LISTEN: Dorian's Effects On Beaches And Sea Life

Now that Hurricane Dorian has moved away from the Sunshine State, the question becomes, what lingering effects will it have on our beaches.

Erosion up and down Florida's coast is a possibility because, "Wind action and more furious wave action could contribute to the beaches eroding more than they normally would," but University of Florida, Florida Sea Grant Agent Miami-Dade County Ana Zangroniz adds, "Because our beaches are eroding all the time. And managing the loss of sand is a challenge for local governments and those regulatory bodies involved."

Ana Zangroniz on Beach and Sea Life

She anticipates we could also see increased marine debris possibly from the Bahamas; however, "It would be really hard without having a direct tie such as a stamp, or something, or a brand name or a label that would indicate it's coming from there."

She adds it's too early to know if current and prevailing wind carried sargassum seaweed will return to blanket Miami-Dade's beaches like we dealt with earlier this summer.

While it'll take some time to calculate the damage, the storm could have a positive effect on stressed coral suffering in the hottest ocean temperatures of the year.

"When we have a hurricane close to our shores that can potentially churn up water and bring cooler water from offshore and bring it closer to shore giving a little bit of relief to those animals," says Zangroniz.

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