Battiste Stumbles in Fitness Exam

Jacques Battiste has encountered another obstacle to becoming the sworn police chief of the Glynn County Police Department. Rumors have swirled that the recent hire had failed a fitness test required to gain his POST certification. When asked about this rumor, the county’s response was a somewhat cryptic, “We are aware of this and are working on processing what this means and figuring out how to move forward.” There has been no response to a request for further comment, but POST policy allows for him to retake the fitness test.

However, a phone conversation with Georgia POST revealed that the fitness test is not part of the POST Equivalency of Training process, the method by which Georgia POST certifies officers who hold POST certification in other states, which leads to more questions. According to the POST representative, the fitness test would only be issued if a candidate were preparing to attend the police academy, which should not be a requirement in this case.

The two possibilities that came up during the conversation regarding a theoretical candidate’s need to take a fitness test are: 1. That he failed to reached the 80% threshold on his POST exam or 2. That he held no POST certification in another state. Several requests have been filed with both Georgia and Louisiana post in an attempt to gain answers.

More as this unfolds.

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