Judge Throws Out Suit Against GCPD, Powell

A judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by the widow of John Edward Hall, Jr. regarding the Glynn County Police Department and former Chief John Powell's complicity in the murder of Hall and Katie Kettles Sasser by former Glynn police officer Cory Sasser. The order, signed by State Court Judge Douglas Gibson, finds that arguments for dismissal put forth by the County, Powell, the Police Department and a John and Jane Doe, were not successfully rebutted by the plaintiffs. There remains a lawsuit filed by Hall against Sheriff Neal Jump, former GCPD officer Kevin Yarborough, Cory Sasser's son Bryce, Stephanie Oliver, Heather Savage, as well as four John Does and four Jane Does.

An additional lawsuit was filed by the mother of Sasser's ex-wife Katie Kettles Sasser earlier this year, involving many of the same defendants. That suit also remains.

Photo: Getty Images