Police Issue Statement on LiDAR/RADAR Certification

Glynn County Police Department RADAR and LIDAR


GLYNN COUNTY, GA – On Friday, June 3, 2022, the Glynn County Solicitor, the Glynn County Board of Commissioners and the Glynn County Manager were notified of aquestion of possible decertification of Glynn County Police Department (GCPD) speed tracking devices. Glynn County Manager William Fallon tasked GCPD to conduct an immediate internal review of the certification status of RADAR and LIDAR units utilized by GCPD. RADAR uses radio waves to detect velocity and LIDAR utilizes light waves or laser to determine velocity i.e., speeds.


Solicitor-General Maria Lugue requested a plan be implemented as soon as possible to determine which units were not certified. Ms. Lugue’s office prosecutes misdemeanor offenses which includes speeding tickets. GCPD immediately checked all devices in their inventory. Those found to be out of compliance have been removed from service.   


The GCPD immediately began reviewing every citation issued from March 31, 2022forward to determine which speed detection devices were used. Once it has been determined which citations were issued during this period of potentially expired certification devices, appropriate measures will be taken by her office to determine which citations to prosecute or to dismiss

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