Camden Puts Students in Masks. Will Others Follow?

An email sent to parents of Camden County public school students confirms the system will begin to enforce its mask mandate this Friday when the schools have open house.

The email cites a 994% increase in transmission rate, though it seems to be referring to a 7-day average of new cases, not the infection rate. The current infection rate in Camden is 1.27%. Anything above 1% is said to be an indicator of an uncontained infection, as each infected person is, on average, infecting 1.27 other people, causing the numbers of infected to rise.

The 7-day average figure is a bit misleading as well, since the figure is given as 74.5. The number 74.5 is per 100,000 residents. Since Camden only has 55,000 residents the actual 7-day average is 41.

The email also cited an increase in hospitalizations in Camden, which it compared to last year’s peak.

The letter states that large gatherings are on hold till further notice, but this does not seem to apply to the football program, as the missive also states that the school will rely on guidance from the GHSA regarding athletic events.

The letter makes no mention of any alternative methods for students to pursue their education, like online learning.

When asked earlier this evening about the possibility of resuming the mask mandate in Glynn Schools, one school board member said that the decision has not yet been made.

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