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‘Her Heart Was Beating Too’: The Women Who Died After Abortion Bans

Inside the ‘Misinformation’ Wars

Ghislaine Maxwell trial set to open in New York

No, Thanksgiving Isn’t About ‘Genocide And Violence’

Thanksgiving Is Meant For The Bad Times As Much As The Good

Waukesha Mass Killing Suspect The Latest Violent Criminal Unchecked By Soft-On-Crime DA

Your Default Assumption Should Be That Everything Corporate Media Says Is A Lie

Amid Unspeakable Horrors, Waukesha Teaches All Of Us What It Means To Be A Community

In Case With Global Implications, Finland Puts Christians On Trial For Their Faith

Atlas: I Watched The Nation’s ‘Top Scientists’ Lie About COVID And Get Away With It

Georgia Governor Releases More Evidence That 2020 Ballots Were Miscounted

This Thanksgiving We Learned It’s Time To Banish Roger Goodell To Canada

Los Angeles Public Schools Teach Students That Celebrating Thanksgiving Is Evil

I’m Thankful For Joy Reid

Anthony Fauci: I Am the Science

Biden dogged by decision to kill Keystone XL pipeline as gas prices soar

Biden pays for his trillion-dollar bills with falling popularity

‘Makes me mad’: COVID-19 jobless aid flowed to enemy nations

Matthew McConaughey announces he will not run for Texas governor

House Democrats’ retributions and acting like an adult in Congress

ICE arrests plummeted under Biden guidance; officers averaged an arrest every two months

COVID Variant Xi? World Health Organization Skips to Omicron

Interior report calls on Biden to raise costs of oil and gas drilling on federal land

WHO criticizes travel bans on southern African countries

Are vaccine mandates worth the hassle? Economists, lobby groups say voluntary measures work better

Jussie Smollett taking the stand could be a double-edged sword in alleged hate crime hoax case, attorneys say

Fauci: Omicron variant will ‘inevitably’ hit United States

The mental health establishment is failing trans kids

Biden: 'We Will Take, Literally, Millions of Automobiles Off the Road'


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Would GOP, other factors eclipse a McCarthy bid to become House speaker?

EXCLUSIVE: 'The old white ppl…knock dem TF out!' Waukesha suspect shared social media posts promoting violence towards white people and claiming black people were the 'true Hebrews'

Biden Energy Sec. Granholm admits she does not know U.S. oil consumption rate when pressed by reporter

Enes Kanter Says LeBron James’ Former Teammates Told Him The Basketball Star Only Cares About His ‘PR’

Rob Reiner melts down over Kyle Rittenhouse’s visit to Mar-a-Lago

US to require vaccines for all border crossers in January


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Biden Breaks Campaign Promise, Approves Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Kwame Brown Says Kyle Rittenhouse Acted In Self-Defense, Adds People Are Paid To Push ‘Racist Sh*t’

‘Undeniably a cult’: Fringe QAnon group remains in Dallas, awaiting JFK Jr.’s arrival

Federal Investigators Launch Civil Rights Probe Into Southlake, Texas, Schools

On Peng Shuai and What Courage looks Like

Science Has Strengthened the Pro-Life Case

Students stage drag show in university affiliated church

Buckle Up: Here Are the BEST Rittenhouse Meltdowns from Joy Reid’s Show

Kyle Rittenhouse And Every Able-Bodied Man Had A Moral Obligation To Protect Kenosha

The Corrupt Media Did Not Fall For The Russia Collusion Hoax. They Were Part Of It

Florida man who claimed self-defense and was acquitted of all murder charges draws comparisons to Kyle Rittenhouse

How Deep Chinese Influence Pushed Australia Into Astonishing Covid Tyranny

Whistleblower Videos Capture Pennsylvania Election Officials Destroying Evidence

The Incredible Self-Confidence Of Robert ‘Beto’ Francis O’Rourke

Waukesha Citizens Reel From Christmas Parade Attack, Describe Bodies In The Street

Davis: Rittenhouse Acquittal Proves Corrupt Media Want Trial By Fury, Not Trial By Jury

Let The Rittenhouse Acquittal Be A Warning Against The Left’s Lawless Rioting

Dozens of Examples Offer an Answer to the ‘What If Rittenhouse Was Black?’ Hypothetical

Fifteen States Respond to ‘Woke Capitalism,’ Threaten to Cut Off Banks That Refuse to Service Coal, Oil Industries

State Assembly Issues Damning Cuomo Report Detailing Sex Harassment, COVID Coverup

Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks wrote anti-Trump rap and declared ‘f*** the pigs’ before rampage

Defense in Ahmaud Arbery trial insist he was a threat because he was armed 'with his fists even if he had no weapon': Black militia rally outside courthouse with warning sign 'Ya'll are in serious trouble'

Youth-led PAC seeks to elect Democrats in rural America

Professor Asks 'Which Version of Whiteness' America Wants, and It Isn't a Bad Question

Booster snafu: Shots lagged data by months

Fairfax parents object to sexually explicit surveys of students

Milwaukee DA Launches Investigation into Waukesha Suspect’s ‘Inappropriately Low’ Cash Bond

Loudoun County sheriff says school superintendent was 'unmistakably aware' about bathroom sexual assault when he denied it

Head of nuclear inspectors to visit Iran as hardline leaders cast doubt on possible new deal with US

Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks made bail twice this year despite active warrant

Alex Jones, Roger Stone Subpoenaed by House Panel Probing Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

Kemp offers suggestions on addressing supply-chain woes

Thomas Jefferson statue removed from City Hall after 187 years

Glenn Loury’s Journey from Chicago’s South Side to the Ivy League and Beyond

Reports: Malcolm X’s daughter, Malikah Shabazz, found dead in NYC home

Jurors hear closing arguments in Ahmaud Arbery murder trial

COVID Sure Looks Seasonal Now

List of Biden’s Exaggerations Grows with ‘Had a House Burn Down with My Wife in It’ Claim

BREAKING: Waukesha massacre suspect was previously arrested for running over a woman with his car

Kyle Rittenhouse Tells Tucker Carlson He Supports Black Lives Matter, Peaceful Protests

DHS wrongly charges crime victim immigrants more than $4 million for free work permits


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3 arrested, firearm recovered from Walnut Creek Nordstrom store looting involving 80 people: Police

Small-Business Owners Put Aside ‘Cancel’ Concerns to Fight Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Can the FBI Be Salvaged?

Woke Racialism Is a Clear and Present Danger to the American System 

Thoughts on the Rittenhouse Not-Guilty Verdicts

Not a ‘Single Person’ Thinks Biden Will Run Again: Dem

Garland’s Lawsuit Against Texas Election Integrity Law Is Partisan and Political

Turkey crunch: Plenty of birds, shortage of sides

GOP demands probe into why Democratic operatives got federal grants to turn out 2020 vote

Two of the 17 U.S. missionaries abducted in Haiti have been freed, Christian Aid Ministries says

Whistleblower Videos Capture Pennsylvania Election Officials Destroying Evidence

The Incredible Self-Confidence Of Robert ‘Beto’ Francis O’Rourke

MSNBC’s History Of Doxxing Normal People Shadows Attempt To Follow Rittenhouse Jury

In South Texas, The Border Crisis Threatens To Become A Constitutional Crisis

Vaccine Mandates Sow Mass Chaos Throughout Military As Service Members Seek Religious Accommodations

Emails Show Researchers Who Alleged Trump Links To Russian Alfa Bank Were Anti-Trump

The 1619 Project Book’s Goal Is To Keep Slandering America

Unlike Most Media Figures, ESPN’s Richard Jefferson Apologizes For False Rittenhouse Information

New York Times Colludes With Corrupt DOJ To Steal Legal Documents From A Journalist Suing NYT

YouTube Penalizes ‘Breaking Points’ For Criticizing China Over Disappearing Peng Shuai

The Left Said Rittenhouse Didn’t Represent Kenosha, But The Jury That Does Got The Last Word

Will The White House Apologize For Defaming Kyle Rittenhouse As A White Supremacist?

Google Is Now Censoring American Journalists On Behalf Of Communist China

Thanks To Leftists, The Black Talent Companies Seek To Hire With Racial Quotas Doesn’t Exist

The Suspicious ‘Disappearance’ Of China’s Tennis Star Is Right Out Of The Chinese Communist Playbook

Waukesha Attack Suspect ID'd; Was Released on Cash Bail Two Days Ago

Two Fox News Contributors Quit in Protest of Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 Special

Trump and Biden: The 2024 mystery begins

Democrats reeling year before midterm elections – here's how Republicans stay on top and win big in 2022

One in Three Americans Already Had COVID-19 by the End of 2020

Waukesha parade horror: Wisconsin police union official reveals what's next in investigation

Fauci urges vaccinated adults to ‘get boosted’

America's attention recession

Eddie Bernice Johnson seeking female replacement after announcing retirement

Jon Karl: ‘I’m Not Sure’ if Trump Is Running in 2024, ‘The Last Thing He Wants to Do Is to Lose Again’

Violent BLM Activist Says Rittenhouse 'Should Never Have Made It to Trial'

Grandma's accidental Thanksgiving text to random teen brings the two together for a sixth straight Thanksgiving celebration

Armed father-daughter duo march alongside anti-Rittenhouse protesters — to protect them

Darrell Edwards Brooks, Jr Rap Sheet


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CBO: Funding for Biden’s social welfare bill comes up more than $367 billion short

2 parents arrested during Gwinnett County School Board meeting

House moves toward OK of Dems’ sweeping social, climate bill

Biden’s social and climate plan is set for a House vote after a CBO analysis said it would slightly boost the deficit

Harris vs. Buttigieg Would Be the GOP’s Dream Primary

Voters Are Revolting Against ‘Woke’ Education

Wait what? FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data

Media finally notices just how terrible Kamala Harris is doing

Support for stricter gun laws drops 5% reaching lowest point since 2014: Gallup

Kyle Rittenhouse, Both Right and Righteous

Youngkin’s Win Bolsters GOP Optimism, But Did Governors Learn?

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Is A Case Study In The Media’s Lies About Racism

Republicans Are Helping Democrats Embed Systemic Racism In So-Called ‘Defense’ Bill

Without Notifying Parents, Loudoun High School Asked Students If They Are Transgender And How Much They Have Sex

The 13 Republicans Who Saved Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Aren’t Martyrs

While Corporate America Tries To Cancel Him, Morgan Wallen Is Going Back On Tour

ODU Professor Who Called For Destigmatizing Pedophilia Put On Leave After Backlash

The Biden Administration Just Forced Every American Town To Host Illegal Immigrants

Larry Hogan Still Doesn’t Understand What Cancel Culture Is

TGIF: Inflation Rises. Russiagate Falls Apart. And J.K. Rowling Is Erased.

MSNBC Booted From Rittenhouse Trial After Producer Was Arrested Following Jury Bus

Youngkin’s Win Bolsters GOP Optimism, But Did Governors Learn?

Dr Fauci says Covid hospitalizations are rising among fully vaccinated people who have not had a booster

Washington Post boss Sally Buzbee says journalism shouldn't be 'snarky'

Disney's Encanto Is a First Step in Normalizing Latinx Spirituality in Mainstream Films

Opinion:The battle to protect Taiwan’s democracy is already underway

Mark Levin: Is Biden planning to DUMP Kamala Harris?

WTA chairman willing to pull out of China if tennis star Peng Shuai not fully accounted for

Taiwan acknowledges room to improve in COVID-19 response

Matt Schlapp: It’s Time to Defund ‘Sesame Street;’ They Won’t Stop Pushing for ‘Woke Politics’

EXPLAINER: What drives high-profile disappearances in China

Moderna seeks approval of COVID-19 booster for all adults

D.C. Council asks mayor to reverse decision to lift mask mandate

Safety watchdog lists 2021’s ‘10 worst toys’

Biden considering diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

Fed Programs Have Kept Finance Flowing to Fossil Fuels


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GOP votes against Gosar censure, but frustration builds against controversial congressman: 'It's all silly'

SKorea sees record virus jump as thousands take college exam

HILLARY CLINTON: ‘Voter Fraud is Such a Myth’

Maher: Biden ‘Has Not Exactly Stuck the Landing’ on Many Issues, Dems Are ‘Going to Get Thumped’ in 2022

Clyburn on Rep. Gosar: ‘Members of Congress Should Behave in a Way that Children Can Look Up To Us‘

What The Hell Happened To Mickey Kaus?

Maher: ‘If Don Jr. Had Done What Hunter Biden Had Done, It Would Be Every Night, All Night on MSNBC’ 

FNC’s Ted Williams: Arbery Defendant Testimony Exposed Vigilante ‘Murder of a Young Black Kid’

Boebert Rips Dem Hypocrisy on House Floor: Swalwell Gets Away With ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’

Michigan records the most COVID cases in the US as number of hospitalized patients increase 50% and nine centers report 100% capacity

Rittenhouse defense demands mistrial over drone video, judge hints at new evidence hearing


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GOP lawmakers: Whistleblower email refutes Garland on FBI monitoring of school board threats

Biden’s social welfare bill breaks pledge to not raise taxes on people making less than $400,000

Susan B. Anthony List kick-starts $2.5M abortion ad campaign aimed at Senate battleground states

7 Media Lies Katie Couric And The Aspen Institute Would Decry If They Really Hated Disinformation

Democrats Like Me Are Furious With Our Party For Pushing Gender Insanity

The Big Russian Collusion Coverup Must End With John Durham’s Report

DOJ Whistleblower Documents Suggest Merrick Garland Lied About The Targeting Of Parents As Domestic Terrorists

How Abraham Lincoln And Frederick Douglass’s Unlikely Friendship Changed America

Top GOP Senators Push DOJ To Clear Up ‘False’ Statement About Biden Family Business In China

Rittenhouse Prosecutors Close With Story Backed Up By Neither Evidence Nor Eyewitness Testimony

A COVID strategy backfires at schools

Substitute teacher shortage increasingly closes public schools


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SNL’s Weird Joe Rogan Spoof Exposes The Show For What It Is: A Tool Of Corporate Hacks

Transgender Professor At Old Dominion University Rebrands Pedophiles As ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’

Tyrannical Technocrats Are Transforming ‘Emergency Powers’ Into Permanent Powers

Fact-Checkers Had Their Facts About Rittenhouse’s Gun Rights All Wrong

Not Only Is Inflation Here To Stay, Joe Biden’s Going To Make It Worse

Why National Conservatives’ Platform Should Start With Men

6 Ridiculous Budget Gimmicks In House Democrats’ ‘Build Back Bankrupt’ Spending Spree

Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows go to Washington

Phil Mickelson jokes with Eli Manning about simulcast's curse: 'I think it's real'

Illegal Migration at US-Mexico Border Shows Decline

Jury to begin deliberations at Rittenhouse murder trial

Psaki Mocked After Rushing To Defend Kamala Harris Following CNN Chaos Report: ‘Worse Than Saying Nothing’

NPR Stacks the Deck for Democrats to Operate the U.S. Catholic Church

TheNew York TimesReduces Parents’ Education Concerns to a Simple ‘Left vs. Right’ Political Battle

Florida’s DeSantis Takes Aim at America’s ‘Ruling Class’

Dershowitz: The Right Verdict on Rittenhouse Trial Is Acquittal

How COVID Lockdowns Handed Global Warming Extremists The Tools To Crush Freedom

Why Republican Populists Should Be All Over The Alabama Coal Miners’ Strike

Why Special Counsel John Durham Subpoenaed The Brookings Institution

The Book Version Of The New York Times’s 1619 Project Doubles Down On Junk History

How To Preserve A Moral Culture Through ‘Creative Subversion’

Build Back Better Cost Would Double with Extensions

Psaki Refuses to Explain Why Biden Labeled Rittenhouse a ‘White Supremacist’

Joe Biden ConfusesSaturday Night Liveand Real Life

Biden’s reliance on I.R.S. enforcement to pay for $1.85 trillion bill hits a snag.


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Blowback over 'Black pastors' comment prompts lukewarm apology

Defense attorney in Ahmaud Arbery murder trial apologizes for comments about Black pastors

Debunking the American Left’s Biggest Myths About Europe

The Senate Cannot Be Reformed—It Can Only Be Abolished


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SKorean candidate takes tough line on NKorea nuclear program

The Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutor’s Case Comes Down To Rioting Good, Self-Defense Bad

Kmele Foster Is Right: Banning Critical Race Theory Isn’t Going To Stop It

This Great American Veteran Has Been Serving Our Country In Amazing Ways His Entire Life

J6 Committee Misleading Witnesses About Republican Staff Presence

If The Left Ends Parent Rights, You Might Need A License To Raise Your Own Child

How Getting Fired For His Beliefs Became A Huge Opportunity For My Husband And Our Family

How 31 Republicans Just Betrayed The Country To Reward Illegal Immigration, Worsen Inflation, And Pay Off Democrats’ Donors

New FDRLST/Susquehanna Poll Shows Biden’s Approval Sliding To 36 Percent, Widespread Disapproval Of Critical Race Theory

Democrats’ Spending Bill Breaks Biden’s Tax Pledge, Analysis Finds

Ultra-Low Interest Rates: Implications and Consequences (Spoiler: Not Good)


New car tech to stop drunk drivers required under infrastructure bill

Gavin Newsom Extends COVID Executive Orders Again (And Again)

Houthi Rebels Storm U.S. Embassy in Yemen, Take Hostages

Number of Duval Schools students opting out of wearing masks jumps by nearly 8 percentage points

Ga., S.C. residents ready to travel again for Thanksgiving

Memo Confirms National School Board Group ‘Actively Engaged’ with White House While Drafting ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Letter

VIDEO: Defense attorney says 'Black pastors' could influence jury

Remembrance Day memorial in Cranbrook, B.C. defaced with graffiti


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Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Yellen Says Fed Wouldn’t Allow Repeat of 1970s-Level Inflation

How Getting Fired For His Beliefs Became A Huge Opportunity For My Husband And Our Family

Amid The Parent Surge, Republicans Can Either Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way

Top Spygate Hoaxer Adam Schiff Squirms Under First Tough Questions In Five Years On ‘The View’

State Farm Stands Up To Mob Trying To Cancel Unvaccinated Aaron Rodgers

White House Tells Businesses To Ignore Court Blocking On Vaxx Mandate

Biden Puts Another Pipeline On The Chopping Block

Media Desperately Whitewash Key Witness Who Blew Up Prosecutors’ Case Against Kyle Rittenhouse

Arizona School District Colluded With Law Enforcement To Shut Up Parents

Producer Prices Rose 8.6 Percent In One Year As Biden Administration Scoffs At Inflation

While Losing Wars, U.S. Military Celebrates Pederast Harvey Milk

How Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutors Destroyed Their Own Case With Their Own Star Witness

Why Politicians And Bureaucrats Are So Threatened By The People COVID Couldn’t Kill

Pelosi slammed for officiating lavish wedding of Getty oil heiress

Navy SEALs cite religious concerns in lawsuit against vaccine mandate

Republicans Flip Two School Boards in Pennsylvania County with Multiple Mail-in Ballot Problems

Kinzinger Says He ‘Thought About’ Firing Weapon at the Capitol on January 6

Gavin Newsom: I Just Skipped the Climate Conference for Trick-or-Treating

The Left Doubles Down on ‘CRT Isn’t Taught in Schools’

How Could the Biden Administration Ever Get Along without Jake Sullivan?

Re: Obama’s Latest Blunder

CRFB: Build Back Better Will Add $200 Billion to the Debt

The Rittenhouse Prosecution Is Not Going So Well

US food banks struggle to feed hungry amid surging prices

Joe Biden Said It: He ‘Should Not Remain As President’

Congressional deadlines threaten to sideline Biden social welfare bill

Ron Paul: Great News: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is Falling Apart!

Sen. Hawley calls on young men to stand up and make America better

Federal judge refuses Trump request to block Jan. 6 records

Wisconsin School Board Association Deals Another Major Blow To National Group

Adam Schiff Keeps Lying

DeSantis: We will end contracts with companies aiding Biden in flooding illegal immigrants into Florida

Media Headlines Hide Fact That Kyle Rittenhouse’s Self-Defense Claim Was Made Abundantly Clear In Court


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Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Space Station X-1 Depicts Pacific Coast Forest Fires

The Rise of ‘Chief Diversity Officers’ at K-12 Schools

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Shooting victim Gaige Grosskreutz says he was pointing his gun at young man

How 31 Republicans Just Betrayed The Country To Reward Illegal Immigration, Worsen Inflation, And Pay Off Democrats’ Donors

Why Does Michigan Still Have 25,000 Dead People On Its Voter Rolls?

Sexist, Racist, KKK! Cancel Music Right Away!

Don Lemon Accuser Says CNN Anchor Tried To Settle Sexual Assault Case Three Times

Democrats’ So-Called ‘Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill’ Erases Sex And Hurts Women

Global Investment Firm Forces Executives To Snub White Men In Light Of Race Hiring Quotas

The Media’s Bias Problem Is Actually A Class Problem

Slate Writer Says ‘Woke’ Is A Racial Slur

Biden Administration Stockpiles More Than 55 Million Gun Owner Records Amid Second Amendment Crackdown

Lying Media Blitz Aaron Rodgers For Spouting ‘Misinformation To A Big Audience’

Job Creators Network Demands Nationwide Suspension Of Biden’s ‘Detrimental’ Vaxx Mandate

Poll: Only 28 Percent Of Americans Think Kamala Harris Is Doing A Good Job

Looming rise in cost of home-heating fuel puts White House on defensive

Harris jets off to France with record-low approval rating, lower expectations

Consultant Hired by Loudoun County Says Public Education Should Not Focus on ‘Learning’

White Students Not Allowed at Pennsylvania School District’s Drone Camp

College that Suspended Conservative Group over anti-China Stickers Promotes Professor Who Writes Racially Divisive Columns

Where In The World Is California’s Governor?

BREAKING: It Looks Like Gavin Newsom's Been Located - at an Ostentatious Getty Wedding

Tom Brady sidesteps Aaron Rodgers vax question

Social media in a tizzy after WH briefing discusses racism ‘built into’ roads

Faced with soaring Ds and Fs, schools are ditching the old way of grading

Canadian woman becomes first person diagnosed as suffering from 'climate change'

Why I’m co-founding a new university dedicated to freedom of thought and study

70% of Americans experiencing climate change anxiety and depression, survey finds

Taxpayers to cover cost of Afghan evacuees’ immigration applications


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Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

U.S. lifts pandemic travel ban, opens doors to visitors

Supreme Court to hear secrets case over Muslim surveillance

ABC Panel Pummels GOP Over Victory in Virginia, Predict No Repeats

Democrats Are Right To Be Scared About Losing The Parent Vote

Boy Scouts Announce New Critical Race Theory Requirement

9 Truths From Aaron Rodgers’ Explosive Vaxx Interview You Aren’t Allowed To Say

6 Things We Just Learned About The Supreme Court’s Gun Rights Case

Exclusive: Goodwill Is Pushing Critical Race Theory Through Staff Training

There’s Nothing Wrong With Chris Pratt Celebrating His Newborn’s Health

Virginia Proves Democrats Can’t Always Win Elections Just By Crying ‘Racist!’

Setting Election Laws Belongs To Pennsylvania’s Legislature, Not Its Courts

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Laughs At Your High Gas Prices

House Ignores Voters’ Messages In Va., N.J., To Pass Suicidal Spending Bill

Max Boot Failed Us: Despite His Best Columns, Democracy Died.

Gloomy landscape for Democrats in midterms as Biden's approval drops to 38% in USA TODAY/Suffolk poll

Applying Public Choice Theory to the Pressure for Vaccinations

Travis Scott, Drake sued over Astroworld concert incident

Ron Klain: Sinema Has Been a Great Leader in Taking Us to the Finish Line

Negotiations at COP26 are about to get a lot tougher

Joe Biden Explains the Higher Consumer Prices: “People’s Supplies or Materials That End Up Being on Our Kitchen Table or in Our, Our, Our Fam, Our Life, Guess What? There Close Those Plants”

Nicaragua’s President Ortega on Track for Controversial Fourth Term

Biden: Migrant families separated under Trump 'deserve' compensation

Texas Democrat candidate and former Bush adviser says Jesus today ‘would be accused of being woke’


The Crippling Blow for the Steele Dossier


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Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

The Great Doubling Down

As Leftists Cry ‘White Supremacy,’ Black Republican Woman Makes History

What to Make of Durham’s Latest Indictment

Rubio: 'It Isn't Even Left or Right Anymore. It's Crazy Versus Normal'

‘Menstrual Health’ for ‘Individuals Who Menstruate’ a ‘Human Right’

‘Indiana Jones 5’ crew member found dead on location of troubled production

Democrats Deny Political Reality at Their Own Peril

Racine County Sheriff Calls For Felony Charges Against Wisconsin Election Commissioners

How COVID Vaccine Coercion Drove Me Out Of West Point

University Of Michigan Paid CRT Peddler $266 Per Minute For Zoom Lecture

What The New Right Must Do Next Time It Earns Power

Audit: Wisconsin Could Have Counted Enough Illegal Votes To Tip The 2020 Election To Biden

Why Blue Checks Are Mocking A Middle-Class Family’s 12-Gallon-A-Week Milk Consumption

The Only Thing Newsworthy About Aaron Rodgers’ Vaccination Status Is Our National Loss Of Privacy

Here Are The Conservatives Suing Biden Over His ‘Unconstitutional’ Vaccine Coercion

Primary Sub-Source For Bogus Steele Dossier Arrested By Federal Authorities

‘Eternals’ Review: Heroic Characters, Hectic Story

‘View’ Hosts Lose It On Guest For Disagreeing CRT 'Isn't Taught' in K-12

Hyper-local elections are reminiscent of 1993

Illinois community members host rally for fifth-grader punished for not wearing mask

‘That’s Hearsay:’ Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Clashes With Prosecutor Over Video Evidence

Trial in Ahmaud Arbery’s death set to begin in Glynn County

Flashback: Pelosi criticized GOP for not getting CBO score before passing bills

Angry Over GOP Win in Virginia, 'View' Blames White Women Afraid of 'History'

Taxpayers foot $200 billion bill in Dems’ deduction plan for wealthy blue state residents

Manchin confronted in DC by climate protesters; car blocked at parking garage: 'We want to live!'

NJ Trucker Edward Durr Ousts NJ Senate Dem Leader

Biden’s private employer COVID-19 vaccine mandate unprecedented, legal scholars say

British Commandos ‘Dominated’ American Soldiers In Combat Training Exercise, Forced Them To Surrender: Report

Jean-Pierre Believes Opposing CRT Is Using "Our Kids As A Political Football"

Okay Adam Schiff, Show Us The Russia Collusion


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Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Reeling From Surprise Losses, Democrats Sound the Alarm for 2022

Republicans Pounce on Schools as a Wedge Issue to Unite the Party

Youngkin Defeats McAuliffe, Wins Virginia In Decisive Referendum On The Left’s Culture War

In Virginia, The Consultant Class Fades As The New Culture Wars Dawn

How The Massive Money Manager BlackRock Endangers U.S. Prosperity And National Security

Yes, It’s Fair To Frame The Loudoun County Rape As A ‘Cautionary Tale’

Supreme Court To Decide IfDred ScottShould Apply To All Americans On Guns

Democrats Are Using The Same 2020 Election Shenanigans To Overtake Virginia This Year

Washington Post Reports On Demonic Energy Behind The Left’s Culture War

CNN, MSNBC Hosts Break Down Over GOP Victories In Virginia

Let The Record Reflect These Are The Highly Paid Clowns Who Falsely Blamed Virginia Wave On Racism

A New Cultural Tea Party Was Born In Virginia

Whoopi Goldberg Rediscovers Racism With Glenn Youngkin Victory

Pro-McAuliffe Media Propagandists Freak Out After GOP Sweeps Virginia

EXCLUSIVE: Fauci Staffers Flagged Potential Gain-Of-Function Research At Wuhan Lab In 2016, Records Reveal

Not so fast? Jack Ciattarelli rips media calls projecting Phil Murphy victory in the NJ gubernatorial election

Biden falsely claims US has the fastest growing economy in the world

NJ Election Worker: ‘I’ll Let You [Non-Citizen/Non-Registered Voter] Fill out a Ballot’

Tennis, sex and politics combine in Chinese #MeToo scandal

Babylon Bee editors reveal their 'Guide to Wokeness' and how they respond to being flagged as 'misinformation'

Republicans must not get cocky

Meltdown: A Collection Of The Most Insane Tweets From Election Night

S.C. man pleads guilty to assault on officer during Jan. 6 Capitol breach


Do Those Stress-Relieving Drinks Really Work?

Fact Check: Is Critical Race Theory Taught in Virginia Schools?

Voters Reject Government Overreach at All Levels, but Leftists Won’t Listen

‘Don’t Mess With Our Kids’: Nikki Haley Celebrates GOP Wins, Warns Republicans Against Arrogance

How Montana’s Revamped Focus Makes for Better K-12 Civics Education

Why Virginia Governor’s Election Matters for All Americans

Were Biden’s Claims at COP26 Climate Change Summit Accurate?

Biden: Claims About Immigrant Payments "Garbage"

Nearly a Week Later, It’s Still Not Clear . . . What Was the Lincoln Project Thinking?


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Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Final Numbers in; Johnson, Figueroa Face Runoff; Rolle Cruises

Senate Republicans to formally disapprove, nullify Biden vaccine mandate on private employees

Inglewood High School Apologizes For Beating Morningside High School 106-0

Opinion:Democrats let Biden down. McAuliffe — and democracy — paid the price.

Immigration activists blast Democrats over shrinking immigration plans

Former USC head coach to take over Georgia Southern football program

Exclusive: Western Republicans call for Senate action on Yellowstone grizzly bear conflicts

In Virginia, GOP finds new playbook — not easily replicated

Colin Kaepernick Goes After Carlton And Steve Urkel, Claims White People Like To See An ‘Acceptable Negro’

Dan Aykroyd Supports ‘Rightly’ Canceling Comedy That Is Offensive

Meet Winsome Sears, the bada** conservative Black woman elected as Lt. Gov. in Virginia

Republican Glenn Youngkin Wins Governor’s Race In Virginia, Experts Project

Huma Abedin opens up about Anthony Weiner: ‘I lived in so much shame’


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Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Seattle Is One Election Away From Complete Leftist Anarchy

Democrats Need Systemic Racism To Exist So Much, They Fake It

Joe Biden’s Speech In Glasgow Was An Advertisement For Chinese Coal And Russian Gas

Joe Biden’s eight-miles-per-gallon 'Beast' limousine is spotted filling up near his Edinburgh COP26 base after his 20-car motorcade ferried the president 90 miles to Glasgow and back while being tailed by helicopter

The Demand for Money Behind Many Police Traffic Stops

Democrats Are Using The Same 2020 Election Shenanigans To Overtake Virginia This Year

Washington Post Reports On Demonic Energy Behind The Left’s Culture War

If China Controls Taiwan’s Chip Manufacturers, It Will Control The World

Hysterical NBC Journo Calls Secret Service Over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Merch

Tight Virginia Race Becomes Referendum on Biden Presidency

China locks 30,000 visitors inside Shanghai Disneyland after one guest got Covid-19

Biden Apologizes for Trump Admin Pulling Out of Paris Accords

British citizens could soon face prison sentences for sharing “false information” about vaccines

McAuliffe cancels event in Virginia Beach, Youngkin set to hold event in Virginia Beach tonight

Experts Challenge Climate Summit, Biden Plan

Threats and disinformation spread across the country in the wake of the Capitol siege, shaking the underpinnings of American democracy.

WH Eases Vaccine Mandates for Federal Contractors


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

Cackling Kamala

Wisconsin Elections Commission ‘Shattered’ Laws By Telling Nursing Home Staffers To Illegally Cast Ballots For Residents

7 Insane Things I Just Learned About How U.S. Elections Are ‘Rigged’

4 Indispensable Conditions For A Truly Free And Fair Election

How Progressives Ruined Catholicism

Our Degenerate Elites Are Losing Control And Lashing Out In Desperation

EXCLUSIVE: Biden FBI Joins Pelosi In Blocking GOP From Investigating January 6

Virginia Democrats Claim ‘Free And Fair’ Election While Rigging It Again

Turns Out Alexander Vindman Is The Dopey Hack We All Thought He Was

Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey Is Blocking Efforts To Pass Ban On COVID Vaccine Mandates

Majority Of Americans Disapprove Of MLB’s Role In Outsourcing Batting Helmet Production To Communist China

Loudoun County Superintendent Ziegler Admitted He Was ‘Incorrect’ To Declare Unlawful Assembly That Led To Parent Arrests

Entire Internet Blames Democrats For Alleged Virginia Race Hoax, McAuliffe Claims His Campaign Didn’t Do It

A Ban On Arctic Drilling Remains In Democrats’ New Reconciliation Framework While Gas Prices Soar

Hayden Center Doubles Down On Blatant Lie That Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is ‘Russian Disinformation’

How These Loudoun County Parents Reacted To Proof That The School Board Lied To Them

Biden, Pelosi, Sanders, And The Squad Are Squabbling Over A Bill They Never Promised In The First Place

Wakanda Forever: Tenoch Huerta Rumoured As Namor For The Black Panther Sequel

As Trump propelled his supporters to Washington, law enforcement agencies failed to heed mounting warnings about violence on Jan. 6.

Billionaire Mega-Donor At Center Of Hunter Biden Art Sales Raises Ethics Concerns

Elon Musk Wants Proof $6 Billion Can Solve World Hunger

NBC News Anchor Chuck Todd Delivers ‘Scary News For Democrats’ In New Poll

In the Final Days Before Virginia Votes, Both Sides Claim Momentum

Chris Wallace to Buttigieg: Port Congestion Has Become Worse Since Biden Announced 24/7 Port Operations

Virginia Dems Growing Fearful of Losing Gubernatorial Race

Biden says he takes ‘great solace’ in his relationship with Pope Francis

Barclays CEO Jes Staley Steps Down Amid Pressure Over Epstein Ties

Jen Psaki, the latest in long list of fully vaccinated to get COVID-19

Opinion:‘Let’s go Brandon’ is Republicans’ vulgar governing agenda

New York City firefighters take medical leave amid looming vaccine sanctions


The Paper of Record

SGHS COVID Dashboard
Danish Mask Study
Spanish Nursing Home Study

John Kerry Holds $1 Million Stake in Equity Fund Linked To Uyghur Labor Abuse

Why I Ask More of America Than We Can Get

Dem Rep Says What He Really Feels About Republican Colleague in Hot Mic Moment

School Board President's Response to Concerned Parent Caught on Hot Mic

Pennsylvanians Are Not Amused by Rachel Levine’s Latest Promotion

McAuliffe’s Infamous ‘Parents’ Quip Wasn’t a Gaffe — It’s How Democrats Think

No, Better Tax Enforcement Will Not Raise $400 Billion

Republican Senators Demand Information on Improper Medicaid Payments

Fox Poll: Youngkin Takes the Lead in Virginia

‘Pay your fair share’: Biden targets corporate profits, wealthy to pay for $1.75T spending bill

Intellectual Dishonesty: No, the Richest One Percent Don’t Pay 40 Percent of the Taxes.

In the middle of a crisis, Facebook Inc. renames itself Meta

Tucker Carlson draws bipartisan backlash for 'false flag' claim about Jan. 6 in new documentary

Economic growth rate slows to 2% on a sharp slowdown in consumer spending

Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol

'You are the problem': AT&T tells white staff they are racist, asks them to confess their 'white privilege' and to promote 'Defund the Police as part of re-education program by CEO John Stankey

AT&T Employee Training Program Says, ‘White People, You are the Problem’

U.S. in Talks to Pay Hundreds of Millions to Families Separated at Border

Florida school board member under fire for field trip to known gay bar

The Awesome Hypocrisy of the "Facebook Papers" Moral Panic

EXCLUSIVE: Dave Rubin, Mainstream Media’s Most Noted Gay Conservative, Dishes On Hot Topics, Politics, and The Golden Girls

Biden Administration Could Pay Illegal Immigrant Families Separated at Border $450,000 Per Person in Settlements

Our Degenerate Elites Are Losing Control And Lashing Out In Desperation

Virginia Democrats Claim ‘Free And Fair’ Election While Rigging It Again

Ross Douthat’s New Book Details His Personal Battle With A Mystery Illness

EXCLUSIVE: Biden FBI Joins Pelosi In Blocking GOP From Investigating January 6

Left Unchecked, Biden’s Border Crisis Will Become The New Normal

The Media Need A Kyle Rittenhouse Conviction In Order To Validate Leftist Political Violence

Florida Sues Biden Administration Over Unconstitutional Vaxx Mandate For Federal Contractors

Republicans Introduce Bill To Combat Biden’s COVID ‘Jab Or Job’ Ultimatum

For Religious Exemption To Vaccine Mandate, The Biden Administration Wants To Know All About You

House Republicans Probe NSBA For Colluding With White House On Bogus ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter Targeting Parents

Dear NBC: If Anyone ‘Created’ Virginia Outrage, It Was Radical School Boards

Indiana University Spent $55K, Sent Publicly Funded Professors To Promote Critical Race Theory

Joe Biden Is Showing Up Empty-Handed To The Glasgow Climate Summit. Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

Woke USA Today Sports Writer Whines About ‘Racist’ Braves Nickname Days After Using It

Pelosi Stalls Vote on Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill amid Progressive Revolt

New Jersey professor on White people: 'I want to say ... we got to take these motherf---kers out'

Team McAuliffe emails reveal effort to 'kill this' Fox News story

Biden’s team sends mixed messages to migrant caravan

Biden heads off to U.N. summit with climate agenda hanging in balance

Andrew Cuomo Charged with Sex Crime in Albany City Court

New Policy Gives FTC Greater Control Over How Companies Do M&A

Mark Meadows willing to bet all his money that Trump runs again: 'He's in'

Facebook’s Four New Letters Won’t Spell Alphabet

President Biden says outcome of trillion dollar spending bills will determine his presidency

Ken Cuccinelli: Youngkin's strong showing against McAuliffe in Virginia gubernatorial race is no accident

Reid: Tucker Is Teaching the Right to ‘Normalize’ Fascism; He Is Now No Different to Alex Jones

Progressives back Biden’s $1.75 trillion compromise ‘in principal’

California Ports to Charge Ocean Carriers $100 Per Day for Each Shipping Container That Dwells on Marine Terminals

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