IPC to Discuss Possible Museum

Glynn County’s Island Planning Commission meets at 6:00 tomorrow night in the Strickland Auditorium at Epworth by the Sea. Two items that are likely to bring some public discussion are a proposed art museum in the pier village at the Mallery St. / Beachview Drive intersection; and a new storage facility on Hamilton Rd. near Gascoigne Bluff. The proposed location for the museum is the home of the small kiosks, which will have to be demolished. The IPC will consider a zoning change to allow the museum and a request to demolish the kiosks. The commission will consider an amendment to the Island Medical Park Planned Development District to add “rental storage facility” as a permitted use. The property owner, South Leeward Bluff, LLC, wants to build a storage facility on an acre and a half at 371 and 391 Hamilton Road. The property is across Hamilton Rd. from the Mariner’s Landing condominiums..