Jeff Jones Announces State Senate Run

From a press release:

JeffJones, former three-term Georgia State Representative for District 167 (R-Brunswick) from 2015 – 2020 today announced his candidacy for the Georgia State Senate District 3 seat (Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Glynn & McIntosh counties).

           “It was an honor to serve the citizens of Glynn, McIntosh and Long counties during my three terms as their District 167 State Representative,” saidJeffJones. “We accomplished a great deal during these six years, always fighting hard for the citizens of the District, Southeast Georgia, and the entire State. The citizens come first – always!”

           “Now, with Georgia facing a wave of critical, challenging issues, it is time for new and energetic representation in the Georgia Senate so that the best interests of all of Southeast Georgia are represented,” explainedJones. “If voters do not believe I will first and foremost represent them in all matters, then I should not be elected to the Georgia Senate.”

Legislative Priorities

“We Georgians have many pivotal issues facing us if we are to remain a great place to live, work and raise our families. Certainly, managing our state’s multi-billion-dollar budget, and all that it encompasses, are extremely important. But, in the 2023 session, the beginning of my first term representing you in the Georgia Senate,” explainedJones, “I will introduce as either the primary sponsor, sign on as a co-sponsor or give my support, to key legislation that we citizens of southeast Georgia believe are important for our state and protection of our way of life.”

CriticalissuesJonesidentified for which Georgia must pass legislation are:

1.Replace Dominion voting systems with a secure paper ballot system including a true “voter verifiable paper trail (VVPT)”, ideally in time for the April 2022 primary. (A fundamental problem with Dominion is that the VVPT voting record is in machine readable barcode, not human readable form.) Strengthen penalties for individuals who violate voting integrity laws and voter’s trust.

2.Prevent teaching or in any way allowing any elements of Critical Race Theory, and its various destructive iterations, into Georgia public schools, from pre-K through secondary levels.

3.Passing a “Second Amendment Protection Act”, including “Constitutional Carry”, preventing the federal government from infringing on Georgians constitutional second amendment rights.

4.Protect our student athletes from having to compete against athletes who are born a different gender – “Protect Gender in Sports Act.” Statutorily ban cross gender public access restrooms.

5.Protect campus free speech, for persons of all political and religious beliefs.

6.Change the visual appearance of the Georgia driver’s license issued to non-citizens (like the driver’s license issued to under age 21 drivers).

Other areas of Georgia State Government needing attention and thatJonessupports:

1.Statutorily limit the Georgia Governor’s authority to unilaterally enact state-wide controls when those controls seek to limit Georgian’s personal freedoms; such authority should only be granted with specific approval by the General Assembly.

2.Support law enforcement; support “qualified immunity”.

3.Support lower taxes and less regulation which will foster economic development.

Legislative Successes/Committee Assignments

During his 2019-20 term,JeffJonesserved as Vice Chair of the Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications Committee, the Motor Vehicles Committee and the Regulated Industries Committee.Jeffalso served on the Insurance, Interstate Cooperation, Science & Technology and Small Business Development Committees. In 2019,Jeffserved as a Deputy Republican Whip.

During his six years in office,Jonessponsored and supported legislation that represented the wishes of his constituents. “Proudly, my voting record reflects that I listen to the people. I have not and will not vote for legislation, merely bowing to the wishes of Georgia’s political leadership, unless it best serves the citizens.”

A few of RepresentativeJones’ legislative accomplishments during his six years in office include the following:

1.Oyster mariculture – legalization of commercial oyster farming in Georgia; a job-creating, multi-million-dollar industry.

2.Multiyear legislative efforts tochange the appearance of Georgia driver’s licenses issued to non-citizens.

3.$200,000 special grant for the McIntosh County Visitor Center development.

4.$171,000 special grant for the Glynn County Public Library expansion.

5.$170,000 special grant to Long County for water system improvements.

6.Multiyear legislative effort to manage Georgia Power’s closure of toxic coal ash ponds to protect Georgia’s pristine aquifers and public waterways.

7.Multiyear legislative effort to control out-of-state cash wire transfers; targeting human traffickers, drug dealers, gamblers and others who seek to hide their cash; $100 million revenue potential to Georgia without affecting taxpayers.

8.Authored/supported/voted in favor:

a.Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill.”

b.Medicinal marijuana and cultivation.

c.Blocking open-ended expansion of Medicaid.

d.Conversion of Teacher Out-of-Pocket Supplies “tax deduction” to a “tax credit.”

9.Authored highway special designation/renaming legislation:

a.  Highway 17 “Georgia Grown Trail” (local business development).

b.  Veteran Memorial Highway (McIntosh).

c.  Chief Frank McClelland Memorial Highway (Long).

Professional Experience/Community Involvement

Jeffand his wife Lisa, of 33 years, have owned and operated local car wash and quick lube stores in Glynn County for over 25 years. “Nothing like owning and operating a small business to understand the issues hard working Georgians face every single day,” remarkedJones, “in particular, the impact of government controlling when and how we operate businesses, small and large, in today’s world!”

For 20 years prior to settling permanently in Glynn County, Georgia in 1992,Jeffheld senior corporate positions with a number of nationally recognized companies. “My corporate experience, coupled with my small business experience, have served me well in representing all Georgians,” saidJones.

Jonesserved for 15 years on the executive board for Safe Harbor Children’s Center, with four years as Board Chair. He also served on executive boards for St. Simons Christian School; Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Red Cross. TheJones’ are active members and volunteers at the First Baptist Church Brunswick.

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