County EMA Director Resigns

Alec Eaton, who served as Assistant EMA Director for Glynn County before being appointed interim director in March of 2020, has turned in his 30-day notice. Eaton became the interim director after Jay Wiggins left the county EMA to take over the county police department following the indictment of former police chief John Powell. While Wiggins eventually had the "interim" tag removed from his title, the county never did the same for Eaton and never seemed to be actively pursuing a permanent replacement for Wiggins.

After getting confirmation from the county, we reached out to Eaton,who said of his future plans, "Right now I'm going to focus on getting things on track before I leave," referring to his work on ensuring his department is able to function well after his departure.

Eaton's 30-day notice will see him depart just before Labor Day, one of this area's busiest periods for storm activity during hurricane season.

With Eaton's departure the county is without a County Manager, Assistant County Manager, and sworn Police Chief. Public Works director Dave Austin, who had also turned in his notice, rescinded his resignation.

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