Third Dose of Vaccine for Immunocompromised from Coastal Health District

Press release form Coastal Health District:

Health Departments to Offer Third Dose to Immunocompromised Individuals

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA - On Thursday, August 19th, Health Departments in the Coastal Health District will begin offering a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine to individuals with certain immune conditions. Third doses are only recommended for immunocompromised individuals who previously received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. 

“Studies have shown that people with compromised immune systems may not develop a strong enough immune response with just two doses, so getting a third dose will enhance that response,” said Dr. Lawton Davis, health director for the Coastal Health District. “If your immune system is compromised because of a medical condition or a medication you’re taking, this additional dose can help strengthen your body’s defense against this dangerous virus.” 

Those seeking a third dose can provide documentation of their medical condition from their physician or sign a consent form attesting they have a qualifying condition. Examples of qualifying conditions include receiving an organ or stem cell transplant, undergoing treatment for cancer, having advanced HIV infection, or taking certain immune-suppressing medications. A list of qualifying conditions can be found at

To make an appointment for vaccination at your local county health department in the Coastal Health District, visit or call the COVID-19 Vaccine Phone Line at 912-230-5506. Some vaccination sites allow walk-ins, but appointments are preferred at all sites and are required at the Long and McIntosh County Health Departments. 

Later this fall, the Centers for Disease Control expects “booster” doses of Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines to be available for residents without immune system concerns. A booster dose can create longer-lasting protection. More information on the timing and availability of booster doses will be released soon.

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