Man beaten unconscious by bouncer at bar on St. Simon's Island

21-year-old Eli Mukes was beaten unconscious late Saturday night by a bouncer at a local bar on St. Simon's Island, leaving him in critical condition.

Mukes's sister, Kendra Mukes, shared in a post on GoFundMe that her brother Eli was attacked by a bouncer as the bouncer was trying to move customers out of the bar late Saturday night.

"My brother was attacked and targeted by a 6’4 bouncer weighing about 367 lbs according to a coworker of his. This man is 32 years old, while my brother is 21. This “man” was aiming to severely hurt my brother." Mukes's sister said.

Mukes's sister says Eli was hit in the head multiple times, knocking him unconscious and causing him to land on concrete. A friend of his was able to call an ambulance and Mukes was rushed to a hospital in Brunswick, Georgia. A CT scan revealed bleeding on his brain.

"The hospital then sent him in an ambulance to Jacksonville,Florida where he has a second CT scan revealing several more brain bleeds. His face is severely swollen, making him almost unrecognizable and he has multiple facial fractures, including the temporal bone and on his skull. He has no memory of what has happened. He does not understand where he is (the hospital) he cannot tell you the presidents name, year, my moms name or fathers name including many other things."

Eli is currently in the ICU. If you'd like to help, Eli's family has organized a GoFundMe to cover medical bills. Click here to donate.

Photo: Getty Images

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