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Operation Stormwatch Brunswick

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The Golden Isles is NOT expecting hurricane force winds, but we are still expecting to experience tropical storm force winds to hit late Sunday afternoon and into the evening. In the overall, major storm conditions are expected to last from late Sunday afternoon until around early afternoon on Monday.

On the good news front, we are expecting a 5-10% chance of 58mph or greater sustained winds and a less than 5% chance of hurricane force winds. This doesn’t mean we’re out of the clear yet. National Weather Service experts say that any movement of Irma eastward could be disastrous for the area.

The storm surge threat to the area has been downgraded to moderate, but that still means a storm surge in the neighborhood of 4-6 feet. Particular attention needs to be paid to our rivers as well, as they are in danger of flooding. Altamaha and Satilla could see a rise of 3-6 feet, and our marshy areas could see a significant amount of flooding. Please pay extra attention if you live in a neighborhood that is right along a waterway or on the marsh.

We are expecting a moderate tornado threat as well, and between the nor’easter and Irma, we anticipate 5-10 inches of rainfall.

The DOT will be closing the Sidney Lanier Bridge today at noon.

St. Simons notes: The JWSC still plans on turning off the water to St. Simons today at 2pm. The water will be restored when the storm has passed. Contrary to rumor, the FJ Torras Causeway has NOT been closed. Repeat: the FJ Torras Causeway has not been closed. That decision will be made by the county if and when travel conditions on the causeway present a safety threat. We are already receiving reports of downed trees on St. Simons and the worst is yet to come, so stay indoors.

Jekyll Notes: The Downing Musgrove Causeway to Jekyll Island was closed at 9 this morning in anticipation of the arrival of Irma.

If you are anticipating returning because conditions have improved, please don’t. We are still facing a significant storm threat and it’s also not safe for you to be on the road. For the same reasons, please don’t invite evacuees from other areas to come here. As has been said by many an emergency personnel staffer, Glynn County is not a place you want to be right now.

PLEASE do not touch any downed power lines or trees that have fallen on said power lines.

If there is a power failure and you are on the roads, please treat every intersection as a four-way stop.

For those of you who asking if you can come back, please don’t.

After the storm passes the area will be assessed for safety issues before the all clear is given. Please wait until the all-clear is given before you return. Glynn County will have to undergo a number of infrastructure inspections before they can allow re-entry.

Chief Powell of Glynn County Police Department has stated that there have been very few instances of break-ins and burglaries since the evacuations started. He wants to assure citizens that patrols have been stepped up and are active and that the Glynn County curfew of 12midnight to 6am is being enforced. Because to these actions, burglaries and break-ins are being kept to a minimum.

For those concerned about county and city employees that are working throughout the storm, we have been assured that they are being given facilities so they will be sheltered and fed during the storm.

Please read this update thoroughly, forward it, and ask me any questions you’d like.

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