Battiste Passes Physical Test; Academy Next

Presumptive Glynn County police chief Jacques Battiste passed his Physical Agility Test, a test that was required in order for him to take the next step towards being legally sworn in as chief. Battiste had fail failed the test in two previous attempts and was in danger of not being able to attend the Police Academy to achieve his POST certification. Georgia law requires a sworn police chief to be POST-certified, and Battiste lacked that certification.

The subject of Battiste's POST certification is a confusing one, as Glynn County Commissioners believed him to be POST certified in Louisiana and that his certification would transfer to Georgia via a written exam. However, WGIG discovered he was not, in fact, POST certified in Louisiana, and that his claim of certification came from an exemption he claims was granted by the state of Louisiana for his FBI service. However, Battiste's application for the chief's position clearly states that he is currently POST certified and has been since 2017. An email asking for clarity sent to all seven commissioners and to County Attorney/Acting County Manager Aaron Mumford, has received no response, other than one commissioner, who deferred them matter to Mumford.

From here, the next step in Battiste's certification is the full course at the police academy, a 12-week school.

UPDATE: Presumptive Chief Battiste has issues the following statement:


Good Morning to everyone reading this letter. Regarding the above statement, I wish to specifically thank the following individuals for helping me to accomplish this task:

  • Inv. Stephen Parker
  • Inv. Christopher Lowther
  • Sgt. Shelia Ramos
  • Sgt. Brad Butler
  • Future Officer Lorraine Sanchez
  • Future Officer Murphy McMillen
  • Lt. Brandon Gregory
  • Administrative Assistant Stephanie Colón

These individuals were insurmountable in helping me to overcome today’s obstacles.

I wish to thank every other person within Glynn County Police Department, Glynn County Administration, and all citizens and interested onlookers who had faith in the entirety of my being successful, to include:

  • County Manager Tamara Munson
  • County Attorney Aaron Mumford
  • Director of Public Works Dave Austin
  • The entire Glynn County Board of Commissioners.

It is time for us to now get to work!

Respectfully submitted,

Chief Jacques S. Battiste

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