County Police Investigating St. Simons Incident

Photos, a cell phone video, and a narrative have emerged about an incident alleged to have taken place on St Simons last Tuesday involving minors abusing a student. Names of the offenders and victims have been posted on social media, but we have no primary source confirmations of the names of the offenders and out of respect for the family of the victim, we are not publishing his name at this time.

When asked if the participants were students in the Glynn County School System, school officials have confirmed that some of the students are current students, but that the incident appears to have taken place at the home of a former student who dropped out.

Glynn County Police have issued the following statement, acknowledging they are investigating the incident:

Current Investigation

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga.- The Glynn County Police Department(GCPD) is currently conducting a criminal investigation regarding an incident that took place involving minors. The story of this incident has been posted on social media channels within the community over the weekend. 

GCPD Criminal Investigation Division is gathering facts, interviews, evidence, and other relevant information on this incident. To not compromise the current investigation, GCPD will keep the public up to date with information as allowed.  

Interim Chief O’Neal Jackson is asking citizens who may have more information to come forward or to contact the Glynn County Police Department. You can do so through phone or email via the Silent Witness program. 

Silent Witness: ​912-264-1333

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