County Terminates Former Chief Powell

Last week former county police Chief John Powell was terminated by Glynn County officials.

According to a letter from county manager, Alan Ours, Powell's termination was effective January 7th. Powell was indicted on malfeasance charges and was placed on leave for over 10 months. He is now awaiting trial.

Powell's charges stem from an unethical alleged cover-up made of an undercover officer's affair with an informant.

Glynn County released the following letter today, sent to former county Police Chief John Powell on January 7th:

In his letter, Ours' stated that, "Without a definitive date for your return to work, and after taking into account that you have already been on paid administrative leave for over 10 months, a continued open-ended leave of absence is unreasonably indefinite and places an undue hardship on Glynn County and its ability to properly and efficiently utilize taxpayer funds and manage its personnel system,” the letter reads. “In addition, it has also been determined that there are not currently any vacant alternative positions with equivalent pay and benefits within the county for which you would qualify."

Photo: Getty Images

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