County Police Address Saturday Night Stafford Ave Incident, Release Footage

From GCPD:

"From:   Chief of Police Jacques S. Battiste

Re:        G21-49724 Administrative Review, Press Release

On September 4, 2021, at approximately 8:30 pm, officers of the Glynn County Police Department received a call from 911 communications stating that a black male that appeared to be carrying a weapon was walking in the area of the Dollar General and Stafford Avenue. The caller advised that the male was wearing no shirt, no shoes, appeared to be “flipping out”, and approaching vehicles. Dispatch further advised that the male was also screaming and hitting himself in the head.

A Glynn County Police Officer made contact with the male. The officer started talking to the male and the individual kept advancing towards the officer with the weapon in hand. The officer gave loud verbal commands and then deployed his department issued Taser. Based on the officer’s training, he only used less lethal force to attempt to stop the individual from advancing. The Taser appeared to have no effect on the individual. The individual ran on foot towards Beverly Shores. The officers tried to give commands for the individual to get on the ground. The individual did not respond to the officer’s commands.

A party that was on scene advised the officers that the individual had some mental disabilities. Neither of the officers had prior contact with this individual and were unaware of his disabilities.

One of the responding officers subdued the individual by tackling the individual from the waist area. At this point the officer got behind the individual and performed a cross body lock (under the arm and over the chest). Officers then handcuffed the individual with the assistance of other officers. The officers used two pairs of handcuffs due to the individual having very broad shoulders.

The individual was then placed in the rear seat of a patrol vehicle and treated by the Glynn County Fire Rescue and later transported to the South East Georgia Regional Medical Center for the Taser wounds as well an evaluation. Upon arrival at the hospital, officers released the individual from custody and attempted to seek help for him from medical staff. 

The individual’s guardian came to the hospital and advised that she was removing the individual from the hospital. The guardian left without the individual receiving treatment for the individual.

The officers involved were treated for minor injury as a result of the altercation.

Chief Battiste said “I commend the officers for using less lethal force and their ability to read the terrain as the event unfolded, preventing loss of life or serious injury to anyone involved”.  Chief Battiste also would like to emphasize that preservation of life is the goal of every police encounter.

This incident is currently under administrative review by the Glynn County Police Department."

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