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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Labor cannibalization? What Hyundai's hiring means for local employers.



ANDREW MCCARTHY: Trump Can't Win...



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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

The 'Hyundai effect': How will Savannah handle workforce pressures?

The Hyundai EV plant labor force pipeline: If you build it, they will work

Your public library card is the key to free Hawks tickets, zoo passes

What is a 'trad wife'? These controversial women are drawing attention – and opinions

Renegade Paws rescues 26 dogs from puppy mill in Jesup

Multiple suffer heat-related injuries at Flau’Jae event

Savannah Police investigating early morning shooting that injured 1

Police surround Savannah home for hours, no one barricaded inside

SC’s tax-free weekend begins this Friday

Poll Shows The Don Dominating Rivals...

Atlanta braces for charges in 2020 investigation...

Gas prices are rising again in Savannah

TWITTER Threatens Legal Action Against Nonprofit That Tracks Hate Speech...

Gen X to Gen... Ugly? Facial analyst claims humans becoming less attractive...

If House Republicans Really Cared About Spending, They’d Resist Pork-Barrel Earmarks

Santa Barbara School Board Protects Lefty Activists’ Grift As Student Scores Keep Sliding

Gun Ownership Is Probably Far More Widespread Than We Thought

‘Facebook Files’ 2.0 Reveal White House Pressured Facebook To Censor ‘True’ Content

If The Bidens Recognized Navy As Family, She Would Have Millions From Foreign Oligarchs In Her Account

Biden Impeachment Inquiry Is Well-EarnedDem Senators Call on Garland To Sue the Oil Industry

Abracadabra! The ‘Illusion of Access’!

The Economy That Republicans Don’t Want to Talk About

DOJ to Archer on Eve of House Testimony: You Are Going to Prison

The Incoherence of the Rally around Criminal Defendant Trump

‘Obviously Nonsense’: DeSantis Reacts to Criticism from Supporter-Turned-Critic Ed Rollins 

Facing Tough Election, Kentucky Governor Rewrites His Record on Child Gender Transition

Be Skeptical about Devon Archer’s House Testimony

DOJ Does What Trump Was Indicted for Doing

The Merrick Garland Fraud

The Space for a Retribution Candidate Is Already Filled

Vance Defends Donor Financing of Trump’s $40 Million Legal Bill

Devon Archer Says Joe Biden Often Joined Calls With Hunter

Disinformation & Censorship, 1984–2023

The National Scandal That Is Too Big To Break

Devon Archer: Joe Biden was the ‘brand’ to land big-money deals

Speeding ticket dispute heads to Supreme Court in fight over city versus Native American rights

ICE revives policy limiting arrests and deportations

House GOP launches DOJ probe over bungled plea deal with Hunter Biden

U.S. fears fallout from military coup in a dangerous region

Biden Shores Up Democratic Support, but Faces Tight Race Against Trump

More Republicans say former President Trump committed “serious federal crimes.” But they still support him.

After Paying Lawyers, Trump’s PAC Is Nearly Broke

Biden Spoke With Son’s Associates, but Not About Business, Former Partner Says

Low-wattage Africa summit shows the limits of Putin’s appeal

DeSantis vows to ‘save the American automobile’ by undoing Biden’s EV proposal

‘Sound of Freedom’ spurs calls for Senate hearings on human trafficking

Trump expects new indictment ‘any day now,’ lays groundwork to cast Smith probe as Biden diversion


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

In Session: Two men found guilty of murder in August 2022 case

'Take care of Savannah': Savannah Council votes to maintain millage rate

Trial for youth mentor accused of raping teenage girl…

UGA defensive lineman booked on warrant after speeding…

Mother of missing Lowcountry woman speaks out

Chatham County school zone cameras turn on soon

Council fires Beaufort County administrator

2 wanted after couple held at gunpoint in home invasion

20 people suffer heat-related injuries at back to school festival in Savannah

Man leads Hardeeville Police on 100 mph high-speed chase

$60 Million Refund Request Shows Financial Pressure on Trump From Legal Fees...


The Don slams Biden as 'dumb son of a bitch'...

Slammed McConnell 'dumb son of a bitch'...

Greatest hits tour plays Erie...

Dozens served in Cabinet. Only 4 say he should be re-elected...




Flau’jae Johnson returns to her old stomping grounds

Shirtless man pumping gas in Brooklyn stabbed to death by offended Muslim...

Highlights From The House Hearing On Transgenderism

Yes, We Do Need Songs Like Jason Aldean’s

Beware Of Bureaucrats Wanting To Be Your BFF

Expect Climate Alarmism To Heat Up In California This Wildfire Season

Xi Jinping’s ‘Disappearing’ Acts Leave No Doubt He’s A Dictator

Exclusive: Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Support Voter ID, Limited Mail-In Voting

Meet Trent Staggs, The Mayor Working To Primary Mitt Romney

Redefining Death Would Pull The Plug On Brain-Damaged Patients

How Courts, Lawmakers, And The Next POTUS Could Rein In The Administrative State

We Can Save A Woman’s Life Without Ending Her Unborn Child’s

People Magazine Acknowledges Navy Biden After Getting The ‘OK’ Signal From Joe

Question For Leftists: Why Do You Want To Rob Black Slaves Of Their Rich History?

Biden’s ‘My Son Has Not Made Money On China’ Debate Lie Isn’t Looking Too Good Right Now

Leftist ‘Disinformation’ Police Pressure Meta To Run Election Interference On New Threads Platform

World Seeks To Bypass Surrogacy Laws By Renting Wombs In War-Torn Ukraine

Are Trump’s or Biden’s Lies Worse?

Grading the Presidential Candidates at the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Dinner

The Merrick Garland Fraud

Could a Third Party Win in 2024 or Play a Spoiler Role?

Andrew Tate Is Leading Young Men Astray

Oppenheimer Provides Great Entertainment, Disfigured History

How to Ruin a Fairy Tale

DOJ Pushes for Crucial Hunter Biden Witness to Report to Prison before Congressional Testimony

The Hunter Biden Deal Reveals Our Miserably Corrupt Democratic Ruling Class

A Special Counsel for Hunter Biden and His Family Business?

Protecting the Bidens

Will Hurd Booed for Saying Trump Is Running to Stay Out of Prison

William Jennings Bryan’s Subtractive Populism

What Keeps Democrats Up at Night

Relating Black History without History

Critical Race Theory Doesn’t Empower Students

The Smoking Gun in the Florida Slave Controversy

Net Zero: The Gathering Storm

Why Devon Archer's Testimony Is So Important

Plea Deal Collapse Reveals Rottenness of the Biden Admin

Two Songs Show Why Country Music Is at a Crossroads

Inside Biden deals: Business cohort jilted by Bidens after federal bust ready to testify to Congress

Smuggling cartels raking in cash despite lower border numbers

Robert Malley mystery deepens as Biden’s Iran envoy remains sidelined

New Jersey tries to upstage California on green energy policies

Trump is ‘most ethical American I know,’ ex-president’s lawyer says

Biden pardoning son would be a mistake, House Democrat says

Public schools fast-track teacher credentials to fill vacancies

Historically Black fraternity drops Florida for convention because of DeSantis policies

McConnell’s dizzy spell has politicos in Kentucky, Washington spinning plans for a successor

Court rejects move by Disney to block DeSantis lawsuit

Nikki Haley on McConnell’s health: ‘We need new generational leaders’

No taxpayer dollars to block Kirk Cameron library events, demand GOP senators


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

What will the Hyundai EV plant look like? Architect shows off plans

Emergency crews work to recover person from Savannah River

CCPD investigating fatal shooting on Winding Way

Reidsville man arrested in connection to deadly shooting

SCCPSS faces staff shortages as school year nears

Cooling centers open in Savannah amid heat wave

Man suing City of Savannah over square renaming

State files motion to revoke Quando Rondo’s bond after car crash, possible overdose




Pence Scrambles to Make First Debate...

DeSantis urges probe of BUD LIGHT...

Crowdfunded Christian Movie 'SOUND OF FREEDOM' Hits $100 Million...

ChatGPT performance degrades...

Drug-addled 'cocaine sharks' gobbling bales of narcotics dumped off coast......

Judge rebukes Tucker Carlson, 'QAnon Shaman' for 'alarming' Jan. 6 show...

SHOCK CLAIMS: Crowder Sent Photos of Genitals and Exchanged Drugs With Staffers...

Putin Bizarre Memory Lapse Sparks 'Dementia' Rumors...

Explosive FD-1023 Exposes More Biden Bribery Dirt — And Teases Damning Evidence To Come

FBI Told Twitter Hunter Biden Laptop Was Real When New York Post Story Broke, Then Hid Behind Big Tech Censors’ ‘Disinfo’ Smear

6 Ridiculous Narratives Democrats Tried In Response To IRS Whistleblowers’ Damning Biden Testimony

Democrats Try To Censor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. At Hearing On Censorship

10 Absurd Assumptions You Have To Swallow To Believe The White House-Cocaine Failure Theater

U.S. Government Funded AI-Surveillance Program Targeting ‘Emotions Expressed In Social Media’ During Covid

The Disinformation Police Are Even More Incompetent And Dishonest Than You Imagine

Parents Sue Pennsylvania School District For Barring Parochial Students From Extracurriculars

Here’s Everything In The Damning FD-1023 Document That Implicates Biden In An International Bribery Scheme

CNBC Declares Top Destination States For American Movers The ‘Worst’ Places To Live And Work

13 AGs Put Corporations On Notice After Affirmative-Action Ruling: No More Racial Discrimination

Mutually Assured Re-Nomination 

Eric Adams Cuts New York’s Sanctuary-City Losses

Kamala Harris’s High Presidential Odds

Bidens Pressured Burisma Founder into Paying $10 Million Bribe to Get Ukrainian Prosecutor Fired, FBI Source Claims

The Left Isn’t Even Pretending to Work within the American System of Government Anymore

Louisiana Legislature Protects Children from Clinical Abuse

Stanford DEI Dean Who Accosted Trump Judge Leaves Law School

Biden-Appointed D.C. U.S. Attorney Quashed Hunter’s Felony Tax Charges, IRS Whistleblower Testifies

The Central Folly of Biden’s Foreign Policy

Even as a Write-in Candidate, Biden Would Beat Kennedy in New Hampshire

Teen Girl ‘Heartbroken’ to Leave YMCA after Ban for Protesting Man in Women’s Locker Room

Barbie Gets Weaponized

FBI Told Twitter Hunter Biden Laptop Was Real on Day It Was Censored

The FBI Loses the Public

FBI source: Hunter Biden was ‘stupid’ but Burisma paid him to keep Joe Biden involved

Official admits FBI told Twitter that Hunter Biden laptop was real as soon as news broke in 2020

Americans’ belief in God, heaven at lowest point in 22 years, Gallup survey says

Hardly working: President Biden has spent nearly 40% of his presidency on vacation

A tornado tore through a Pfizer plant in North Carolina, threatening critical drug supplies for hospitals.

The Redneck Army Refuses to Stay Buried

Barbie Has Never Been a Great Symbol. But She’s an Excellent Mirror.

House Dems Try To Censor RFK Jr. at Censorhip Hearing


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Sold: New construction home off the beach at Tybee sells for $1.5 million

Atlanta Journal-Constitution fires reporter after story on UGA

Memorial Health parent company confirms major data breach

Actor’s strike to impact local businesses and students

Chatham Co. Police Department searching for missing man

Chatham County 911 Communication Center experiencing staffing shortages

Police release missing woman’s ‘unusual’ search history


Japan to deploy pre-crime behavior tech...

INDICTMENT WATCH: The Don could face historic insurrection charges...

Judge rules: Yes, he raped E. Jean Carroll...

Trump Fawns Over 'Perfect' Xi Jinping...

Half of Voters Open to Third-Party Candidate in Troubling Sign For Biden...

Online predators target teens for sextortion on new social app...

Capitol Rioter Sues CNN for $37 Million...

Biden’s DOJ Will Trigger A Major Crisis If Trump Is Indicted For Jan. 6

As Michigan Charges Trump Electors With Felonies, Recall How Leftists Everywhere Urged 2016 Electors To Defect To Hillary

Obamas, Clintons Didn’t Have Porn In Their Kids’ School Libraries But They Want That For Your Child

The Real Reason The Left Hates Jason Aldean’s New Song Has Nothing To Do With ‘Racism’

It’s Increasingly Clear The Feds Were Protecting Joe Biden, Not Hunter

Meet The Self-Interested Trio Behind The Anti-DeSantis Attacks

How Gun-Hating Media Use Slanted Surveys To Manipulate Public Opinion

If Democrats Are Worried About SCOTUS Ethics Rules, They Should Look Into Lefty Justices First

IRS Whistleblower Says Weiss Allowed Statute Of Limitations To Expire In Hunter Biden Case

Jason Aldean And Country Music Are Standing In The Way Of The Left’s Total Cultural Hegemony

It Is Completely Reasonable To Wonder If Oppenheimer Was A Soviet Spy

Trump Is the New O.J.

What Made DeSantis a Star in the First Place

DeSantis Says Media Is against Him—and He’ll Use That to His Advantage

Rothman: Is DeSantis Misreading the Room?

Elizabeth Warren’s Inflation Magic

Biden Administration Doubles Down on Its Hostility to Corporate Mergers

Biden-Appointed D.C. U.S. Attorney Quashed Hunter’s Felony Tax Charges, IRS Whistleblower Testifies

Progressives March on Jason Aldean and Nashville

Illinois Voters Bought the Ticket; They’re about to Take the Ride

Senate Passes Measure to Ensure Presidents Don’t Unilaterally Withdraw from NATO

DeSantis Says He’ll Transform ‘Woke,’ Climate-Obsessed Military

The Military Doesn’t Need DEI

The Unpopulist Populism of the New Right

GOP Likely To See Politics in Yet Another Trump IndictmentThe DeSantis Playbook To Beat Trump, Shock Haters

IRS Whistleblower in Hunter Biden Case Says He "Felt Handcuffed"

IRS agents say Justice Department brass nixed felony charges against Hunter Biden

Vivek Ramaswamy vows to take Trump’s agenda to the next level

Sen. Tom Cotton: Taxpayers shouldn’t fund Pentagon’s ‘abortion tourism,’ DEI policies

GOP demands answers as mystery over Iran envoy Rob Malley deepens

Police cast doubt on Carlee Russell’s kidnapping claim

Georgia girl missing for two years rescued from Mexico, reunited with her father

Powerball reveals winning numbers for $1 billion jackpot

Jason Aldean’s anti-woke anthem shoots to No. 1 on iTunes after CMT pulls video

Snowboarding coach sues school after being fired for views on transgender athletes

House probe accuses Mayorkas of flouting 12 laws and court orders

Gaetz introduces legislation to defund special counsel probe of Trump

Congress moves to crack down on feds buying Americans’ data from private brokers

Utah AG Sean Reyes vouches for the incredible real-life story behind ‘Sound of Freedom’

GOP Must Fight Back Against Weaponization of the Law

Top 3 Things Tucker Carlson Says The Regime Doesn’t Want You Talking About


Idaho Republicans Urge State Libraries To Ditch American Library Association After It Promoted Porn To Kids



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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Federal judge tells Chatham County to release Correct Health reports

Top officer, enlisted leader at Parris Island fired from …

Savannah-Chatham Co. teens learn to advocate for change

Lowcountry deputies find missing elderly man deceased

GDOT urges public comment on Talmadge Bridge changes

1-year-old dies after being shot by 3-year-old sibling

Privatized probation model likely to pass at Board …

Local church to give away school supplies, uniforms

Chatham County elections member resigns, will run for open county commission seat




Cannon skeptical of Trump push to delay trial past '24 election...

Michigan charges fake electors...

Jack Smith SUBWAY Trip Sends Don 'Message'... Legal woes quickly piling up...

Scientists studying monkeys find surprising benefits to same-sex relationships...

PAPER: Texas troopers told to push children into Rio Grande, deny water to migrants, records say...

Silicon Valley's entire business model a scam?

SCHRADER: 'OPPENHEIMER' Is Most Important Film of Century!

Blown Away...

Female military recruit forced to shower with trans women...

People Who Trash Their Family In Public Can’t Be Trusted

Proposed Biden Regulation Won’t Eliminate ‘Junk’ Insurance, It Will Promote It

Get Race Quotas Out Of The Cockpit Before We Literally Crash And Burn

Corporate Media Forget Their Racist Past When Lecturing About Reparations

Is Pearl Davis Serious?

Donald Trump’s Stupid, Pointless War on Republican Governors

No Labels Has No Solutions

Trump Says He’s a Target of Special Counsel’s January 6 Probe

Democrats Go to War with the Progressive Base Over Israel

The Readiness Crisis Isn’t About Abortion Access but the Politicization of the Military

Electric Vehicles: Strange New Respect for Hybrids

Progressive Pundits Fear Third-Party ‘No Labels’ Group Will Be ‘Absolutely Devastating’ to Biden’s 2024 Chances

Hung Cao Announces Bid for U.S. Senate in Virginia

Biden Spokesman’s Absurd and Obscene Claim: U.S. Military Has a ‘Sacred’ Commitment to Abortion

Five Ways to Fight Trans Activists in Everyday Conversation

The Chevron Doctrine Is Officially on the Chopping Block

‘Aid to Taiwan and Ukraine Isn’t Zero-Sum’

House Overwhelmingly Passes Resolution Supporting Israel in Rebuke to Progressive Leader

Michigan AG Charges Fake Trump Electors for Efforts to Overturn 2020 Election

Republicans Can’t Quit the Weaponization Fight

The DeSantis Playbook To Beat Trump, Shock HatersRFK Jr. Is a 'Serious Primary Challenger'

The Navy and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Progressives in Unlikely Position as GOP Targets FBI Abuse

Trump defiant as special counsel moves toward indictment for Capitol riot

Vanishing act: DHS admits that 40% of catch-and-release migrants disappeared

Court ruling for web designer may not protect others opposing same-sex weddings

GOP demands answers as mystery over Iran envoy Rob Malley deepens

DeSantis, Haley suggest GOP should enter 2024 race without Trump after Jan. 6 target letter

DeSantis comes out swinging — and misses

CMT pulls music video for Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’

Dylan Mulvaney flees U.S. in wake of Bud Light debacle: ‘I had to leave my country to feel safe’

Police serve search warrant in Tupac Shakur murder investigation

Biden energy official tells GOP lawmakers don’t worry about gas stoves: No authority to ban

DeSantis blames ‘motivated reasoning’ for reports that his campaign is floundering

Union waiver allows ‘The Chosen’ to finish season 4 filming despite actors’ strike

Sen. Tom Cotton: Taxpayers shouldn’t fund Pentagon’s ‘abortion tourism,’ DEI policies

Target Letter to Trump Raises Possibility of Obstruction and Fraud Charges

Republicans Shrug at Latest Possible Trump Indictment

Trade Commission’s Retaliation Against Twitter Is More Proof The Biden Admin Is Violating The First Amendment

Trade Commission’s Retaliation Against Twitter Is More Proof The Biden Admin Is Violating The First Amendment

Biden Administration Rushes Appeal Against Court Ruling In Effort To Keep Censorship Regime Intact

Miranda Lambert Is Right: Put Your Stupid Phone Down



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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

City Talk: Report makes strong recommendations for nightlife management

1 seriously injured in shooting on W. Montgomery Cross …

102-year-old church’s steeple, roof destroyed in fire

BCSO searching for missing man

State responds to court filings to throw out murder, false …

Number of children who read for fun down by nearly 50%

‘They were hurtling toward judgment day’: Lawyers react to Beach Family/Parker’s settlement

Man, woman plead guilty to killing British tourist in Savannah



MAGA MANIA: Standoff Between Taylor Greene and Boebert Turns Nasty...

Republican donors fuel RFK Jr...

Manchin outlines pressure campaign...

Dogs may have coexisted with dinosaurs!

Ex-GOOGLE chief: Sex robots will soon seem 'alive'...

AI Watches Millions Of Cars. Tells Cops If Driving Like Criminal...

It’s Joe Biden, Not Tommy Tuberville, Who Brought The ‘Culture War’ To The Military

Ron DeSantis Heads To CNN To (Hopefully) Confront Jake Tapper, The Most Dishonest Man On Cable News

Senate Republicans Have A Choice: Back Tuberville Or Fail A Majority Of Americans On Abortion Again

Biden’s FTC Punished Twitter For Seceding From The Censorship Complex

Have You Noticed A Lot More Americans Look Like A Frightful Hot Mess?

Newsom Challenges Biden For Censor-In-Chief Title

China Is Way Too Risky For American Travelers And Businesses

Establishment Democrats Can’t Ditch Biden Because Of Likable Old-Schoolers Like RFK Jr.

Our Cultural Degeneracy Is Actually A Return To Normalcy

Is Threads Colluding With Feds To Censor Americans Like Facebook Did? Judiciary Chair Jordan Asks Zuckerberg For Answers

Cornel West’s Threat to Joe Biden

Georgia Supreme Court Rejects Trump’s Bid to Thwart Election-Interference Probe

The Manufacturing Delusion

‘Joe Biden Contributed to a Crime against Humanity’: Presidential Hopeful Cornel West Blasts President

Five Ways to Fight Trans Activists in Everyday Conversation

Judge Blocks Iowa’s Six-Week Abortion Ban

Taylor Swift Didn’t Charge Enough for the Eras Tour

‘They Need to Do Something’: McCarthy Urges Democrats to Hold Members Accountable for Continued Antisemitic Remarks

‘A Boon to the Iranian Regime’: Controversial Initiative by House Firebrands Could Undermine Sanctions

Pentagon Spokesman Calls Abortion Access a ‘Foundational Sacred Obligation’

Non-Binary Biden Official Was Traveling on Taxpayer Dime to Secure Nuclear Facility When Luggage Heist Occurred

Biden Tries to Revive His Eviction Moratorium

‘You Can’t Say You Weren’t Warned’: Trump Campaign Highlights DeSantis Struggles in Memo to Governor’s Donors

Hollywood Elites Shouldn’t Exploit Their Own Kids

Free Speech Falters in France?

Attacks Prove 'No Labels' Is a Threat to Major Parties

Stop Constructing Ugly Buildings

How GOP Can Negate Dems’ Messaging for 2024

University Unplugged

Iowa Evangelicals Flock to Church of Tucker Carlson

RFK Jr.'s Left-Wing Appeal in L.A. Is No Joke

Radicalism Reborn

Illegal immigrant kids with tuberculosis infections released into 44 states

Gyms enjoy post-COVID boom with older crowd joining midday workout routine, Pickleball craze

Manchin vows not to ‘spoil’ Biden’s reelection with potential third-party run

I Am Being Pushed Out of One of the Last Public Squares, the Library

NC Democrats ask GOP leaders to condemn Mark Robinson as Republicans Walker, Folwell attack ‘antisemitic’ comments


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Suspect in GA shooting shot, killed by officers: official

BREAKING: Settlement reached in Mallory Beach boat crash

Mallory Beach civil case will remain in Hampton County

SPD investigates shooting at W. 48th, Burroughs streets

Changes to CAT bus routes start Monday

Tybee Island man dies in fatal Saturday accident

Driver convicted after plowing into Rincon parade

State responds to filings in Quinton Simon case to throw out murder and false statement charges

3 people displaced following a fire in Savannah

Chatham County Police Department hosts back to school event

SAG-AFTRA strike impacting movies filming in Savannah, Pooler

'OPPENHEIMER' Inspires Road Trips and Flights as Viewers Clamor for Ideal Experience...

Iran Brings Back Morality Police Patrol to Enforce Hijab Law...

Boston mayor under fire after sending list of critics to police...

If You Were A Sheep During Covid, Admit You Were Wrong And Do Better Next Time 

Ghislaine Maxwell accuses prison guard of sex abuse...

Biden Regime, Corporate Media Blame The Military Abortion Fight They Started On Republicans

Somebody Tell Planned Parenthood Summer Camp Is For Good Clean Fun, Not Sex Ed

Leftists Are Lying To You About Tommy Tuberville And ‘White Nationalists’

More Than 70 Nonprofits Call On Congress To Pass Republicans’ Election Integrity Bill

No Subsidies For Big Food Is The Only ‘Based’ Position

Associated Press Poll Is Corporate Media’s Latest Language-Twisting Exercise In Advancing Abortion Extremism

The Supreme Court ‘Ethics’ Scandal Is The New Russia-Collusion Hoax

The Lifestyle Of Climate Radicals Tells You All You Need To Know About Their Sincerity

Is A Postliberal America Even Possible?

‘Black Mirror’ Season Six Gets Sucked Into The Black Hole Of Modern Leftism

Anti-Asian Leftists Manifest The Very Racism They Claim To Oppose

In Defense of Jonah Hill

Since When Did the Pentagon Become a Chapter of Planned Parenthood? 

DeSantis Needs to Take Scalps at CNN

Quinn: White House Condemns ‘Sweeping’ GOP Attack on Pentagon DEI Programs

DeSantis Needs to Take Scalps at CNN

The Press Was Complicit in Biden’s ‘Uncle Joe’ Myth

Biden Goes All In to Convince Voters They’re Wrong on the Economy

Quit Apologizing for Being American

The Odious Facts

An Odious Narrative

‘Joe Biden Contributed to a Crime against Humanity’: Presidential Hopeful Cornel West Blasts President

IRS Whistleblowers to Testify about Alleged DOJ, FBI, IRS Interference in Hunter Biden Tax Probe

The Good and the Bad in Chris Wray’s House Testimony

The Do-Nothing FBI

The Future Belongs to Those Who Know What Time It Is

No, Over-the-Counter Birth Control Will Not Lower Abortion Rates

Lessons I Learned From Thomas Sowell's Memoir

DeSantis Says Media Is against Him—and He’ll Use That to His Advantage

Don't Write Off DeSantis Just Yet

Why A Third-Party Candidate Might Help Trump

Trump Says FBI Can Be Reformed, Blames Christie for Recommending Christopher Wray

Republicans Are Selling Hate and Fear

It's Obvious That Democrats Hate America

Jennifer Rubin's Failed Effort To Smack Florida, DeSantis

Inside DeSantis’s Early Struggles & Effort To Rebound

The Questions 'Climate Czar' John Kerry Can't Answer

GOP bill would shut down Biden administration’s ‘ecogrief’ training

Black Americans make up 90% of unemployment surge, but labor agency hesitant to call it larger trend

In the hot seat: EV owners warned extreme summer heat could melt travel plans

DeSantis says Trump leads in the polls thanks to indictment ‘sympathy’

Eventbrite blasted for removing ‘Let Women Speak’ event over ‘hateful’ content

The story behind Barbenheimer, this summer’s most anticipated movie showdown

Disney is asking a judge to toss a lawsuit from DeSantis appointees

Media’s attacks on ‘Sound of Freedom’ squander rare opportunity to shed light on modern-day slavery

Viewer-sponsored ‘Sound of Freedom’ flick stirs box-office revolution, say observers

How a Vast Demographic Shift Will Reshape the World

In Gilgo Beach Killings, an Arrest Bears Out a Decade-Old Prediction

Biden’s ‘Final’ Order on Kennedy Files Leaves Some Still Wanting More

A National Treasure, Tarnished: Can Britain Fix Its Health Service?

Media release: Dustin Inman Society announces new legal team – Donald A. King and Dustin Inman Society v. Southern Poverty Law Center, Inc #SPLC

Editorial: Was it ‘Bidenomics’ that brought down inflation?

Post-mutiny, Wagner Group mercenaries still a threat in Africa, Middle East

Kamala Harris roasted over call to ‘reduce population’ as White House does clean-up


How America fell out of love with ice cream...

Georgia, the Peach State, is out of peaches...

Diller's Doomsday Forecast: Strikes Could Lead to Hollywood's 'Absolute Collapse'...


UPDATE: Heatwave reaching max strength...

Electoral College big factor in third-party nightmare...

Dems' Man Problem...

Casey Is Smiling Face of Anti-LGBTQ Activism...

Lawmakers seek to scrub own data from internet...

Onetime guest on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’ donates nearly $700K to Biden campaign fund


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Our News Partner, WSAV

How has this season's hurricane outlook changed?

Tybee takes Orange Crush angst to state lawmakers, asks for new law

New SCCPSS superintendent reveals 100 day plan

Actors strike may put a halt to Savannah film productions

Tybee adopts resolution to control unpermitted events

Garden City police seek help locating runaway teen

Street Voices: What it’s like to live homeless in Savannah

City of Savannah meets to discuss nightlife strategies

Gov. Brian Kemp cracking down on gang crime

Georgia athletics, Jalen Carter sued by passenger …

First court appearance for suspect accused of driving stolen Humvee into Fort Stewart building

Developer proposing new apartment complex on Bull St., business relocates after purchase





UPS strike could be costliest in century, study says...

WHO: Aspartame may cause cancer...

Putin 'already lost' war in Ukraine, Biden claims...

Pentagon may activate up to 3,000 reservists for deterrence...

The Democratic Party Left vs. the Center

Even Democrats 'Split' on Biden Taking Bribes

Biden's Right About Giving Cluster Munitions to Ukraine

To Bring Back The Magic Of The Big Screen, Build A DIY Backyard Movie Theater

Pouring Another $150B Into Ukraine Makes No Sense

Cocaine Cover-Up? Secret Service Shrugs Off White House White Powder Investigation Over Alleged Lack Of DNA

How Hollywood Appeases China

New ‘Twitter Files’ Reveal DNC Flagged Coverage Of Hunter Biden’s Laptop To Twitter For Censorship

Why Racial Remedy Still Matters

10 Abnormal Things Biden’s ‘Return To Normalcy’ Brought Americans

The Bribe Tape, the Pee Tape and the Troubled FBI

Weiss Letter Undermines Facade Of Independent Hunter Biden Investigation

It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

Disney CEO: DeSantis Beat Us

Justice Kagan’s Student-Loan Shell Game

Joe Manchin Announces Opposition to Biden Labor Secretary Nominee Julie Su

Times Columnist’s Admission on Election-Integrity Laws

Lo and Behold, the Secret Service Can’t Figure Out Who Brought the Cocaine

‘It Is Disgusting’: Hollywood Actors Join Screenwriters in Historic Strike

Ana Navarro defends Biden ignoring Hunter’s estranged child

White House Threatens to Revoke Reporter’s Press Pass over Interruptions

Biden Repeats Carter’s Mistakes amid China’s Cuba Presence

The Latest Bogus ‘Ethics Scandal’: A Christmas Party

Next Term’s SCOTUS Tax Case Is Important for Restraining Tax-Happy Officials

Jim Jordan Slams FBI Director for Refusing to Tell Congress ‘Who Wrote’ and ‘Who Approved’ Anti-Catholic Memo

Why Is the FBI Helping Ukraine Shut Up Americans?

Monomaniacs, Everywhere

Is DeSantis Misreading the Room?

The Continuing Illogic of Trump’s Election-Fraud Claims

John Kerry Declines to Call Xi ‘Dictator,’ Breaking with Biden

Disney pulling back on making Marvel, Star Wars content, Iger says

FDA approves first over-the-counter birth control pill amid pressure over reproductive rights

‘Extremely troubling’: GOP lawmakers irate Secret Service quit investigation of White House cocaine

Some Iowa Republicans sour on Trump after he slams the popular governor

Same-sex marriage grounds for firing Catholic school’s guidance counselor, appeals court says

Secret Service Found Marijuana Twice at White House in 2022


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

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Bluffton Youth Theatre says ‘heartless thieves’ stole trailer, costumes

Screven Co. authorities ask for help locating runaway

Dr. Denise Watts takes over as new SCCPSS superintendent

Winning numbers for $750M Powerball jackpot

Woman carried out of Chatham Co. Board of Elections meeting

Deputies: Manhunt comes to an end in Bulloch Co.

 Bones found at construction site of new hotel, formerly the Mansion on Forsyth Park






As TWITTER continues to implode, advertisers eye THREADS...

Why brands leaving socials...

ANOTHER ONE: Ray Epps Sues FOX for Defamation...

STUDY: 20 Minute Daily Walk Lowers Risk Of Depression 43%...

RFK Jr. press dinner explodes in war of words and farting...

Highlights From The House Judiciary Hearing With Christopher Wray

13 Reasons Joe Biden Isn’t The ‘Ethical’ President Time Magazine Claims 

Senate Republicans Grill Biden’s Pick For Joint Chiefs Chair Over DEI, Transgenderism In The Military

Body Positivity Book Plus-Size In Paris Is Really A Myth About Health

Government Takes Cues from Leftist SPLC To Bully Opponents Like Moms For Liberty

A Woke Children’s Literature Cabal Is Conditioning Your Kid To Be An Obedient Leftist

David French Joins The Mob To Smear Moms for Liberty

Pennsylvania’s School Choice Sellout Shows Teachers Unions Still Own The Democrats

Weiss Letter Undermines Facade Of Independent Hunter Biden Investigation

The Left Can’t Mock People Out of Feeling Inflation

The Latest Bogus ‘Ethics Scandal’: A Christmas Party

What Is Kamala Harris Trying to Say?

Jordan Slams FBI Director for Refusing to Tell Congress ‘Who Approved’ Anti-Catholic Memo

Ray Epps Sues Fox News for Promoting January 6 Conspiracy Theory

Why Is the FBI Helping Ukraine Shut Up Americans?

Kaepernick Leads Team Marx against DeSantis, Gets Sacked

Yes, Donald Trump Is Scared of the Debates

Trump Asks to Delay Classified-Documents Trial Until after 2024 Election

Biden's Social Media Manipulation Is What Framers Feared

Eric Adams Blames Media for New Yorkers’ Heightened Crime Concerns

America's Back-and-Forth Struggle Toward Equality Continues

Liberals Can't Comprehend Black Economic Progress

‘Not Willing to Play the Pronoun Game’: Michigan Salon Owner Bars Trans People from Business

Senate Republicans Grow More Radical in the Minority

Guns Are Not Leading Cause of Children’s Deaths

FBI Director Wray frustrates Republicans by dodging questions on probes of Hunter Biden, Trump

Biden: NATO alliance ‘more united than ever in its history’ in support of Ukraine

Will Biden drop out of the 2024 race? You bet your sweet bippy

CNN apologizes for using wrong pronoun in segment that referred to trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney

Looming U.S. Investment Restrictions on China Threaten Diplomatic Outreach

Mikala Jones, Surfer Known for Photography Inside Waves, Is Dead

Senate Republicans Grill Biden’s Pick For Joint Chiefs Chair Over DEI, Transgenderism In The Military

Wray Admits Bank Of America, Other Businesses Share Innocent Americans’ Records With FBI ‘All The Time’


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

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From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Kirby Smart, Josh Brooks on UGA football's continued high-speed driving

Letter to the editor: SCAD's financials again show windfall

Effingham County moving toward privatized probation

1 seriously injured in Cuyler-Brownville area shooting

Beaufort Co. employee found shot to death on St. Helena

Mayor discusses homeless encampment evacuation lessons

Victims of fatal Bluffton crash identified

Man charged after Humvee crashes into 3rd ID HQ

Savannah to host ‘Super Bowl’ of aircraft competitions

Papers found in couch ruled to be Aretha Franklin’s will

Tybee Island leaders urge drivers not to drink and drive after 11 DUI arrest during holiday week



Biden's life expectancy -- and its implications...

DeSantis says he wouldn't be Trump's running mate...

Sotomayor staff prodded colleges, libraries to buy her books...


Miami Mayor Doubles His Wealth, Buys Boat as Side Gigs Multiply...

TRADE: TV Industry in Freefall...

NYU Hosts Whites-Only 'Antiracism' Workshop...

Nasty politics highest in USA since Civil War...

The Left Is Losing Its Race War, That’s Why It’s Distorting The Definition Of ‘Racism’

Goliath ‘Smear Machine’ SPLC Has Met Its David

How Years Of Decay And Neglect Crippled America’s Navy

The Censorship Empire Strikes Back After Missouri v. Biden Free Speech Victory

Why Is Congress Letting Incompetent Bureaucrats Bully Americans Into Paying Taxes They Don’t Owe?

How Two Married Abortionists Became Pro-Life

Weiss Letter Undermines Facade Of Independent Hunter Biden Investigation

FBI Colluded With Russian-Infiltrated Agency In Ukraine To Censor Americans

Here’s What The House Judiciary Committee Should Ask FBI Director Wray

The Decline Of American Manufacturing Inevitably Means An Empty Wartime Arsenal

House Republicans Probe Wall Street’s ESG Pioneers Over Potential Antitrust Violations

CBO Report Illustrates The Cause Of Our Debt Problem: It’s The Spending, Stupid!

Another Year Of Bidenflation Means More Record-Breaking Independence Day Cookout Costs

Disney Enters a Crisis of Its Own Making

Can We Not All See the Real Joe Biden?

The GOP’s 2024 Candidates Don’t Owe Tucker Carlson Their Time

Geraghty: Axios Explains That Joe Biden Screaming at His Staff Is a Sign of Respect

Sonia Sotomayor’s Book Is for Sale, Not Her Vote

TikTok Lobbyists ‘Slowed a Bit of Our Momentum,’ Senator Warner Says

Notre Dame Professor Sues Student Paper for Reporting on Her Abortion Advocacy

Leading Virologist Who Dismissed Lab-Leak Theory Wanted to Avoid ‘Sh*t Show’ of Blaming CCP, Messages Show

Tennessee AG Celebrates First Federal Court Ruling Upholding Ban on Gender-Transition for Minors

Joe Biden’s Persistent Unpopularity Is No Mystery

The Missing Originalism in the Court’s Racial-Preferences Opinions

Covid Learning Loss Isn’t Getting Better

NYC Politicians Worried about Orthodox Jews on Jewish Advisory Council

Underwritten Myths of Credit Cards

Wealthy Candidates Should Fund Their Own Campaigns

Biden's Ukraine Policy Threatens U.S. Security

Break Up America's Elite

Start Telling the Truth About Ukraine

In Reversal, DOJ Says Presidency Doesn’t Shield Trump from Defamation Suit

On the Media Hype Around Bad Weather

When the FBI Won't Investigate Biden

Will Trial Lawyers Target Woke Corporation Directors?

North Korea fires its first ICBM in 3 months after making threat over alleged U.S. spy flights

Judge unmasks gang of Biden staffers who stifled speech on social media

ICE released a repeat child sex offender who is now accused of raping a 13-year-old girl

Zelenskyy’s frustrations with NATO boil over at summit

Olympic medalist: Transgender women in women’s sports ‘10 times worse’ than East German doping

Schumer says McConnell must ‘put the pressure’ on Tuberville to drop military promotions blockade

Rep. Matt Gaetz joins bipartisan push to stop Biden from sending cluster bombs to Ukraine

Jordan sends budget recommendations to Appropriations, would move FBI to Alabama

Leslie Van Houten, follower of cult leader Charles Manson, released from California prison

Hard Right Uses Defense Bill to Press Culture War Goals, Imperiling Passage

F.T.C.’s Court Loss Raises Fresh Questions About Its Chair’s Strategy

National League Wins M.L.B. All-Star Game

Chinese Hackers Breached Government Email Accounts, Microsoft Says

The G.O.P. Backed Him on Hunter Biden Claims. Now He Has Been Indicted.

Who Employs Your Doctor? Increasingly, a Private Equity Firm.


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

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From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

City Talk: A quick look ahead at Savannah city elections

With the "graying" of Georgia's shrimping fleet…

Midway residents rally against mayor, city council

Person in custody after crashing into 3rd ID HQ

2 killed in Bluffton crash

Dozens living in homeless encampments in Southside Savannah

Grassley Probes Weiss Deputy’s Role In Obstructing Biden Investigation

Corporate Media Try To Out-Lie America’s Biggest Liar Over His Terrible Track Record

Corrupt Media Care More About ‘Qanon’ Than Human Trafficking

Why Has Election Day Turned Into Election Month?

Latest Clarence Thomas Corruption Shocker: He Belongs To Group That Helps Poor Kids Go To College

What Kind Of Man-Made Apocalypse Are Those Canadian Wildfires?

U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty To Terrorism, But The Full Story Is Far More Treasonous

How Christianity Fixes ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Handling Trump Media Coverage: An Answer For Media Dummies

Federal Judge Who Awarded Big Free Speech Win In Missouri v. Biden Denies Biden Regime’s Motion To Stay

Massachusetts Sued For Working With Google To Secretly Put Spyware On Residents’ Phones

Largest School District In Ohio Spent More Than $24,000 On Trainings About How To Hide The Transing Of Kids

Family-Friendly Indiana Arts Festival Hosts Drag Show Even After Sponsors Drop Out

Leftist Media Distort New Homelessness Study To Support Failed ‘Housing First’ Policies

The Media Finally Notice Biden’s Forgotten Seventh Grandchild

The Eternal Joe Biden

Miss Patriarchy

Blehar: Joe Biden Can Look Past Hunter’s Sordid Life; He Doesn’t Have to Enable It

Temperamental Biden to White House Staff: Treat Everyone with Respect!

The Left’s Attacks on the Court’s ‘Legitimacy’ Have Stopped Making Sense

Honduran Drug Dealers Say They’ve Flocked to San Francisco Because of Sanctuary Laws

Biden Admin Appeals Judge’s Order Restricting Govt Crackdown on Social Media Content

Megan Rapinoe Backs Male Athletes Competing against Women, Slams ‘Transphobic’ Critics

The Dylan Mulvaney–ization of Barbie

Axios Explains That Joe Biden Screaming at His Staff Is a Sign of Respect

Poll: Americans Back Supreme Court on Affirmative Action by Two-to-One Margin

The Cultural Threats to Religious Liberty Are Alive and Well

FBI’s Wray to face tough questions on Hunter Biden, Russia

Social contagion? Nearly 40% of Brown University students identify as LGBTQ+

Woke showdown in the House: Lawmakers set to spar over hot-button ESG investing

Illiberal Progressives Threaten American Way of Life

Secret Service on trail of cocaine mystery; Bidens ‘were not here’

Why Going All in on 'Bidenomics' Is Flawed

Covid Relief Fraud: Inside the Greatest Scam of All Time

 How DOJ Protected Hunter Biden & His Father

Censorship Is More Dangerous Than Disinformation

What We Can Learn From Falling Crime

'Missing' Biden corruption witness Dr. Gal Luft hit with federal charges

Prosecutor Rebuts I.R.S. Official’s Account of Request in Hunter Biden Case


Old yeller: Biden's private fury...


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WSAV

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Savannah's animal rescue organizations stretched to their limits

1 dead after crash on I-95 in Liberty County

Parker’s asks to move trial, separate case from Murdaugh

Port Wentworth’s new ordinance prevents over-industrialization

Jesup chief of police announces resignation

Savannah’s first LGBTQ young adult shelter in the works

1 dead, 5 injured following crash on Southbound I-95 at 79 Mile Marker

‘All we are asking for is justice:’ Family looking for answers after relative found dead in Chatham Co.

Five new board members appointed to Savannah-Chatham Homeless Authority




Wall St Soothsayers Bewildered About What's Next...

Why housing market NOT behaving way it's supposed to...

Christie calls estimates of MAGA rally crowd size absurd...

UPDATE: Florida losing gay residents...

Marco Rubio’s ‘Decades Of Decadence’ Is Not A Beach Read

12 Times The Biden White House Colluded With Big Tech To Throttle Free Speech, According To Missouri v. Biden

Missouri v. Biden Proves Corporate Media Lied About Big Tech’s Censorship Crusade Against Conservatives

‘Misinformation’ Is The Vocabulary Of A Culture That Has Lost Its Capacity To Discuss ‘Truth’

Bill De Blasio Is Single And Ready To Mingle

If You Think All Teachers Are ‘Heroes,’ You’re Part Of The Problem

House Republican Bill Would Keep Foreign Nationals From Voting In U.S. Federal Elections

25 Attorneys General Blast Biden’s EPA For Forcing Car Makers And Consumers To Embrace EVs

House Republicans Probe Wall Street’s ESG Pioneers Over Potential Antitrust Violations

In Missouri v. Biden, Judge Checks Government Power Because Corporate Media Won’t

Speaker McCarthy Should Avoid a No-Win Vote on Term Limits

The Media’s Scandalous Infatuation with the Intelligence Community

There’s Nothing Wrong with Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Politicians

Fake Phalluses and Teacher Unions’ Cries of Censorship

What If Kids Just Stopped Attending School?

The End of Affirmative Action Is Good News for Black and Hispanic Students

A Terrible Book on Higher Education

The College Reckoning Is Here

Josh Shapiro’s Shameful Betrayal on School Choice

Michigan Republican Sets the Record Straight on Hate-Crime Bill That Could Criminalize Using ‘Wrong’ Pronouns

California’s Bigotry of No Expectations

The Myth of Native American Innocence

‘How Did We Get Putin So Wrong?’ Blame Obama

Appeals Court Reinstates Tennessee Ban on Gender-Transition Treatments for Minors

Bircher Blues

Woke Military Faces Recruiting Crisis

Harvard Discriminates Against Middle-Class Kids

Sound of Freedom’s Moral Clarity

Bidens Do The Crime, But Not The Time

China’s military is leading the world in brain ‘neurostrike’ weapons: Report

Cities’ top cops call it quits as respect for police dwindles

Congress returns to confront must-pass defense bill, Supreme Court ethics and nomination headaches

OpenAI assembles a team to stop an artificial intelligence apocalypse

The ‘Sound of Freedom’ stuns Hollywood

President Biden is a liar

Higher Ground: Moms group hits back after being slapped with ‘extremist’ label

Vermont tribe wants Ben & Jerry’s to return ‘stolen’ land where company’s headquarters is located

Trans woman wins Miss Universe pageant in Netherlands

New museum in Alabama tells history of last known slave ship to U.S. and its survivors

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sparks backlash from progressive activists over Biden endorsement

Utah governor calls for GOP to ‘turn the page’ on Trump: ‘Someone who can win’

Clarence Thomas Entered an Elite Club, and Opened a Door to the Supreme Court

It’s Seven Grandkids, Mr. President

President Joe Biden’s Border ‘Compassion’ Got Us Funerals And Fentanyl



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WSAV

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

New arrest in connection to 2021 murder of Bluffton teen

Savannah homicides down by 76% from last year

Actor Clint Eastwood visits restaurant while filming movie in Savannah

Two Savannah neighborhoods asking for expansion of Hotel Development Overlay District

Two suspects indicted for Savannah shooting that killed 17-year-old

Tesla and Chinese rivals signal EV price war truce in ‘socialist values’ pledge

Earth hit unofficial all-time high this week?

Chinese Scientists Try to Shield Melting Glaciers From Sun...


Historically Low Faith in Institutions Continues...

How much people need a year to feel financially secure: $233,000...

2-year Treasury yield highest in 16 years...

Mortgage rate soars...

MAGA TURNS: Trump Begins to Sour on Kari Lake for VP...

Marjorie Taylor Greene booted from House Freedom Caucus...

QANON leader dies after dirt bike accident...

Followers Think He's Still Alive...

LA church's crosses set on fire...

Democrats Rail against a Fictional Supreme Court

The Disinformation Industry’s Jig Is Up

House Freedom Caucus Ousts Marjorie Taylor Greene after Clash with Lauren Boebert

No, Climate Change Is Not Making the Jersey Shore Unlivable

White House Cocaine Was Actually Found in Working Area of West Wing, Despite Initial Reports

Karine Jean-Pierre: We’re Confident the Secret Service Will Determine Who Brought the Cocaine

The Left Wants to Make Hispanics Affirmative-Action Props

John Roberts, Institutionalism, and Deliberative Procedures

Just How Bad Was the Dissent in SFFA v. Harvard?

Who Brought Cocaine into the White House?

A Historic Tax Cut for Wisconsin’s Middle Class Rejected by Governor Evers

A Mild Corrective in a World Gone Mad

Anti-American Dolts Attack July 4th in Brutal Fashion

How Attending Worship Can Improve Your Health

State’s expanded voting rules test federal Election Day law

Experts debate whether new citizenship test will be harder to pass

Race in college admission essays could spark new legal battles, court watchers say

Trump lawyers face big legal hurdles to telling jury about secret docs held by Biden, Pence, Clinton

Levin says Target has reversed course, agreed to carry latest book after backlash

Transgender writer, bookstore sue over Montana law banning drag reading events

Durbin says full steam ahead on Supreme Court ethics legislation

DeSantis raises $20 million for presidential bid

Planned Parenthood’s latest lie about virginity is a doozy

A warning from President Reagan rings true almost 40 years later

Secret Service on trail of cocaine mystery; Bidens ‘were not here’

Confidence in U.S. institutions falls to new lows in Gallup poll

Washington Raises Pressure on China to Combat U.S.’s Fentanyl Crisis

U.S. Hiring Is Expected to Remain Robust

Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray Are Separating

Top Republicans Demand Federal Investigation Into Retaliation Against IRS Whistleblowers

Here’s What You Need To Know About France’s ‘Summer Of Love’ Riots

Here’s How Congress Can End The FBI’s Reign Of Terror

Barbie Gets A Lesson In Geopolitics

Bill De Blasio Is Single And Ready To Mingle

Oregon Democrats Are One Step Closer To Rigging Elections With Ranked-Choice Voting

White House Voodoo Doll Karine Jean-Pierre Is Oddly Evasive About The Cocaine

Want To Improve Public School Outcomes? End Teacher Licensing

No, The Supreme Court Did Not Carve Out A Military Exception In Race-Based Admissions

NYC Aides Doctored Photo of Fallen Officer to Back Up Mayor’s Story: Report

Top Republicans Demand Federal Investigation Into Retaliation Against IRS Whistleblowers



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WSAV

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

What's to become of SCAD's former Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation?'

See you in court': Chatham County taking fire fee scofflaws to court

Beach family lawyer says he’s trial ready

Former Effingham High baseball coach sues district

Savannah police investigating Fellwood Dr. shooting

Beaufort Co. administrator under investigation for misconduct

Wayne Co. man denied bond after drugging multiple people at bars, police say Hinesville police searching for suspect in double shooting at nightclub


‘The non-communication is the biggest problem:’ Patients frustrated with SouthCoast Health as appointments are canceled

Residents at senior living complex complain of no AC

Fentanyl deaths recorded have doubled since this time …

'THREADS a friendly place'...

HEAT ON DON: Trump Ramps Up Cry for Americans to Hit Streets on His Behalf...

Calls Special Counsel Jack Smith 'Crackhead'...

Mar-a-Lago Surveillance Footage Shows Aide Moving Boxes Days Before DOJ Visit...

Ex-PROJECT VERITAS Member Threatens Dirt on James O'Keefe...

Conservatives go to red states, liberals to blue as country grows more polarized...

Greatest divide in modern history...

Millennials 'biggest liars' of all generations...

Alex Soros has now visited White House at least 20 TIMES...

HELL FLIGHT: Man stabbed in mid-air...

Large group spent hours partying; Blocked access to toilet...

Blood sprayed throughout plane...

Will Newsom replace Biden as nominee?

Hillary headlines NAACP Convention...


New 'MISSION IMPOSSIBLE' Blockbuster of Summer...

Cruise Back to Save Movie Theaters Once Again?

Man pleads guilty to raping Ohio child who sought abortion in neighboring Indiana...

July 4 was Earth's hottest day on record?

Summer seasonal affective disorder MORE deadly than winter depression...

Holiday Weekend News Dump Implodes Merrick Garland’s Biden-Investigation Testimony

If Alleged DOJ Misconduct Is True, A Judge Could Dismiss The Whole Case Against Trump

IRS Whistleblower Knocks Out Hunter Biden’s Lawyers And The Washington Post With One Blow

Gorsuch Wrote The Opinion Kennedy Should Have To Bolster The First Amendment

CBO Report Illustrates The Cause Of Our Debt Problem: It’s The Spending, Stupid!

Judge Bars Biden Press Secretary From Flagging Posts For Big Tech To Censor, Two Years After Admin Bragged About It

The New York Times Misses the Point about Biden Snubbing New Hampshire

A Basic English Test for U.S. Citizenship Makes Sense

Law Enforcement Official: Eh, We’ll Probably Never Know Whose Cocaine That Was

Suspect in Philadelphia Shooting Charged with Murdering Five People

Some Questions for Billy Baldwin about Florida’s Permitless-Carry Law

The 2024 GOP Field Celebrated the Fourth with Voters while Trump Complained about 2020 Online

Just How Bad Was the Dissent in SFFA v. Harvard?

Understanding John Roberts

Tom Cotton Presses the Secret Service for Answers on West Wing Cocaine

The Shape of the GOP Race So Far

Why Ron DeSantis' Disney Fight Matters

No Matter Who Shows, the GOP Debates Will Bolster Trump

The Overlooked Solution to the Radical Supreme Court

 Democrats Despise the Democracy of the Supreme Court

The Chilling Rise of the Feds' Orwellian Speech Police

CDC Boss' Laughable Exit Warning on Politicized 'Science'

Biden changes rules to dodge scrutiny of new regulations

Prostitutes for Hunter Biden cross legality line

White House says Secret Service will get to the bottom of cocaine mystery

Judge’s order blocking Biden-Big Tech censorship spurs free-speech debate

Bookmakers peg Hunter Biden as favorite in White House cocaine whodunit

Ben & Jerry’s triggers boycott calls over July 4 message

Climate protesters storm Wimbledon court, toss confetti

Top oil lobbyist blasts Biden’s ‘de facto ban’ on gas-powered vehicles

Disinformation experts worry that the ruling could impede efforts to curb false claims about vaccines and voter fraud.

Threads, Instagram’s ‘Twitter Killer,’ Has Arrived

Judge Unseals More of Affidavit Used to Seek Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant

Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray Are Separating

GQ Removes Article Critical of Warner Bros. Discovery C.E.O.

We Found It: The Best Vanilla Ice Cream

The highest office! White House guessing game begins after cocaine found in library forced Hazmat evacuation - two days after recovering drug addict Hunter Biden was on the property 

Resumes including ‘they/them’ pronouns are more likely to be overlooked, new report finds

Ruling Puts Social Media at Crossroads of Disinformation and Free Speech


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WSAV

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Data shows discipline rates high across Savannah-Chatham County schools

BCSO: 69-year-old woman killed in HHI alligator attack

Two people displaced following house fire in Midway

Tybee businesses see green during red, white and blue …

SPD investigating fatal shooting in downtown Savannah

Home destroyed, animals rescued in Beaufort Co. house …



Judge limits Biden administration's contact with socials...

Violated First Amendment by censoring unfavorable views...

Viral left-wing TWITTER account may have been fake all along...

Can Roberts stave off Dem assault on Supreme Court?

Legitimacy of 'customer' in gay rights case raises ethical, legal flags...

The Fake Document...

HOLIDAY HORROR: July 4th and 5th have most mass shootings of any day of year...

Philly gunman who killed 5 is cross-dressing BLM activist...

China in default on trillion dollar debt to US bondholders. Will US force repayment?

Military suicides rise 25%...

Honoring Frederick Douglass On The Fourth Of July Just Makes Sense

The U.N. Is Planning To Seize Global ‘Emergency’ Powers With Biden’s Support

The Declaration Of Independence Defends American Citizenship, Not Abstract Ideas

Activists Harass Immigrant Parents Celebrating SCOTUS Ruling Against Anti-Asian Racism

Celebrating July Fourth Rings Hollow Without Fidelity To America’s Founding Ideals

America Needs a Giant 250th Birthday Party

Silecchia: Let Independence Day Be an Occasion for a Civic Reawakening

The Meaning of the 4th, in Three Paragraphs

To Heal Our Divided Country, Drive 50 Miles in Any Direction. Then Schmooze

California Reparations Task Force Recommends over $225 Billion Payout for War on Drugs Compensation Alone

America Endures

How Pro-Life Students Fought Violence, Harassment with Compassion

Pentagon Backs Boycott of Film Studios That Bow to Chinese Censors

The Federalist Fourth of July

Bud Light Sales Plunge 28 Percent Ahead of Fourth of July Holiday

Trump Defends Hesitation to Return Allegedly Classified Documents

Fauci Didn’t Practice the ‘Love’ for Adversaries He Now Preaches

What Is the Going Rate on the Bidens’ Goodwill?

Progressive Pundits Agree: Supreme Court Decisions Prove America Is Haven of Bigotry

The Supreme Court Sees Through the ‘Diversity’ Charade

Understanding John Roberts

There's Nothing Racist About Ending Affirmative Action
How To Create a Fake News Cycle

The Only Thing Getting Clearer in Hunter Biden Case is the Stench

Biden Is an Anti-Supreme Court Demagogue


‘No white knight’: Jack Smith’s record rife with mistrials, overturned convictions, judicial rebukes

Court watchers split over most liberal justice — Jackson or Sotomayor

10% of food stamp payments were errors in 2022

‘Squad’ Democrats Cori Bush, Jamaal Bowman blast America on Fourth of July

Hot-button ESG issue takes a back seat in GOP presidential campaigns

High court’s ‘gay wedding website’ decision brings hope to photographer, baker, other creatives

Judge bars Biden administration from working with social media companies on ‘protected speech’

Black justices battle over meaning of equality in affirmative action case

Oath Keepers leader convicted of seditious conspiracy warns Trump: ‘You’re going to be found guilty’


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WSAV

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Supreme Court blocks affirmative action policies at Harvard, UNC

Officers find 3 stolen cars at Port of Savannah

SCCPSS allegedly violated federal law twice last year

Local leader condemns affirmative action rulingMan dies in Liberty Co. boating accident

Sen. Warnock tours Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport facilities ahead of busy travel weekend



BIDEN: 'Not Normal Court'...

WSJ: Women Interviewing for Bill Gates's Private Office Were Asked Sexually Explicit Questions...


GOOGLE to remove news in Canada over law on paying...

Feds Charge Investors in TRUTH SOCIAL Social Deal With Insider Trading...

Aide who saw classified map works for China lobbying firm...

XANAX, VALIUM Linked To Brain Injury, Job Loss, Suicide...

GALLUP: Extreme Pride in Being American Remains Near Record Low...

Parkland deputy who stayed outside during mass shooting found NOT guilty...

SCOTUS Rules Race-Based College Admissions Violate The 14th Amendment, Ending Affirmative Action

Despite A SCOTUS Victory For Fair Admissions, The Fight For Meritocracy Must Continue

Of Course Ketanji Brown Jackson Supports Affirmative Action. It’s The Only Reason She’s A Supreme Court Justice

Another Year Of Bidenflation Means More Record-Breaking Independence Day Cookout Costs

Veto-Proof North Carolina Republicans Are Advancing Half-Baked Election Integrity Measures

ProPublica’s Smearing Of Conservative Justices Is Part Of The Left’s Ploy To Destroy The Court

Ending Affirmative Action Won’t Stop The University System’s Racist Admissions Practices

Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Dissent Is An Argument For Institutional Racism

MSNBC Proves Clarence Thomas’ Point That Race-Based Admissions Uphold The Bigotry Of Low Expectations

Race Discrimination Loses Its Legal Protection

A Victory for Clarence Thomas

John Roberts Earns Points for Consistency

The President Falls into the ‘Bidenomics’ Trap

Biden Says Supreme Court Can’t Have ‘Last Word’ on Affirmative Action

Gorsuch Highlights the Absurdities of Racial Classification

New Bill Would Block State Department’s DEI Criteria for Promotion

Dylan Mulvaney Says Bud Light Gave Consumers ‘Permission’ to Be Transphobic

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Christian Postal Worker Who Refused Sunday Work

Conservative Justices Having Fun

‘Today Is a Hard Day’: Harvard Responds to Supreme Court Affirmative-Action Loss

Bad Arguments for Nominating Trump

It’s Time to End Legacy Admissions

Could Biden Actually Lose the Democratic Race?

SCOTUS Fulfills Constitution's Color-Blind Promise

SCOTUS Ends Affirmative Action. Colleges Will Be Whiter

Put Aside Skin Color, Focus on Achievement

IWho Will Replace Biden When He Drops Out Of 2024 Race?

It’s Time To Revive the 'American System'

Biden Says He's 'Turning Things Around' on Economy

‘Violence to Justice and Fairness’: Dem Lawmakers React to SCOTUS Affirmative-Action Ruling 

Black justices battle over meaning of equality in affirmative action case

Biden pops in: ‘Big Guy’ made cameos in Hunter Biden’s business schemes

Ex-porn stars escape industry, find Jesus, and deliver transformative messages

‘Pride’ rainbow cookies available in Supreme Court cafeteria

Queer young adults report more emotional, mental, physical problems than straight peers

White professor files reverse discrimination lawsuit against Penn State

California reparations task force sends ambitious plan to Newsom

Gaetz asks FBI’s Wray for answers about a BLM-demonstrating agent who got promoted

Florida cop couple puts toddler son in jail for potty training struggles

With Supreme Court Decision, College Admissions Could Become More Subjective

Corporate Gay for Pay

French Protesters See Themselves in Young Man Killed by Police

Who was Nahel M, shot by police in Nanterre?

Electric Cars Are An Expensive Scam



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WSAV

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

English Learners are outpacing language resources in the school district



NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC lays off its last remaining staff writers...

Former Effingham High baseball coach files lawsuit against district

Savannah man killed in motorcycle crash

Woman who drowned off Tybee Island identified

3 found guilty of luring, fatally shooting Savannah man

Tybee preps for ‘successful and safe’ Fourth of July weekend

Plan to demolition buildings near Forsyth Park denied by Historic Preservation Commission

26 arrests made in Bulloch Co. after residents expressed concern over criminal activity, according to police

Fast-Moving Robot Could Challenge World's Best Tennis Players...

AI-Generated Books All Over AMAZON Bestseller Lists...

Trump threatens Jack Smith's family...

July 4th travel expected to reach record-high...

Airline delays and cancellations snowball...

UPDATE: UNITED blames FAA for mass disruptions...

6,700+ flights delayed as air quality threatens NYC...

CBO: Federal debt to soar...

Reaching 181% of nation's total economic output...

Have You Reached ‘Peak Trans’ Yet?

The Supreme Court’s Low Approval Ratings Have Nothing to Do with Its Rulings

You Chant It, You Own It

We All Know Disney Has Changed

Hunter Biden’s Audacity Puts Democrats in an Awkward Situation

All House Democrats Back Bill to Allow Men Who Identify as Women into Women’s Locker Rooms

McCarthy Accidentally Exposes the Trump Campaign’s Nervousness

DOJ Rot Goes So Much Deeper Than Merrick Garland

Congratulations To America’s Propaganda Press For Discovering Election Oversight

Reuters Spends 7,000 Words Digging Up Which Politicians Are Related To Dead Slaveowners And Demanding You Care

‘Soft Girl Summer’ Delivers In Ways ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Never Could

The Biden Family Corruption Story Is More About Love Of Money Than Love Of Hunter

NBC News Covers For Radical LGBT Activists’ ‘Coming For Your Children’ Chant

EV transition upends auto industry with rash of layoffs, buyouts, production cuts, bankruptcy

Waiting in the wings: Gavin Newsom bides time while eyed as a stand-in for Biden on Dem ticket

AG Merrick Garland set for September grilling by Jim Jordan, GOP critics

Rep. Wesley Hunt seeks to follow ‘Pride Month’ with ‘American Pride Month’

Record number of 40-year-olds have never married, live alone

Countdown to 250th anniversary begins in U.S with planners hoping it can unify a divided country

Biden mirrors Carter celebrating unpopular economic policies

Three House committees to investigate DOJ’s handling of Hunter Biden investigation

By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times

Fog of war: Crumbling Russian morale gives rare opening for Ukraine’s counteroffensive

Los Angeles Small Businesses Reeling as Writers’ Strike Drags on for Second Month

‘Completely Unjustified’: Maryland District Closes School Board Meeting to Public amid Backlash against LGBT Curricula

What Good Are Education Doctorates?

Despite the Polls, It’s Too Early to Count DeSantis Out among New Hampshire’s ‘Notorious Political Daters’

Bad Arguments for Nominating Trump

The ‘Independent State Legislature’ Doctrine Isn’t Dead Yet

Anchoring Originalism

Does Everyone Agree That Affirmative Action Has to Go?

Canadian Medical Journal Offers Guidelines for Euthanasia/Organ-Harvesting Non-Terminally Ill Patients

Fiscal Outlook ‘Challenging’ in Decades to Come, with Debt Set to Skyrocket, Says CBO

Against My Better Judgment, Responding to a Crank

Haley Hits Back after Chinese Embassy Calls Her Tough-on-China Policy Proposal Irresponsible

Trump Narrowly Leads Biden in Key State of Pennsylvania: Poll


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Savannah negotiating with SCAD for Springfield Canal improvements

City Talk: Savannah City Council should roll back millage rate to help renters, small businesses

 Savannah Mayor Van Johnson speaks on recent rise in deadly shootings

Savannah homicides down by around 95%: ‘I attribute it to the grace of God’

8-year-old dead after being struck by car in Statesboro

Ivanka Trump Freed From New York's $250 Million Fraud Suit Against Family...


City of Fort Worth hacked...

By self-described gay furries?

Debate sizzles as meat eating hits new low in Germany...

New SCOTUS Ruling Limits State Court Interference With Election Laws

Biden Admin Grew Censorship Complex To Silence True But Inconvenient ‘Malinformation,’ House Committee Shows

Hunter Biden Is Being Deposed On Thursday. Here’s What He Should Be Asked Under Oath

Small-Town Librarians In Georgia Slip Drag Book Into Program For 6-Year-Olds

Hey, Joy Reid, Let’s Talk About ‘Fascism’

Evidence Of Catastrophic Learning Loss From School Lockdowns Piles Up

American Medical Association Says BMI Is Bad Because Racism, While Promoting Abortion As ‘Health Care’

The Trump Audiotape Explains Why He Had to Be Stopped

Barack Obama Gets Populism All Wrong

Utterly Shameless

Does Everyone Agree That Affirmative Action Has to Go?

The ‘Independent State Legislature’ Doctrine Isn’t Dead Yet

Exposing Politicians’ Ancestral Ties to Slavery Serves a Sordid Purpose

Presidential Candidates Ought to Do Their Homework

Don’t Put Too Much Stock in the Prigozhin Conspiracy Theories

The National Popular Vote Idea Is Unconstitutional and Should Be Abandoned

Bad Arguments for Nominating Trump

‘The Focus Will Once Again Be More on Trump Than Biden’

‘Everything about This Case Is Wrong’: Former U.S. Attorney Digs Into Hunter Biden’s ‘Sweetheart’ Plea Deal

The Most Hilarious Russia-Hoax Failure of All

Maybe Joe Biden Meant His Super-Wealthy Son Should Start Paying His ‘Fair Share’

The Cetacean Threat Spreads

Digital Heresy Is Surprisingly Cheap

Blue Pennsylvania Is on the Verge of Passing School Choice

Throw Hunter Biden's Plea Deal in the TrashGlaring Omission in Four-Year Durham Investigation

Ford Latest Automaker to Institute Layoffs amid Electric-Vehicle Push: Report

Watchdog Says Business-Loan Fraud During Pandemic Exceeded $200 Billion

Fashion Influencers Knocked for Praising Working Conditions of Notorious Chinese Sweatshop Brand

Republicans Urge Blinken to End Science and Technology Cooperation with China


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Woman dies after being pulled from water by Tybee Island

3 dead after plane crash in Claxton

8-year-old boy dies after crash in Statesboro

New video shows aftermath of shooting in Savannah that resulted in death of 24-year-old

Jesup man accused of drugging patrons, undercover cop

Pride Center celebrates 6th anniversary




LEAK: CNN airs tape of Trump conversation about documents...

'Is, like, highly confidential, secret'...

Conservative Fort Pierce jury pool could bode well for defense...


Watters, Gutfeld move to prime...

INDICTMENT WATCH: Trump Secret Service agents testify before Jan. 6 grand jury...

Justice Dept grills witnesses about election fraud claims, fake electors...

GALLUP: Church Attendance Lower Than Pre-Pandemic...

FDA creates path for psychedelic drug trials...

META's new AI lets people make chatbots. They're using it for sex...

Most Unpopular VP in History?

Scientology sued by worker who claims she was forced to marry abuser...

YASHAR ALI: How LAPD Made Scientology's Problem Go Away...

Georgia community united after Neo-Nazi rally at synagogue...

'Goyim Defense League' based in Florida...

Supreme Court will decide whether Congress can tax wealth...

IRS Whistleblower Emails Suggest David Weiss Misled Congress In Letter Claiming Charging Authority

The Most Hilarious Russia-Hoax Failure of All

‘Everything about This Case Is Wrong’: Former U.S. Attorney Digs Into Hunter Biden’s ‘Sweetheart’ Plea Deal

Geraghty: Maybe Joe Biden Meant His Super-Wealthy Son Should Start Paying His ‘Fair Share’

Kirby Has Tense Exchange with Reporter over Hunter Biden Questions

Don’t Put Too Much Stock in the Prigozhin Conspiracy Theories

The End of Wagner Group

Nancy Pelosi’s Sudden Conversion Experience

Will the Biden Campaign Regret Telling Pro-Life Voters to Drop Dead in 2024?

Colorado Law Firm Files Complaint with Education Department over UC-Berkeley’s ‘Black’ Graduation

In Post-Rebellion Remarks, Putin Promises Retribution for Organizers but Olive Branch for Wagner Soldiers

Belarus Building Camps for Relocated Wagner Members: Report

‘No Excuses’: DeSantis Promises to ‘Build the Wall’ during Visit to Hard-Hit Border Area

Bettors Are Bearish on Trump’s Electability

Bad Arguments for Nominating Trump

‘The Calling of Our Time’: Pence Urges Republicans Not to Shy away from Pro-Life Cause on Anniversary of Dobbs

Biden Administration Halts Scientific and Technological Cooperation with Some Israeli Entities

NBC Poll: DeSantis Leads Biden by Six Points in Swing States, But Trump Trails by Two

Politico Invents a New Kind of Judge

Another School District Concedes That Police Bring Safety

It’s Okay to Want to Lose Weight

‘The Focus Will Once Again Be More on Trump Than Biden’

Minors Don’t Have a Right to Porn

Is ‘ESG’ Going the Way of ‘Woke’?

No, Hunter Biden and Ja Morant Didn’t Really Get Together and Wave a Bunch of Guns around at an Atlanta Strip Club

America Wakes Up to Woke

Roe Demise Anniversary Poll: 77% Want Some Limits on Abortion by 15 Weeks of Pregnancy

Don't Let Hunter's Plea Deal Distract From the Real Biden Problem: Ukraine

Conservative CEO Will Give 'Baby Bonus' to Employees to Help Build Strong Families

Michigan’s Proposed ‘Green Energy’ Policy Threatens to Slam the Door on Manufacturing Renaissance

Understanding the Difference Between Freedom and Liberty

Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal: Something Smells Rotten Here

Pride Is The Flag Of American Occupation

The Gender Revolution Comes for Biology Textbooks

Pornographer TikTok Mom Proves Why The Culture War Is Our Most Important Battle

BlackRock's Fink says he's stopped using 'weaponised' term ESG

Joe Biden's 'Malarkey' Defense of Hunter

Reclaiming Our Cities From Mayhem

DEI: The New American Battlefield

Obama Third Term? His Fingerprints Are Everywhere

Dem Megadonors Fund Attacks on Conservative Justices

Supreme Court lifts block on Louisiana adding second majority Black congressional district

Supreme Court won’t hear case over school skirts-only uniform for girls

New legislation would stop Buttigieg, DOT officials from using private jets for government travel

Biden to outline $40B to increase ‘must-have’ internet access

Va. mom of 6-year-old who shot teacher will cite Hunter Biden’s plea deal for leniency, lawyer says

Couple celebrating 50th wedding anniversary are stabbed to death in Massachusetts

GOP lawmakers fault COVID-19 lab report, want more released under bipartisan law

Coast Guard launches investigation into Titan submersible loss

North Korean hackers prioritize cyber spying over digital attacks, analysis shows

Gaetz, Greene move to defund salary of ATF director

‘We want offense’: Becerra says HHS needs to push LGBTQ issues

Higher Ground: Charitable giving takes a notable dip

Uneasy calm, uncertain future as rattled Putin denounces ‘treacherous’ uprising

IRS agents have evidence to confirm sensational claims about Hunter Biden

‘Bidenomics’: Biden pitches more spending, taxes on wealthy to cure Americans’ money woes

U.S. accused of ignoring crackdown on Iranian exiles to appease Tehran

White House flees Hunter Biden questions like little frightened girl

Biden insists he didn’t lie about son’s business deals

California Gov. Gavin Newsom: The Groomed-From-Birth Leftist Who Expects To Be President 

If Abortion Were Compassionate, It Wouldn’t Leave Moms Asking ‘Was It A Boy Or A Girl?’

Parents Fleeing Public Schools Know There’s No Such Thing As A Values-Neutral Education

Church Attendance Is Down As America’s Mental Health Crisis Continues To Run Amuck

Naked Men Freely Expose Themselves To Kids At Pride Because The Right Bought The Left’s ‘Tolerance’ Lie

The National Celebrate Life Day Rally Marks A Hopeful Path Forward For Pro-Lifers

Media Uses Failed Russia ‘Coup’ To Knock Bombshell Biden Scandal Off The Front Page 

Whistleblower: FBI Tipped Off ‘People Very Close’ To Joe And Hunter Before IRS Investigative Team’s ‘Day Of Action’

Bad Governance, Not Climate Change, Jeopardizes California Home Insurance



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Norfolk Southern, Colonial Group to build facility on Savannah River

Question everything. Give a sh—t. Vote. Reporter Zoe Nicholson says goodbye

8-year-old boy on life support after crash in Statesboro

1 dead after fatal crash in Hampton Co.

 Savannah city leaders gather at the 2023 Georgia Municipal Association Convention

Policy and Equity Symposium brunch underway in Savannah

 ‘Let Freedom Ring’ Parade returns to Rincon

New civil rights lawsuit filed against Effingham Co. Schools

His gay teen book is one of the most banned in the U.S.

Brutal Maniac Fails to Depose Other Brutal Maniac

Chris Christie, Undeterred by Boos, Says His Anti-Trump Message Is Resonating

The Deranged Coverage of the Titan Sub Tragedy

Worst-Case Scenarios Sometimes Come True

Red State AGs Quietly Mount Stiff Resistance to Biden-Administration Overreach

New York Starts to Get Serious about Homelessness

Prigozhin’s Belarusian Break

Too Many Chefs: The Prigozhin Mutiny

Antony Blinken: Wagner Rebellion Shows How Far Russia Has Fallen Since Invading Ukraine

Kirby Has Tense Exchange with Reporter over Hunter Biden Questions

The Explosive IRS Whistleblower Revelations on Hunter Biden

Strippers ‘Stunned’ after Wild Joint Visit by Hunter Biden and Ja Morant

For Nearly 50 Years Before Dobbs, Pro-Lifers Held Onto Hope

California Gov. Gavin Newsom: The Groomed-From-Birth Leftist Who Expects To Be President 

Biden’s Border Crisis Is As Bad As Ever, His Admin Is Just Better At Hiding It

How a Wagner Rebellion Exposed Putin’s Weakness

How The Ballot Amendment Process Became Democrats’ New Strategy To Entrench Their Agenda Into Law

Even CNN Admits Ukraine's Counteroffensive Failure

Russiagate Redux: Grassley Calls Out FBI For Leaking False Narratives To Obstruct Biden Investigation

Poll Shows Staggering 'Wrong Track' Number Under Biden

Media, Democrats Continue To Ignore Biden Corruption Scandal

The Case for DeSantis Over Trump

Security meltdown avoided in Moscow, but blowback from insurrection looms

Naked men on bikes expose ‘all ages’ Seattle Pride Parade to criticism

Whistleblower: FBI threatened to fire agents who criticized emphasis on Jan. 6 investigations

Pride before profits: How corporate America is working to destroy America

New York lawyers sanctioned after relying on AI that cited fake case law

Meta to block news on Facebook and Instagram in Canada

Trump widens lead in Republican primary thanks to second indictment

By Ramsey Touchberry - The Washington Times

Nearly Half of Californians Considering Moving Out of State

Hunter Biden Is Above The Law

One Year After Dobbs, Americans Have More Common Ground On Protecting The Unborn

To The Angry TikTok Feminists: Try Applying Some Lip Gloss

Whistleblower Transcripts Show Deep-State Election Rigging For Biden Was Way Bigger Than A Laptop

Americans Have Never Been Less Threatened By ‘Extreme’ Weather


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

New drug overdose findings to be shared with Chatham Co. Commission on Friday, 23-24 budget approval

Savannah City Council to vote on proposed Waterfront Community Improvement District

Tybee Island city council to vote on adjusting budget ahead of unpermitted event on 4th of July weekend

Savannah City Council meeting Thursday will discuss millage rate, parking fine increase

Savannah Police searching for person responsible for graffiti downtown

Savannah police investigating Thursday night homicide

Chatham EMS wait time more than double national average

Tentative resolution reached for “Sloppee Toppee” liquor …

12 arrested in Jeff Davis Co. cockfighting ring



Supremes rule against Navajo Nation in water rights dispute...

Dems vow action on judge ethics...

Uncertain future for abortion year after Roe's overturn...


New scrutiny for aspartame...

Kari Lake Sued for Defamation...

IRS whistleblower claims Justice Dept slowed, stifled Hunter case...

IRS Whistleblower Docs Show DOJ Obstructed Hunter Biden Probe To Protect President

Hunter Biden Threatened ‘My Father’ Could ‘Hold A Grudge’ In Extortive Message To Chinese Associate Revealed By Whistleblower

IRS Investigation Into Hunter Biden Started As Probe Into Foreign Pornography Ring

Where Is Kristi Noem As Her Corporate Sponsors Take Over Constituents’ Land?

One Year After The Dobbs Decision, The Supreme Court Is Still Under Attack

DOJ And Ed Department Silent After Teachers Use Taxpayer Money To Criminally Push Gender Ideology On Students

Revisiting The Racialist Nonsense Espoused By Biden’s Pick For Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chair

Americans Have Never Been Less Threatened By ‘Extreme’ Weather

Why Gutting Title IX Is Psychological Warfare

Whistleblower: FBI Tipped Off ‘People Very Close’ To Joe And Hunter Before IRS Investigative Team’s ‘Day Of Action’

Delaware Prosecutors Hid FBI Bribery Document From IRS Investigators

FBI Knew Hunter Biden’s Laptop Was Authentic A Year Before Pressuring Big Tech To Censor It

Ron DeSantis Takes On the Accreditation Monopoly

Unwilling Members of the Cis-terhood

The ‘New Breed of Republicans’ Is Nothing of the Sort

OceanGate Expeditions Announces All Sub Passengers ‘Have Sadly Been Lost’

IRS Whistleblowers Accuse DOJ, FBI, IRS of Interfering with Hunter Biden Tax Probe

BMI Was Stupid, Not Racist

The Incomparable Riley Gaines

DeSantis: Trump’s Praise for Cuomo’s Covid Response Shows He’s ‘Full of It’

Trump Gets Cornered

FBI Investigating Mail with ‘Unknown White Powder’ Sent to Tennessee Republicans

Fauci Worried about the Future of the U.S. Because of ‘Normalization of Untruths’

Randi Weingarten Tackles American National Security

Reject Right-Wing Marxism

FAILING UPWARD: Teachers Union Leader Who Pushed COVID-19 Mandates Lands Homeland Security Role

Heritage Foundation Sues Pentagon to Learn How Many Abortions It Has Paid For

Planned Parenthood Taxpayer Funding Up; Abortion and ‘Transgender’ Services High Priorities

School Leaders Harassed Moms Who Fought Left-Wing Policies, Lawsuit Claims

AMC Cancels Showings of Film Highlighting Dangers of Transgender Surgeries

ICYMI: 6 Takeaways From Special Counsel John Durham’s House Testimony on FBI’s Trump-Russia Probe

The FBI Is a Corrupt Disaster

Trump should take the stand in federal court, says legal team: ‘Fantastic advocate for himself’

Biden administration won’t defend ‘transgender mandate’ on Catholic doctors, hospitals

IRS investigator says Justice Dept. protected Hunter Biden in tax probe

Reddit moderators protest by making their communities NSFW

GOP lawmakers introduce resolutions to expunge Trump impeachments

Senate Democrats set up showdown with House GOP over federal spending

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Lauren Boebert ‘little b——’ in heated House floor confrontation

Trump, DeSantis interviews show Fox News’ influence on GOP field still strong despite troubled year

GOP’s pistol-brace rule repeal fails in the Senate

Watchdog finds corrosion, upkeep woes at key U.S. missile defense sites

Hunter Biden deducted payments to prostitute, sex club from his taxes: whistleblower 

Va. mom of 6-year-old who shot teacher will cite Hunter Biden’s plea deal for leniency, lawyer says

New Levin Book Takes It to Dems, 'Brass Knuckles, Baby'

The Bud Light Boycott Is a Turning Point

Kayla Lovdahl Has Already Transitioned, Detransitioned at 18


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Savannah-Chatham School Board passes budget amidst internal debate

In Session: Chatham County prosecutor drops murder charges 

Savannah Police searching for person responsible for graffiti downtown

Jury selected in trial for person accused of driving through Rincon parade

SCCPSS middle school teacher fired after child pornography charges

Ga. Secretary of State shares how elections can be more accessible to Georgians

Ga. Department of Natural Resources shares how they think shrimping season will go

Ex-FBI analyst who kept classified info in bathroom like Trump going to prison...

The Don starts receiving govt evidence against him...

Jan. 6 rioter who electroshocked Officer sentenced to 12 years...

House votes to censure Schiff...

McCarthy urges Republicans to reject Biden impeachment...

Hunter Biden Plea Deal On Five-Year-Old Crimes Shows Biden-Protection Racket At Work

Washington Post Exposes Ron DeSantis’ Nefarious Plot To Govern As A Conservative

Biden’s Latest Anti-Gun Claims Aren’t Just False — They Don’t Even Make Sense

Blinken’s Beijing Trip Accomplished Nothing But U.S. Humiliation

Fake ‘Fact-Checker’ Hides Truth About California Bill That Would Strip Kids From Their Parents

Defense Secretary Austin Needs To Obey Orders And End The Military Vaccine Mandate

‘Call Of Duty’ Parent Company Censors Streamer For Defending Kids From Trans Agenda

Time Is Running Out For Congress And States To Defuse Biden’s Election-Takeover Bomb

The Titan Sub and the Terror of the Sea

Justice Alito Pushes Back on Misleading ProPublica Report

‘We Did Not Give Our Consent’: Riley Gaines Blasts the NCAA for Exposing Female Athletes to ‘Male Genitalia’

‘Not as Dominant’: Post-Indictment Polling Suggests Trump’s Hold over the GOP May Be Loosening

House Censures Adam Schiff for Leading Trump-Russia Probe

Of Course Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Is Bad News for the President

Gay Publication Is Somehow Transphobic Due to an Acronym

National Math Scores for 13-Year-Olds Plummet to Decades Low

Riley Gaines Destroys Progressive Witness Who Claims Women Are Just as Strong as Men

Biden Speaks Gibberish on Guns

Ron DeSantis Needs to Do Some Challenging Interviews

Michigan State Professor Forces Undergrads to Fund Leftist Groups

Just How Intolerant and Vindictive Is the Campus Left?

Mental-Health Professionals Push Back on Woke Therapy

A Tale of Two Indictments: Politics in a Doom Loop

National Guardsman Jack Teixeira Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Charges

FBI Obsessed With Jailing Trump? The Opposite Is True

Against the Statist Status Quo

The Russia Collusion Hoax: Durham Drops a Bombshell

House Censures Adam Schiff for Leading Trump-Russia Probe

Durham says FBI agents became emotional, apologized over bureau’s handling of Trump probe

‘Sweetheart deal’ on Hunter Biden’s felony gun charge raises complaints of double standard

Federal college aid scams soaring, ‘easy’ to get money online with phony student applications

DOJ fires Black immigration judge in the ongoing purge of Trump hires

Elite sex club Snctm boots founder for outing Hunter Biden as former member

Elon Musk says ‘cisgender’ is a slur on Twitter

Titanic sub company chief didn’t want to hire older White men; not ‘inspirational’

Congress to move a step closer to fiscal gridlock with unveiling of Senate spending measures

University of Arkansas to close diversity, equity and inclusion office

States expand ‘free community college’ subsidies as higher education costs rise, enrollment drops

U.S. journalist Evan Gershkovich appears in Moscow court to appeal extended detention

Cooking gas explosion kills 31 people at a barbecue restaurant in northwestern China

PGA Tour will appear before Senate panel investigating deal with Saudi backers of LIV

Democrats shrug off domestic agenda conflict in wake of Hunter Biden plea deal in tax, gun crimes

Free-Speech Group Petitions Yale Administration

Justice Alito Launches Preemptive Strike On Leftist Hit Piece



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Savannah's property tax debate: Rollback or stay the same? 

University System of Georgia cuts funding for Savannah State due to decline in enrollment

81st annual Hampton County Watermelon Festival underway

 University System of Georgia cuts 3.8 million from Georgia Southern’s 2024 budget

Officials: Effingham County tornado sirens did not sound during confirmed June 14 EF-1 tornado








POLL: Support softens post-indictment...

Admitted to Obstruction on FOX, Declares Christie...

Disney’s Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton Exits (EXCLUSIVE)

Ryan Murphy Leaving NETFLIX for DISNEY...

AI Predicts Hit Pop Songs With 97% Accuracy!

Elton John says America going backward with 'disgraceful' anti-gay laws...

'Growing swell of anger and homophobia'...

Elton John says America going backward with 'disgraceful' anti-gay laws...

Inside Fashion World's Dark Underbelly of Sexual and Financial Exploitation...

'Modeling Agencies Are Pimps For Rich'...

24 HOURS LEFT ON TITANIC II... Search Area Larger Than Connecticut...

1% chance of survival...

Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Is A Coverup Disguised As Justice

Hunter Biden’s Wrist Slap On Gun, Tax Crimes Is A Complete Smokescreen

Hunter Biden’s Charges Are Nothing But A Diversion

New York Times Columnist Counsels Readers To Seek Pay For Pride

Did The FBI Prevent Delaware Agents From Investigating Biden Bribery Allegations?

No, ‘Book Bans’ Are Not ‘Castrating’ Kids

Secretary Blinken’s China Trip Went About As Badly As You’d Expect

Fake ‘Fact-Checker’ Hides Truth About California Bill That Will Strip Kids From Their Parents

Joe Biden Once Recommended More Prosecutions For Those Who Lie On Background Checks. Has He Changed His Mind?

Gov. Abbott Signs Bill Allowing Texas To Withdraw From Leftist-Controlled Voter Roll ‘Maintenance’ Group ERIC

RFK Jr.’s Critics Think They’re Too Good To Debate Vaccines

The Intentionally Provocative Hunter Biden Plea Deal

Trump’s Home Run

Our Changed Fiscal Politics

Avoiding Biden v. Biden

Six Takeaways on the Hunter Biden Guilty Plea

Tim Scott Vows to Finish Hunter Biden Probe if Elected: ‘The Big Guy Has Some Explaining to Do’

The Anti-Market Republicans Luxuriate in a Left-Wing Lovefest

Trump Weighing Whether to Participate in GOP Debates: ‘Why Would I Let These People Take Shots at Me’

China Plans to Establish a Military Training Facility in Cuba: Report

Scandal-prone Hunter Biden keeps dodging serious consequences

Charitable giving fell as less than half of Americans gave in 2022, study finds

‘Am I White?’: Hill hearing with State Department’s diversity chief turns testy

Sen. Tim Scott vows to fire Garland, Wray if elected president

Target slapped by Democrat attorneys general for dropping Pride Month items

School district returns Bible to library shelves after ban sparked outcry

New Adam Schiff censure resolution to be brought to House floor

House GOP wants Congress to set an example by cutting spending on U.S. Capitol

Hunter Biden to plead guilty in tax case, prosecutor says probe ‘ongoing’

Justice Alito bashes ProPublica in op-ed, says it misleads readers

Only One M.L.B. Team Doesn’t Host Pride Night. That’s Unlikely to Change.

I divorced my dying husband — he wallowed in self-pity and killed my vibe

John Durham testimony underscores need for FBI overhaul, House intel leaders say

Company Behind Submersible Was Warned of Potential for ‘Catastrophic’ Issues

Judge Strikes Down Arkansas Law Banning Gender Transition Care for Minors

Return to Office Enters the Desperation Phase

4 Die in Fire Caused by Batteries in E-Bike Shop Near New York’s Chinatown

What the New, Low Test Scores for 13-Year-Olds Say About U.S. Education

Biden Says Xi Was Not Informed About Spy Balloon

Speaker McCarthy slams ‘two-tiered’ federal justice after Hunter Biden plea deal

Trump Weighing Whether to Participate in GOP Debates: ‘Why Would I Let These People Take Shots at Me’


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

IT BEGINS! Bret heading towards Caribbbean...

'This is near and dear to us': Savannah celebrates Juneteenth

How an Alabama U.S. Supreme Court case may impact Georgia energy bills

Savannah's property tax debate: Rollback or stay the same?

Plans to build a second convention center hotel delayed by developer

Help for housing? Savannah expands options for carriage houses 

Savannah rapper indicted on street gang, drug charges

‘Substantial progress’ in Stephen Smith homicide investigation, family attorney says

Savannah leaders discuss impact of Juneteenth celebrations

SCGOP sets date for first-in-the-south presidential primary

Tropical Storm Bret forms in the Atlantic Ocean

SB 140 met with mixed reaction from Ga. transgender community



BLINKEN BEFORE XI: Spy balloon 'chapter should be closed'...

RFK Jr. Is Headache for Biden...

FLASHBACK: RFK's sex diary?

Ketanji Brown Jackson's ancestors were enslaved. Her husband's enslavers...

Pentagon Trawls Socials for Mean Tweets About Generals...

Cancer Warnings on Beer, Wine Spark Industry Alarm...

Norway to Mandate 40% Quota for Women on Company Boards!

How Officials Seek Revenge on Hometown Newspapers...

Dose of MDMA transformed white supremacist...

Liberal activists want to buy local TV stations...

Trump All But Confesses to Mishandling Classified Docs on FOX...

WASH POST: FBI resisted opening probe into Jan. 6 role...

POLL: Pence scores with independents...

Republican Opponents Start to Consider Primary Without Him...

How Reddit Radicalizes The Left And Encourages Political Violence

Juneteenth Threatens America’s Civic Traditions

Despite Ongoing Violence In Ukraine, U.S.-Backed NGOs Encourage Refugees To Return Home For Abortions

Report: U.S. Taxpayers Bankrolled Dangerous Research By ‘Covid Patients Zero’ In Wuhan 

Holy Cross’s President Wrongs Clarence Thomas

Defiling Juneteenth

The Whales Declare War

Name One

Trump Defends Hesitation to Return Allegedly Classified Documents

Media Wage Pride-Month Campaign against the Truth about Gender

Anheuser-Busch Marketing Team Is ‘Learning a Lot’ after Bud Light Dylan Mulvaney Controversy, CMO Says

The Press Is Making a Huge Mistake

A Confession of Error on the Trump Boxes Indictment

Manufacturing Moves South

ESG, Wokeness, and Morality

Higher Port Productivity Would Be Good

Publisher Bows to Pressure, Retracts Paper Questioning ‘Gender-Affirming’ Care

Serbia Is Not a Model of Enlightened Liberalism

Do Wuhan Institute of Virology Scientists Often Fall from the Building’s Roof?

The ACLU Is Broken Beyond Repair

Public Deserves to Know How Biden Made His Millions

Are Liberal Social Activists Driving Voters to the GOP?

Ignore the Left: Juneteenth a Celebration of Freedom for All

Public backs GOP calls for U.S. military to attack Mexican cartels

Olive branch? Blinken strikes conciliatory tone in China

Biden’s green energy agenda suffers scores of Democratic defectors

Bud Light parent takes Creative Marketer of the Year award at ‘Oscars for advertising’

Dreaming of a New Iran

Texas Sen. Angela Paxton: I’ll ‘carry out my duties’ in husband Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial

Former FBI official reveals more challenges in the stalled D.C. pipe bomber investigation

Seven in 10 voters and nearly half of Democrats say Biden is too old to run again, poll shows

U.S. spies purchasing troves of Americans’ data is under review by intelligence community

Rescuers Race to Find Missing Crew Near Titanic Wreck as Air Supply Dwindles

China’s central bank cut key interest rates on Tuesday, hoping to kick-start a flagging economy.

China’s Rebound Hits a Wall, and There Is ‘No Quick Fix’ to Revive It

Donald Trump told Fox News the “secret” document he had described in a recorded meeting referred to news clippings.

G.O.P. Targets Researchers Who Study Disinformation Ahead of 2024 Election

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida held a fund-raiser in California, not far from the home of his rival Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Dreaming of a New Iran

Chicago shootings: At least 67 shot, 11 fatally, in weekend gun violence across city, police say

Nation split on whether to allow book bans, UMass Amherst/WCVB poll finds

Democrat says Trump ‘needs to be shot’ in verbal slip

Biden touts ‘historic’ climate spending as he courts California donors

‘Squad’ moves to block landlords from using criminal records to screen renters

Christian university pulls plug on Promise Keepers event over gender stance

Children need their dads to survive in modern jungle

Disney film ‘Elemental’ featuring first nonbinary character tanks at box office

Judge Orders Trump Not to Release Evidence in Classified-Documents Case

Legal Group Files Complaint Against University Of California Berkeley Over Segregated Graduation

Here’s How We Know The Flunking Education Establishment Is Scared

Cuba Facilitates China’s Anti-America Aggression — But What Else Is New?

BLM Gives Americans 15 More Days To Comment On New Land Grab Rule, But Won’t Show Up To Hear Their Concerns



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Law professor: Federal judge in Trump classified documents case must be recused

New SCCPSS Superintendent Denise Watts

Tybee Island holding annual Juneteenth wade-in Monday morning

Coast Guard rescues 5 people near Savannah River

Savannah Police investigate shooting on Abercorn Street

1 man killed in shooting on Williamson Street

2 teenagers arrested for stealing vehicle, kidnapping 6-year-old in Savannah

Ni’Aisha Banks announces candidacy for Chatham Co. Commissioner District 2 race

Tractor trailer fire shuts down lanes of I-95 in Pooler

Savannah museum celebrates Father’s Day and Juneteenth 


Politifact Checks Biden Claim Gay Americans Can Be Married in Morning, Tossed From Restaurants By Afternoon


Republican Opponents Begin Critiquing...

Lacked power to declassify nuke secrets...

20 shot at Illinois shopping mall Juneteenth celebration...

Ron Sells Republicans on Ending 'Culture of Losing'...

Newsom media blitz fuels presidential talk...

Why Everything We Knew About Global Economy Is No Longer True...

ANALYST: Bull market mirage. Brace for 'big collapse'...

Saudis move to invest in pharmaceuticals...

Tucker's FOX Defense Crumbled When He Took Millions...

Fetterman struggles through press brief; Slammed for outfit...

Bizarre responses...

He's Deeply Religious and Dem. He Might Be Next Big Thing in Texas Politics...

We Need Committed Dads To Quiet Our Cultural Chaos

How This Legal Group Plans To Halt Democrats’ Jihad Against Election Integrity Laws Ahead Of 2024

Everything We Know About The Biden Bribery Scheme From The FBI Document

Could I Have Cracked the Biden Brain Code? 

We Need More Babies

Tim Scott Declines to Say Whether He Would Pardon Trump

An Illegal Late-Term Abortion Exposes the Contradictions in British Law

New York Times Misreads Polling to DeSantis’s Detriment

A Confession of Error on the Trump Boxes Indictment

Is This Trump’s Final Season?

Majorities Believe Trump Indictment Politically Motivated

Racial Preferences May End, But Fight Will Continue

For DEI Supporters, Perpetuation of Racism Is Good Business

‘Bud Light the Dodgers’: Thousands of Catholics Protest outside Dodger Stadium during Controversial Pride Night Event

A Federal Judge Buys the ‘We Don’t Feel Safe’ Claim

Donald Trump ‘Is the Same as Joe Biden’: Mike Pence Blasts Former President

Obama’s Revealing Attack on Minority Republicans

The Shamelessness of Iowa Democrats

U.K. Medical Society Goes ‘Neutral’ on Euthanasia as Quebec Expands Eligibility

Biden Claims Spy Balloon Was ‘More Embarrassing’ for China Than It Was ‘Intentional’

The Strange Idea That a Cabinet Officer Should Report to the President

Notes on Fatherhood

Should Conservatives Celebrate Juneteenth?

Democrats Make It Official: We Have Two Sets of Laws

Pence Questions Whether Trump Will ‘Govern as a Conservative,’ Blasts Stance on National Debt

Catholic Group Launches Seven-Figure Ad Campaign Highlighting Dodgers Bigotry

This Picture Book Tells Kids They’ll Be Depressed If They’re Not Transgender, And It’s In A Public Library

Daniel Penny’s Indictment Deserves The Level Of Outrage Trump’s Got

Poll: Majority Of Americans Still Reject Democrats’ Unlimited Abortion Agenda

Let’s Brush Up On The DOJ’s Long History Of Abetting Prosecutorial Misconduct

The Press Is Making a Huge Mistake

GOP’s tax bill gives over $200 billion in cuts, punishes Chinese and Russian land grabs in U.S.

Blinken meets Chinese President Xi in bid to ease soaring U.S.-China tensions

Biden tells union members that Republicans are coming for their jobs

Thousands protest outside stadium as Dodgers honor troupe of drag-queen ‘nuns’

Catholic hospitals on track to ban gender-transition surgery as bishops advance rulemaking process

Biden baffles with British-style salute to ‘queen’ after gun speech

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott: ‘No higher compliment than to be attacked’ by Obama

Chris Christie calls GOP loyalty pledge for 2024 nominee ‘useless idea’

Mike Pence refuses to say whether he’d pardon Trump, says GOP shouldn’t ‘presume’ guilt

Failures of Globalization Shatter Long-Held Beliefs About the Economy

Why the Evidence Suggests Russia Blew Up the Kakhovka Dam

Ron DeSantis Is Young, Has Little Kids and Wants America to Know It

Barr Says Documents Case Against Trump Is ‘Entirely of His Own Making’

Ron DeSantis is Not a Competent Governor

Ideological ‘Red Wave’ emerging amid America’s moral meltdown; Americans pushing past cancel culture

We now know the first three people to get COVID worked in the Wuhan lab: Will the US government act?

Man who was harassing passengers killed in stabbing on Brooklyn subway: Police sources

Pupil who questioned classmate ‘identifying as a cat’ called ‘despicable’ by teacher

Teacher under fire for criticising a student who said a girl couldn't identify as a CAT


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

It's unanimous: Savannah School Board approves hiring of superintendent

Denise Watts speaks after becoming the 25th Superintendent of SCCPSS

National Weather Service confirms damage in Effingham Co. is from EF-1 tornado

School board votes to confirm new SCCPSS superintendent

Documents show Rincon investigation over missing funds for renting baseball field

Severe weather causes fallen trees, downed power lines in the Lowcountry

Community asking for help to cleanup storm damage from historic Guyton cemetery

Savannah Police locate missing 11-year-old

Tornado touched down near Brooklet on Wednesday evening, according to NWS

 Crews working to restore power in Effingham County

Hinesville PD investigating after man found dead in car

Raffensperger challenges Trump to debate 2020 results

Richmond Hill seeks national anthem singer

Effingham County tornado damage

Saudis set to execute seven young men for crimes committed while minors...

Trump Promises 'Food for Everyone' at Restaurant...

Then leaves without paying...

No one got anything...

SAD NATION: 1 in 5 adults depressed...

Love Affair with Adderall...

FOX Fires Producer Responsible for 'Wannabe Dictator' Chyron; Tucker Holdover...

Secession talks emerge in Northern California county. Is new state possibility?

The Bidens ‘Coerced’ Burisma To Pay $10 Million In Bribes, Says Credible FBI Source

Republicans Hand Democrats an Uninterrupted Clarence Thomas–Bashing Session

How to Read the Trump Boxes Indictment

UFO ‘Whistleblower’ Is a Trap for the GOP

‘Dumb Question’: Biden Slams Reporter for Asking about Ukrainian Corruption Allegations

Tribal Nationalism in Adoption Wins at the Supreme Court

The Truth about Covid’s Origin Is Coming Out

When the Scandal of the Century Has No Consequences

The Legend of Soft Men

Sexually Abused by Her Father, Teen Sought Help but Was Steered into Medical Transition

California Is Losing Its Mind

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Enters Presidential Race

The ‘Library Bill of Rights’ Goes Too Far

Curious Rumblings about the ‘No Labels’ Independent 2024 Effort

And the Grift Goes on (Everlasting)

Notes on Fatherhood

Masculinity as Prison or Escape

Trump and the Two-Tier Problem

Sean Hannity and Gov. Newsom Fought to a Draw

Newsom Suffering From DeSantis Derangement Syndrome.

McCaul Says Biden’s Attempt to Bypass Congress in Informal Iran Talks Is ‘Deeply Disturbing’

Democratic Backsliding

The Rematch Nobody Wants

Great American Novelist Cormac McCarthy Boldly Waded Into The Bleakness Of The Human Condition

What Is the Relationship Between Books and a Healthy Culture?

Title IX Complaint Rips Wisconsin School District’s ‘Dismissive’ Response To Transgender Locker Room Incident

Biden associate in foreign deals in talks with House investigators about testifying

House GOP uses policy, spending bills to target ‘woke’ Pentagon

Walt Nauta, the ‘other man’ in Trump indictment, described as a loyal and quiet Navy vet

D.C. area leaders challenge fathers to step up amid rise in juvenile crime

Tucker Carlson defies Fox News, posts another Twitter show

Amid America’s moral meltdown, this development should terrify progressives

Self-destructive Senate Republicans set the ground for economic and electoral disaster

Penn State professor charged with 'animal cruelty,' engaging in 'sexual intercourse' with dog in public forest

White House continues to use ‘MAGA’ even after being told it violates Hatch Act

Federal ban on noncompete agreements would overrule state laws, prompt court cases, say experts

CDC: Suicides, homicides among young people soared during pandemic

Trump and Johnson Were Accused of Breaking Rules. One Lost Party Support.

At the Heart of the Documents Case: Trump’s Attachment to His Boxes

Boris Johnson’s Effort to Honor Allies Puts Glare on House of Lords

The judge overseeing the documents case ordered defense lawyers to get security clearances to handle classified files.

Airman Who Leaked Files Is Indicted on Charges of Mishandling Secrets

War, weapons and conspiracy theories: The Times reviewed over 9,500 messages offering clues about Jack Teixeira’s mind-set.

Pot Shots: Legal Pot Industry May Face ‘Extinction Event’

Lawmakers promise to punish Justice Department for heavy-handed treatment of Jan. 6 defendants

From Virginia To Texas, Air Force Throws ‘Pride’ Parties While Our Readiness Crumbles

Wisconsin Lawmakers Threaten ‘Power Of The Purse’ Against County Set To Become ‘Sanctuary’ For Trans Child Abuse 

Demi Lovato’s Pronoun Retreat Is A Warning To Her Fans

Consumer Group Exposes Deluge Of Corporate Money Going To Dangerous ‘Pride’ Group

Biden’s Complete Reversal On LGBT Issues Proves He’s In It For The Money

Supreme Court Upholds Institutionalized Racism With Ruling On Indian Child Welfare Act



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Suspended Rincon city manager feared retaliation for reporting possible theft

Man accused of causing deadly crash that killed Loeffler campaign staffer pleads not guilty

Beaufort Co. Sheriff’s Office looking for suspected shooter involved in incident over weekend

Chatham Co. Police searching for three people who may have information about Saturday morning homicide

Bulloch Co. emergency leaders ready to respond to storm damage

Downed power line closes lanes of I-95 at exit 5 in Hardeeville

Miami Mayor jumps into presidential race...

Obama Personal Investment Deals Mirror Tax Strategies He Once Criticized...

City bans Pride flags on public property...

Texas Buses Migrants to Los Angeles for First Time...

Woman found guilty of assault by kissing...

Beijing Rewarding Its Best-Behaved Citizens With Cheaper Travel...

San Diego bans homeless encampments...

STARBUCKS ordered to pay $25M to manager fired for being White...

China’s Burgeoning AI Supremacy Threatens American Stability

President Who Wants Porn In Your Kids’ School And Surgeons In Their Pants Feigns Offense At Topless Dude On His Lawn

Where Judicial Watch’s Defense of Trump Goes Wrong

Let the Beatles Be

What Americans Really Think about Abortion

Hey, Remember When the Bud Light Boycott Was Supposed to Pass Quickly?

Grand Jury Indicts Daniel Penny in Jordan Neely Chokehold Death

Finally a Little Accountability on Child-Masking

Starbucks to Pay $25 Million to White Manager Fired after Viral Arrest of Two Black Men

Belarus President Claims Country Received Nuclear Weapons from Russia

Pardoning Is Not Enough: We Must All Perform Seppuku for Donald Trump

In Post-Arraignment Speech, Trump Slams Jack Smith and the ‘Corrupt Sitting President’

The Questionable Case for Judge Cannon’s Recusal

Ron DeSantis Is Picking Some Strange Battles

Trump Raises $7 Million since Classified-Documents Indictment

The Trump-Arraignment Protest That Wasn’t

Former DHS Secretary Accuses Mayorkas of Covering Up Illegal Immigration: ‘Smoke and Mirrors’

Is It Wrong for Beautiful Women to Profit from Their Beauty?

Public Has Right To See Nashville Shooter's Writings

Progressives and the Perpetual-Emergency Presidency

Poor Jake Tapper Melts Down Over Trump's Supporters

Reparations for Slavery? California's Bad Idea Catches On

When LGBT Activists Flood Target With Bomb Threats, Media Pretend Conservatives Did It

Parents Are Speaking Up & Anti-Parent Bullies Are Losing

Maine Democrats Scramble To Rig State Elections With Unconstitutional Ranked-Choice Voting

Trump shatters political norms again: Charges ‘will guarantee his nomination’

Media whiplash: CNN’s Tapper muzzles Trump-friendly footage a month after town hall

House GOP starts investigation into Mayorkas over ‘dereliction of duty’

Bills to protect gas stoves clear GOP House with backing from dozens of Democrats

House lawmakers block censure resolution against California Democrat Adam Schiff

‘The View’ attacks women and mothers — again

Republicans push McCarthy to address Social Security, Medicare in the spending fight

They Are Trump’s Aides and Lawyers. Now They Could Be Trial Witnesses.

Why the U.S. Is Paying $1 Billion a Year to Russia’s Nuclear Agency

Obama-era Russian Uranium One deal: What to know

BREAKING: Prominent Trans Activist Sentenced To LIFE In Prison For Murder Of California Family

Fed pauses rate hikes but forecasts more increases as inflation remains too high

The Ohio Supreme Court’s Ballot Amendment Ruling Is Not The Win Democrats Think It Is

Parents Push Back On The Rainbow Mafia’s Unmistakable Intolerance

To Ensure Paxton’s Impeachment Trial Is Fair, The Texas Senate Must Adopt Rules That Stop The Political Circus

Investigation Finds $400 Billion Was Stolen Or Wasted In Covid Fraudsters’ ‘Great Grift’

The DOJ And Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Sordid History Of Weaponizing The Espionage Act

California Bill Would Make Insurance Fund Unlimited Attempts To Create Motherless And Fatherless Children



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

City Talk: Savannah places too many restrictions on medical cannabis

Chatham County inmate writes letter to court, confessing to murder

Savannah city officials announce names that could replace Calhoun Square


100s of citations, 55 arrested on DUI charges in operation

FOX Chyron Calls Biden 'Wannabe Dictator'...

CIRCUS COMES TO MIAMI: Demonstrator arrested for jumping in front of motorcade...

MAGA hats, convict stripes and a dead pig...

Trump greets arraignment with showmanship in bid to upstage charges...

White House bans 'disrespectful' topless trans influencer...

Influencers overtaking journalists as news source...

'Anne Frank pornography' being banned in FL, TX schools...

Record number of media job cuts so far in '23...

STARBUCKS to Take Down All Pride Decorations?


Bureaucrats Are Hell-Bent On Congress Rubber Stamping FISA So They Can Snoop Without Warrants Or Consequences

Exclusive: Marco Rubio Introduces Bill To Make Federal Buildings Beautiful Instead Of Eyesores

Legal Group Demands Navy Investigate Active-Duty Drag Queen For Allegedly Violating Military Protocol

Biden To Spend $600 Million Rejoining Corrupt UN Club That Amplifies Leftist Causes And CCP Propaganda

McCarthy Torches CNN For Hiring McCabe, Clapper To Weigh In On The Ongoing ‘Get Trump’ Op They Helped Run

With An Obscure Committee, Speaker McCarthy Can Restore The House’s Institutional Integrity

Trump pleads not guilty to federal charges in classified documents case

Retail theft overlooked by prosecutors at expense of shoppers, worker safety, Congress told

FBI deputy director rejects claims of targeting Trump, conservatives: ‘There are not two standards’

Biden could pardon Trump in classified document case, but would pay a ‘political price’

‘You need to flee’: California lawmaker calls for exodus as child gender-affirmation bill advances

‘Am I White?’: Hill hearing with State Department’s diversity chief turns testy

A judge will allow E. Jean Carroll to include comments from Donald Trump’s CNN town hall in her defamation suit.

McCarthy: The Left Whines about Trump Appointee Cannon after Forum-Shopping to Reliable Democrat Howell

Americans Suddenly More Conservative Than Liberal On Social Issues, Poll Says

Social Conservatism in U.S. Highest in About a Decade

Obese woman demands airlines pay for free seats to accommodate excess weight

How Tobacco Companies Are Crushing ESG Ratings

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny Review: A Terrific Send-Off to an Icon

ChatGPT faces defamation lawsuit over radio host’s ‘hallucination’

Prosecutors accuse weapons expert in Alec Baldwin shooting case of drinking, smoking marijuana

Grassley’s ‘17 Recordings’ Bombshell Brings Bidens And Burisma Back Into The Spotlight

If ‘Banned’ Books Are Harmless, Joe Biden Should Read Them To Kids

The Questionable Case for Judge Cannon’s Recusal

In Post-Arraignment Speech, Trump Slams Jack Smith and the ‘Corrupt Sitting President’

The Primary System Is Failing Americans

Gavin Newsom Desperately Wants to Be Called On by the Teacher

Trump Argument No. 3: The Hillary Clinton Precedent

White House Bans Trans Influencer for Flashing Breasts at Pride Event: ‘Inappropriate and Disrespectful’

Biological Differences between Men and Women Matter in Sports

The Ghastly and Contradictory Pride Flag

Vance Says He’ll Grind DOJ to a Halt over Trump Indictment

The Texas Anti-DEI Bill That Might Have Been

Choose Presidential Nominees Like Vice-Presidential Nominees

Novelist Cormac McCarthy Dead at 89

Why the Biden Administration is Trying to Take Out Trump

Biden Special Counsel Appears to Have Vanished

Support For Transgenderism Is Cratering

Donald Trump's Arraignment

No Laughing Jesters in Biden's Banana Republic



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Technology has enriched our lives. But don't ignore the perils of artificial stupidity

Sold: Louisville Rd property goes to trolley operator for $7.65 million

Trump scrambles to find lawyer on eve of first federal court appearance...

Denver Nuggets win first-ever NBA championship...

Ruble's staggering collapse could end Putin reign...



WASH POST Publisher Stepping Down Over 'Decline in Civility'...

Hotel Owners Start to Write Off San Francisco...

TURLEY: Trump would face 'terminal sentence' if DOJ proves even one count...

Severity of indictment handcuffs Republican defenses...

WHY did he do it?

Implosion of Mar-a-Lago Legal Team...

Nazi demonstration outside DISNEY amid rising antisemitism in Florida...


Senator opens probe into PGA Tour, LIV Golf agreement...

Saudi Shopping Spree Under Scrutiny...

Grassley: Burisma Exec Behind Biden Bribery Scandal Allegedly Kept 17 Recordings Of Talks With Joe, Hunter

The U.K. Just Banned Chemical Castration For Kids. America Should Do The Same And More

Ted Kaczynski’s Murderous Legacy Doesn’t Mean His Diagnosis Of The Post-Industrial West Is Wrong

Democrats Doubling Down On Biden Bribery Lies Suggests They’re Prepping For The Next Leak

Trump Takes Page From RFK Jr. In Targeting Big Pharma And Medical Tyranny

Extremist Left Claims Only Nazis Want To Teach Children Grammar And Patriotism

Frivolous Trump Arguments against the Mar-a-Lago Indictment

McCarthy: Frivolous Trump Argument No. 1: Classified Intelligence Reports Compiled by Government Agencies Are ‘Personal Records’ under the Presidential Records Act

McCarthy: Frivolous Trump Argument No. 2: It Was ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ for Biden DOJ’s Special Counsel to Charge Trump with Espionage

When Roadways Collapse: A ‘Test’ for DeSantis, but Business as Usual for Buttigieg

Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Censored ‘True’ Covid Claims at Request of Health Establishment

Toronto Blue Jays Promote, Commit to Starting Minor-League Catcher Who Identifies as Nonbinary

Westfield Mall Owners to Pull Out of San Francisco amid Crime, Plunging Sales

Bill Barr: This Trump Indictment Isn’t a Witch Hunt — It’s ‘Very, Very Damning’

The Ghastly and Contradictory Pride Flag

The Truth about Redlining’s History

Don’t Erase the Anglo-Saxons

China’s Coming Decline

History Repeats Itself: Cuba, China, and the New Cold War

Europe Follows Macron’s Lead on China

Net Zero: Central Planners and the Price of Money

Thirty Things That Caught My Eye: Women Deserve Better than the Stockpiling of Abortion Pills & More

Michigan Democrats Vote to Give Public Employees’ Personal Information to Unions

Study Finds School Choice Does Not Harm Student Outcomes in Wisconsin Public Schools

Biden's Lies: Federal Secrecy Gone Wild

Is It 'Extremist' To Care About Your Kid's Education?

Wildfire Apocalypse, Not

Anti-ESG Crusader: Fighting With Litigation and Legislation

Prosectors’ zeal shapes federal case against Trump, seen as ‘weaponizing the Justice Department’

Worth it or Woke website steers moviegoers to the right of Rotten Tomatoes

Biden ID’d as ‘Big Guy’ in secret FBI memo alleging bribery scheme

Spending is up, revenue is down as federal budget deficit tops $1 trillion

Audio recordings of Biden bribery scheme allegedly exist, Grassley says

LGBT Individuals Often Switch to Straight Identity, Says Landmark Study in Duke Journal

‘Hair,’ ‘Everwood’ actor Treat Williams killed in Vermont motorcycle crash

Catholic bishops blast Dodgers for supporting ‘blasphemy’ by honoring drag-queen ‘nuns’

Growing majority’s message to trans people: Stay out of women’s sports

Charges dropped against man arrested for reading Bible at Pride event

Spending is up, revenue is down as federal budget deficit tops $1 trillion

Collapsed I-95 bridge in Pennsylvania expected to take months to rebuild

Archbishop José H. Gomez Theorizes That New Social Justice And Woke Movements Are “Pseudo-Religions And Even Replacements And Rivals To Traditional Christian Beliefs”

More Say Birth Gender Should Dictate Sports Participation

Woke Canadian politician spreads hoax that he was punched in the face during a protest against LGBTQ indoctrination

Donald Trump Is a Waste of the Right’s Political Energy

Chris Christie Hits Candidates Who Won’t Take On Trump: ‘They’re Afraid of Him’

Dog Bites Man: Windfall Tax Backfires


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Infrastructure law to fund elimination of 11 Chatham railroad crossings

Sold: Louisville Rd property goes to trolley operator for $7.65 million

Suspect arrested after police chase in Savannah

SCHP investigates fatal single-vehicle crash

 CCPD investigating homicide at Westlake Apartments

Traffic flowing again on President Street after trolley overturned

‘It’s always been close to our heart in understanding:’ Jepson Center honors Juneteenth

Savannah Police investigating fatal early morning shooting

Donald Trump stored, showed off and refused to return classified documents, indictment says

1 dead after shooting at Beaufort hotel party

2 dead, 1 injured in Highway 46 crash in Bluffton




New Florida laws prompt families who feel unsafe to flee...

'DRAG RACE' winner arrested for threatening to shoot cop...

CA bill would brand parents abusive if they refuse to affirm trans child's identity...


Frequent Visits to White House...

Crashed UFO recovered by military 'distorted space and time'; Left investigator 'disoriented'...

PGA Golfers Told to Love Saudis...

Tour Says It Couldn't Afford to Keep Battling...

What other sports are in Saudis' sights?

USA Admits China Has Had Cuba Spy Base Since '19...

ERO Boston arrests fugitive gang member convicted of murder in Brazil

The Drama At CNN Shows The Impossibility Of Fixing The Media

Pride Month Zealots Launch Economic Warfare On Homesteading Catholic Family

The DOJ’s Election Interference Is Worse Than Anything The Russians Ever Did

Time For House GOP To Drop Everything And Target Merrick Garland

After Downplaying East Palestine Disaster, Coastal Media Elites Panic Over Wildfire Haze In NYC

Why Does The Left Insist LGBT Activism Means Exposure To Kids?

The Truth about Redlining’s History

Donald Trump Vows ‘I’ll Never Leave’ the 2024 Race for President

Anthony Bass Is Baseball’s First Martyr to LGBTQ2S+ Orthodoxy

The Press Has Picked a Side, and It’s Not the Parents

After Shootings and Killings, Colorado School Leaders Backtrack on Anti-Cop Stance

The Mediocre Mermaid

The Death of the Internet, Five Years Later

Economist Adam Smith Remains as Relevant as Ever

Why Trump’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Cries Ring Hollow in Face of DOJ Indictment

The Trump Indictment Is Damning

Trump’s Indictment Is Worse Than You Think It Is

Again: Aren’t You All Tired of This Crap?

California Is Waging an Ever-More-Aggressive LGBT Culture War

‘For the Children’: The War against Pizza

Buckley’s Corner: When the New York Times Legitimized Castro’s Cuba

North Carolina Republicans Censure Thom Tillis, Accuse Him of Straying from Party Platform

Covid and ‘Disinformation’

Ted Kaczynski, Known as the ‘Unabomber,’ Dies in Federal Prison

Boys Need a Pathway to Manhood

Don't Count a Third Party Out in 2024

Giving Clarence Thomas His Due

Trump confronts mountain of charges that threaten his liberty, his presidential run

Side hustles, ‘unretiring’ on the rise as workers combat increasing expenses

Biden’s fight to restore ‘America’s soul’ clashes with tradition, Christian beliefs

Biden accused of pocketing a $5 million bribe while vice president

Illegal immigrants stream into airports as Biden plans kick in

Trump indictment sparks wave of Republican support: ‘Stronger today politically’

Normalizing sin: An open letter to the church during Pride month

Former AG Barr: ‘Presenting Trump as a victim of a witch hunt is ridiculous’

Supreme Court: Alabama violated Voting Rights Act by drawing only one Black congressional district

Hasty rollouts lead to rolling blackouts; hot, dark summer on horizon if renewable energy fails

Biden admin’s gay rights advocacy in foreign policy hurting other human rights goals: Analysis

California moves to provide surrogates to gay male couples in the name of 'fertility equality'

FBI Interfered in 2016, 2020 Elections and Now in 2024

Trump Will Win If the Republican Field Stays Crowded


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

There's a new super in town: Savannah-Chatham Schools hire proven leader

Parts of South Carolina under Air Quality Alert due to wildfires in Canada

'Reading is the foundation': A look at Savannah-Chatham Schools' plan to raise literacy rates

1 person dies in crash on Hwy. 80

Vote for expanded emergency powers delayed due to Tybee Island councilmember’s absence

Trump charged over classified documents in 1st federal indictment of an ex-president

 Family mourns loss of woman killed in murder-suicide at Long Co. gas station

Garden City Police hiring more officers, installing gunshot detection tech with federal funds

Federal grant money helping Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park grow

Controversial agenda item tabled until late June






Saudi crown prince threatened 'major' economic pain on USA amid oil feud...

META Reveals TWITTER Competitor Planned as Stand-Alone App...

'Platform that is sanely run'...


Puerto Rico breaks record with 125-degree heat index!

Biden Names Official To Fight Book Bans...

Supreme Court rules in favor of Black voters in Alabama redistricting case...

J&J's covid vax pulled by FDA...

Democrats’ Indictment Frenzy Isn’t Just About Taking Out Trump, It’s About Eliminating Wrongthink

Russiagate Redux: Grassley Calls Out FBI For Leaking False Narratives To Obstruct Biden Investigation

Nothing To See Here But A Credible Whistleblower Accusing The President Of Bribery

Jim Jordan Demands Interview With FBI Official Used In Dems’ ‘Russian Disinfo’ Smear Campaign

China’s Amped-Up Aggression Shows Biden’s Détente Approach Won’t Work

New ‘Twitter Files’ Installment Shows The FBI Censoring Journalists For Being Skeptical About Ukraine

Trans ‘Health Care’ Professionals Are ‘Rubber-Stamping’ Diagnoses Of Gender Dysphoria

Report: Biden Is Coordinating With ACLU, Other Left-Wing Groups To Interfere In Elections

Louisiana Sends Constitutional Amendment Proposal Banning ‘Zuckbucks’ In Elections To Voters For Approval

Trump Is Being Charged with Willfully Retaining National-Defense Information

Student Borrowers Are Livid They Might Have to Pay Back Their Loans

Comer and Wray Settle, Ending Contempt Showdown

Democrats Are Taking an Enormous Risk

Racial Gerrymandering Wins at the Supreme Court

Why We Need Men, and How to Make Them

Kamala Harris’s Allies to Biden: Boost Her Profile, or Else

Pence Urges DOJ Not to Indict Trump, Says It Would Send a ‘Terrible Message to the World’

Why Does Trump Special Counsel Smith Have Grand Juries in D.C. and Florida?

Christie on Trump Family Foreign Money

Trump Indicted in Classified Documents Investigation

Marine Daniel Penny Breaks Silence after Deadly Subway Encounter: ‘I Was Scared’

Trump: Documents Investigation Is Election Interference

Wildfire Masking Is Just Different

Why Is Everyone Watching TV With the Subtitles On?

Comer Grit vs. Biden Grift as Corruption Scandal Heats Up

Pro-Life Group Hits Biden 'Abortion for Any Reason' Stance

The Truth About 'Puberty Blockers'

Lawmaker reveals details of Burisma-Biden bribe allegation in secret FBI document

California governor calls for U.S. constitutional amendment on gun control

Muslims seek apology from Democrat for linking them to ‘White supremacists’ over LGBTQ books

Budweiser brewer renews with FIFA to 2026 despite World Cup stadium beer ban in Qatar

Sales for masks, air filters surge in wake of Canadian fires

Hutchinson calls on Trump to quit GOP presidential race over indictment

Pence hopes DOJ uses ‘very high threshold’ when considering indicting Trump

Montana sues nonprofit over ESG investing to claw back taxpayer funds

South Carolina high school valedictorian skips benign graduation speech, stresses Christian faith

South Carolina high school valedictorian skips benign graduation speech, stresses Christian faith

A Former U.S. President Faces Federal Charges for the First Time in History

Supreme Court: Alabama violated Voting Rights Act by drawing only one Black congressional district


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Community wants diversity, literacy addressed by new superintendent

Savannah Police have collected nearly $537,000 from school zone ticket fines

Port Wentworth alcohol ordinance changes limit liquor store licenses

Savannah city leaders host town hall meeting on fairgrounds project

Murder suspect arrested after police chase in Long County

Records detail abuse investigation years before Hinesville 6-year-old died

Four use-of-force cases involving Savannah Police closed with no judicial actions

SCCPSS school board votes to adopt tentative budget, millage rate

Savannah-Chatham school board discusses new rubric for choice program lottery

Chatham Co. awarded $2 million for Railroad Crossing Elimination Program

Molly MacPherson’s closing in Pooler



Flames threaten critical infrastructure, force evacuations...

Feds inform Trump he's likely to be indicted...

Walls closing in...

RFK Jr.'s rising profile triggers Dem jitters...

ROVE: Biden and Trump Could BOTH Lose...




Mel Gibson making documentary about Epstein?

INSTAGRAM Connects Vast Pedophile Network...


Tucker Carlson Takes Man Cave Rants to Social Media -- to Smaller Results...

FOX says breached contract...


All About the Deep-Pocketed Saudi Wealth Fund...

STUDY: Self-Driving Cars Making Traffic Worse!

Justice Thomas delays disclosures after reports of travel, property sale...

Jackson reports flowers from Oprah, designer clothing...

Oakland teachers striking over slavery reparations...

Orange County teacher placed on leave after anatomy lesson...

2 groups cancel Orlando conventions as worries over political climate grow...

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Barr Confirms Rep. Jamie Raskin Lied About Biden Family Corruption Investigation

Apple’s New ‘Mixed-Reality’ Headset Is Designed To Isolate And Control You

CNN Internal Survey Shows Viewers Lost Trust In Network Over ‘Sensational’ Covid Coverage

15 Father’s Day Gifts That Won’t Just Clutter The Garage

House Republicans Shine A Light On Foreign Interference In D.C. Elections

Chris Licht’s Biggest Mistake At CNN Was Being Hopelessly Naive About CNN

As Multiple Republicans Receive Death Threats, You Wouldn’t Know It From Corporate Media

Senate Republicans Urge Pentagon To Investigate Biden Appointee For Classified Intel Leaks

After SPLC Quietly Admits Subjectivity, Corporate Media Amplify Baseless Smears Against Parents

House Republicans Probe Interior Secretary Deb Haaland For Conflicts Of Interest

Why Does Trump Special Counsel Smith Have Grand Juries in D.C. and Florida?

Surveying Media’s Perverse ‘Anti-Woke Centrism’

Canada Must Pay: Environmental Reparations Now

Pence Urges DOJ Not to Indict Trump, Says It Would Send a ‘Terrible Message to the World’

The French Connection Becomes Latest Victim of Woke Corporate Censorship

Louisiana Legislature, with Veto-Proof Majority, Passes Ban on Gender Transition for Minors

D.C. Reaches 100 Homicides: Quickest Rate in 20 Years

Smoking and Choking: When Similes Fail

The War on Things That Work

CNN's Hopeless Quest for Middle Ground

What Worked in 1976 or 1992 Is Not Likely to Work in 2024

Trump Is Wrong about ‘Woke’

Across the Spider-Verse: Free Will over Fatalism

The Fall of 'Pride' Can't Come Soon Enough

LGBTQ Org That Hosts Sexually Explicit Chatroom Racks Up Major Corporate Partnerships, Millions in Donations

Tim Scott Booed for Telling the Truth on 'The View'

Moms for Hate?

Nearly a Third of Adults under 30 Support Government Surveillance in Their Homes

Transition to green energy puts U.S. at risk for power outages as summer heats up

Comer cancels Wray contempt proceeding after FBI agrees to release document to panel for review

More than half of U.S. churches rely on armed members as part of security plan: Survey

Running on his record: Donald Trump is no longer an insurgent candidate

Martha Stewart on ‘rampage’ to get people back into the office

PGA-Saudi golf merger under review as 9/11 families challenge deal

Congress fights for the life of AM radio in rare scene of bipartisanship

A $1 Trillion Borrowing Binge Looms After Debt Limit Standoff

David Zaslav Picked Chris Licht to Revamp CNN. Now What?

With Migrant Flights, DeSantis Shows Stoking Outrage Is the Point


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Without comment, Chatham County DA closes 4 officer-involved shooting cases

$1.4 million project begins to replace elevators in Stillwell Towers

Bryan County shooting connected to largest motorcycle gang indictment in state history, according to Ga. attorney general

Savannah homicides down by around 95%

Inflation causes insurance prices to rise across Georgia

Resolution added to Tybee council agenda about unpermitted event planned for July 4 weekend

Proposed millage rate by Savannah-Chatham Board of Education will increase property taxes





Christie pulls no punches, attacks Trump in launching '24 campaign...

Brawler eager to take on The Don...

Goes After Ivanka and Jared: 'The Grift From This Family Is Breathtaking'...

Conservatives revolt against Republican leaders on House floor...

UPDATE: Top CNN Anchors Criticize CEO Chris Licht's Leadership...

Santos Ordered to Reveal Names of Those Who Paid His $500,000 Bail...

Syphilis cases at highest level for 75 years...

AM Radio Fights Back After Getting the Boot From Musk...

Documents Detail DHS Project to Give 'Risk Scores' to Social Media Users...

INDICTMENT WATCH: Mark Meadows Testified to Grand Jury in Special Counsel Investigation...

Florida Testimony Hints at Unknown Complexities...

20 members of Secret Service security detail subpoenaed...

Republican lawmakers preview defense if Trump hit with federal charges...


Canadian Wildfire Smoke Shrouds Skies From Midwest to New York...

Florida confirms it sent migrants to California...

Newsom doubles down on possible charges...

Heads of 'orgasmic meditation' group charged with forced labor, sex abuse of followers...

Dark side of 'wellness'...

Great white sharks lurked near swimmers, surfers 97% of the time in drone study!

'Incompetent' driverless cars wreaking havoc in San Fran...

Washington Post’s Homeschooling Smears Won’t Stanch Public School Hemorrhage

The Air Force Is Using Taxpayer Money To Fly Service Members To Branch ‘Pride’ Events

Here’s The Single Most Important Question 2024 GOP Presidential Candidates Must Answer

Abortion Facility Closes In Indiana As AG Pursues Abortionists’ Medical Licenses

One Way To Quell The Migrant Crisis? Send U.S. Police To Restore Order In Central America

Don’t Kill Your Child’s Love Of The Rainbow Just Because ‘Pride’ Perveyors Co-Opted It

Please Let Hunter Biden Help Overturn Our Unjust And Unconstitutional Gun Laws

Jim Jordan Demands Merrick Garland Forfeit Records Over The FBI’s Mar-A-Lago Raid

Biden’s Declining Mental Acuity Is A Big Welcome Mat To Red China’s Aggression

Trump’s Indictment Looms in the Mar-a-Lago Case

Mission Accomplished at the Border?

Tim Scott’s Happiness Is a Problem, Apparently

Cambridge University’s Anglo-Saxon History Department Decides Anglo-Saxons Never Actually Existed

Remembering D-Day — and What Came After

Owner of Two of San Francisco’s Largest Hotels Pulling Out of City

House Freedom Caucus Unexpectedly Cuts the Gas to GOP’s Stove Bills

DeSantis Exposed

The RFK Jr. Wild Card in New Hampshire

Yes, Biden Is Too Old to Serve as President

DOJ Prosecuting Pot-Using Gun Owners Despite State Legalization

The REINS Act Is Back

The Destruction of the Ukrainian Dam Is an Atrocity, Not a ‘Disaster’

The Saudis Are Having a Hell of a Year

DeSantis Gains on Trump in Iowa after Campaign Kickoff, New Polls Show

How America Is Reshaping the Global Economy

We Live in Ignorance--Secrecy Is a Powerful Tool of Control

How Republicans Can Keep Winning After the Debt Fight

Trump, DeSantis in Open Warfare as 2024 Race Heats Up

The Broken FBI and the Biden Bribery File

Pence's Ill-Starred Presidential Run

What Is a Woman? Saga Reveals Next Big Challenge at Twitter

House lawmakers urge Biden administration to defend U.S. against North Korean cyber onslaught

Trump never changes: Making a third bargain with the devil

Southern Poverty Law Center tars parental rights advocates as ‘hate groups’

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi throws out first pitch at Nationals’ Pride night

Heritage Foundation cites Prince Harry’s drug use in fight for immigration records

House hearing heats up when Democrat objects to GOP colleague’s use of term ‘woke’ to criticize ESG

7 shot, 2 fatally, after high school graduation in Richmond

Internal Blast Probably Breached Ukraine Dam, Experts Say

Through Ties to Saudis, Golf Deal Promises Benefits to Trump

A First Try of Apple’s $3,500 Vision Pro Headset

Columbia Drops Out of U.S. News Rankings for Undergraduate Schools

Spotify to Lay Off 200 Employees in Podcast Strategy Shift


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

California threatens legal action against Florida over migrant flights...

Texas sheriff recommends charges...


HALPERIN: 16 People Who Will Pick Next President...

Far Right Turns on Marjorie Taylor Greene...

FBI Director to Face Contempt of Congress Hearing in Escalating Biden Probe...

Agency reviewed, closed inquiry into claims at center of Hill fight...

STUDY: Fatal Heart Attacks Happen Most Often On MONDAYS...

NFL investigating COLTS player for 'pervasive' betting...

Thousands living in RVs on LA streets...

UPS strike looms in world grown reliant on everything delivered everywhere all the time...

Mood-altering mushroom sales bloom despite safety concerns...

Vaping to blame for huge rise in bad behavior on planes?

Top eco-zealots plotting huge civil disobedience campaign...

SCARE: Pilot spotted slumped over in plane chased by fighter jets over DC before VA crash...

APPLE Unveils VR Headset; First Major Product in Decade...

Price Tag: $3,499...

'Clunky and creepy'...

Whistleblowers 'worked on secret program to rebuild crashed UFOs'...

Craft of Non-Human Origin...

Mysterious species buried dead, carved symbols 100,000 years before humans...

Ape-Sized Brain Relative Shakes Up Theories...

STUDY: Bad Movie Reviews Lead To Box Office Success, Positive Reviews Signal Flop!

James Comer Announces Contempt Hearings For FBI Director Christopher Wray

‘Highly Credible’ Source Reveals Scandal Bigger Than Biden Bribery: FBI Election Interference

Ranked-Choice Voting Is So Bad For Elections, Even D.C. Democrats Are Rejecting It

Even Joe Scarborough Knows Democrats, Not Americans, Want Late-Term Abortion

Conservatives Can’t Afford To Get Distracted By The 2024 Primary

Federal Loneliness ‘Advisory’ Threatens To Destroy Freedom By Occupying Private Life

After Overseeing Weaponization Of Government Against Trump, James Comey Frets Trump Could Weaponize Government

Disney Proves DeSantis’ Point By Going After Military Guests

Washington Post’s Homeschooling Smears Won’t Stanch Public School Hemorrhage

HHS Spent $13 Billion Sponsoring And Losing Migrant Kids Over The Last Decade

DeSantis Exposed

After FBI Briefing, the Comer–Wray Contempt Fray Over Document Alleging Biden Corruption Heats Up Again

A Flimsy Case That the Supreme Court Has Grown More ‘Imperial’

Comer to Hold Wray in Contempt for Refusal to Turn Over Document Alleging Biden Bribery Scheme

Tim Scott Takes The View Hosts to Task for Spreading ‘Disgusting’ Message That America Is Systemically Racist

Pundits Circle the Wagons around Biden after On-Stage Fall

U.K. Men’s Soccer Team Crushes U.S. Women

‘CNN Staffers Are Shocked’: Brutal Magazine Exposé Leaves Employees Angry and Frustrated

The Chinese Communist Party Should Be Held Accountable for Its Crimes

China’s Coming Decline

The Rank Bigotry of ‘Karen’-Shaming

Lululemon CEO Defends Firing Employees for Trying to Stop Robbery

Second Florida Flight Carrying Illegal Immigrants Lands in Sacramento

Republican Hesitation on Impeaching DHS Secretary Mayorkas Is Misguided

CNN Commentator Describes Nikki Haley as ‘White Governor from the Deep South’

Chris Sununu Wisely Passes on the Presidential Race

Sununu’s Decision to Sit Out 2024 Could Matter a Lot 

New York Times Whitewashes Biden Presidency

Hunter's Laptop All Over Again

Speaker Kevin McCarthy's Strategic Victory

RFK Jr. Tests the Conspiratorial Appetite of Dems

House oversight chairman: FBI says Biden bribery investigation active, involves shell companies

DHS says border ‘is working as intended’ after Title 42

Target stock downgraded as Pride merch backlash pushes losses near $14 billion

Debt limit deal doesn’t address big programs; bill gives blank check for spending

Guardians of diversity? State Department seeks gender equality, inclusion in space

Normandy marks D-Day’s 79th anniversary, honors WWII veterans

Room for rent? New York mayor willing to pay homeowners to house migrants

DeSantis suspends mayor in Florida from office after arrest on illegal-vote charges

Former FBI agent Robert Hanssen, who was convicted of spying for Russia, dies in prison

Crucial Dam Destroyed on Southern Ukraine’s Front Lines

Oklahoma Approves First Religious Charter School in the U.S.

Larger Screens, Heated Seats, Sushi: Theater Owners Want You Back

Can Chris Christie Succeed as ‘Trump Slayer’? New Jersey Has Thoughts.

Robert Kennedy Jr., a long-shot presidential candidate, pushed right-wing ideas and misinformation in a chat with Elon Musk.

Feds to provide emergency funding to Pride festivals as Toronto event struggles to keep up with increased security costs

Fowl Play: Foreign Nationals Kill and Eat Beloved Town Swan

Progressive losses mount: Here are five big disappointments

Sending Target a loud, clear message: Don’t mess with our children

Average wedding now costs $30,000, survey reports

Higher Ground: Inside the ‘unprecedented backlash’ behind ‘Pride Month’

Congress to vote to save gas stoves, clamp down on Biden’s hyper-regulation

Risky business: Insurers quit homeowner policies or jack up rates to escape natural disaster payouts

Corporate Media Trips Over Itself Trying To Downplay Biden’s Faceplant



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Meet real-life characters in 'Tybee Island Heroes and Hooligans'

Coastal Empire H.S. Sports Awards: What to know about June 5 event! 

I-16, I-95 exit ramp now open

Driver arrested after GSP pursuit ends with PIT maneuver

Multiple agencies responding to fire at Republic Sanitation Services

Chatham county annual Hurricane Expo underway

4-year-old foster dog found shot dead in Chatham County

Rincon city manager suspended after council vote; investigation into city employee also underway

Quail Run Lodge forced to close, over 50 people displaced


Rather Leave 'Too Soon' Than Stay 'Too Long'...

Kristen Welker gets chair...


DISNEY welcomes Gay Days in Florida as feud with DeSantis rages on...

'24 Hail Mary: Name Obama as His Running Mate?

UPDATE: Bible banned in schools due to vulgarity and violence...

Zuckerberg slams NYT for reporting he was choked out during Jiu-Jitsu tournament...

People who live longest share positive attitude...

Unresponsive small plane over DC causes military jet to scramble, later crashes in Virginia...

Grand jury in Trump classified docs case to meet...

New evidence bolsters two sets of charges...

GOP rivals slam for comments praising Kim Jong Un...

Christie set for launch...

No Forgiveness For Pandemic Sins Until The Guilty Repent

Viral Margaret Sanger Clip Reminds Us That Planned Parenthood Victimizes The Vulnerable

Leading GOP Election Officials: Feds’ ‘Treasonous’ Interference Is A ‘Direct Attack’ On U.S. Elections

Republican Pressure Prompts Pentagon To Nix Air Force Drag Performance

Exclusive: Jim Jordan Probes FBI Role In Trump Special Counsel Investigation

Christians Are Right To Raise Red Flags About Rainbow Flags

How Academic Debate Became A Propagandist Tool

Lizzo Feeling Bad About Weight Comments Could Be The First Step Toward Better Health

More Suspected Terrorists Found Illegally Crossing Southern Border In April Than In Four Trump Years Combined

DHS Cybersecurity Agency Labels Private Thoughts ‘Critical Infrastructure’ To Justify Censoring You

Grassley Reveals He Has Already Seen The Bombshell Whistleblower Doc The FBI Is Hiding

Durham Report: British Intelligence Repeatedly Rejected Trump-Russia Investigation ‘Evidence’

Biden Needs A Syria Policy, Not A Dangerous Replay Of Obama-Era Concessions

How the Bidens Got Rich

The NAACP’s Absurd Travel Advisory for Florida

Our Part-Time President

Progressives Keep Revealing What They Really Think about Norms

Brutal Exposé Leaves CNN Employees Angry and Frustrated

Haley Condemns Trump Remarks on Kim Jong-un

NBC Anchor Chuck Todd to Leave Meet the Press

Why Facebook’s Metaverse Flopped (for Now)

Vets, Evangelicals, and Fiscal Hawks: How DeSantis Can Break Through in the Firewall State of South Carolina

Hutchinson Criticizes Loyalty-Pledge Requirement for GOP Debate

Kari Lake Jumps All of the Sharks

Federal Judge Rules Tennessee Drag Ban Is Unconstitutional

‘F*** Ron DeSantis’: Gen-Z Congressman Blasts Florida Governor at Paramore Concert

What’s ‘Woke’?

How to Make History Come Alive

Biden’s tumble on stage stokes Democrats’ thinking about 2024 backup plan

McCarthy ally says speakership ‘absolutely safe’ despite conservative fury over debt limit

Medical journal BMJ admits much of COVID data bogus

Pregnant trans man on Glamour UK’s cover, touts children’s book ‘My Daddy’s Belly’

YouTube to stop removing content claiming U.S. election ‘fraud, errors or glitches’

Trump tells Hannity ‘not to joke’ about Biden’s cognitive issues

House Republican Rep. Buck to Ron DeSantis: Don’t ‘try to out-Trump Donald Trump’

GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy: ‘America First’ agenda does not ‘belong to Trump’

Millennials Are Starting To Shift to the Right

No Surprise: FBI Director Playing for Team Biden

Work Requirements and the Lost Lessons of 1996

Biden Is Failing, But His Allies in Media Are Protecting Him

 The 'Negative Partisanship' Phenomenon

'Woke' Cultural Marxism an 'Existential Threat to Society'

Would the New Chicago Mayor Let His Daughter Ride the CTA?

ESPN Host Is Fed Up With Black-on-Black Crime

I'm Done With the Trans Pronoun Charade. I Didn't See the Harm

In a Contentious Lawmaking Season, Red States Got Redder and Blue Ones Bluer


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Savannah-Chatham Public Schools names sole finalist for superintendent

Sold: Savannah real estate trends still pointing upward

Savannah mayor's race: How much money are Kesha Gibson-Carter, Van Johnson bringing in?

Motorcyclist dies in crash, Highway 80 closed from Meldrim Rd. to Highway 17

Teenager arrested after shooting in Rincon

Former Savannah officer that shot man in 2022 makes court appearance for robbery charge

Expert concerned with increased social media usage’s impact on children’s mental health

DeSantis making campaign stop in Beaufort County

Tropical Depression Two could become Arlene by Friday morning

Debt deal passes; McCarthy gets help from Dems...

Are Sane Republicans Making Comeback?

UPDATE: WAR ON GAY PRIDE... Trans Christian Confronts Pastor During Anti-LGBTQ Sermon...

California takes on Florida-style book bans...


How Christie could be wildcard in White House race...

Who is Ron DeSantis? Reveals few clues about what makes him tick...

LIST: TRUMP ORG, FOX, TWITTER most hated brands in America...

Behind-the-scenes videos of Tucker Carlson were leaked. Was it a crime?


Radio host Dave Ramsey sued for $150 million by listeners who followed advice...


New details of Epstein death and frantic aftermath...

Journalists at largest newspaper chain to stage walk out...

Will GOOGLE AI Plans Destroy Media?

The Race to Be the Second-to-Last Man Standing

Biden Trips and Falls during Air Force Academy Graduation Ceremony

An AI Drone ‘Attacked the Operator in the Simulation’

A Good Day for Business at the Supreme Court

‘Hostage-Takers,’ ‘Terrorists’: A Sampler of Progressive Hyperventilation on the Debt Ceiling

Musk Chastises Twitter Team That Canceled Deal to Host What Is a Woman Documentary

NYT: GOP’s Diverse Field a Sign of . . . GOP Racism

DeSantis Warns Republicans Trump Would Be an Instant Lame Duck in 2025

N.H. State Rep Endorses DeSantis, Pulls Support from Trump over Lack of Loyalty: ‘He Can’t Be Trusted’

Trump 2024 Shaping Up to Be Even Dumber Than Trump 2020

Setting the DeSantis Covid Record Straight

The Catharsis Candidacy

After Debt-Ceiling Deal, U.S. Still Faces $18.8 Trillion in Deficits Over the Decade

A Culture-War Reckoning for Corporate America

Trump Responds to Covid Criticism: ‘I Was Able to Do Something Nobody Else Could Have Done’

When Reporters Make Fools of Themselves, It Doesn’t Reflect Poorly on DeSantis

Senator Steve Garvey?

Nearly 10,000 Photos from Hunter Biden’s Laptop Published

House CCP Committee Launches Probe of University’s Hypersonic-Research Contract

To Beat The Dodgers’ Anti-Christian Hate, MLB Stars Must Refuse To Play Ball

How To Parent Through Pride Month

Meet The Violent Anarchist Behind DHS’s ‘Pyramid Of Far-Right Radicalization’ Scandal

‘The Chosen’ Can’t Serve Both God And LGBT ‘Pride’ Activists

FBI Director Wray Threatened With Contempt Over Stonewalling Republican Oversight

We Need More Christians Like Trevor Williams, Not Anthony Bass

Pride Month Is About Activism, Not Acceptance

An Unapologetic Defense Of The Crusades

Corporate Media Hack Interrupts DeSantis While He’s Talking To Voters To Ask Why He Won’t Talk To Voters

The Campaign To Destroy SCOTUS Is Getting Increasingly Stupid

Biden HHS Denies Oklahomans Health Care Funding Because The State Won’t Spend It On Abortions

Federal Government Paid To Study Cats On Russian Treadmills: Report

In Debt Limit Showdown, Biden and McCarthy Are Winners

Millennials Are Not an Exception. They’ve Moved to the Right.

Debate Us, Mr. President

'Missing' Biden Corruption Witness Speaks Out

The Anti-Trump Strategy That Might Actually Work

Cleaning Up Ken Paxton's Sordid Scandals

Senate passes debt limit bill, averting first-ever default

‘To me, it’s still going to be Fort Bragg’: Name change for iconic Army base touches a nerve

In blue states, trans-identified male athletes score in girls’ prep sports

Most in GOP praise virtuoso performance by McCarthy in debt deal

Women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines endorses Ron DeSantis for president

Women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines endorses Ron DeSantis for president

Trump forgoes big rally for retail politics in Iowa


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Missing 16-year-old found dead on Jekyll Island

 City of Savannah files motion to dismiss in-custody death lawsuit

Second new exit ramp at I-16, I-95 interchange set to open this week

Preliminary report reveals new details in riot at Regional Youth Detention Center

Savannah-Chatham County School Board announcing superintendent finalist Wednesday

Colleagues remember Georgia’s first female Superior Court judge

Kiah House museum listed for sale by the Historic Savannah Foundation

Murdaugh set to make court appearance Wednesday on federal charges

Former first lady Rosalynn Carter has dementia, the Carter Center says

Man arrested after domestic-related shooting on Alma St.

 Buildings at Quail Lodge beginning to be torn down

Deputies searching for missing 40-year-old Beaufort man





TSA records busiest day since pandemic!

Taylor Swift fans getting AMNESIA at concerts due to rare phenomenon...

Never-before-seen Epstein emails reveal network...

The Don's Lawyers Start to Wonder if One Could Be Snitch...

Mar-a-Lago prosecutors eye July episode with surveillance cameras...

Sensitive data of TIKTOK biggest stars -- stored in China!

Beijing Jet Buzzed U.S. Spy Plane, Pentagon Says...

Massachusetts Man Faces Prosecution For Defending Himself From Violent, Anti-Republican Attacker

To Address The Loneliness Epidemic, The Feds Want To Control Your Town And Friends

Meet The ‘Nonpartisan’ Dark-Money Group Rigging Michigan Elections So Democrats Can’t Lose

To Fix Homelessness, Stop Fixating On Housing

Study: Refined Carbs Might Be Making You Dumb

The Leftist Green Agenda Is Buying Its Way Into The News

Democrats Are Demanding A Dictatorship In The Debt Debate

How To Speak Up And Opt Out Of ‘Pride’ Month Activities At Your Child’s School

A Bill Allowing Texas To Withdraw From ERIC Is Headed To Gov. Greg Abbott’s Desk

Biden Education Bureaucrats Overrule Georgia Parents To Protect Porn In Schools

DeSantis Finds His Footing — and Puts Trump on Defense

Sometimes a Onesie Is Just a Onesie

The CIA’s Bud Light Moment

‘There Will Be No Compromise’: DeSantis Responds to GOP Critics of Disney Fight in Campaign Kickoff

Star Pitcher Condemns Dodgers’ ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ Invitation, Plans Christian Faith Day

CBO Projects Debt-Ceiling Deal to Reduce Budget Deficits by $1.5 Trillion over Next Decade

China’s Rejection of Military-to-Military Contacts Is Ominous

How the Bidens Got Rich

Ron Wyden Consultant Facilitated $500,000 FTX Donation to Oregon Democratic Party: Report

Get Them Rewrite! Debt-Ceiling Deal Fails To Fix DC

The Auto-CR Dilemma

Desantis Saves His Trump Hits for the Press

House Republican Leadership Touts ‘Transformative Permitting Reform’ in Debt-Ceiling Deal

The Biden Family Is Under the Protection of the FBI

The Soft Tyranny of Modern Medicine

The Pregame Is Over for Trump vs. DeSantis

Is It Sexist To Demand That Feinstein Resign?

DeSantis Has Been Sold Some Bad Advice

MLB Star Apologizes after Urging Boycotts of Target, Bud Light for Trans Campaigns

‘What Basis Is There for Confidence?’: House Freedom Caucus Decries McCarthy and Debt Deal

 Randi Weingarten Has Zero Credibility

DeSantis courts Iowans, takes aim at Biden

Stacked deck: Whistleblowers face long odds of prevailing against FBI’s top brass

House GOP to advance contempt resolution against FBI director over Biden pay-to-play documents

Pride Month pushback: Conservatives target corporations over woke merch

Miffed by drag-queen ‘nuns,’ Clayton Kershaw pushed Dodgers for Christian Faith Day

Blue Jays pitcher ‘truly sorry’ for backing Bud Light, Target boycotts

House GOP to advance contempt resolution against FBI director over Biden pay-to-play documents

Sen. Manchin is on the ropes in West Virginia in a hypothetical showdown with Gov. Jim Justice

Gen Z, millennials say shifting norms make marriage less appealing, survey shows

Debt Limit Deal Moves Toward House Vote Despite G.O.P. Revolt

The debt limit deal includes a green light for the $6.6 billion Mountain Valley Pipeline, angering climate activists.

Even After Debunking, ‘Sybil’ Hasn’t Gone Away

Testing Apartments: How Dirty Is That Gas Stove, Really?

North Korean Rocket Triggers ‘False Alarm’ Evacuation Alert in South Korea

Elizabeth Holmes Reports to Prison to Begin More Than 11-Year Sentence

Denouncing ‘Elites’ in Kickoff Speech, DeSantis Vows to ‘Impose Our Will’

Elderly Man’s Aggressive Outburst Leads to Arrest at Sebastian Dispensary

The search is on for missing teen who reportedly jumped over the side of cruise ship on a dare

Federal Loneliness Advisory Sketches Blueprint For Regulating Everyone’s Private Life


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Potential EV truck charging station stirs debate in Garden City

Savannah Council approves zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries

City Talk: Public needs to know costs of Civic Center redevelopment

Memorial Day: 26,000 flags planted in honor of Mighty Eighth Air Force

1 person injured after disturbance at the Regional Youth Detention Center

 Richmond Hill honors veterans for Memorial Day

Memorial Day: Honoring the fallen at Beaufort National Cemetery

 3rd annual “Flags for the Fallen” ceremony held Monday

Plant Riverside hosts Memorial Day commemorations

Visitors honor Memorial Day at Savannah’s World War II Memorial

14 people facing drug-related charges in Hazlehurst

Savannah Police investigating fatal motorcycle crash

City of Jesup announces passing of Commissioner Raymond House

5 people shot in Glynn Co. neighborhood

Tybee mayor not running for re-election

New York City Mayor Makes Obesity A Protected Class

How Conservative Gamers Could Lose It All

Texas Coffee Shop Known For ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Events, Handing Out Plan B Like Candy Closes Doors After Backlash

Legalization Of Polygamy Was Always The Logical Consequence Of Obergefell

Biden DHS Funded Program That Highlighted Video Conflating Conservatives And Nazis In Its Grant Application: Report

Scott Atlas Heckled At College Commencement Ceremony For Dealing Harsh Truths About Covid

Here’s What The IRS Whistleblower Will Tell Lawmakers About The Hunter Biden Probe Behind Closed Doors

Corporate America Has Launched A Religious War. It’s Time To Choose Your Side

IRS Whistleblower Says DOJ ‘Slow-Walked’ Hunter Biden Tax Probe

IRS Opened Investigation Into Matt Taibbi The Same Day He Blew The Whistle On Twitter And The Feds’ Censorship Scheme

Second Hunter Biden Whistleblower Threatened For Internal Email Warning Of IRS Corruption

The Best Way To Curb Our Culture Of Dependency Is For States To End Medicaid Expansion

Abortion Activists Try To Fool Ohioans Into Constitutional Amendment Threatening Unborn Lives And Parental Rights

10 Years Later, Would Gosnell’s ‘House Of Horrors’ Be The Norm In Post-Roe America?

The War on Things That Work

Honor Those Who Gave Their ‘Last Full Measure’

Memorial Day Is More Than Just the Start of Summer

Deterrence Has Kept the U.S. and the World Safe. Will President Biden Abandon It?

Ailing Senator Feinstein Reliant on Aides to Perform Basic Duties: Report

Bud Light Faces ‘Hurricane Mulvaney’ Moment as Sales Drop for Sixth Straight Week

‘No, Thank God, Americans Don’t Say That’

What to Watch or Read to Commemorate Memorial Day

Texas School Postpones Graduation After Only Five Seniors Meet Basic Academic Requirements

The Student Debt ‘Crisis’ Doesn’t Actually Exist

Pay Teachers, Not Administrators

New ‘Reparations Math’ Is Coming to a Public School Near You

Racism Gets Redefined

Fees in Our Time

CUNY Law School Hosts Graduation Speaker Accused of Antisemitism

Alumni Groups Need to Join the Fight Against DEI

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya’s Next Big Idea

Lululemon Fires Atlanta Employees for Calling Police During Robbery

Debt-Ceiling Deal Reached Days Before Default Deadline

Our Unenforced Gun Laws

Ron DeSantis Has All the Right Enemies

McCarthy's Debt-Ceiling Deal a Step in Right Direction

FBI Caused Lasting Harm to US With Trump Investigation

Memorialize All Soldiers Who Died Serving America's Interests

North Korea’s Kim channels inner Trump as wall arises on border with supposed critical ally China

Trump’s GOP rivals nudge primary voters to consider the promise of eight years vs. four

Biden mentions personal loss in Memorial Day address honoring fallen service members

Confidently incorrect: For ChatGPT, the truth isn’t always out there

Ralph Yarl walks at brain injury event weeks after getting shot in head for knocking on wrong door

Kirk Cameron’s book on dangers of ‘pride’: ‘It’s not anti-gay, it’s pro-humility’

Ron DeSantis trashes McCarthy-Biden debt limit deal, says it puts U.S. ‘careening toward bankruptcy’

Sen. Lindsey Graham calls Russian arrest warrant over Ukraine comments ‘a badge of honor’

Biden’s lofty EV goals face big barriers as federal funds flow to new chargers

Gen Z, millennials say shifting norms make marriage less appealing, survey shows

Part of whose world? ‘Little Mermaid’ live-action remake irks the right with progressive fixes

How did hundreds of noncitizens end up on Chicago’s voter rolls?

Potty politics: Federal wildlife refuges ordered to build ‘all-gender’ bathrooms

Ken Paxton impeachment trial jury could include his wife

China’s growing arsenal boosts risk of nuclear war, study says

Drone Strikes Damage Buildings in Moscow as Kyiv Is Hit Again

New Details in Debt Limit Deal: Where $136 Billion in Cuts Would Come From

The plan to increase work requirements for food stamps is being criticized by both the right and the left.

The Real Reason Your Groceries Are Getting So Expensive

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology

4 More Companies Go ‘Full Bud Light’ in Their Support for Transgenderism

Top 10 Companies That Ignore First Amendment Rights

North Carolina’s Democrat Governor Declares Emergency Over School Choice ‘Scheme’

‘I Would Like to Have My Job Back’: School Counselor Sues After Being Fired for Disagreeing With Transgender Policy

Judge rules Colorado student cannot wear a sash with Mexican and American flags during graduation

EXCLUSIVE: Female Inmate At NJ Women’s Prison Alleges Brutal Assault By Trans-Identified Male Transfer

Pride Month pushback: Conservatives target corporations over woke merch

Migrant Interviews Debunk Biden DHS’s False Talking Point About Cartel ‘Disinformation’ 

Plant Vogtle’s Unit 3 reaches 100% energy output

Biden Laughs Off Trump Pardon...

Hardliners trash bill as party leaders try to shore up votes...

Taliban claims: 'Will conquer Iran soon'...

A 'natural death' may be preferable for many than enduring CPR


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

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From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Memorial Day weekend in Savannah: 4 veteran-owned restaurants to visit

Gary Sinise Foundation marks milestone in home build for…

Honor the Fallen in Chatham County this Memorial Day Weekend 

Hyundai and LG announce $4.3 billion plant in Georgia to build batteries for electric vehicles

 Beaufort Co. teacher fired, charged with possession of child pornography

Savannah City Council votes to raise hotel/motel tax

City Council passes zoning amendment to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in Savannah

Veteran accused of murder takes stand to defend herself

Tybee Island preparing for summer crowds, mayor addresses plans for unpermitted event

Georgia State Patrol urges caution as Memorial Day weekend travel period begins

Prosecuting Murdaugh for the double murder cost taxpayers $264k

 Gov. McMaster signs South Carolina fetal heartbeat bill into law

Police investigating shooting on Highlands Blvd. in Savannah



Details Even Shocked Republican Panel!

'Litany of criminal and ethical offenses'...

TEXAS DIRTY: Lawmakers recommend impeaching Attorney General after investigation...

Zuckerberg unveils 'scrappier' future at FACEBOOK after 10,000+ layoffs...

CALVIN KLEIN uses bearded trans to advertise bra...

Florida laws targeting LGBT stoke Pride energy, organizers say...

POLL: 40% of DEMS not backing Biden in primary...

More than 150 former Trump officials now backing DeSantis...

DeSantis Slams Trump For Adding $8 Trillion to Debt in Just Four Years!

'He Turned Over Country to Fauci'...

Floats Pardon for Ex-President...

The fall of VICE: Private equity's ill-fated bet on media's future...

Emails Show Ron Wyden’s Office Lied About IRS Whistleblower ‘Backing Out’ Of Senate Meeting

Republicans Use House Committee Hearing To Demolish Democrats’ Bogus Election Lies

The Biggest Loser In The 2024 GOP Primary Is The Corporate Media

Kirk Cameron Releases New Kind Of ‘Pride’ Book Just In Time For LGBT Narcissism Month

If Doctors Aren’t Mutilating Kids, Why Are Leftists Mad At Anti-Mutilating Laws?

Bud Light, Anheuser-Busch Double Down On Transgender Insanity, Sponsor Pride Parades Across The U.S.

Bud Light’s Brand Is So Trashed It Can’t Even Give Beer Away For Free

Inside the Left’s War on Things That Work

Supreme Court Reins In the EPA Again, This Time on the Clean Water Act

Such a New York Times Headline

DeSantis Campaign Says It Raised $8.2 Million in 24 Hours after Launch

DeSantis Is Better Off Being Banal Than Being Based

Publisher Retracts Gender-Critical Paper

Professor Who Harassed Pro-Life Students Surrenders to Police after Threatening Reporter with Machete

Target Sheds $9 Billion in Market Cap amid Backlash over ‘PRIDE’ Collection

Everybody Calm Down about DeSantis’s Campaign Debut

The Promise of Ron DeSantis

New York Governor Plans to House Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants on SUNY College Campuses

Target Knew of Satanist-Inspired Merchandise When It Partnered with LGBT Brand, Designer Claims

The Dodgers Promote Anti-Catholicism

Minnesota’s Taxman Loses Badly at SCOTUS

Yikes! Biden Is at 60 Percent Against Kennedy and Williamson in the New CNN Poll

DHS-Sponsored University Program Lumps Republicans and Christians In with Neo-Nazis

Bush China Foundation Holds ‘Political Dialogue’ with the CCP

Rogue Assets Isn’t a Ukraine Problem

Portugal Legalizes Euthanasia; Nevada Legislature Approves Assisted Suicide

A Year After Unionization, Starbucks Closes Ithaca Stores

GOP-Led Texas Panel Recommends Impeaching State AG Ken Paxton

NAACP Is Right: Florida Isn't Safe for Black People

DeSantis Guarantees GOP Will Win If He's Nominee

What If DeSantis Runs to the Right of Trump?

At High School Debates, Debate Is No Longer Allowed

DeSantis Says He Would Consider Issuing Pardons for J6 Defendants

The Lose-Lose DeSantis-Disney Fight

Big Tech invites Washington to create new agency, new rules to govern AI

Supreme Court reins in Biden admin’s power over U.S. waterways

McCarthy threatened with GOP rebellion over rumored debt limit deal with Biden

Biden nominates Charles Q. Brown, Air Force chief, to lead Joint Chiefs of Staff

Mar-a-Lago Worker Provided Prosecutors New Details in Trump Documents Case

Here’s how the crime of seditious conspiracy is different from insurrection and treason.

With about 300,000 concurrent listeners, Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Twitter event fell short of the reach of past livestreams.

Woman allegedly enters closed Georgia restaurant, tosses together $500 salad

Disney gives ‘Little Mermaid’ the progressive live-action treatment

Gary Sinise credits ‘Lt. Dan’ for chance to honor Vietnam vets on Memorial Day

Report: Fired Biden energy official Sam Brinton led D.C.’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Senators question why Durham didn’t interview top officials at DOJ, FBI about Trump-Russia probe

House votes to put fentanyl and its drug cousins on restrictive Schedule I list; bill awaits Senate

Appeals court upholds school’s diversity policy that curtailed Asian American student admissions

White House and G.O.P. Close In on Deal to Raise Debt Limit and Cut Spending

Debt Limit Crisis Looms as First Big Test for Hakeem Jeffries

Texas Panel Files Articles of Impeachment Against State Attorney General

DeSantis Opens 2024 Bid with Series of Veiled Shots at Trump: ‘Governing Is Not Entertainment’

The FBI Knows What Car Was Used In J6 DNC Pipe Bomb, But Refuses To Identify Prime Suspect



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

How to stay safe while boating during Memorial Day weekend in Savannah

Honor the Fallen in Chatham County this Memorial Day Weekend


TARGET removes LGBTQ merch ahead of Pride month after threats to workers...

IRS opened Taibbi tax probe on Christmas Eve...

INDICTMENT WATCH: Trump team seeks Garland meeting as docs probe nears end...

REPORT: Oprah could replace Feinstein in Senate...

SCHMIDT: A.I. poses risk of people being 'harmed or killed'...

OZEMPIC users defecating their bed...

Momentum From Dobbs Led Legislatures All Around The Country To Pass Popular Pro-Life Laws

Here’s A Big Tell Democrats Believe The FBI Works For Them

House Republicans Investigate Lefty ‘Social Change’ Initiatives Sponsored By Fish And Wildlife Service

GOP Senators Want Details From Durham About Russia Hoaxers’ Obstruction Of Investigation

Republicans In The Swamp Should Take On The Real Culture Wars, Not Biden’s ‘War On Chocolate Milk’

Pride Month Is A Cynical Exercise In State-Enforced Homosexuality

The Promise of Ron DeSantis

Political Media Are Making Themselves Obsolete

Obstruction Indictment May Be Imminent in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Case

It Didn’t Work

No, Florida School Didn’t Ban Amanda Gorman’s Poetry

Sonny Hostin Doesn’t Want to Know

Chinese General Counters U.S. Commander during NYC Event

Kathy Hochul: Hey, What If We Put Migrants in College Dorms?

Ron DeSantis’s Veteran Appeal

What He’s Made Of

‘Unacceptable’: House Republicans Call Out Biden Administration for Stonewalling Afghanistan Probe

Archdiocese of LA Condemns Dodgers Inviting ‘Queer and Trans Nuns’ to Pride Event

The Dodgers Promote Anti-Catholicism

White Women, Beware 

Why Twitter Spaces? A Theory

Ron DeSantis Twitter Launch Was a Disaster

Ron DeSantis Announces Presidential Run on Twitter, Rollout Marred by Technical Glitches

First Impressions on DeSantis . . . Glitches and All

Texas Sues Biden Over Immigration ‘Parole’ Scam

Robert Zimmer, Champion of Academic Freedom — Rest in Peace

House Votes to Repeal Biden’s Student-Loan Forgiveness Program

Haley Pledges to Sign Federal Abortion Ban but Reiterates Uphill Battle in the Senate

Welfare Expansion with Word Games — and without Congress

Ron DeSantis' 2024 Pitch: Make America Florida

Select Committee on the CCP Urges Congressional Action on Taiwan, Uyghurs

Why People Are Fleeing California for Florida

Retired Military Brass Urge Congress To Root Out DEI

DeSantis Vows to Fire FBI Director on Day One of Presidency: ‘They’ve Been Weaponized’

Black Republicans Are a Clear and Present Danger

 Durham Report: FBI Is as Bad as You Feared, Maybe Worse

The Right's Attacks on Gender Freedom

Gender-Affirming Care: Horrors at TX Children's Hospital

It’s About Time Christians Educated Themselves!

It was Clinton camp colluding with Russia all along

IRS worked overtime to probe Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi

IRS chief denies interfering in Hunter Biden probe as whistleblower prepares to talk to lawmakers

Conservatives issue travel warnings against California, Minnesota

Why TikTok Feminists Lost The Transgender Fight Before It Even Started  



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Rep. Buddy Carter: No cuts to VA benefits in Limit, Save, Grow Act

South Carolina ready to renew abortion ban around 6 weeks of pregnancy after Senate vote

Facebook group raises thousands to pay for students’ lunches in Effingham Co.

Georgia State Patrol preparing for heavy traffic over Memorial Day weekend

Public library system offering reading challenge to keep kids engaged this summer

Volunteers helping create American flag display at Mighty 8th Air Force Museum

Did you feel or hear it? Lowcountry residents report ‘big boom’

Court extends WSJ reporter's detention by 3 months...

Big-buck donors bailing on Trump, backing DeSantis for 2024

America has become a ‘vast wasteland’ of sex and violence

Surgeon general warns rampant social media use imperils mental health of teens, adolescents

Target swallows its ‘Pride,’ pulls LGBTQ merchandise after customer backlash

Biden energy officials to snub House GOP hearing on gas stove regulations

Harlan Crow rebuffs Senate Democrats’ request for information about gifts to Justice Thomas

Catholic clergy sexually abused Illinois kids far more often than church acknowledged, state finds

McCarthy, Bracing for Defections, Eyes a Fraught Path to a Debt Limit Deal

The First 10 Words of the African American English Dictionary Are In

Franklin Graham warns of data, bank cancellations of Christian ministries

Miller Lite joins Bud Light in right’s doghouse after apologizing for ad campaign

Joy Behar: Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas don’t understand what it means to be Black in America

Actress Ellen Barkin declares hatred for all Republicans in expletive-filled rant

SPD dispels child trafficking social media rumor

Georgia AG talks gang violence with local leaders

Here’s How House Republicans Could Block Senate Democrats’ Efforts To Thwart IRS Whistleblower

‘America Looks Weak’: Long-Serving State Department Official Speaks Out After Pronoun Fiasco

Florida Republicans Are Crafting A Legislative Blueprint Other Red States Should Follow

Taxpayers Spend Billions Of Dollars Annually On A Woke Welfare Racket

Eric Adams’ Vegan Totalitarianism Shows Where Global Warming Activism Is Headed

NYT Polyamory Puff Piece Proves Conservative Christians Right Again

The Anti-Christian Los Angeles Dodgers Deserve The Bud Light Treatment

Abortion Activists Try To Fool Ohioans Into Constitutional Amendment Threatening Unborn Lives And Parental Rights

Majority Of Americans Know Regime Media’s Favorite Narratives Are Fake News

Judge Greenlights Election Integrity Lawsuit Seeking ERIC Voter Data In Alaska After Lt. Gov. Tried To Shut It Down

What DeSantis Gains from Announcing His Candidacy on Twitter

The Return of the Losers

South Carolina Legislature Passes Six-Week Abortion Ban

The Vanishing Disney Villain

Hunter College Professor Fired after Vandalizing Pro-Life Display, Threatening Reporter with Machete

Bellevue Hospital’s Disgraceful Reaction to the Viral Citi Bike Video

Target Reportedly Moving ‘Pride’ Items to Back of Store to Avoid the Bud Light Treatment

Appeals Court Rules Virginia Magnet School Doesn’t Discriminate Against Asian Americans

Target Partners with Satanist Brand to Create Items for ‘PRIDE’ Collection

Trump’s Manhattan Criminal Trial: March 25, 2024

Judge Sets Hearing on 14th Amendment Invocation That Biden Hasn’t Done

Stop Overrating Cable News

Illegal Immigration Is Not a Fact of Nature

The Limits of the ‘Extremism’ Canard


White House tries to calm Dems...

Biden Has No Good Options...

60% say debt ceiling increase should come with spending cuts...

‘Unacceptable’: House Republicans Call Out Biden Administration for Stonewalling Afghanistan Probe

Early Primary States Side with DeSantis on Pro-Life Laws

Washington State’s New Climate Curriculum Attacks ‘Rational Thinking’


Corporate bankruptcies creeping up as pressures in economy grow...

Housing Bust Comes for Small-Time Investors...

Surprising reason luxury goods booming...

Archdiocese of LA Condemns Dodgers Inviting ‘Queer and Trans Nuns’ to Pride Event

Harlan Crow Declines to Cooperate with Senate Democrats: No ‘Valid Legislative Purpose’


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Fixing Mercer Theater would be costly; arts leaders say it's worth it

Alex Murdaugh to be deposed for wrongful death lawsuit filed by Mallory Beach’s family

Former Port Wentworth mayor dies at 91 following house fire

First Bryan Baptist puts Housing Authority on notice: We want our land back

Developer appeals Beaufort Co. Council’s decision to block golf courses in historic Gullah Geechee area

Chatham Co. Marine Patrol gives tips on boating safety ahead of Memorial Day

‘I choose freedom, hope, opportunity’: Tim Scott announces presidential bid

Recent high school graduate arrested after chase with Liberty Co. deputies

Independent autopsy released on Fulton inmate ‘eaten alive’ by bed bugs

 Graduation week begins for Savannah-Chatham County schools

Mom ‘hurt, angry’ after swastika planted in daughter’s school project

8 arrests made during Tybee Island Beach Bum festivities

Palumbo launches fourth district alderman re-election campaign




Marjorie Taylor Greene defends boyfriend after drag video goes viral...

Florida Pride organizers cancel events, warn of 'climate of fear'...

Law puts brake on hiring of undocumented workers...


Does God exist? Only HALF say yes...

Parents Sue Elite Schools for 'Indoctrinating' Kids...

HILLARY: Biden age legitimate issue...

POLL: Joe gets low ratings on economy, guns, immigration... MORE

Comer Reveals Family Probe About '24 Election...

E. Jean Carroll seeks 'very substantial damages' from Trump over CNN town hall remarks...

Ellison to spend $60M to back Tim Scott?

MAGA fund founder backs DeSantis!

GOODWIN: Republicans damned if they do, damned if they don't with Don candidacy...

Epstein Appeared to Threaten Bill Gates Over Affair...


Gen Z going out in their underwear...

Hunter Biden Whistleblower Threatened For Internal Email Warning Of IRS Corruption

Merrick Garland’s J6 Juries Prove Durham’s Point: Conservatives Can’t Get A Fair Trial In D.C.

Lawlessness Is Not ‘Racial Justice’ — It Has Nothing To Do With Race At All

Air Force To Navy On Drag Queens: Hold My Bud Light

Viral, Out-Of-Context Clips Make Victims Like Pregnant Citi Bike Woman Into Villains Because They’re White

Ontario Bill Would Banish Freedom Of Speech From LGBT ‘Safety Zones’

Fertility Rates Are Doomed, So You’ve Got To Do Your Part

Target Partnered With Satan Supporter Who Wants To ‘Eradicate’ Critics Of Transgenderism

If You Want To ‘Drain The Swamp,’ Then Drain The FBI

Latest Appliance Energy-Efficiency Mandate Equals Fewer Consumer Choices, Dirtier Dishes

‘Your Life Is Not Valued’: NAACP President Doubles Down on Florida Travel Warning

You Will Be Poorer and Like It!

Netflix’s ‘Cleopatra’ Is a Historical Revisionist Queen of Denial

Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology

You Cannot Hear These 13 Women’s Stories and Believe the Anti-Abortion Narrative

Prosecutors Sought Records on Trump’s Foreign Business Deals Since 2017

E. Jean Carroll Seeks New Damages From Trump for Comments on CNN

Nashville Parents Ask: Must a Mass Shooter’s Writings Be Made Public?

A Movement to Make Workplaces ‘Menopause Friendly’

Public Criticism Might Be the Best Way to Reform the Supreme Court

NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace Hit With More Racism

Joe Biden Is Easily Goaded into Lawlessness

Welcome Tim Scott

It’s Not Sexist When We Do It: Politico Suddenly Fine with Lady Macbeth Analogies

A North Carolina Racetrack Benefits from Unnecessary Federal Largesse

E. Jean Carroll Asks for ‘Very Substantial’ Damages after Trump’s CNN Town Hall

Target Partners with Satanist Brand to Create Items for ‘PRIDE’ Collection

White Women, Beware 

Make Insulin Affordable Again

Biden Flirts with Triggering ‘Constitutional Crisis’

Joe Biden Doesn’t Even Know What Spending Cuts Are

Trump PAC Has Now Spent More Attacking DeSantis Than Backing GOP Midterm Candidates

Tim Scott’s Contagious Love of Country

Women Removed from California High School Track Event for Protesting against Male Participation in Girls’ Sports

The Plight of the Detransitioners

TikTok Sues Montana over Recent Ban of Social Media Platform

Nebraska Governor Signs Bill Limiting Abortion and Gender-Transition Treatments for Minors

A North Carolina Racetrack Benefits from Unnecessary Federal Largesse

Tim Scott Stakes Out a Hawkish Lane in the GOP Primary

Hey Biden, Mitts Off of Menthol Cigarettes

Can Populists and Conservatives Be Allies?

The Buckeye Institute’s Tax Revolution

Criminality of Biden's DOJ Bigger Than Watergate

Tim Scott Makes the Case for Hope in His 2024 Bid

The Wins Just Keep Coming for DeSantis

The Parents Saying No to Smartphones

'Unelectability' Won't Defeat Trump in 2024

Dems in Disarray: Biden Losing Debt Ceiling Showdown

A Reality Check on Artificial Intelligence

The FBI Is Not Your Friend

Gender Self-ID Is a Predators' Charter

Musk Is Right About Soros - and Not Anti-Semitic

Dems' Dianne Feinstein Problem Has Become a Quagmire

Tim Scott Will Have To Play By Trump’s Rules in 2024

Among Corrupt Liars in DC, Adam Schiff Ranks First

Why Can’t Progressive Writers Defend the Law?

Russia-Ukraine war tests traditional conservatism, MAGA’s influence on GOP

‘Will not run’: Tucker Carlson shuts down Draft Tucker PAC, 2024 talk

Fox News fired Tucker Carlson at Dominion’s demand, biographer says

Stirring DeSantis speech moves Christian broadcasters to cheers, standing ovations

Biden and McCarthy Describe ‘Productive’ Meeting, but Reach No Agreement

‘Americans Like a Happy Warrior’: Our Columnists Weigh In on Tim Scott

Judge dismisses Kari Lake’s final claim in election loss for Arizona governor

9th Circuit Court shoots down ‘anti-racist’ push to nix immigration law

Iowa offers DeSantis early opportunity to knock down Trump

Biden nominates telecomm lawyer Anna Gomez for FCC vacancy

Dodgers apologize to drag queens dressed as nuns, reinvite them to Pride Night


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Chatham County's high prosecutor caseloads delays trials, causes burnout

Former School Board member: Improperly trained teachers the root of issues 

New study ranks Savannah third for quickly rising sea level

Savannah Police investigating shooting on Montgomery Cross Road

High school senior drowns days before graduation, family says

Judge denies Parker’s request for summary judgment in Mallory Beach lawsuit

Sen. Tim Scott makes it official: He’s a Republican candidate for president

Documents reveal claims resulting in Effingham Co. commissioner’s arrest



DEBT CLOCK NEARS $32 TRILLION... $250,000 per taxpayer...


SULLIVAN: It's The Queers Versus The Homosexuals...

Most closeted state: Utah...

High school athlete gives big thumbs down after being pushed out finals by trans runner...

Blame game after weeks of bad headlines at CNN...

Ex-White House Lawyer Predicts JAIL for Trump...

New infighting surfaces in classified documents case...

MAGA fund founder backs DeSantis!

GOODWIN: Republicans damned if they do, damned if they don't with Don's candidacy...

Tensions Flare Inside MESSENGER, Fledgling News Site...

Editor Quits After First Week!

Epstein Appeared to Threaten Bill Gates Over Affair...


Epstein kept treasure trove of info in safes...

4 More Companies Go ‘Full Bud Light’ in Their Support for Transgenderism

FBI Office Handling The Hunter Biden Investigation Failed The Russia-Hoax Test

The Damning FBI Scandal

New BLM Rules On ‘Conservation Leases’ Will Fundamentally Transform Public Land Management

Trump's Latest Attack on DeSantis Comes From the Left

Republicans Should Not Bet On Ballot Harvesting

Trump Town Hall Destroys Fake News Silo

Once A Hero To Pre-Teen Girls, Judy Blume Partners With Anti-Woman Activists To Sell Movie Tickets

Durham Report: How To Restore the Rule of Law

Whistleblowers Expose FBI’s Corruption And Ongoing Persecution Of Political Opponents In Damning New Testimony

Deep State Quietly Starting To Fear Return of Trump

Air Force To Navy On Drag Queens: Hold My Bud Light

Not Every Pandemic Needs Someone To Blame

Tucker Carlson More Popular Than Fox News: Poll

Durham Report: Media Lies and Political Bias

What Durham's Report Really Delivered

Viral, Out-Of-Context Clips Make Victims Like Pregnant Citi Bike Woman Into Villains Simply Because They’re White

Democrats Are Making a Crazy Bet 

A Question about Biden Bonds

Artistic Transgression Has Become So Very Boring

The California Reparations Commission Fails State History

The Left Gaslights Us on San Francisco’s Problems

Jim Jordan Threatens to Use the Power of the Purse against the FBI

NAACP Issues Florida Travel Advisory: It’s ‘Hostile to Black Americans’

The Glaring Problem with Biden’s White-Supremacy Warning

The Biden Family Business

The Durham Report Exposes How Thin the Collusion Case Really Was

The Unjust Attacks on Thomas, Alito, and Roberts

The Left Has No Judicial Philosophy

SCOTUS Gets It Right on Section 230

Can Populists and Conservatives Be Allies?

What US Needs: Not About Trump vs. DeSantis

Rise of the Black Republican

Congressional Dems to Biden: Nullify Our Existence

Jordan Neely and the Never-Ending ‘1619 Riots’

Tucker Carlson, the Truth, and the Spiritual Battle

Clinton campaign helped create the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, Durham report shows

Federal wildlife agency says eco-grief training done; now ‘racial equity’ work draws scrutiny

Comer says the rising number of terrorism suspects at the border is a ‘clear national security risk’

Two Hells Angels members convicted of planning a murder, racketeering

Exposing moral evil and defrocking those who weaponize the law

Nebraska passes 12-week abortion limit, bans transgender surgeries for minors

What is a woman? Tennessee has the answer, with Gov. Bill Lee signing bill defining sex in state law

FBI whistleblowers describe retaliation by bureau brass against rank and file who speak out

Joe Biden, Habitual Racialist Demagogue

Libraries struggle with shrinking budgets, bitter book battles, influx of homeless

Start-Ups Bring Silicon Valley Ethos to a Slow Military-Industrial Complex

As Russia Claims Victory in Bakhmut, Ukraine Sees Opportunity Amid Ruins

The U.S. Needs Minerals for Electric Cars. Everyone Else Wants Them, Too.

What Bills Did DeSantis Sign as He Propelled Florida to the Right?

Meta Fined $1.3 Billion for Violating E.U. Data Privacy Rules

Koepka Wins P.G.A. Championship, Vanquishing Demons and Boosting LIV

Uber’s Diversity Chief Put on Leave After Complaints of Insensitivity

What Christian Nationalism Has Done to My State and My Faith Is a Sin

Taking on the F.B.I., Trump Allies Single Out a Former Agent

The E-Sports World Is Starting to Teeter

LA Dodgers Remove ‘Anti-Catholic Hate Group’ From ‘Pride Night’ After Public Backlash

‘We Want You to Be a Hero’: Sen. Hawley Warns How Daniel Penny’s Legal Case Could Affect Young Men

Tuberville Blocking Promotion of Navy Captain Who Allowed Drag Shows Aboard USS Ronald Reagan

Atlanta customs officials intercept nearly 200 pounds of ketamine headed from Sweden to Colorado

Did Facebook just censor Jesus? Bizarre ‘hate speech’ message sparks concern


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Documents reveal claims resulting in Effingham Co. commissioner’s arrest

Savannah-Chatham schools budget: Residents want money in schools, not administration

Property transfers: Homebuying market cools - slightly - as prices, mortgage rates peak

Remains of Georgia woman identified, confirmed as serial killer’s 1977 victim

Terry Tolbert has spent 50 years fighting for his community at the EOA

First ever Pecan Festival this weekend in Register

Georgia launching digital driver’s license option

SC House passes six-week abortion ban bill after hours-long debate

Medical school coming to GSU’s Armstrong campus

Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless approved for millions in funding

Savannah fire inspector headed to Germany

DeSantis signs bills targeting drag shows, use of bathrooms and pronouns, MORE...

Plans to officially enter White House race NEXT WEEK...

DISNEY scraps $1B complex for 2,000 employees in Florida ...

Buttigieg Loves God, Beer, and His Electric Mustang...

INDIANA BONES: 'DIAL OF DESTINY' debuts at Cannes...

Scorsese faces own mortality: 'I want to tell stories, and there's no more time'...

Non-binary ex-nuke official arrested; 'Fugitive from justice'...

Something Weird Going On With Melatonin...


Kagan Takes Unusual Shot at Sotomayor...

GRAND FINALE: Affirmative Action, Student Debt...

Secret Service officer recalled from Bulgaria after altercation...

9 Suicides on Aircraft Carrier Due to Toughest Living Conditions in Military...

Hyundai has Bryan Co. town readying for a boom. Here's which one.

Garden City ethics committee dismisses complaint against city manager

'Stop gaslighting women': Ex-Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies slams Adidas for an 'assault on being female' after it used biologically male model with hairy chest and bulging crotch for its women's swimwear line in Pride collection backed by Tom Daley

CNN to Air Juneteenth Concert to Draw Black Viewers...

ZASLAV: 'Republicans back on air'...

Amanpour First Anchor to Slam Trump Town Hall in Public...

The Unspoken Warning In The Durham Report: American Self-Government Is Collapsing

Biden’s DOJ Refused To Prosecute Disgraced U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins For Lying Under Oath Months Before Her Corruption Scandal Broke

Let’s Probe The Beautiful, Voluminous, And Transcendent Mind Of The World’s Most Remarkable Human Being, Pete Buttigieg

Bryan County to invest $1 million in roads. Here's where and why.

I Love Pete Buttigieg

Ron DeSantis Isn’t Going to ‘Legally Kidnap’ Your Children

Gorsuch Condemns the ‘Breathtaking’ Use of Emergency Powers During Covid

Daniel Penny Wasn’t a Vigilante 

Non-Binary Former Biden Admin Official Arrested as ‘Fugitive from Justice’

New York Times Reporter Puts Her Thumb on the Scale in Child Gender-Transition Debate

Mike Pence Should Run

Biden Is Smart to Forfeit the New Hampshire Primary

The ‘Real’ RFK Jr. Is No Tribune of Truth

The Debt-Ceiling Endgame

Mike Pence, Miami Mayor Say DeSantis–Disney Feud Is Costing Florida

House Republicans Demand Answers from Pentagon on Failure to Prevent Kabul Airport Bombing

Guys! It Turns Out Everyone Loves DEI Now

Bob Iger Ups the Ante

‘We Need to Show Both Sides’: Warner Bros. CEO Defends CNN’s Move to the Middle

FBI Whistleblower Testifies Bureau ‘May Have’ Had Confidential Human Sources in the Capitol on J6

A Strange Time to Complain about Revenue

Mass Migration, Minimal Housing

Speaker McCarthy's Secret Weapon Is Paying Off

Joe Biden, the Habitual Racialist Demagogue

When Wiretap Was 'Dry Hole,' FBI Wouldn't Stop Digging

Why Gen Z Loves Seinfeld

Trust Is Broken--FBI Deserves Shame

Twitter Files: Why Privileged Reporters Hate Twitter 2.0

Shifting the Inflation Goalposts

Dodgers Nix Award to Anti-Catholic Transgender Nuns

Russian Oil Exports Hit Post-Invasion High

There Was No Valid Predicate for Investigation & FBI Knew It

Durham Failed To Prove a Democratic Plot To Frame Trump

Democrats Beware: CNN Town Hall Was a Turning Point

How Therapists Became Social Justice Warriors

America's Trains and Buses Are Speeding Toward a Cliff

White House Swells Federal Union Ranks--But at What Cost?

First Chick-fil-A location to close permanently

Adidas ripped for male modeling women’s swimsuit as sportswear goes woke

Feinstein’s health worse than previously disclosed; she calls it ‘really bad flu’

Life after Tucker: Lachlan Murdoch says Fox does ‘best thing for the company in long term’

FBI whistleblowers describe retaliation by bureau brass against rank and file who speak out

National Institutes of Health cuts off Wuhan Institute of Virology from taxpayer funding

Democrats balked as President Biden weighed the G.O.P’s demand for stricter work requirements in any debt limit deal.

‘Biden and Me’: DeSantis Privately Tells Donors Trump Can’t Win

Disney Pulls Plug on $1 Billion Development in Florida

A Georgia prosecutor has signaled an August timetable for charges in a Trump investigation.

As Crisis Grows, All of New York’s Migrant Plans Are Met With Outrage

Dodgers Face Backlash After Rescinding Pride Night Invitation

Disney scraps plans for new Florida campus as fight with Gov. Ron DeSantis continues

President Biden and other leaders paid tribute to victims of the Hiroshima bomb as they opened the G7 summit.

Federal appeals court says government’s defense of abortion pill ‘puzzling’

Libraries struggle with shrinking budgets, bitter book battles, influx of homeless

Freedom Caucus urges McCarthy to not accept watered-down debt limit deal

Trump escalates attacks ahead of DeSantis’ campaign launch

Whistleblowers Expose FBI’s Corruption And Ongoing Persecution Of Political Opponents In Damning New Testimony

Defending Law And Order Is Social Justice

Michael Jackson Would Have Thanked Daniel Penny For His Service



Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Was it a coincidence that law focused on DAs was signed in Chatham?

Chatham DA speaks out on state watchdog commission. Here's what she said.

Effingham County commissioner charged with child molestation

Chatham Co. ranks 4th in state for human trafficking, Tharros Place teaching parents signs to look for

Energy assistance groups worry about how rise in Georgia Power bill could impact low-income customers

SCAD planning to renovate old Ghost Coast Distillery building

Georgia Southern displays flags on campuses for Memorial Day

Savannah Police investigating shooting in 2100 block of Indiana Ave

Man shoots woman, then himself at Ludowici gas station

DeSantis signs bills targeting drag shows, use of bathrooms and pronouns, MORE...




NYC sinking under weight of its buildings...

UPDATE: Collins Headed to CNN 9 PM...

The internet's memory is fading in front of us. Preserve what you can...


Young Dying at Alarming Rates, Reversing Years of Progress...

POLL: Biden up 7 points over Trump in popular vote...

UPDATE: Civil rights group announces Florida travel warning in response to DeSantis immigration crackdown...

NYC sinking under weight of its buildings...

SURVEY: Half Say Soulmate -- Is Their Pet!

REVEALED: Epstein Moved $270,000 for Chomsky...

6 Freshly Documented Instances Of Systemic Pro-Democrat FBI Corruption

All Biden Has To Do Is Explain Why Foreign Governments Paid His Family $10 Million — But He Can’t

Durham Report: British Intelligence Repeatedly Rejected Trump-Russia Investigation ‘Evidence’

Worried About An AI Dystopia? The Global Fertility Industry Has It Beat By Decades

Exclusive: Wyoming Congressional Delegation Demands BLM Hear From Those Who Bureaucrats Want To Ban From Public Land

Could Joe Manchin Become the H. Ross Perot of 2024?

The Democrats’ Growing Cognitive Problem

Influential Iowa Pro-Life Activist Says It’s Finally Time to ‘Turn the Page’ on Trump

What Is Daniel Goldman Talking About?

2024 Trump Nomination Would Hurt Down-Ballot Republicans, Poll Finds

Portland Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Ballot Measure to Use Tax Dollars on Lawyers for Residents Facing Eviction

‘Loudoun Love Warriors’ Facebook Group Threatened Violence against Parents Who Spoke at School-Board Meetings: Report

‘Extraordinary Abuse’: Biden-Nominated Federal Prosecutor Tried to Influence DA Race, Lied Under Oath, Watchdogs Find

Mike Pence Should Be Honest about His Prospects

Refusing to Worry

The FBI Didn’t Ignore Russian Intel on Hillary’s Plan to Smear Trump — It Abetted the Plan

The Shoddy Russia Investigation

Partisan Paranoia Runs Roughshod over the Rule of Law

Guttmacher Misleads on Recent Unintended-Pregnancy Declines

Texas Legislature Passes Ban on Gender-Transition Treatments for Minors

Montana Becomes First State to Ban TikTok Outright

Not-So-Sweet Home Depot

CCP Pressured Bio Labs to Produce Breakthroughs ahead of Covid Outbreak Despite Safety Concerns, Rubio Report Says

Normalizing Polyamory

Why the CHIPS Act Will Fail

The Russia Collusion Hoax: Unpatriotic?

Can We Disrupt Culture of Toxic Masculinity?

Corporate America's Woke Report Card

Why Privileged Reporters Hate Elon Musk & Twitter 2.0

A Tale of Two Whistleblowers

Don't Write Off DeSantis Just Yet

Distracted: Biden’s Quad summit no-show rattles U.S. allies in Pacific

Biden to bar federal agents from considering race, nationality in most investigations

Side deal to fast track energy projects, expand power grid emerges in debt limit wrangling

Libraries struggle with shrinking budgets, bitter book battles, influx of homeless

Rep. Cori Bush brings ‘Reparations Now’ resolution to address $14 trillion ‘wealth gap’

Why is Biden so afraid to debate rival Democrats?

Heat Will Likely Soar to Record Levels in Next 5 Years, New Analysis Says

Military Caught Airman Mishandling Secrets Before Arrest but Left Him in Job

Legalizing Marijuana Is a Big Mistake

‘Digital Twin’ of the Titanic Shows the Shipwreck in Stunning Detail

As the U.S. Attends the G7 Summit, China Hosts Its Own

South Carolina House Passes Six-Week Abortion Ban

The false lesson of lockdown scepticism

‘Destroy The Role Of Parents’: Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Angry Reactions For Saying Children ‘Belong To All Of Us’

Supreme Court 'transparency' charity director panics over IRS donor leak: 'I just f***ed up'


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Chatham County's high prosecutor caseloads delays trials, causes burnout

DOJ, Liberty County memo details plan to address racial discrimination

Alex Murdaugh looking to rescind confession relating to housekeeper’s death

Georgia Public Service Commission approves 12% increase in Georgia Power bills

Tuition, fees at Georgia public universities to hold steady in fall 2023 despite budget worries

Chatham Co. Police looking for suspect after unsuccessful car jacking attempt

Savannah Police Dept. hosts annual Police Memorial Ceremony

Attorney concerned with DOJ agreement on racial discrimination complaint against Liberty Co. Sheriff’s Office

Savannah Police seeing fewer homicides, assaults this year

2-year-old dies after being hit by vehicle on Tybee Island, GSP investigating

Tybee restaurant to appear on ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’


Intrusion at national security adviser's home under investigation...

Undetected by Secret Service!

MICROSOFT Says New A.I. Shows Signs of Human Reasoning...

4 killed after US convoy attacked in Nigeria...

Boebert Husband Furious as He's Served Divorce Papers...

House Dem introduces resolution to expel Santos...

Feinstein Seems Not to Remember Being Absent from Capitol...


Oversight Committee Can't Find Key Witnesses in Biden Investigation...

Rising number Americans switching religions...

The Durham Report Leaves No Doubt: The FBI Is A Mortal Threat To Democracy

Analysis: Durham Report Offered Few Conclusions. The Right Drew Its Own.

Officials Who Cast Doubt on Hunter Biden Laptop Face Questions

In A Healthy ‘Democracy,’ John Brennan Would Already Be In Prison

Durham Report Shows Government’s ‘Misinformation’ Czars Are The First To Believe It 

Durham’s Much-Needed Record Of Deep-State And Dem Corruption Proves Conservatives Were Spot-On

The Explosive Durham Report Proves Republicans Can’t Afford To Cower In The Fight Against Government Weaponization

House to Investigate IRS Retaliation, Removal of Team Probing Hunter Biden

JPMorgan Chase Rejects Proposal to Probe Viewpoint Discrimination

DeSantis Slams Trump for Failing to Position on Heartbeat Abortion Ban

Soros-Backed Prosecutor Dropped Previous Assault Charges Against Man Arrested for Attacking Dem Staffers With a Bat

7 Takeaways From Release of Durham Report on Origin of Trump-Russia Probe

You Will Be Poorer and Like It!

Corporate Media Runs With George Soros 'Holocaust Survivor' Lie

Pornographic Books Found in Texas School Libraries Result in Bipartisan Action to Remove Them

Newly-Launched Finnish Nuclear Plant Sees Electricity Prices Plunge By 75%

Whistleblower: IRS Removed My ‘Entire Investigative Team’ On The Hunter Biden Tax Probe At DOJ’s Request

AR-15 Bans Are (Still) Unconstitutional

Classical Education Is The Best Defense Against Dysfunctional AI-Infested Schools

Leftists Scheme To Trans The Kids Through Abortion Laws, And Too Few Republicans Have Noticed

Tuberville Is Right To Hold The Line Against The Pentagon’s Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

If Texas’ House Speaker Wants Secure And Honest Elections, He Should Help Pass This Bill Banning Ranked-Choice Voting

CNN Falls To Newsmax In Friday’s Prime-Time Ratings

Trump Needs You to Believe His Nomination Is Inevitable

How Can Anybody Take Them Seriously?

Biden Will Cut His Asia Trip Short

The Loss of Liberal Hegemony

The FBI Didn’t Ignore Russian Intel on Hillary’s Plan to Smear Trump — It Abetted the Plan

The New York Times Stumbles into a Real Systemic Discrimination Scandal, Yawns

Massachusetts U.S. Attorney to Resign after Attending DNC Fundraiser

Chip Roy Confronts Abortion Activist with Graphic Recording of Her Casually Discussing Late-Term Abortion

Trump-Endorsed Daniel Cameron Wins Kentucky Republican Primary for Governor

North Carolina Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto of Twelve-Week Abortion Ban

DeSantis to Send Florida National Guard and Law Enforcement to Texas Border

The Shoddy Russia Investigation

Fake Electors and Fake Crimes in Georgia

The Left’s Convenient About-Face on the Supreme Court

The Left Has No Judicial Philosophy

The Unjust Attacks on Thomas, Alito, and Roberts

No, IG Horowitz Did Not Endorse the FBI’s Predication for the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

Mystery at the Midterm: What Happened to the Red Wave?

No remorse: Democrats stick to Trump-Russia collusion claims despite Durham report

Our Weaponized Legal System Misfires

Lack of high-profile prosecutions in Durham probe leaves Republicans fuming

Durham report puts spotlight on ‘utter garbage’ of Pulitzer Prizes for Trump-Russia stories

Kirk Cameron to unveil children’s book ‘Pride Comes Before the Fall’ during Pride Month

Author Salman Rushdie warns that West is closing in on free speech

FBI raid on home was meant to ‘instill fear in pro-life America,’ Mark Houck tells House panel

North Korea hides its war capabilities from the world

Republicans and Democrats argue over impact of right-wing and left-wing extremism

Marjorie Taylor Greene announces articles of impeachment against FBI Director Wray

IRS has built its own e-file system to compete with TurboTax

Music Midtown returns after last year's cancellation

Both Sides Offer Hope for Debt Deal, but Remain Far Apart

How a 150-Year-Old Law Against Lewdness Became a Key to the Abortion Fight

North Carolina Lawmakers Uphold Abortion Ban Over Governor’s Objections

Can Reparations Bring Black Residents Back to San Francisco?

Why Do Firearms Classes Make Us Feel So Afraid?

What If Instead of Trying to Manage Your Time, You Set It Free?

Without Tucker Carlson, Far Right Loses a Foothold in the Mainstream

High School Student Suspended After Recording Teacher Using a Racial Slur

House Democrats Move to Force a Vote on Expelling Santos From Congress

Rap Star Bankrolled Gangs That Killed on His Orders, Prosecutors Say

Disney Argues New Florida Law Nullifies DeSantis-Backed Suit

Interested in Polyamory? Check Out These Places

Durham Won't Help--Corrupt FBI Behavior Continues

‘We Sale Your Bank’: WaPo Reporter Rewrites Disastrous Fetterman Word Salad as a ‘Quote’

On the phenomenon of bullshit jobs - David Graeber

Florida Democrats win Jacksonville mayor’s race, dealing blow to DeSantis

White House ‘Weaponized’ ESG Movement, State Financial Officers Foundation CEO Says

Health effects associated with consumption of unprocessed red meat: a Burden of Proof study

Biden to mark Jewish American Heritage Month with Broadway stars, speak out on antisemitism

Daniel Penny Deserves A Medal, Not Jail Time

The ‘Queen Of Mommy Bloggers’ Left Us A Cautionary Tale About The Need For Community

Western Senators Demand Bureau Of Land Management Halt Its Bid To Force Out Citizens Using Public Land


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Elections 2023: Pooler Mayor Rebecca Benton won't seek new term

Affordable housing ordinance nears Savannah Council vote. What to know

Liberty County sheriff, DOJ settle racism complaint from bus stop

Deal reached in racial discrimination complaint against Liberty Co. Sheriff’s Office

Read my lips: Roll back tax rates? Georgia is trailing…

Forgotten Savannah Police officers to be honored at police memorial

2-year-old dies after being hit by vehicle on Tybee Island, GSP investigating

Supreme Court to review South Carolina congressional map for discrimination against Black voters

‘He’s my only child:’ Family of a man killed in hit-and-run speaks out

Local doctor: Inflation worsens substance abuse

Sheriff: 2 dead in shooting at Ga. motorcycle club event

FL teacher under investigation over Disney movie

Local Mother’s Day drag brunch met with protest



Georgia prosecutor fights The Don's effort to remove her from election probe...

Memorial Day travel set to top pre-pandemic...

Ex-Intel Boss Stole Top Secret Docs for DECADE, Air Force Says...

UPDATE: Durham ends probe of FBI's Russia investigation with harsh criticism, but no new charges...


The longest serving special counsel

SEEN THE LICHT: CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy fears he will be fired by boss after dustup...

Inside Network Meltdown Over MAGA Townhall...

BOMBSHELL: Obama Admin Had No ‘Actual Evidence’ Of Collusion By Trump When It Launched Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

Durham Report Reveals FBI Vendetta Against Carter Page Behind FISA Warrants

Durham: New Rules Won’t Matter Until FBI Starts Caring About ‘Fidelity, Bravery, And Integrity’

Durham Report: FBI Proposed Paying Russia-Collusion Hoaxer Igor Danchenko To Silence Him After Learning He Lied

Corporate Russia-Collusion Hoaxers Dismiss Bombshell Durham Report Exposing Media Disinformation Campaign

Durham Report Finds New York Times Peddled Fake News Claiming Trump-Russia Collusion

Here’s Everything The FBI Deliberately Ignored To Get Trump In Russian Collusion Hoax, According To Durham

FBI Lacked ‘Any Actual Evidence of Collusion’ between Trump Campaign, Russia When Crossfire Hurricane Launched, Durham Finds

FBI Ignored Possibility That Steele Dossier Was Russian Disinformation, Durham Confirms

Durham Report Confirms FBI Perpetrated Russia Hoax

Durham’s final report blasts FBI’s handling of Trump-Russia probe but doesn’t recommend new charges

In Final Report, John Durham Finds Fault With F.B.I. Over Russia Inquiry


FBI addresses ‘missteps’ after release of long-awaited Durham report

McCarthy rescues GOP agenda with eleventh-hour wins

Report: Biden keeping Space Command out of Huntsville over Alabama’s abortion law

DeSantis' big Iowa bet

Interracial violent crime in the US

How Much Did Election Denial Hurt Republicans in the Midterms?

BREAKING: FBI Altered Crime Data to Align With Biden’s Agenda, Whistleblowers Claim

Report: IRS removes ‘entire investigative team’ from Hunter Biden tax-fraud probe

EPA’s new power plant rules threaten to make rolling blackouts more common

Now ‘Bidengate’ appears — and 69% in poll say it’s serious

Daniel Penny defense fund tops $2 million with help from Kid Rock: ‘Mr. Penny is a hero’

Historical marker dedicated to feminist, Communist Party leader removed in New Hampshire

Illegal signs with ‘racist’ and ‘hateful’ language removed from Rhode Island park

Trump to Michael Flynn: ‘We’re going to bring you back’

McCarthy calls for White House to be ‘willing partners’ ahead of debt limit meeting with Biden

Mike Pence allies launching super PAC to back expected 2024 candidacy

Kirk Cameron brings anti-woke library tour to Billy Graham Library in North Carolina

One nation, divided by abortion: Blue, red state chasm widens after fall of Roe

A Georgia prosecutor rebutted former President Trump’s efforts to have her disqualified from investigating him.

Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Defunding Diversity Spending in State Schools

Pence Looks Toward 2024 Run, Using Reagan’s Playbook, Not Trump’s

No Degree? No Problem. Biden Tries to Bridge the ‘Diploma Divide.’

Dems Are Throwing Black Voters Under Bus

Woke & Broke: Why Publications Like 'Vice' Are Failing

Biden's Bleak Story About Race in America Is False

A Peek Inside the Undrained Swamp

Progressive Take Over of Big Cities Nearly Complete

How To Make Work Requirements Work Right

It Matters That Middle Schoolers Don't Know History

HRC & Big Pharma Push Radical Gender Ideology

DeSantis Takes Center Stage in Iowa

Joe Biden’s 14th Amendment Folly

Evidence of Biden’s Sleaze Is Piling Up

Why Was an Ontario Public-School Teacher Allowed to Wear Giant Fake Breasts in Class?

Texas Must Enact School Choice to Remain Competitive

Teaching the Truth about Reconstruction

The Ahistorical Insanity of the 14th Amendment Debt Argument

Joe Biden’s Habitual Race-Baiting

Karine Jean-Pierre’s Year of ‘No Comment’

Kamala Harris Is the Reason Biden Is Running

Man With Baseball Bat Attacks Staffers at Congressman’s Office

Videos Show Young Children Attending RuPaul’s Drag Convention

The Left’s 2020 ‘Fake Electors’ Narrative Is Fake News

By The Standards Democrats Applied To Trump, Joe Biden Is A Traitor

Mass Murderers’ Motives Matter To The Media Except When They Target Christians

Josh Hawley Wants Men To Be Manly — Why Do So Many People Think That’s Wrong?

Companies Like Target Are Teaching Kids To Hate And Brutalize Their Bodies

It Doesn’t Matter How Strong Texas’ Election Laws Are Until Someone Enforces Them


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Rail safety, blocked crossing legislation moves in Senate

Tybee Island Police, Georgia State Patrol investigating serious pedestrian-involved crash

Tybee Island resolution seeks help on unpermitted events

Lawmakers hope grants help ‘hurting’ Black farms thrive


With barbed wire and warnings, migrants STOPPED at border...

Crossings fall 50%, easing fear of super surge...

New Policy Draws Flak From Right AND Left...

The trans Muslims dreaming of new place to pray...

Hundreds attend annual Wine, Women, and Shoes for the Ronald McDonald House

Chappelle rails on San Fran at surprise show...

Kaitlan Collins Once Defended Trump Attacks On Network...

Before His Killing, Bob Lee Led Underground Life of Sex and Drugs...

Greatest Wealth Transfer in History Here...

Recession? Earnings Say Already Arrived...

In debt ceiling standoff, COVID era of big spending gives way to focus on deficit...

Farmers Set to Abandon Wheat Crops at Highest Rate Since 1917...

Title 42 Was Never Going To Fix Illegal Immigration

D.C. Democrats Have Gone Full ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’

WaPo Accidentally Admits ‘Zuckbucks’ Were Used To Turn Out Likely-Democrat Voters In 2020

How Democrats Are Shooting Themselves In The Foot On Gun Control

10 Years Later, Would Gosnell’s ‘House Of Horrors’ Be The Norm In Post-Roe America?

In Tour Promoting New Rule, Bureau Of Land Management Ignores GOP Mountain States It Would Hurt Most

Exclusive: RNC Launches New Year-Round Election Integrity Department Ahead Of 2024

9 Questions Corporate Media Should Ask Biden About Latest Corruption Evidence But Won’t

Grassroots Momentum Is Behind Christian Pop Culture’s Great Awakening

EPA Bureaucrats Attempt To Upend Energy Industry, Ignoring SCOTUS Decision That Says They Can’t

DeSantis Builds the Party, while Trump Drains It

Are Conservatives Winning the Debate on Transgenderism?

Remarks About Democrats, the Filibuster, and Abortion

Capital and People Are Fleeing South America

Environmental Regulations and Wind Turbines Are Backing New England Fishermen into a Corner

Anderson Cooper Asks Viewers to Understand CNN Actually Covers News Now

Mainstream Media Mislead on Abortion-Clinic Violence

GOP Governors Call on Biden Administration to Withdraw Proposed Changes to Title IX

Teaching the Truth about Reconstruction

Campus Crybullies at Oxford

‘Not Happening’: California Democrat Suggests Massive Reparations Payments for Black Residents Unlikely

Electric Vehicles: A Warning from Volkswagen

Florida and Texas Sue Biden Administration over Migrant Parole Policy

North Carolina Governor Vetoes Twelve-Week Abortion Ban, Setting Up Override Battle

The War on Poverty Is Over. Rich People Won

It's Time To Create a 'Single Mother's Day'

Bioethicists: Euthanasia Okay for ‘Unjust Social Conditions’

DeSantis' Revolutionary Defense of the Classics

Why Is Transgenderism Exploding in Public Schools?

The New Homophobia

Media Blackout on Biden Corruption Is 'Pulitzer-Level'

Dems Don't Want To Solve Biden's Border Crisis

No One Comes Close to DeSantis’ Record

Biden Turns the Pander to Black Voters Up to 10

Lawless Chicago Politics Killed CPD Officer Aréanah Preston

China expands targeting of U.S with Russian-style covert influence operations

Rep. James Comer says he ‘can’t track down’ top informant in Biden family probe

Border Patrol paroled 2,500 migrants after judge’s ruling halting program

Censorship at Northwestern University: School defends punishing conservative students

Philadelphia Inquirer contacts FBI after cyberattack causes paper’s largest disruption in decades

Before Musk picked Yaccarino as Twitter CEO, she challenged him on policies, and his own tweets

McDonald’s found liable for hot Chicken McNugget that burned girl

See what baby names were the most popular last year

Biden, congressional leaders likely to meet Tuesday after canceling meeting on Friday

Banks failed to stop financial scam on dying man

Killing quality of life: Rising crime rate puts D.C. residents, businesses, workers on edge

Jan. 6 pipe bombs at RNC, DNC were inoperable, says ex-agent who contradicts FBI’s official story

China sentences U.S. citizen to life in prison on spying charges

When did “wholesome” become a Gen Z compliment?

She wrote a blistering satire about publishing. The publishing industry loves it.

Zelensky Arrives in U.K. for Talks on Military Aid

Why Some Companies Are Opting to Use the Term ‘Diversity and Belonging’

Managing Screen Time Is a Family Matter

Eric Adams Says He’s a Progressive. Democrats Beg to Differ.

Vice, Decayed Digital Colossus, Files for Bankruptcy

Teen Motorcyclist Killed in Sept. Double Fatal Crash in Glastonbury Had Alcohol, THC in His System: Police

Biden Admin Launches Initiative to Train Public How to Spot ‘Radical’ Conservatives and Fight ‘Domestic Terrorism’


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Kidnapped children make headlines, but abduction is rare in U.S.

Is Savannah a homebuyer's or homeseller's market? Here's the data.

Georgia AG Carr joins opposition to lowering boat speeds off coast

School leaders point to grad rates and say 'all if well.' It's not.

Savannah mother wants answers after 6-year-old daughter left on school bus

Savannah city council approves construction contract to widen Bilbo Canal

Sheriff says contract employee admitted to smuggling drugs into jail

Federal funding granted to help address homelessness in Chatham Co.

As public health emergency ends, pandemic-era support programs have already been fading away

$2.9 million hurricane shelter coming to Tybee Island

CNN leadership under fire after 'disastrous' MAGA townhall...

COOPER: 'You Have Every Right... To Never Watch This Network Again'

Carroll May Sue THIRD Time After 'Vile' Comments...

Remarks on Mar-a-Lago docs 'like red meat to prosecutor'...


USA sees record migration influx as pandemic border restrictions lift...

How policy changed at midnight...


Judge rules 18-to-20-year-olds can't be barred from buying guns...

High-profile Iowa Republicans endorse DeSantis...

800+ rockets fired into Israel in 36 hours...

Feds Started A Dangerous Game With Hunter Biden’s Laptop, But GOP Lawmakers Can Finish It

Comer, Grassley Blast FBI For Blowing Off Congressional Subpoena

It’s Past Time To Prioritize Skills-Based Immigration

Strong Encryption Is A Must If Big Tech Is Creating Back Doors For Feds 

Bidens Made Millions Exchanging Political Favors For Foreign Money, Then Tried To Cover It Up: Oversight Report

Kiss Frontman Exposes The False Equivalencies Of Transing Kids And Comedic Cross-Dressing

Republicans Say Biden’s Department Of Homeland Security Using ‘Censorship Laundering’ Paid For By Taxpayers To Silence Dissent

Title 42 Was Never Going To Fix Illegal Immigration

Migrant Busing Turned Out to Be a Political Coup for Republicans

Rashida Tlaib’s ‘Nakba’ Event: A ‘Catastrophe’ in the Senate

Supreme Court Tries, and Fails, to Clarify Interstate Commerce Doctrine

Daniel Penny to Face Manslaughter Charges for Jordan Neely Chokehold Death

After 20 Years as a Prosecutor in Illinois, I Quit

DHS Secretary Corrects Reporter Who Claimed Border Patrol Agents ‘Whipped’ Migrants

Chip Roy Warns Congress Will ‘Blow Crap Up’ If Biden Bypasses It on the Debt Ceiling

Biden Administration Introduces Sweeping Asylum Overhaul as Title 42 Expires

Biden Is Incapable of Resisting the Left

Is Anthropologie the Next Bud Light?

A Gym Owner, a Pastor, and a Lawyer Walk into a Pandemic . . .

Biden Is Finally Negotiating. Good

As Title 42 Ends, El Paso Abandoned by Biden

After a Decade, Marijuana Legalization Is Not Going Well

FBI Has Covered Up Biden's Corruption for Long Enough

House passes border security bill as record wave of migrants streams in, Biden concedes to the chaos

‘Vague innuendo’: White House spurns new evidence of foreigners bankrolling Biden family

Judge blames Biden for border chaos, rejects DHS’s ‘parole’ policy

Homeless man charged with hate crimes for defecating on pride flags at Manhattan restaurant

Energy secretary defends Biden admin’s gas-stove regulations, vows ‘nobody will take your gas stove’

Millennials turn to faith amid pandemic, but are disconnected from biblical truth

Susan Sarandon arrested while protesting New York’s minimum wage law


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Kidnapped children make headlines, but abduction is rare in U.S.

Georgia Power is asking for a rate hike. Here's what it could cost you.

Heartwood adding luxury apartments to accommodate growth

Devin Willock's father files lawsuit against UGA Athletic Association, Jalen Carter & others

Family, friends gather to remember Chatham Co. Commissioner Larry “Gator” Rivers

Family files $40 million lawsuit in crash that killed UGA player, staffer

Vice Lounge liquor license remains suspended, employee charged with rape

Savannah-Chatham County Public School system choice program eligibility process to change

2 Midtown shooting survivors out of hospital; fundraising efforts underway

 Law enforcement responds to incident at elementary school on Fort Stewart

Savannah Technical College offering new Electric vehicle production training program this summer

Project works to stop fentanyl use in Lowcountry

Beaufort deputy city manager leaving in June

26 facing charges in multi-agency operation





Confusion reigns at US-Mexico border hours before rule change...

Crossings top 10,000 daily...

Illegals in El Paso urged to turn themselves in!

Texas uses aggressive tactics to arrest...


DRAMA: Wheelchair-bound Feinstein back in Senate...

Iger Mocks DeSantis: Do You Want DISNEY Business, Or Not?

How Zuckerberg Led Industry Into Metaverse Wasteland...


Before beef with network, Trump had cozy, made-for-TV relationship...

THIRD of scientific papers 'made up'...

Republicans say Biden family financial records a smoking gun. White House calls it 'political stunt'...

Shady overseas deals...

The Trump Show Returns

Bidens Made Millions Exchanging Political Favors For Foreign Money, Then Tried To Cover It Up: Oversight Report

The Democrats’ Debt Ceiling Position Makes Zero Sense

Lawmakers Slam DOJ For Refusing To Protect Supreme Court Justices

What You Need To Know About Next Week’s Court Hearing On Arizona’s 2022 AG Race

15 Enduring Mother’s Day Gifts That Won’t Die In A Vase

Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ Is A Dumpster Fire 

George Santos’ Real Crime Was Making Democrats Look Stupid

The Next Frontier For The Hypersexualized Left: Normalizing Pedophilia

America’s Founders Didn’t Support Open Borders, And Neither Should We

Merrick Garland’s Refusal To Protect Supreme Court Justices Endangers The Country

Trump Refuses to Apologize for Bashing Pence on January 6: ‘He Did Something Wrong’

The 2020 Race Obsession Haunts Democrats

Bud Light Unbundled

Dems, Pundits Blast CNN over Trump Town Hall: ‘Should be Ashamed of Themselves’

DOJ Backs Christian Group’s Lawsuit Against Santa Ana for Curbing Its Ministry to the Homeless

Trump’s Sexual-Assault Verdict Makes Him the Only Choice to Lead the GOP

Ireland Gives Up on Free Speech

‘Lies and Innuendo’: House Dems Dismiss GOP Findings on Biden Family Business Schemes

Biden Campaign Collaborated with Intel Officials to Falsely Portray Hunter Emails as Disinfo: House Report

Trump’s 2024 GOP Opponents Stay Quiet on E. Jean Carroll Verdict

The Trump Sexual-Assault Verdict

Trump’s Propensity and Silence Decided the Case

Biden Lies about Reducing the National Debt, Everyone Yawns

The Absurd 14th Amendment Option on the Debt

The False Jordan Neely Narrative

DEI Influences Hiring, Admissions at Texas A&M, Records Show

Electric Vehicles in the City: Charging and Parking

'Greenflation' Wreaking Havoc on U.S. Economy

5 Things To Know About Best Inflation Report in a Long Time

Explosive New Evidence of Biden Family's Corruption

The Second 'High-Tech Lynching' of Clarence Thomas

Trump insists he’s innocent despite E. Jean Carroll verdict: ‘This is a fake story’

Biden brushoff: Visiting world leaders banished to White House driveway to engage press

FBI won’t give Congress whistleblower document alleging Biden bribery scheme

Rashida Tlaib gets smackdown from Kevin McCarthy as he cancels ‘Nakba Day’ at U.S. Capitol

First babies born using DNA from three people in Britain

Speaker Kevin McCarthy said George Santos should be allowed to continue to serve in Congress.

The Times annotated the indictment of George Santos.

CNN’s Forum Was a Bracing Preview of Political Coverage to Come

Five Takeaways From Trump’s Unruly CNN Town Hall

The Panic Over Biden’s Age Is Manufactured

26 Empire State Buildings Could Fit Into New York’s Empty Office Space. That’s a Sign.

We Could Easily Make Risky Virological Research Safer

Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise in Small Trial

Phoenix Dismantles a Homeless Encampment, One Block at a Time

House Republican Report Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden

In a Climate Trade-Off, Biden Backs Manchin’s Fossil Fuel Plan

Comer releases Biden family probe update without showing link to president

Politico Invokes 'Russian Misinformation' to Defend the Bidens on Bribery Allegations

‘Bud Light crisis’: HSBC downgrades Anheuser-Busch stock, sees ‘deeper problems’ than company admits

Psychosis, suicidal thoughts, scream-vomiting: Alarm sounded about high-potency THC products


Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

Our News Partner, WTOC

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Report highlights educational disparities for English learners in Savannah-Chatham Schools

'It helped to express how I felt:' Savannah High students speak about active-shooter hoax



Tucker Launching 'TWITTER Show'...

Accuses FOX of fraud, contract breach...



Banking stress major concern for financial stability...


Will attack on BUD LIGHT 'woke' outreach give Ted Cruz '24 hangover?

MTV News Shuts Amid Major PARAMOUNT Layoffs...

How El Chapo sons built fentanyl empire poisoning America...

CIA Solicited Signatures For Hunter Biden Laptop Letter, Congressional Testimony Shows

E. Jean Carroll’s Original Claims About Trump Were Absurd, But That Didn’t Stop The Media From Amplifying Them

The Culture War Isn’t The Most Important Issue Of 2024, It’s The Only Issue

Super Bowl Champ Harrison Butker Is Right: Getting Married And Having Kids Is How To Save The World

Hollywood Learns The Downsides Of Mass Manufacturing Leftist Drivel With AI

Leftists Explain Tragedy With Fake Narratives Because Their Idols Offer No Explanation Or Remedy For Evil

Trump Interior Secretary: The Monstrous Administrative State Killing Self-Government Must Be Stopped

Biden Administration Claims Full-Time Mothers Hurt The Economy

Conservatives, Get Busy Ballot Harvesting Or Get Busy Losing

Democrats’ Far-Reaching ‘Reforms’ Are The Real Threat To Election Security, Not Violent Conservatives

The Trump Sexual-Assault Verdict

Trump’s Propensity and Silence Decided the Case

Is the Biden Coalition Really Breaking Apart?

Tucker Carlson Accuses Fox of Fraud, Contract Violations in Scathing Letter

Blinken’s Motive to Dismiss Hunter Laptop as Russian Disinformation: His Own Emails

‘Galactic Wokeness?’

Justice Department Charges George Santos in Criminal Probe

Our President Is Elderly, But at Least He Eats ‘Like a Child’

The Jordan Neely Tragedy

Our Profoundly Unserious Moment

Public Confidence in Biden’s Economic Leadership Near Historic Low

The DeSantis Rebound Begins Now

Lori Lightfoot Declares Emergency over ‘Surge’ of Illegal Immigrants into Chicago

National Review, Other Conservative Outlets Branded as ‘Disinformation’ and Blacklisted

New York Times Secures $100 Million Content Deal with Google

Landlords Ask Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to New York Rent-Stabilization Law

Trump Found Liable for Battery, Defamation in E. Jean Carroll Rape Lawsuit

We're Back

Trump Can Win

Tell Your Children

Punishing Riots Is Wise. 'Seditious Conspiracy' Charges Aren't

The Dark Side of Working in the Weed Industry

Taiwan ambassador: China a threat, but island still open for business

McCarthy, Biden fail to resolve impasse on debt limit but agree to talk budget cuts

ICE released hundreds of criminals to clear space for border surge

New Washington law lets state ‘hide’ missing minors seeking abortions, sex changes from parents

Biden seeks to turn entirety of homes green; manufacturers of appliances warn of lower performance

General who captured ‘Che’ Guevara buried without honors

Reporter pleads guilty to prank call using Gov. Kristi Noem’s cell number

E. Jean Carroll described an assault in minute detail.

Here’s a closer look at the $5 million in damages awarded to E. Jean Carroll.

Jurors were given three types of battery to consider in the case.

On Muted War Holiday, Putin Tries to Justify Invasion of Ukraine

Florida Rejects Several Social Studies Books and Forces Changes in Others

Feinstein Returns to the Senate, Restoring Democrats’ Full Majority

She Wrote of Grief After Her Husband Died. Now She’s Charged in His Murder.

Why some people are spreading false rumours about the Texas gunman

NCAA champion Georgia football team declines Biden’s White House invitation

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