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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

A look at Georgia restaurants on 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives'

Calvary, Bethesda remain unbeaten, while Bryan County…Four-day Athens to Savannah Ride 

New Hampstead QB has record breaking night in loss to…

GDC: Smith State correctional officer killed by inmate

Jimmy Carter turns 99 at home

Three people shot, injured in Hinesville


TARGET partners with Homeland Security; Retail theft surge...

Navy vet touted as 'victim' of #MeToo accused of beheading girlfriend...

Sick cartel video shows gangster in skull mask lead six teens to their death...

He, She, They: Pronoun Debate Will Likely Be Decided...

These House Republicans Voted To Fund CISA’s Criminal Censorship And Election Interference

Unearthed Strategic Plan Unveils Army Corps Of Engineers’ Goal To Force DEI Onto Service Members

Dianne Feinstein’s Senate Replacement Will Be Defined By The Racist, Sexist Criteria She Fits

IRS Contractor Charged With Single Criminal Count For Leaking Trump’s Tax Records And ‘Thousands’ Of Others

Yes, The Biden Impeachment Hearing Presented Evidence Of Corruption — Lots Of It

‘Ethnic Studies’ Is CRT Peddlers’ Sneaky New Way To Stoke Racial Division In Schools

GOP Senators Consider Baiting House With Border Clause To Force More Ukraine Aid Amid Shutdown

Investigators Subpoena Bank Records Of Hunter, James Biden After Uncovering $20 Million In Foreign Payments

Don’t Underestimate Gavin Newsom

The Wisdom of Thomas Sowell

Biden Family Values

Why the Latest Budget Bill Changed More Than You Might Think

The Overseas Actions of India, Now a Key Ally, Demand Scrutiny

Growing Up in Intact Families Matters More Than Ever

Democrat Jamaal Bowman Faces Investigation, Expulsion after Pulling Fire Alarm before Vote

Matt Gaetz Says He’ll Move to Oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy

DeSantis Wins Over Bill Maher’s Audience on Covid Lockdowns: ‘We Need Accountability’

Democrats’ 2024 Plan Is Working to Perfection

Something Is Going to Break

Senate Passes Stopgap Spending Bill, Averting Shutdown

What Was Bowman Thinking?

Public-School Districts Perpetuate Left-Wing Bias through Discriminatory Hiring Practices, Watchdog Finds

Who’s to Blame for School Violence?

Progressive Educators and the Babel of Human Perfectibility

A Government for Algorithms by Algorithms

The Threat to Democracy from NGOs

Media's Biased Coverage of Shutdown Showdown

2024 Election Outcome Could Lead to Violence

Why Michelle Obama Won't Save the Democrats

Matt Gaetz rallies House GOP rebels to force out Kevin McCarthy

Congress dodged a federal shutdown, but more spending fights and House infighting are in the offing

Justice Sotomayor’s lack of ‘respect’: Justices stew as high court opens new term

‘Long March’: Beijing escalates use of disinformation as propaganda tool

Newsom names replacement for Feinstein: Report


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

City of Savannah, Georgia Power partner to Light Up Savannah

Five things to know for UGA football vs. Auburn (and a…

UGA football's Kirby Smart doesn't rule out coaching…

U.S. childcare funding nears cliff with no bridge ahead

Legendary local coach to be honored with street renaming

1 injured in shooting on Carroll, Chambers streets

Elevated tides due to onshore flow and Harvest Moon

School zone cameras to be installed at Rincon Elementary

What’s happening this weekend in Savannah

Statesboro PD imposes event regulations after shooting

‘His work at WTOC was defined by compassion, intelligence, and kindness,’: Rep. Carter honors Dal Cannady on House floor

Savannah Police respond to shooting in 1000 block of Yamacraw Village

Man files federal lawsuit against fired Savannah Police officer, City of Savannah


Biden warns democracy in peril from 'extremist' Trump...

First impeachment inquiry panned -- by Republicans...

ONE MORE SHOT: Lake to Announce Senate Run, Setting Up High-Stakes AZ Race...

Govt tells federal employees shutdown may be imminent... Developing...

Tensions erupt at closed-door Republican meeting...

Dems to rescue McCarthy?

Plans for widespread vandalism in Philly were open secret on social media...

LIST: States With Highest STD Rates...


Exodus of LGBT from Florida...

Flashback: Florida losing LGBTQ residents to blue states. But not all

Flashback: Florida anti-LGBTQ laws prompt some families to flee state

Flashback: More than half of queer Florida parents have considered ...

Flashback: LGBTQ+ people are leaving Florida. They blame the ...

Univision Host Amplifies Florida Curriculum Hoax In Fox News GOP Debate

Doctor Whose Censorship Case Is At The Supreme Court: ‘We Had To Speak Up’

Hunter Biden Email Discussing $5 Million Payment From Burisma Corroborates FD-1023

ProPublica Smear Of Justice Thomas Reveals A Partisan Double Standard For SCOTUS

If The Pentagon Gets Away With Funding Abortion Without A Vote In Congress, It Won’t Stop There

Activists Work To Stop New College’s Gains For Students With ‘Misgendering’ Complaint To Feds

It’s Looking Ever More Likely That Jan. 6 Was A Fedsurrection

New Biography Reveals Elon Musk Might Just Be Crazy Enough To Change The World

The Biden Administration Can’t Justify Its Awful $6B Hostage Deal With Iran

Trump Impeachment Cheerleaders In Media Do Biden’s Bidding With Blackout On Republicans’ Impeachment Inquiry

Lawsuit: Democrats’ Election-Takeover Ballot Amendments Violate The Michigan And U.S. Constitutions

Republicans Outline Impeachment Case In New Memo Detailing $24 Million Influence Peddling Scheme

Is a House Vote Necessary for an Impeachment Inquiry?

The Unmitigated Gall of the Biden Campaign

Scale of Alleged Biden Foreign Influence Peddling Unprecedented in History of D.C. Corruption, Impeachment Witness Testifies

Prosecutor Likely Intervened in Hunter Tax Probe to Shield President Biden, Impeachment Witness Testifies

Why Aren’t Republicans Calling for Menendez to Go?

‘This Guy’s Distracted’: Newsom Mocks DeSantis for Taking ‘Bait’ in Debating Him

‘Students Should Feel Safe’: Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Cut Funding for Schools that House Illegal Immigrants

Trump Demands a Coronation

Trump Accuses Biden of Selling Jobs to China for Personal Gain

Trump Accuses Pro-Life Groups of Being a Political Liability That Exist to Make Money

San Francisco Prepares to Clear Homeless Camps after Court Clarifies Definition of ‘Involuntarily Homeless’

Comer Issues Subpoenas for the Bank Records of Biden’s Son and Brother

Trump Reverses Decision to Take Georgia Election Case to Federal Court

Is a House Vote Necessary for an Impeachment Inquiry?

The Iran Echo Chamber’s Unconvincing Attacks

Young People Are Paying for Friendship

Colorado Public School Surveys Students on Preferred Pronouns, Without Parental Consent

How TikTok Targets Young Men

The ‘Pre-Office’ Misconduct Question in Impeachment

Firing the People

TERF Island

Biden’s Attack on Electricity

At Least Ten Times, Biden Lied to the American People

Why DeSantis Prevailed in Noisy Event

Whose Side Is FOX News on Anyway?

New Biden Revelations Include China Payments, Coverup

Why Did DOJ--and Ray Epps--Lie About Ray Epps?

Republicans, in first impeachment hearing, say evidence points to Biden’s corruption, cover-up

McCarthy left with few options as Congress races toward government shutdown

Federal shutdown promises a slower IRS, longer lines at airports, paid time off for bureaucrats

Brave Books hosts anti-socialism library reading after ALA leader calls for ‘socialist organizing’

Progressive activist says Senate dress code is discriminatory against transgender individuals

Conservative group ranks Florida best, Massachusetts worst for school choice

Menendez can’t sway fellow Dems from resignation calls as Fetterman pushes for expulsion

Poll: Most Republicans see Trump as ‘man of faith,’ rank him higher than GOP rivals

One of the world’s oldest Christian communities faces genocide. Where’s Biden?

By Billy Hallowell

The Supreme Court Shouldn’t Let Governments Get Away With Impounding Innocent People’s Property


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

As congress in-fights, Savannah-area child care options could dwindle

Savannah is one of the best places to retire, says…

Rincon terminates contractor accused in murder-for-hire…

Inoperable fire hydrants become Chatham Co. safety issue

Tractor-trailer overturns, spilling chickens onto roadway …

Savannah man sentenced to federal prison

Tybee residents conflicted over city’s coyote plan

Georgia Ports looking to expand police department

1 injured in crash near JC Lewis Ford in Statesboro

Trial for suspect in Bluffton teenager’s murder underway


Donors now eye Haley as best hope against MAGA...

Scores with independents...

Sitting all day increases dementia risk -- even if exercise...

Senate unanimously passes formal dress code after uproar...

Senator ordered to turn over passport...

FBI probing whether Egyptian intel played role...

Plans for Tuesday's widespread vandalism in Philadelphia were an open secret on social media...

Southern California city becomes first in nation to recognize legal rights of animals...

Oil prices continue to soar...

Here Are The 7 Best One-Liners From Trump’s Michigan Speech

‘No Evidence’ Of Joe Biden Being Involved In The Family Business Keeps Piling Up

Transgender Mania Is No. 1 Concern In New Poll Showing Culture Wars Are GOP Voters’ Top Priority

Democrats Have Become The Party Of Authoritarianism. They Only Understand Power

Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Diversity’ Rebrand Is Unrecognizable And Out Of Touch

Ozempic Is A Permanent Treatment To A Preventable Problem That Already Has A Cure

Our Public School Put A Man With Fake Breasts In Our 10-Year-Old’s Classroom

Hunter Biden Described Client As China’s ‘Chief Of Intelligence,’ New Text Shows

Simone Biles’s Race-Baiting Social Posts Are Ruining Innocent Lives In Ireland

If The Pentagon Gets Away With Funding Abortion Without A Vote In Congress, It Won’t Stop There

What Socrates Would Say About Whether To Wear A Mask

Hunter Biden Email Discussing $5 Million Payment From Burisma Corroborates FD-1023

Hunter Texted James Biden About Shopping Out The Biden ‘Brand,’ The ‘Family’s Only Asset’

Hunter Biden Signed 2016 Letter To Ukrainian Prosecutor Complaining About Investigation Into Burisma

N.Y. Judge Cherry-Picks Lowball Mar-a-Lago Appraisal To Find Trump Guilty Of Inflating Property Values

GOP Field Trains Fire on Vivek in Second Primary Debate as Anti-Woke Entrepreneur Tries to Make Nice

Chris Christie’s Night

Fetterman Style Rejected: Senate Restores Formal Dress Code

The Nikki Haley Rorschach Test

A Quick Second-Debate Scorecard

Lina Khan Is in Over Her Head

Can’t We Just Say Homeless Encampments Are Bad?

Jury Finds Three Dallas Officers Liable for George Floyd–Like Death of Tony Timpa

‘Trump Is Missing in Action’: DeSantis Slams Absent Frontrunner at GOP Debate

Axios: Democrats Terrified Biden Will Collapse, Republicans to Blame

Geraghty: Yes, of Course, Democrats Will Dump Biden If Necessary

Dispatches from the Undercard Debate

‘Economic Treason’: Trump Accuses Biden of Selling Jobs to China for Personal Gain in Speech to Auto Workers

How Death Care Pushed Out Health Care

The War on Drugs Is Necessary and Just

New Biden Revelations Include China Payments, Coverup

Tim Scott Joins the Left in Attacking DeSantis over Slavery Line in Florida’s History Curriculum

Menendez Loses the Senate

Decay: Retailers Announce Closures Due to Mounting Crime

Trump's Surge Past Biden Blunts Rivals' Key Argument

GOP Trapped in Dangerous Absurdity of Own Making

Senate Must Get Real, Fund Border Security

Candidates fight for second place in another Trump-less debate

New documents show DOJ efforts to shield Biden from corruption probe

U.S. strategic oil reserve at lowest level in decades, even as tensions with China mount

Police: ‘Hot spot’ strategy can bull’s-eye crime without throwing dragnet over entire neighborhood

Winner of $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot claims prize in Florida

Question at Republican debate backfires on moderator Dana Perino

Ramaswamy skewered at GOP debate for his TikTok account and Chinese business deals

G.O.P. Rivals Try to Shake Up Race With Frenzy of Attacks in 2nd Debate

NYTWe fact-checked the debate. Here’s what was right and what was not.

F-35 crash: More questions than answers as investigation drags on


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Housing Authority of Savannah study recommends Yamacraw Village demolition

Tybee Island City Council hopefuls address issues at forum 

Business owners concerned with courthouse construction …

SFD responds to large structure fire on Montgomery St.

Golf course superintendent fired over criminal history

School zone cameras to be installed at Rincon Elementary

Chatham Co. nonprofits partner for new food equity …

Murdaugh defense team motions for U.S. government to take control of assets

 Dave & Buster’s expected to open at Pooler Tanger Outlets in December

 Upgraded traffic light technology coming to Hilton Head Island

This Health Care Fight Shows How Conservatives Can Thwart DC Spending Sprees

Texas Church Pays To Send Minors Across State Lines For Genital Mutilation Surgery

How Trustworthy Are Medical Organizations That Rabidly Support Until-Birth Abortion?

Transgender Mania Is No. 1 Concern In New Poll Showing Culture Wars Are GOP Voters’ Top Priority

How The Non-Trump Republicans Can Make The Second Debate Actually Matter

Wisconsin Republicans Introduce Measures To Withdraw State From ERIC, Ban ‘Zuckbucks’ In Elections

Can You Spot The Difference Between The Menendez And Biden Foreign Influence Scandals?

Russia’s War in Ukraine Is Not the Iraq War

San Francisco Prepares to Clear Homeless Camps

Another Yucky Affair

Rothman: Is the Right Afraid to Call Biden a Wimp?

Dougherty: Ukraine Supporters Should Just Bite the Bullet: Ukrainian Nationalism Has a Nazi Issue

Geraghty: Yes, of Course, Democrats Will Dump Biden If Necessary

Senate Agrees to Temporary Spending Bill to Forestall Shutdown

The College Spending Binge Continues

The Standardized-Test ‘Duopoly’ Isn’t All Bad

GAO: One-Seventh of Pandemic Unemployment Aid Fraudulent

Judge Bans New York City from Housing Migrants in Former Catholic School

Target Closing Nine Stores in Far-Left Cities Due to Crime, Safety Concerns

Cooke: Face It, Joe Biden’s Problem Is Joe Biden 

Stop Racially Gerrymandering Congress

Rainer Zitelmann Debunks Anti-Capitalist Myths

Overdose Deaths Hit Record High in New York City

A Rare Split between Trump and Ramaswamy

Ukraine Supporters Should Just Bite the Bullet: Ukrainian Nationalism Has a Nazi Issue

What Ukraine Can Teach a Conservative

Why Trump's Message Works

Inside Iran's Influence Operation

The Looming Economic Cauldron

How Dems Hide the Cost of Sanctuary City Boondoggles

Reagan Library at War w/Trump, GOP Base Ahead of Debate

Trump tests the strength of his pro-life support with a more nuanced stance on abortion

House advances four spending bills, McCarthy aims to put stopgap bill on floor this week

More Senate Dems cut Bob Menendez loose, call for resignation over bribery charges

U.S. strategic oil reserve at lowest level in decades, even as tensions with China mount

Not so fast: Distinguished scientist shunned for saying climate crisis overblown

House advances four spending bills, McCarthy aims to put stopgap bill on floor this week

Chinese nationals sent $260,000 to Hunter Biden in 2019 at father’s address

Marijuana is banking that protection gains momentum in Senate

FTC hits Amazon with antitrust lawsuit accusing it of manipulating the online marketplace

Trump up big among Hispanics in GOP, but Biden dominates head-to-head matchup

Justice Kagan backs code of ethics for Supreme Court

Rumblings grow over Biden’s capability; invoking 25th Amendment comes with bad scenarios

ICE hits post-pandemic high for detaining illegal immigrants

Over 100 masked teens ransack and loot stores in Philadelphia’s Central City

Judge rules Trump defrauded banks, insurers as he built real estate empire

Biden’s dog Commander bites another Secret Service employee at the White House

Fauci ​​secretly went to CIA HQ to ‘influence’ COVID-19 origins probe, House Republican alleges

GHSA to consider separate private-school championships again


Behind OZEMPIC Media Buzz...

Physicians, celebrities touted without disclosing financial ties...

PRO-MANCE? 'Clues' that Taylor Swift with NFL star is her latest fake...

FL now leads nation in book bans...

Newsom bans bans in CA...

Doubles taxes on guns, ammo...

UAW president says he won't meet with Trump...

White House's secret mission: Don't let him trip...

Scorsese urges filmmakers to fight comic book movie culture: 'We've got to save cinema'...

Canada's Speaker resigns after cheering Nazi in parliament...

Large crowds of juveniles loot multiple stores in Philly... Developing...

Hunter Biden sues Giuliani and his former attorney, alleging they tried to hack his devices...

STUDY: Blue Light From Phones Triggering Early Puberty...

Mystery as nearly 50 schoolchildren go missing in Cleveland -- in month!


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Two men sentenced to life without parole for 2020 murder of Melanie Steele

City Talk: Low turnout a clear sign of fractured local politics

Statesboro PD search for witnesses in block-party shooting

Soldiers concerned over conditions of Ft. Stewart barracks

At least 360 Georgia prison guards have been arrested …

Tybee Island City Manager Shawn Gillen to resign



Investigate MSNBC for 'TREASON'...

Oil could hit $150, sending 'shock through system'...

Biden Nightmare Election Scenario Might Be Coming True...

Hillary Clinton Freaks...

Hollywood actor slams lack of 'manly' men in industry; Takes aim at Timothée Chalamet...


Carlson finds a new booster: Russian TV...

Polls Show Democrat Campaign Strategy Of Indicting Political Opponents Has Backfired Horrifically

Judge In Fulton County Trump Case Reveals How Dangerous This Prosecution Is To Our Country

Lawsuit Over Sex-Trafficked Teen Could Stop Schools From Hiding Kids’ Dysphoria

California Democrats Admit It’s Unconstitutional To Ban Gun Ownership

Don’t Count On Biden’s IRS To Investigate Mark Zuckerberg’s Election-Rigging ‘Nonprofit’ Scheme

Corporate Media’s Free PR For Grifters Like Kendi Resulted In Millions Of Losses For Big And Small Donors

No, Gen. Mark Milley Didn’t ‘Protect’ The Constitution From Donald Trump

White House Lauds Its ‘Fiscal Responsibility’ As Federal Deficit Is Set To Hit $2 Trillion

U.S. Funding Pushes The World’s Poor Brown People To Kill Their Own Kids

The Intrigue Is North of the Border for Once

Joe Biden Made the Worst Vice-Presidential Pick of the Last 50 Years

Why is Bob Menendez Still Chairing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee?

Trump Genuinely Could Win Again, and I Hope You Understand What That Means

Fighting ‘Body Fascism’

Trump’s Astonishingly Broad Defense on Classified Documents

House Oversight Announces Witnesses for First Biden Impeachment Hearing

Trump Receives 13 More South Carolina Endorsements before Visit

What Trump’s Big Lead in the Newest Poll Means

Time to Retire the Word ‘Despite’

Governor Hochul Deploys National Guard to Assist with New York Migrant Crisis

Unwanted Migration Isn’t Rain — You Can Stop It

Border Crisis: September 2023

Menendez Defiant in Face of Corruption Charges, Claims He Withdrew Wads of Cash for Emergencies

Senator Bob Menendez Hires Hunter Biden Attorney to Tackle Corruption Charges

The Parties Should Be Strong Enough to Get Rid of Their Menendezes 

Two Parents Sue Virginia School Board for Not Following New Transgender Policies

Hungary Hosted Sanctioned Xinjiang Official, Prompting U.S. Rebuke

Joe Biden Focuses on What Matters Most: The Price of Concert Tickets

Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom to Debate on Fox News’ Hannity

The Democrats' Plan for a One-Party State

Joe Biden Is a Dud

Black Republicans Making Ripples in State & National Politics

UAW Should Have Hired Hunter Biden

Will Bob Menendez Keep His Pension?

No Need To Panic on Climate Change

Zelensky & Trudeau Cheer a Literal Nazi

Hunter Biden vulnerable to federal charges for unpaid taxes from his $1M-a-year job in Ukraine

Biden’s age, frequent bumbling revive talk of invoking 25th Amendment

Catch, release, murder: HHS withholds answers on suspected MS-13 migrant charged with slaying woman

House GOP tees up another attempt to approve spending bills as Trump, McCarthy clash on shutdown

Frustrated Denver CEO dumps human poop from homeless on city hall steps

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs law barring schoolbook bans based on racial, gender teachings

David McCallum, star of hit TV series ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ and ‘NCIS,’ dies at 90

By Bob Thomas - Associated Press


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Hundreds gather on Tybee Island to release loggerhead Ike into the ocean

ECSO: 1 killed in pedestrian vs. vehicle crash

SPD: 3 shot, 1 injured in shooting at Statesboro party



THISCLOSE: Hopes rise for end to Hollywood writers' strike...

For Egypt, Menendez Was Key to Access Billions in Aid...

Senator Faces Growing Pressure From Dems to Resign...

Katie Britt Face of Republican Future?

Poland Issues Warning to Zelensky After UN Comments...

Britain weighs banning smoking altogether...

Biden Allies Seize on Impeachment as Weapon Against Republicans...

Misinformation spreading faster, wider online...

Trump calls Howard Stern 'broken weirdo' as feud explodes...

Can Economy Withstand 4 Shocks at Once?

Newsom kills law to have human drivers ride in autonomous trucks...

The Band of Debunkers Busting Bad Scientists...

Meet ‘Ad Fontes Media,’ The Left’s Latest Tool For Annihilating Conservative Voices Like The Federalist 

Don’t Count On Biden’s IRS To Investigate Mark Zuckerberg’s Election-Rigging ‘Nonprofit’ Scheme

Federal Court Chides Dem Activists: There’s Nothing Racist About Election Integrity Laws Like Florida’s

Biden’s Corrupt Justice Department Gets No Credit For Indicting Bob Menendez, The Easiest Democrat Target It Could Find

What It Says About Us That Abortions Increased After Roe Was Reversed

Lawsuit Over Sex-Trafficked Teen Could Stop Schools From Hiding Kids’ Dysphoria

What Trump’s Big Lead in the Newest Poll Means

Taylor Swift: Empress of the Zeitgeist

Senator Bob Menendez Takes Sordid Political Corruption to Hilarious New Depths

California DA Sues His Own City for Ignoring the Homeless Crisis

Biden Team Gets a Pass in the Vaccine-Skepticism Debate

Why the Fading of the Southern Accent Is Bad News

Newsom to Attend Second GOP Debate at Biden Campaign’s Request

The Case for Biden Is Not Self-Evident

New Hampshire Poll Gives Us a Window into 2024

Biden to ‘Stand in Solidarity’ with UAW Strikers One Day before Trump

Will President Biden Join the UAW on the Picket Lines?

Republicans: The UAW Will Never Love You

Is Ibram X. Kendi a Racist?

Ibram Kendi Anti-Racism Center Produced Just Two New Research Papers Since Founding

Mark Milley’s Legacy: The Kabul Capitulator

Why Knowing History Is Important

Bright Warning Signs for Biden in the ABC/WaPo Poll

The Day of Atonement in a Society That Refuses To Repent

 The War To Save Our Teens From Social Media

Substack Can Redeem Online Journalism

It's No Accident the Southern Border Is Collapsing

Worried Dems Fret Trump More Electable Than Believed

Liberal Group Spending $70M to Make Biden 'Cooler' Online


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Savannah City Council's At-Large candidates face off in first forum

Savannah police investigating New Castle St. shooting

Local football legend Hubert Ginn dies at 76

What’s happening in Savannah this weekend?

DECLINE OF TV: Media groups looking to offload traditional broadcasting operations...


It’s No Accident The Southern Border Is Collapsing, It’s Intentional

Lawsuit: Democrats’ No-Excuse Absentee Voting Law Violates New York Constitution

Senators Dressing Like Clowns Is Just More Evidence Of American Decline

I Was Fired From Corporate Media For Being Pro-Life

5 Benefits Of Marrying Long Before You Own A House And Establish A Successful Career

No, Big Tech Doesn’t Have A Right To Speak To Kids Without Their Parent’s Consent

What It Says About Us That Abortions Increased After Roe Was Reversed

The Texas Teacher Who Assigned Anne Frank Graphic Novel Deserved To Be Fired

Right After I Walked Out Of The Abortion Clinic, I Learned It Was A Girl

Slimy WaPo Reporters Cower Away From Interviewing Dave Portnoy After He Exposed Their Backhanded Journalism 

Biden VA Instructs Providers To Promote Abortion, Avoid Saying ‘Mother’ And ‘Baby’ In Leaked Video

28 Republicans Reject Biden Administration’s Demands To Fund Indefinite Proxy War In Ukraine

Court: Alaska Must Forfeit Data From Leftist-Linked Voter-Roll ‘Maintenance’ Group ERIC

John Brennan Returns to Serve

Ibram X. Kendi Is Who We Thought He Was

The Irony about the Newcomers from Venezuela

The Sordid Allegations against Russell Brand

We Already Have a Strategy in Aiding Ukraine

When Demand for Victims Outpaces the Supply

What Did They Think Was Going to Happen?

Down-Ballot Republicans Who Endorse Trump’s Election-Fraud Lie Expected to Face ‘Considerable Voter Backlash,’ Poll Finds

The White House Has Never Had the Power to Police Speech

The Allegedly Unpopular Impeachment Inquiry

Yes, Joe Biden Is Corrupt

Senate Confirms Next Joint Chiefs Chairman after Tuberville Block over DOD Abortion Policy

House Republicans Grill Garland Over Alleged DOJ Weaponization

Bloomberg Invests $500 Million More to End Fossil Fuels in the U.S.

What Did They Think Was Going to Happen?

Protecting Gender-Dysphoric Children Is Neither Hateful nor Uniquely Conservative

GOP Senators Demand ‘Immediate Withdrawal’ of DOJ’s Proposed Gun-Control Regulation

‘We Just Didn’t Have Time’: McCarthy Turns Down Zelensky’s Request for a Joint Address to Congress

House Republicans Accuse Admin of Flouting Vetting Procedures for Afghans, Demand Answers on Resettlement Programs

Irish Singer’s Album Climbs the Charts Despite Cancellation Attempt by Trans Activists

Why Is DeSantis Tanking?

Amazon's $185 Billion Pay-To-Play System

I Caught Wind of WashPost Writing a Hit Piece About Me

Congress plays hardball with Zelenskyy, demands accountability and end-game plan before more aid

Latest telework worry: Empty federal buildings raise risk of Legionnaires’ disease

Mayorkas’ latest border reset: More amnesty and more troops

Troubled assembly: Critics bash ‘dying organization’ as U.N. faces reform calls

Why does Donald Trump say things that are so harmful to his legal interests?

Illustrated version of Anne Frank’s diary gets teacher fired over sexual content

Even No. 2 Senate Dem Durbin swats new dress code

Auburn coaches’ role in prayer event draws fire from atheist group

House Republicans negotiating package of spending bills with time running out to fund government

By Alex Miller - The Washington Times

Kyiv warns of 'difficult' winter as Russia hits cities...

Zelensky blitzes Washington in urgent effort to bolster support...

Pentagon Reverses Gender-Neutral Pronoun Policy for Awards After Heritage Takes It to Task

Garland Won’t Say If Youngkin Right to Pardon Father Charged After Protesting Daughter’s Sexual Assault

Pennsylvania Students Protest Pro-Trans Bathroom Policy

Voter Registration ‘Charities’: An Overlooked, Hyperpartisan Scandal

In the Last Days of Summer, Government Comes for the Ice Cream Trucks

7 Takeaways From Merrick Garland’s Testimony to House Panel


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Three rivalry games, led by Calvary at Savannah Christian, on Week 6 slate

Fight between Savannah High and Cross Creek football teams addressed by GHSA

Coroner: 6-month-old’s death considered ‘suspicious’

Residents say Alderman Leggett doesn’t live in District …

Savannah High, Cross Creek to forfeit games this week

Possible new neighborhood raises concerns in Okatie

Komoroski indicted by Charleston County grand jury

CDC awards $5.1 million in funding to Chatham County

Man injured in shooting on Skidaway and Eisenhower

Residents express concern over gun violence on E. Bolton Street




Privately Frets He Could Be Headed to Prison...


Fetterman Presides Over Senate Wearing Short-Sleeve Shirt And Shorts...Nikki Haley's pitch-perfect campaign hits ceiling?

POLL: DeSantis slips to FIFTH in NH...

Florida arrest of undocumented driver escalates Mexico tensions...

IT'S ON: Kari Lake Arizona Senate bid...

Book bans hit record high...

What Congress Should Ask The FBI Agent Involved In Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story

America’s ‘Rainbow’ Military Is On Track To Lose Another Major War

Under Our Civil Rights Regime, Fake Murders Are Punished And Real Murders Aren’t Worth Mentioning

Kamala Harris’ Hip-Hop Tribute Erases Black History

New Report Nearly Triples Estimated Amount Covid Fraudsters Stole In Unemployment Benefits

On The Darkest Day In American History, Ray Epps Was Just A Little Rascal

While Western Leaders Look Away, China’s Spies Are Multiplying

Schumer’s Cave On Military Nominations Shows His Attacks On Tuberville Were Always Political

Pennsylvania’s Switch To Automatic Voter Registration Is ‘Inconsistent’ With State Law, Election Experts Say

Paying Iranian Terrorists Billions In Ransom Is Nothing To Brag About, Mr. President

Garland Accidentally Admitted Biden DOJ Thwarted Weiss’s Hunter Investigation

George Washington’s Family Matters

Baltimore FBI Agent Agrees Weiss Didn’t Have Ultimate Authority To Charge Hunter Biden

The Pope’s Reign and Ruin

The White House Has Never Had the Power to Police Speech

Megyn Kelly, Trump’s Latest Nasty Woman

Disney CEO Plans to ‘Quiet the Noise’ in Culture War

Does John Fetterman Really Want to Be a Senator?

The Allegedly Unpopular Impeachment Inquiry

Ibram Kendi Anti-Racism Center Produced Just Two New Research Papers Since Founding

WHO Chief Denies He Sided with China at Start of Covid: ‘Outright Lie’

Gosh, Why Do These Republicans Keep Losing?

Trump Says ‘No’ to GOP Debate, Plans Trip to Detroit to Win Autoworker Support Instead

Biden Ignored a Geopolitical Crisis in His U.N. Speech

Dispelling a Myth about Aid to Ukraine

Senate Confirms Next Joint Chiefs Chairman after Tuberville Block over DOD Abortion Policy

‘Humanitarian Motives’ Behind Release of Hostages, Iranian President Says

China Launches ‘Millions’ of Cyberattacks Daily, Taiwan President Says

Republicans: The UAW Will Never Love You

Treasury Department Releases ‘Net-Zero’ Principles to Guide Financial Firms on Climate Commitments

Democrats' Emerging Majority Mirage

Inflation Data Shows Americans Aren't Buying Bidenomics

The Voters Still Ridin' With Biden in Georgia

Trump looks to harden his hold on Iowa amid abortion blowback

AG Garland claims deliberate ignorance of Hunter Biden investigation, plain ignorance of other cases

Universities cut spending as costs rise, enrollments fall

Riley Gaines rips Kentucky Gov. Beshear in campaign ad for vetoing Save Women’s Sports Act

No deal breakers wanted: Liberal, conservative dating apps vie for partisan singles

AG Garland distances himself from FBI’s memo, says that ‘Catholics are not extremists’

McCarthy pitches plan for stopgap spending measure to keep government open

DHS announces another immigration reset: More troops for border, more amnesty for those already here

Wuhan lab barred from HHS money for 10 years

GOP senator urges feds to hold off on AI crackdown as White House readies new executive order

DeSantis claims he’ll achieve $2 gas as president, vows to reverse Biden climate agenda

Garland Blames Trump for Stalled Hunter Biden Probe

BOONDOGGLES: 7 Examples of Wasteful, Outrageous Earmarks in Senate Spending Package

School District Can’t Punish Teachers Who Refuse to Lie to Parents About Their Children, Court Rules

White House Whips Liberal Media for Not Being Pro-Biden Enough

Hundreds to ‘March for Martyrs’ in DC in ‘Solidarity With Persecuted Christians’

5 Cases to Watch in Supreme Court’s 2023-24 Term

Police: Driver admitted to intentionally killing teen at North Dakota street dance after political dispute

Harvard’s Jacinda Ardean Calls on the United Nations to Crack Down on Free Speech as a Weapon of War


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Malinda Hodge and David Tootle headed to runoff for Chatham County District 2 seat

Rincon city councilman under fire after traffic stop

Murdaugh agrees on plea deal

Savannah mayor proposes 24-hour government

Organizations push voter registration ahead of elections

Man killed in Bulloch Co. mobile home park shooting

SPD looking for woman with possible info on homicide



Texas teacher fired for reading DIARY OF ANNE FRANK to class...

Alabama band director tased by police for not stopping students' performance...

Republicans yank vote to avoid govt shutdown...

DeSantis swings at Kevin...

Ron running against marijuana. His biggest backer working to legalize it...

Ray Epps charged for rioting on Jan 6...

How did it take Pentagon 28 HOURS to find missing F-35?

Under Our Civil Rights Regime, Fake Murders Are Punished And Real Murders Aren’t Worth Mentioning

Here’s How The House Should Grill Attorney General Merrick Garland

Alabama’s New ‘Voter Integrity Database’ Shows States Don’t Need Leftist-Linked ERIC To Manage Voter Rolls

Pro-Lifers Shouldn’t Trust Trump

Falling Household Income Numbers Show How ‘Bidenflation’ Has Hit Americans’ Wallets

Trump Is Delusional To Think He Can Broker ‘Peace’ In The Abortion Debate

This Pro-Life Leftist’s Unexpected Strategy For Exposing Abortion On National TV: Run For President

Joe Biden Claims ‘Democracy Is At Stake’ As His Party Does Everything To Prevent Democracy From Happening

On The Darkest Day In American History, Ray Epps Was Just A Little Rascal

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Gag Order Designed To Destroy Trump’s First Amendment Right To Criticize Biden On Campaign Trail

Kamala Harris’ Hip-Hop Tribute Erases Black History

Here’s The Authoritative List Of Lies Joe Biden Has Told As President: 250 And Counting

‘Female Titans’ Debate The Sexual Revolution: A Successful Movement That’s Failed Women

DeSantis Is Right: Trump Is a Terrible Negotiator

D.C.’s Lawfare against Leonard Leo

The Averageness of Taylor Swift

The Scam of Modern Artwork Falls Afoul of the Law

How ‘Special’ Counsel David Weiss Handed Hunter Biden a Second Amendment Defense

Biden’s Age Represents Uncharted Territory

A Shabbily Dressed Man’s Praise of the Senate Dress Code

Disney Sure Doesn’t Seem to Be Slowing Its Investments in Florida

Biden’s Reelection Gambles Backfired

Why Biden Lies

Biden’s Age and Unpopularity Aren’t a Plot

Trump Attacks One of the Most Important Pro-Life Laws in the Country

Trump Takes Credit for Overturn of Roe amid Blowback over Abortion Comments

Electric Vehicles: Brits Not Doing Their Bit

The DOJ’s Pro-Life Witch Hunt Continues

Make Life National and Abortion Local

How Death Care Pushed Out Health Care

Rules for Teachers Union: Good Schools for Me Not Thee

‘Clearly a Genocide’: Zelensky Calls for Unity Against Russia in U.N. Speech

DHS is separating migrant parents from their children in Border Patrol facilities

The specter of a Kamala Harris presidency roils the 2024 race for the White House

Prayer, faith were key when Gretchen Carlson took on Fox News in epic lawsuit

Biden’s claim of wrangling down health costs to run into biggest premium spike in nearly a decade

X says California social media law ‘interferes with editorial judgment’

Strikebreaking talk show hosts won’t restart shows during strike

Former Capitol Police chief blames Pelosi for Jan. 6 security failures

Trump seeks to mend fences with pro-lifers after blasting Florida’s heartbeat bill

Livestreamed sex acts a distraction from election’s real stakes, some Virginia Democrats say

Democrats retain narrow control of Pennsylvania House after special election

Cyber pros warn Congress that government shutdown will create open season for cyberattacks

Hunter Biden to plead not guilty to federal firearms charges

Texas prisoner accused of killing 22 older women is slain by cellmate

‘Obsolescence’: America’s global leadership waning, Iranian president says in fiery U.N. speech

Five questions Merrick Garland must answer when he faces House Judiciary Committee

FBI ex-official confirms to lawmakers that bureau had human sources in place on Jan. 6

Caesars Entertainment Pays $15 Million Ransom to Cyber-Hackers after Breach


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Former Tybee Island Mayor Walter Parker dies after brief illness

Amazon robotics fulfillment center opens in Chatham County

Councilmember Stevie Wall vying for Pooler mayor seat

SPD employee speaks to News 3 on alleged staffing shortage

Woman critically injured in Toombs Co. deputy-involved …

Fmr. asst. principal pleads guilty in incident with child

Powerball: Numbers drawn for $638M jackpot

 Murdaugh defense team files new affidavit in support of new murder trial



Trump wrote to-do lists for assistant on classified docs...

Attacks 'liberal Jews destroying America' in Rosh Hashanah message...

NOT FUNNY: Comedian Hasan Minhaj Admits Lying About Being Victim of Racism...

Gaetz widely expected to run for Florida gov...

Black bear sighting at DISNEY triggers closures...

Gas hits $6 in LA...

Trump Is Right. Democrats Support No Limits On Abortion

Democrat Produces Video Alleging Bridgeport Mayor Stole Election By Stuffing Ballot Boxes

Biden Administration Takes First Amendment Assassination Attempt To The Supreme Court

NBC’s Kristen Welker Lied Repeatedly About Democrats’ Extreme Abortion Position

Illegal Crossings Skyrocket At Southern Border As GOP Ponders Using Its Purse Power To Demand Security

5 Wrong Predictions Ruining Democrats’ Plan For 2024

Ken Paxton Acquitted On All Charges While Austin Swamp Creatures Shriek

Pro-Lifers Shouldn’t Trust Trump

Apple Will Curb Your Internet Freedom Until Congress Crushes Its Monopoly

Wisconsin Republicans Vote To Oust Top Election Official Following Messy And Chaotic 2020 Election

Illegal Crossings Skyrocket At Southern Border As GOP Ponders Using Its Purse Power To Demand Security

Jeffrey Clark’s Fulton County Case Should Be Moved To Federal Court, Former AG Meese Argues

Drew Barrymore Should Not Have Apologized

There’s No Defending Lauren Boebert’s Behavior

Biden’s Reelection Gambles Backfired

Football Is a Drug

Trump’s Disgusting Post about Liberal Jews Who ‘Voted to Destroy America’

Ibram X. Kendi Accused of Exploiting Workers, Mismanaging Finances of ‘Collapsing’ Anti-Racist Center

Representative Jennifer Wexton Announces She Will Not Seek Reelection due to Rare Neurological Disorder

Marines Issue Two-Day Stand-Down of All Aircraft after F-35 Disappearance

Mike Pence Argues for Peace through Strength, against Isolationism and Appeasement

Hunter Biden vs. the Biden Administration

Trump’s Terrible Abortion Comments

Trump Accuses Some Republicans of Speaking ‘Very Inarticulately’ about Abortion

Where the 2024 GOP Candidates Stand on Trans

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Got Ambition to Spare

Biden’s Age and Unpopularity Aren’t a Plot

‘The World’s Attention’

Trudeau Says ‘Credible Allegations’ Connect Indian Government to Killing of Sikh-Canadian Leader

Another Celebrity Divorce

Remake Redux

How Death Care Pushed Out Health Care

President Biden Is a Truly Terrible Liar

What It Takes To Believe Biden Is Innocent

Calls for Biden To Drop Out Are Bound To Get Louder

Hunter Biden sues IRS, alleging agents illegally disclosed his tax information

Congressional lawmakers, staffers told how to avoid becoming a victim in D.C.’s crime wave

Hunter Biden case: Special counsel Weiss played a key role in sidelining IRS whistleblower

With Hollywood on strike, Biden leans on Broadway stars in hunt for campaign cash

Mark Levin’s new book centered upon a clear mission

ABC will air additional 10 ‘Monday Night Football’ games because of writers and actors strikes

‘Slob’ Fetterman says Republicans are losing their minds over ‘disgraceful’ rule change

Newsom boosts climate cred by suing ‘Big Oil’ as California struggles to tap brakes on fossil fuels

UAW strike puts Biden’s electric vehicle revolution in the hot seat

DeSantis warns pro-lifers that Trump will ‘sell you out’ on abortion

Five-plus reasons why Americans should fight the face masks

America’s gross national debt exceeded $33 trillion for the first time.


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Player fight ends Cross Creek at Savannah High game prematurely

SPD investigating shooting on Sherman Ave.

Pilot ejects from F-35 in North Charleston, jet recovery …

Backlash from gun owners over proposed Savannah ordinance

POW/MIA Recognition Day: ‘Lest We Forget’

William Tell: Young Cadets aim high in ROTC programs

AG responds to motion for new Murdaugh murder trial

GBI investigating inmate death at Chatham County …

Singer Maren Morris leaving country music, blames 'Trump years'...

Man groped by Boebert owns gay-friendly bar that hosts drag shows...

First trans politician elected in Tennessee...

Pride flag ban sparks accusations of betrayal in tiny Michigan city...

California’s Pro-Trans Child Custody Bill Is Pure Emotional Blackmail

Enough With Our Horrible Media Boosting Women Who Publicly Regret Their Children’s Existence

Report: Portland Police Response Times Skyrocket As City Struggles With Crime

Is Digital Gold The Solution To Democrats’ Digital Dollar?

‘Acceptable’ Violence Against Peaceful Pro-Lifers Is Unacceptable

Democrats’ Double Standard On Judicial Impartiality Is Obvious From Wisconsin To Washington

Navy Puts The Kibosh On Digital Recruiting Program After Discovering Enlistees Aren’t Into Drag Queens

Every Republican In America Should Follow Javier Milei’s Masterclass In Going On Offense Against Abortion

Trump’s Terrible Abortion Comments

Joe Biden According to Joe Biden

Mitt Romney Does Not Get to Write His Own Happy Ending

The White House Asked the Media for Help. CNN Obliged

It’s Not Racist to Identify Cultural Roots for Criminality

What Is the Constitution For?

House Minority Leader Defends Harris as a ‘Great Vice President’ after Pelosi Waffles on Support

McCarthy Says Any Efforts to Remove Him from Speakership Would Be ‘Exactly What the President Wants’

All the President’s Tells: How to Spot a Biden Lie

Biden’s Latest Student-Loan Plan Is Another Disaster

Trump Accuses Some Republicans of Speaking ‘Very Inarticulately’ about Abortion

Fani Willis’s Monstrous Trump Case

No, Inviting Trump onto a Sunday Show Does Not ‘Normalize Fascism’

China Tells Countries ‘NOT to Participate’ in U.N. Event on Uyghur Atrocities

Deputy U.N. Head Makes Rare Comments Backing Taiwan

Piracy in Oakland

Dems Signal They Can't Hide Biden's Scandal Any More

3 Reasons Biden’s Problems Appear To Be Overblow

Hunter Biden’s legal woes add to president’s reelection hurdles

Iran blocks nuclear inspectors after U.S. unfreezes billions of dollars for Tehran

Trump builds better machine: Campaign team and administration in waiting primed for Day One

Stepped-up Chinese aerial intercepts may lead to a global crisis, U.S. Pacific command warns

House Republicans reach stopgap spending deal as Congress races to avert government shutdown

Rolling Stone co-founder’s controversial comments on Blacks, women spark backlash

Americans more worried about drop in marriage rates than fewer births, Pew survey finds

Oberlin women’s lacrosse coach reassigned after criticizing transgender athletes

Backlash prompts Drew Barrymore to postpone talk show restart until after Hollywood strikes

Pence backs military holds, says ‘Tuberville is right, and Pentagon is wrong’

Donald Trump’s GOP rivals try to attract social conservatives in Iowa at an event he skipped

Pentagon to build space weapons, new strategy reveals

Constitution Day survey finds most Americans lack basic civics knowledge

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy slain in ambush killing

Texas AG Ken Paxton back on job after acquittal, but Republicans aren’t done attacking each other

Mark Meadows’s Testimony in Georgia Case May Have Done Him No Favors

Post-Postmodern America, Meet Mao’s Cultural Revolution

Hunter’s Gun Indictment Is Moment of Truth for Biden Regime

House Oversight Committee Members Launch Probe Into Biden’s Maui Fires Response

College Lacrosse Coach Ousted From Position After Speaking Up Against Male Athletes Competing Against Women

Federal Spending Bills Must Address Border Crisis, Conservatives Say

PragerU Is Now in Schools. Teacher Unions Are Fuming.

ho Says There Isn't Enough Evidence for a Biden Impeachment Inquiry?


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Updated: Chatham County Police launch manhunt for murder suspect in Skidaway Road area

CCPD searching for 17-year-old murder suspect

Savannah woman says water bill charges don’t add up

Former school employee charged with child sex crimes

Judge sets trial date for Alex Murdaugh’s financial crimes

Demo Day at William Tell 2023

1 injured in shooting on MLK Blvd.

Jury acquits cousin in Georgia woman’s death


Gene Simmons on KISS, sex and calling it quits...

HOLLYWOOD ENDING? Writers, Studios Set New Talks...

Parents Spend More Time On Devices Than With Children...


Kingdom executes two soldiers for 'treason'...

NASA publishes long-awaited UFO report...

Claims there's trillion planets just like Earth waiting to be discovered...

Baltimore FBI Agent Agrees Weiss Didn’t Have Ultimate Authority To Charge Hunter Biden

Ohio Launches Insterstate Pacts To Replace Leftist Voter-Roll ‘Management’ Group ERIC

TikTok Nuked My Video Of A Trans Person Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Accusing Me Of ‘Harassment’ Instead

If You’re A Democrat, Having Sex For Money Is No Barrier To Getting Elected

In Federal Spending Fight, House Republicans Have Only One Acceptable Tack: No Security, No Funding

‘Acceptable’ Violence Against Peaceful Pro-Lifers Is Unacceptable

How Woke Lefties Ruined Aspen

Meet The Covid-Obsessed Biden Nominee Who Thinks You Should Suffer For Not Getting An Experimental Shot

Report: Public Schools Pick Teachers Based On Their Allegiance To Cultural Marxism

Report: The FBI Illegally Politicized Background Investigations For Republican Presidential Nominees

Hunter Biden Slapped With Three Felony Gun Charges After Lying On Background Check In 2018

What to Make of the Hunter Biden Gun Indictment

The Bitter Irony of McCarthy’s Impeachment Inquiry

About Those ‘Alien Corpses’ Presented to Mexico’s Congress . . .

The Herculean Labor of Praising Kamala Harris with a Straight Face

Biden Heads Back to the ‘Threats to Democracy’ Well

Tom Hanks Is a Boring, No-Talent Hack

Trump Dodges Questions about Classified Documents during Megyn Kelly Interview

Trump Beats Haley in Her Home State, Poll Finds

The Biden Team Cannot Dispel the Concerns about the President’s Age

A Little Crack in the Media

The Governor of New Mexico Breaks Badly

Republican Senators Call on Attorney General Garland, DOJ to Stop New Mexico’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Gun Order

Mitt Romney Is Right about Michigan’s Trees

Tibet Goes Carbon-Neutral

Biden Is Trying To 'Generate Confusion'--Not Republicans

16.7% Bidenflation--Chickens Come Home To Roost

Hunter Biden is indicted on federal firearms charges in a long-running probe weeks after a plea deal

Trump says he was ‘given an option’ to pardon himself, but declined

House impeachment probe hones in on Biden’s effort to oust Ukrainian prosecutor

Nebraska woman, 21, sues doctors who removed her breasts at 16 as part of ‘gender-affirming care’

Trump says Biden is not too old to be president, just incompetent

Teacher-union head slammed for comparing school-choice backers to segregationists

Yes, family-friendly Virginia, there is a ‘pee tape’ courtesy of Susanna Gibson


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Savannah ordinance would penalize owners who leave guns in unlocked cars

Chatham County considers establishing its own fire department

Rincon appoints first full-time fire chief

Port Royal Police Sgt. arrested for DUI Tuesday night

Hinesville Police investigating fatal shooting

Thunderbolt mayor signs resolution to support local …

‘Sound of freedom’ roars on Tybee for F-22 demonstration

 Neighborhood in Bryan Co. puts homes for sale due to traffic from Hyundai Megasite



Scientists unveil 'mummified alien' corpses to Mexico Congress...

Three-fingered hands, unknown DNA, eggs inside...

Found in Peru mines... 

After mass layoffs, GANNETT hiring Taylor Swift and Beyoncé journalists?

IRS Whistleblower Gives Congress More Documents, Boosting His Credibility And Busting The DOJ’s

Impeaching Biden Is The Right Call, But Don’t Stop With Him

As Inflation Spikes Again, Biden And Media’s Boasts About Record Price Hikes ‘Cooling’ Are Offensive As Ever

There’s No Way To Justify Continued Funding For The Federal Government

FBI Agent Trying To Discredit Whistleblower Testimony Blew His Own Credibility In Covering For Weiss

‘LA vs Hate’ Runs An Orwellian Snitch Line That’s Funded By Biden, Big Business, And You

Sen. Bill Cassidy Is The Left’s Useful Idiot On Abortion

WHO Bragged About Helping Big Tech Control What You See About Covid, And It’s Still Happening

Biden’s Air Force Nominee Believes It’s ‘Naive’ For Service Members To Doubt The Military’s ‘Institutional Racism’

Mother Earth Wants Your TPS Reports

Mitt Romney Was No Profile in Political Courage

A Little Crack in the Media

Democrats Should Not Be So Confident the Biden Impeachment Inquiry Will Be a Bust

GOP Senators Call on AG to Stop New Mexico’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Gun Order

How Often Do Men Think about the Roman Empire?

‘Equity-Based Weeding Process’ Leaves Ontario Public School Bookshelves Practically Bare

You Keep Using That Word, ‘Diversity.’ I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Old Joe ‘Old’ Biden (Old) Is Too Old to Be President (He’s Old)

Democratic New Mexico AG Refuses to Defend Governor in Gun-Order Lawsuits

What, Exactly, Was Governor Lujan Grisham’s Plan?

Romney on Cynicism

The NBA Finally Starts to Put Fans First

Twenty-two AGs Warn Financial Firms That Climate Agenda Collusion May Violate Antitrust, Consumer Protection Laws

Mitt Romney: The Right Man in the Wrong Time

Where Is the Evidence, Speaker McCarthy?

The 14th Amendment Ploy Would Be a Boon to Trump

Here's the Climate Dissent You're Not Hearing About Because It's Muffled by Society's Top Institutions

House moves swiftly to launch Biden impeachment probe

Putin’s revenge: Brutal crackdown on bloggers, critics of Ukraine war follows a familiar pattern

Federal judge blocks New Mexico governor’s gun ban

Whaddya know? Trump was right about Biden family corruption all along

White House refuses to answer questions about Biden’s false claims

Lyft letting female, nonbinary riders pick gender of their driver

After catching escaped murderer, officers took a photo with him. Experts say that was inappropriate

U.A.W. Prepares for Limited Strike Against Detroit Automakers on Friday


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Pumpkins, apple picking, corn mazes. A guide to fall activities in Georgia

4 charged with misdemeanors in Benedictine-Jenkins disturbances

Consequences for unpaid fire fees in Chatham Co.

Vacationer dies after apparent drowning on Hilton Head

McIntosh Co. BOC pass zoning changes upsetting residents

Man injured in shooting at W. 39th and Florence St.

Swainsboro man arrested in shooting of investigator

One person injured after shooting on West 54th St.



FALL PREVIEW: Donald, Joe both tumble in Iowa...

Senator Reads Sex Scene At Hearing: 'I Began To Slide Into Him From Behind'...

Virginia candidate performed sex acts with husband in live videos -- for money...

Slams Media for Reporting Her Public Porno Performances...

MCDONALD'S dropping self-service soda stations...

More Baby Boomers Sliding Into Homelessness...

Incomes Fall For Third Straight Year...

Can You Tell The Difference Between Vogue’s KJP Puff Piece And Our Corporate ‘News’ Media?

Twitter Throttles Account Exposing The Obscene Books Libraries Give Kids

Here’s What The House GOP Should Do Right Now To Fight Democrats’ Republic-Crushing Lawfare

Apple’s Disgraceful Kowtowing To Chinese Communists Is Starting To Backfire

House GOP Adopts Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Extend Obamacare’s Mandatory Spending

Local Media Slam Library ‘Book Bans’ While Omitting The Explicit Content Being Pushed On Minors

21 Woke Mandates Reveal California’s Radical Education Bender

Don’t Ask Tommy Tuberville Why The Senate’s Not Voting On Military Nominations. Ask Chuck Schumer

‘Highly Credible’ Whistleblower: CIA Offered Six Analysts Hush Money To Shut Them Up About Covid Lab Leak

Hold On A Second, Are You Telling Me The PLO Hates Jews?

Leftist Witness In Senate Hearing On Book Bans Admits Sex Scenes Are ‘Disturbing,’ But Children Should Still Have Access

House Launches Formal Impeachment Probe Into President Joe Biden’s Corrupt Family Influence-Peddling Business

School District Gears Up To Fight California AG Trying To Make Them Secretly Trans Kids

Union Battles Expose Cracks in Democratic Coalition

The Impeachment Risk

McLaughlin: Impeaching Biden Is Just but Unwise

McCarthy: Speaker McCarthy Decides an Impeachment Inquiry Doesn’t Require a Vote of the Full House, After All

‘My Jaw Dropped’: Explosive Musk Biography Reveals Why Ex-FBI Lawyer Jim Baker Was Fired from Twitter

Cooke: Joe Biden Thinks He’s Forrest Gump without the Intelligence Deficiency

Democratic New Mexico AG Refuses to Defend Governor in Gun-Order Lawsuits

CIA Officials Took Hush Money to Bury Covid Lab-Leak Theory, Whistleblower Claims

Virginia Democratic State House Candidate Makes a Naked Appeal for Funding Online

The Best Way to Win a Fight Is to Deter It in the First Place

Yes, Joe Biden Is Corrupt

Joe Biden’s Mariel Boatlift

Massachusetts Mayor Sounds Alarm on Migrant Crisis

The Crushing Costs of DEI on University Campuses

How the Pursuit of Profit Produces Prosperity

The Case Is Strong for Impeachment Inquiry

 Why Democrats (Rightly) Fear Cornel West in 2024

‘Put Up or Shut Up Time’: Gaetz Blasts McCarthy for Reneging on Speakership Deal, Threatens Removal Vote

Schools: A Republican Opportunity

Ten Red Flags Warn of an Economic Decline

High Stakes in Florida

EVs Have a Road Trip Problem, Even for Energy Secretary

What Are Men For?

McCarthy orders committees to launch impeachment inquiry into President Biden

U.N. pronounces U.S.-Mexico border the world’s deadliest for migrants

FDA panel says ingredient in popular oral decongestants is not effective

House seeks info on Biden’s actions to oust Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Burisma

McDonald’s to phase out self-serve soda fountains

‘Sound of Freedom’ hero calls for Biden administration to find 85,000 missing migrant children

Women denied abortions file complaints against Idaho, Tennessee, Oklahoma abortion bans

House seeks info on Biden’s actions to oust Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Burisma

Energy Secretary Granholm’s EV road trip turns into a charging station debacle

Biden and Trump slip in new Iowa poll

Virginia candidate who livestreamed sex videos draws support from women, Democratic leader

Voters file petition with Minnesota Supreme Court to block Trump from state ballot

Fraudsters stole up to $135 billion in unemployment benefits during pandemic

More Americans Jobless Than Biden’s Official Unemployment Rate Shows

Connecting the Dots Between Fani Willis and Unrepentant Communists

Here’s what to know about the impeachment case against President Biden.

Schools, Universities Bringing Back Mask Mandates, Shutdowns

COVID-19 ORIGINS: Experts Consulted by Fauci Suddenly Changed Their Minds

What an Army Colonel Biden Wants to Promote Had to Say About Elizabeth Warren, Confederate Statues, NFL Kneelers

EXCLUSIVE: Abortion Lawyer Accused of Perjuring Herself Before Congress

Education Around the Country Looks Different This School Year. Here’s What Parents Need to Know.

Asked Repeatedly, Harris Won't Identify a Single Abortion Restriction She Would Support

Left Sheds Crocodile Tears Over Military Pay to Dodge Debate About Abortion Extremism

Why Did Marxists Launch ‘Attack on America’s Kids’? Liz Wheeler Explains

Sheriff Derides, Won't Enforce New Mexico Governor’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Ban on Carrying Firearms

Biden Raised Taxes, but Tax Revenues Are Way Down This Year. Here Are 5 Reasons Why.

Woke Corporations Increasingly Funding ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ for Employees

Trumpophobes Seek to Keep Him Off '24 Ballot for Crimes He Never Committed

Free Enterprise Is What Will Solve Arkansas’ Used Tire Problem

Why Was DOJ Silent About Border Patrol ‘Whipping’ Investigation Conclusion? What New Emails Reveal

The C.D.C. Director Explains Why You Should Get the Latest Covid Booster

The Blue Dress. The Zelensky Phone Call. Jan. 6. What’s McCarthy Got?

Apple Unveils iPhone 15, With Switch to USB-C Charger


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

SEL is on the rise locally. Learn more:

Schools Push Radical Ideology under Guise of ‘Social-Emotional Learning,’ Parents Warn

‘Social-Emotional Learning’: The Next Fight in Education

Another Dangerous Fad From the Education Schools

Conservatives Are Right to Be Skeptical of SEL

Clerk Becky Hill denies jury tampering charges, co-author speaks out

Georgia vs. Ball State type of games should be forbidden | Bill Shanks 

Islanders concerned over storm prep efforts ahead of Lee

Slave descendants face local vote on whether wealthy can …

Savannah Fire Department remembers 9/11

4 charged with misdemeanors in Benedictine-Jenkins disturbances

Dozens on Hilton Head memorialize 9/11 victims

Georgia Southern ROTC honors 9/11 first responders

Stunning rainbow arches over NYC on 9/11

Beaufort County administrator officially fired after public hearing

The US marks 22 years since 9/11 with tributes and tears, from ground zero to Alaska




HIV protesters occupy Speaker's office...

White House Backlash For Praising Saudi...

Poll: Half See America as Global Threat...

THREADS blocks searches related to covid, vax as cases rise...

World's biggest lithium reservoir found in Nevada supervolcano...

Worth $1.5 trillion!

Was 9/11 The Beginning Of The End Of The American Empire?

Georgia Grand Jury Report Exposes Fulton County Prosecutor As An Election-Integrity Denier 

Kamala Harris Won’t Say Which Abortion Limits She Supports Because Democrats Like Her Don’t Want Any

California Lawmakers Vote To Remove Kids From Any Parents Who Don’t Support Severing Their Genitals

Covid Playbook Redux: New Mexico Governor Cites ‘Public Health Emergency’ To Suspend Second Amendment

Fulton County Grand Jury Was Totally Unhinged, Reveals Election Lawyer

Sen. Tom Cotton Grills Pentagon Over Using Nonsense Word ‘Themself’ On Military Award Citations

Covid Playbook Redux: New Mexico Governor Cites ‘Public Health Emergency’ To Suspend Second Amendment

Are We Forgetting?: Prosecutors Consider Plea Deal For Suspected Architects Of 9/11 Attacks

Doja Cat’s ‘Demons’ Are Real, Whether She Believes In Them Or Not

The Case Against Ken Paxton Is All Hat, No Cattle

21 Woke Mandates Reveal California’s Radical Education Bender

If The Post-Covid ‘Recovery’ Was So Great, Why Can’t I Get Better Than Two-Star Service?

Here’s What The House GOP Should Do Right Now To Fight Democrats’ Republic-Crushing Lawfare

This TikToker Is Helping Young People See Through Leftist Media. Here’s What He Wants The GOP To Know

A Modern Exodus: Renters Leave Portland for the Suburbs in Droves

Does Joe Biden Remember 9/11?

From ‘Me Too’ to ‘Not You’

Biden Falsely Claims He Visited Ground Zero the Day after 9/11

Abel: Joe Biden’s Mouth Utterly Fails Him in Vietnam

Progressives Give Eric Adams the Trump Treatment for Refusing to Ignore NYC’s Migrant Crisis

Early Fundraising Woes, Early Spending Are Signs of Waning Enthusiasm for Biden

Yes, Joe Biden Is Corrupt

Huge Lithium Deposit Discovered in Nevada — Now What?

Why Not Arrest Governor Lujan Grisham?

Over 100 House Democrats Demand Biden ‘Use All Tools Available’ to Give Illegal Migrants Work Permits

New York City to Cut Overtime Pay for NYPD, Other Departments in Response to Migrant Crisis

No, the Press Is Not ‘Tougher’ on Biden Than He ‘Deserves’

Massachusetts Mayor Sounds Alarm on Migrant Crisis, Urges Lawmakers to Reform ‘Right-to-Shelter’ Law

Eric Adams Warns of Painful Budget Cuts to NYC Essential Services Due to Migrant Crisis

On Illegal Immigration, Mayor Eric Adams Is an Incoherent Mess

Harvard’s Former President Unwittingly Indicts Campus Radicalism

The Crushing Costs of DEI on University Campuses

The ACLU’s Free-Speech Sophistry Comes to Princeton

UAW Strike: ‘Very, Very Likely’

The DeSantis Campaign’s Strange Iowa Outlook

Hurricane Lee raises questions about risks to offshore wind projects

White House's Crude Ploy To Boost Biden in 2024

Fallon apologizes to staff amid report saying ‘Tonight Show’ has toxic workplace

Megyn Kelly to interview Donald Trump for first time since epic debate exchange

McConnell tells GOP skeptics of more Ukraine aid to stop ‘dreaming about America’s retreat’

‘Paralyzing’ the Pentagon: Key House Republican blasts Tuberville’s defense nominations hold

Biden's Assault on Liberty

China Sows Disinformation About Hawaii Fires Using New Techniques

Kim Jong-un Meeting Offers Russia Access to Ammunition

Donald Trump’s Electoral College Edge Seems to Be Fading

Childhood adversity linked to cannabis use in adolescence, study finds

Most Americans oppose including trans athletes in sports, poll finds

Efforts to disqualify Trump for reelection create a prime case for the Supreme Court’s consideration

Biden defends honoring 9/11 far from terror attack sites, says fighter jets scrambled in Alaska, too

Cannabis industry no longer riding high: Job losses, supply imbalances, dwindling profits hit sector

Disgraced ex-FBI official in Trump-Russia probe asks court for more time to resolve criminal charges


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

9/11 Memorial Stair Climb honors firefighters

Readers' Poll: Week 4 Savannah area Football Player of the Week

Despite Savannah Metro Area's explosive growth, market cools slightly 

Will Savannah municipal elections be a referendum on incumbents? 

1 injured in Savannah shooting

Hyundai donates $10K to replant trees in Bryan County

Gallery: Patriot Day 5K in Savannah

Friday Night Blitz 2023 Week 4 scores, highlights

2 people injured after shooting in Garden City




Dems Freak Over Biden's Bad Polls... 

Cheers and Jeers for Trump in Iowa...

'Where's Melania?' banner flown over an football stadium...

Pastor Now Says It Was Mistake to Let DeSantis Speak at Shooting Vigil...

Haley and Pence Rise in polls Without Spending Much...

STUDY: Doctors Have Been Measuring Blood Pressure All Wrong...

Should Be Taken When Lying Down...

Biden Knows He Is Using Illegal Immigrants To Hurt His Enemies

Whistleblowers Admit They Reported Ken Paxton To The FBI Without A Shred Of Evidence

Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s Successful Fetal Surgery Exposes Abortion Activists’ Cruel Double Standard On Unborn Life

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Is Right: Mass Illegal Immigration Is Destructive

Square Outage Leaves Millions Of Small Businesses Unable To Charge Credit Cards, Manage Inventory

State-Level Abortion Losses Are No Reason To Shy Away From Pro-Life Messaging

Why ChatGPT Could Actually Be A Good Thing For High School English

New York Times: Eric Adams Is A Democrat So It’s No Longer Hateful To Oppose Uncontrolled Mass Migration

Fulton County Prosecutor’s Law Firm Sends ‘Uninvited And Improper’ Mailer To Republican He Helped Indict

A Year Later, As Many Texas Students Left Public Schools For Homeschooling As During Covid Boom

Uncle Sam’s Making Me Take The Covid Jab To Become An American Citizen

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Lies About ‘Highly Credible’ Source Claims Were Leaked To NYT And Spoonfed To Weiss

No, the Press Is Not ‘Tougher’ on Biden Than He ‘Deserves’

Fools in the Desert: The False Gods of Burning Man

The Crushing Costs of DEI on University Campuses

‘We Righted a Wrong’: Virginia Governor Pardons Father Whose Daughter Was Sexually Assaulted at School

Exclusive: Eric Adams Advisers Traveled in China with Suspected Chinese Police-Station Agent

The Biden Administration’s Escalating Campaign against Free Speech

The Media Belatedly Discover Biden’s Age Problem

Biden Administration Likely Violated First Amendment with Social-Media Censorship, Appeals Court Rules

A Populist on Pence’s Populism Speech

Anti-Affirmative-Action Group Drops Lawsuit against Yale as University Revamps Entry Rules

The Ivy League Elitism of . . . Student Clubs?

Joe Biden’s Mouth Utterly Fails Him in VietnamSubmarine Propaganda

Electric Vehicles: Granholm’s Odyssey

The Triumph of the Nuclear Family

Abandoning American Global Leadership Would Hurt American Consumers

The UAW: Zeroing in on Net Zero

Agriculture Is Essential for America's Revival

 Restoring the Scientific Method, Saving Civilization

How India Led the Way Toward a Human-Centered Future

California State Assembly Passes Controversial Transgender Youth Bill

‘They Will Hurt’: Eric Adams Warns of Painful Budget Cuts to NYC Essential Services Due to Migrant Crisis

Dems Ramp Up 2024 Election Rigging Ahead of Schedule

Support Policies We Can Live With

The 'Climate Emergency' Is a Hoax

Energy Sec’s EV ‘Road Trip’ Clown Show – NPR: Sec. Granholm used ‘gas-powered car’ to ‘block the only free spot for a charger’ thus blocking family ‘with a baby in vehicle’ who got ‘so upset…they called the police’

The Earth Has No Average Temperature

Poland embraces role as NATO country with a front-row seat to Russia’s war next door

New Mexico governor’s suspension of gun rights draws fire from police, Dems, gun control advocates

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis apologize for ‘pain’ their letters on behalf of Danny Masterson caused

Florida State University system becomes the first to allow use of Classic Learning Test on admission

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin won’t rule out 2024 presidential run

Biden diverges from tradition for this year’s 9/11 anniversary

Obama accuser has long rap sheet

Convicted fraudster who claims he had cocaine-fueled sex ...

Just a reminder


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Five things to know for UGA football vs. Ball State (and a prediction)

Bryan, Effingham counties named in traffic study to get road improvements

Hurricane Lee continues to grow stronger. Will it impact Georgia?

Elon Musk’s Ugly War with the ADL

The Life and Times of a 21-Year-Old Biden Superfan

A Student Maligned by Her University Seeks Justice

White House: Biden’s Abrupt Ceremony Departure Was ‘Done Very Purposefully’

Navarro Convicted on Two Counts of Contempt of Congress

On Illegal Immigration, Mayor Eric Adams Is an Incoherent Mess

Pence’s Conservatism Speech: It’s Hip to Be Square

NYC Braces as 21,000 Migrant Students Push Schools to Overflowing

Then-VP Biden Signed Off on Hunter Business Partner’s Burisma Talking Points, Email Reveals

Two-Thirds of Democrat Voters Want Biden to Drop Reelection Bid: Report

A Question for the Very ‘Special’ Counsel, David Weiss

Special Counsel David Weiss to Indict Hunter Biden on Gun Charges by End of Month

Why Even Some Trump Foes Don’t Want Him Taken Off the Ballot in 2024

Joe Biden Is Putting Himself before America

How Secure Is Trump’s Lead?

Tenure — Does It Help?

Mainstream Media Mislead on New Guttmacher Abortion Estimates

State Department Condemns Palestinian Leader’s Antisemitic Rant

McKinsey and Its Contradictions: China, ESG, and Meatless Mondays

Russia Condemns U.S. for ‘Criminal Act’ of Sending Uranium Munitions to Ukraine

Gun-Safe Company Facing Backlash after Helping FBI Open January 6 Defendant’s Safe

Hawley Becomes First Senator to Argue McConnell No Longer Fit for Leadership

Portland City Council Approves Emergency Ordinance Banning Public Hard-Drug Use

EXCLUSIVE: FOIA Turns Up Zilch On The ‘Full Authority’ Garland Claims He Gave Weiss Over Hunter Biden

While Weiss Pinky Swears He’ll Indict Soon, Hunter Biden Claims Cushy Gun Deal Still Grants Immunity

2024 Presidential Candidates’ Top Song Choices Tell Us Everything We Need To Know

ProPublica Editor-In-Chief Who Stirred Up Clarence Thomas Smears Built His Career On False Insinuations

Creative NFL Coaches Can Make Running Backs Great Again

Renewed Hysteria Shows Why We Need A Commission For Covid Accountability

Biden Cancels ‘All Remaining’ Leases Congress Issued In Arctic Refuge, Further Gutting American Energy

Pro-Trans Group Links Ohio Amendment To ‘LGBT Rights,’ Confirming Conservative Warnings It Will Let Kids Get Sterilizing Surgeries

Poll: Lots of Republicans Can Beat Biden

Dems Stopped Enforcing Border Laws on Purpose

Inside the Blue Bubble

G20 Without Putin and Xi Could Be a Fantastic Opportunity

Restoring the Scientific Method, Saving Civilization

Government Censorship Policies Headed to High Court

It's Official! The Democrats Have a Nonwhite Voter Problem

Old-School Republicans Need To Wake Up

Why GOP Candidates Should Go Positive at the Next Debate

Tucker’s Interview With Obama Accuser Follows The Media’s Standard For Covering Sex Scandals

Energy Insufficiency

UAW Anticipating an Electric Shock

Biden’s sinking poll numbers put the Democratic Party in panic mode

Supreme Court expected to clarify gun rights for felons and drug users, watchers say

House GOP zeros in on Biden impeachment inquiry, but Senate Republicans bristle

Bill Gates bets big on Bud Light with $95 million stock buy

Juneteenth replaces Christmas Eve as paid holiday at Emory Healthcare

Victoria’s Secret overhauls racy fashion catwalk in bid to be inclusive

‘That ‘70s Show’ actor Danny Masterson gets 30 years to life in prison for rapes of 2 women

Trump eyes moving his Georgia case to federal court


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Sonny Seiler memorialized as a showman, prankster and 'damn good dog'

Wide receiver Mekhi Mews adding to Georgia football walk-on tradition

‘There is no choice but for the courts to grant a new trial’: Alex Murdaugh’s defense attorneys allege jury tampering

Gov. Kemp: DAS Corp. to bring 300 automotive jobs to Metter

State representatives advocating for Sapelo Island community

‘Human hamster’ apprehended off coast of Tybee Island

 Savannah Chatham Co. school board discusses impacts of bus driver shortage

Verizon service issues reported across Georgia, in parts of southeast US

MSNBC Gushes Over Trans-Identifying Man Accused Of Sexually Harassing Sorority Girls 

Liberty Safe Let FBI Seize Customer’s Gun Safe Contents Without A Court Order

Joe Rogan And Bill Maher Call Out Ozempic As False Cure To American Obesity Crisis

Despite Media Pearl-Clutching, Paxton Has A Clear Path To Beating Impeachment

China’s Coal Boom Shows Its Empty Climate Commitments Are Red, Not Green

Democrats Expected To Oppose Republican-Led Legislation Banning Return Of Forced Masking

New Poll Shows Trump Won’t Get A Fair Jury Trial From D.C. Residents Who’ve Already Decided He’s Guilty

Court: Arizona’s Sloppy Ballot Signature Verification Guidance ‘Contradicts The Plain Language’ Of State Law

Oversight Committee Demands Unredacted File On Bidens’ ‘Foreign Business Dealings’ From NARA

A Question for the Very ‘Special’ Counsel, David Weiss

There Is No Secret, Better, Energetic Biden Behind the Scenes

The Poll Truthers Are Back

Special Counsel David Weiss to Indict Hunter Biden on Gun Charges by End of Month

Gender Ideology ‘Radically At Odds with Christian Anthropology’: Brief Defends Maryland Parents’ Opt-Out

Trump Is Starting to Poll Like an Incumbent

The 2024 Presidential Field as Judged by Musical Favorites

Pence Blasts Trump and His ‘Populist Followers and Imitators’

‘Fall Over Themselves to Copy Trump’: Haley Mocks DeSantis, Ramaswamy in Message to Donors

Bring Trump and Markle to the Next GOP Debate

J.D. Vance Introduces Bill to Ban Federal Mask Mandates for Schools, Public Transit

More emails show Biden’s involvement with Hunter’s Ukraine energy post at time of corruption probe

Embattled Soros-linked district attorneys leaving office amid high crime, complaints

Trump supporters dismiss electability challenges, see him as best hope against Biden

Praying football coach resigns after one game back, cites ‘retaliation,’ family issues

Bruce Springsteen postpones September shows, citing doctor’s advice regarding ulcer treatment

Senate to vote on spending bills next week; Schumer reiterates bipartisanship will avoid shutdown

Biden cancels all oil, gas drilling leases in Alaskan Arctic wildlife refuge

The DeSantis decline: Polls show how far Florida governor has fallen as Trump gets indictment boost

Sen. Whitehouse claims Supreme Court Justice Alito violated ethics, launches complaint

Denver Agrees to Pay $4.7 Million to BLM Protesters over Alleged Police Misconduct

Petty Covid Tyrants Want To Bring Back Masks And Lockdowns. Don’t Let Them

Elon Musk’s Legal Threats Aside, The ADL Doesn’t Speak For Jews

Biden Bribery Breadcrumbs Leave Only One Possible Conclusion: Deep-State Partisans Buried The Evidence

YouTube Punishes Channel For ‘Harmful And Dangerous’ Video Quoting Hillary Clinton


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Labor Day shooting leaves one man dead

Tybee Island police investigating alleged shooting

Savannah man arrested after fatally shooting dog

‘Why us?’: Foxy Loxy owner amidst ex-employee protests

Former controversial bar owner sentenced to 18 months in prison

Local community reacts to Georgia Ports $6 million housing initiative

Georgia can resume enforcing ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender youth, judge says

Man dies in West Savannah shooting

Alex Murdaugh’s defense team files motion for a new trial

Federal Courthouse staff question funding of project in new memo

Chatham Co. Police looking to identify person of interest after shooting on Bismark and LaRoche Ave.


GOLDMAN Cuts Recession Chances to Just 15%...



America's small towns disbanding police forces...

Mathematicians Prove 'Six Degrees Of Separation' Phenomenon -- is True!

Texas Republicans put Attorney General Paxton on trial...

THE SUPREMES: Senate Dem asks Roberts to investigate Alito...

Saudi extends oil production cut until end of year...

SAD BOY: Tarrio gets 22 years despite begging for mercy...

LIST: Switzerland Again Named World's Best Country...

Americans Losing Faith in Value of College. Why?

Top scientist says he deliberately omitted key fact in 'climate change' piece...

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Lies About ‘Highly Credible’ Source Claims Were Leaked To NYT And Spoonfed To Weiss

Taylor Swift’s Popularity Is A Sign Of Societal Decline

Biden’s Secret Emails: President robinware456

Christopher Rufo’s New Book Shows Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Are The New Face Of Communism

How ‘American Football’ Won Me Over

Three Years Later, Trump Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize For The Abraham Accords

The Answer To Closing Education Gaps Is Not Race Or Wealth, But Family Values

Leftist Activists Used To Be About Fighting ‘The Man.’ Now They Are ‘The Man’

What Will America Be Like Under Biden’s Digital Dollar? Look At Communist China

Police Shooting Of Ta’Kiya Young Is Another Example Of A Suspect Creating Danger Where It Didn’t Exist

3 Truths Debunking Democrats’ Narrative About Prescription Drug ‘Negotiations’

Californians Had Better Arm Themselves If They Don’t Want To Be Victims Of Crime

Triple-Boosted Biden Doesn’t Have Covid But Is Masking Up Again Anyway

J6ers Get Domestic Terrorist Treatment From Two-Tiered Justice System After ‘Summer of Love’ Terrorists Get Slapped On The Wrist

Senate Republicans Going Along With Democrats’ Spending Wish List Are Playing Right Into Biden’s Hands

It Is Time to Institute Retirement Ages for Federal Officeholders

Against a Mandatory-Retirement-Age Amendment

Sheldon Whitehouse Says It’s Unethical to Answer His Own Questions

There Is No Insurrection Case against Trump

Fauci Knew NIH Funded Wuhan’s Gain-of-Function Research as Pandemic Began, Email Reveals

Republicans Don’t Think They Can Lose in 2024, Even with Trump

Denver Principal Fired after Speaking Out about School Violence Claims Retaliation in Federal Lawsuit

Nikki Haley Catches DeSantis in New Hampshire GOP Primary Poll

The Frozen Political Battlefield

Trump Remains Clear 2024 Frontrunner among GOP Voters: Poll

BBC Under Fire for Scrubbing Pedophile’s ‘Drag Queen’ Past from Story

Common Sense Is Sufficient

Two Years Ago, the Biden Team Boasted They Had ‘Enormous Leverage over the Taliban’

Why We Can’t Trust the Science Journals

The Shaming of Julia Mazur Was a Bit Much

American Exceptionalism: Work-from-Home Edition

Mask Mandates Return for Maryland Elementary School

How Late Is Too Late for the GOP Long Shots?

Biden’s Pro-Union Bona Fides Is about to Take a Hit

Democrats Have To Dump Joe Biden in 2024

70% of American People Don't Want Trump or Biden

Congress's Post-Vacation Blahs

The Political Exploitation of Children

President Youngkin? He May Be GOP's Best Shot in '24

The Lockdowns Were for Nothing. Really, Nothing

How 'Fact Checkers' Obliterate the Truth

More emails show Hunter Biden’s involvement in White House affairs while father was vice president

Biden’s net worth pegged at $10 million as House investigators probe family’s business deals

Schumer, McConnell urge bipartisanship to avoid government shutdown

‘Lack of need’ for U.S. talks spurs North Korean move to Russia, China, ex-intel officer

Misunderstanding Reagan’s ‘Morning in America’

Transgender supporters shutting down free speech on campuses, advocacy group reports

California AG says pro-life group can demonstrate at Fresno abortion clinic

Student group asks Supreme Court to rule that college bias-response teams are unlawful, chill speech

IRS still struggling to hire, train agents to go after wealthy taxpayers

Sen. J.D. Vance authors bill to ban any return of federal mask mandates

Biden faces backlash after forgoing trips to East Palestine for 7 months

Write-in GOP presidential candidate files multiple lawsuits to keep Trump off ballot

Trump supporters dismiss electability challenges, see him as best hope against Biden

Alabama governor confronts state library service over ‘sexually suggestive’ books for youth

Young-adult writers who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have yielded smashes.

Murdaugh’s Lawyers Seek New Trial, Saying Clerk Tampered With Jury

Ken Paxton Faces Charges From Fellow Republicans at Impeachment Trial

Undying Dread: A 400-Year-Old Corpse, Locked to Its Grave

New Yorkers Sweat It Out During Post-Labor Day Heat Wave

Dozens of ‘Cop City’ Activists Are Indicted on Racketeering Charges

Trump, Under Oath, Says He Averted ‘Nuclear Holocaust’

Changes in Atlantic major hurricane frequency since the late-19th century

McConnell Releases New Health Assurances From the Capitol’s Physician

A Huge Threat to the U.S. Budget Has Receded. No One Is Sure Why.


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

St. Joseph’s/Candler announces partnership with Bryan County Schools

'An added safety feature': Effingham County classrooms getting cameras

Chatham Co. police investigating Monday night shooting

Man seriously injured in Savannah shooting

Labor Day weekend deadlier than last year

42-year-old man drowns on HHI

Local businesses see foot traffic increase over Labor …

Drug-filled watermelon on Tybee? Police address rumors

Man injured in shooting near Bismark and LaRoche Ave.

30,000 travelers pass through Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport Labor Day weekend

Woman rescued after falling down embankment in Pooler




Biden mocks Trump at Labor Day rally: 'Didn't build a damn thing'...

POLL: Two-Thirds Dems Say Joe Too Old...

Burning Man 'exodus' delayed again by 'too much standing water'...

'Really gross' bathrooms...

Inside the apocalypse...

SMASH MOUTH Harwell dead at 56...

Super gonorrhoea cases rising and could be fatal, WHO warns...

STUDY: Opposites don't attract, couples more likely to be similar than different...

Neo-Nazis rally in DISNEY WORLD, across Florida...

Military Graft Becomes Headache for Ukraine...

'Where Is Money?'

Zelensky Swaps Out War Minister...

What Really Happens When Americans Stop Going to Church...

4 in 10 don't have best friend...

Biden-Appointed Judge Rules Religious Parents Can’t Opt Kids Out Of Pro-LGBT School Lessons

Dr. Phil Warns ‘Chaos’ Agents Are Strategically Targeting Children With Social Media

In Biden’s America, Butchering Viable Babies Is Fine But Protesting Their Murder Is Criminal  

5 Action Items Conservatives Should Focus On To Better Their Communities And Country

Washington Post’s Philip Bump Embarrasses Himself While Defending Joe Biden’s Corruption

Three Years Later, Trump Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize For The Abraham Accords

With Automatic Voter Registration, Say Hello To Permanent Democrat Power

What’s Happening To Joe Biden Is Textbook Elder Abuse

Adaptation Is the Answer

Rothman: Maui: Climate Change or Cover-Up?

On Abortion, Nikki Haley Has the Right Idea

How Unions Take Workers’ Voice and Never Give It Back

Murders Are Up, and the Left Has Rediscovered Policing

China’s Economic Crisis Won’t Be Contained to China

BBC Under Fire for Scrubbing Pedophile’s ‘Drag Queen’ Past from Story

Ramaswamy Suggests Trump Fake-Electors Plot Was One of a Number of ‘Bad Judgments’

Would DeSantis Beat Biden?

The Coming Student-Loan-Repayment Fiasco

The Next Big Threat to Uranium Mining

What’s Behind Biden’s Pivot to Maui

Fauci Says He Worries Americans Won’t Listen to Future Mask Recommendations from CDC

Unlearning the Lessons of the Covid Pandemic

Just Say No to New Mandatory Covid Restrictions

Senate to take first crack at spending fight to avoid gov’t shutdown as Congress returns from recess

Ramaswamy’s rise sparks harsher criticism from his rivals

Mission to oust Manchin is latest test case for GOP establishment vs. conservative flank

Putin demands Western concessions before Russia will restart vital grain deal

Pakistan, a country wracked by crises, sees a sharp rise in religious intolerance

Gyms enjoy post-COVID boom with older crowd joining midday workout routine, Pickleball craze

Jimmy Buffett died after a four-year fight with a rare form of skin cancer, his website says

Biden’s Labor Board Wants To Trap Workers in Unions

Canadian Trans Teacher Known for Massive Prosthetic Breasts Shows Up to School as Man

Trump Remains Clear 2024 Frontrunner among GOP Voters: Poll

When Science and Woke Politics Meet, Guess Who Loses


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Idalia damage live updates in Savannah, Ga. area

Georgia football vs. UT Martin: Five things to know and a prediction

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp isn't giving in to GOP calls to remove DA Fani Willis

Here are 14 questions entering Week 3 of Savannah-area high school football

MAG: To Beat Trump, Dems Need Whitmer-Warnock Ticket...

Arkansas law curbing kids' social media access blocked...

Humanity's Ancestors Nearly Died Out, Genetic Study Suggests...

UPDATE: GANNETT halts AI-written sports recaps after readers mock stories...

Possible easing of marijuana restrictions could have major implications...

McConnell tries to tamp down health concerns after second incident...

Yes, Washington Is A Gerontocracy. No, We Don’t Need Age Limits. Here Is A Better Plan

Don’t Tread On Your Own Children

Did Weiss’s Office Ignore Pretrial Diversion Policy To Cut Hunter’s Sweetheart Deal? DOJ Is Hiding The Answer

This Back-To-School Season, Celebrate The Boom Of Educational Choice

U.S. Government Funded ‘Human-AI Teaming’ Research Monitoring ‘Social Media Messages’ During Covid Lockdowns

Democrats And Republicans Have Been Talking About School Reform For Years While Everything Has Gotten Worse

Biden Admin Sneaks Pro-Abortion Policy Into Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Retcon Climate Science Blames Humans For Fires 13,000 Years Ago

NPR Moves Its Goal Posts On Senility From Trashing Trump’s Age To Defending Biden’s Decline

Study Shows Journalism Is ‘Most Regretted’ College Major As Trust In Corporate Media Sinks

West Virginia Resident Pleads Guilty To Casting A Second, Illegal Vote In The 2020 Election

New Financial Disclosures Contradict ProPublica Smear Operation Against Clarence Thomas

Where Nikki Haley Stands on Abortion

What’s Behind Biden’s Pivot to Maui

Is Blake Masters Ready to Lose Again?

U.S. Military Command Defends Decision to Host Former Iranian Official

KJP’s Description of Joe Biden Is Preposterous and Disrespectful

Joe Manchin and Daughter’s New $100M Project Should Raise Eyebrows

CEO of Childbirth and Gynecology Organization Favors Abortion ‘Without Restrictions’

Nebraska Governor Signs Executive Order Enshrining Biological Sex in State Law

‘Talk Differently’: Trump Advised Failed Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate to Soften Abortion Stance

Two American Childhoods

Peter Beinart’s China Myopia

Trump Asks Judge to Separate Georgia 2020 Election Case from Co-Defendants

McConnell and Biden

Argentina: Eating as ‘Saving’

Pentagon Official Says U.S. ‘Not Running Out’ of Weapons as It Arms Ukraine

America Implores Biden: It's Time To Step Aside

Why Is Nobody Doing Anything About Mitch McConnell?

A Different Kind of College Ranking

Dems Are Determined To Keep Dividing People by Race

ESG funds pump billions into fossil fuels as SEC looks to crack down on ‘misleading’ investors

Biden shows no signs he’ll drop out, but speculation swirls

Praying high school coach returns to gridiron Friday night, will take a knee after the game

Activists question why Nashville shooter’s manifesto remains secret after 5 months

Sen. Ron Johnson says CDC pressured social media to censor his COVID vaccine post

Hurricane, shooting test DeSantis’ leadership as he trades the campaign trail for crisis management

Biden leans into overdose fight as 2024 rivals focus on scourge

DeSantis Rejected $350 Million in Climate Funding Before Hurricane Idalia

Riley Gaines rips Keith Olbermann for saying she lost because ‘you sucked’

NYC demands Biden fast-track migrant work permits so they can compete for jobs


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Idalia live updates for the Savannah area

Three-peat after me: UGA football aims to win 3 straight like these

'I’d rather be inside than outside.' Homeless get shelter during Idalia



Biden lauds DeSantis as each works to boost Idalia recovery efforts...

Hollywood Studios CEOs Turn On Each Other; No End To Strikes...

Is Tinseltown self-destructing?

Giuliani's first big legal loss is blistering one...

McConnell freezes, struggles to speak -- again...

Ex-president vows to 'lock up' political opponents if reelected...

MAGA MEMO: Nikki Haley surging in Iowa...

Ramaswamy's hell week...

BURGER KING sued over 'shrinking' Whopper size...

DISNEY, Iger, Chapek Sued Over Hiding Streaming Losses...

Stock nears decade low...

15 Questions A Biden Impeachment Inquiry Must Ask Because Corporate Media Won’t

Tucker Carlson: Corrupt Intel Agencies And The D.C. Uniparty Are Ushering In The Real ‘End Of Democracy’

The Jocks Are Going To Save The Republic, One Defiant Grin At A Time

Instagram Slaps ‘False’ Label On The Federalist’s Accurate Reporting About Meat-Banning Goals

Oversight Committee Seeks Flight Logs For Every Time Hunter Biden Used Air Force Two To Further The Family Business

California AG Wages Legal War To Hide Kids’ Transgender Pursuits From Parents

Tuberville’s Block On Military Promotions Is Freezing Biden’s Slate Of Woke Nominees

Jim Jordan Subpoenas Anti-Free Speech Group Over Censorship Collusion With Biden Regime

If The Media Insisted On Calling Trump A Liar, That Standard Must Be Applied To Biden’s Corruption Lies

The Feds Just Messed With Texas Over Buoys — And Sided With Cartel-Driven Mexico

Secretaries of State Should Not Make Themselves the Stars of 2024

Nikki Haley’s Post-Debate Moment

Mitch McConnell’s Second ‘Freeze’ Moment Will Be Hard to Ignore

The Companies That Hate Their Customers

‘The Debacle Is on His Head’: Father of Marine Killed at Abbey Gate Calls on Biden to Resign over Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

Democratic County Supervisor Condemns Ineffectual California State Laws Leading to ‘Epidemic of Organized Retail Theft’

Trump Says He’d Have ‘No Choice’ But to Lock Up Political Opponents if He Wins in 2024

‘Treated Like a Toddler’: Biden Fumed to Friends about Aides Backtracking after Putin ‘Cannot Remain in Power’ Comment

California Mom Receives $100K Settlement after School Socially Transitioned Daughter Without Consent

Trump Losing Significant Ground to Biden among White Voters, New Analysis Finds

Yes, President Harris Is a Legitimate Issue

Gold Star Families Vent Frustration with Biden Administration: ‘I Do Not Want to Hear Lies’

The Biden Administration Embraces a Backward Approach to Economics

Joe Biden's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month

American's Blue States Are Faring Worst Under Biden

Why Young Americans Are Not Taught About Evil

The Criminalization of Politics To Get Trump Endangers Us All

2024 GOP Field Set To Narrow Quickly

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Lightweight Campaign

Biden Family Business Boomed After Joe Attended Key Dinners

America Gives Middle Finger to Renewed Covid Mandates

The AP's Vile Blame Game on Racist Murders in Jacksonville

Trump’s foes want to boot him from ballot for insurrection stemming from Jan. 6 charges

American Library Association faces backlash over ‘Marxist’ president, anti-Christian views

Most Church of England priests say Britain no longer a Christian nation, warn of ‘extinction’

White House: Russia discussing arms deal with North Korea as war in Ukraine drags on

Gavin Newsom will be 2024 Democratic presidential nominee

Florida adds PragerU to K-12 curricula, Texas may follow

Meta says it shuttered thousands of accounts involved in Chinese covert influence operation

Oberlin coach says she was rebuked, shamed over post defending women in sports

McConnell: House conservatives’ cuts won’t happen in Senate, looming budget fight a ‘big mess’

Georgia lawmaker warns of ‘fighting it in the streets’ if Republicans fail to defund Fani Willis

“We should have gotten off the island”: Some who stayed in Cedar Key, Fla., saw their streets and homes submerged.


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Tracking the Tropics: Hurricane Idalia

Chatham County officials provide update on Idalia

Mayor to declare local state of emergency for Savannah

How to track outages with your power company

Chatham, Glynn Co. bridges close ahead of Idalia

Overcrowding at Groves High accelerates plans to relocate ESOL students

Sonny Seiler equally loved his native Savannah & Athens | Loran Smith

Charleston enslaved auction finding adds to Weeping Time narrative 

Tim Jordan addresses behavior marring high school events across country 

FALSE 'IDOL': The doomed journey of HBO's canceled shock opera...

Why megabucks TV shows vanishing without trace...

GA School District Cancels Author's Talks After He Said 'Gay'...

Why Is Reputation of Military Going South So Fast?

Navy now struggling to convince pilots to take command -- despite big bonuses...

Gold Star Families Vent Frustration with Biden Administration: ‘I Do Not Want to Hear Lies’

MBD: Yes, I Judge You for Wearing a Mask

The Horror in Bucha

Alice Cooper Thinks Transgenderism Is ‘Absurd’ and a ‘Fad’

Colorado Kid Pulled from Class for Wearing ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Patch

Does DeSantis Have a 45 Percent Chance of Winning the Republican Nomination?

National Archives Confirms Existence of 5,400 Emails, Records Containing Alleged VP Biden Pseudonyms

Pro-Life Activists Found Guilty of Violating FACE Act, Conspiracy Charges for 2020 Incident at D.C. Clinic

Pro-Abortion Leader in Ohio Suggests Activists Should ‘Work On’ Eliminating Parental Consent Laws

Crises in Florida Present a Test of DeSantis’s Mettle

Renominating Trump Could Cause a Dangerous Chain Reaction

Judge Rules against Female Sorority Members Who Sued after Chapter Admitted Male Student

Maryland Parents Not Done Fighting for Opt-Out

‘Ripped from Their Homes’

When the Biggest Land War in Europe Since WWII Comes to Your Suburban Street

‘The Governor Is Wrong’: NYC Mayor Adams Blasts Hochul’s Handling of Migrant Crisis

San Francisco Commissioner Outed as ‘Doom Loop’ Tour Organizer, Resigns

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Suspends Republican Presidential Bid

Media Use Racist Shooting To Smear Ron DeSantis — And Chill Debate

Democrats Aren’t ‘Interfering’ In 2024 Election With Trump Trial, They’re Blatantly Rigging It

This Is Just A Preview Of How The Dishonest Media Will Lie And Mislead About Trump’s Show Trials

‘Joe The Plumber’ Was Right About Barack Obama

Ex-Pentagon Chiefs Knocking Tuberville’s Abortion Protest Are In Bed With The Military-Industrial Complex

Biden Admin’s Voter Drive For Newly Naturalized Citizens Is Just Another Act Of Federal Election Interference

Authoritarian Ruling Class Mulls Post-Civil War Measures To Bar Trump From The Presidency

Federal Bureaucrats’ Abuse Of Work-From-Home Protocols Costs You Service, And Joni Ernst Is Calling Foul

How Embracing DEI Is Causing Classical Music To DIE

Despite Democrats’ Fearmongering On Firearms, A Majority Of Americans Own Guns Or Want To Own Guns

National Archives Identifies More Than 5,000 Emails Containing Biden’s Business Pseudonyms

Half Of Male Inmates Pretending To Be Female Are Guilty Of Sex Crimes, State Data Shows

Viktor Shokin Interview Shows No Amount Of Biden Corruption Evidence Will Make Corporate Media Tell The Truth

Why Trump Is Winning the GOP Primary--Handily

Half of Dems Want Biden Gone If Bribery Charges True

Masks and Jabs – I Will Not Comply

BRICS Expansion Is Another Biden Foreign Policy Failure

An Overhyped BRICS Summit

Non-Labor Day: ‘Santa’ Mayorkas grants another day’s leave to DHS employees

Biden, Obama must approve release of alias emails

On grim Afghan anniversary, Gold Star families still seek justice, closure from airport attack

Trump exposes Democrats’ big race lie

Hurricane Idalia strengthens into a powerful Category 4 storm as it nears Florida’s Big Bend region 30 minutes ago

Canada issues U.S. travel advisory over LGBTQ laws

California district accused of transitioning girl without telling mother settles for $100,000

‘Like Snoop Dogg’s living room’: Smell of pot wafts over notorious U.S. Open court

House Republicans launch probe into meeting of Biden staffers with special counsel Jack Smith’s team

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise diagnosed with cancer, promises to continue working

Biden admin pushed to sell costly offices left empty by pandemic telework

King’s College set to lose accreditation on Thursday

College-age Vivek Ramaswamy questions the Rev. Al Sharpton’s political experience in viral video

CNN Picks Mark Thompson as Its Next Leader

In a Storied River, Fish Are Dying in Droves as Climate Change Scorches Canada

Falsehoods Follow Close Behind This Summer’s Natural Disasters

After Shooting, Tensions Flare Between DeSantis and Black Floridians


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Tracking the Tropics: Idalia could be major hurricane …

Frank W. “Sonny” Seiler, UGA’s mascot legend dies at 90

LIST: Some schools, health departments close due to Idalia

Police: Tybee man allegedly chased, choked teen

SPD makes arrest in shooting on Stephenson Ave

Chatham EMA gives tips ahead of Tropical Storm Idalia

Motorcyclist killed in Midway crash

Student killed trying to enter wrong SC home: police

Stay hurricane ready with Storm Team 3’s 2023 guide

Fatal crash on Hwy 17

‘Our crews are ready:’ Georgia Power has crews in place for potential outages from Idalia

Tybee Island preparing for Idalia impacts, Highway 80 expected to close Wednesday night

What to know about Tropical Storm Idalia for Savannah

Chatham County Courts: Parents plead not guilty in death of infant

Georgia athletics mourns death of Sonny Seiler, who raised Uga mascot

Idalia: Tropical storm and storm surge watches in affect for Savannah

Nikki Haley Starting to Look Like Real Threat to Trump...

The Don's Lead Slipping...

He faces up to 6 trials during primary season!

The Supreme Court Strategy...

Ramaswamy claims 'too busy' campaigning to give evidence in multi-million dollar court case...

20-Year-Old Clip Of Vivek Resurfaces: 'Why Should I Vote For One With Least Experience?'

Jacksonville shooter legally purchased guns despite prior mental health institutionalization...


Chinese sextortion scammers flood X...

She's called 'killer,' 'Hitler.' At center of Kansas newspaper raid, she remains defiant...

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Attorney Weiss Colluded With DOJ To Thwart Congressional Questioning, Emails Show

Jen Psaki Admits Democrats Everywhere Want To Legalize Abortions Until Birth

If Democrats Criminalize Opposition And Cripple The Court, Democracy Is Dead

Samantha Power Wrote The Book On Genocide, So Why Is She Ignoring It?

No, Birth Control Doesn’t Belong On Your Daughter’s Back-To-School List

With No Good Options, China’s Xi Jinping Turns Up The Temperature In The Taiwan Strait

Divorce Is Hardest On The Kids, Even When They’re All Grown Up

University Of Alabama Dean: Identity Politics Is ‘The Whole Purpose Of The University’

‘Jury Duty’ TV Series Transforms Civic Drudgery Into Insightful Comedy 

Jen Psaki Isn’t Telling the Truth about Late-Term Abortion

Covid Restrictions Can’t Be Allowed to Return

Media Rush to Dems’ Defense after GOP Debate Shines a Spotlight on Abortion Extremism

DeSanctis: The GOP Debate Exposed Democrats’ Extremism on Abortion

Faculty Member Killed in UNC Chapel Hill Shooting

The Debate Did Nothing Except Reveal Vivek Ramaswamy to the World

How Exactly Would DeSantis’s Policies Have Had Any Effect on the Jacksonville Shooting?

Have Donald Trump’s Arrests Provided Him with ‘Street Cred’?

Judge Rules against Female Sorority Members Who Sued after Chapter Admitted Male Student

More Than Three-Quarters of Americans Say Biden Would Be Too Old to Be Effective If Reelected

Drop Out, Asa

China’s Economic Imperialism Must Go

China: Two Cheers for a Slowdown

Professor’s Fake Native-American Heritage Is a Symptom of Victimhood Culture

Iran Has Already Begun to Infiltrate Higher Education in the West

Advice for Students Entering College

‘Ripped from Their Homes’

It Isn’t Racist to Criticize Kamala Harris

The Struggle for a Fair Trial in the Administrative State

Thanks, Trump: Wisconsin Supreme Court Officially Progressive

Trump, 2024 and the Reasoning Republican Voter

Clear Majority of Oregon Voters Support Repealing Drug-Decriminalization Ballot Initiative: Poll

Whether or Not He Is Convicted, Trump Will Be GOP Nominee

Trump Exposes Democrats' Big Race Lie

Biden Should Pull a Trump and Skip the Debates

The Maskaholics Are Back

Climate Cult Tyrants Are Even Worse Than COVID Tyrants

The Media Try To Inflate Biden's StockTrump's Enemies Have a New Scheme To Take Him Out

The Trump Prosecutors Have a Grand Jury Problem

A Viable Realism and Revival Doctrine

How To Guarantee That American Freedoms Survive

Biden’s aliases intensify questions about corruption amid bank records and witness accounts

Contents of the president’s ‘nuclear football’ remain mostly secret despite years of scrutiny

Florida lawyer files lawsuit claiming Trump is disqualified from reelection after insurrection

Post-9/11 veterans saw suicide rates soar in the years before pandemic, study finds

Eminem slaps Vivek Ramaswamy with cease-and-desist after viral ‘Lose Yourself’ performance

Authorities identify husband as killer in ‘Lady of the Dunes’ cold case

‘Joe the Plumber,’ who confronted Obama on ‘08 campaign trail, dies at 49

House lawmaker moves to defund Trump prosecution

Biden hosts King family, civil rights leaders on 60th anniversary of March on Washington

DeSantis halts campaign amid shooting, hurricane threat

Doug Burgum not interested in energy secretary job, says he’s overqualified

Post-debate poll shows slight drop in support for Trump

Meadows Testifies in Bid to Move Georgia Trump Case to Federal Court

On a Coast Ravaged by Hurricane Ian, Idalia Now Threatens

Former Marine Held in Russia Is Seen on Video for First Time in Years

Ukraine Says It Retook a Village, a Win That Highlights the Rough Going


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Education initiative launches to curb panhandling in Savannah, fund day centers

Tracking the Tropics: Tropical Storm Idalia Forms

Florida Dollar General shooting: 3 Black people killed

Friday Night Blitz 2023 Week 2 scores, highlights

Fatal crash on Hwy 17

SPD seeking missing female

Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity hosts 40th birthday 

SPD: 1 man injured in shooting on S Parkwood Drive



UPDATE: White man fatally shoots 3 Black people at Florida store...

Arizona readies for more Kari Lake...

First Alert: Tropical Storm Idalia forms in Gulf of Mexico

1 person injured after shooting on Stephenson Avenue

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office responds to ‘isolated incident’ on Etheridge Rd.

No injuries reported after fire near Savannah/Hilton Head Airport

Dr. Denise Watts shares goals for SCCPSS at NAACP meeting

Savannah Police investigates early morning shooting

New Right's Radical Break From Reaganism...

CPAC urged to probe more sexual misconduct claims against chair Matt Schlapp...

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Absolutely Dismembers Vivek Ramaswamy In Brutal Interrogation Over Debate Comments

Has humanity violated God's boundaries in pursuit of science?

Covid masks linked to seizures, cancer...

Why Twisting The 14th Amendment To Get Trump Won’t Hold Up In Court

New Bill Would Stop VA Bureaucrats From Gaming The System To Grab Veterans’ Guns

Judge Presiding Over Trump’s Jan. 6 Trial Has Track Record Of Politically Charged J6 Rulings 

Do Gun-Control Groups Care What Really Causes Mass Shootings? Everytown Lawsuit Says No

Jon Stewart’s Real Legacy Is A Generation Of Smug, Lazy, Dishonest News Consumers

Prepare For The Generation Of Permanently Scarred Covid Babies

CCP Funding In Public School Systems Is A Pervasive Threat, New Report Finds

What If Our Ruling Class Has Women’s Workforce Participation And GDP All Wrong?

I’d Like To Call Human Resources On Hostile HR Thought Police

If Democrats Criminalize Opposition And Cripple The Court, Democracy Is Dead

Report: Library Association’s President Wants To Stock Kids’ Shelves With LGBT Propaganda And Porn

The Trump Indictment of Democrats’ Dreams

Why Are People Cheering Plummeting Birth Rates?

Chillin’ with Net Zero

Trump Spokeswoman Questions Need for Mugshot: ‘He Is the Single Most Famous Man on the Planet’

Berger: The Candidate Who Isn’t There

Russia Claims Investigation Confirms Death of Wagner Leader

Three People Killed in Racially Motivated Shooting in Florida

What Christian Paradise? Russia and Hungary Are Less Religious than San Francisco

Could No Labels Help Throw the Election to Trump?

Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Corrupted ACLU of Florida, Ousted Board Members Say

The Conventional Wisdom on Trump Is Wrong

Advice for Students Entering College

The Nastiest Treatment of an Unwoke Professor Yet

Why Books Are Better with Inscriptions 

China’s Economic Imperialism Must Go

Thousands of Minors Have Received ‘Gender-Affirming Surgeries’

On Uranium Mining, a Monumental Error

Our Supposed Dystopia

Trump Has Even More Street Cred Now

Massachusetts Elementary Schools Ban Talk of Weapons, ‘Shooting Gestures’

It's 2016 Again: Ramaswamy Wins GOP Debate

Take 'Rich Men North of Richmond' Seriously

America Is Often a Nation Divided

Climate Deniers Are Not Entitled to Their Own Facts

Adams, Hochul Still Clueless About NYC's Migrant Crisis

New York Is Full and the Housing Market Is To Blame

Biden Hits All the Wrong Notes in Maui

Biden’s false tales are increasing: Is it a sign of a memory disorder?

McCarthy says Biden impeachment inquiry all but inevitable: ‘Natural step forward’

Woke Goody Two Shoes crowd targets conservative media outlets

Chinese nanotechnology fueling advanced bio, cyber weapons, electronic warfare tools, study warns

‘Incorrect’ Zillow listing showed Trump sold his Mar-a-Lago home

Vivek Ramaswamy says Pence missed ‘historic opportunity’ to unite country on Jan. 6

Leaderless and Exposed, Russia’s Wagner Faces an Uncertain Future

11 Fatal Minutes That Have Jacksonville Confronting Racism Yet Again

Georgia mass shooting suspect is killed during intense search ...

Man Sought in Georgia Killing Spree Is Dead, Authorities Say

The Biden Administration Is Coming For Your Ceiling Fans

Rethinking Growth: Is Degrowth The Answer To A Sustainable Future?

Jacksonville gunman who shot three dead had racist manifestos - police

Hunter Biden Likely to be Charged Under FARA . . . If the Justice Department Applies the Mueller Standard


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Taylor Square to replace name of former Calhoun Square

Square formerly known as Calhoun Square officially renamed

New initiative encourages support for homeless in Savannah

Hilton Head to celebrate first sighting, founding this …

Savannah icon honored with road dedication

Richmond Hill holds public hearing on increased millage …

Murdaugh to plead guilty to federal charges

Statesboro man indicted after allegedly hitting, …

Effingham Co. students building mini-hydrogen cars with the help of Hyundai

Savannah native Flau’jae Johnson attends graduation for inmates at Chatham Co. Jail

Republican Rep. Buddy Carter discusses Trump’s indictment, his vote to not certify the election

METALLICA at Midlife: Less Alcohol, More Tofu and a Blockbuster Tour...

Food stamp expansion linked to 15% jump in grocery prices...

 Crowds gathered outside Fulton County Jail as people waited for Trump’s arrival

Local nonprofit helps reunite homeless people with …

Putin Regains Power With Russian Elite After Prigozhin Crash... 'Wine crate bomb'...

'Was Assassinated'...

Mystery over plane crash bodies 'missing heads'...

The First Republican Debate Was Only A Game Changer For The Delusional Media Desperately Hoping For One

Tucker To Trump: Indictments Aren’t Working So Does The Deep State ‘Have To Kill You Now’?

DeSantis, Ramaswamy, Haley Come Out on Top

Trump Declares Ramaswamy Debate Winner for Calling Him the ‘Best President of the 21st Century’

When Falling out of a Window Is Just Too Subtle

‘They Lied by Omission’: Female Detransitioner Sues Doctors Who Enabled Her Teen Gender Transition

New York Times Confirms St. Louis Gender Clinic Whistleblower’s Claim That Adolescents Were Rushed into ‘Affirming’ Care

Trump Surrenders to Authorities in Georgia

Nikki Haley Suggests That Putin Murdered His U.N. Ambassador

Chinese Diplomat in New York Whitewashes Tibet Repression

The China Question That Wasn’t

WaPo Snap Poll: DeSantis Won the Debate

Five Takeaways from the First Republican Presidential Debate

Vivek Gives NR an Answer to the January 6 Debate Question He Missed


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Education initiative launches to curb panhandling in Savannah, fund day centers

Man injured in Ellis Square car crash last year sues City of Savannah

Savannah-Chatham Schools Superintendent: Literacy is the district's North Star

Georgia politicians have mixed feelings on Trump indictment

National Cinema Day is Sunday with $4 tickets. Here's…

Victim found dead in Effingham County identified as…

Driver sentenced for plowing through Rincon parade

Metter bank teller pleads guilty to stealing nearly $90K

1 injured in shooting in Beaufort County

17-year-old charged in the shooting death of his mother in Chatham Co.

Woman indicted after deadly crash that killed a 24-year-old

 Hinesville woman charged in relation to daughter’s death to ask judge to lower bail


CNN considers ex-NYTIMES CEO for top job...

Mar-a-Lago IT Director Flips on Trump; Implicates in Obstruction...

Trump: Russia Collusion Hoaxers Are ‘Savage Animals’ Who ‘Hate Our Country’

Trump Trashes Asa Hutchinson As ‘Weak And Pathetic’

Trump To Tucker: ‘I Think It Was A Terrible Move Getting Rid Of You’

AMA Article Calls For Ripping Your Womb From Your Dead Body And Stuffing It Between A Delusional Man’s Legs

New York Times Op-Ed Declares Elections ‘Bad For Democracy,’ Changes Headline After Online Mockery

The Heritage Foundation Suggested We Form A Ukraine Strategy. The Neocons Lost Their Minds

How China’s Crumbling Real-Estate Market Puts The World Economy At Risk

What If The Answer To Skyrocketing Childcare Costs Is Staying Home With Your Kids?

Why Taiwan Getting Caught In A Proxy War Would Be An Epic U.S. Failure

Trump: ‘We Have A President Who Can’t Walk, Can’t Talk’

Chris Christie Thinks Trump Being Targeted By The Deep State Is ‘Beneath The Office Of President’

Trump: 2020 ‘Was A Rigged Election’ 

Here’s Where Republican Presidential Candidates Stand On Pro-Life Policies After The GOP Debate

It Was Ramaswamy’s Night, but Not in a Good Way

The Debate Scorecard from Tonight’s Race to Be Second Place

DeSantis, Ramaswamy, Haley Come Out on Top

‘The Elephant Not in the Room’: GOP Presidential Candidates Dance around Trump in First Primary Debate

‘Such Passion and Such Love’: Trump Whitewashes Capitol Riot in Interview with Tucker Carlson

Five Takeaways from the First Republican Presidential Debate

Judge Rejects Mark Meadows’s Request to Stop His State Arrest

Heritage’s Top Defense Expert to Exit over Ukraine Stance

As Wisconsin Goes, So Goes the Country: Republicans Head to Coin-Flip State for First Debate

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Cynical Crusade

‘Putin Will Not Stop’: Ukraine’s Civilian Fighters Prepare for Long War

Prigozhin: Warlord Down

More Demagoguery against Ukraine Aid

House GOP Presses IG on Whether Biden DOJ Is Throttling Probe into IRS Whistleblower Allegations

McCarthy Warns of September Impeachment Inquiry if Biden Refuses to Turn Over Docs

Notes from the GOP Debate Spin Room

AMA Journal: Subsidize Uterus Transplants for Trans People

‘Why Are We in This Mess?’: DeSantis Unloads on Trump, Pence for Covid Lockdowns

Garland's 2-Tiered Justice Keeps Biden Afloat--for Now

‘The Elephant Not in the Room’: GOP Presidential Candidates Dance around Trump in First Primary Debate

How Inflation Hurts Business and Fuels Government Growth

‘Consensus Is the Opposite of Leadership’: Pence Slams Haley for Opposing Federal Abortion Ban

What Might Finally Resolve the Hollywood Strikes

Students, Teachers Ditching Public School in Droves

Why the Weak Economy Is Top Concern for Voters

Biden's Special Counsel Should Resign, Be Investigated

Republicans brawl at first debate without Trump

Prosecutors want Trump on trial fast before he’s possibly reelected and thwarts their cases

Man who led fight to dismantle affirmative action files suits against law firm diversity programs

Sex change-related surgeries in the U.S. nearly tripled before pandemic dip, study finds

CAIR says MoCo teachers told to ‘disrupt thinking’ of students with traditional gender views

$1.4 billion in pandemic fraud recovered, says DOJ

‘Unthinkable’: FTC’s work with foreign regulators under fire from Congress

Loads of agents joined DEA despite lying on polygraph test, watchdog says

Gunfire at a California biker bar kills 4 people, including the shooter, and wounds 5 more

Trump Trashes Mitch McConnell: ‘He’s A Bad Guy’

There Is Something Demented About Biden’s Lies

Woke Hiring Isn’t Just Killing American Competence, It Might Kill You



Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Jenkins football players' mom suggests this crowd control tactic

Trump’s Georgia arraignment expected to be televised

WTOC Investigates: Most speed camera citations are unpaid in Savannah


How Meadows Pursued High-Wire Legal Strategy...

Says Trump left top secret Iran war plans on couch at golf resort...

Did Biden Fall Asleep During Maui Wild Fire Memorial Service?

Wall Street declaring victory too early. USA still headed for recession?

Biden’s Lazy Response To Catastrophes Like Hawaii Fire Proves He Is A Liability

Thought Indicting Trump Was The Only Way The DOJ Interferes In Elections? Think Again

Leftists Hate The Minutemen Mascot Because They Love Tyranny

Child Actors’ Shocking Confessions Should Be A Warning To Vlog-Obsessed Parents Profiting Off Their Kids

Trump-Hating Media Boost Chris Christie While Giving Biden’s Primary Rivals The Shaft

Look How Google Shoos You Away From The Biden Family Biz And Other Big News

Schools That Teach The Classics Instead Of Marxism See Exponential Growth

Our Cultural Surrender To Screens Has Bred An Entirely Unserious Generation

Why China’s Decline And Biden’s Incompetence Could Push Xi Jinping To War

Pro-Lifers Could Face 11 Years In Prison For Trying To Protect Innocents From Harm

Hunter Biden Special Counsel Appointment Is A Blatant Act Of Corruption

Columbia Journalism Review Smears Cowboy State Daily As ‘Dehumanizing’ For Accurate Pronoun Use

The Return of the Mask Wars

Biden’s Twisted Idea of Empathy

More Demagoguery against Ukraine Aid

Ramaswamy Paid Wikipedia Editor to Delete Reference to Harvard Vaccine Scientist ‘Mentor’

House GOP Presses IG on Whether Biden DOJ Is Throttling Probe into IRS Whistleblower Allegations

Antifa Thugs Who Assaulted Reporter Andy Ngo Ordered to Pay $300,000

Democratic Caucus Chair Imposes Strict Identity Requirements for Leaders, Says Choosing on Merit Is ‘Absurd’

McCarthy Warns of September Impeachment Inquiry if Biden Refuses to Turn Over Docs

Mark Meadows Asks Judge to Stop State Arrest in Effort to Remove 2020 Election Case to Federal Court

Vivek’s 9/11 Meanderings

Migrant Crisis Shows New York Is Becoming Ungovernable Again

House Republicans Subpoena IRS Investigators, DOJ Officials Involved in Hunter Biden Investigation

Denmark Joins the European ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Backpedalers

In the Debate, DeSantis Should Attack Trump for Not Building the Wall

Theft Must Be Punished, Not Excused

Kamala Harris Takes the Lead on Asia

The GOP Race Isn't Over Yet. Just Look at Iowa

David Weiss Must Resign

New Yorkers Sour on Hochul, Adams, and Biden as Migrant Crisis Continues: Poll

One MAGA Juror Can Ruin It All

Fire Struck Maui in 2018. Officials Were Warned of a Repeat

Why Trump’s Rivals Think They Can Stop Him in Iowa

Eight GOP candidates wrestle for No. 2 slot as Trump rides big lead

Democratic-engineered Trump indictments show us the meaning of election interference

‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ debuts at No. 1 on Billboard

Powerlifting raises bar for transgender athletes after lifter smashes women’s records

Prosecutors want Trump on trial fast before he’s possibly reelected and thwarts their cases

Complaints pour in about Biden’s stay at Lake Tahoe mansion breaking rental rules

Biden taps new White House counsel to thwart GOP probes

Matt Gaetz introduces measure to censure judge in Trump Jan. 6 case over ‘political bias’

How the Bible is being taught as part of a public school day

Barbie’s blunder: A closer look at what went wrong with the icon

Legal Battles Begin in Case Against Trump and Allies in Georgia

THE FACT CHECK FILES: Inside the secretive and lucrative fact checking industry behind a foreign-funded bid to censor Voice debate


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Warnock to introduce bill to support early learning teachers in the classroom

What was said at Monday's SCCPSS conference on football fan incident

SCCPSS to make no changes after second Benedictine-Jenkins incident

73% of REPUBLICAN Say Trump Should Debate!

FOX restricts team's access to spin room...

Mask Mandates Return to Hollywood Studio...

Right-wing sheriffs group that challenges federal law gaining acceptance around country...

Online Prophet With Huge Following Convicted of Child Abuse...

No, Appointing A ‘Special Counsel’ Is Not A License For DOJ To Obstruct Congress

Regime Media Launder Dirty Details Of Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal And His Dad’s Filthy DOJ

If GOP Contenders Can’t Condemn Get-Trump Lawfare During The Debate, Their 2024 Chances Are Dead

Lawsuit Against New College Of Florida Is About Maintaining Leftist Domination Of Academia

Survey Shows ‘Bidenomics’ Means Americans Can’t Pay Their Bills

NIH Is Due For An Overhaul After Covid Exposed Lies, Power Abuses, And Conflicts Of Interest

How Racial And Sexual Ideology Rapidly Infiltrated Southern Methodist University

Report: Pentagon To Make Entrance Exams Easier Amid Military Recruiting Crisis

I Rented A Tesla For A Week And Am Totally Sold On Gas-Powered Cars

‘A Mask Can Be Your Best Friend’: Cable Shows Hand the Mics Back to Public-Health Experts to Resume Covid Panic

On Trump, ‘Listless Vessels’ Make Baseless Complaints

Why the Moon Matters

Trump’s Bond Set at $200,000 for 2020 Georgia Election Case

The Decline of American Politics, in One Senate Seat

Federal Court Reinstates Alabama Ban on Youth Gender Transition

House Republicans Subpoena IRS Investigators, DOJ Officials Involved in Hunter Biden Investigation

Trump’s Campaign May Not Be ‘Low Energy’ — but It Is ‘Low Frequency’

How Republicans Can Exploit Trump’s Debate Boycott

No Change to DeSantis’s ‘Play Call’

Hunter Biden Lawyer Warned President Would Need to Testify after DOJ Indictment

‘Gender Hybrid’ Children?

The GOP Race Isn't Over Yet. Just look at Iowa

Profiles in Malarkey: Dems Are All-In on Protecting Biden

One MAGA Juror Can Ruin It All

Unaffordable Housing Market Becoming Even More Expensive

 The Fix Is Still in To Protect 'The Big Guy'

House investigators subpoena IRS, FBI agents in expanding Hunter Biden probe

Asa Hutchinson dumbfounded and frustrated by GOP voters’ blind loyalty to Trump

‘Barbie’ for $4? National Cinema Day is coming, with discounted tickets nationwide

Georgia sheriff pleads guilty to groping TV’s Judge Hatchett

Violence-plagued schools hit reverse on post-George Floyd decisions to kick police off campuses

How ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Reached the Top of the Charts

A Stage of 8 Takes Shape for a Trump-Less First G.O.P. Debate

The Democrats' Long History of Objecting To Election Results

This TikTok Trend About The Trump Indictments Is Fighting The Deep State With Humor

At The First Republican Debate, Here’s How The Non-Trump Candidates Need To Answer Trump-Related Questions

Gov. J.B. Pritzker Welcomes Hostile Foreign Spies Into Illinois’ Police Force


Everyone Knows Why Joe Biden Used A Pseudonym: Corruption


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Benedictine vs. Jenkins game canceled due to crowd disruptions

SPD investigating possible fatal pedestrian crash

2 juveniles in critical conditions after crash in Bryan …

BCSO searching for missing teen

CCPD: Woman arrested after allegedly shooting hotel clerk

Body discovered on Clyo Kildare Road

GSP: Investigating fatal accident in Bulloch Co.

Garden City breaks ground on $17 million dollar project

Savannah Police investigating homicide on Inglewood Dr.

Jimmy Carter's grandson says 'It's clear we're in the final chapter'

'Absolutely embarrassing:' Why Benedictine-Jenkins game…



Legal scholars increasingly raise constitutional argument to bar Trump from presidency...


Meadows told special counsel he could not recall Mar-a-Lago docs ever declassified...

QUEEN drops classic song from greatest hits comp over 'woke' concerns ...

AI-Created Art Isn't Copyrightable, Judge Says In Ruling That Could Give Studios Pause...

Russia's first post-Soviet lunar mission crashes leaving program in doubt...

Scientist rushed to hospital after demanding no cover up!

Confidential affidavits detail reasoning for police raid of Kansas newspaper...

STUDY: Binge drinking, marijuana use reach record highs in adults...

Nikki Haley Is Hillary 2.0

These 14 American Cities Have A ‘Target’ Of Banning Meat, Dairy, And Private Vehicles By 2030

Democrats Want Their Private Security Looking Over GOP Poll Watchers’ Shoulders

Comer Demands National Archives Fork Over Info On Biden’s Business Pseudonyms

Haaland Hit With Ethics Complaint After Stripping Oil And Gas Opportunities From Navajo Nation

‘Snow White’s’ Rachel Zegler Needs A Lesson From The Little Women School Of Being A Female Role Model

Everyone Knows Why Joe Biden Used A Pseudonym: Corruption

If GOP Contenders Can’t Condemn Get-Trump Lawfare During The Debate, Their 2024 Chances Are Dead

Trump Doesn’t Deserve A Second Term For How He Mismanaged Covid

DAR Patriots Fight To Defend Historic Women’s Society From Men Pretending To Be Ladies

Biden Air Force Nominee Claimed ‘White Colonels’ Are The ‘Biggest Barriers’ To Change In The Military

House Republicans Take On Foreign Dark Money Groups That Meddle In U.S. Elections

Donald Trump Still Isn’t Ineligible to Run in 2024

We Have Met the Enemy, and She Is Us

The Problem Isn’t Joe Biden’s Age

Detransitioners Seek Justice in Court

Hunter Biden Lawyer Warned President Would Need to Testify after DOJ Indictment

Mississippi’s Revolution in Reading Instruction

Rural Americans Are Not Okay

The Debate-Stage Rules Should Be Simpler and Less Easily Manipulated

Will Hurd Claims DeSantis Campaign Is ‘Circling the Drain’

Joe Biden Isn’t Going to Be the Democratic Nominee

The Chicanery of the Hunter Biden Plea Bargain

The Hunter Biden Scandal Is Breaking Through

If James Comer Is Correct, What Could Joe Biden’s Defense Possibly Be?

‘Away, You Starvelling, You Elf-Skin, You Dried Neat’s-Tongue, Bull’s-Pizzle, You Stock-Fish, You Listless Vessel!’

The Disqualification of Trump & Other Legal Urban Legends

America's New Media Minutemen

The Rise of the Popcons

Conservatives Use 'Verbal Jiu-Jitsu' To Twist Liberals' Language

Chinese Communist Party Using African Schools to ‘Export Authoritarianism’

Biden's Email Aliases Reveal More Lies, Schemes

Violence-plagued schools hit reverse on post-George Floyd decisions to kick police off campuses

Pentagon ill-prepared for bio warfare attacks from adversaries such as China, Russia

Courts rule in favor of transgender students, citing Supreme Court’s LGBTQ discrimination ruling

‘I’m a little p——- off’: Former Capitol Police chief Sund says Jan. 6 was ‘cover-up’

Ted Cruz rails against Anheuser-Busch for stonewalling his probe of partnership with Dylan Mulvaney

Elon Musk to remove ability for X users to block other accounts

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel ‘holding out hope’ Trump will join GOP debate

Why send your kids to debauched universities?

Gun owners describe to Pew survey why they own their weapons

GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy doubts Trump can beat Biden, calls on him to drop out of race amid legal woes

Airline Close Calls Happen Far More Often Than Previously Known

Maui Knew Dangerous Wildfires Had Become Inevitable. It Still Wasn’t Ready.

As China Falls Into Deflation, the Mood Turns Dark

China Stocks and Currency Sink After Weak Response to Property Mess

Barbie’s blunder: A closer look at what went wrong with the icon

Democrats’ obsessive bowing to their god of environmentalism


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Most guns used in Savannah crimes purchased legally, ATF data shows

DeSantis targeted by more negative expenditures than Biden and Trump combined

City of Pooler hopes to address HWY 80/SR 26 concerns

First African Baptist Church joins movement, goes green

Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run on Abercorn Street

Street Voices: ‘Flag Man’

 Chatham County death investigation ruled homicide by coroner, no murder charges filed

Homeless court coming to Chatham County



WEEKEND: Hurricane threatens flooding in Southwest...

Maui's top emergency official resigns after NO sirens...

Spooks says Ukraine failing to meet offensive's goal...

Georgia Senator Pushes Gov. Kemp To Convene Legislature To Probe Fulton County’s Get-Trump Witch Hunt

Biden’s $700 Checks To Hawaii Fire Victims Won’t Even Cover Their Share Of Ukraine Bill

‘Justified: City Primeval’ Is Worse Than Bad. It’s Boring.

North Carolina Legislature Overrides Dem Governor’s Vetoes To Protect Kids From Mutilation And Castration

Extensive Edits To Hunter Biden’s Wikipedia Page Prove Site’s Extreme Bias

Leftists Sue New College Of Florida Reformers For Not Letting Them Indoctrinate Students On Taxpayers’ Dime

If James Comer Is Correct, What Could Joe Biden’s Defense Possibly Be?

Why Should Ron DeSantis Cast Himself as Trump’s Biggest Defender?

No, Jewish Roles Don’t Need to Be Played by Jewish Actors

Wildfires Aren’t Started by an Angry Mother Earth

The Hunter Biden Scandal Is Breaking Through

What Is the Plan, Republicans?

Nearly 20 Percent of Beer Drinkers Still Won’t Buy a Bud Light

Israeli Minister Asks Princeton to Remove ‘Antisemitic Propaganda’ from Course

Are the Trump Election-Interference Indictments a ‘Criminalization’ of Speech and Politics?

The GOP’s Autoimmune Disorder

Has Vivek’s Moment Arrived?

‘Tradition’ Trumps Science at the U.N.

China Evergrande Group Files for Bankruptcy

Majority of U.S. Adults Say They’ve Been Affected by Substance-Abuse Crisis

House’s corruption probe goes after Biden documents at National Archives

Harvard’s legacy admissions policy helps White students, but is it illegal?

Democrats’ Ponzi scheme: In Fulton County courthouse, things go bump in the night

Rep. Santos’ ex-fundraiser indicted for allegedly impersonating McCarthy aide

Trump lawyers seek April 2026 trial date in federal election subversion case 

‘Our values are valid’: NBA player who refused to kneel in 2020 launches faith-based clothing line

Political Prosecutions Are Worse Than Supposed Crimes

Why Voters Want a Biden vs. Trump Rematch

Why I'm Endorsing DeSantis for President

Why College Became a Ripoff

FBI Source Goes Missing in Russia

Biden Had a Pseudonym Email Account for Business Deals?

Wyoming Secretary Of State Warns Election Officials To Repel Dems’ ‘Blatantly Partisan’ Dark Money Election Scheme



How He Uses Supporters' Donations to Pay Legal Bills...

Justice Dept seeks 33 years in prison for ex-Proud Boys leader...


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Federal agencies focus on Savannah to combat gun violence, trafficking

Accident with injuries closes portion of Abercorn St.

Graham on indictments: ‘If you claim you’re cheated as a Republican, they’re gonna try to put you in jail’

Bradley Cooper accused of ‘Jewface’ over fake nose in upcoming movie

Impeachment filing details new abuse of power claims against Texas AG Paxton

Karate instructor arrested on child exploitation charges in McIntosh Co.

COVID cases increase as kids return to school

FOX POLL: Majority think he did something illegal...

QUINNIPIAC: 54% Want Prosecution...

DEBATE IN A WEEK: Trump refusal to sign loyalty pledge puts RNC in bind...

Ignored warnings, hubris, slow response fueled America's deadliest wildfire in century...

North Carolina Legislature overrides vetoes of bills targeting transgender health care, athletes

The Purpose Of The Trump Indictments Is To Demonstrate The Left’s Power

Meet The Tax-Exempt ‘Charity’ Secretly Bankrolling Democrats’ Get-Out-The-Vote Operations

GOP Rep Aiming More Fire At Christian Tweet Than Trump Indictment Shows Why Republicans Keep Losing

The Commercialization Of College Sports Is Ruining A Great American Pastime

To Understand The Latest Crazy Trump Indictment, Check Out The 6 Types Of Charges

Skittles Panders To Black Americans While Selling Them Prepackaged Diabetes

Congressional Budget Review Shows Biden Drowning Americans In A Sea Of Red Ink

Johnny Manziel’s Talent Couldn’t Outrun His Greed. In ‘Untold,’ His Legacy Can’t Either

After Drawing Boycotts Over Pro-Trans And Pro-Satan Merch, Target Suffers First Quarterly Miss In 6 Years

Russia Hoaxer Hillary Clinton Should Be Indicted For Election ‘Conspiracy,’ Not Invited To Cheer Trump’s Charges On TV

The Case For Casey DeSantis

Extensive Edits To Hunter Biden’s Wikipedia Page Prove Site’s Extreme Bias

If ProPublica’s Looking For A Corrupt Sellout, It Should Pivot From Clarence Thomas To The Mirror

If Pro-Lifers Don’t Get Back On Offense, They’ll Lose All Their Dobbs Momentum

GO WOKE, GO BROKE: Target Feels the Pain Amid ‘Pride Month’ Backlash

In 24 Hours, RFK Jr. Backtracks on Abortion Limits

Did American Diplomacy Under Biden ‘Lose’ Niger?

 Destruction of Rule of Law in Fani Willis’ Georgia Star Chamber

Has Vivek’s Moment Arrived?

The Climate-Obsessed Left Cannot Be Appeased

A Storm Is Coming

The GOP’s Autoimmune Disorder

Are the Trump Election-Interference Indictments a ‘Criminalization’ of Speech and Politics?

‘This is Heartbreaking’: Minnesota Town’s Entire Police Force Resigns

Fifth Circuit Strikes Down FDA Approval of Mail-Order Abortion Pills

The Trump Trials Will Be an O.J.-Level Media Frenzy

The Georgia Indictment Is Serious, but It Also Overreaches

Don’t Nominate the Defendant

‘Special Counsel’ David Weiss Makes $5 Million Biden–China Scheme Disappear

How Eric Adams Has Vindicated Immigration Restrictionism

Tim Scott Campaign to Spend $6 Million on TV Ads in Iowa, New Hampshire

White Working-Class Decay Is a Real Phenomenon

Catching Rays as Maui Burns: Biden's Katrina Moment?

The Arizona Abortion Amendment’s Shockingly Broad Mental-Health Loophole

‘Gender Hybrid’ Children?

North Korea’s Nonexistent Record of Racial Harmony

Another Reason Dems Need the Working Class

Trump Gains Steam Despite Dishonest Efforts To Stop Him

‘On the Short List’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Teases VP Hopes

Criminalizing Politics: Should Gore Have Been Charged?

Joe Biden Needs To Address Queries About Hunter

The 'Big Guy' & Our Looming National Tragedy

The True Story of the Inflation Reduction Act Must Be Told

Ohio Effort to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Makes It onto November Ballot

Where Is the Nashville Shooter's Manifesto?

 Blaming Progressives for Crime Is the Height of Privilege

 Trump Indictment #4: Too Much

Debunking Jack Smith’s Indictment Against Trump

 Is It Time To Ban Electric Vehicles?

 Trump to face different juries, different challenges in upcoming trials

Inflation Reduction Act is tortuous politics for Democrats

Trump, ahead of new indictment, accuses Georgia DA Willis of affair with gang member

After Kansas Paper Is Raided, Officials Are Ordered to Return What They Took

Doctor kidnapped outside Brooklyn Mirage paid for a $6,000 spending spree that included pizza, shoes and a strip club trip


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Here are 52 Savannah-area football players ready to break out in 2023

Fulton County courthouse quiet Tuesday, aside from media presence

Mayor Van Johnson responds to claims of gang activity

Scaffolding collapses on top of multiple vehicles downtown

Teen arrested in Hilton Head shooting

Murdaugh pal Cory Fleming gets 46 months in prison

Police respond to disturbance at Savannah RYDC

Pooler residents given chance to take survey for proposed roadwork

 Savannah Police officer crashes into fallen tree in Effingham Co.

‘We need power:’ Georgia’s public service commissioner discusses spike in electric bill due to new reactor at Plant Vogtle

 Savannah mayor to introduce ordinance to fine gun owners for not securing weapons

Chatham Co. police asking residents to lock car doors after uptick in car break ins

 Clean up underway at Hilton Head Island Middle School after vandalism

Taxpayers may see increase on personal property taxes in Richmond Hill

Mugshots, TV Cameras: Trump Won't Be Treated So Different This Time...

POLL: Christie pulls ahead of DeSantis in NH...

Heart attacks at record level after pandemic...

Scientists demand Brits mask up as new Covid variant spreads...

CA doctor-assisted deaths surge 63%...

SHOWDOWN: 'Parenting with Pride' takes on conservative 'Moms for Liberty' in Florida schools...

'Drunk' California judge shot wife with one of his 47 guns: prosecutors...

Strongman economics not working for Beijing, Moscow...

When The Justice System Falls Apart, So Does The Republic

How Should Republicans Respond To Fulton County? Indict The Left

How Stupid Is The Georgia Anti-Trump Case? They Indicted Trump For Tweeting At People To Watch TV

If Saying An Election Is Stolen Is A Crime, Why Isn’t Stacey Abrams In Prison?

6 Takeaways From The Hunter Biden Special Counsel Appointment You Won’t Hear From Big Media

Oliver Anthony Strikes A Chord Where The Right And Left Agree: Our Failed Elites

Media Fixers Pretend Hunter Biden Is Under The Law — So Joe Biden Can Stay Above It

In Landmark Free Speech Case, Fifth Circuit Judge Likens Government Coercion Of Big Tech To ‘Mob’ Boss

Biden Ships $200 Million To Ukraine While American Soldiers Go Hungry

Embracing Old-School Education Is The Key To Acing This School Year

Judge Tanya Chutkan’s Record Should Disqualify Her From Presiding Over Trump’s J6 Trial

Merrick Garland Reminds Us Regularly Why He’s Never Deserved To Sit On The Supreme Court

The Longer Republicans Sit On Their Hands, The More Likely America’s Self-Destruction Becomes Irreversible

It’s Time for Republicans to Come to Terms with Trump’s Legal Peril

The Georgia Indictment Is Serious, but It Also Overreaches

Kanye’s Publicist, a Bail Bondsman, and an Ex-MMA Fighter: Meet the Little-Known Trump Co-Conspirators

Geraghty: 91 Felony Charges, but the GOP Base Doesn’t Want to Change Course

How to Use Neopronouns

It’s Not Condescending to Speak the Truth

Fani Willis’s Flawed RICO Charge against Trump

Hunter Biden’s Top Attorney Asks to Withdraw from Case

Shake Shack Founder Shutters Two Manhattan Restaurants after Hotel Converted to Migrant Shelter

D.C. Enforced Defacement Law against Pro-Lifers While Letting BLM Protesters Walk, Court Rules

White House Defends Biden’s ‘No Comment’ Maui Wildfire Response

BREAKING: Mark Meadows Takes the Georgia Case to Federal Court

Vivek Ramaswamy Takes Nationalist Logic to Its Obvious, Horrifying Conclusion

Hillary’s Back and Hypocritical as Ever

How Stupid Is the Georgia Anti-Trump Case?

Youngkin's Recipe for Success in Virginia...and the U.S.

Fulton County Clerk’s Office Acknowledges It Accidentally Posted ‘Sample’ Docket in Trump Case

Are You Really Gonna Make Me Vote for Biden?

Biological Male Dominates Canadian Women’s Powerlifting Competition

Disney Disappears Its Own Audience

RFK Jr. Executes Rare Double Flip-Flop on Abortion

RICO charge put Trump in the company of Mafia bosses, Hells Angels and Young Thug

Trump indictment in Georgia puts election challenges and presidential tweets on trial

Big Guy Biden: What started out as admirable quickly devolved into corruption

‘Blind Side’ family calls Michael Oher’s filing ‘hurtful’ and part of a shakedown attempt

Republicans need to focus on family issues to win

Judge declares new Texas election law unconstitutional; state says it will appeal ruling

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he would be open to banning TikTok as president

Global monitoring networks, some of them taxpayer-funded, suppress conservative news media

First, a Ferocious Fire in Hawaii. Now, a Slow, Grim Search for the Dead.

Special Counsel Obtained Trump’s Direct Messages on Twitter

What if, Knowing What They Know Now, Republicans Don’t Vote for Donald Trump?

The Collateral Damage of A.D.H.D. Drug Shortages

Trump says Stacey Abrams ‘might be better than existing governor’ Kemp

Top Fulton County Prosecutors Repeatedly Donated To Democrats, Records Show

Fulton County Clerk’s Office offers new explanation for ‘fictitious’ Trump indictment

Hunter Biden prosecutors reject defense’s bid to keep gun-charge agreement in place


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Port Wentworth, Habitat for Humanity working on townhomes deal

Donald Trump and others indicted by Georgia grand jury in 2020 election case

Trump indicted by Georgia grand jury in 2020 election …

Father and son duo arrested in weekend shooting in Bluffton

Local residents concerned after weekend of violent crime

Man hospitalized after water rescue at Morgan’s Bridge

Pushback against possible rezoning of slave cemetery

Cooling centers reopen in Savannah

Infant dies after being found unresponsive in pool

Hyundai meta plant celebrates first shipment of supplies

Tybee markets draws dozens of locals, visitors in one …

 ‘I really was shocked:’ Savannah community reacts after 3 overnight shootings

Suspected gang member arrested after standoff in Hardeeville

Trump charged in Georgia 2020 election probe, his fourth indictment...

41 counts against Ex-President and his 18 associates...

Forgery, racketeering, false statements, impersonating public officer, soliciting public officers to violate oaths... MORE

'Co-Conspirators' Already Starting to Turn on Each Other...

'I'm not going to make $1': Director of 'SOUND OF FREEDOM' breaks silence...

Calls QANON Labels 'Heartbreaking,' Debunks With Details of Film's Origins...

FEDS: Bankman-Fried used stolen funds for $100M in political donations...Begs for Adderall in jail...

Kansas paper was probing 'Gestapo' police chief over sex claims before he raided it...

Owner dies after computers, phones, equipment seized...Questions mount...

Smithsonian amassed 'racial brain collection'...

'BLIND SIDE' subject Oher alleges adoption was lie to make millions...

6 Takeaways From The Biden Admin’s Court Quest To Keep Censoring Americans Online

Two Years Later, We Know The Deadly Fall Of Kabul Didn’t Have To Happen This Way

It’s Time To Stop Treating Assisted Reproductive Technology As A Quick Fix For Infertility

Generational Divides Show The Dangers Of Discarding What Makes Us Great

To Beat Leftist Groupthink, Put Down Your Phone And Pick Up A Hobby

Disney Disappears Its Own Audience After A Decade Of Disappearing Princesses

Ruth Marcus’ Alito Attack Is Grossly Hypocritical Considering Her Endorsement Of Nina Totenberg’s Work

‘Empathizer-In-Chief’ Biden Offers Hawaiians Devastated By Wildfire ‘No Comment’ From His Beach Chair

With The ‘Suicide Card,’ Transgender Activists Weaponize Kindness

From Bougie Dorms To Video Game Lounges, State Universities Burn Through Taxpayers’ Dollars

Unredacted FBI Memo Contradicts Christopher Wray’s Claim Only ‘A Single Field Office’ Targeted Traditional Catholics

‘Special Counsel’ David Weiss Makes $5 Million Biden–China Scheme Disappear

Trump, Allies Indicted in Fulton County 2020 Election Probe

Oliver Anthony’s Fuzzy Lament

Hunter Biden Probe Finally Grabs Mainstream-Media Attention

California’s Predictable Descent into Petty Lawlessness

White House Defends Biden’s ‘No Comment’ Maui Wildfire Response

A Disaster, a President, and the Limits of Consolation

DeSantis Urges Disney CEO to Drop Lawsuit against Florida Officials

Is the Looming Georgia Indictment the Most Perilous for Trump?

Jack Smith Pressures the Courts to Rush Trump to Trial

The Hunter Biden Investigation Is a Joke

The Miraculously Changing Narrative around Biden’s Involvement in Hunter Inc.

DeSantis vs. Trump: Des Moines Barfight Edition

Good for Mike Pence 

RFK Jr. Walks Back Support for 15-Week Abortion Ban following Pro-Life Org Support

Trump Indicted in Georgia 2020 Election Case

AG Joins Media Circling Wagons To Defend Biden Family

What To Make of the Hunter Biden Prosecution Debacle

Will Maui Fires Become Biden's Katrina Moment?

'Anti-Woke' Movement Jumps the Shark

Urban Progressives Blast Unsafe Cities THEY Created

Merrick Garland's Growing Coverup for the Bidens

Trump's Indictments Are Good for Democracy, Actually

The Dems' Dishonest Double Standard

The New Era of Race-Neutrality

 Trump, 18 associates indicted in Georgia election probe

Global monitoring networks, some of them taxpayer-funded, suppress conservative news media

Biden encourages colleges to skirt Supreme Court ruling that bars affirmative action in admissions

New Jersey court backs Catholic school in firing of unmarried pregnant teacher

A deepening Senate stalemate clouds a historic hand-off at the Navy

Trump campaign slams Georgia indictments as ‘bogus’ effort to sidetrack his 2024 election bid

Christie’s long road of political vengeance fuels his campaign to destroy Trump

D.C. Council member wants National Guard to contain the city’s crime ‘cancer’


Russia Sharply Raises Interest Rates as Wartime Financial Problems Pile Up

Republicans Won’t Stop at Banning Abortion

At a College Targeted by DeSantis, Gender Studies Is Out, Jocks Are In

Hawaiian Electric Draws Scrutiny in Search for What Sparked Deadly Wildfire

Your Clothes Were Never Meant to Fit You

Proof That One Life Can Change the World

Judge Rules in Favor of Montana Youths in a Landmark Climate Case


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Guyton water and sewer holding back growth, recreation plan approved

Pembroke city council member announces bid for mayor of her hometown

Judge denies Alex Murdaugh’s attempt to rescind confession, attorney says

Fatality reported after tree falls on car in Chatham Co., lanes of LaRoche Ave. closed

4 arrested in attempted smuggling into Smith State Prison

Tree falls on vehicle killing occupant in Chatham Co.

Increasing traffic complaints raise concerns over Hyundai …

BCSO investigating shooting on Lady’s Island

Power outages affecting parts of Coastal Empire, Lowcountry


INDICTMENT WATCH: Georgia Grand Jury Likely NEXT Week...

The Don Attacks DA: Claims She Had Affair With Gang Member...

Mocks Christie's weight: 'Don't call him fat pig'...

NUMB: Data shows drop in scandal interest...

Major Controversies Barely Impact Politicians?

Ohio voters give another victory to abortion-rights groups...

Latest setback for Republicans in a conservative-leaning state... Developing...

Is social media making murder surge worse?

New Law Doing Impossible: Forcing Online Porn to Retreat...

SHE'S BACK! Kari Lake prepares to enter Arizona Senate race...

Four Crowder Staffers Exit Show After Interrogations and 'Insane' NDAs...

Putin Handed His Political Rival A Lighter Sentence Than Biden Wants To Give Trump

Nikki Haley Supports Breaking The Law To Make Taxpayers Pay For Soldiers’ Abortions

The Biden Justice Department’s Ethical Glass House

No, Republicans Did Not Politicize Women’s Soccer

Anheuser-Busch to Sell Off Eight Beer, Beverage Brands amid Falling Bud Light Sales

McLaughlin: The Protective-Order Mess in the Trump Election-Conspiracy Case

Why Smith Did Not Charge Trump with Making a False Court Filing

Ex-FBI Agent Who Helped Initiate Trump-Russia Probe to Plead Guilty to Illegally Working for Russian Oligarch

Florida School District Claims Shakespeare Runs Afoul of State Law — but the State Education Department Explicitly Suggests His Plays

Ohio Voters Reject Ballot Measure to Raise Threshold Needed to Amend Constitution

Ron DeSantis Knows the Time: It’s 2023, Not 2020

Trump Lawyers Accuse Jack Smith of Trying to Silence Biden’s Top Political Opponent

Ne-Yo Changes Course

Ohio Voters Reject Ballot Measure to Raise Threshold Needed to Amend Constitution

Hookup Culture Isn’t Selling Itself

‘Adult Entertainment’ Should Be Restricted to Adults

William Jennings Bryan’s Subtractive Populism

Joe’s Bidenomics Victory Tour Is a Bust on Day One

Divergences: DeSantis vs. Newsom

The Smear Campaign Against JK Rowling

NBC Spewed Abortion Lies In DeSantis Interview, Then Cut Off His Answer Exposing Them As Bunk

Rapinoe Dragged U.S. Soccer Down the Slippery Slope

Media Gin Up Lies About Election Worker Safety To Escape Ballot-Box Accountability

Most Women Who Abort Say They Would Rather Not

 ‘Acceptable levels of risk’: Backing Ukraine won’t deplete U.S. arsenal, Milley says

Biden’s climate change agenda adds nuclear to the mix but it’s still second fiddle to wind and solar

Latest poll spells bad news for Sen. Sinema and GOP but good news for Senate Democrats

Secret Memo Laid Out Strategy for Trump to Overturn 2020 Election

Georgia Grand Jury Is Likely to Hear Trump Case Next Week

Donald Trump has settled on a political defense: “I’m being indicted for you.”

Prosecutors in the Jan. 6 case interviewed a witness about fund-raising efforts by Donald Trump’s political action committee.

Supreme Court Revives President Biden’s Regulation of ‘Ghost Guns’

Mega Millions player in Florida wins $1.58 billion jackpot, the third-largest prize in U.S. history

‘Bidenomics’ Has Been A Disaster

The 2024 Defense Bill Threatens The Future Of 3D-Printed Firearms And Basic Gun Rights

Psych! College Board Loses Big In Its AP Psychology Standoff With DeSantis

The Biden 'Crime Family' That Isn't


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Historic District Board of Review to consider conversion of Manger Building

Georgia football schedule strength could factor for playoff committee

Georgia lawyer sentenced for involvement in Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol insurrection

Why Ron DeSantis Is Nuts For Agreeing To Another Pre-Taped TV Interview

Cheering The Defeat Of The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Is The American Thing To Do

In Classical Schools, Kids Don’t Test For Weeks And The Quiet Ones Can Shine

Court Documents Reveal Buzzfeed’s Shockingly Unethical Takedown Of Kevin Spacey

Covid Learning Loss Isn’t Confined To The Classroom — It’s Hurting Our Economy

Corporate Press Omits Radical Religious Motivation Behind Fatal Stabbing Of O’Shae Sibley

How Can Mail-In Voting Be ‘Secure’ When Postal Theft Is Rampant?

‘Facebook Files’ Part 4 Show FBI’s Censorship Liaison May Have Perjured Himself

Complications Mount in Mar-a-Lago Documents Case

Russia and China Are Trying to Tell Us Something

Hillary Clinton Finds a Way to Blame Loneliness on Republicans

DeSantis: Trump Contributed to His Own 2020 Loss When He ‘Turned the Government over to Fauci’

American Library Association Leader Surprised by Pushback after Publicly Identifying as ‘Marxist’

Trump Lawyers Accuse Jack Smith of Trying to Silence Biden’s Top Political Opponent

NBC’s Faulty Abortion Fact-Check

Are Republicans Really Tiring of the Wokeness War?

For the Ecological Extremist, Civilization Is the Problem

Partisan Gap Widens on Hot-Button Issues: Gallup Report

The ‘Biden Brand’ Racket

The Political Press Covers for the Bidens

The Miraculously Changing Narrative around Biden’s Involvement in Hunter Inc.

The Honor of Mike Pence

Ohio Voters’ Chance to Save Their State Constitution from Special Interests

China Is Not ‘Eating Our Lunch’ Economically

U.S. Tracked Chinese and Russian Ships Near Alaska’s Coast

China’s Declining Fortunes Are Looking Up (North)

Devon Archer and the Crumbling Biden Defense

Jack Smith Doesn't Gave To Prove Trump Knew He Lost

Can Trump Get an 'Impartial Jury' in DC?

It's Not Racism, People Just Don't Like Kamala Harris

Hillary Clinton Wants To Save Me From Loneliness? No Thanks

Why 'Normie' Voters Will Be Pivotal in 2024

 Anthony Fauci's Deceptions

What FL Is (and Isn't) Teaching Students About Slavery

The Radical Remaking of America

It Still Takes a Village - To Save Our Democracy

LGBTQ+ People on Surviving Hostile Laws in South

Don’t Be So Picky About a Job, China’s College Graduates Are Told

Once Rare, Impeachments and Censures Have Become the Norm in Congress

Republican candidates are mimicking former President Trump’s attacks on the justice system, schools and the military.

Biden sticking to his gun ban plans as the answer to America’s violent crime epidemic

Voters will decide how changes are made to Ohio’s constitution in prelude to November abortion fight

Trump legal fights heat up on every front as lawyers, judges tangle in D.C., N.Y., Florida, Georgia

Mega Millions jackpot has soared to $1.55 billion. Here’s how hard it is to win

FBI official who worked Trump-Russia probe, later accused of conspiring with Russia to plead guilty

Senate GOP leader McConnell receives boos, chants of ‘retire’ at Kentucky’s annual political picnic

‘In God We Trust’ makes a comeback

Even Zoom Is Making People Return to the Office

Trump’s GOP rivals increasingly take shots at him as criminal charges pile up

Asa Hutchinson dumbfounded and frustrated by GOP voters’ blind loyalty to Trump

‘Weird and unexplainable’: America’s top general on UFOs, the Pentagon’s search for answers

Gangs used pandemic aid to rake in money for crimes; weak screening opened big opportunity

D.C. to the rescue in Burisma corruption probe; Biden kept name out of dealings

Only 1 in 5 opioid addicts received medication, federal study finds


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

City Talk: Extend the hotel overlay district into other neighborhoods

Georgia kid makes final round in national mullet contest

SPD investigating overnight shooting

Inmate escapes custody near Savannah airport, police say

BCSO: Missing person found safe

Inmate escapes custody near Savannah airport, police say

Infant identified in Chatham Co. murder investigation

First Alert Weather Day: Storms & potential for damaging winds Monday evening




'That doesn't fly around here': Trump’s rage falls flat in Pennsylvania...

Indictment Mystery: Where Is Mark Meadows?

Road-rage confrontation in Florida ends with 87-year-old man dead...

Suspect, 76, facing manslaughter...

Video shows open-air prostitution in another NYC neighborhood...

Hookers in broad daylight...

Biden economy never looked healthier?

Rapinoe laughs after missing crucial penalty in World Cup elimination...

The ‘Loving Father’ Excuse For Joe Biden’s Role In Pay-For-Play Biz Is Gross

Did Obama Refuse To Condemn Antisemitism And Black Nationalism? Resurfaced Biography Says Yes

America’s Debt Rating Downgrade Shows Washington Is Still Building Back Bankrupt

‘Hail Satan! Hail Thyself’: What The Gender Cult And Satanism Have In Common

NBA Fouls Out With Attack On Orlando Magic’s Donation To A DeSantis Super PAC

California Democrats Play Affirmative Action Games Over Feinstein Senate Seat

Latest ‘Facebook Files’ Confirm Biden Admin Censors Think You’re Too Stupid To Govern Yourself

Jack Smith Is a Fanatic

The Unproductive Moral of the Barbie Story

Rapinoe’s Celebrity Overshadows a Taut USWNT Defeat

Kamala Is a Misunderstood Genius

Charlie Kirk’s Siren Song

Cosmic Watergate 2.0?

The Miraculously Changing Narrative around Biden’s Involvement in Hunter Inc.

‘My Ancestors Would Have Rolled Over in Their Graves’: Bud Light Heir Denounces Transgender-Influencer Partnership

The Historic Trump Indictment Looks Like a Stretch

My Take on Trump’s Take on Me

More on the Trump Indictment

Why Vivek Ramaswamy Says These Things

More of This, Please

Rising in GOP Primary Polls, Tim Scott Visits Southern Border

‘They Always Put America Last’: Scalise Condemns Biden Energy Sec following China Oil Revelations

The Covid Cover-Up

Not an illusion: House Democrats spin Devon Archer’s testimony to untie Biden from son’s deals

Trump-inspired border visits as important as early voting states for GOP presidential hopefuls

‘Weird and unexplainable’: America’s top general on UFOs, the Pentagon’s search for answers

Crips, other street gangs used pandemic money to fuel crime

Families gather at libraries to pray, sing ‘God Bless America’ and join in Kirk Cameron’s story hour

Crammed with tourists, Alaska’s capital wonders what will happen as its magnificent glacier recedes

Mega Millions jackpot estimated to be the biggest-ever after no one wins most recent drawing

Trump lawyer: ‘Violation of the Constitution is not a violation of criminal law’

Sinema rips Democrats on immigration ahead of Biden visit to Arizona

Jordan probing Center for Countering Digital Hate over censorship concerns

Rep. Dean Phillips says he’s ‘not decided yet’ on Democratic primary challenge to Biden

Of Course Trump Indictment Is Political

 Devon Archer and the End of the Beginning

The Left Isn't Afraid of Ron DeSantis

Minnesota Republicans Say State’s ‘Orwellian’ Bias Registry Alive and Well, Despite ‘Fixes’

Representative Mike Gallagher Sounds the Alarm on Chinese Espionage

The Left’s Election Litigation Racket Abuses Democracy To Line Their Own Pockets

Is NPR Trying To Start A Race War?



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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Search called off for inmate who escaped custody near …

Savannah Bananas welcome newest 10-year-old team member

Some SC teachers will now get a daily state mandated break

Family of man who died in bedbug-infested cell in Georgia …

Proposed names for square formerly known as Calhoun Square presented at MPC meeting

First day of class for new Savannah-Chatham County superintendent

 ‘We’re excited:’ SCCPSS teacher of the year welcomes students back for the first day of school

Funeral held for former district attorney Tom Durden



POLL: 45% of Republicans WOULD spurn Trump IF he's convicted ...

Barr obliterates defense: He knew he lost...

Why So Many Americans Have Stopped Going to Church...

ZASLAV: Walkouts saved WARNER BROS. $100 million!

It's midwinter, but it's over 100 degrees in South America...

Massive solar eruption slams into Earth, moon, Mars at once first time in recorded history...

STUDY: 8 daily habits could add DECADES to life...

Two Navy sailors accused of passing secrets to China...

Trump Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ In Latest Witch Hunt Charges Over Jan. 6

Jack Smith’s Jan 6. Indictments Are An Attack On Political Speech

In Ohio, Voters To Decide How Easily They’ll Let Pro-Abortion Interest Groups Change Their Constitution

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton: Can You Imagine If Thomas Jefferson Tried To Overthrow The Government? 

Police-State Tactics Are Costing America The Global Moral High Ground

6 Ways Jack Smith’s Latest Indictment Is Legally Flawed And Politically Shady

Media Talking Points About The Biden-Forced Firing Of Ukraine’s Prosecutor Are Laughable

EXCLUSIVE: Leaders Of 13 Conservative Groups Demand States Abandon American Library Association

Why Did Superhero Movies Get So Bad?

America’s Debt Rating Downgrade Shows Washington Is Still Building Back Bankrupt

The ‘Loving Father’ Excuse For Joe Biden’s Role In Pay-For-Play Biz Is Gross

Tyler Childers Can’t Successfully Sell Music That Both Appeals To And Scorns Real Country Folks

LeBron James’ School Flop Proves Money Can’t Buy Student Success

Hunter Sought ‘Credit’ with Burisma Execs for Then-VP Biden’s Ukraine Trip, Cited Dad’s Speech as Evidence of Influence

The Course of American History Now Depends on Getting Inside Trump’s Head

Behold, the Power of the Delusion Defense

The DeSantis–Newsom Debate Is More Than Just a Spectacle

Trump Pleads Not Guilty to All Four Counts in January 6 Case

Former AG Barr Says Trump ‘Knew Well’ He Lost Election, Believes Indictment Is Fair

The Irony of Michigan’s ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban

An Interesting Detail in Saving Private Ryan

Nikki Haley Says She’s ‘Tired of Commenting on Every Trump Drama’

DeSantis Summons the Ghost of Reagan

House Committee: BlackRock Has Funneled over $429 Million to Blacklisted Chinese Firms

The Covid Cover-Up

Chinese Communist Party Linked to 143 School Districts

Disney, DeSantis, Distinctions

American Academy of Pediatrics Takes a Half Step Back from ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

Poll: Ohio’s ‘Issue 1’ a Dead Heat

Lizzo’s Double Standard?

‘Not Seen Since Richard Nixon’: McCarthy Floats Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden Foreign Business Ties

Latest Trump Indictment Isn't Just Wrong. It's Reckless

Florida Restricts AP Psychology over Gender-Identity, Sexual-Orientation Lessons

Two Sets of Laws for Two Americas

Sinema ‘Livid’ about Federal Aid for Migrants Going to NYC Instead of Arizona

Trump Indictments, Biden Scandal Could Define Election

Why Trump Is Crushing DeSantis--So Far

Farce Upon Farce: After My Secret Service Request

A Racist Smear. A Tarnished Career. And Suicide

Trump somber at D.C. court to face Jan. 6 charges: ‘We can’t let this happen in America’

Curious timing: Trump hit with indictments whenever incriminating evidence emerges in Biden probes

Most U.S. adults view Biden’s administration as unethical, second only to Trump’s, Gallup poll shows

Special counsel Jack Smith outlaws free speech, elections and democracy

IRS lost hundreds of packages with taxpayers’ information

House committee probing Chinese tech theft from Iowa farmers

Biden trade official says U.S. ‘vigilant’ to Chinese desire to dominate American EV market

Variety revises article on former CNN chief Jeff Zucker

The Obama Factor


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Popular Savannah food truck opens brick-and-mortar in Victorian District

The Savannah area's winningest active high school football coaches 

GBI: Assisted living workers arrested on elder abuse charges

CCSO detective’s daughter dies in crash

Savannah Bananas help 10-year-old’s Make-a-Wish dream …

Schedule released for school zone cameras in Effingham County

GSP investigating fatal Bryan Co. accident

Devon Archer: Joe’s Speakerphone Calls With Hunter’s Business Associates Were ‘An Abuse Of Soft Power’

DOJ Indictment Of Trump Is A Declaration Of War Against American Voters

McConnell And His GOP Senate Drones Are Silent On Trump Indictment, Again

DeSantis-Appointed Disney Board Axes ‘Illegal’ And ‘Unamerican’ DEI Initiatives

Republicans Who Don’t Impeach Biden And His DOJ Cronies Now Are Part Of The Partisan Prosecution Problem

My Hike Was Great Until I Remembered Trees Are Racist

Clarence Thomas Won’t Let The ‘Equity-Industrial Complex’ Rob Black Americans Of Dignity 

Useful Idiots In The West Helped The CCP Cover Up The Worst Scientific Scandal Of Our Time

Pro-Lifers Seek Injunction From Spiteful Illinois Law Meant To Shut Down Pregnancy Centers

January 6 Was a Crime

Anti-Indictment and Pro-Editorial

What’s Missing from the Third Trump Indictment

Trump’s Legal Calendar Collides with the Republican Presidential Primary Calendar

America’s Credit-Rating Downgrade Is a Symptom. Debt Is the Disease

The Opening of a Religious Charter School Is Not Christian Nationalism

DeSantis-Controlled Disney Board Ends ‘Illegal and Un-American’ DEI Programs, Roles

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Sentenced to Death

A Bad Indictment

DeSantis Summons the Ghost of Reagan

In Lunch with Biden, Obama Warned about Trump’s Political Strengths

‘Everything to Do with My Last Name’: Hunter Biden Admits Chinese Business Relationship Had ‘Nothing to Do with Me’

Damning Amazon

U.S. Downgrade: 20 Years of Erosion of Governance

The Golden Age of Hollywood

Books That Did It

JITTS: 'Concerning 911 call' leads to Capitol Hill evacuation on arraignment eve...

Trudeau announces split from wife after 18 years...

'How Do I Do That?' New Hires Unprepared for Work...

Movie-Theater Behavior Has Gone Off the Reels...

Scientology Sued By Leah Remini For Harassment, Defamation...

WWE boss Vince McMahon raided by federal agents...

Suit claims church used hundreds of fake websites, social accounts in 'campaign to destroy' her...

CNN Crew Targeted by Bay Area Thieves for Third Time This Year

Will 'Biden Effect' Benefit Democrats in 2024?

 Trump Indictment a Scheme To Influence Election

Ignore Critics: AOC a Real Force for Socialism in America

Why Young People Are Susceptible to Socialism

The Weird, Fragmented World of Social Media

Yet Another Hunter 'Bombshell' Is a Dud

The Biggest Sign the Biden Scandal Is Getting Serious

RFK Jr. Cobbles Together Motley Coalition for 2024 Bid

Sunset of Trump Tax Cuts Will Darken the Economy

Pence’s revenge: VP turns star witness against Trump in Jan. 6 case

‘An abuse of soft power’: Devon Archer describes Biden’s call-ins to son’s meetings in new interview

Sen. Durbin clashes with Justice Alito over Democrats’ plan to slap ethics code on Supreme Court

Federal appeals court upholds ruling giving Indiana transgender students bathroom access

Ron DeSantis accepts Gavin Newsom’s challenge to debate: ‘Absolutely, I’m game’

Sealed lips: Vulnerable Senate Democrats stay mum on Trump’s new indictment

Body spotted near Texas’ floating barriers in Rio Grande, Mexico says

"The BIden-Harris Record"

DeSantis-controlled Disney World district gets rid of all diversity, equity and inclusion programs and staffers

Decline of Hollywood followed the summer of 1977


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Labor cannibalization? What Hyundai's hiring means for local employers.



ANDREW MCCARTHY: Trump Can't Win...


Entrance to Rincon neighborhood blocked twice in two weeks

Ga. officer arrested after fabricating harrassing texts, …

 Metter Police searching for suspect in home invasion

FBI finds 200 sex trafficking victims, 59 missing children in two-week sweep...

Adderall Shortage Has Feds Urging Drugmakers to Boost Output...

Lizzo sued for fat shaming dancers...

Vice President Harris rejects DeSantis invite to debate slavery curriculum...

PHOTOS: Chinese-run lab in CA experimenting with dangerous viruses, engineering mice...

FBI Asks Judge To Block The Release Of Secret Epstein Files...

Biden Delivers Another Blow Against His Primary Political Rival With Latest Trump Indictment

Evidence Of Biden Burisma Corruption Is Overwhelming

House Republicans Probe Merrick Garland Over Hunter Biden’s ‘Atypical’ Plea Deal

Santa Barbara School Board Protects Lefty Activists’ Grift As Student Scores Keep Sliding

Kamala Harris Quotes As Motivational Posters, To Help You Be Unburdened By Your Brain Cells: Part 3

Republicans’ Anti-DeSantis Curriculum Attacks Are A Gift To The Left

Can Joe Biden Breathe New Life Into His Presidential Corpse In Time For 2024?

Is Lizzo A ‘Fatphobic’ Fake? New Lawsuit Suggests So

Leftists Don’t Want Florida Kids To Learn About These Former Slaves’ Self-Made Success Stories

Defenders Of Joe Biden’s Corrupt Phone Calls Sound Ridiculous

Media Invent New Biden Standard: ‘Proof’ And A ‘Smoking Gun’ Of Bribery Scheme Or It’s Not A Scandal At All

On Biden Corruption Bombshells, GOP Senate Leadership Is Indefensibly Silent

They’re Bluffing

This Trump Indictment Shouldn’t Stand

Neither Biden nor Trump Can Win

Giuliani Spokesman Responds after Former NYC Mayor Identified as ‘Co-Conspirator 1’ in Trump Indictment

Trump Indicted in Special Counsel’s January 6 Probe

DeSantis Invites Kamala Harris to Florida to Settle ‘Benefits of Slavery’ Drama

Joe Biden Is Donald Trump’s Best Friend

Trump Can’t Win

Ron DeSantis’s Economic Demagoguery

White House Denies Biden Involvement in Son’s Business Dealings: ‘Evidence-Free Wild Goose Chase’

‘Try That in a Small Town’ Leads Country Music to Historic Top-Three Sweep on Billboard Top 100

Real Victim of the Russia Hoax Was the American People

Defending McDonald’s from a Marxist

The Fentanyl Crisis Is Worsening Under Biden

Fitch Ratings Agency Downgrades U.S. Long-Term Credit Rating

How ESG Will Hurt Your Retirement

Alarm Goes Out: Biden Could Lose Rematch With Trump

Electricity providers beg Biden not to shutter power plants in the name of climate change

Vivek Ramaswamy Doubles Down on Pledge to Pardon Trump, Says ‘Censorship’ to Blame for January 6

Trump pileup of charges carries centuries of prison time

Mega Millions jackpot grows to $1.2 billion after no winner Tuesday

Climate activists hit Mattel with ‘EcoWarrior Barbie’ hoax, mock use of plastic products

High school boys are twice as likely to be conservative as liberal, survey finds

Pence warns Trump indictment shows it’s time to move on, look to the future

Jokey ‘Barbenheimer’ references offend a conflicted Japan

Judge assigned to Trump’s Jan. 6 case is a tough punisher of Capitol rioters

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