UPDATED Old is New. Former Chief Alexander Named Special Advisor to GCPD

The Glynn County Commission met today in executive session and emerged from the session naming former Glynn County Police Chief Carl Alexander to the newly-created position of Special Advisor to the Board of Commissioners on Matters Pertaining to the Glynn County Police Department, or Special Advisor for short. According to a source familiar with the situation, Alexander’s role will be to provide guidance to the new chief of police, who has yet to be named. Alexander was sworn in in Glynn Superior Court immediately after the meeting ended.The former chief was hired on a six month contract. The motion was advanced by Commissioner Allen Booker and was passed unanimously. A request to the county regarding the salary for that position has not yet been answered.

Press release from the County:

NEWS: Alexander Hired as Police Department Special Advisor

GLYNN COUNTY Ga, On February 11, 2021, the Glynn County Board of Commissioners approved a six-month contract with Carl Alexander, to serve as a special advisor to the Board of Commissioners on the matters pertaining to the Glynn County Police Department. This is a temporary position that will report directly to the Board of Commissioners. During this period of time, Alexander will assist the Board in a search for a new Police Chief and evaluate and recommend policies and procedures of the department necessary to achieve accreditation and to elevate and enhance the services it provides to the community.

Glynn County Commissioner and Police Advisory Panel member David O’Quinn said, “It is the desire of the Board of Commissioners to maintain the forward momentum the police department has gained towards the goal of accreditation and community based policing. A temporary special advisor will be able to assist in this transition to a permanent Chief.Our goal is to create a much improved department for the new chief to push forward with the 21stCentury Policing initiatives that have been promoted in recent years.”

Glynn County Interim Chief of Police Rick Evans will continue his role in maintaining the day to day operations of the department as appointed. Alexander will advise and assist Interim Chief Evans with administrative functions of the department as needed and will coordinate with Evans on budgetary needs of the department. Evans has indicated that he intends to apply for the Chief of Police position.

Interim Chief Rick Evans stated, “Carl is one of my mentors and has had a tremendous amount of influence on my career. I am honored to be working with a true legend of Glynn County law enforcement.”

Carl Alexander replied similarly that, “I am excited about working with Ricky. I have known him for many years and he is a fine, upstanding young man and brings an awful lot to the organization. Partnering with him is one of the best case scenarios to bring to the organization. Much has been accomplished and there are many more accomplishments in the pipeline.”

Carl Alexander is a former Glynn County Chief of Police serving from 1987-2002. Furthermore, for the last year, Alexander has had an in-depth view into the police department as the Chairman of the Glynn County Police Advisory Panel. The Panel is working to help the department regain certification and implement the recommendations outlined in the Operations and Management Study from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) received in 2018. Alexander most recently served as the Director of Security for the Sea Island Company and served in that capacity for nearly 19 years.

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