Operation Stormwatch Brunswick

Operation Stormwatch Brunswick

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The Latest for Glynn on Hurricane Irma

The latest hurricane forecasts put Glynn County outside the cone of uncertainty regarding direct hits from Hurricane Irma. However, with today’s Nor’easter bringing possible tropical storm force winds and light flooding into the area today, Glynn County offcials have decided that the evacuation order still stands.  The governor has also left his evacuation order in place. Remember that any deviation form the current track to the east increases the risk to this area.

The portion of the storm that we are at greatest risk of experiencing is the most dangerous portion of the storm and our risk of tornadoes has increased. And our area still faces a 20-30% possibility of hurricane force winds. In fact, our proximity to the coast will mean stronger winds than the listed winds for the storm. The projected storm surge has been lowered to between 3 and 6 feet, however, that is not inclusive of the higher tides that come with the Nor’easter. Rivers and marshes are also in danger of major flooding. The FJ TOrras Causeway to St Simons is projected to flood during the storm. We may be facing 10-15 inches of rain.

 The Need A Ride Program will only be in operation today from 10-12, then it will shut down. If you need a ride to the need a ride program, please call 911 and they will find someone who can assist you. Need a ride pick up locations are:

-Mary Ross Park

-Glynn Place Mall

-United Pentacostal Church

-Harris Teeter on St Simons

-Bay Harbor Church of God

-and Lanier Plaza. Lanier Plaza will be a pet-friendly pickup.

Again, the Need a Ride program will shut down today at noon.

County officials have asked that if you have evacuated, please stay away. If you have not yet evacuated, please consider doing so. Please do no invite evacuees to come to Glynn County as it may not be safe for them. Contraflow has begun on I-16 and it continues. Water is STILL planned to be shut down on St Simons Island at 2pm tomorrow. Once again, Glynn County and City of Brunswick officials emphasize that Glynn County is not a place to be.

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