Video: Odd 'UFO' Spotted Over Wichita

What seems to be something of a mass UFO sighting occurred in the city of Wichita, Kansas last week and sparked debate among residents over what the odd object could have been. According to a local television station, the incident took place on Thursday afternoon and spawned hundreds of reports from bewildered witnesses. Although several observers managed to capture footage of the oddity and shared their videos on social media, discerning what exactly had caused such a stir is rather difficult.

By and large, witnesses reported seeing a bright, fast-moving object that one individual argued was not an airplane. 'We see airplanes all the time. We're near the airport," said resident Mike Marler, "it was definitely different." In an admirable albeit misguided attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery, TV station KAKE actually dispatched reporter Eli Higgins to fly over the city in a small plane. However, by the time he took to the sky, the object was long gone.

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