Numerous Charges Dropped in Case of Former Chief, Other Officers

Judge Anthony Harrison issued a set of rulings on requests for demurrers in the cases of former GCPD Police Chief John Powell and former GCPD officers Brian Scott, David Haney, and David Hassler. In the rulings, a number of charges were effectively dropped when the judge sustained the motions to demur.

Dropped are three counts of Violation of Oath by a public officer against Scott and Powell, as well as two counts of Influencing a Witness. The judge allowed a charge of criminal attempt to commit perjury to stand in the case of Powell and Scott.

Hassler's charges of violation of Oath of Public Office are also dropped.

Haney has been relieved of three counts of Violation of Oath of Office by a Public Officer, but the four counts of perjury against him remain. Haney's attorneys have announced they will appeal the ruling on the perjury charges.

More as this develops.

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