Two Arrested After Dispute with Bus Driver

A Monday standoff between a parent and a school bus resulted in two arrests today. 33-year-old Samantha Lynn Connelly allegedly stood in front of the school bus, stopping it, due to her dissatisfaction with the location of the bus stop on Glass Circle off of Canal Road. At that point, 30-year-old her boyfriend Tarrell LaShawn Nelson came onto the scene and tried to speak to the bus driver, who did not engage. While walking away, Nelson allegedly pulled a gun from his waistband, in view of the bus driver, who instructed the students to duck..The gun was put away within a few seconds.

After an investigation by the Glynn County Schools Police Department, Samantha Lynn Connelly has been arrested and charged with terroristic threats, false statements, and disruption of operations of a public school. Tarrell LaShawn Nelson has been charged with two counts of terroristic threats, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, disruption of operations of a public school. After warrants were secured, Sheriff’s deputies made the arrests.

Two Glynn County Schools Police officers escorted the bus home yesterday afternoon, as well as accompanying to school this morning, pending the arrest.

Connelly and Nelson are currently in the Glynn County Jail.

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