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Martin D. Parlato is President of Martin D. Parlato and Associates, Inc., dba Lighthouse Retirement and is the author and host of the Lighthouse Retirement Hour which has been on the air continuously for more than 10 years.

The show is a provocative, often humorous, often snarky and most often “extremely insightful” look at what makes the stock market work in real life.  The show is always, contemporaneously written and produced so that client’s and prospective clients have the benefit of knowing what happened in the market this week and how to prepare for success, how to prepare for the opportunity to try and “make ‘mo money” in the stock market.  The show focuses on explaining how basic economics, fiscal policy, trade policy, earnings and fundamentals affect the stocks you own and may want to own.

The firm primarily represents clients 50 and older and primarily represents mid to high net worth clients.

At Lighthouse Retirement, it is our core belief that politics affects your money and therefore we spend each week talking about politics as it affects your investment accounts and your retirement accounts.

Martin D. Parlato is a graduate of University of North Florida in Jacksonville with a degree in Political Science, the former President and Founder of “Super Computer” until 2000 and lifelong investor.  Martin has been a lifelong resident of Jacksonville, with offices and a retirement home in beautiful Vero Beach, Florida and hence the practice covers the East Coast of Florida and Georgia, from Ft. Lauderdale, to the Space Coast, to Jacksonville, Savannah and Hilton Head.

Martin and Linda enjoy 2 grown children, five grandchildren and Simba the Cat and most weekends in the fall, admits to being a Jacksonville Jaguars fan.

The Lighthouse Retirement Hour is a pre-eminent authority on explaining to potential clients how the stock markets “really” work, how the financial services industry really works, and the conflicts of interest between them and your best financial interest.

You won’t hear this truth, anywhere else.

Unlike most other advisory firms, all assets are managed and directed in house, are never “farmed out” to other asset managers and are invested principally, in individual stocks, bonds and other securities.  The firm rarely uses Mutual Funds and never uses any expensive, high commission or liquidity crushing annuities.

The firm offers complimentary, one on one meetings with clients at the office located most conveniently to them.

Access to your accounts is provided via the “Amazing Gemini Private Client Portal and Vault” and assets are custodied at one of several, SIPC insured custodians.

Learn more about the Lighthouse Retirement Hour here.