student Sent a Lighthearted Email Inviting Classmates to His ‘Trap House.’ The School Is Now Calling Him To Account. 

Inflation Plateaus, But Will It Come Down?

U.S. ready, but Iran stalls in nuclear talks, Biden envoy says

Winter heating bills set to jump as inflation hits home

Taiwan tensions raise fears of U.S.-China conflict in Asia

Murder Suspect Asks Trial Judge To Officiate His Wedding

Nets Disregard Caravan Leader Pledging 'Ready for War' With National Guard

Cleveland Clinic Bans Severely Ill Ohio Man From Kidney Transplant Because The Donor Isn’t Vaccinated

Here’s What We Know About Pitt’s Sadistic Experiments On Unborn Babies

Where Are Teachers Getting Critical Race Theory? In Teachers’ Colleges

Loudoun County Dad Smeared As ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Says School Covered Up Daughter’s Rape By Boy In Girls’ Bathroom

Suicide Killed More Than Twice As Many U.S. Soldiers In Three Months Than COVID Has Since The Pandemic Began

Christopher Rufo: Hierarchical Elites Use Critical Race Theory To Gain Riches And Power

Katie Couric Edited Out Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quotes Slamming Anthem Protests, Called Justice’s Words ‘Unworthy’

Social Justice Activists Are Corrupting Child Welfare

Will Media Fragmentation Solve The Culture War Or Make Us More Divided?

Can SF’s school district turn from death spiral to sea change?

EXCLUSIVE: DHS drafts plan to allow fraudsters to keep citizenship

What We Think We Know About Metabolism May Be Wrong

Facts about Zuck Bucks: How he helped swing the electorate in 2020


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Democrats Can’t Just Give the People What They Want

The New Victim of Cancel Culture: Science

More Bad Policies and Government Spending Will Worsen Labor Shortage

Lawsuit Alleges Cronyism at Biden EPA to ‘Rubber-Stamp’ Green Agenda

State School Board Groups Disavow National Entity’s Call for DOJ to Investigate Parents

Black Professor: Blacks Who Reject Critical Race Theory Being ‘Erased’

REVEALED: Facebook whistleblower's private Twitter account espoused Marxist beliefs

Tommy Kirk, the child star in ‘Old Yeller,’ has died at 79

How Not to De-Trumpify the GOP

Psaki Gets Sassy With Reporter When Asked About Who Bought Hunter Biden's Paintings

The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen, It Was Bought By Mark Zuckerberg

The Purpose Of The Jan. 6 Select Committee Is To Suppress Free Speech

Psaki Touts Biden’s Vaccine Press Release As ‘Federal Law’ Before Admitting No Official Rule Exists

DeSantis Celebrates Banning Zuckerberg’s Election Meddling As A Win For Safe, Secure Voting

Police Are Rebuilding, But Don’t Forget It Was Democrats Who Tore Them Down To Win An Election

Mom Reports School To Police For Promoting Gay Porn Book To Children

Gov. Abbott Bans ‘Any Entity’ From Mandating COVID Vaccines In Texas

Watchdog Group Files Interior IG Complaint Over Tracy Stone-Manning’s Apparent Lie To Congress

Anti-Corruption Group Seeks Senate Ethics Probe Of Debunked Alfa Bank-Trump Server Research

Capt. Kirk’s William Shatner on cusp of blasting into space

‘Superman’s’ Dean Cain: Bisexual Man Of Steel Is ‘Bandwagoning,’ DC Comics Should Fight ‘Real Evil In The World’

Loudoun County Schools Tried To Conceal Sexual Assault Against Daughter In Bathroom, Father Says

REVEALED: Kamala's NASA video was full of child actors who auditioned for role

Tracking Attacks on Scholars’ Speech

Survey: Many SDPD officers say they would rather quit than comply with vaccine mandate

Netflix Responds To Far-Left Outrage Over Dave Chappelle: We Support His ‘Artistic Freedom’

In Global Energy Crisis, Anti-Nuclear Chickens Come Home to Roost

Goldman Sachs To Cut Any Business Ties With TX


Exclusive book excerpt: How Facebook and Twitter rigged the game in 2020

US to reopen land borders next month for fully vaccinated


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard (new cases not available due to Columbus Day holiday)
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Tennessee County Considers Adding Pfizer Lobbyist To School Board That Sets COVID Policy For Kids

Analysis: Hurricanes Have Not Gotten More Intense, Frequent Over Past 170 Years

12 Pro-Life Truths To Counter Every Abortion Myth

After Keystone Pipeline Cancellation, Oil Begins To Flow Through New Route On Line 3

If Christopher Columbus Had Listened To The ‘Experts’ We Wouldn’t Have America

Exclusive: DC's New Superman Jon Kent Comes Out as Bisexual

Aspirin lowers risk of COVID: New findings support preliminary Israeli trial

Capitol Police officer claims acting police chief lied to Congress about Jan 6

Risky move: Biden undercuts WH executive privilege shield

NASA plan for Wi-Fi on the moon tested to span Cleveland's digital divide

Jason Chaffetz: Dems own Biden failures – they'll run but they can't hide from policy fiascos

CNN panel claims critical race theory is 'not actually a thing'

Americans want border jumpers to have to get COVID-19 vaccine

U.S. Oil Prices Continue to Surge, Breaking Seven-Year Record

In New York City, The Left Tells Parents Yet Again: Your Kids Belong To Us

How U.S. Educational Institutions Turned Into Havens For Indoctrination

Green Colonialism in Africa Led to the Locust Plague

Netflix suspends three employees, including a queer transgender person, for crashing executive meeting over Dave Chappelle

‘We Have to Reassert Citizenship’: Victor Davis Hanson’s Challenge to Americans

Biden’s Taxes Hit Americans at the Top and Bottom

VP Kamala Harris starred in NASA space video with child ACTORS who had to audition for the part despite being presented as normal kids

REPORT: Jon Gruden Is Resigning As The Coach Of The Raiders After Old Emails Surface

Raiders Coach Resigns After Homophobic and Misogynistic Emails

Biden Exempts Some Crimes by Illegal Immigrants as Basis for Deportation

Americans Reject President Too Weak to Take On Radicals in His Own Party


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

The Crimes of Christopher Columbus

The Truth About Columbus

How To Cook The Columbus Day Feast Of Liberal Nightmares

Colleges nationwide celebrate ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ on Columbus Day

We Are Republicans With a Plea: Elect Democrats in 2022

Democratic Party now going ‘off the deep end’

I Interviewed Trump For 5 Hours. Here’s What He Told Me About ‘Stupid F—er’ McConnell, McCarthy’s Bromance With Luntz, And The Fake News That Bothered Him The Most

The Left Doesn’t Actually Care About ‘Democracy,’ They Just Want To Get Their Way

U.S. Military Investigating Battle-Scarred Marine For Shaking Trump’s Hand At Rally

Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just A Press Release

Is Cancel Culture Literally Killing Us?

Merriam-Webster Thought Police Just Changed The Definition Of ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ To Attack Opponents Of Government Mandates

Labor Force Participation Drops As Americans Hyped Up On Federal Cash Quit Looking For Work

Durham Investigates Pentagon Contractors Who Helped Clinton Campaign Plot Russia Hoax

Suspect arrested in fatal shooting of Georgia officer killed on first day outside police department

Pfizer to vaccinate entire city in Brazil as part of study.

Herschel Walker’s team raised $3.7M since launching Senate bid

3 US-based economists receive economics Nobel Prize

Effect of wearing a face mask on fMRI BOLD contrast

Merck seeks FDA approval for antiviral COVID pill

‘Desperate for a win’: Jaguars join short list with 20th consecutive loss

Biden Administration Tries to Use Intimidation to Silence Parents

Threatening Memo From Attorney General Merrick Garland to Parents Comes With Serious Conflict of Interest

Democrats Are Close to the COVID Trap

NYT Forced to Fix Claim 900,000 Kids Have Been Hospitalized with COVID

In a party of big spenders, Manchin’s $1.5 trillion limit is a lowball bid

German companies urge next government to step up on climate

Washington’s Whistleblower Show: On Free Enterprise, the Right Turns Left

The American Bar Association Adopts an Anti-racism Agenda

Can America Cope with Demographic Decline?

Biden Admits to Supreme Court: The ‘Forever War’ Is Not Over, After All

New Group Equips Parents With 7 Tools to Combat Wokeness in K-12 Education

Reject Biden’s Global Tax Cartel

Students Threatened by University Administrators over Anti-China Stickers

McAuliffe: Critical Race Theory Controversies Are ‘Made Up’ by GOP to ‘Divide People’

Trump Teases 2024 Run during Iowa-Rally Speech

Hate-Speech Laws Have Never Worked


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
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David Shor Is Telling Democrats What They Don’t Want to Hear

What if Things Are About to Get Better?

New York City to Phase Out Its Gifted and Talented Program

‘Entitlement society’: Progressives refuse to pull political goodies from $3.5T social welfare bill

Disney World workers celebrate new $15 wage: ‘I can do the things that I’ve always wanted to do’

National Divorce Is a Poisonously Stupid Idea

Biden ‘painted into a corner’ as get-tough policy on Russia falls flat

Alleged Timberview High School Shooter Timothy Simpkins Released From Tarrant County Jail

Google Will No Longer Allow Monetization on Anti-Climate Change Perspectives

Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just A Press Release

Biden’s Fake Oval Office Is The Scandal Media Invented About Trump

Republican Congressmen Denounce Biden’s Vaccine Ultimatum For Airlines

Diagnosing The Disease That Infects America’s Institutions

Is Joe Biden Flying To Wilmington Nearly Every Weekend To Dodge Visitor Logs?

And Jews Will Still Vote Democrat

Why We Don’t Need ‘Human Infrastructure’

What This Justice Department Official Said About Treating Parents as ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Will the September jobs report reflect a letup in the Delta variant?

And the 2021 Nobel Prizes go to men... so far

Carlson Calls Out Media Approving of Biden Admin Targeting Parents, Spying

As Border Hemorrhages, DHS Releases 'Climate Action Plan,' Which Must Be 'Accepted and Embraced' by Employees

Border Patrol Morale Plummets as Migrants Surge and Democrats Demonize: ‘Perfect Storm’

Mushrooming Number Of GOP States Will Not Comply With Biden’s IRS Snoop

NBC News slammed for Dave Chappelle hit piece relying on 3 random Twitter users outraged over trans remarks

NBC Shocked Dave Chappelle Says ‘Gender is a Fact.’

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Depends on OSHA Emergency Regulation. Here’s How That’s Fared in Court.

In U.S., Trust in Politicians, Voters Continues to Ebb

How Constitutional Systems and Citizenship Perish

Attention LA County District Attorney: Where’s the Justice for Murder Victim Michelle Avan?

Finland joins other Nordic nations in curbing Moderna shots

School shootings have never happened this frequently — and fights are often to blame

Terry McAuliffe Doubles Down on His Claim 2000 and 2004 Presidential Elections Were Stolen

Trump Adviser Offers Theory On Why Biden Uses Fake White House Set

Savannah expecting economic impact from no event permits this fall

Americans Give President Biden Lowest Marks Across The Board, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Majority Say The Biden Administration Is Not Competent

Andrew Yang could be part of mass exodus of Asian Americans ditching Democratic Party, author says

Exclusive: Sean Hannity on His 25 Years at Fox News, the Ratings Race, 2020 Election and Covid Misinformation


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Across America, Parents Refuse To Be Intimidated By Biden’s Attorney General Labeling Them Domestic Terrorists

Can The Supreme Court Be Trusted On The Second Amendment?

Military Brass Resigned Over ‘Black Hawk Down,’ But Not Afghanistan

Vaccine Mandates From Private Employers Are Destroying American Livelihoods

Dear Dr. Fauci: You’re Invited To Our Christmas This Year

Facing The ‘Fire’ Of Cancel Culture Before It Engulfed The Country

Ridiculous AP ‘Fact Check’ Claims School Boards Association Didn’t Ask Biden To Label Parents As ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Booster War Isolated Biden Team From Top Scientists

Southwestern Arizona woman accused of ballot harvesting, voting for someone else

Americans Give President Biden Lowest Marks Across The Board, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Majority Say The Biden Administration Is Not Competent

CNN spent nearly 80% of September under 1 million viewers

Stock Futures Rise After Proposed Debt-Limit Extension

Without Lockdowns, Sweden Had Fewer Excess Deaths Than Most Of Europe

Biden Banking Nominee Scrubs Karl Marx Paper From Résumé

US government ordering Google to provide users’ search data: report

Arlington school shooter, 18, was bullied and robbed multiple times by students 'jealous' of his 'nice clothes and fancy car' before he opened fire, family says: He is charged with aggravated assault and held on a $75,000 bond

A.G. Merrick Garland Tells FBI To Investigate Parents Who Yell at School Officials About Critical Race Theory

PIERS MORGAN: President Biden's attempt to criminalize complaining parents is a shameful attempt to silence dissent that's more worthy of North Korea than the supposed land of the free

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) withheld supportfor a joint statement condemninglast weekend's protestsagainst Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

Misgendering Is a Human Rights Violation, Canadian Court Rules

Trump True Believers Have Their Reasons


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Manchin Says He Won’t Rule Out Support for a Spending Bill Larger Than $1.5 Trillion

New York TimesPassed on Trans Doctor’s Op-Ed Warning against Reckless Treatment of Gender Dysphoric Children

Trillion-dollar platinum coin could be minted at the last minute

1 in 3 Americans say they’re open to abolishing or limiting the Supreme Court

Activists Harass Sinema aboard Flight over Opposition to Reconciliation Package

Trump Left Off Forbes’ ‘400 Richest Americans’ List for First Time in 25 Years

Man stops to help victims in crash, woman involved steals his SUV with 5 kids inside

Woke White Woman Poses as Black, Identifies as ‘Culturally Fluid’ on CBS Sitcom

Vaccine Mandates From Private Employers Are Destroying American Livelihoods

Ben Sasse Should Stop Engaging With Media Conspiracy Theorists

The Story Behind Del Rio, The Face Of Biden’s Border Crisis

Bernie Won

Facebook Censorship Partner Steve Hayes Defends Facebook’s Election Meddling On Behalf Of Joe Biden

Taiwan President Says Country ‘Will Do Whatever It Takes To Defend Itself’ Against China

ESPN Champions ‘Different Points Of View’ While Deciding Fate Of Dissenter Sage Steele

Andrew Cuomo aides told Kathy Hochul she was off 2022 ticket before scandals

McAuliffe Peddles False Claim about Youngkin’s Business Record

Science Closes In on Covid’s Origins

REVEALED: Facebook 'whistleblower' was part of team that censored Hunter Biden laptop story

Biden says he and Xi have agreed to abide by Taiwan agreement amid tensions

The 40-Hour Work Week Is, in Fact, Life

A Sikh Marine is now allowed to wear a turban in uniform

National teachers union boss celebrates the FBI targeting concerned and angry parents

How South Dakota became a global tax haven

Missouri AG blasts DOJ directive as 'unconstitutional expansion' of federal power as criticism mounts

Teen with terminal condition forced to wear mask by school despite medical exemption eligibility: Parent

Cuomo's $5.1M book contract under scrutiny as NY ethics panel hires law firm to investigate its OK of deal

Democrats' moral Medicaid dilemma

Workers at all of Kellogg’s U.S. cereal plants go on strike

European Gas Surges 40% as EU Pledges Action Amid Record Rally

Noncitizen Voting in Vermont Part of Democrats’ ‘Long Game’

On Nukes, China Aims for Parity With US—or Maybe More

Biologically Male Athletes Have Competitive Advantage Over Women, Sports Group’s Study Finds

This Group Is Suing Biden Administration Over Vaccine Mandates

Attorney General Garland Abuses Power He Doesn’t Have to Threaten Parents

A Warning From Australia About Power of Government


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Good News:

North Carolina-based club honors WWII veteran with parade for his 100th birthday

Polish Track and Field Olympian Auctioning Off Silver Medal to Raise Money for Boy's Heart Surgery

Why the Democratic majority is shakier than ever

Christians Don’t Need Fancy New Strategies Or Tactics To Tackle America’s Problems. They Need Courage

After You Buy A Gun For Self-Defense, Here’s What To Do With It

Public Officials Silent About Allegations Of Nazi-Level Experiments At The University Of Pittsburgh

Group That Harassed Kyrsten Sinema Funded By Leftwing Billionaire George Soros

Twitter Censored Obituary Of Mother Whose Family Said She Died Of Complications From COVID Vaccine

Louisiana Hospital Fines Employees For Having Unvaccinated Spouses

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Virginia Dem Explodes on CNN Host for Suggesting He's 'Wrong' About GOP Opponent

Pfizer Scientist: ‘Your Antibodies are Probably Better than the Vaccination’

VA health system’s death toll tops grim milestone after deadliest month

China sharply escalates warplane provocations near Taiwan

Pence Blasts Biden's COVID Vaccine Mandate at Oregon GOP Dinner

Bill Bennett launches online U.S. history curriculum to fight ‘anti-America’ bias

Here's what caused the longest Facebook outage last night

Justice Department Addresses Violent Threats Against School Officials and Teachers

Trump racks up record approval in Iowa, says Des Moines Register

Victor Davis Hanson: The dangerous, diminishing power of the independent American citizen

French child kidnap plot shows global sway of QAnon style

Pandora Papers

Australia won’t welcome foreign tourists until at least 2022

Top Trans Doctors Blow the Whistle on ‘Sloppy’ Care

Nobel physics prize goes to 3 for climate discoveries

So Much for the ‘Party of Norms’

We do not have an FDA approved vaccine being administered in the US: Johnson

Judge slaps Capitol rioter with jail time despite prosecutors’ request


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Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerful

Superfans lie low as China cracks down on 'false idols'

Supreme Court poised to make landmark rulings on abortion, guns, religious rights

Sinema confronted by immigration activists in a bathroom

First Workers, Now Blacks: Democrats’ Betrayals For Big Business Are Piling Up, But Can Republicans Seize It?

If Google Had Banned Abortion Pill Reversal Info In 2013, My Beautiful Child Could Be Dead Today

We Don’t Care That A Vaxxed Brett Kavanaugh Has COVID, Because COVID Is No Longer News

UK Athletic Equality Group Deems Trans Sports Unsafe And Unfair

GOP Opposition To Soft-On-Crime Massachusetts Attorney Deadlocks Her Nomination

Tracy Stone-Manning’s Confirmation Signals Democrat Embrace Of Ecoterrorism

COVID Tyrant Newsom Mandates Shot For All Eligible California Students

Democrats’ Spending Spree Is An Establishment Power Grab

Salvation Army Imposes Racial Wokeness Within Church’s Ranks

Here’s What Happened to Murder Rates When Texas’ Capital Defunded Police

LinkedIn Bans Geologist for Climate Change Posts: ‘This Type of Content Is Not Allowed’

American Liberty Must Not Become Coronavirus Casualty

China sends 77 warplanes into Taiwan defense zone over two days, Taipei says

Air Force hopes to boost arsenal with retrofitted ‘Dragons'

Fauci: Too Soon to Tell If We Can Have Christmas

Professor suspended for refusing to give Black students easier final exams sues UCLA

COVID-19: 90% of population may need to be vaccinated to end pandemic

NASCAR Fans Chant ‘F**k Joe Biden’ During Race At Talladega Superspeedway

Review Analysis: Stanford students are more likely to wear masks on bicycles than helmets

Kabul faces blackout as Taliban fails to pay the bills

When I Ran for President, it Messed With My Head

Team Biden clings to reconciliation bill zero-cost claim shot down by Washington Post fact-checkers

Skateboarder who defaced George Floyd statue in Union Square caught on video

Broader Inflation Pressures Begin to Show

Facebook whistleblower revealed on '60 Minutes,' says the company prioritized profit over public good


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The Hill gets slammed for labeling the Hyde Amendment as 'controversial'

Sen. Tom Cotton: Biden's Afghan refugee blunders – improper vetting creates host of problems for US

Virginia Republicans Were Idiotic To Have Democratic Partisan Chuck Todd Moderate A Debate

Del Rio Madness Proves Biden Can Stop The Border Crisis Whenever He Wants

Inspector General Finds Damning ‘Widespread’ FISA Failure After FBI Director Dismissed Concerns

Manchin Reveals Surprising Proof He Told Schumer What Would Get Him To Vote Yes On Reconciliation

Charles Blow’s Self-Obsession Is Pathetic But I Can’t Look Away

How The Radical Social Justice Agenda Is Devastating Mental Health Care

Pompeo: I Did Not Know About Milley’s Calls With Communist China

Disney World moves into full 50th-anniversary mode

German car park unveils 'diversity' spaces reserved for LGBT drivers or migrants

Trudeau vacations in Tofino on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

HILARIOUS Anti-DeSantis Ad Fails Tremendously, Highlights Why DeSantis Is So Great

Merck says experimental pill cuts worst effects of COVID-19

Stock Market’s September Slump Exposes Messy Underside

9 of 16 Metro Areas with Highest Unemployment Rates Are in California

Union Representing Thousands of Pilots Warn Vaccine Mandate Could Cause Travel Chaos

Democratic Texas border mayor denounces Biden: ‘It was working under Trump’

National School Boards Association asks Biden admin to look into angry parents as possible 'domestic terrorism and hate crime' threats

White House Does Damage Control After Kamala Harris Encouraged Student Who Accused Israel Of ‘Ethnic Genocide’

Clinton Attorney Briefed Jake Sullivan on Trump-Russia Conspiracy

Pelosi says infrastructure vote will go forward TODAY after she delayed it in humiliating setback for Biden: Democrat civil war over multitrillion spending plans threatens to scuttle his entire agenda

Why Progressives Won’t Admit They Hold the Reins of Power

Missouri man trying to sell catalytic converter online arrested after ‘large bag of meth’ seen in ad

New Georgia Investigative News Site (subscription required)

What Arizona Audit Really Shows—and Why Election Officials Should Be Embarrassed

Biden’s Proposal to Allow IRS to Track Your Bank Transactions Is Dangerous for All Americans

Angelo Codevilla: The Tragic Loss of a Philosopher and Conservative Legend

Rep. McClintock ‘Terrified’ for Economy as Democrats Push Massive Spending Bills

With ‘Pregnant People’ Tweet, Government Promotes Transgender Agenda


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Social Conservatives Were Right About Sex, New York Times Columnist Admits

Pelosi Echoes White House Lie That Democrats’ Tax Spending Spree Costs ‘Zero’

CNN Rewarded With Emmy For Downplaying Violence Of Floyd Riots.


Troubling Twitter Censorship and Far Left’s Attempt to Erase ‘Women’

Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Bill Is a ‘Socialist Wish List’

Sen. Cynthia Lummis Grills Treasury Secretary Yellen About Privacy Fears Over ‘Unconscionable’ IRS Bank Proposal

Washington PostMisleads on Abortion Laws around the World

President Biden Governs Through Obvious, Ham-Fisted Lies

New York Governor Confirms Covidianism Is A Pagan Cult

EXCLUSIVE: Kash Patel, A Trump Staffer Who Exposed The Russia Hoax, Aiming New Fire At Deep State

Left-Wing Media Borg Orchestrates Yet Another Bogus Hit On Tucker Carlson

Sarkozy convicted by French court in campaign financing case

‘Stop saying stupid stuff’: Sen. John Kennedy offers crisis-communications tips to Kamala Harris

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Has Hired Crisis Experts

The Reconciliation Bill Is Unprecedented in Every Way

FBI Statistics Show a 30% Increase in Murder in 2020. More Evidence That Defunding Police Wasn’t a Good Idea.

Australia’s Aim Is Zero COVID-19 Cases, but That Means ‘Zero Freedom,’ Local Says

6 Takeaways as Austin, Milley Testify to House on Biden’s Afghanistan Exit

Destroying America, Overtly or Covertly

Sen. Kennedy to Biden Nominee: 'You're the Only Person in the Milky Way Who Believes You're Impartial'

Dollar Tree raises prices to over a buck on many items

US government will run out of money by October 18, Treasury secretary says

Sanders on Manchin and Sinema: It’s Not Appropriate for Them to Slow Down Progress

North Carolina hospital system fires about 175 workers over vaccine mandate

ABC Omits Obama’s Criticism of ‘Open Borders’ from Televised Interview

Dems Sneak OSHA Enforcement Provision Into $3.5T Reconciliation Bill, Violations Of Biden Vaccine Mandate Could Now Cost $70K To $700K: Report

Democrat Virginia Gov. Candidate Says Parents Shouldn’t Have a Say In What Their Children Are Taught

Dave Portnoy rips Howard Stern for vaccine-scolding Joe Rogan: 'He’d be wagging his finger at a younger self'

ESPN Analyst Rod Gilmore Implies Mario Cristobal Yelling At Kris Hutson Was A Racial Situation

Louisiana dad and daughter living out of truck, waiting for FEMA help to rebuild home destroyed by Hurricane Ida

Karol Markowicz: Parents fight school mask mandates for kids – just follow the science, they plead

Sage Steele Says ESPN’s Vaccine Mandate Is ‘Scary’ To Her ‘In Many Ways’

Matthew Dowd nukes 175k tweets ahead of campaign for Texas Lt. Governor

Manchin: Reconciliation ‘Dead on Arrival’ If It Doesn’t Include Hyde Amendment


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Retailers’ Latest Headache: Shutdowns at Their Vietnamese Suppliers

U.S. Adults' Estimates of COVID-19 Hospitalization Risk

Biden administration to write workplace safety rule tackling heat stress

FBI agents question Afghan rescue groups

This poll should terrify Democrats ahead of 2022

Taxpayer-Funded CRAZY: Public Radio Co-Produced New Yorker ‘Eco-Terrorism’ Propaganda

John W. Hinckley Jr.'s freedom is unprecedented. Others who tried to kill presidents faced very different fates.

Why everybody’s hiring but nobody’s getting hired

Is this the most twisted series on TV? Netflix's Squid Game about a fictional Battle Royale-style game show with scenes of organ harvesting, torture and death squad killings is slammed for 'excessive violence and gore' by viewers

Education polarization is only growing

Biden’s Vax Mandate To Be Enforced By Fining Companies $70,000 To $700,000?

Duval School Board votes to 'explore' challenging state order on COVID-19 safety

Another University Commissions Race-Specific Housing, but There Is Hope for Unity Yet

Hannity: If Trump Lied About Afghanistan the Way Biden Did, There Would’ve Been a Thousand Calls for Impeachment Already

Critics see waste, bias in Chicago’s multimillion-dollar gunfire-detection system

Marine Commander Who Slammed Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Has Been Thrown in a Military Jail

House Democrats Use January 6 Inquisition To Provoke Major Court Battle Over Executive Privilege

Elites’ Racial Animus Is Resulting In Targeted Harassment Of White People

Will Biden’s Border Crisis Cost Democrats Texas Seats?

Matt James Leaves ‘Bachelor’ Struggle Session Pics Out Of Birthday Photo Tribute To Now-Ally Girlfriend

New York Times Retroactively Scrubs Whipping Lie From Border Article

Michigan man found dead with winning lottery ticket: report

Skirmishes between White House, reporters contradict Biden’s pledge to respect the press

Pentagon Punishes Someone for Afghanistan Debacle — the Marine Who Spoke Out against It

The LancetGives Up On COVID-19 Origins

Biden State Department Punts on Crucial Taliban Question

Noem says media 'trying to destroy my children' after report over daughter’s certification denial

N.C. hospital system fires about 175 workers in one of the largest-ever mass terminations due to a vaccine mandate

Arizona border flares up as new illegal immigration hot spot

President Biden Cancels Planned Trip To Chicago On Wednesday

Bernie Sanders Urges House Democrats to Hold Infrastructure Bill Hostage Until Reconciliation Package Passes

Bill Maher Rips The Idea Of ‘Purposefully Fragmenting Things By Race’ In America

Congressmen push FBI to investigate ecoterrorism threat amid calls for activists to embrace violence

131 Judges Broke the Law, Hearing Cases Involving Companies in Which They held a Financial Interest

Why Biden won't beg

Rep. Mike Turner: Biden's failed Afghanistan drone strike begs questions Gen. Milley must answer


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Pushed on 2020 Election, Youngkin Reminds Virginia Voters of McAuliffe’s Past as an Election Truther

House rules foil Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bid to block debate on $1.2T infrastructure bill

Arizona 2020 Vote Audit Finds Potentially Election-Shifting Numbers Of Illegal Ballots

Indiana Parents Sue Governor Over COVID Rules: ‘These Are Healthy Kids They’re Quarantining … And We’re Just Done’

Media Outlets Quick To Call Hunter Biden Laptop Russian Disinformation Ignore Confirmation It Was Real

Pompeo On Assange Assassination Allegation: ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read In Yahoo News’

New York Vaccine Mandate Ejects Badly Needed Workers From Hospitals

Foreign demand drives wood biomass sector growth despite inconsistent US policy

Survey: Many SDPD officers say they would rather quit than comply with vaccine mandate

Northwell says it has fired two dozen workers who refused to get vaccinated

Florida Man Dies While Awaiting Trial on Charges Related to Jan. 6 US Capitol Breach

Restaurants and Hotels Push Back Against Customer Tantrums

California’s universal voting by mail becomes permanent

Mayorkas Refuses to Answer


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Investigators seek cause of deadly Montana train derailment

St Simons Couple Killed in Amtrak Crash

Among Those Who Marched Into the Capitol on Jan. 6: An F.B.I. Informant

She bought her dream home; a ‘sovereign citizen’ changed the locks

Science Needs Fixing, Not Just Funding

In Post-COVID Election, Democrats Claim They Fought To Open Schools

NYC teachers encouraged to take photos to 'document' student COVID violations

Pelosi wavers on Monday infrastructure vote, says it will happen ‘this week’

5 False Narratives About The Spygate Indictment Of Michael Sussmann

Biden’s Border Policy Is Sheer Horse-Puckey

Hawley: Biden Exchanged American Lives In Afghanistan For Wokeness

Here Are The Conspiracy Theorists Who Spread The Lie That Mounted Border Agents ‘Whipped’ Illegal Aliens

Politico ‘Scoop’ On Biden Laptop Proves The Dangers Of ‘Disinformation’ Police

Border Patrol agents who Biden said would ‘pay’ could get minimal punishment, officials say

Commodity Boom Is Too Much of a Good Thing for Many Traders

DOUBLE DOOCY: Peter Hammers Mayorkas, Psaki Over Border Crisis, Fake ‘Whips’ Claim

CDC head acknowledges confusion over vaccine booster

Pres. Biden: ‘Folks, I Don’t Want to Punish Anyone’s Success; But’…

Identity politics infect Colonial Williamsburg

Families call for justice in cases ‘mishandled’ by former Brunswick DA Jackie Johnson

Taliban resume brutal reign in Afghanistan with public executions, amputations for criminals

Top US general: Whisperer to presidents, target of intrigue

Sen. Tom Cotton: A Cold War with China, whether we seek one or not

DHS Sec. Mayorkas Refuses to Call Border Crisis ‘A Crisis’

The Economy Looks Solid. But These Are the Big Risks Ahead.

Covid Live Updates: U.S. Vaccine Mandates Face Early Test in N.Y.

Pelosi’s backroom arm-twisting ratchets up on Dems ahead of votes on big spending bills

New York May Use The National Guard To Replace Unvaccinated Health Care Workers

Biden plan seeks to expand education, from pre-K to college


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Why the Term ‘JEDI’ Is Problematic for Describing Programs That Promote Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

'Domestic Terrorism' Fears Will Be Used To Justify Increased Snooping and Harassment

C.D.C. Chief Overrules Agency Panel and Recommends Pfizer-BioNTech Boosters for Workers at Risk

Republican Review of Arizona Vote Fails to Show Stolen Election

For Biden, Failure Is Very Much an Option

Draft report from partisan Arizona review confirms Biden defeated Trump in Maricopa County last November

From Russiagate To the MyPillow Guy, Let's Stop with Electoral Conspiracy Theories

Anders Tegnell: Sweden won the argument on Covid

The CDC Made America's Pandemic Worse

U.S. special envoy to Haiti resigns, says he will not be associated with ‘inhumane, counterproductive’ deportations of Haitians

Employees will be given two days’ paid leave off work to mourn dead PETS under new laws in Colombia

Amb. Ron Johnson: Just 3 weeks later, true horrors of Biden's Afghanistan fiasco are surreal

Biden may owe up to $500K in back taxes

Black Lives Matter Is Threatening An ‘Uprising’ Against ‘Racist’ Vaccine Mandates

The Squad Tries To Shoot Down Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ Defense System

Tucker Carlson Slams His Publisher Simon & Schuster For Censorship That ‘Mirrors The Decline Of America’

Left-Wing Journos Whine About Gabby Petito Coverage After Obsessing Over George Floyd For Months

Marco Rubio Proposes Bill To Help Shareholders Curb Unchecked Corporate Wokeism

The Culture War Is The Big Tent

Grassley To Block Bill That Would Prevent Real Oversight Of Corrupt Intel Agencies

Psaki Won’t Say If President Biden Has Visited The Border In His Life

Biden White House leans toward releasing information about Trump and Jan. 6 attack, setting off legal and political showdown

China Declares Cryptocurrency Transactions Illegal, Sending Bitcoin Lower

Taliban founder says strict punishment, amputations to return to Afghanistan

‘Come back in two weeks’: suicidal veteran turned away by VA

Man Includes His Wife’s Girlfriend in Wedding Photos and Then…


Biden admin bans horses at border after false claims that agents used 'whips' against Haitian migrants

The Press Indicts Itself Over Missing People

Liberal networks already move on from Durham probe following wall-to-wall coverage of Russia investigation

Iron Dome Funding Bill Passes House Despite Vehement Progressive Opposition

North Korea offers talks, likely trying to get sanctions relief

MSNBC: Jan. 6 Committee Issues Subpoenas to Four Trump Aides

Whistleblower emails reveal partisan rot at Ford Foundation, that gets "nonpartisan" tax perks


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'Domestic Terrorism' Fears Will Be Used To Justify Increased Snooping and Harassment

Clowns lurked outside schools to promote a speech academy. Horrified parents called the police.

Australian police fire rubber bullets to clear demonstration at Melbourne's war memorial as third day of rallies by anti-vaxxers turns violent

Democrats Can’t Hide Their Israel Problem

Hawley slams Biden as 'dangerous,' demands top officials resign amid Afghanistan withdrawal fallout

WATCH: Maxine Waters says border patrol agents controlling Haitian migrants 'worse than what we witnessed in slavery'

The Labor Shortage Isn’t Just Closing Small Businesses, But Shattering Entire Retirement Plans

‘Our Kids Carpooled Together’: How Old Friends In High Places Assembled The Russia Collusion Hoax

Obama-Appointed Judge Wrongly Dismisses Defamation Suit Against Twitter In Hunter Biden Laptop Case

By The Left’s Standards, The Pro-Fat Movement Is Institutional Racism


Interior Department Misses Promised Deadline To Deliver Federal Oil And Gas Report

‘Climate Night’ Was Just As Condescendingly Cringey As Expected

Codevilla’s Final Work: Stopping The Decay Of Western Civilization Begins With A Great Educational Reset

Packed College Football Stadiums Will End The Pandemic

Brian Stelter Calls Durham Probe A ‘Bust,’ Despite Ample Evidence Of Incompetence In The Industry He’s Paid To Cover

ACLU Rewrites Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote To Erase Women

The White House And Media’s Border Lies Are Collapsing Live On TV

Where Is the Democratic Agenda Headed?

Hey, Wasn’t Biden’s Approval Rating Supposed to Have Rebounded By Now?

Biden Admin Has NO IDEA How Many Haitians Have Come Into The US During Border Crisis

U.S. Jobless Claims Are Expected to Hover Near Pandemic Low

Naomi Osaka withdraws from next month's Indian Wells tourney

Flight with dozens of unaccompanied Afghan minors arrives in Chicago

Florida lawmaker files abortion bill similar to Texas’ law

Florida makes quarantine optional for exposed students

Study Shows That Up To 8 In 10 Women Had A Miscarriage After Getting The Covid Vaccine Before The Third Trimester


The Paper of Record

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Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers’ Voting Machine Claims Were Baseless, Memo Shows


‘Jack up the stock’: Profit PR flusters scientists, inflates public expectations

U.N. chief says weapons that can pick own targets ‘should be banned’

Column: Twitter and the 'Fact Checkers' Line Up for Biden

Apple, Google raise new concerns by yanking Russian app

Most of $9.2 Billion in Questionable Medicare Payments Went to 20 Insurers, Federal Investigators Say

Senate Rules Didn’t Dash Dems’ Mass Amnesty, They Did (But Amnesty Might Still Survive)

Federal Court Expected To Address Constitutionality Of Vaccine Mandates In Puerto Rico Case

As Biden Helps The Border Collapse, Texas Mobilizes To Build A Wall

Can A Generation Swamped With Wokeness Turn To Free Thought?

University Threatens Action Against Students For ‘Pronoun Misuse’

Meet The Maskless Elites Whose COVID Hierarchy Profits Them And Punishes You

Portland Quietly Walks Back Boycott Of Texas Over Pro-Life Law

Apple Employees Crank Up Pressure On CEO Tim Cook Over Workplace Woes And Insufficient Wokeness

Biden’s immigration and border security crisis

Biden’s DOJ urges Supreme Court not to overturn Roe v. Wade

BREAKING: Liberal Minister who called Taliban her 'brothers' loses seat in Peterborough-Kawartha

Anger over mask, vaccine mandates brews up fresh tea party protests

CDC: 335 Children Ages 17 and Under Have Died of COVID in U.S. During Pandemic

Expelled Haitian migrants try to get back on plane returning to US

MSNBC’s Joy Reid proves there is such a thing as bad publicity; problematic rhetoric doesn’t draw viewers

Fallen Afghanistan Presents New Dangers to India

Report: U.S. releasing Haitian migrants on "very large scale"

Liz Cheney’s Re-Election Bid Pits Trump Against Bush

Biden doubling COVID-19 vaccine purchase, calls for more global shots

WATCH: Students sign petition to abolish the U.S. Constitution

Biden Is Less Popular With Black Voters After Vaccine Mandate Rollout

House Dems dare Senate GOP to shut down government, default on U.S. debt

Woodward/Costa book: Worried Trump could 'go rogue,' Milley took secret action to protect nuclear weapons

Republicans want Trump to run again, says poll


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Democrats Plan Tax Giveaway To The Rich, Bailout To Blue States

Armed federal officer arrested at 'J6' rally won't be charged, officials say

Growing Horde Of GOP Lawmakers Calls For Milley To Be Investigated And Fired

The COVID Hierarchy Is A Power Hierarchy And Everyone Knows It

Scott Gottlieb Embodies The Sheer Incompetence Of The COVID ‘Experts’

Psaki: Foreigners Entering The U.S. Must Prove Vaccination, Except Illegal Aliens

Media Hyped ‘Justice For J6’ Rally As The Next ‘Insurrection’ But It Was Another Corrupt Press Dud

CNN Compares U.S. Gun Rights To China’s, Says Chinese View U.S. Gun Crime ‘With Bewilderment And Horror’

Lawmaker: Migrant Crush in Del Rio Causing Food Shortages in Local Grocery Stores

If Brian Laundrie Had Done Any Of These 5 Things, He’d Already Be In FBI Custody

What A Competent Republican Party Would Be Doing About Democrats’ Tyranny

UK's meat industry warns CO2 shortage could hit food supplies

Mop up: Ballot-stuffing videos taint Russian election

Christians, conservatives must rise, or America will fall

The Biden administration will raise the cap on refugee admissions to 125,000.

Mother wants Georgia officers who tased her nonverbal son with autism to be fired

Save the Senate, Kyrsten Sinema!

‘Missing White Girl Syndrome’: Joy Reid accidentally calls out MSNBC for its Gabby Petito coverage

Two dead after man jumps from New York building, strikes another person below

Feds releasing 'numerous' migrants far from southern border in 'catch and release' system 'on a grander scale'

The heresy of heat and cold deaths

Rubio: Biden Admin. Won’t Acknowledge the Migrant Crisis Because They Created It

Scoop: More boycotts coming for Facebook

Top Progressives Say $15 Minimum Wage Is Too Low, Call For $26 Minimum Wage Instead

Doocy HUMILIATES Psaki Over Past Comments On Over-The-Horizon Capabilities

Trudeau secures third term in 'bittersweet' victory as he remains minority leader and tells voters 'You're sending us back to work to get Canada through this pandemic'

‘Staggering’: New Research Shows that Child Obesity Has Soared During Pandemic

Beto O’Rourke Draws Closer to Entering Texas Governor’s Race

White House condemns border guard use of whip-like cord against Haitian migrants

US Capitol rioter who stormed Senate floor reports to prison while trying to undo his felony guilty plea


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Top Republican Lawmaker Reveals Cancer Diagnosis And Status Of Treatment Regimen

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Ron Johnson Demands Answers On Study Of COVID-19 Natural Immunity

Clinton Attorney Sussman Indictment

Bombshell: General Milley Aided BLM During 2020 Riots And Stopped Trump From Invoking Insurrection Act

BREAKING: Border Officials Say SCREW Biden’s No-Fly Zone — Take FOX On Private Flight To Show “Out of Control” Situation [VIDEO]

Governments hold upper hand online

The Big Scary January 6 Solidarity Protest Was Entirely Media Concocted

Ted Cruz: A ‘Disturbing Pattern’ When Biden’s Microphone Is Perennially Cut Off

Masking 2-year-olds is proof positive we’ve gone way too far

Viral Video Shows Day-Care Worker Forcing Toddler To Mask. Megyn Kelly Blasts: ‘This Is So Wrong’’

Search for Gabby Petito’s boyfriend continues after body found

Senate parliamentarian blocks Dems from including amnesty in budget-reconciliation bill

Bill Belichick Says He Doesn’t Know Or Care About Social Media

‘Justice for J6’ rallygoers blast Republicans for skipping event: They’re ‘all useless’

How Israel Assassinated an Iranian Nuclear Scientist with a Robot Machine Gun


The Paper of Record

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Danish Mask Study

Speaker Pelosi: Capitalism Has Not Served Our Economy as Well as It Could

Growing Horde Of GOP Lawmakers Calls For Milley To Be Investigated And Fired

Leaked Document Shows Biden Sidelining Public To Take Orders From Planned Parenthood

What A Competent Republican Party Would Be Doing About Democrats’ Tyranny

Terry McAuliffe Snaps At Virginia Sheriff For Asking About His Ties To ‘Defund The Police’ Group

The ‘Drunk Driver’ Analogy For The Unvaccinated Is Dumb And Here’s Why

Sen. Rick Scott: If Milley Quote Is Accurate, Read Him His Rights

Biden’s ‘long overdue’ tax hikes span from Wall Street to Main Street, from superwealthy to smokers

Ron DeSantis Was Right about Monoclonal-Antibody Therapy

The Trump-Russia Probe's Special Counsel Has Charged A Lawyer With Lying To The FBI

Biden Admin Tightens Grip On Allocation Of Antibody Treatments After Surge In Use By Southern States

Republican senator demands National Archives stop putting warning labels on founding documents

Gun-Control Laws Aren’t about Preventing Crimes

David Marcus: Occupy Wall Street is still hurting America

First look: Biden's economic case for green cards

Facebook's social balance is in the red

Candace Owens: The Left thinks ‘Nicki Minaj and all rappers are very stupid’

MU shocked and angered by English Touring Opera announcement

Pompeo says if Milley talked to China, it was an ‘usurpation of authority’

Left Melts Down After Nicki Minaj Defends Posting Tucker Carlson Clip

Judge rejects DOJ move to block Texas abortion law

WATCH: Psaki Pressed On Why Admin Is Seemingly Restricting Antibody Treatments That Have Surged In GOP States

Afghan evacuee arriving in DC was convicted felon deported from US in 2017: report


The Paper of Record

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Danish Mask Study

The Real Result Of The California Recall Is A Green Light For Tyranny

10 Of The Most Hilarious Norm Macdonald Moments

Biden Underwater On Job Approval And Handling Of Key Issues, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; More Than 6 In 10 Americans Believe U.S. Troops Will Return To Afghanistan

No one elected Mark Milley

California recall ends in a resounding rejection of Trumpism — providing a roadmap for Democrats

How Vaccine Mandates Could Impact the Midterms

When It Comes to the Delta Variant, the Kids Are All Right

‘Social Dilemma’ star blasts Facebook for putting profits ahead of people: ‘This is catastrophic’

Colin Reed: Five reasons the California recall is good news for conservatives

Lemon: It’s Time to Start Shaming Anti-Vaxxers; Let’s Leave Them Behind

Ohio Mayor Demands School Board Resign over Sexually Explicit Writing Assignment

Pentagon dodges questions on Milley phone calls: 'I can't speak to specifics'

AOC’s Dress Wasn’t About Hypocrisy, It Was About America’s New Social Hierarchy

Frustrated California Voters May Have Lost The Recall, But The War On Newsom Isn’t Over

Stanford Faculty Smear Professor Who Accurately Summarized Data On Masks

Is Postmodernism Wiping Out Human Adaptability?

Victims Demand Justice After FBI Ignored Nassar’s Serial Abuse, Sexual Assault

Trump Defense Secretary Says Milley Went Rogue, Had No Authority To Pass Secret Intel To Communist China

General Kellogg: Milley Must Resign Or Be Removed

Grassley: FBI Refuses To Answer To Elected Representatives About Illegal Leaks And Botched Investigations

Trump acting Defense Secretary Miller says he 'did not' authorize Milley China calls, says he should resign

New York Times Quietly Scrubs 'Unsubstantiated' from Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Biden Was Warned By General In Charge Of U.S. Forces In Afghanistan That Intel Was Bad, Report Says

McAuliffe seen on Amtrak without mask, skirting federal mask mandates; passenger calls it a 'double standard'

Roger Stone: Saturday's Capitol Rally an 'Agitprop, Setup'

Australia to Get US Nuclear Submarine Technology as China Looms Large

US volunteer claims Taliban beheaded boys ages 9 and 10 in Afghanistan

San Diego couple trapped in Afghanistan returning to US after weeks of Taliban harassment, Darrell Issa says

Putin: Dozens in inner circle infected with coronavirus

Facebook Knows Instagram is Toxic for Teen Girls, Documents Show

China's Biggest Movie Star Wars Erased from the Internet and the Mystery is Why

Genealogists find evidence of Biden’s ancestors owning slaves: report


The Paper of Record

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The State Of Comedy And A World Without Norm Macdonald

California Gov. Gavin Newsom beats back GOP-led recall

Woodward/Costa book: Worried Trump could 'go rogue,' Milley took secret action to protect nuclear weapons

What?!Overeating doesn’t cause obesity? Scientists claim it’s all about what you’re eating

Iranian Guards Physically Harassed Female U.N. Nuclear Inspectors, Diplomats Say

Biden Underwater On Job Approval And Handling Of Key Issues, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; More Than 6 In 10 Americans Believe U.S. Troops Will Return To Afghanistan

Data emerge showing more differences between COVID vaccines

Taliban’s Pledge of Amnesty for Security Officials Meets Widespread Distrust

REVEALED: Congress 'Squad' members legislating to defund the police have spent up to $70,000 on their own private security

Leak: The Atlantic Had A Meeting About Kevin Williamson. It Was A Liberal Self-Reckoning.

Mark Milley's crisis

Things We Shouldn’t Say

What The Right Needs Now Is The Courage To Fight Even If It Costs Us

California Brewery Picks Up Pieces After Months Of Newsom’s COVID Tyranny

What’s Liberating About 2 Million Mothers Quitting Work In The Last Year

How Rural Colorado Parents Created A ‘No Politics’ Public School In Just One Year

The Revolution Will Be Bureaucratized

Milley’s Alleged Secret Calls To China Are Just Another Reason Americans Believe The System Is Rigged

Why The Expert Class Is Incapable Of Persuading People To Get Vaccinated

Who Keeps Cutting Biden’s Mic? Blinken Won’t Give Sen. Risch, Or America, A Real Answer

Biden claims ‘first job offer’ from Idaho lumber company, but it’s news to them

Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks New York’s Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

Loudoun County school board votes to guarantee employee free speech rights

‘Pathetic Self-Aggrandizing Hypocrite’: Megyn Kelly Rips Ocasio-Cortez For ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress At Met Gala

Trump aides aim to build GOP opposition to Afghan refugees

China’s Economic Recovery Is Looking Gloomier

Dr Makary: CDC guidance on Chickenpox vaccine exposes agency's contradictory COVID messaging

She’s One Of Congress’s Leading Progressives — Just Not In Her Own Office, Staffers Say

Media push narrative that patriotism is 'adjacent to something evil,' analysts say

Canadian man crushed to death by his own car at drive-thru was 'doting father' of 2

The Guardian dubs Fauci 'sexiest man alive' on Instagram, sparks viral mockery

Top Dem Senator Threatens to Subpoena Defense Secretary Austin for Refusing to Appear before Congress

Senate Republicans urge Blinken to designate Taliban as a foreign terrorist organization


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Republican points to ‘leaked’ Biden call, accuses administration of ‘manipulating’ Taliban intel

Nicholas Weakens Into Tropical Storm, Battering Texas, Louisiana With Rain

California parents want Newsom's 'hypocrisy' out, fear more restrictions if Democrat survives recall

Sen. Manchin: 'No One Is Talking About Inflation or Debt, and We Should Have That As Part of the Discussion'

Putin isolating after members of inner circle contract coronavirus

Maine Will Make Companies Pay for Recycling. Here’s How It Works.

Vaccine passport plan for nightclubs and large events scrapped in England, announces Sajid Javid

Biden’s Unity Purge of Military Advisory Boards

Defensive Gun Uses in the U.S.


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A Generation of Men Give Up on College: 'I Just Feel So Lost'

No Politics and No Dirty Jokes: Jay Leno Wants to Have Good, Clean Fun With ‘You Bet Your Life’ Revival

Get a Covid-19 Vaccine or Face Prison, Judges Order in Probation Cases

Scorned wife raids ex-husband’s cryogenics lab stealing frozen brains of people who hoped to be brought back to life

Salesforce billionaire CEO says he'll move workers out of Texas due to abortion law

David Marcus: Newsom, Dems all about racism until Larry Elder is attacked

House Democrats Outline Tax Increases for Wealthy Businesses and Individuals

No more COVID-19 lockdowns, UK health minister suggests

NY hospital to pause baby deliveries after staffers quit over vaccine mandate

Tropical Storm Nicholas to take aim at coastal Texas

‘They’ are controlling you. ‘They’ are silencing you

‘Flying dragon’ fossil discovered in Chilean desert

Facebook hires away top Dem from Senate panel probing Big Tech

Manchin: Schumer ‘will not have my vote’ on $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill

Biden outpacing predecessors with ambassadorships for donors, political supporters

Stocks struggle for momentum on inflation and taxation fears

Chicago mom fatally shot son, 12, over missing memory card: police

Taliban: Women can study in gender-segregated universities

Reporter: Who Will Pay for Mandatory Weekly COVID Tests for Businesses? Psaki: ‘Vaccines Are Free’

Police Officer Leaves NYPD for Florida: ‘I Used to Have to Tell People I Was a Bartender’

Harris started ‘politicization’ of COVID-19 vaccines, Christie says

Don’t let California become Texas, Newsom says -- as residents, businesses flee

The Tragedy of America's Rural Schools

WATCH: Rose McGowan alleges that Gavin Newsom's wife tried to silence her from speaking out against Weinstein

College Football Fans Continue To Chant ‘F**k Joe Biden’

Germans Are Demanding a New China Policy. Will the Next Chancellor Deliver?

‘Hyper vigilant’: Justice Amy Coney Barrett worried over partisan perception of Supreme Court

$3.5T Spending Bill Would Lavish Hundreds of Billions on Nanny State Education

Fauci-Funded Wuhan Lab Viruses 10,000 Times Stronger Than Usual, Documents Show

Justice Breyer Warns Court-Packers: ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’

What I Saw Near The White House On September 11, 2001

There’s A Reason DC Democrats Are Always Winning, Even When They Lose

Would You Have Stormed The Cockpit?

The Left Has Made It Perfectly Clear: There Are No Civilians In The Fight For Life, And We Must All Speak Up Now

FBI Spied On Fox News, Recorded Phone Call Between Fox Exec And George Papadopoulos, New Texts Show

How Much Is Gavin Newsom To Blame For California’s Wildfires?

The 9/11 Attacks Ultimately Proved A Lesser Threat To America Than The Totalitarian Left

Reports: U.S. Drone Strike Targeted Aid Worker Carrying Water, Not Explosives

18 States Passed Election Reforms This Year. Here’s What They Did.

Rolling Stone Commits Another Fake News Blunder. Here’s What This Says About Modern Media.


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Spicer: Removal From Military Board Is Partisan Blacklisting

‘She does more for America’: Democrat defends $200 million for park in Pelosi’s district

‘Never Forget’: 9/11 charity going strong 20 years later

Andrew Yang to launch a third party

Governors Immediately Push Back On ‘Unconstitutional’ Biden Plan: ‘Will Fight Them To The Gates Of Hell’

USPS exempt from Biden vax mandate for federal workers

Exasperated Biden Shifts From Carrot to Stick


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Tropical Depression Mindy
Ben Dugan Works for CVS. His Job is Battling a $45 million Crime Spree

Whether It's Racism, Mental Illness, or Intentional, Progressives' Silence on the Larry Elder Attack is Deafening

Few of Our COVID-19 Policies Make Any Sense

The Left Has Made It Perfectly Clear: There Are No Civilians In The Fight For Life, And We Must All Speak Up Now

The Top Reason I Hate Masks Is They Force Me To Live By Lies

New Survey Finds Modern American Workers Want Unions To Stop Playing Politics

Under Biden, Hundreds Of Children Hospitalized With COVID In All-Time High

Why liberal Portland has become a focal point for the far right

ESPN Star Todd McShay Announces He’s Stepping Away From TV After Disturbing Sideline Appearance

When Anti-White BLM Marxists Tell You Who They Are, Believe Them

Taliban bans all protests that don't have its approval

Joel Klatt Hits Back After Being Falsely Accused Of Being A ‘Jerk’ For Not Properly Wearing A Mask On A Plane

Larry Elder, Calif. GOP candidate for governor, says his security detail was hit by a pellet gun

Jeff Bezos Is Allegedly Poaching Scientists From All Over The World To Figure Out How To Reverse The Aging Process

CDC tightened masking guidelines after threats from teachers union, emails show


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Biden’s Ammunition Ban Is Part Of The Left’s Plot To Disarm Americans

How The Corporate Media Is Indoctrinating Americans With Fear And Lies

New Details Of Fauci Funding Chinese Gain-Of-Function Research Vindicate Rand Paul

Washington Post Feeds Into The Delusions Of ‘Racial Justice’ Activists

In Latest Election Meddling, Twitter Suspends J.D. Vance’s Campaign Press Account With ‘No Warning’

One Year Later, Biden Squanders Trump’s Historic Kosovo-Serbia Negotiations

Joe Biden Is a Total Failure

Daily US COVID cases up more than 300% from Labor Day last year

Bombshell leaked emails prove the State Department DID block Afghan evacuation flights even if they had Americans on board, report claims

Leading LGBT Group Fires President for Advising Cuomo on Women’s Allegations

Marxism Underpins Black Lives Matter Agenda

Documents Indicate Fauci ‘Untruthful’ About Coronavirus Research in China, Disease Expert Says

Who Afghan Refugees Are and Where They’ll Go in America

Florida Counties Return Unused Zuckerberg Election Funds

How The Amazon Web Hosting Crackdown Threatens Patreon, Substack, And You

Rand Paul says Fauci LIED to Congress by insisting US never funded gain-of-function research at Wuhan lab after newly unearthed grant proposal reveals how scientists studied bat coronavirus with American money

Texas Pro-Life Group Hit with Physical Threats, Cyber Attack after Supreme Court Heartbeat Ruling

Arizona AG rules COVID-19 vaccine mandate for public employees illegal

‘Closing schools may made virus spread faster’: Norway health agency

My Husband Won’t Take His Mask Off—Even for Sex

Afghan crisis wreaked havoc on Northern Virginia hospitals due to lack of federal planning, local officials say

INTERVIEW: Sen. Schumer joins NC9 from the NYS Fair

Howard Stern calls for mandatory vaccines, says it’s ‘good’ anti-vax radio host died of COVID-19

Biden Screamed At In New Jersey: You ‘Leave Americans Behind,’ ‘Resign You Tyrant,’ ‘Go Home’

Rep. Louie Gohmert to Newsmax: Inflation Causing People's Money to Be 'Worth Less'


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A Generation of American Men Give Up on College
Joe Biden Is Lying To Americans About Afghanistan

California Wildfire Devastation Was Entirely Preventable Through Proper Land Management

In Italy, You Now Must Have A Vaccine Card To Fly, Take A Train, Or Go To University

Arizona Needs Real Leaders On Election Reform, Not Passive Politicians Like Attorney General Mark Brnovich

New ‘mu’ COVID variant now found in 49 U.S. states

Democrats stare down nightmare September

Like aRolling Stone

CNN’s Daniel Dale Attempts to Defend False Ivermectin Story, Scolds “Critics on the Right”

Whatever Happened to the Journalistic B.S. Detector?

The Media Shouldn’t Make Ivermectin a Culture-War Football

Texas Gov. Abbott to Sign Election Integrity Bill Tuesday

Marxist Nature of Black Lives Matter Exposed in New Book

Biden Chief of Staff Backs Green Energy Despite His Costly Role in Solyndra Scandal

Texas Gets Election Reform Right, ‘Mainstream’ Media Gets It Wrong

America Must Stand Up for Fundamental Rights of Afghan Women

We Hear You: Losing Ballots, Stiffing Landlords, and Rethinking Afghanistan

Is Big Business Finally Realizing Not Everyone in America Is Liberal?

North Korea Ramps Up Nuclear Weapons Production

Left Doesn’t Just Want to Censor You on Social Media. It Also Wants to Close Your Bank Accounts.

NYC to pay at-risk youth for achieving ‘career-driven goals’

‘Finger in the wind’: Immigration rights activists unsatisfied with Biden’s evolution on border laws

The Real Structural Racism

The Law of Unintended Consequences

One Hospital Denies Oklahoma Doctor’s Story of Ivermectin Overdoses Causing ER Delays for Gunshot Victims

Christian University's Residence Hall Gets 'We're Here! We're Queer!' LGBT Mural

After unrelenting summer, Biden looks to get agenda on track

Social Security predicts pandemic birth blip, not birth dearth



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Column: 'Fact Checkers' Rush to 'Correct' Grieving Parents Who Ripped Biden

FDA retirements reignite debate over Biden booster plan

Supreme Court Rejects Injunction of Texas Abortion Law . . . Media Erupts With Roe Obituaries

20 States Sue Biden Administration For Corrupting Title IX With ‘Gender Identity’ Mumbo Jumbo

White House downplays 'leaked transcripts of phone calls' between Biden and Ghani

The White House Hopes We Can All Forget Afghanistan (And The Press Will Help)

Biden’s Presidency Is Already A Total Disaster, And It’s All His Own Fault

A Look At Scientific Evidence Suggesting Face Masks Damage Your Health

When Abortion Access Is At Stake, Suddenly The Left Remembers Men And Women Are Different

The Same CDC That Can’t Figure Out What A Man Is Now Wants To ‘Study Guns’

‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley will strike deal with feds over Capitol riot role, lawyer says

‘Tell the State Dept. to f–k themselves’: Taliban’s taunts to desperate evacuees

Is Manchin Slowing, or Killing, the Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill?

American Stranded In Afghanistan: ‘We Just Smell The Death,’ Left Us With People ‘Wanting To Kill Us’

Psaki shuts down male reporter's abortion questions: 'You've never faced those choices'

Tree of Life synagogue disputes Biden’s claim he visited after massacre

The Storm Warnings Were Dire. Why Couldn’t the City Be Protected?

Amherst College’s insane COVID rules are all about upper-class virtue-signaling

Biden going to Delaware for long weekend amid Afghanistan crisis

Gavin Newsom recall election is turning into landslide, poll shows


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Glynn commissioners flout open meetings law to push manager pick

Sal Cenicola, Bringer of Smiles

Nobel Prize Was Awarded for Ivermectin Being Used on Humans

Will Cain: Kamala Harris ‘used’ on Biden ticket, been MIA ever since

At least 8 deaths as Hurricane Ida’s remnants hit Northeast

Two Dallas Medics Placed on Probation for Failing to Intervene in Tony Timpa’s In-Custody Death

Florida Restaurant Tells Biden Supporters To ‘Take Your Business Elsewhere’

A Tax Plan to Destroy Farms and Ranches

Column: How anti-California propaganda and racism are driving the recall


The Paper of Record

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Joe Biden Has Always Thought He Was The Smartest Man In The Room

Virginia Supreme Court Affirms Reinstating Loudoun Teacher Fired For Refusing To Use Anti-Science Pronouns

Biden’s Presidency Is Already A Total Disaster, And It’s All His Own Fault

The Crumbling Justification for Vaccine Passports

The GOP's Afghanistan message machine

Americans Are Stocking Up on Toilet Paper Again

Pope inadvertently quotes Putin to chide West's Afghan war

Illinois judge recuses after allowing unvaccinated mom to see son; dad plans to block visit

3-year-old California boy among Americans left behind in Afghanistan: report

Joe Biden Needs to Stop Talking about Beau

Comedy Central Caves to Cancel Culture, Removes Episode from 'The Office' Line-up

Exclusive: Before Afghan collapse, Biden pressed Ghani to ‘change perception’

Pentagon’s Kirby: ‘Americans Stranded in Countries All the Time’

10 Years Ago, The GOP Had No Future. Trump Changed That, But The Path Is Far From Certain

Don’t Let General Milley Use Wokeness To Survive Afghanistan Disaster

How Bad Media Coverage Made The Afghanistan Crisis Worse

How Democrats Are Using Economic Chokeholds To Restrict Your Gun Rights Without Passing Any New Laws

‘Climate Risk,’ the Fed, and AOC

Sen. Rand Paul Tells “Every Snot-Nosed ‘Journalist’ Who Accosted Me” Spouting “Fauci-isms” to “Read the Science!”

Florida withholds funds from school districts over mask mandates

Giants Head Coach Joe Judge And Several Players Wear Hats Supporting The Military

Congress Seeks Congressional Gold Medals for 13 Slain US Soldiers in Kabul Attack

Ron Klain doubts U.S. will ever recognize Taliban government

Social Security trust funds now projected to run out of money sooner than expected due to Covid, Treasury says

Sarah Paulson Regrets ‘Impeachment’ Fat Suit, Vows Not to Wear One Again: ‘Fat Phobia Is Real’

PIERS MORGAN: Ofcom's vindication of me is a resounding victory for freedom of speech and a resounding defeat for Princess Pinocchios who think we should all be compelled to believe every fork-tongued word they say – now, do I get my GMB job back?


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Almost 90 Retired Flag Officers Demand Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin Resign After Afghanistan Debacle

Corporate Media Once Again Target Ron DeSantis While Democrats Ruin Everything

11 Things To Know About Moving Cross-Country For A Better Life As Remote Work Becomes The Norm

A Supreme Court That Capitulates OnRoe V. WadeWill Unleash A Whirlwind

Joe Biden Has Been Derelict In His Duty. He Is Unfit To Lead. He Should Be Impeached

Environmentalists Argue That To Save The Planet, We Must Play God

Elizabeth Warren Parties Maskless With Deb Haaland And Real American Indians

As World Crumbles, Inflation Skyrockets, And The Economy Struggles, Biden Pushes Pay Raise For Government Workers

Ron Johnson Demands Answers After U.S. Commander Allegedly Turned Away American Citizens In Kabul

Verizon Endorses Anti-Police Speakers, Critical Race Theorists In Employee Training: Report

Taliban execute folk singer days after saying music is ‘forbidden,’ family says

CDC Goes All In on Woke Speech

One Minute Before Midnight in Kabul, Evacuation Mission Ends; ‘Hundreds’ of US Citizens Left Behind

Playing the Race Card on Larry Elder

State Dept Spox: ‘Largest Threat to U.S. National Security are U.S. Cops’

'I can’t believe no one told me this was the last flight': American citizen who worked as interpreter for US military says she's now STRANDED in Afghanistan after forces complete Kabul withdrawal 24 hours early

‘7 buses loaded with American women all likely dead now’…

Pentagon prepared for ‘mass casualty’ attack at Kabul Airport hours before explosion

Pretending COVID Is An Emergency Is Killing America

Retired Marine Says Hundreds Of Their Rescued Orphans, Christians Turned Away By U.S. Military, ‘Ended Up In Hands Of The Taliban’  


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Here are the names of the 13 U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan attack

US special operations vets carry out daring mission to save Afghan allies

Right on Cue, the President’s Mistakes AreOurFault Again

Rep. Waltz on Biden White House: ‘Either They Are Lying, Heartless, Clueless, or All of the Above’

Biden ‘Will Remember’ U.K. Politician’s ‘Offensive’ Remarks On His Mental Acuity With His ‘Long Memory’: Report

Blinken was vacationing in the Hamptons hours before Kabul fell

Own Your Failure Biden Voters

Michael Goodwin: Biden team's meltdown – Afghanistan crisis renews doubts. Is he up to the job?

Biden ripped for apparently glancing at watch during ceremony for fallen troops

Why the Case for Democrats’ Spending Binge Doesn’t Hold Up


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WhyExactlyDid We Abandon Bagram Air Base?

Majority of Democrats, Supermajority of Americans Say Afghanistan Withdrawal Handled ‘Badly’

Shadowy ‘ISIS-K’ group well known for grisly attacks

Afghanistan Live Updates: Flights Resume at Kabul Airport After Deadly Attacks

Amid Afghan Chaos, a C.I.A. Mission That Will Persist for Years

In Britain, Young Children Don’t Wear Masks in School

Calls Grow to Discipline Doctors Spreading Virus Misinformation

‘Find your courage’: GOP lawmaker urges VP Harris to invoke 25th Amendment, seize power

Anarchy in Portland

Republicans to USDA: Expand Farm Aid, Not Food Stamps

In Hopeless Speech, Biden Refuses Liability For Afghanistan Crisis He Created

Should Conservatives Care About Spending When The Culture Is Crumbling?

In Heated Radio Interview, Kristi Noem Falsely Claimed She Never Planned To Sign Bill Protecting Female Athletes

Five Hours After Deadly Kabul Bombings, Biden’s Only Statement Is For ‘Women’s Equality Day’

CENTCOM Commander Says Military Is Relying On Taliban Protection At Kabul Airport

Trump Rejects Biden’s Blame For Taliban Takeover: ‘We Would’ve Bombed The Hell Out Of Them’

Homophobia In Black Men Is Caused By White Supremacy, Says Very Strange New York Times Writer

Report: Verizon Peddles Racism And Leftist Propaganda In Anti-American ‘Social Justice’ Curriculum

U.S. officials provided Taliban with names of Americans, Afghan allies to evacuate

Biden Just Prepared the Public for Abandoning Americans in Afghanistan

Harvard Selects An Atheist For Chief University Chaplain

‘Morning Joe’ Viewers Furious About Sen. Ben Sasse Appearance: ‘The Hypocrisy Is Mind-Blowing’ (Video)

White House to media: We want our props on Afghanistan

BREAKING: Biden Admin Gave Taliban List Of ‘American Citizens, Green Card Holders And Afghan Allies’ That Needed To Get Into Airport: Report

Supreme Court blocks Biden’s evictions moratorium

Time's Up CEO resigns after report the group sided with Gov. Cuomo rather than his accuser

Capitol officer Michael Byrd defends shooting Ashli Babbitt during riot

Tybee City Council votes to prevent people from registering their property as a short-term vacation rental

Saints Tickets Are Selling For Less Than $1 After The Team Requires Fans To Be Vaccinated Or Have A Negative COVID-19 Test

Isaiah McKenzie Reveals The NFL Is Apparently Spying On Unvaccinated Players


The Paper of Record

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Afghanistan Was Never an 'Endless War'

How Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi Beat the Moderates

Biden Sank the Ship and Now He's Bragging About the Number of Lifeboats

The Los Angeles Times vs Larry Elder

Democrats Will Have Hard Time Papering Over This Shambles With Trump Hate

Supreme Court signals rough sledding for Biden’s immigration agenda

ANALYSIS: The Taliban’s First Steps To Confiscate Weapons Are Within The Authoritarian Handbook

Kenosha Is A Political Liability For Democrats Because They Lit The Match And Watched It Go Up In Flames

House Democrats Pass Bill To Steal Elections The Old-Fashioned Way

Conservatism Doesn’t Mean Putting Whorehouses In Boys’ Pockets

Biden Needs To Start Answering Basic Questions About The Afghanistan Evacuation

You Don’t Need To Go To Kabul To See The End Of American Order. It’s Right Here Among Us

‘Trust Not In Princes’: 7 Reasons For Hope While The Ruling Class Lights Dumpster Fire After Dumpster Fire

Dear Leftists Wanting To Dismantle Power Structures: Let’s Start With Yours

EXCLUSIVE: New Mexico Governor’s Car Gets 13 MPG As She Demands State Average Of 52 MPG

If People Who Get The Shot Can Still Spread COVID, What’s The Point Of Vaccine Passports?

Coloradan Explains How She Helped Ban CRT In Her Local Schools

Georgia House committee with immigration focus solicits one-sided, activist input

‘The definition of gaslighting’: As chaos unfolds at Kabul airport, Biden team projects calm

Max Boot Compares Capitol Hill Riot to Benghazi

Two Military Vet Congressmen Travel to Kabul, Prompting Reprimand from Pelosi

Fauci: Early use of monoclonal antibodies can cut risk of hospitalization, death up to 85%

Kamala Harris has 'unprecedented' negative approval rating: poll

Should you cancel travel plans because of the coronavirus’s delta variant? Ask these questions.

Why is Herschel Walker a big deal in Georgia? Here’s why

It’s Dawning on the Democrats: Biden-Harris Will Drag Them Down

Exclusive: Internal U.N. document says Taliban threatened, beat staff


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Danish Mask Study

Billionaire Progressives Fund Weather Underground Terrorist’s Ivy League Think Tank

Why we should expect a 'red shift' in the Gavin Newsom recall election

Passed out man found with 300 California recall ballots

Cuomo Grants Clemency to Weather Underground Member Serving Time for Murder

Delta cases show 300 times higher viral load - S.Korea study

Maryland’s Kimberly Klacik sues conservative commentator Candace Owens for defamation, asks for $20 million in damages

OnlyFans CEO Blames Banks for Forcing ‘Unfair’ Porn Ban

Biden receives inconclusive intelligence report on covid origins

House advances Biden’s $3.5 trillion liberal wish list; Pelosi beats moderate Dems in power play

‘Almost a religious experience’: House Democrats pass voting bill, likely DOA in Senate

Exclusive: Americans' harsh judgment on Afghanistan costs Biden's approval, down to 41%

DeSantis Vindicated: There’s No Science Behind Masks On Kids

The Afghanistan Debacle Is Exposing President Biden’s Descent Into Unreality

America’s Failure In Afghanistan Is A Call To Ordinary Americans To Clean House

Leaked Numbers Reveal Most U.S. Evacuees Are Afghan Nationals, Not U.S. Citizens 

OnlyFans Is Exploitive, But Not In The Way Elites And Prostitutes Claim

How Partisan ‘Fact-Check’ Sites Used By Big Tech Are Sowing Distrust

Health Care Workers Are Becoming The New Public School Teachers, Whiney And Needy

Exclusive: FBI finds scant evidence U.S. Capitol attack was coordinated - sources

Democrats Stay Silent as Unprecedented ‘Benefits Cliff’ Approaches

Booker’s Bank-Breaking ‘Baby Bonds’ Won’t Close the Wealth Gap

EXCLUSIVE: Internal Numbers Show White House Poised To Leave Several Thousand Americans Behind Enemy Lines In Afghanistan

Dem Congressman: Not Possible for U.S. to Evacuate All Americans & Allies by August 31

Supreme Court orders Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy reinstated

Herschel Walker declares Senate candidacy in Georgia, a top GOP target in 2022

Vax mandates are a cruel stick to beat people with. They will tear us apart

Adam Boehler: Negotiating with the Taliban – here are the lessons I learned

Kamala Harris visits John McCain monument in Vietnam, 3 years after his death

Andrew Cuomo stripped of his International Emmy Award

UK evacuation from Kabul to end within ‘24 to 36 hours’, defence sources say

GOP reps ask for probe of ‘reckless and cowardly’ ex-Afghan leader

Fauci: Early use of monoclonal antibodies can cut risk of hospitalization, death up to 85%

Reps. Seth Moulton and Peter Meijer Slip Into Kabul Airport Seeking Information on Afghan Evacuation Effort


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SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study.

White House accused of scrubbing Macron criticism of Biden from official transcript of Afghanistan call

CIA Director William Burns held secret meeting in Kabul with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar

‘This is scary.’ Woman films water rising at Tennessee home before she dies in flood

McDonald’s runs out of milkshakes amid ‘supply chain issues’

The Drossy Touch of Joe Biden

Byron York's Daily Memo: A national eye-opening on Joe Biden

Republican politicians still bitter at Trump over ‘America First’

On Covid and climate we can achieve change – but we’re running out of time

As Biden Faces a Political Crisis, His Party Looks On in Alarm

Who Wants Biden to Fail?

The Only Way Back To Deterrence Is Firing Biden’s Entire National Security Team

Biden’s Weakness Will Result In Aggression. Here Are 4 Likely Foreign Policy Scenarios

The Nine Worst Unemployment Rates In The Country Are In Areas Run By Democrats

Former NSA O’Brien: Every Serious Person In DC Knows This Is Biden’s Disaster

Secretary of State Antony Blinken Won’t Say If Biden Knows What’s Going On In Afghanistan

Biden’s Pandemic Record: More Spread, More Death

Poll: Biden’s Fans Don’t Like Him Nearly As Much As His Opponents Dislike Him

Why More American Women are Delaying Motherhood

UN rights chief warns of abuses amid Taliban’s Afghan blitz

Irresponsible Gender-Transition Treatments on Children

Jack Ma’s Costliest Business Lesson: China Has Only One Leader

Sadness and death: Inside the VA’s state nursing-home disaster

Vax mandates are a cruel stick to beat people with. They will tear us apart

Red Warning Lights Flashing for Democrats

DeSantis slams AP 'hit piece' on him promoting COVID treatment: Pushing 'false narrative' and playing 'victim'

Four Newborns Die After Being Denied Heart Surgery because of COVID Travel Restrictions

China changes law to allow married couples to have three kids

'Mutually assured destruction': Pelosi and centrists drag budget standoff into wee hours

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo abandons his dog as he leaves office

Jan. 6 investigation will seek phone records related to attack, including lawmakers

First lady's press secretary calls on Rachel Campos Duffy, Fox News to apologize for host's comments

Florida schools forcing face masks deny parents’ rights

Trump-appointed judge clashes with Biden DOJ in immigration suit


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study.
Blue surgical face masks are only 10% effective in preventing COVID infection, new study finds

The Vaccinated Are Worried and Scientists Don’t Have Answers

Scarlett Johansson Slams “Misogynistic” Disney Response As Mouse House Tries To Move ‘Black Widow’ Suit Behind Closed Doors – Update

Taliban photo appears to mock Iwo Jima flag raising in latest propaganda push

Fun Fact: The vast majority of people who have attacked the US Capitol prior to 2021 have either been pardoned by Democratic Presidents or hired by them.

A STUDENT in Italy has become an unexpected TikTok sensation after tattooing the barcode of his Covid certificate on his arm.

How the political environment is moving toward Republicans

VICTOR JOECKS: Critical race theory falls apart when you consider what happened in Afghanistan

U.S. Warns of Islamic State Threat to Americans in Afghanistan

Jesse Jackson and wife remain under observation for COVID-19

Florida’s peak of the delta wave could be days away, university models show

Biden Dodges Responsibility For Afghanistan Crisis Again In Another Short, Sleepy Speech

Biden Uses Bureaucratic Power Disguised As ‘Civil Rights’ To Force Schoolchildren To Wear Masks

DOJ Shuts Down Investigation Into Capitol Police Shooting Of Ashli Babbitt

Republicans Slam ATF For Attempting To Alter Legal Definition Of ‘Firearm’

Biden Is Lying. We Are Going To Leave Behind Thousands Of Americans In Afghanistan

WATCH: Colorado School Board Bans Critical Race Theory After Black Father’s Fiery Speech

Georgia Governor Bans Cities From Mandating COVID-19 Restrictions But Not School Districts

Defense Secretary Says Evacuating Americans ‘Harassed’ And ‘Beaten’ By Taliban After Biden Downplays Chaos

Biden to Make US Airlines Pay For His Incompetence, Will Force Them to Transfer Thousands of Refugees

Kinder, gentler Taliban beat woman to death for not cooking, reject gender equality studies

British Parliament Unloads On Biden: ‘Biden May Have Condemned The World To Chinese Domination In Future’

Sources: No Biden firings

Deep State Failure: Russ Travers, Fired by Trump, Is in Top Afghan Evacuation Role Under Biden

Former Nurse Allie Rae Reportedly Makes $200,000 A Month On OnlyFans

CNN: Taliban Says Any U.S. Evacuation Plans Beyond August 31 Will Be Met with a ‘Negative Response’

Tom Brady disavows today's work ethic: 'It’s not how to live a joyful life'

School Board Rebels against Virginia’s Transgender Guidelines, Setting Stage for Heated Legal Battle

NBC Guest TORCHES Biden for Telling Lie After Lie Amidst Visible and Incomprehensible Incompetency

ABC News Appears To Have Not Aired 900+ Words From Biden During Interview On GMA. Here They Are.

Portland clashes: Antifa, right-wing demonstrators clash, nearby gunshots ring out

The Science of Masking Kids at School Remains Uncertain

An American woman who's trapped in Afghanistan made a tearful call to GOP congresswoman: 'Please help me'

Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden: Biden ‘Deserves An Impeachment,’ He ‘Surrendered To The Taliban’

China Wants You to Be a Woke ‘Anti-Racist’ While It Pursues Ethnic Cleansing

A Court Victory in Texas Against Obamacare’s Transgender Mandate

The Steep Cost of Mishandling Our Withdrawal From Afghanistan

If Congress Wants to Invest in Infrastructure, It Should Focus on Defense

As School Year Begins, Kids Have More Educational Options

A Shameful Attack on Conservatives for Supporting Afghan Women

Woke Nonsense Warps Everyday Life

‘Silent amnesty’: Biden administration quietly dismissing thousands of deportation cases

Nearly 15 Million Mail-in-Ballots Unaccounted for in 2020 Election, Report Says


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Danish Mask Study.
Almost all eligible Georgians are registered to vote, data show

American Bar Association Poised To Mandate Diversity Training, Affirmative Action at Law Schools

Who Will Believe Biden Now?

Mark Milley Deserves To Be Fired And Court-Martialed For His Afghanistan Lies

Leftists Are Living In A Fantasy World While Burning The Real One To The Ground

I’m Not Going To Wear A Mask In A County Where No One Is Dying Of COVID

The Afghanistan Debacle Has Exposed The Moral Bankruptcy Of The West

GOP governors, school districts battle over mask mandates

China Demands to be in Charge of Global ‘Vaccine Passport’ System

Charm offensive: What the Taliban said as they escorted me out of an Afghan city

Hong Kong quarantine exemption for Nicole Kidman draws flak


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Texas Supreme Court rules runaway Democrats can be arrested

How Chinese pressure on coronavirus origins probe shocked the WHO — and led its director to push back

What to Know About Boosters if You Got the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Biden Says Troops May Stay in Kabul Longer to Assist Evacuations

No official US evacuation plan for Americans outside Kabul, report says

'Let them die,' Washington state middle school teacher says of the unvaccinated

Images of Bloody Afghans Contradict Taliban's Claims of Moderation

Studios Begin to Blink on Theatrical Releases Amid Delta: “I Would Have Moved Everything”

Vaccines show declining effectiveness against infection overall but strong protection against hospitalization amid delta variant

MSNBC Columnist Says Pro-Life Republicans Are ‘Extremists’ Like The Taliban

Build Your Own Wifi: Quinnipiac University To Cut Off Unvaccinated Students From Internet

Why You Can’t Be A Progressive And Truly Love American History

America’s Loss In Afghanistan Is China’s Gain

Mark Milley Deserves To Be Fired And Court-Martialed For His Afghanistan Lies

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Knew Of Hunter Biden’s Missing Laptop As Early As December 2019

Report: 2 Hong Kongers plead guilty to foreign collusion

Goldman Sachs to Acquire European Asset Manager for $1.9 Billion

China pushes adoption of language, cultural symbols in Tibet

Hope Solo Says Megan Rapinoe Would ‘Almost Bully’ Teammates Into Kneeling During The National Anthem

If only Dems were as tough on terrorists as on conservatives

Marc Lamont Hill claims CNN reporter wearing a hijab in Afghanistan is being used as a political tool to 'demonize Islam'

Scoop: Manchin and Sinema advising House centrists

DeSantis Administration Pushes Back on ‘Irresponsible’ AP Hit Piece Linking COVID Treatment to Donor

Why is the Government hellbent on pushing unnecessary vaccinations on our children?

Ron Rivera Says The NFL Needs To Crackdown On Taunting To Protect The Kids

U.S. Stock Futures Retreat, Oil and Copper Drop

Bombing hits Pakistan Shiite procession, killing at least 3

Afghanistan ‘devastated’ by Taliban takeover, says US-based nephew of exiled leader

The Jacksonville Jaguars Cut Tim Tebow

The Taliban’s greater game

Joe Rogan Says Vaccine Passports Will Take America ‘One Step Closer’ To Having A Dictator

Biden pushes for vaccine booster shots starting in September

As Delta Variant Spreads, a Covid-19 Treatment Is in Short Supply

Biden Administration Delivers Devastating News to Americans Trapped in Afghanistan

Socialist Editor Crushes Labor Organizing Effort at Leftist Magazine


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Government seeks to make emergency Covid powers permanent

Baylor Professor Calls for Prosecution of Criticism of Fauci and Other Scientists as Hate Crime

UM Students Outraged by Former Trump Official Alex Azar’s Hire

Afghanistan Live Updates: Taliban Violently Crush First Public Protest

Democrats to hold hearings on Biden’s mishandling of Afghan collapse, evacuation

No official US evacuation plan for Americans outside Kabul, report says

Afghanistan was a ghastly display of how wokeness weakens America

Biden asks Americans to act like grown-ups — but Republicans are too addicted to being brats

This is the do-or-die decade for climate change, world scientists warn

Why We Shouldn't Fear a Climate Apocalypse

'Breaking point': Why the red state/blue city conflict is peaking over masks

Why Critical Race Theory Harms the Black Community

72 hours at Camp David: Inside Biden's lagging response to the fall of Afghanistan

Biden administration embroiled in internal blame-shifting amid Afghanistan chaos

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Tests Positive For COVID-19 Despite Receiving Vaccination

George W. Bush Says He Feels ‘Deep Sadness’ over Fall of Afghanistan

What the Taliban’s interpretation of Sharia law means for Afghanistan

CNN Reporter Told By Taliban To Stand Aside Because She’s A Woman

Squad members Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley raked in up to $50K in rental income last year despite pushing for rent moratorium to be extended

Taliban destroy statue of foe, stoking fear over their rule

The Falling Man: 2001 – 2021

NIH Director Francis Collins Admits Masking Rules For Kids Are Based On Rare Anecdotes, Not Data

Obama Freed The Taliban Leader Who Engineered Kabul Takeover

While The Left Was Busy Charging Conservatives As Radicals, Afghanistan Fell To Real Terrorists

Media Quickly Get To Work Cleaning Up Biden’s Afghanistan Failure

Biden Rattles U.K. With His Afghanistan Policy

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey faces off against Tucson Mayor over vaccine mandates

Revealed: Two stowaways who fell to their deaths from US evacuation flight from Kabul were 'teenage watermelon sellers who would scavenge for their mother'

Intel Agencies Warned of Afghan Collapse as Biden Publicly Downplayed Possibility

Biden Admin Tells Americans Trapped In Afghanistan It ‘Cannot Guarantee’ Their Safety To Airport

Unhinged Atlantic Leftist Blames American People for Biden’s Failure

The world is turning its back on North Korean refugees

Follow Your Nose to Herd Immunity

Biden’s Approval Rating Tanks Following Afghanistan Collapse, Even Among Dems

Chris Christie slams Phil Murphy over NJ Dem's Italy vacation

OPEC gives US cold shoulder, won't produce more oil

Sen. Rick Scott calls for probe against Biden, suggests invoking 25th Amendment


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Matt Walsh Verbally Slays the Nashville School Board with Covid Facts and Logic

Unconstitutional But Legal? Court Agrees CDC Does Not Have The Authority For Moratorium Before Upholding Moratorium

Jason Chaffetz: Dear Republican Trump haters – What did you get for your trade?

Beltway reporting of Afghanistan withdrawal a disservice to Americans

Joe Biden is facing a crisis of competence

Why Would Anyone Other Than President Biden Resign?

Obama’s Defense Secretary Says Biden Doesn’t Have His Act Together

What Biden Left Out When He Blamed Afghans for the Taliban’s Swift Victory

The Media Can’t Hide From Their Terrible Afghanistan Reporting

Former Tennessee Vaccine Chief Faked Threat By Mailing Dog Muzzle To Her Own Office

In White House Remarks, Biden Refuses Responsibility And Blames Trump And Afghans For Taliban Takeover

When Will We Stop Believing The Afghanistan ‘Expert’ Predictions?

We All Should Be Appalled By What Is Happening In Afghanistan

No, Biden Can’t Blame Trump For The Afghanistan Withdrawal Disaster

The Afghanistan Failure Proves America’s Regime Isn’t Fit To Lead

Biden should have seen Afghanistan collapse coming, Kelly Ayotte says

Top NY State Dem Reverses, Commits To ‘Final Report’ On Cuomo Investigation

Afghanistan shows utter folly of Democrats

Sweden Drops PCR Tests: RNA From Viruses Can Be Detected For Months After Infection

Ayanna Pressley, 'cancel rent' advocate, discloses thousands of dollars in rental income

Taliban announces 'amnesty,' urges women to join government

University Of Texas Hires ‘Commie Cadet’ Who Posted Photos Praising Cuban Revolution, Communism

Sasse Eviscerates Biden over ‘Campaign Photo-Op’ Address on Afghanistan Withdrawal

Threat of white-power race war ‘grave concern’ to ASIO, says chief

Cuomo: I Am Not an Adviser, I’m a Brother ... I Urged Him to Resign

LGBTQ groups across the US consider a new flag meant to be more inclusive of the transgender community and people of color

Jonathan Butcher: Biden and critical race theory – how to fight back amid admin's confusing mixed signals

Tucker Carlson says Simon & Schuster executives can’t stand him or his new book: ‘They really hate me’

Russia says Afghan president fled with 4 cars, chopper full of money


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First Twitter, now LinkedIn: Harvard Med professor censored for contrarian COVID posts

Joe Biden’s defeat will echo for eternity: Devine

ABC’s Martha Raddatz: It Was a ‘Massive Intelligence Failure’ That U.S. ‘Did Not Realize How Quickly the Taliban Could Take Over’

In an Overrun Kabul, Many Have No Place to Run

Worse Than Saigon

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle

Scotland Will Now Let 4-Year-Olds Identify As Opposite Sex Without Parental Consent

CNN COVID ‘Expert’ Discovers Personal Responsibility

Senate Republicans Demand Hearing On COVID Nursing Home Deaths In Democrat-Run States

Biden’s ATF Nominee Failed To Disclose Multiple Objectionable Interviews And Events Since 2012

CNN Smears Gov. Ron DeSantis With Misleading Story On Florida Teachers Dying From COVID

A Teacher Explains The Massive Challenges Young Americans Don’t Want To Face, But Must

The Biden Administration Is Lying About The Border

CEO Of Fact-Checking Website Snopes Suspended For Lying

Hunter Biden’s Russian Prostitute Videos Indict Both His Father And U.S. Intelligence Agencies

Fauci tells unvaccinated Americans to 'put aside' concerns about 'personal liberties' to fight pandemic

Yes, the resistance is growing

Obama critics blame COVID-19 spike on Martha’s Vineyard on former president’s birthday bash

Martha’s Vineyard has 63 Covid cases after Barack Obama’s birthday party – the most since April

Hochul’s conservative lean likely to entice challengers from the left

‘Blood on his hands’: Biden under fire over collapse in Afghanistan

Biden's botched Afghan exit is a disaster at home and abroad long in the making

‘Resign in disgrace’: Trump calls for Biden to step down

Biden: 'I Inherited a Deal Cut by My Predecessor'; 'Pathetic Blame-Shifting,' Says Pompeo

How the Taliban Overran the Afghan Army

‘What the Hell’s Going On in New York?’ Jake Tapper Asks Incoming Governor Hochul About Addressing State’s ‘Legacy of Sleaze’

Pelosi moves to pacify moderate Democrats’ rebellion against spending bills

The scientific case against masks

Biden’s Betrayal of Afghans Will Live in Infamy

Another 1K US troops heading to Kabul, bringing total to 6,000

Blinken: Biden admin ‘inherited’ Afghan situation from Trump

Biden's Afghanistan prediction fails spectacularly

Britain says Taliban control Afghanistan - we're not going back

The most political garden in America is still sowing controversy one year later

‘Leaky’ Vaccines Can Produce Stronger Versions of Viruses


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Biden's big COVID challenge: Fading vaccines may demand boosters

Afghanistan Live Updates: Kandahar, Lashkar Gah and Herat Fall to the Taliban; U.S. Readies Evacuation

Wanting to Preserve Your Culture Is Not a Bad Thing

How America’s Cultural Tensions Were Reflected In The Most Divisive Olympics Ever

After Chicago Police Officer Was Slain, Lori Lightfoot Whines About Frustrated Officers And Tough Press Questions

In Every Arbitrary COVID Fight, This 700-Year-Old Legend Rings True – And Gives Hope

Meet Bettina L. Love, A Critical Race Theorist Coming To A School Near You

Children born during pandemic have lower IQs, US study finds

Candace Owens Rips American Booksellers Association For Calling Her Book ‘Racist’

Horatio Sanz groomed, sexually assaulted underage fan at ‘SNL’ party: lawsuit

Scotland will let pupils change gender aged FOUR without their parents' consent - and tells teachers not to question a child's request to choose a new name or use a different toilet

Chicago 'cop killer', 21, should have been behind bars when he 'murdered Ella French' because he had violated his probation with hit and run

Nearly 80 percent of Americans blame Biden for inflation surge: poll

Fred could regain tropical storm strength as it nears Florida

US sending 3K troops for partial Afghan embassy evacuation

Dan Loeb’s Third Point Gets a Taste of Its Own Activist Medicine

Tax the Unvaxxed? Why Stop There?

FDA Approves COVID Booster Shot For Immunocompromised Americans

WATCH: Parents, Residents Erupt At TN School Board Meeting After District Imposes Mask Mandate


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Danish Mask Study
Core CPI Slows As Soaring Used Car & Rent Costs Decelerate

TheWashington PostOmits Key Facts to Recast Suicide as Racial Terrorism

Loudoun County School Board Passes Pro-Transgender Policy

How Many Other Andrew Cuomos Are Elites Covering For?

Andrew Cuomo Isn’t The Problem

Vaccine And Mask Coercion Is A Purge Of Republican Voters, And Republicans Are Letting It Happen

What Happened When A Craftsman Refused To Sell Me The Wedding Ring Of My Dreams

CNN Caught Lying About Biden Administration’s Illegal Immigration Fiasco

It’s Day 203 Of Joe Biden’s Presidency And We’re Still Waiting On Him To ‘Shut Down The Virus’

The Texas Supreme Court Just Debunked PolitiFact’s ‘Fact Check’ Of Ted Cruz

85 Things You Can Do To Help The United States Shake Wide Awake

New data on coronavirus vaccine effectiveness may be "a wakeup call"

As the Delta Variant Spreads, the Best Travel Advice Is Having a Plan B Vacation

Media Ignore ‘Biggest Illegal Wealth Transfer…In The History Of Mankind,’ From U.S. To China

Atlanta Elementary School Segregated Second-Graders by Race, Parents Say

Biden's big COVID challenge: Fading vaccines may demand boosters

Florida official slams CDC over botched coronavirus data

CDC tees up next mass hysteria

Parent files complaint against Atlanta elementary school, alleges it’s segregating classes

Transgender surgery for children constitutes child abuse, Texas commissioner rules

White House Refuses Transparency: ‘We Are Not Going To Be Providing’ Info On Who Biden Meets In Delaware

The Air-Conditioning COVID-19 Wave

How About THAT: Doocy Asks Psaki If Biden Created Vaccine Hesitancy in 2020

Taliban take 10th Afghan provincial capital in blitz

American Medical Association Advocates Removing Sex From the Public Portion of Birth Certificates

No Preferred Racial Term Among Most Black, Hispanic Adults

Covid-19 Vaccine Scammers Target Authorities in Dozens of Countries Including Italy and Colombia

Nate Monroe: Power brokers ended a local state Senate race before it began

DeSantis’ Team Blasts Back After Biden Admin Tries To Politicize Florida Ventilator Order

Remember the Failed Coup Attempt against Trump

Biden’s Afghanistan Blunder

CDC Exaggerates Florida’s Weekend COVID Case Counts

'The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!' Hunter Biden is seen in unearthed footage telling prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops

The most vaccine-hesitant group of all? PhDs

My Best Friend Says She’s Allowed to Cheat on Her Husband as “Reparations” for Gender Inequality

More data: Just 0.4% of students infected in L.A. school district over five weeks of summer school

Australia’s NSW Chief Health Officer: ‘Whenever You Leave Your House... Don’t Start up a Conversation’

Schwarzenegger to anti-maskers: 'Screw your freedom'


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Danish Mask Study

Fauci Says His Baseless Mandates Are More Important Than Your Constitutional Rights

Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget Resolution Would Transform The U.S. Economy As We Know It

Talentless Alec Baldwin Mourns Cuomo’s ‘Tragic’ Resignation

Investigate Now: Federal Grants Sponsored Possibly Live Baby Harvesting At University Of Pittsburgh

Will Defund The Police Lead To Federal And National Guard Patrols In Big Cities?

Here Are Joe ‘Moderate’ Biden’s 10 Most Insanely Radical Nominees

The Left’s Revolution Dominates Every American Height, And They Don’t Know Why We Aren’t Cheering

Andrew Cuomo Isn’t The Problem

Texas Supreme Court to Allow Arrest of Democrats Who Fled State to Block Election Reform

McConnell Credits Biden for Infrastructure Breakthrough, Dismisses Trump Criticism

Andrew Cuomo is resigning - but criminal probes could still move forward

‘This Is Not America, Anymore,’ Ben Carson Says, Slamming Tlaib’s $40 Billion Bill Canceling Utility, Internet Debt

Jen Psaki: FYI, We Run Everything Now

David Bossie: Left pressures Justice Breyer to exit Court. Here's why this campaign is a win for conservatives

Pro paintballer under fire for saying COVID patient ‘needs a f–king treadmill’

Biden ‘checking’ if he can overrule states and order universal masks in schools

Holy coming out, Batman: Robin is bisexual, new comic confirms

LA Times' 'Covering Kamala Harris' Instagram account inactive since May, dials back coverage

Column: Chris Cuomo Should Resign

A Message From a Hymn to Young Conservatives: ‘Be Not Afraid’

Storytelling, Comedy Hallmarks of Pro-American Kids TV Show

Biden Wants More Unionization, but Do American Workers?

9 Things You Need to Know About the Budget Resolution’s Reckless Tax and Spending Spree

Biden Rolls Out Red Carpet for COVID-Infected Illegal Immigrants


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We must rein in partisan government spending

Trudy Rubin column: China is pushing a big COVID-19 lie that makes a new pandemic harder to prevent

The COVID-19 rise of deception and tyranny

TheSports IllustratedSwimsuit Issue misses the point, and the mark.

Thousands flee as Taliban eye full control of northern Afghanistan

‘A moral imperative to do something’ on climate: Transportation Sec. Buttigieg: Electric Vehicles mandated to be 40% or more of U.S. auto sales by 2030 – Plus ‘ambitious & aggressive’ fuel economy standards for ‘our climate’

Astounding lack of questioning of latest “proof” of man made climate change

Climate Change Doesn’t Cause All Disasters

China’s military is armed wing of ruling Communist Party, warns U.S. Air Force report

Decolonization: Coming to a College Near You

The Radical Ruling against Ron DeSantis on Cruise-Ship Vaccine Passports

Here we go again: New UN ‘IPCC report is apocalyptic, catastrophic’ – ‘It’s really staring us in the face’ – Certain doom unless – we follow UN central planning dictates!

‘Hopefully This Will Be A Temporary Thing’: Fauci Says On K-3 Kids Wearing Masks 18 Months Into The Pandemic

Guy Who Thinks You Should Die At 75 Wants To Take Over FDA

After Media Run With Story Of Rockies Fan Yelling Racial Slur, Evidence Shows He Was Yelling At Mascot

Obama’s 60th Birthday Party Is Peak Democrat COVID Sanctimony

How The Sexualization Of Teen Television Is Ruining Culture

Are YOU showering often enough? As A-listers including Mila Kunis and Jake Gyllenhaal admit they're lax with their washing habits, experts reveal how it could lead to warts, skin infections and 'extreme genital odour'

Mike Rowe Just Utterly Emasculated An Internet Troll In The Nicest Way Possible

Why Liberals Hate Hungary’s Viktor Orban So Much

Investigate Now: Federal Grants Sponsored Possibly Live Baby Harvesting At University Of Pittsburgh

Vaccine And Mask Coercion Is A Purge Of Republican Voters, And Republicans Are Letting It Happen

Where are the illegal immigrants going?

Warren calls for eliminating corporate tax breaks to help pay for Dems’ massive spending package

Portland police don't intervene as Antifa, Proud Boys battle in streets

Chicago’s Super-Spreader Event That Wasn’t

Make way for more lockdowns

D.C., Seattle now seek more funds to hire cops after cutting police budgets last year

Congress' half-trillion-dollar weapon

J.D. Vance gets conservative boost as cable coverage thrives

Colorado investigates election office after ‘serious breach’

Greta Thunberg Calls Out Fashion Industry For Environmental Harm And “Greenwashing”

1,000-year-old remains in Finland may be non-binary iron age leader

Military academies stonewall demands for transparency of CRT curriculum

As Coastal Georgia hospitals fill with COVID patients, doctors urge vaccinations


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Orban Isn’t The One With A Democracy Problem

GOP Senator Says He Disagrees with DeSantis’s Ban on School Mask Mandates

Manchin: ‘I’m Done With Extensions’ of Federal Unemployment Benefits

Court Awards Full Custody to James Younger’s Mother but Requires Permission for Puberty Blockers, Gender Surgeries

Why G. K. Chesterton Liked America

In the U.K., Doctors and Judges Trample on a Family’s Religious Liberty

Biden’s ATF Nominee Talked Guns On A Chinese Propaganda Network And Failed To Tell The Senate

How Celebrities Like Selena Gomez Manipulate The Public Into Protecting Their Privilege

If They Want Compliance, Officials Should Follow Their Own Rules

Domenech: The American Crisis Can Be An Opportunity For American Renewal

Meghan McCain’s ‘View’ Tenure Was A Case Study In The Importance Of Representation

Washington State’s New Laws Handcuffing Police Will Increase Crime And Chaos
Texas’s Attempt To Cut Illegal Migration Is Legally Doomed But Effective PR

7 Ways The Conservative Movement Should Fight Critical Race Theory

With Biden’s Illegal ‘Eviction Moratorium’ Democrats Openly Embrace Lawlessness

Study Finds Greater Antibody Response In Recovered COVID-19 Patients Than Vaccinated Ones

Watchdog Report: Fauci Spent Nearly Half A Million In Taxpayer Dollars On Abusive Experiments On Dogs

Your ‘Fur-Babies’ Are Not A Good Or Healthy Replacement For Human Babies

Scientists expected thawing wetlands in Siberia’s permafrost. What they found is ‘much more dangerous.’

The 2021 Olympics Are Turning Into a $20 Billion Bust for Japan

Invisible Ink "Tattoos" Could Be Used to Identify Vaccinated Kids

Republicans use inflation as campaign issue as Dems seek to tout Biden’s economic agenda

S&P 500 Futures Hold Steady While Oil Slides

Virginia contends with Confederate names on side streets

Taliban Seizes Cities Across Afghanistan

Judge backs cruise line against DeSantis in 'vaccine passport' fight

Ted Cruz: Watch ‘Clown Car at CNN’ Inadvertently Argue for Voter ID by Listing Activities that Require ‘Papers’

Cuomo’s top aide resigns as governor faces harassment furor

The Case Against Masks for Children

All of NJ should now mask up indoors regardless of vax, CDC says

The CIA Follows Tom Hanks, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck And Other Celebrities On Instagram

CNN and Chris Cuomo Need to Admit: They Have a Ron DeSantis Problem

AR6 Climate Change 2021:The Physical Science Basis

Apple Will Scan U.S. iPhones For Images Of Child Sexual Abuse


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COVID Cases Dashboard.
Cori Bush Defends Use of Private Security While Calling to Defund the Police: ‘Suck It Up’

Gwen Berry Fails To Earn A Medal At The Olympics

"Irreversible" Changes to Atlantic Currents Could Drastically Change Weather

Veterinarians face high demand to treat pets amid adoption boom, staff shortages

Consumer choice, free market biggest obstacles to Biden’s ambitious plan to phase out gas cars

CBO: Funding for Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan comes up short

No Work, No Food: Pandemic Deepens Global Hunger

The Problem With Idealizing Olympian ‘Supermoms’

The American right’s favorite strongman

U.S. National Debt Expected To Approach $89 Trillion By 2029

Infrastructure Bill Would Add $256 Billion to Deficit, Analysis Finds

China's Gong Lijiao quizzed by state media over plans for 'woman's life,' described as 'manly woman'

What Biden’s Vaccination Plan Gets Wrong

Cuomo Takes the Ralph Northam Road

Biden and the Media Have Very Different Goals

Reporter Compares Shooting An AR-15 To A ‘Meteor’ Striking The Earth

Chris Cuomo's female colleagues and MeToo advocates at CNN have ALL failed to condemn his role in NY governor brother's sex-pest scandal: New report claims some co-workers are 'confused' over his on-air silence

GOP Sen. Hagerty blocks Democrats from expediting $1.2T infrastructure bill in late-night session

Sen. Lindsey Graham says he’s told Trump to ‘speak up’ on COVID-19 vaccines

Landlord tells 'America's Newsroom' he’s out $34,000, slams 'crazy' evictions moratorium

Pastor Prayed in Pelosi’s House: ‘Bind the Lying Spirit of Satan and Remove Corruption, Falsehood, and Bias’


Conservative Commentator Allie Beth Stuckey Suspended From Twitter

Bill Gates Says Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein Was A ‘Huge Mistake’

Ex-colleagues blast Gov. Cuomo’s ‘mean girl’ Melissa DeRosa

Poll: Gavin Newsom Down Double-Digits In Recall Election

Democrats Call For Cuomo’s Resignation Now, But Won’t Protest When He Retains His Power

Domenech: The Left Wants A Permanent Pandemic Because ‘Isolated People Are Easier To Manipulate’

Eliminating Sex On Birth Certificates Is Driven By Inexperienced Med Students Undermining Science

Watchdog Report: Fauci Spent Nearly Half A Million In Taxpayer Dollars On Abusive Experiments On Dogs

With Biden’s Illegal ‘Eviction Moratorium’ Democrats Openly Embrace Lawlessness

The 1619 Project Conveniently Overlooks Racist Past Of The Democratic Party

Study Finds Greater Antibody Response In Recovered COVID-19 Patients Than Vaccinated Ones


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COVID Cases Dashboard
VAERS Database

Adverse Effects

Party On

A Landlord Says Her Tenants Are Terrorizing Her. She Can’t Evict Them.

Are religious CRT opponents 'too White to be evangelical'? Profs and pastors criticize Christians during panel.

Simone Biles grateful for being able to use 'secret' Japan gym to keep skills sharp during break

US women’s soccer team beats Australia 4-3 for bronze medal

Reporter who accused Gov. Cuomo of bullying says CNN host needs to come clean about role in sibling’s scandal

Georgia ‘gun pipeline’ that ‘flooded’ NYC with illegal firearms shutdown, nine indicted, feds say

Al Sharpton: Critical race theory supporters must ‘rise up,’ face ‘cowards’ at school board meetings

Opinion:How Democrats plan to win in 2022

Immigrant detentions soar despite Biden’s campaign promises

Yamiche Alcindor: Democrats Have a Higher Standard on Sex Harassment Than Trump's GOP


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COVID Cases Dashboard

People recovering from Covid may have ‘substantial’ drop in intelligence

Here’s All The Blue Check Mark Journalists And Celebrities Who Lavished Praise On Andrew Cuomo Last Year

Biden Administration Opens Up Pandora’s Box With New Environmental Review For Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil Leases

Democrats Are So Lucky To Have The Media Help Them Constantly Deny Reality

Psaki Stumbles Through Believe All Women Speech After Dodging Questions On Cuomo

Sen. Joni Ernst Tries To Ban Cuomo From Infrastructure Package: No Funding For Gropey Governors

Ben Domenech: ‘What Are You Willing To Do’ About Power-Hungry Elites Threatening America?

Lockdowns Force Autistic Kids To Be Lab Rats In A Failed Experiment

What The Delightful Patriotism Of Olympian Tamyra Mensah-Stock Says About America

SCOOP: California YMCA Hosts Pornographer To Teach Children Art, Holds ‘Youth Only’ Events

New Lockdowns Could Kill A Lot More People Than COVID

If You Don’t Suspect Deep State Provocation At The Jan. 6 Riot, Start Paying Attention

Masks And CRT Are Just The Start: It’s Time To Break The Public Schools (And Here’s How)

Elizabeth Warren to Teen Vogue: Abortion Is About ‘Functioning of Our Democracy’

Biden Calls on Cuomo to ‘Resign,’ Scolds DeSantis and Abbott on COVID-19

British Chaplain Reported to Counterterrorism Agency After Questioning School’s ‘LGBT Stuff’

Journalism Groups Won’t Condemn NSA ‘Unmasking’ of Tucker Carlson

9 Things to Know About Senate’s $1.1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

A Climate Change for Investors (Not in a Good Way)

President Biden Announces on Live TV That He Intends to Break His Oath of Office

Israel fires back after 3 rockets launched from Lebanon

Nina Turner, Sanders ally, concedes defeat in Ohio US House race

CDC announces new 60-day eviction freeze for most US counties

Release pandemic rent aid 'immediately to those that qualify,' Jacksonville NAACP urges

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sexual-Harassment Findings: What You Need to Know

54% Of Hispanic Voters In California Say They Would Vote To Recall Newsom

Anthem-Snubbing Gwen Berry Fails To Medal At Olympics, Unable To ‘Represent The Oppressed’ At Podium

Biden Calls for Cuomo to Resign over Sexual Harassment Allegations

China's homegrown techlash

Lifeguard recovering after being bitten by shark on Hilton Head Island

Obama reportedly scales back 60th birthday party due to Delta surge

Pete Parada, Offspring drummer, segregated by vaccine tyrants

Andrew Cuomo Faces Impeachment Threat, More Resignation Calls After Sexual-Harassment Report

Report on Andrew Cuomo

COVID In Florida: Gov. DeSantis Downplays Coronavirus Threat As State Breaks New Hospitalization Record

The Brunswick News
Covid Cases Dashboard

‘Greatest cover-up of all time’: House GOP presents evidence of COVID-19 origins, Wuhan lab leak

Dominion Voting Systems, Maricopa County reject subpoenas in Arizona election audit

I No Longer Want to Shop

Just Because Trump Is Ridiculous, It Doesn’t Mean He Isn’t Dangerous

Americans Suffer Pandemic Whiplash as Leaders Struggle With Changing Virus

Biden Administration to Keep Using Public Health Rule to Turn Away Migrants

$1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Pours Money Into Long-Delayed Needs

D.C. Mayor’s Mask-Mandate Hypocrisy Is Peak Beltway B.S.

The Troubled Girls the Transgender Movement Ignores

The COVID Hypocrites Preach but Don’t Practice

Is California Regulating Bacon Out Of Existence?

County EMA Director Resigns

American Medical Association Pushes To Remove Sex From Birth Certificates

San Francisco Becomes Latest To Bring Back Mask Mandate As Former Biden COVID Adviser Says Masks Don’t Work

Psaki Evades Question On Why Migrants Are Not Tested For COVID, Says They Are Given Masks

Washington State’s New Laws Handcuffing Police Will Increase Crime And Chaos

Biden’s big government fails tenants facing eviction

Coronavirus hospitalizations are surging to last summer's levels

The two Americas: Collectivists vs. individualists

OPINION: Supreme Court’s Donor Privacy Ruling Affirms Freedoms On Which Our Republic Was Founded

Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill carves out broad exemptions from ‘Buy American’ mandates

Pennsylvania School Board President Facing Calls to Resign after Confiscating Microphone from Anti-CRT Mom

New record surge of migrant children at border finds Biden team flat-footed

Simone Biles sticks landing in balance beam final, wins Olympic bronze

Biden rebuffs left on Breyer

Newsom Misled The Public About Wildfire Prevention Efforts Ahead Of Worst Fire Season On Record

Australia tightens COVID curbs as Brisbane extends lockdown, army patrols Sydney

Progressives call for new probe, impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh

Media Reports Florida Hospitals are ‘Overrun’ — Then One Person Actually Went to Hospital at the ‘Center of Storm’ to Check

Motorcyclist killed on I-95 in Liberty County

Elder abuse at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Beijing Shuns Ericsson, Nokia as the West Curbs Huawei

Democratic state legislators to converge on U.S. Capitol to demand passage of voting bill

Trans Weightlifter, UWNT Fail: Woke Goes Broke at Olympics


The Brunswick News
How Local Media Spreads Misinformation From Vaccine Skeptics

‘Communism Taking Root in America,’ Critical Race Theory Foe Warns

Delta Variant of COVID-19 Soon Will Be Gone, Former FDA Chief Predicts

U.S. Economy Underperforms Amid Rising Inflation And Supply Chain Shortages

NPR Allows Its Reporters to Engage in Direct Activism

Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Order To Stop Florida Schools From Forcibly Masking Children

Forcing Kids To Push Leftist Causes Is Not Civics No Matter How Many Think Tanks Say Otherwise

Why Is Your College Tuition So Expensive? It’s Funding Piles Of ‘Diversity’ Bureaucrats

NYT Lies About Trump Again With Claim He Pushed DOJ To Declare Election ‘Corrupt’

The Left Has A Pedophilia Problem, And It’s Out In The Open

Biden And Harris Approval Ratings Plummet Across Multiple Polls

Report Reveals Shocking Double Standards For Bringing U.S. Rioters To Justice

If You Don’t Suspect Deep State Provocation At The Jan. 6 Riot, Start Paying Attention

Simone Biles is no hero. She is a quitter.

Kemp seeks to blame Biden for Georgia’s low vaccination rate

We Checked, And They’re Right; CRT Is Not Being Taught In Schools (Technically)

ASU welcomes new prof who focuses on applying 'Critical Race Theory' to music

Now Large Groups of Vaccinated People Are Deemed Too Risky

Are Covid Fatalities Comparable with the 1918 Spanish Flu?

‘Moral imperative’: Pelosi calls on Biden to immediately extend ban on evictions

'Pain and suffering' ahead, says Fauci, imploring unvaccinated Americans to take the jab

Less than 0.001% of fully vaccinated Americans died after a Covid-19 breakthrough case, CDC data shows

Obama plans birthday bash amid COVID concerns

BEIJING’S POODLES: Had any other nation unleashed Covid we would never hear the end of it. Instead, we've rolled over in an act of appeasement redolent of the 1930s, writes IAIN DUNCAN SMITH

Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi agree to work on ‘values’ of two stalled voting bills

Simone Biles plans to compete in balance beam final; Jade Carey wins gold on floor

Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect

Small plane with engine trouble lands on Fernandina Beach

Newt Gingrich: Nancy Pelosi is the greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our lifetime

The Breakthroughs in Context

USWNT Loses in Semifinal Match to Canada 1-0

Lockdowns Are Causing An “International Epidemic in Child Suicide”


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This EPIC Tucker Dig At A Mask & Face Shield-Wearing Lloyd Austin Is One For The Ages

Gavin Newsom Handed Yet Another Court Loss, This Time on Private School Closures

NSA review finds that Tucker Carlson’s communications were not targeted

Experts ask to see data behind new policy

Feminism’s Misremembered Mother

U.S. GDP Trails Forecast Even as Consumer Spending Surges

Target Hits Books

The Pathetic Republican Surrender

Calling Fish ‘Trash’ Is White Supremacy, According To California Academic Study

Terry McAuliffe Believes Bush Stole The 2000 Election, But Now Calls Voter Fraud Claims ‘Conspiracy Theories’

There Is No Good Reason You Should Have to Be a Citizen to Vote

Latest Data on COVID-19 Vaccinations by Race/Ethnicity

Manchin and Sinema Have Their History Wrong

Will The CDC’s Newest Mask Flip-Flop Be The Tipping Point?

Biden Department Of Justice Threatens To Sue To Lock In 2020 Election Chaos

U.S. Major General Can’t Take The Heat On Twitter, Disgraces The U.S. Military

Brantley County Schools will not require Masks or Vaccines

Trump Had Plan to Bring Internet to Cuba, Rubio Says

Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney Over ‘Black Widow’ Streaming Release

Biden Orders Plans for Mandatory COVID Vaccination for Military Personnel

Exclusive: Lawmakers urge probe into DOJ's alleged racial profiling of Asians

Lemon Says Rules Have to Be Set for the Unvaccinated So They Can’t Work or Have a Driver’s License

Glassy-Eyed Biden Thanks the Commentators on "Fax" News

Covid-19 Outbreak During Olympics Leads Japan to Widen State of Emergency

Kemp spends $2M from emergency fund for anti-crime efforts

‘I’m Not Going to Play that Game with You,’ Democrat Senator Says When Asked if U.S. Border Is Secure

Legal names on diplomas make trans students unsafe, petition argues

Bar Owner Killed Himself After Fatally Shooting Rioter; Now His Family Is Suing Prosecutor Who Branded Him Racist

Biden orders federal workers to get vaccinated or face testing, masks

Don’t Eat Insects! They are Sentient

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Looks To Pull Ads From Fox News After Spot Is Rejected

Hong Kong protester given 9-year term in 1st security case

Tennessee congressman: Hold Chinese government accountable for COVID-19 deception

Column: You Can't Be Friends with Conservatives?

Health officials concerned as live music returns to Jaguars stadium with ‘Hella Mega’ tour

Olympic swimmers can barely contain themselves after announcer compliments ‘third leg’

Postal Union That Endorsed Biden Says COVID Vaccine Mandates ‘Not The Role Of The Federal Government’

Over 25% of cases in Los Angeles are fully vaccinated people


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France Warned US in 2015 About China’s Wuhan Lab, Investigator Says

‘Invest in Joe’: How Hunter Biden’s Financial Deals Extend Beyond Ukraine

Democrats’ Spending Could Cost Taxpayers $5.5 Trillion, Sen. Cynthia Lummis Says

My Professors Thought Calling Conservatives ‘Crazy’ and ‘Hicks’ Would Sway Me to the Left. They Were Wrong.

UK Covid cases could hit 200,000 a day, says scientist behind lockdown strategy

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Endorses Vaccine Passports As Potential ‘Path Forward’ In US

Shocker: Nearly 90 Percent Of Illegal Immigrants Let In By Biden Have Refused To Report To ICE As Required

Rep. James Clyburn Falsely Claims Critical Race Not Taught In Grade Schools, Says It’s A ‘Red Herring’

Influential Democrat Donor Convicted For Trading Meth For Sex After Two Victims Died From Overdose

Simone Biles And The Media’s Celebration Of Choking

New Rubio Bill Would Force Big Tech Firms To Disclose Censorship Requests From Government Officials

Top House Physician Busted Without Mask During Briefing For Members On Pelosi’s New Mandatory Mask Rules

Why Keeping Critical Race Theory Away From Your Kids Requires A Lot More Than iPhone Activism

Weak Republicans Hedged On Banning COVID Passports, And Now They’re Back With A Vengeance

China’s Social-Credit System Arrives on British Shores

Biden, Harris unveil strategies to address 'root causes' of immigration

Joe Manchin hit with West Virginia ads urging him to oppose Biden pick Tracy Stone-Manning

Sen. Cruz: ‘No’ to Pathway to Citizenship, Border is ‘Not Remotely’ Secure

CDC mask guidance met with hostility by leading Republicans

‘We Do Not Owe Anyone A Gold Medal’: Simone Biles’ Teammate After Backlash From Biles’ Withdrawal

COVID-19 keeps resurging, but western economies are adapting

Senate Votes to Advance $1 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Proposal

Biden Plan Will Try To Tackle Root Causes Of Migration From Central America

CDC urges vaccinated people in covid hot spots to resume wearing masks indoors

The 2021 Olympics Are Turning Into a $20 Billion Bust for Japan


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What Leftists Overlook About Cuba

Chicago Mayor ‘Absolutely’ Would Deny Interviews Again to White Reporters

Inconvenient Truth: No One Actually Changes Gender, Only Persona

Before Fauci, Here Are 8 Others Accused of Lying to Congress

6 Takeaways From First Hearing by House Select Panel on Capitol Riot

Study: Mississippi’s 15-Week Limit On Abortion Is Commonsense In Europe

Hunter Biden’s ‘New Career’ Is Selling Access To His Dad, Just Like His Last Job

New EU Alert: Having A Sense Of Humor Is Proof You Might Be A Far-Right Terrorist

Judge Tells Biden Admin To Stop Releasing COVID-19 Positive Illegal Immigrants Into Texas Communities

There’s No ‘I’ In Team, But There Is In Simone Biles

Sorry, Simone Biles, The Olympics Isn’t About You, It’s About Winning For America

Teary Capitol Police Officer Who Testified About January 6 Previously Defended Violent George Floyd Riots In Kenosha

Liz Cheney Leading Pelosi’s Weaponized Jan. 6 Committee Tells All You Need To Know About The Partisan Probe

As Infections Rise, C.D.C. Urges Some Vaccinated Americans to Wear Masks Again

Dem Socialist AOC Defends Her Political Merchandise Store: ‘Transactions Aren’t Capitalism’

Workers’ Anxiety Grows as Covid Variant Casts a Shadow

Tom Cotton RAILS Coca-Cola Exec to His Face Over Woke Hypocrisy in Heated Hearing

Psaki Flounders on Reasoning for Updated CDC Mask Guidance

Senators strike $2 billion deal to reimburse Capitol Police, National Guard for Jan. 6 deployments

Understanding the unvaccinated

Supreme Court approval dropped with new conservative majority, poll finds

Capitol riot hearing kicks off with cops blaming Trump, GOP for Jan. 6 unrest

Biden tightens rules requiring federal government to buy more American-made products

Donald Trump Wonders How Great LeBron James Would Be At Basketball If He Became A Transgender Woman

Nevada issues emergency order requiring masks — vaccinated or not — in a dozen counties starting Friday

Exclusive: Over half of Covid hospitalisations tested positive after admission

Olympic host cityTokyo recorded 3,177 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday

Iraqi prime minister urges less attention to ‘anti-American’ propaganda

OPINION: Michael Strahan Owes Country Music Fans an Apology for Calling Them Racists

Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex

First warrant signed for Texas Democrat who fled to DC

Katie Ledecky empathizes with Simone Biles, hopeful about gymnasts Olympic return

Biden Administration to Impose Vaccine Mandate for Federal Workforce: Report

The new mask logic

House GOP lawmakers demand answers from Justice Department on Jan. 6 ‘prisoners’

Every Dem senator votes to advance eco-terrorist-linked nominee who endorsed population control

'Signs of Senility': Brit Hume Calls Out Biden's Slipping Mental State


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How Hollywood Turned Captain America Into A Placeless Globalist

My High School Taught Me Critical Race Theory Six Years Ago And Tried To Reeducate Me When I Fought Back

Stop Blaming The United States For Communism’s Effects On Cuba

The Whitmer Kidnapping Case Reveals The FBI’s New Counterterrorism Target Is You

Justice Department launches gun ‘strike forces’ in five major cities

Defund the police Dems are silent after DC passes 100 homicides in 2021

Panahi: Biden’s Town Hall was ‘incoherent gibberish even by his low standards’

PBS Star Ken Burns Says NOW Is Worse Than the Civil War?

U Alabama in Huntsville violates 1A rights, YAL lawsuit says

Senate panel votes to make women register for draft

CA RECALL: A New Poll Just Might Be Newsom's Worst Nightmare

CNN’s Biden town hall flops, finishes behind Fox News, MSNBC with only 1.5 million viewers

Obama, Springsteen publishing book about their ‘Renegades’ podcast

JEEZ: WH’s Psaki Gets Personal in Battle with Fox’s Kristin Fisher Over Biden’s Border Crisis

Biden Asks Reporter if There Are People in the GOP Who Think Dems Are ‘Sucking the Blood out of Kids’

CNN: Segregate Unvaccinated, Make Them Pay For Tests Every Day


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Federal Education Officials Backpedal on Pushing Critical Race Theory in Schools

NYC Principal Allegedly Conspires to Oust White Teachers, Move Backfires and She May Get the Boot Instead

DOJ’s 50-Year Gag Proposal For Grand Jury Material Would Hide Mueller Records Until 2069

Nancy Pelosi Kicks Ranking Republicans Jim Jordan, Jim Banks Off Partisan Jan. 6 Commission

USA Women’s Soccer Team Crushed At Olympic Opener After Kneeling During National Anthem

House Democrats Block Bill Declassifying The Origins Of COVID-19

Mollie Hemingway: Republicans Will Gain Seats For ‘Fighting Back’ Against Pelosi’s Unserious Jan. 6 Commission

Johns Hopkins Study Found Zero COVID Deaths Among Healthy Kids

Biden ripped over fumbled response to restaurant owner looking for workers

EXPLAINER: What’s the history of the Olympics protest rule?

McCarthy Vows to ‘Run Our Own Investigation’ after Pelosi Drops Republicans from January 6 Committee

Embattled Minnesota Democrat John Thompson found guilty of obstruction

Pre-trial hearing set for Thursday in Arbery case

Biden defends filibuster, warns elimination would cause ‘chaos’

Biden knocks Fox News’ ‘altar call’ on vaccines

Larry Elder wins fight to appear on California recall ballot

Democrats’ plan for race-based housing aid draws lawsuit threats, charges of reverse discrimination

Trump: Dems want to ‘completely change America through the reconciliation process’

Prominent Republicans find new enthusiasm for COVID-19 vaccines

China is going to attack U.S. and its allies soon

FBI Thrown Into Controversy Over Damning New Report About Their Involvement In Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

99.2 Percent of Biden’s Infrastructure Proposals Isn’t about Bridges

‘Verified ID’: Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin push rule to strip anonymity from social media

Coups, race, White rage: Pentagon dragged deeper into politics, culture wars

Bobby Bowden diagnosed with terminal medical condition

Democrats to keep Jan. 6 lawsuit alive after Bennie Thompson drops off to lead riot probe

Mitch McConnell warns of return to 2020 if COVID vaccine rates don’t increase

Men Are Worse for Climate Change Than Women Because They Love Meat and Cars

Biden tells unimpressed restaurateur struggling to hire staff to pay higher wages but suggests his unemployment benefits DID stop people going back to work as he speaks at half-empty town hall

Tokyo's opening ceremony director is SACKED on the eve of the event over Holocaust joke he made in 1998 in latest blow to Olympics as Games' Covid case toll rises to 91


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Corporate Media Outlets Lost More Than Half Their Audiences In The Last Year

Grassley Blasts DOJ For Stonewalling On Hiring Ex-Partner Of Hunter Biden’s Lawyer

As Border Apprehensions Surge, Migrant COVID Cases Jump 900 Percent In Rio Grande Valley Sector

Democrats’ Definition Of ‘Misinformation’ Is Whatever Hurts Them Politically Today

Another Lying Castro in the News

Eric Swalwell revealed to have held meetings with terrorist-linked Qatari charity

Four Chinese Nationals Working with the Ministry of State Security Charged with Global Computer Intrusion Campaign Targeting Intellectual Property and Confidential Business Information, Including Infectious Disease Research

House Republicans challenge caught-and-released migrants’ ability to fly on U.S. airlines

US Rep, Daughter of Cuban Exiles, Humiliates Idiotic Witness in House Hearing Over Cuba

Biden’s tuition-free community college threatens to leave some states behind

U.S. urges Ukraine to stay quiet on Russian pipeline

Norwegian Cruise Line sues Florida over ban on COVID-19 vaccine passports

Dr. Fauci: Trump team deserves ‘considerable credit’ for COVID-19 vaccines

Health officials offer tips for parents, students to help with back to school anxiety

1A Win: Court Says Law Mandating Trans Pronoun Use A Violation Of Free Speech

After Repeatedly Promising Not to, Facebook Keeps Recommending Political Groups to Its Users

Lemon: What Is Wrong with Rand Paul? He Has to Stop it, He Looks Like an Idiot

The Problem with the ‘Easy Choice’ Approach

‘Name and shame’ campaign offers rare glimpse into China’s cyber operations

‘Nothing short of historic’: House panel presses for support of Cuba protesters

Jason Chaffetz: Hunter Biden keeps cashing in on his family name – there's only one way to paint this scheme

Biden admin promotes radical group pushing critical race theory in schools

Runaway Texas Dems derailed as outbreak spreads to White House, Pelosi’s office


Huckabee: I Got the Vaccine and It Didn’t Make Me Less Conservative or Make Me Smarter


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Immigrants like me have to reject the new America-hatred

Biden And Democrats Understand The Problems We’re Facing Because They Created All Of Them

Why Unions Prioritize ‘Wokeness’ Over Their Own Blue-Collar Workers

White House Says Nothing ‘Off The Table’ When It Comes To Using Big Tech To Silence Dissent

Georgia Secretary Of State Explains Why He’s Just Now Discovering More Than 10,000 Illegal Votes Cast In 2020

Audit finds Trump Cabinet official misled Congress over census citizenship question

King no more? Bolton touts polls showing Trump’s base is shrinking

LIVE FEED: Georgia Hearing on Monday Contesting the Fraudulent Results of the Georgia Senate Elections — Presser to Follow at 4:00 with Vernon Jones

June inflation report should put Americans on edge

BREAKING: First Capitol Rioter Charged With Felony Gets Jail Time

Afghan president slams Taliban; rockets target Kabul palace

Re: Creator of Civil War Documentary Series Calls Today ‘Most Fraught Time’ in U.S. History

Peppa Pig, A Pendemic Favorite, Has Children Acting British

White House Dispute Exposes Facebook Blind Spot on Misinformation

‘Get Woke. Go Broke,’ Rep. Jim Jordan Reacts to MLB All-Star Game’s Abysmal Ratings

Kevin McCarthy names five Republicans to serve on Jan. 6 special committee

Ben & Jerry’s boycott of settlements condemned by Israel officials

House Dems unload on bipartisan infrastructure negotiations in private call: report

Defund the police Dems are silent after DC passes 100 homicides in 2021

Hundreds of illegal immigrants try to force their way into the United States at the Del Rio crossing in Texas: Data shows 188K migrants were apprehended in June alone amid Biden and Kamala's border crisis

OPINION: Anti-Trump Evangelicals Are Now Silent On Biden’s Cuba Policy


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Top Olympic sponsor Toyota pulls Games-related TV ads

Riot police break up dueling transgender rights protests outside LA spa

David Chipman Is Unfit to Lead the ATF

The Assault on America’s National Identity

The Only Good Soros Prosecutor Is a Defeated Soros Prosecutor

New Tool Unmasks Big Tech’s Social Media Sock Puppets

More Americans Could Live In Beautiful Neighborhoods If The Right Stopped Propping Up Suburbia

The Transgender Industry Is Culling Tomboys Out Of Existence

Texas Democrats Catch COVID-19 After Maskless Private Jet Stunt

Georgia Voting Official Makes Excuses For Residents Who Illegally Voted in 2020

D.C. Officials Who Authorized BLM Street Sign Order Removal of ‘Cuba Libre’ Words Outside Communist Country’s Embassy

Arizona election audit finds discrepancy, Senate president says: ‘Those numbers do not match’

CDC reports more COVID vaccine deaths than COVID deaths over last 2 weeks

Coco Gauff to miss Olympics after testing positive for COVID-19

CNN's Cuomo Tries to Prove Illegals Commit Less Crime, But It Backfires

EDITORIAL: The Many Excuses Surrounding Kamala Harris’s Slow-Motion Implosion

Illinois State U gives $1,000 scholarships to 100 students who are fully vaccinated

Klobuchar: Dems could do ‘election infrastructure’ as part of reconciliation

Los Angeles mask mandate revived on anniversary of Newsom order that shut down schools

Minnesota Democrat denies ‘deeply disturbing’ allegations, refuses to resign

CBS’s Schlesinger: If You Account for Inflation, Wages Are Down 1.7% from Last Year

Cruz: White House ‘in Bed’ with Big Tech for Flagging COVID Misinformation

Schwarzenegger on Global Warming: All of it Are True But Let’s Keep it Streamlined and Hopeful

Republican governors to the rescue on the economy

Anti-DACA court ruling sets Democrats scrambling to protect ‘Dreamers’

ROASTED POTATO: CNN's Brian Stelter gets humiliated by guest on his own show


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Zaila and the Bee

Another School Falls to Woke Culture by Erasing Its Catholic History

Arizona Senate Seeks More Voter Data as Election Audit Raises Questions

Building Solar Farms May Not Build the Middle Class

Jen Psaki Just Escalated the Conservative War with Big Tech

Corporate Donors to Black Lives Matter Are Bankrolling Apologists for Tyranny, Oppression, and Racism

Joy Reid Finally Finds A Police Shooting Death Of An Unarmed Person She Can Support

Why ‘Aw, Shucks Conservatism’ Utterly Disqualifies Any GOP Politician

What Did Fauci Know And When? His Emails Point To Panic, Lies, And A Possible Cover-Up

Arkansas legislators question why disbarred Clinton’s name added to law school chair

‘Blown up in their face’: Death of Pentagon war cloud contract sparks questions about Amazon’s power

Manchin in the middle: Pressure mounts in West Virginia to oppose $3.5 trillion spending package

Corruption in the Fourth Estate: Will media bias hurt the Democrats in 2022?

U.S. military once trained Colombians implicated in Haiti assassination plot, Pentagon says

White House quietly signals inflationary run could last years

U.S. COVID-19 cases more than double in two weeks as delta variant spreads fast, and WHO warns ‘pandemic nowhere near finished’

Biden Administration's Admission They're Flagging Content to Facebook Sparks Furor

Not Woke Enough: GLAAD Chides Studios After Four Years of Zero Transgender Characters in Major Hollywood Movies

American Bookseller’s Association CEO Apologizes For Emailing Cover Of ‘Racist’ Candace Owens Book

ABA Declares Book Ad ‘Violent’

Disinformation is coming for your business

Trump huddle with McCarthy fuels debate over GOP participation in Democrats’ Jan. 6 select committee

Family of Georgia woman killed during raid to sue Camden sheriff’s office for $25M

Biden cheers new Child Tax Credit payment: ‘Lives are about to change for the better’

Pregnant man and multiracial handshake emojis approved for launch

EXCLUSIVE: Ghislaine Maxwell used Bill Clinton to 'escape' from her 'sick partnership' with Jeffrey Epstein as it's revealed the former president joined them on TWO previously undisclosed trips to India, China, Japan and Taiwan

Jason Chaffetz: Democrats' crime surge is real, scary and bringing chaos, not safety, to cities across US

SHOCK POLL: Two in Three Southern Republicans Want to Secede From the United States

It’s Not ‘Just Property’ That’s Lost When Mobs Riot and Loot


The Brunswick News

Study: Parts of the Amazon now emit more carbon dioxide than they absorb

Biden Education Nominee Wants To Swap Presumption Of Innocence For ‘Possibility’ Of Innocence

Maryland School Likens Migrant Surge Detention To Democrat-Led World War II Japanese Internment

Communism, Not The United States, Is Responsible For Cuba’s Problems

What Did Fauci Know And When? His Emails Point To Panic, Lies, And A Possible Cover-Up

WATCH: Tucker Carlson says mail-in ballots were double counted in Georgia

BLM activist accused of molesting 62 kids returns to school board despite ongoing investigation

Las Vegas Sands readies push for casinos in North Florida and potentially Jacksonville

Dr. Fauci strangely silent on sudden death of vaccinated boy, 13

Blue Dog Democrats call for bipartisan investigation into COVID-19 origins in China

Welcome to Jim Crow 2.0

ANALYSIS: Here’s What It Would Actually Look Like If Texas Authorities Arrested Absent Democrats

Texas Senate Passes Voter Integrity Bill As Democrats Flee State To Subvert Democracy

Sainsbury’s issues urgent recall of vegan lasagne as it contains pork, beef and milk

The Biden Administration Says Cubans Are Not Welcome. Where’s the Outrage?

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush sues Biden for halting border wall construction

Alleged Iran kidnap plot complicates Biden diplomatic push

Liberals fuming after DeSantis website sells beer koozies saying 'Don't Fauci my Florida'

Baltimore City Schools: 41% of high school students earn below 1.0 GPA

Cuban protests risk exacerbating COVID-19 spike - PAHO

Progressives’ carbon-free push could choke off Dems’ $3.5 trillion spending deal

‘The CCP Is Really Great!’: Jackie Chan Says He Wants to Join Chinese Communist Party  

Money in the bank: Child tax credit dollars head to parents

Coronavirus-related stress likely a factor in record overdose deaths, experts say

For Democrats, Money Is Just a Number

Cuban Dictatorship Blames Mia Khalifa For Helping To Incite Protests

2 Amazon Workers Quit and it Makes News


The Brunswick News

After Claiming Vaccine Campaign Would Be Led By ‘Local’ Leaders, White House Taps Angsty Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo

Inflation Surges In The Fastest Spike Since 2008

Families Sue Universal Studios For $30K After Character Made ‘OK’ Hand Gesture In Photo Op

Not All Infrastructure Projects Are Worth Doing, Research Paper Finds

Texas AG Paxton: ‘There Is Real Voter Fraud…We Have Over 500 Cases Waiting to Go to Trial,’ the Most Ever

ANALYSIS: Polling Holds A Clue To Critical Race Theory’s Future In Classrooms

Governor Abbott: Democrats Who Fled Texas To Stop Democracy Will ‘Be Arrested’ Immediately Upon Return

On the Eve of Destruction

The ESPY Awards Get Record Low TV Ratings

The Atlantic on pace to lose $10M this year: report

The USA Men’s Basketball Team Has Become An Embarrassment Before The Olympics Have Even Started

EXCLUSIVE: Most illegal immigrants are no-shows after catch-and-release

WATCH: Tucker Carlson slams Democrats' growing hysteria on voter integrity laws

Senate Democratic candidates in key races fundraise off scrapping filibuster

Los Angeles-area Republican mayor proposes mandating vaccines for some public-facing city employees

Why do Georgia and other GOP-controlled states want to remove health care from Americans?

ANALYSIS: ‘Antiracism’ Seems Complicated. Its Real Purpose Is Simple

‘Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey’ Library Performance For Kids Sparks Outrage

Joe Biden’s Shameful Voting-Rights Speech

People fleeing Cuba and Haiti by boat will not be allowed to enter the U.S.


The Brunswick News

‘Surprising Amount Of Deaths’ Will Soon Occur In These US Regions From Increased Covid-19 Cases, Expert Says

"Ignore No Soliciting Signs, Use Your Script": Vaccine Door-Knocking Documents Revealed

Republicans push to ban "discrimination" against unvaccinated people

Corruption in the Fourth Estate: Will media bias hurt the Democrats in 2022?

DOJ Retracts Claim of ‘Fully Constructed’ Capitol LEGO Set; LEGO of Riot Suspect ‘in a Box’

CBS News Blames Trump, Not Communism, For Cuba’s Broken Economy

The Loudest Voices Crying ‘Racism’ Are Always Some Of The Most Famous, Well-Paid Black Americans

Appalled Parents Discover Racially Extremist Instruction In Conservative Virginia County

Ignoring Georgia Illegal Voting Proves Democrats Don’t Care About Election Integrity At All

Georgia tax revenue leaps more than $3B over last year

‘Bat Woman,’ Going to Crowded Restaurants as the Pandemic Spread Through Wuhan

Library Apologizes For Hosting ‘Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey’ To Entertain Children

Marvel, Star Wars Editor Slams Dean Cain For Calling For An End To Anti-American Comics

Rancher Frank Reynolds Survives On Beer For Two Days After Getting Pinned Under His ATV

Fleeing the State Is for Losers

Former Georgia Governor Nathan Deal endorses pro-amnesty candidate Gary Black for U.S. Senate

Are the Good Times Over for Biden?

Should the U.S. Offer Tax Credits to Promote Renewable Energy?

Cuban Dictatorship Blames Mia Khalifa For Helping To Incite Protests

Have the Cuban People Reached Their Breaking Point?

DNC, Biden allies want phone carriers to vet anti-vax messages: report

‘Potentially a death sentence’: White House goes off on vaccine fearmongers

OU prof responds to FIRE: Speech in classroom is 'different than freedom of speech'

Top Biden ally pleads with him to scrap filibuster for election reform

Biden gun violence plan uses federal dollars to undo 'defund police,' aims to put 'more officers on the beat'

IOC’s Bach slips up and refers to Japanese as ‘Chinese’

What is critical race theory, and why do Republicans want to ban it in schools?

From the guy who owes his presidency to last-minute changes Democrats made in swing states

COVID-19 Guidance for Operating Early Care and Education/Child Care Program

Gov. Abbott says 58 'hypocrite' Texas Democrat runaways WILL be arrested when they return to Austin after jetting to DC on $100K chartered private jets to stop vote on GOP's new state voting bills

David Harbour: ‘I’ve always been waiting to be 40 years old’

An invasive species has an ethnic slur in its common name. Entomologists are changing that

A Witch Trial at the Legal Aid Society


The Brunswick News

Shaniqua Wright Fundraiser

CNN Medical Analyst Wen: Life ‘Needs to Be Hard’ for Unvaccinated Americans

Bay Area Lawmaker’s Proposal To Decriminalize Psychedelics In California Gains Momentum

Two arrested Americans claim they were just ‘translators’ in the assassination plot, a Haitian judge says.

“Preposterous” – Obama’s Ethics Chief Blasts Biden White House For Brokering Hunter Biden Shady Art Deal (VIDEO)

White spite: NYC principal ‘conspired to oust Caucasian teachers’

US alarmed as Saudi lawsuits threaten to expose secrets

African Americans and the Economy under Trump

Young Americans Increasingly Prefer Socialism. Here’s How to Change Their Minds

America’s Founding Beats the Chinese Communist Party’s

Understanding — and Appreciating — Clarence Thomas

Toyota Cuts Off Donations To 2020 Election Objectors After Repeatedly Funding Democrat Objectors From 2016

Don’t ‘Forget The Alamo.’ Do Fight The Book’s Revisionist, Fake History To The Last Man

Nagging New York Times Writer: Stay Home, Not For The Pandemic But For The Planet

Psaki Blames Military, Not Political Leadership, For Afghanistan War Stalemate

Why The White House Is Probably Behind The Tucker Carlson NSA Email Scandal

Celebrating Founding Fathers Is ‘Structural Racism,’ National Archives Says

Should Congress Legalize Illegal Aliens Through a Budget Process? Consider These 7 Points

Teachers Unions Push Critical Race Theory in Schools, Urge Defiance of State Laws Against It

Mom Says School Board Threatened to Sue Her for Seeking Public Information on Critical Race Theory in Curriculum

Want to Save America? Don't Act Like a Conservative

The Uneven Odds for Promotions With Hybrid Work

UK university course: Compliments imply racial minorities are 'generally not as intelligent as White people'

Behind Cuba’s Covid Uprising

RNC to air ad during MLB All-Star Game saying Dems 'stole' it from Atlanta

Kamala Harris is mocked for claiming rural residents can't get photocopies of their IDs to vote by mail because they don't have 'Kinkos or OfficeMax'

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Matthew McConaughey challenge: Bring it on

‘Yet to say a word’: Rubio rips Biden’s silence as Cubans rise up against socialist tyranny

‘It’s completely un-American’: Trump at CPAC attacks Big Tech for meddling in the 2020 election

The Suns Beating The Bucks In Game 2 Of The NBA Finals Gets Bad TV Ratings

Actor in bare-bottomed monkey costume with fake penis appears at event to encourage children to read

Don’t let Randi Weingarten whitewash her role in school closures

LGBT testimony and the limits of trust

Sen. Rick Scott: Real police reform – ignore Dems' radical policies and start with this commonsense step

‘Punch in the gut’: Alaska sues Biden administration for stalling reopening of federal lands

Is (Alleged) China-Defector Evidence Being Slow-Leaked? What Happens if Lab Leak is Confirmed?

Massive Protests Erupt In Cuba As Citizens Demand End To Communist Dictatorship: ‘We Want Freedom!’

Biden administration cancels additional $55.6 million in student debt

New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes In Georgia To Tip 2020 Results

Castration Could Help Men Live a Much Longer Life, Says a New Study


The Brunswick News

Lithuania vows to build a ‘physical barrier’ on border to stop neighboring country from pushing in illegal migrants

Germany bans killing chick embryos because they feel pain, but still allows abortion of humans

Tucker Carlson was trying to set up Putin interview amid claims of NSA spying, report says

Naomi Osaka calls for 'privacy', 'empathy' and 'personal days'

Barry Diller Headed 2 Hollywood Studios. He Now Says The Movie Business Is Dead

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Keeps Up Tired Crusade To Frame GOP As Critical Race Theory Conspiracists

Bureaucratic Red Tape, Not Climate Change, Sparks Wildfires

Ibram X. Kendi Equates Parents Fighting Critical Race Theory To The KKK, Segregationists

Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti Sentenced To Prison For Trying To Extort $20M From Nike

Vice News Attack On Tucker Shows The Left Has No Principles When Conservatives Are Spied On

California Teacher Moves to Florida After Exposing Critical Race Theory in Ethnic Studies

Michael Avenatti Sentenced to 2.5 Years in Prison for Nike Extortion Scheme

Pelosi to the people: Drop dead!

California judge: Shooting victims, families can sue Smith & Wesson, gun shop

Richard Branson Races Jeff Bezos to Space as Covid-19 Hits Business Back on Earth

Georgia Gov. Kemp targets Stacey Abrams, MLB in new ad campaign

The Gavin Newsom Recall Is a Farce

Amid growing frustration, White House pushes voting rights

Plant-based meat not nutritionally the same as real meat: study

Fewer White Americans Identify As Evangelicals Than Mainline For The First Time In 15 Years, According To Poll

What is critical race theory, and why do Republicans want to ban it in schools?

New Details Emerge About The Biden Administration Alleged Spying On Tucker Carlson

Minneapolis’ Federal Reserve requires workers to get vaccinated

White House Fact-Checked over Bogus Claim on GOP Defunding Police

CPAC Dallas opens Friday as GOP, squarely in Trump's grasp, looks to future

Glynn commission bypassed search firm candidates for Chapman

Two South Florida men, 26 Colombians involved in Moïse assassination, Haiti police say

A world of crack, urine and catatonia: Welcome to Washington Square Park

4 Ethics-Breaking Biological Experiments Touted By Chinese Scientists as ‘World Firsts’

Joel Greenberg boasted of plan to ‘control’ Orange sheriff’s office though outsider candidate

Health Secretary Becerra: ‘Absolutely the Government’s Business’ to Know Who Gets Vaccinated


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Glynn County EMA Dashboard


NWS confirms tornado in Southeast Georgia; Kings Bay reports 10 injured

Summer Travel Is Back. Earth Can’t Handle It.

When Stores Close Due To Rising Crime, Urban Blight Is Back — And It Will Get Worse

Check Out All The Blue Check Morons Who Swore The Corrupt Intel Community Would Never Spy On Tucker Carlson

Tucker: Biden’s NSA Illegally Leaked My Emails To Press In Smear Attempt, After Illegal Spying

Facebook Asks Conservatives if They (or Their Friends) Are Worried About ‘Becoming an Extremist’


Google has been RECORDING you – here’s three ways to delete your voice history

Here's The Extremely Broad FOIA Request Tucker Carlson's Producer Filed With The NSA

Medicare Is Insolvent, And Getting Worse. Here Are 3 Ways To Start Fixing It

Coronavirus: New 'Lambda' variant causes concern for WHO

Haiti President Jovenel Moïse killed by group claiming to be DEA agents

How the FBI played a role in the capture of Princess Latifa of Dubai

The FBI: 12 Scandals, Controversies, Embarrassments

First Thing: US in race against Delta variant as Covid cases rise in nearly half of states

‘The Tomorrow War’ Watched By 2.4M U.S. Households, Says Samba TV

Q Anon's New Plan? Run for School Board

Dean Cain Slams Marvel’s Woke Anti-American ‘Captain America’: It’s Fashionable to Bash America

Naming the Capitol Police Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt

“We’re Coming For Your Children”: San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus

Tucker Carlson, the ratings king

Rescuers at Florida condo collapse told they can go home, but they refuse

Christopher Rufo says he's outmaneuvering 'hostile media' on critical race theory: Most people 'on our side'

Evidence suggests there was no benefit to Ontario closing its schools

Riot Leader Had ‘Fully Constructed U.S. Capitol Lego Set’ at Home, FBI Says

Is the Biden administration stirring up race wars among ranchers in the West?

Around Independence Day, Media Targets Patriotic Displays

Chinese Scientists Try to Make a Male Rat Pregnant. It’s Time to Draw the Line.

‘Scholars and Scribes’ Preview: 5 Big Cases From Supreme Court’s 2020 Term

How One Man Leads the Charge Against Woke School Boards

I Could Lose Everything After ‘Devastating’ End to 8-Year Court Battle Over Same-Sex Wedding, Florist Says


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Over 500 Election Fraud Cases Are Pending in Texas Courts: Attorney General

Illinois legislature passes law requiring feminine hygiene products in boys' bathrooms

EXCLUSIVE: Mom reveals that naked biological male got in a hot tub with her 6-year-old daughter at LA spa

11 people in custody after hourslong armed standoff on I-95

Taliban Parade New Weapons as US Withdraws from Afghanistan

Official: Haiti President Jovenel Moïse assassinated at home

How To Raise Kids Who Won’t Be Swayed By Decadent Culture

America Needs More Than Just 50 States

A Black Man Grabbed A Black Woman And Leftists Are Calling It White Supremacy

Eric Adams Wins Democratic Primary for New York City Mayor

Storing Carbon Holds Growing Appeal for Brazil’s Farmers

‘Pushed Me Over The Edge’: Irate Parent Rejects Principal’s Apology After Video Targeting White Women

Important Reading on the Critical Race Theory in Schools Debate

Hunting group pulls support for Biden’s pick over ‘extreme’ Earth First ties

‘She’s F***ing Up’: Democrats Reportedly Worried Kamala Harris Can’t Beat Any Republican In 2024, Including Trump

Covid-19 Vaccine-Related Blood Clots Linked to Amino Acids in New Study

Georgetown prof admits to being critical race theorist, says parents just don't 'understand' CRT

A Chinese Diplomat Mocks the Surfside Tragedy

Public loses faith in Biden on immigration ‘crisis’

Cuomo declares gun violence a New York epidemic on par with coronavirus

Rachel Nichols removed as ESPN’s sideline reporter for NBA Finals

Dems’ ‘human infrastructure’ plan takes aim at fixing racial disparities

FBI still on hunt for suspects in Capitol riot despite more than 500 arrests

Supreme Court delivers defeat to Harris with donor-privacy decision

An Olympic Weightlifter Speaks Out on the Participation of Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

Biden’s ‘door-to-door’ vaccination threat raises privacy concerns

Good News, Criminals: Manhattan’s Next D.A. Has Your Back

Do Gwen Berry’s Old Tweets About White People And Rape Matter?

Missouri mayor who imposed mask mandate faces recall vote

Teachers union vows to defend critical race theory in classrooms: ‘Truth is not radical’

Biden Admin Expands Tuition Breaks For Future Teachers, Removes GPA Requirement To Provide Access To ‘Students Of Color’

Lockdowns were a gift to Big Business designed to kill small biz

What the new report on climate change expects from you

An Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset Since 1987. Does it Matter?


The Brunswick News

Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws Are Un-American

F**k Fourth of July: The only independence day I recognize is Juneteenth

Hunter Biden engaged in some daddy pay care: Devine

Why The Biden Administration’s Lawsuit Against Georgia’s Voting Rules Is Legal Hot Garbage

An Ugly War Among Leftist YouTubers Shows Two Common, Toxic Pathologies Plaguing U.S. Politics

Conservatives Have No Plan To Win the Culture War. They Intend to Rule Anyway.

Divisive critical race theory spits on the Civil Rights Movement

Corporate media backlash fuels new upstarts

Republican Senators Who Take Biden’s Word On Infrastructure Only Fuel Another Trump

Recycled Overpopulation Alarmism Is Anti-Science, Anti-Freedom, And Anti-Human

Opening America’s Borders Is Not Compassionate, It’s Inhumane

How A 10-Year-Old Girl’s Mom Saved Her From Going Transgender

No, The West Coast Heat Wave Has Nothing To Do With Climate Change

The NSA Does Not Deny Reading Tucker Carlson’s Emails

Texas Chainsaw Election

Welcome to George Floyd Square, a Sacred Space Marked by Murder and Mayhem

Psaki’s word games belie Dems’ defund the police mantra

Oregonians closely split on Greater Idaho plan to let rural counties switch states: poll

Amazon Web Services and Georgia to train over 5,000 students by 2024

Population Panic and the Reverse “Handmaid's Tale”

Russian Plane Carrying 28 Vanishes From Radar Above Country’s Remote Far East

Lawmakers find bipartisanship in confronting China, but does Trump get the credit?

Post-ABC poll: Biden earns high marks for handling the pandemic, but many Republicans resist vaccination

Hunter Biden Proposed Union for Prostitutes, According to Texts on Leaked Hard Drive

Pennsylvania Republicans take steps to conducting Arizona-style election audit

Tuesday will be final prep day before Elsa impacts the area

Rep. Omar: ‘I Fought Against Voter ID Laws,’ We Don’t Need ‘Restrictions’

U.S. Oil Prices Hit Six-Year High Amid OPEC Standoff

NYC crime wave triggers rethink of racial-justice policing changes: ‘They made a mistake’

Tokyo Olympics poised for new level of sports protests under newly relaxed rules

Problem Solvers Caucus backs Senate bipartisan infrastructure framework

Didi Falls Premarket as China’s Probes of U.S.-Listed Firms Jolt Investors

Democrats’ gaslighting of America: Read or watch the corrupt media at your own risk

The hidden toll of July Fourth fireworks

U.S. Taxpayers May Have To Pay $15 Billion In Damages To Canadian Firm Because Biden Canceled Pipeline

Wikipedia Co-founder Warns: ‘Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever’


Supreme Court says Arizona limits don't violate Voting Rights Act

Supreme Court Provides a Win for Commonsense Election Measures

A Good Day for Free Speech and Free Elections

Stop Gaslighting Parents on Critical Race Theory


The Brunswick News

Were Schiff and Swalwell Actually a Focus in Leak Investigation?

Fighting the Great Derangement of Our Times

They Seemed Like Democratic Activists. They Were Secretly Conservative Spies.

White House Rewrites History With Claim That Republicans, Not Democrats, Tried To Defund The Police

Top 10 Sickening Details About How Federal Employees Trafficked Baby Body Parts

There’s No Way Kamala Harris Visits This Child Detention Camp At The Border

Pelosi: No infrastructure deal unless Senate passes bill of liberal priorities

Sanders: Infrastructure Deal Didn’t Include Affordable Housing, Home Care for Aged, Child Care, and Climate Change

DeSantis crusades against liberal colleges, will ask students’ political views

Florida Gov signs law requiring students, faculty be asked to declare their political beliefs

The Bill

Derek Chauvin could face sentence of decades in prison for George Floyd’s murder

Kamala Harris’ ‘politically safe’ border visit

Senate Democrats block GOP police reform bill, throwing overhaul effort into flux

Top US general rejected Trump suggestions military should 'crack skulls' during protests last year, new book claims

Homicides Have Skyrocketed In These Six Democratic Cities. Black People Are Disproportionately The Victims, Data Shows

The top Delta-variant symptoms reported in the UK are a runny nose and a headache — because most people affected are young or partially vaccinated

Restaurant that beat Biden in court faces affirmative action backlash

Questions surround U.S. plans to evacuate Afghan allies amid pullout

Court Suspends Giuliani’s Law License, Citing Trump Election Lies

New York Court Suspends Rudy Giuliani’s Law License over False Election Fraud Claims

What health experts know about COVID-19 immunity

AP’s Lemire: Giuliani Fueled Trump’s Doubts About the Results of the 2020 Election

I Told You. The Rhetoric Never Changes

I-95 Crash Creates North/South Slowdown

Woman Shot and Killed at MLK and Mansfield


The Brunswick News

Congressman Exposes Critical Race Theory In Military Academies After Secretary Of Defense Denied Its Existence

Amazon Bought Critical Race Theory Books For Affluent Virginia Schools

Biden Pledges To Take Away Guns As Violent Crime Surges In American Cities

White House Rewrites History With Claim That Republicans, Not Democrats, Tried To Defund The Police

New Video Shows University Of Oklahoma Faculty Teaching How To Silence And Punish ‘Problematic’ Conservatives

Biden Backs Gun Control, Not Defunding Police, in New Executive Actions

Florida Makes Sure Schools Teach Evils of Communism, Totalitarianism

San Francisco Is Most Racist City in America, According to Critical Race Theory

UK to ban junk food advertising online and before 9pm on TV from 2023

Why Would Anybody Give Beijing the Benefit of the Doubt?

Indiana grandmother becomes first person sentenced over Capitol riot on Jan. 6

The ‘Right to Choose’ What, Jen Psaki?

Biden administration using Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling to justify border policies

Dan Gainor: NY Times PR account with few followers on Twitter is paper's odd line of defense against critics

Rubio calls for 'commonsense conservatism,' says 'enormous opening' for GOP to shift to pro-worker agenda

Russia says it may fire to hit intruding warships

The perks of getting the COVID vaccine go beyond health

‘Dereliction of duty’: Lauren Boebert leads GOP resolution to censure Biden

Biden tries to turn domestic security into partisan witch hunt

Quinnipiac Poll: Some Texas Voters Want Actor Matthew McConaughey as Governor

Cruz, Hirono clash at Judiciary hearing; Dem accuses Texan of 'mansplaining'

Trump set to headline ‘45 Fest’ on July 3 in Florida

In pandemic, drug overdose deaths soar among Black Americans

Biden Ripped For ‘Threatening To Nuke Law-Abiding American Citizens’: He’s ‘Literally Recording NRA Ads’

Biden Is Missing His Moment on Crime

Josh Duggar living in 'eerie, desolate' home with custodians as he awaits child pornography trial

Biden To Americans Who Own Guns To Defend Against Tyranny: You Need Jets, Nuclear Weapons To Take Us On

Jeffrey Toobin: Voting rights debate in Congress 'life or death for the democracy'

Brandeis University Defines Offensive Language

Fauci resisted Trump directive to cancel virus research grant linked to Wuhan lab: Book


The Brunswick News

Stacey Abrams owes Georgia an apology

Don’t believe Biden’s Fed about inflation

A Bill Destined to Fail May Now Spawn More Plausible Options

Manchin backs election bill show-vote after Abrams backs voter ID

America is ready to return to normal. Biden’s CDC chief isn’t so sure.

Afghan Says He Spied for CIA. Now That He Wants to Flee to U.S., He Can’t Prove It.

The Lincoln Project Exonerates Itself

Black Democrats, Activists Silent on Whitehouse’s White-Only Club Membership

Pandemic has increased trust in media: report

US takes down Iran-linked news sites, alleges disinformation

Illinois Democrats Launch a Cultural Revolution in the Classroom

Understanding How Much the Government Is Spending

Biden Embraces California’s Zombified Rail Boondoggle

Minnesota Foes of Critical Race Theory Accuse BLM, NAACP of ‘Trying to Shut Us Down’

Woke Corporate Culture Is ‘Social Justice Scam,’ Author Says

6 Key Things to Know About Arizona’s Election Audit

‘Civic Education’ Proposals Would Put Billions More Taxpayer Dollars Behind Democrat Activists

California Teachers Unions Team Up With Democrats To Mask Students In Half-Hearted Return To School

Leaked Teacher Training Documents Show Iowa Government Schools Classify ‘Make America Great Again’ As White Supremacy

Scott Walker: Safeguarding Free Speech Starts On Campus

Washington Post ‘Clarifies’ Error-Riddled Hit Piece On Top Anti-CRT Investigative Journalist

Protesters Arrested for Trespassing at Ted Cruz’s Texas Home

Department of Health warning Georgians about the Delta Variant

‘West Side Story’ Star Rachel Zegler to Lead Disney’s ‘Snow White’ Remake

Media allowed itself to be duped by one man on COVID-19

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Tabloid Apple Daily to Print Last Edition

Gov. Kemp says he has signed final executive order extending COVID-19 public health emergency

Biden missing July 4 COVID-19 vaccine target, takes solace that those 30 and older get shots

Savannah mayor gives update on search for City Manager, new task force in weekly news conference

'Open the door': How Secret Service swooped on Hunter after he accidentally paid Russian prostitute $25,000 after wild stay at Chateau Marmont on account 'linked to dad Joe Biden', laptop reveals

New report shows violent crimes up in Florida

PBS Reporter Claims the Founders ‘Wanted’ the Election System Outlined in Dems ‘Voting Rights’ Bill

Seattle LGBT Group Speaks Out against Pride Event Charging White Attendees ‘Reparations’

Rep. Lee Zeldin: Critical race theory's radical politicization of education undermines who we are as Americans

Democrats’ massive rewrite of America’s election laws dies in GOP filibuster

China proposes the U.S. cut nuclear arsenals ‘to preserve world peace and security’ during UN-backed conference

‘Stop talking right now’: University of Oklahoma training shows instructors how to censor, indoctrinate students

GOP filibuster blocks Democrats’ big voting rights bill

Halting the Vast Release of Methane Is Critical for Climate, U.N. Says


The Brunswick News

The Cheapening of Gold: the First Transgender Olympics Athlete Hates the United States

Lin-Manuel Miranda Apologizes For Not Casting ‘Darker Skinned’ Black And Latino Actors In Latest Musical

Democrat Sen. Whitehouse Says His Exclusive Beach Club’s All-White Membership Is Simply ‘Tradition’

Bill Barr: Public Schools Are Becoming Unconstitutional ‘Secular-Progressive Madrassas’

Joe Biden Says Sin Is ‘Personal,’ But There’s Nothing Personal About Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

South America is Now COVID Hot Spot, With Eights the Global Death Rate

Judge Dismisses Claims That the Trump Admin Cleared Lafayette Square for a Photo-Op

How to Decimate Police Forces in Two Easy Steps

Read Bernie’s Lips: No New Taxes*

Economy Is Showing Sustained Progress, Powell Says

Washington Post urges white people to feel 'shame,' to self-segregate into 'white accountability groups'

Supreme Court Rules against NCAA in Athlete Compensation Dispute

GOP ready to block elections bill in Senate showdown

Carl Nassib getting support from around the NFL

New Study Links Ivermectin to ‘Large Reductions’ in COVID-19 Deaths

North Korea's Kim sister derides US official, dismisses chances for talks

1 killed, 4 injured in crash on I-95 in McIntosh Co.

Chatham County Police investigating shooting that injured two at southside hotel

Thank You to the Washington Post

Iran’s election unsettles Biden’s hope for a nuclear deal

Police: Boy Scouts find human remains under Florida building

NPR'S Ritual Shaming of Tom Hanks

Washington Post Video Urges White People to ‘Get Together, Specifically around Race’

DEA joins investigation into overdoses in Camden County

No Remorse: China Now Says the Wuhan Lab Deserves a Nobel Prize

Opinion:Kyrsten Sinema: We have more to lose than gain by ending the filibuster

Investigation Into Virginia Military Institute Racism Finds No Conclusive Violations, But Still Demands More Diversity

BLM rioter sentenced to 5 years in prison for setting Portland police building on fire

Public Supports Both Early Voting And Requiring Photo ID to Vote

The forgotten: how White working-class pupils have been let down, and how to change it

‘Forgotten’ White working-class pupils let down by decades of neglect, MPs say

Terms such as 'white privilege' may have contributed to 'neglect' of disadvantaged white pupils, report by MPs finds

How to Beat Burnout — Without Quitting Your Job


The Brunswick News

Trump supporter sues town for $25M after being ordered to remove MAGA flags from his car

Sesame Street introduces family with two gay dads during Pride Month

Professors Call for Hate Speech Protections for Animals

“It’s a Long Tradition in RI,” Whitehouse Defends Family’s Membership in All-White Club

White House freezes Ukraine military package that includes lethal weapons

What My Dad Taught Me, His Daughter, About Manhood — And Why It Matters

In An Affront To Its Namesake, The Tolkien Society Goes Woke

The GOP Needs To Become Invested In Family Policy

NBC ‘Journalist’ Furious That Critical Race Theory Critics Are Doing Better Journalism Than She is

Singer: It’s time for a ‘reset’ of the ‘divisive’ U.S. flag

End of an Era: The Rush Limbaugh Show Shuts Down

Claudette regains tropical storm strength after 13 deaths

DeSantis edges Trump among conservatives in 2024 presidential approval straw poll

Study Finds Trump Support Rooted in Tea Party Movement

Biden VA to offer taxpayer-funded gender transition surgery for veterans

UNF to offer 'social justice’ summer camp for high schoolers

Obama’s BLM director pulls support for Tracy Stone-Manning over tree-spiking incident

Portland police union blames officials who demonized cops for mass riot-squad resignation

Graham on lowering filibuster threshold: ‘Not going to be extorted’

Tight Labor Market Returns Upper Hand to Workers

Paying fortifies ransomware gangs but scant support for bans

Officials: Deadly Pride parade crash appears unintentional

Global Leaders Press For Nuclear Deal Amid Election Of Iran President Under Sanction By US For Human Rights Violations

EV Startups Are in Trouble. Investors Don’t Care.

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-U.S. counterintel chief: Russia could halt cyber strikes ‘in one moment’

Twitter Users Compile An Incredible List Of LeBron James’ Lies And Exaggerations

Germany Responds to Rise in Antisemitic Attacks: Bans Hamas Terrorist Flags

Texas governor fights woke revisionist history, signs bill defending Alamo legacy

Social justice nonprofit founded by Black Lives Matter's Patrisse Cullors failed to disclose major donations: report

NZ weightlifter Hubbard to become first transgender athlete to compete at Games


Top U.S. general warns of ‘wildfire of terrorism’ across Africa

Mayhem ensues as Antifa converges on Western Conservative Summit in Denver

Fauci denies scientists 'deliberately suppressed' lab theory

Critical race theory corrupting U.S. civics education, new study charges

Tucker Carlson Calls Journalists ‘Animals.’ He’s Also Their Best Source.


The Brunswick News

Why American Exceptionalism Stands Up To Leftist Scrutiny

Victoria’s Secret Never Empowered Women And Their Latest Marketing Ploy Won’t Change That

Democrat Congressman Caught Napping In Underwear During Zoom Hearing

Victoria’s Secret Is Giving Up On Sexy When America Needs The Coors Light Twins

A Who’s Who Of Left-Wing Hacks: Behind The Aspen Institute’s Upcoming Report On Silencing Dissent

Federal Judge Orders Biden Administration To Halt Oil And Gas Leasing Ban

Rumors of U.S. Secretly Harboring Top China Official Swirl

Conservatives still seem never to get big court wins

Victoria’s Secret DITCHES ‘Angels’ supermodels to redefine sexy with ‘diverse high-achievers’ like Megan Rapinoe

With Juneteenth, Federal Employees Now Get 44 Paid Days Off Each Year

‘Obamacare’ survives: Supreme Court dismisses big challenge

Pelosi Dodges on Whether 15-Week Unborn Baby Is a ‘Human Being’

Stacey Abrams Endorses Manchin’s Election Law Compromise

Biden Signs Bill Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

NBC Left Out Key Details on Critical Race Theory Fight at Maine School, Parent Says

BREAKING: Portland police 'riot squad' resigns following indictment of officer

Iran votes in presidential poll tipped in hard-liner’s favor

5 things to know for June 18: Affordable Care Act, Juneteenth, Covid, Iran, China

China's about to administer its billionth coronavirus shot. Yes, you read that right

Some Scientists Believe the Universe Is Conscious

New tool could minimize need for use of force in Effingham Co.

George Floyd statue unveiled outside City Hall in Newark

Vancouver School Board scrapping honours math, science programs

The Science Around the Lab Leak Theory Hasn't Changed, but Some Scientists Have. Here's Why.

Amy Coney Barrett Is No Threat to Obamacare

Biden's 'off-limits' list for Russian cyberattacks criticized as 'green light' to target everything else

Ex-Obama Doctor Torches Biden In Brutal Letter, Demands Biden ‘Submit To A Cognitive Test Immediately’

These corporations offer scholarship programs based on race


The Brunswick News

Statement from Police on Kidnapping/Chase

You’re Not Woke, So You Can’t Play

Biden explains decision to avoid joint press conference with Putin

Lobbyists for Putin’s Pipeline Dodge Foreign Agent Laws

Attorney general will discuss Trump administration media probe with leaders of CNN, WaPo, NYT

The F.B.I. warns that some QAnon believers could turn to violence as predictions fail to bear fruit.

The backlash against In the Heights, explained

Boston Public Schools board members resign after anti-white texts revealed

ANOTHER IRS LEAK?! Leading Manhattan DA Candidate Has Repeatedly Paid Virtually No Federal Income Taxes

Trump Executive Could Face Charges as Soon as This Summer

PRIDE! Apple China is censoring 27 LGBTQ+ apps, report shows

PRIDE! Police: Woman Beat Girlfriend Over Sleep Talk

Identity crisis: how the politics of race will wreck America

Abbott launches Texas border wall project with $250 million 'down payment'

UFOs may be threat to US security, lawmakers warn after briefing on military ‘sightings’

How The New York Times Tried To Intimidate U.S. Catholic Bishops With A False Headline

Thanks To Cancel Culture, Charles Barkley’s Fun Is Over

Here’s Why The Right Shouldn’t Cheer Jon Stewart’s Lab-Leak Schtick

Fed’s Shift More About Covid-19 Than Inflation

Youth Protest Group Inspired By Greta Thunberg Disbands, Accuses Itself Of Racism

Biden mocked after Putin meeting for calling on pre-approved reporters

Judge in Jacksonville weighs injunction to stop aid for 'disadvantaged' minority farmers

GM Raises Electric-Car Bet, Will Add More Battery Factories

Abbott Announces Big Down Payment On Border Wall For Texas As DeSantis Sends Reinforcements

Biden Snaps at CNN Reporter over Post-Summit Putin Questions

Internet outages briefly disrupt access to websites, apps

Biden gives Putin a list of U.S. infrastructure off-limits to cyberattacks

School shooter who targeted 'transphobic' classmates convicted of 46 counts, including murder

Two women injured in Wayne Co. shooting

Wall Street Banks Warn Their Trading Boom Is Over

Governor blames partisan feds for blocking Trump-style July 4 event at Mount Rushmore

Federal Judge Delivers ‘Significant Setback’ For Biden In Ruling On New Oil And Gas Drilling Leases: Reports

Victoria’s Secret Swaps Angels for ‘What Women Want.’ Will They Buy It?

Why Did YouTube Remove This Reason Video?

Texas GOP governor signs permit-free gun carrying legislation

Juneteenth Reminds Us of a Great Turning Point in US History

Meet the Teacher Who Fought Back Against His School’s Radical Gender Policies

Critical Race Theory Distracts From Real Problems in Education, This Reformer Says

Obamacare’s Side Effects: Higher Costs, Lower Choices

Education Secretary Prioritizes Transgender Students Over Biological Girls, Does What Supreme Court Hasn’t

Glynn County residents meet police chief nominee

Critical Race Theory Will Destroy Our Military


The Brunswick News

Jacques Battiste Q&A

Glynn County Citizens' Survey

Sir Robert Peel's Policing Principles

Critical Race Theory Isn't Real According to NBC News

Fake Covid-19 Certificates Hit Airlines, Which Now Have to Police Them

Stephen Colbert Flubs Basic Fact about COVID Origin during Jon Stewart Exchange

VIDEO: Students condemn woke school board's decision to erase holidays from their calendar

Andrew McCabe Whitewashes Far-Left Extremist Attack On Republican Baseball Practice

Hunter Biden's art to sell as high as $500K and the buyers will be kept 'confidential'

California offers $100 million to rescue its struggling legal marijuana industry

Almost Overnight, Standards of Colorblind Merit Tumble Across American Society

Why Biden Shouldn’t Make Concessions to Putin on Missile Defense

Will Liberals in Congress Give Health Insurance Industry $200 Billion Windfall?

Navy Chief: Critical Race Theory Proponent’s Radical Book Makes ‘Better Navy’

After Competing Against Transgender Athletes, Mom and Daughter Fight for Fairness in Women’s Sports


The Brunswick News

Jacques Battiste Q&A

Glynn County Citizens' Survey

Raffensberger Concerned
If Ilhan Omar Were A Republican, She’d Be Treated Like Marjorie Taylor Greene

New York Times Op-Ed Illustrates How The Left Employs Critical Race Theory Gaslighting

Hunter Biden’s artwork is actually good and will be worth a lot, experts say

Exclusive: Nikki Fried's Campaign Site Was Liberal in English, Moderate in Spanish Until She Was Questioned

Matt Taibbi and the Liberal Apostates of the Left

'Whiteness' a 'parasitic-like condition' with no cure, medical journal article claims

I'm a journalist and the Trump administration tried to secretly obtain tens of thousands of my emails

Hiding the Facts from Readers Is the Opposite of a Journalist’s Job

Boston Public Schools board members resign after anti-white texts revealed

The False ‘Science’ of Implicit Bias

First on CNN: FBI warns lawmakers that QAnon 'digital soldiers' may become more violent

McConnell Says He Will Block Biden From Filling a Supreme Court Vacancy If He’s Majority Leader

Cashier slaughtered in supermarket for telling man to wear a mask

Exclusive: Democrat exploring 'patriot tax' on multimillionaires' wealth

IRS Is Investigating Release of Tax Information of Wealthy Americans

VIDEO: Students say the American flag symbolizes oppression

Biden Claims GOP Is ‘Vastly Diminished’ and ‘Fractured’ after Capitol Riot

Vaccines Offer Significant Protection Against Covid-19 Delta Variant, U.K. Analysis Shows

Video reportedly shows live bats at Wuhan lab, contradicting WHO investigation

Report: YouTube to Ban Various Masthead Ads

Savannah mothers react to mass shooting on Avery Street

DHS will grant work permits to illegal immigrant victims

Promotions at University of Illinois might depend on professors' devotion to DEI

‘He Was Sexually Harassing Himself’: CNN’s Navarro Defends Toobin, Offers Unique Take On Him Masturbating During Zoom Call

Yup, the Wuhan Institute of Virology Kept Live Bats within Its Walls

State health officials confirm 4 cases of COVID-19 Delta variant in SC

Biden says Putin is a ‘worthy adversary’ as he prepares for showdown

Americans’ inflation fears reach a fever pitch as consumer prices rise

One year on from being cancelled – Nick Buckley MBE

Are Tech’s Wealthiest Men Worth Their Pay?

Nickelodeon Ratings Crash Amid LGBTQ Push

Wonking Out: Economic Nationalism, Biden-Style

CNN ‘nitwits’ Brian Stelter, Oliver Darcy hit online over theory why ‘Fox World’ covers CRT, Fauci emails

The Surprising Good News on How Menopause Changes Your Brain

Biden at NATO Summit: Alexei Navalny’s Death Would Erode U.S-Russia Relations

Exclusive: Stephen Miller Unveils America First Legal's Multipronged War Against the Left

Florida gets another legal challenge to new elections rules

Victimhood is an epidemic

Big changes under Georgia’s new election law

Republicans introduce bills to strip federal funds from schools that teach the ‘1619 Project’

Peter Hitchens on the Marriage of Marxism and Consumerism

‘Under Siege’ Calls All Happy Warriors To Rise


The Brunswick News

Biden to hold solo press conference after Putin meeting


Special Counsel Spends $1.5 Million in Probe of Russia Inquiry


Taxpayer Funded Homeless Camp In L.A. Spends $2600 Per Tent, Per Month

Federal Reserve tells employees to avoid 'biased terms' like 'Founding Fathers'

BLM cofounder called for the end of Israel in 2015

Research: When a Higher Minimum Wage Leads to Lower Compensation

New book suggests Birx wanted Trump to lose presidential election

WATCH: 2018 Video Shows Wuhan Lab Partner Scheming On How To Make Money From A Pandemic.

Marco Rubio Warns What Will Happen When Iran Warships Reach Their Destination, Demands Biden 'Forcefully' Confront Them

Dem Tells High School Grads They’re Entering A World Of “Capitalism” and “White Supremacy,” Encourages Them To Remember “Jihad” And Reject Objectivity

Forget Going Back to the Office—People Are Just Quitting Instead

After historically deadly 2020, Atlanta homicides are up nearly 60% in 2021

What the Rich Don’t Want to Admit About the Poor

Black Virginians Took Ralph Northam Back. Neither Has Forgotten.

In Congress, Republicans Shrug at Warnings of Democracy in Peril

Demonizing Critical Race Theory

As Battle Against Virus Wanes, Mayors Confront a New Challenge: Crime

Team Biden transforms into the ‘new Carter administration’

Gloves come off as AOC blasts Manchin’s ‘romanticism about bipartisanship’

Pentagon gets ‘woke’: Whistleblowers reveal segregation for ‘privilege walks,’ critical race theory

Nation-building effort unlikely to stem Central American immigration tide, study finds

Tom Cotton: Military Whistleblowers Report Leadership Forcing ‘Anti-American Indoctrination’ On Them

CNN Banned Clay Travis For Saying ‘Boobs’ But Welcomes Public Masturbator Jeffrey Toobin Back With Open Arms

YouTube Bans Sen. Ron Johnson For Discussing Early Treatment Of COVID-19

Catholic League Slams Biden For 32 Direct Violations Of Core Church Teachings

Too Fat To Fly: FAA Updates Guidelines As American Obesity Crisis Grows

The Media Didn’t ‘Get It Wrong’ On Lafayette Park, They Lied To America — And They’re Still Lying

The Sad Farce of Our ‘Infrastructure Debate’

Yes, NPR, ‘CaPitAliSm bReEds InNovAtiOn’

How the Government Makes Corporations Woke

Federal government hosted professors' talks on anti-racist education for young children

Biden: "A Lot of People May Not Know What Covid Is"

Excess Deaths Have Been Running Much Lower Than Official COVID-19 Deaths in Europe

City Pays $35k in Damages to Christian Ministry For Cancelling Event Because Speaker Refused to Affirm LGBTQ Ideology

When Bonnie Came Home

Burying the Shocking N-Word Claims Against Hunter Biden

Fake Reviews and Inflated Ratings Are Still a Problem for Amazon

Black Lives Matter mutiny: Michael Brown's father joins BLM chapters demanding to know what foundation did with $90 million

Bill Maher Mocks Woke Liberals For Their ‘Belief In Whiteness As A Malady’

Netanyahu tries to go ‘scorched earth’ in last speech, swipes at Biden administration over Iran

The real ‘paleo diet’ may have been full of toxic metals

Amazon Got Us Hooked on One-Day Delivery—Now Small Businesses Are Paying for It

Amherst College is considering student groups' call to abolish police department

RNC Might Skip Network TV Presidential Debates In 2024, Top Republican Says

14 Year-Old Girl Blasts School Board’s Trans Bathroom Policy: ‘Everyone Know What a Boy Is – Even You’

AOC says she is 'inclined to say yes' as to whether Justice Breyer should retire

Gates Foundation funds Brown University's K-12 tutoring initiative that presses 'implicit bias,' 'systemic racism,' 'privilege'

Schools across US brace for surge of kindergartners in fall

Police trying to find a suspect after 8 people shot in Savannah

Johnson expected to announce delay in next England unlocking

She Left the Corporate Ladder to Become a Travel Entrepreneur

Opinion: Tom Hanks Is A Non-Racist. It's Time For Him To Be Anti-Racist

Reporter who uncovered Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting found dead

Exodus of elections officials raises concerns of partisanship

Blinken says U.S.-Russia relations at a low point going into summit

How to Quit Your Job Gracefully

Liz Peek: Biden, G-7 flunk China test – Hold Beijing accountable for COVID? Not a chance. Here's why


The Brunswick News

Silence On Hunter Biden’s Racial Slurs Speaks Volumes On Corrupt Media Hypocrisy

Hate Crimes Against Catholics Are Multiplying (But Politicians And Media Don’t Want To Talk About It)

Leaking the Pentagon Papers Was an Assault on Democracy

Celebrity Millennium – Two passengers on first fully vaccinated cruise in North America test POSITIVE for Covid

CA Parents Have Crazy New Reason to Keep Kids Home from School: Racism

N.Y. lawmakers advance bill that could strip Trump name from state park

Biden Should Offer the Vaccine to Iran

U.S. Lifts Some Iran Sanctions Amid Stalled Nuclear Talks

G7 summit 2021: Joe Biden accuses Boris Johnson of ‘inflaming’ Irish tensions

Glynn County COVID Act Now Dashboard

'Raiders of the Lost Ark' at 40: All of Steven Spielberg's movies, definitively ranked

Pandemic Might Have Permanently Killed Off Some Flu Strains: Report

George Soros Gave Billions to Left-Wing Causes in Years He Paid No Federal Income Tax

Rashida Tlaib to Her 1.5 Million Twitter Followers: ‘Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Exist for Muslim Women in Congress’

Photos Surface Of Harrison Ford In ‘Indiana Jones 5’

Blue State Blues: Lafayette Square Was the Real ‘Insurrection’

Liberals have most difficulty getting along with opponents on 'culture war' issues

Gregg Jarrett: Dr. Anthony Fauci should be criminally investigated

Bari Weiss: A Minnesota business was canceled over tweets one family member sent when she was 16

The Democrats’ Filibuster Con

259 LGBTQ characters in cartoons that bust the myth that kids can't handle inclusion

Half of the pandemic's unemployment money may have been stolen

G-7 nations gather to pledge 1B vaccine doses for world

Most GOP Voters Like Pence, But Still Prefer Trump

In Tigray, food is often a weapon of war as famine looms

Law enforcement struggles to recruit since killing of George Floyd

Biden's proposed corporate tax hike poses potential for costlier utility bills

Fact check: Trump falsely denies FDA warning on hydroxychloroquine, baselessly alleges political bias in study

Perceived Grievances Drove Virginia Beach Gunman to Kill 12, F.B.I. Finds


The Brunswick News

I’m a Christian Pastor. Evangelicals Have to Be Defeated in 2022.

Silence On Hunter Biden’s Racial Slurs Speaks Volumes On Corrupt Media Hypocrisy

Hunter Biden Played Pivotal Role In Deal With Democratic Strategists Under Federal Investigation

Critical Race Theory’s Poisonous Roots Trace Back To Harvard University

The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-Before-Seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax

Garland vows to push probe of leak of wealthy Americans' IRS data

Biden's Jan. 6 Narrative Just Got Even More Ridiculous

Dumbest COVID policy yet? NYC plans to separate vaccinated and unvaccinated people at reopening concert

Executive Order on Protecting Americans’ Sensitive Data from Foreign Adversaries

Bogus Social Media Outrage Is Making Authors Change Lines in Their Books Now

World’s Richest Face Tax Squeeze After 40% Run-Up in Fortunes

Trump administration pursued CNN reporter's records in months-long secret court battle

Black Columbia professor urges 'antiracist' parents to pull students from NJ prep school

What’s So Un-American about a Shared American Civics?

Biden DOJ updates court filing after LGBTQ advocates blast its stance in religious schools case

He’d ‘Fire Us All If He Could So That He Could Replace Us All With People Of Color’: Teacher At Posh NJ School Quits Over Critical Race Theory Agenda

Roosevelt University professors admit on hot mic to teaching social justice ‘all day, every day’

Former Assistant FBI Director Suggests Congressmen, Trump Officials Should Be Arrested for Capitol Riot

Biden claims Pentagon views climate change as America's 'greatest threat'

Heavier Passengers on Planes Mean New Safety Limits for Airlines

Study shows hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatments increased coronavirus survival rate by almost three times

DOJ waters down promise to ‘vigorously’ defend religious schools’ LGBTQ exemptions

Family of Ashli Babbitt sues for identity of Capitol Police officer who fatally shot her

The G-7’s Tax Cartel Is Bad News

Asia welcomes U.S. COVID-19 vaccine donations amid cold storage worries

Stephen A. Smith Goes On A Rant About Race And Brad Stevens, Storms Off ESPN Set

Study: People Who Have Recovered From COVID-19 Unlikely to Benefit From Vaccine

Allies hope to bond, look beyond the coronavirus at G-7 summit in U.K.

Boeing’s new Air Force One aircraft facing delays

Michael Avenatti lawyers say he deserves leniency in Nike extortion case

Teacher resigns from New Jersey prep school over critical race theory

Ted Cruz: ‘The Border Has Been A Catastrophe Since Biden Ripped Up The Remain In Mexico Order’

Hong Kong opens vaccine drive to children aged 12 and older

The Trouble with ‘Systemic Racism’

Sen. Lindsey Graham: COVID lab leak raises serious questions about politicization of science, 2020 election

Fake Covid-19 Certificates Hit Airlines, Which Now Have to Police Them

Research Article in Medical Journal Describes Whiteness as 'Malignant, Parasitic-Like Condition'

Police justified in clearing BLM protesters outside White House, didn’t do it to help Trump photo-op


The Brunswick News

Biden abandons infrastructure talks after Senate GOP refuses to back tax hikes

Collins calls on Biden to ‘grill’ Putin on ‘Havana Syndrome’ origins

Washington State allows for free marijuana joints with Covid-19 vaccine.

‘Not enough’: This prof is not satisfied with expensive anti-racism guest speakers

Ransomware attack hits House members’ web tool to communicate with voters

Road fatalities continue to rise in Georgia

New Shows From Dan Bongino, Trey Gowdy Draw Big Numbers for Fox News

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden addressed his white lawyer as 'n***a' multiple times, used phrases like 'true dat n***a' and bantered 'I only love you because you're black,' in shocking texts unearthed days after Joe's emotional Tulsa speech decrying racism

‘I’m a teacher, but I serve God first’: Virginia teacher opposing new transgender rules fights suspension

WATCH: Internet Erupts Over Kamala Harris’ Response To Grilling By NBC For Claiming Admin Has Been To Border

Harris Defends Her Absence at the Border: ‘I Don’t Understand the Point’

On 1st overseas trip, Biden to assure allies and meet Putin

Former Dan Crenshaw Opponent Mocks His Eyes. Crenshaw Fires Back Perfect Response.

Would An Actual Potato Be Better At Hosting ‘Reliable Sources’ Than Brian Stelter?

Taliban kill at least 10 Afghans working for mine-clearing agency

Burger King trolls Chick-fil-A with LGBTQ+ donations


The Brunswick News

Council Cracks Down On Free Speech, Forces Employees to Fly LGBTQ Flags

‘Deeply Distressing’: Play About Transgender Jesus Stokes Backlash After Teachers’ Union Promotes It

If ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Real, Why Aren’t the Cuomos Canceled?

Dow Futures Edge Lower Ahead of Trade Data

Senate report details sweeping failures around Jan. 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol

Global sting: FBI-encrypted app tricks organized crime

Georgia’s Board of Education Bars Protest Civics and CRT

Ken Dilanian: Senate Report on Security Failures on Capitol Riot ‘Is Devastating’

Biden considers D-Day veterans ‘close to his heart’ despite silence, Psaki says

Disgraced Lincoln Project Founder John Weaver Settled $300K Tax Bill on Election Day

Social media, news sites including CNN, New York Times hit by outage


The Brunswick News

Bing blocked 'tank man' images on Tiananmen anniversary, blamed human error

Ransomware attacks are closing schools, delaying chemotherapy and derailing everyday life

China’s Tech Clampdown Is Spreading Like Wildfire

That Viral High-School Valedictory Abortion Plea Is a Cry for Help

US troops accidentally storm olive oil factory in Bulgaria

Viewers react to Jimmy Kimmel calling Florida 'America's North Korea': 'Hateful ignorance'

Hunter Biden continues to invest in equity firm linked to China’s central bank

Joe Biden Just Banned Investment in CCP Military Firms His Son Hunter Profited From

U.S. Put Gag Order on Times Executives Amid Fight Over Email Logs

Woman reveals dark hobby of seducing infamous serial killers by mail

Global G7 deal may let Amazon off hook on tax, say experts

Vaccination rates fall off, imperiling Biden’s July Fourth goal

For These Guys, a Face-Lift Is Like a Car Tuneup

EXCLUSIVE: Biden not seeking to add countries to Quad to counter China

‘Not enough’: This prof is not satisfied with expensive anti-racism guest speakers

Time ticking away, Democrats face wrenching test on agenda

Psychiatrist Goes on Racist Rant Against Whites to Yale Audience

China to build over two dozen bio labs like Wuhan Institute in next 5 years

‘Florida chose freedom over Faucism’: Gov. Ron DeSantis updates his status to ‘rock star’

Google Settles Antitrust Case Over Advertising Practices

Corey Lewandowski calls for COVID-19 commission

‘You’re white, are you an oppressor?’ Dan Bongino TORCHES former Obama aide during Critical Race Theory debate and DAMN (watch)

Manchin opposes Democrats' voting overhaul

NY Times Suddenly Celebrates Rebekah Jones and Her Fabulist Florida Covid Claims

Minneapolis beset by protests for 3rd night over Black man killed by police

Logan Paul Doesn’t Get Knocked Out By Floyd Mayweather

Was mask-wearing pointless, after all? Fauci must be forced to answer

Tech giants and tax havens targeted by historic G7 deal

Businesses Brace for More Climate Cases After Ruling on Shell Emissions

Federal Judge Strikes Down California’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Assault Weapons Ban, Torches Media

Stephen A. Smith Goes On A Rant About Race And Brad Stevens, Storms Off ESPN Set


The Brunswick News

Washington County Board Od Supervisors Member Mala Brooks Was Arrested In 2006 On 17 Counts Of Fraud!

Tucker Carlson: Is Dr. Fauci under criminal investigation?

Forget Companies—the Global Taxman Wants the Middle Class

U.S. Finds No Evidence of Alien Technology in Flying Objects, but Can’t Rule It Out, Either

Yale’s move to rig board elections reveals the bankruptcy of US elites

The Double Standard for Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes

Antifa Tried to Kill Me

A Middle Class Rebellion Against Progressives Is Gaining Steam | Opinion

Biden can’t quit infrastructure talks and progressives are losing their minds

The Groupthink That Produced the Lab-Leak Failure Should Scare Liberals

Hong Kong vigil organizer arrested on Tiananmen anniversary

University director: 'Critical feeling' is 'just as important as critical thinking'

The Remarkable Legacy of Dr Li Wen Liang

Cops respond to JoJo Siwa's home during Pride celebration for possible drug overdose of partygoer: report

Unrest in Minneapolis after shooting death of suspect by law enforcement

Biden blasted for suspending oil-drilling leases in Alaska: 'Political football'

Uighurs describe forced abortions and torture in China

EXCLUSIVE: Sly smuggler uses Border Patrol for free trips home

Facebook to end rule exemptions for politicians, say reports

Doctors vs The State: Excessive Lockdowns are Political, Not Medicinal

Former University of Oklahoma volleyball player sues over exclusion from team because of political views

Pompeo says many in NIH tried to suppress work to expose China

High School Valedictorian Takes Aim at Texas Abortion Law

Biden Cabinet members avoid huge tax hits thanks to little-known federal law

Don’t Forget Hillary Clinton

Conservatives more likely to believe false news, new study finds

ABC7 News at 7 Roundtable Discussion - June 3, 2021: Part 2

Glynn Names Police Chief Finalist


The Brunswick News

Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It

EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood's Degenerate 'Comprehensive Sex Education' Lesson Plans

Advocates call DeSantis’ veto of Pulse counseling, homeless youth shelter ‘war on LGBTQ+ Floridians’

Worrying Report: Top Defense Execs, Retired Three-Star General Sent to Virtual Leftist Indoctrination Camp

The female CEOs on this year’s Fortune 500 just broke three all-time records

Impact of Ransomware Attack on Mass. Steamship Authority Expected to Continue Thursday

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Was Hydroxychloroquine unfairly discredited?

Don't believe the environmentalists' hype

Conservatives push ban on Black Lives Matter, gay pride flags at U.S. embassies

States to take $12 billion hit from cutting unemployment early, Democrats say

Pot producers are pushing to clamp down on Delta-8 THC; here’s why, and what it is

Pulling Back the Curtain on the Lincolns’ Marriage

Michelle Wie West Was Ready to Retire. Then She Got Mad.

Barack Obama Isn’t Afraid of Being a Politician

Covid Live Updates: U.S. Nursing Home Deaths Drop Sharply

The Media Finally Discover Antifa

Why Are Editors atUSA Today Censoring Women?

What the Fauci Emails Reveal

Drug cartels attack enemies and spread terror with weaponized drones in US, Mexico

Fauci’s ‘Expect The Unexpected’ Book Is Exactly What You’d Expect From A Self-Serving Bureaucrat

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife: ‘Blue’s Clues’ Is Trans-Propagandizing Preschoolers

EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Launch First Congressional Investigation Into HHS Failure To Review Grant To Wuhan Lab

NFL pledges to halt ‘race-norming,’ review Black claims

BREAKING: Israel’s Netanyahu To Step Down? Opponents Say They’ve Reached A Deal

The racist roots of campus policing

Dr. Fauci Backed Controversial Wuhan Lab with U.S. Dollars for Risky Coronavirus Research

Hannity: Fauci’s Emails Sound Like He Knew ‘Damn Well’ America Could’ve Been Funding Gain of Function Research

Biden Suspends Oil Leases In Alaska’s Arctic Refuge As Gas Prices Continue To Rise

New law makes driver’s training mandatory for 17-year-olds to get licenses in Georgia

ABC Reporter Promised Fauci She Wouldn’t ‘Jeopardize’ Him, Emails Show

Why did Alibaba's Jack Ma disappear for three months?

Biden announces new incentives, including free beer, to reach COVID vaccination goal

Billboard Offering Help to Pregnant Mothers Removed After Pro-Aborts Issued Threats Over the “Offensive Message”

Utah girls, 9 and 4, crash into semi-truck while trying to drive to Pacific Ocean for a swim: report

Burning of Ellie Kemper shows we’re living in a modern-day Salem witch trial

Exclusive: How Amateur Sleuths Broke the Wuhan Lab Story and Embarrassed the Media

The Lab-Leak Theory Is Unbearably Racist


The Brunswick News

MLB Faces $100 Million Lawsuit For Moving All-Star Game Out Of Georgia

Opinion:We need to investigate the lab-leak theory — without inflaming anti-Asian hate

Google Diversity Head Said Jews Have ‘Insatiable Appetite for War’

Amazon US customers have one week to opt out of mass wireless sharing

Trump is Reportedly Telling People He Will Be Reinstated as President By August

Will the Excelsior Pass, New York’s Vaccine Passport, Catch On?

The Texas Voting Lie

GOP Congresswoman’s Home Vandalized With Antifa Symbols on Memorial Day

With Her Candor, Osaka Adds to Conversation About Mental Health

Covid Live Updates: As U.S. Optimism Grows, Others Have Worst Outbreaks Yet

Biden Buries Bad News of a Bloated, Reckless Budget and Hopes You Won’t Notice

Biden Calls for Billions to Close Racial Wealth Gap, Hits 2 Senate Democrats for Stymieing His Agenda

Largest meat producer getting back online after cyberattack

Democrat Nikki Fried announces run for Florida governor

Louisiana Teacher: Why I Spoke Out Against Pushing Gender Ideology

Now All the COVID-19 Variants Will Sound Like Fraternities

Ontario's stay-at-home order set to expire but most COVID-19 restrictions to remain in place

Cynthia Nixon says the poor should be allowed to steal from stores

Harris to lead Biden administration’s voting rights effort

WHO Announces a new, "Non-Stigmatizing" Naming System for COVID Variants

Washington Post Edits 15-Month-Old Headline That Claimed COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory Was ‘Already Debunked’

The Second Amendment is not about guns -- it's about anti-Blackness, a new book argues

For CIA, protecting defectors from retaliation is a daunting task

DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Males from Female High School, College Sports

Number of police officers shot this year reaches 128, union says 'defund' movement a factor

Biden Laments That, Because Sinema and Manchin Won't Get Rid of the Filibuster, They Vote With The Republicans All The Time

Blue's Clues Pride Parade Video


The Brunswick News

Report: Biden administration approves release of prisoners previously tied to Al-Qaeda

Worrying Report: Top Defense Execs, Retired Three-Star General Sent to Virtual Leftist Indoctrination Camp


Allies of Rick Snyder slam secret proceedings, evidence in Flint water charges

What’s wrong with the NY Times’ report on children’s deaths? So much.

REVEALED: Fauci Has Been Working On ‘Life Philosophy’ Book To Be Released In Months.

After Dramatic Walkout, a New Fight Looms Over Voting Rights in Texas

Criminal-Justice Reformers Have a Murder Problem

The Fall of Saint Anthony Fauci

Buttigieg Claims Biden’s $6 Trillion Budget Proposal Is ‘Responsible’

The Dirty Secret of ‘Clean’ Energy

China reports human case of H10N3 bird flu, a possible first

China Now Says It Will Allow Families To Have Three Children Amid Fears Of Population Crash

Jason Chaffetz: COVID funeral payments – Biden program an invitation to commit fraud. Here's how

YAF launches ‘#SavingSCOTUS’ to educate students on dangers of court packing

Members Of NYC Pride Group Vote To Overturn Ban On Police, Parade Board Says Cops Still Can’t March

Decoloniality and anti-oppressive practices for a more ethical ecology

Media finally covers Trump's Wuhan Lab claim

Memorial Day lost on the likes of Kamala Harris


Gaza Militant Group Says 17-Year-Old Killed by Airstrike Was a Member

‘F9’ Crashes At The Chinese Box Office Despite Apology From John Cena

Black Wall Street was shattered 100 years ago. How the Tulsa race massacre was covered up and unearthed

PCR tests are not prone to false positives, despite what people say on Facebook, experts say

Black Lives Matter St. Paul founder says he quit over 'ugly truth'

CDC loosened mask guidance to encourage vaccination—it failed spectacularly

Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet with neighbors

AT&T/Verizon lobby keeps claiming that home-Internet prices are dropping

Virginia governor's race tests post-Trump GOP support in suburbs

States making it easier to bar 'bad cops': 'No profession under greater scrutiny'

Ex-Green Beret author sees threat from within U.S. among Antifa, Black Lives Matter

Michael Flynn says coup 'should happen' in U.S.

'Some of his anger is legitimate': Trump airs grievances, chides Biden

EXCLUSIVE: Scammers' billions ripped off from pandemic assistance funds 'tip of the iceberg'

Breaking Down Biden’s Proposed ‘Ghost Gun’ Rules

The Woke Mob Comes for Lincoln

With Trump Out of White House, Media Suddenly Finds ‘Lab Leak Theory’ Plausible

Demand After COVID-19 Sparks School Choice Proposals in Pennsylvania

How This Independent Journalist Documents Media Bias

11 States Consider Bans on Teaching Critical Race Theory

Arizona Sheriff Describes How the Border Has Changed Under Biden


The Brunswick News

Study: Mask Mandates Didn't Help Slow Spread of COVID-19

Biden’s Fossil Fuel Moves Clash With Pledges on Climate Change

Flu Masks Failed In 1918, But We Need Them Now

Beware of all those small business 'surveys.' They're biased and partisan

Honoring the sacred dead this Memorial Day

Culture wars are important to America and worth the political fight

Black Lives Matter's pro-Palestinian stance distorts views of Mideast conflict, analysts say

Biden warns Republicans not to 'get in the way' of more spending

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors resigns

WATCH: Police Arrest 75-Year-Old Preacher Whose Gospel Message Was “Homophobic”

Charles Barkley Says White Players ‘Ain’t Scared Of Coming To The Hood Anymore And Kicking A**’ After Luka Doncic Dominates The Clippers

The TV Ratings For The PGA Championship Crush The NBA

AOC Asks the Top U.S. Bank CEOs: ‘Are Each of Your Firms Still Financing New Oil and Gas Production?

Florida sued over law to ban social media content blocking

MSNBC Runs a Segment on Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream at the Capitol

'New Yorkers do not feel safe': Cuomo says NYC has 'major' crime problem and won't recover from COVID if it doesn't change soon because no one will want to live there

Michigan woman ticketed $385 for talking too loud: report

19 Mass Murderers the FBI Was Warned About But Still Failed to Stop

San Jose shooter Samuel Cassidy talked about killing colleagues for years: ex-wife

Juan Williams Exits ‘The Five’

Divisive COVID ‘lab leak’ debate prompts dire warnings from researchers


The Brunswick News

Blacklisted Chinese tech still spreading in U.S. as lawmakers scramble to close loopholes

N.Y. attorney general's case tainted by well-documented anti-Trump bias

Lawsuits, threats continue to hound Christian baker

Sharply critical, Biden now tracks Trump on Russia policy

Can Removing Highways Fix America’s Cities?

‘Witch Hunt,’ Meet Grand Jury

POLL: Many Americans Don’t Trust Each Other To Keep Wearing Masks If Not Vaccinated

Republican delegation denied access to DEA facility during border visit: 'What do they have to have to hide?'

China supplying North Korea, Iran with dangerous nuclear tech, missiles: Report

How Big Tech Silenced the Earliest Lab-Leak Theory Proponents

Inside the unlicensed counseling that led Boston students to allege emotional abuse

USA Today edits Stacey Abrams op-ed published before MLB pulled game in Atlanta, waters down boycott support

Russell Brand blasts Big Tech, Democratic Party for working to censor Hunter Biden story

The White Men Who Wanted to Be Victims

ISIS bride says she’ll regret leaving US for terror group ‘for the rest of my life’

State assembly speaker to hire retired police officers to investigate presidential election


The Brunswick News

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton says he suffered 'disastrous' side effects from COVID-19 vaccine, blames 'propaganda' insisting they're safe

No One Knows Full Extent of Election Fraud. That’s Why We Track It.

How Black Lives Matter Is Contributing to Rise in Antisemitism

Biden’s Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Far Outspends Obama

Biden Advisers Link Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants With ‘Environmental Justice’

Lego Releases Set Celebrating ‘LGBTQIA+’ Figures, Drag Queens

From Mickey Mouse to Tony the Tiger, Brands Improperly Target Kids for Pride Month

Middle East Dispute Is About Religion, Not Land

Woke Takeover of US Military Endangers Us All

DeSantis, Corcoran want to keep ‘crazy liberal stuff’ out of civics lessons in Florida schools

Is Wokeness ‘Kryponite for Democrats’?

Florida Becomes 23rd State to End $300 Unemployment Benefit Boost to Ease Business Hiring Woes

Seth Rogen Says Comedians Shouldn’t Complain About Cancel Culture: Accept Jokes Don’t Age Well

Vandals captured on security camera at Spring Lake auto shop

Biden ready to name Eric Garcetti ambassador to India

Andrew Yang Should Speak Up for Taiwan

Car-free San Francisco streets: Residents debate reopening

Just How Big Could India’s True Covid Toll Be?

Correcting 1619’s Falsehoods About the American Founding

History As It Happens: The resuscitation of the Democrats

TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines donate to campaign against critical race theory in schools

A Closer Look at the Legacy of George Floyd’s Death

Now’s Not the Time to Go Wobbly, Brett


The Brunswick News

Blinken: U.S. will aid Gaza without helping Hamas


COVID-19 origin dissent 'suppressed' by intelligence community, House GOP report finds

Michigan Gov. Whitmer is latest Dem caught in the act of COVID-19 rule hypocrisy

With Policies Failing, Democrats Turn to Trump-Hate

GOP Sen. Susan Collins supports Jan. 6 commission, but has 2 'resolvable' issues

Marc Siegel: COVID is on the way out but the other pandemic, fear, is still going strong

Biden administration authorizes flying BLM flag at embassies and state dept. buildings

AFT president endorses Florida COVID data conspiracy theory in order to justify school reopening stance

Democrats Continue to Mislead Americans about the Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Wuhan Virus Is Not a Lab-Made Bioweapon

Former FDA chief: Growing circumstantial evidence that COVID 'could have come out of a lab'

Ipsos Poll: "The Big Lie"

Opinion:Virus variants mean our covid winter isn’t over. Don’t ease restrictions now.

State Revenues Pour In, Raising Pressure on Biden to Divert Federal Aid

Sasha Johnson: Black Lives Matter activist shot by group of men

Bob Woodson On Rejecting The Left’s Race-Obsessed Revisionist History

Biden spending assumptions in doubt

Economic plan paints rosier picture than industry projections

'Historic step' no more: Biden flips on backing Abraham Accords

The good, the bad and the ugly Democrats: Race in America

Kwame Brown Rips ‘Fake Woke N****s’ Who Support Joe Biden, Says They’re ‘The New Version Of The KKK’

5 reasons why the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce is an ‘earthquake’ for philanthropy

Covid-19 Live Updates: Variant First Seen in India Poses a Growing Threat

Secret Recordings Reveal Officials Discussing 'Filthy' Conditions of 4,632 Immigrant Kids Held in Texas Tent Camp


The Brunswick News

DOJ Seizes $90,000, Charges Black Lives Matter Supporter Allegedly ‘Stormed Capitol,’ Sold Footage to News Outlets

Organizer of Ultramarathon in China Fails to Protect Runners in Extreme Weather, 21 Die

Biden eyes course change as infrastructure plan hits impasse

History As It Happens: The 1619 Project in America's schools

Fauci Tells Fact-Check Event He Is ‘Not Convinced’ COVID-19 Virus Developed Naturally

EU mulls response to Belarus diverting plane to nab reporter

Texas GOP Passes Bill To Stop Teachers From Talking About Racism

Anthony Fauci just crushed Donald Trump's theory on the origins of the coronavirus

Insane Phil Mickelson crowd frustrates Brooks Koepka: ‘No one really gave a s–t’

Three Wuhan lab researchers were hospitalized in November 2019: report

Fauci ‘not convinced’ COVID developed naturally, backs investigation

Straight men in ‘bromances’ kiss, cuddle and stand around naked together

India virus death toll passes 300,000, 3rd highest in world

Anti-Jan. 6 panel Republicans play right into Pelosi's hands, Meijer warns

REPORT: Bill Gates Used To Throw Nude Swimming Parties With Strippers

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer once again caught breaking her own COVID restrictions, photo leaked to media

NYU students demand that the school provide reparations for black students and cut ties with NYPD

Bloomsburg Ditches Its Fraternities and Sororities

Tulsi Gabbard takes a stand against woke liberal racism

Biden's Worst Move Yet: Giving U.S. Vaccine Tech to China

The disinformation war rages between Israel and Hamas

January 6th Commission, or Wrongthink Inquisition? | Opinion


The Brunswick News

The Squad Enables Pelosi's Massive Capitol Police Spending Bill While Cynically Feigning Opposition

Maria Bartiromo: Biden Quoted Chinese Communist Mao to the U.S. Coast Guard

This empowering Instagram photo to normalise facial hair 'for anyone who’s grown up believing it’s something to be ashamed of' just went viral

Governor urges educators not to teach Critical Race Theory ‘dangerous ideology’

Woke trend seeps into red states' public schools: 'Our education system is being weaponized'

Liberals condemn Israel but soft-pedal China's atrocities

Why Britain must unlock on21 Jun

Is Biden's Jimmy Carter Impression an Opportunity for Reagan 2.0?

Why Does the Left Seemingly Hate Israel?

Excuse Me If I’m Not Ready to Unmask














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