Arrest Made in School Theft

From Glynn County Schools Police Chief Rod Ellis:


Yesterday morning around 0900 AM, a white male was observed stealing items from a Glynn County Board of Education (GCBOE) grounds maintenance truck that was doing work at Risley Annex on Albany Street in Brunswick. Items taken included; two commercial grade trimmers, and a back-pack style blower. The suspect was captured on surveillance video located at the school. A lookout was put out on the suspect by SGT Gregory of the Glynn County School Police (GCSP) and the still photos and descriptive information was shared with our local law enforcement partners. 

That afternoon, Glynn County School Police Chief Ellis began to make inquiries and spoke with Officer Rash of the Glynn County Police. Officer Rash stated who he thought the suspect was based upon still photos shared from the surveillance video. Deeper investigative inquiries revealed that the suspect had pawned several similar items recently at a local pawn shop. Chief Ellis passed this information on to Investigator Ricky Hilburn of the GCSP for follow-up.

Once schools were out for the day, Hilburn went to the local pawn shop in question and made inquiries. The staff there were helpful and stated that they would advise Hilburn if they encountered the suspect coming in the store. Within minutes of Hilburn leaving, he received a phone call from the pawn shop and they stated that the suspect was there at the store. Investigator Hilburn returned to the store to find the man and the items stolen earlier in the day that belonged to the Glynn County Board of Education. He was arrested on the spot and taken into custody. 

GCSP SGT Gregory arrived shortly thereafter and transported Michael Brantley Junior, 33 of Brunswick, to the Glynn County Detention Center where he was booked on charges of Theft by Taking. Investigator Hilburn, assisted by GCBOE grounds staff, then recovered all of the stolen items. 

"This is an example of good teamwork between law enforcement agencies to recover items that ultimately belong to the taxpayers," said Chief Rod Ellis of the GCSP. "I'm proud that once our main mission of securing schools was completed for the day, that I have staff dedicated enough to help out after-hours in catching someone stealing our school system's equipment". 

"We have averysupportive board and Superintendent who ensure we have working surveillance cameras everywhere in our schools, along with a very dedicated police department. It's not very wise to steal school board equipment...there's a good chance you'll get caught'' said Ellis. 


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