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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Creation of new East-West corridor in Rincon to offset traffic congestion

What brought the Dutch king and queen to Savannah? Here are the details

Historic Savannah Foundation hosts 'The Making of Taylor Square' lecture

Gun violence panel: ‘It’s too easy to kill in Savannah’

Savannah implements summer curfew for teens

Detectives ID persons of interests in fire near Tybee …

Man accused of trafficking firearms out of Savannah

Bus hijacking suspect witnessed Peachtree Center shooting in Atlanta, was interviewed by reporters

Partisan news outlets outpacing local newspapers...


New poll goes deep on Kamala's liabilities and strengths as potential president...

America Could See Surge in People NOT Voting...

'Pro-family' rhetoric and its fascist resonances...

The Street-Fighting Lawyer Who's Become Tinseltown's Dark Knight...

SONY buys dine-in movie theater chain ALAMO...

Republicans vote to hold Garland in contempt of Congress...

Consumer prices unchanged in May; Up 3.3% from year ago...

Fetterman 'at fault' for recent car accident, police report reveals...

Laurene Powell Jobs Makes Another Malibu Land Grab, This Time for $94M...

215 rockets fired after IDF killing of 'most senior' Hezbollah officer yet...

Ex-cellmate of Jeffrey Epstein sentenced to life in prison for murder of 4 men...

Evangelical pastor reveals he's quitting because of mysterious 'sin' he committed...

COVENANT JOURNAL REVEALED: Shooter Said Being Female Was 'F***ing Curse,' 'Kill' To Have Puberty Blockers...

UPDATE: Atlanta bus 'hijacker' hid inside mall during mass shooting hours earlier...

Hidden costs of owning home surging...

Saudi's Next Billion-Dollar Sports Play: Boxing Takeover...

The Martyring Of Hunter Biden Is A Distraction

Ignore The Polls. Republicans Have A Major Voter Turnout Problem

Merrick Garland Thinks His Justice Department Is Above Criticism

Connecticut Prosecutors Arrest 4 Democrats For Allegedly Misusing Absentee Ballots

Kooky Left-Wing Climate Professor Under Fire For Mass Social Media Blocking Spree

Eight Suspected Terrorists Highlight Biden’s Recklessness on Vetting Illegal Aliens

Kamala Harris Isn’t Going Anywhere

The Smear Campaign against Justice Alito

House Republicans Hold AG Merrick Garland in Contempt for Withholding Biden–Hur Interview Audio

Lia Thomas Loses Challenge to International Swimming Rule Banning Males from Female Events

The Dam Breaks

Female Inmates Sound Alarm over Dangers of ‘Gender-Inclusive’ Prison Housing

Rescuing Hostages Is Good, Actually

Inside the Hunter Biden Jury’s Decision to Convict on Three Federal Gun Charges

The DOJ’s Undeserved Victory Lap over Hunter’s Convictions

How Our Laws Should Treat Unborn Children

Eight Suspected Terrorists Highlight Biden’s Recklessness on Vetting Illegal Aliens

Anxious Pro-Lifers Demand Anti-Abortion Commitment from GOP as Party Convention Draws Near

Progressive Billionaires Invested & Bought the Federal Bureaucracy

 Is the WNBA Afraid of Caitlin Clark?

 Are Young Voters More Pro-Trump or Anti-Biden?

 Joe Biden Makes Big Play To Win Back Latino Vote

 Media Buried What Was Important About Hunter's Laptop

 Sorry MAGA, Gun Criminal Hunter Is Good for Joe

 U.S. Needs a Containment Policy for the Administrative State

 Why Britain Won't Follow Europe's Rightward Turn

 Ukraine at Stake as Biden Takes Battle With Trump to G7

 Trump returns to Capitol Hill with wish list for Republican lawmakers

Flood of pro-Hamas deepfakes targeting U.S. audiences, AI security company says

‘Woke insanity’: Scooter-riding teens arrested for scuffing Pride street mural spurs backlash

Free speech group sues Indiana University over crackdown on biased speech

Joey Chestnut, Takeru Kobayashi to compete in Netflix competition

Speaker Johnson, Senate Republicans eye ‘big’ policy agenda for 2025


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Oprah Hospitalized for 'Very Serious' Stomach Issues...

With United Methodist ban on LGBTQ clergy lifted, new opportunities arise

3 injured in shooting at Atlanta food court; suspect…

Mace is Republican nominee for 1st Congressional District

RESULTS: South Carolina general primary election

Moore wins Democratic nomination for 1st Congressional …

 4 people shot at Peachtree Center mall in downtown Atlanta, mayor says

 Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office investigates father, son homicide

Man arrested in connection to Ellis Square mass shooting


Failure may not be such great teacher after all, new research suggests...

Florida law blocking treatment for trans kids thrown out by federal judge...

IDF prepares for 'swarms' of Hezbollah drones...

Judge Cannon Offers 'Sweetener' to The Don; Removes Allegation...

Supremes Alito, Roberts secretly recorded at historical society dinner...

Alito questions political compromise...

Wife Condemns Pride Flags, the Left, and Media...

SMARTMATIC seeks to depose FOX officials as part of 2020 lawsuit...

Unequal Application Of The Law In America Today Isn’t Hypocrisy, It’s Hierarchy

Senate Democrats Scheme For A Vote On Their Most Radical Taxpayer-Funded IVF Bill Yet

J6 Footage Shows Pelosi Expressing Regret Over National Guard Failure: ‘I Take Responsibility’

Doctors Revolt Against ‘Gender-Affirming’ Child Mutilation In Defense Of Basic Biology

After Calling Christians Racist, David French Accuses His Church Of ‘Canceling’ Him

Exclusive: House Republicans Demand Briefing On CIA Interference In Biden Probe

FBI Interrogates Co-Workers About Whistleblower’s Views On COVID Vax, Trump, And Second Amendment

William Sitton Doesn’t Live Here: Tracking Nevada’s Dirty Voter Rolls

Indiana’s GOP-Run Government Is Paying A Contractor For ‘Pipeline’ Of Communist Chinese Businesses

The Contrarians Were Right About Covid Hysteria

Biden Risks Alienating His Family In Pushing ‘Convicted Felon’ Label

Merrick Garland Thinks His Justice Department Is Above Criticism

Fox Produces Two Vastly Different Game Shows For Summer Lineup

Democrats Celebrate More Americans Working Three Or More Jobs To Make Ends Meet

Media Pretend A Gun-Toting Addict’s Conviction Legitimizes Legal Gymnastics Of ‘Get Trump’ Lawfare

Southern Baptists Clash As Vote Looms Over Amendment To Ban Female Pastors

Massachusetts Bill Would Allow Women to Sell Their Unborn Children

Montana Republicans Kill Request For Special Session To Protect Elections From Alien Voting

Hunter’s Conviction Is A Fig Leaf To Cover The Biden Family’s More Serious Crimes

Joe Biden’s Decoy Presidential Candidacy

The Fall of Hunter Biden

Supreme Court Silly Season, Alito-Ambush Edition

Progressivism’s Cultural Cul-de-Sac

Yes, Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice Has Been Politicized

How Is Biden Supposed to Beat This?

UAW President Shawn Fain Is under Investigation for Financial Misconduct and Workplace Retaliation

Businessman, Army Veteran Sam Brown Wins Nevada’s Republican Senate Primary

They’ve Made Trump into a Folk Hero

The Underrated Odds of a Trump-Burgum Ticket

The Media’s Coordinated Campaign to Destroy the Supreme Court

Majority of Voters Support Deporting All Illegal Immigrants, New Poll Shows

ICE Arrests Eight Foreign Nationals with Suspected Ties to ISIS

Cooke: Lauren Windsor Should Have Thrown Her Alito Tapes in the Trash

The New York Times Didn’t Like Our Alvin Bragg Coverage

Rothman: The Reaction to the Hostage Rescue Has Been ‘Pathological’

Hunter Biden Has Never Been Held Accountable Until Now

 Can the Biden Presidency Survive a Hunter Pardon?

 Justices Sotomayor and Kagan Must Retire Now

 The Big Banks Behind the Rising Cost of Credit

 The Nationalist Right Has Created a Pan-European Identity

 The Neutering of the Boy Scouts

 VP Harris: 'What Kind of Country Do We Want To Live In?'

 How California Became a Warning to the World

 The 28-Year-Old Star of France’s Resurgent Populist Right

 A Doctor Told the Truth. The Feds Showed Up at His Door

 Push To Promote Transgender Ideology Is Backfiring

 Biden, Trump battle over the fate of GOP’s tax cuts

Hunter Biden’s case for appeal: Gun law is unconstitutional

Hunter Biden’s gun conviction creates liability for president amid bruising reelection race

Congress puts Microsoft under a microscope, examines tech giant’s hold on government systems

Why Donald Trump is a better role model for NY black males than Eric Adams or Alvin Bragg

Joey Chestnut blocked from defending hot dog eating title on July 4 due to Impossible Foods deal

Musk threatens to ban Apple devices over ChatGPT integration

House Republicans opt for partisan approach in teeing up anti-woke amendments to defense bill

Pelosi admits more should have been done to prepare officers ahead of Jan. 6 protest

Biden lobbies for tighter gun limits, hours after son’s firearm conviction

DOJ rebukes GOP ‘conspiracy theory’ over Biden links to Trump case

Cash-Strapped Ukraine Plans to Sell State Assets to Help Fund War Effort

Ukraine said it shot down most of a barrage of Russian missiles and drones.

President Biden has grown more resigned and afraid about his son’s future, according to people close to them.

For many Trump allies, Hunter Biden’s conviction undercuts claims of a rigged justice system — and a fund-raising pitch.

Alito’s ‘Godliness’ Comment Echoes a Broader Christian Movement

DeSantis spends millions on Florida Keys base preparing for migrant surge that hasn’t come

Horrifying video shows NYC anti-Israel protester telling Jewish people: ‘I wish Hitler was still here, he would’ve wiped all you out

State employee accused of lying about ‘acquired’ land, projects now on hold

Rachel Maddow ‘worried’ Trump will send her to ‘camps’ if he’s elected president


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Central figure in human trafficking case reaches plea agreement with USDOJ

Man sentenced 10-plus years on federal weapons charges for City Market shooting

Chatham County creating county-run fire department

Alito caught on secret recording: No compromising...

'Agrees' USA should return to 'place of godliness'...

N.C. State ends Georgia baseball season to reach College World Series

Warrants issued for 2 in Ellis Square shooting case

 Police: Jasper Co. suspect wanted for sex trafficking charges escapes from jail

Members of Congress Take Lobbyist Jobs Paying as Much as $4 Million...

Trump Suffers Quadruple Polling Blow...

BIDEN +2...

The 'bottom whisperer' will see you now. Back there...

Hunter Biden jury begins deliberations...

Life Hack: If You Don’t Want To Be Killed, Don’t Take Hostages

Despite Media Claims, Hunter Has Never Really Faced Repercussions For His Drug Antics

Press Repeats Gaza Hospital Fiasco By Parroting Hamas Propaganda On IDF Hostage Rescue

David French Can’t Resist Firing On Former Allies

Spotify Gears Up To Silence Political Opponents Under Guise Of ‘Election Integrity’

Politico Laments That WhatsApp Isn’t Specifically Targeting Election Speech For Censorship

Unlike Biden And California Democrats, Texas’ Approach To AI Works

Rolling Stone Melts Down Over Alito Being A Christian Who Believes In Limited Government

Persecuted Pro-Life Activist Files $4.3 Million Lawsuit Against DOJ

A 'Jew Exclusion Zone' at UCLA

 Jurors in Hunter Biden gun case conclude day without verdict

Red dawn? Trump aims to pull a Nixon in Minnesota, possibly upsetting Biden there

Macron, riding high in Normandy, brought low by EU results

As ‘swatting’ attacks rise, feds win rare prison sentence

Jon Stewart argues Trump helped the country by ‘exposing’ corruption

Student banned from wearing ‘There Are Only Two Genders’ shirt to school loses appeal

Biden is coming after your light bulbs — again

Youngkin Orders Virginia Agencies To Strengthen Voter Roll Maintenance Ahead Of 2024 Election

Russell Brand Calls Out Weaponization Of Justice System, Says Voting For Trump Is Only Way To Save ‘Democracy’

Did I Miss the ‘Vandalism Is Fine Now’ Memo?

The Jury Has Hunter Biden’s Case

What Drove the Historic Defeat of the Left in the European Elections

Washington Post Adopts Hamas’s Framing of Israeli Hostage Rescue

The Media Directive Is Clear: Israel Can Do Only Wrong

The California Minimum-Wage Disaster

‘A Slow-Rolling Nightmare’: Inside the Revolt at the Wall Street Journal

UN Security Council Endorses U.S.-Developed Deal to End Israel–Hamas War

Supreme Court seeks Biden administration’s opinion on climate, voting rights cases

Noem says Trump should pick female vice president

Liberal activist secretly records Justices Alito, Roberts

4 U.S. college instructors teaching at Chinese university are attacked at a public park

Treasury secretary blames labor unions for blocking return-to-work at IRS

Most IRS buildings operating at less than 50% occupancy


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Savannah Bananas played at Boston's Fenway Park. Here's what we saw

Savannah economy showed "healthy growth" in Q1 amid a national slowdown

Richmond Hill man shoots wife three times then turns gun on himself 

Glennville man airlifted to Burn Center after house fire

Fifth arrest made in Ellis Square shooting

Domestic dispute in Richmond Hill ends in tragedy

4 injured during shooting at high school graduation party

Multiple departments respond to Reidsville house fire

Howard University cuts ties with Diddy

How Israel Pulled Off High-Risk Hostage Rescue...


Glamorous Atlanta prosecutor jailed for stealing $15M of Covid funds...

Large chunk of Wyoming Teton Pass road collapses...

WALMART store closures continue; 'Retail apocalypse' hitting other chains...

Ukrainian warplane blasts Putin's command in first direct hit on Russia...

Vlad running out of time to achieve breakthrough?

LINKLATER: Hollywood stop making movies for adults...

Indictment Of Texas Doctor Who Exposed Kids’ Transing Proves No One Is Safe From Biden’s Weaponized DOJ

As Miss Maryland And A Military PR Rep, This Man In A Dress Will Interact With Kids

At Restaurants This Summer, Don’t You Dare Ask If We Can Get A Table To Eat Outside

String Of Unanimous SCOTUS Decisions Confirms Proliferation Of Activist Lower Courts

Biden’s Home State Enlists Former Obama Solicitor General To Defend Loose Election Laws

Biden’s Border Order Does Nothing But Insult Americans’ Intelligence

Dem Lawfare Campaign Takes Aim At Conservative Media Before Election

University Of Pittsburg Shifts Blame After Firing Med School Professor For Criticizing DEI

These Huge Exceptions Show Biden’s Border Security Order Is A Faked Political Stunt

Fauci Testimony Forces The Washington Post To Debunk Its Own Fake News 

Biden’s FDA Can’t Get Its Story Straight On Who Can Sue Over Abortion Rules

Foreign-Born Workers Dominate U.S. Job Gains While Native-Born Americans Struggle

Arizona AG Launches Investigation Into Alleged ‘Pay-To-Play’ Scheme Involving Katie Hobbs

This Week In Lawfare Land: Was Jack Smith’s Appointment Unconstitutional?

1 In 5 NYC Hotels Is Now An Illegal Migrant Shelter, Driving Up Prices

The Lafayette Square Crimes Highlight a Big Problem for the Democrats

The Lonely Crowd’s Digital Dependency

How the Media Ignited a Bogus Texas Abortion Scare

The Green Left Lies Used to Justify Authoritarian Climate Regulation

Heroism against Barbarism

The Right Makes Gains in EU Elections, Germany and France Reckon with Political Realignment

Israel’s Benny Gantz Quits War Cabinet, Upsetting Israel’s Power Balance

Trump Veepstakes 2024: The Survivors

What If Nothing Changes?

Biden: Slip Slidin’ Away

Protesters Surround White House, Call for ‘Intifada Revolution’

Israeli Military Rescues Four Hostages from Gaza

They’re Hamas Outposts, Not ‘Civilian Centers’

Judge Merchan Flags Online Post Claiming Inappropriate Jury Discussion of Trump Hush-Money Trial

Some Voters Want an Outlaw

‘We Love What They Did’

‘A Slow-Rolling Nightmare’: Inside the Revolt at the Wall Street Journal

The Lancet: You Are ‘Hardly Human’ If You Don’t Believe in the International Community

Father of Freed Israeli Hostage Dies One Day before Son’s Rescue

We’re Still in the Age of Kafka

Republicans Are Letting DEI in through the Back Door

The Myth of Rural Rage

American Prometheus Chained at Mar-A-Lago

 What If It’s Biden Who Refuses To Leave White House?

 Under Trump, the DOJ Will Become Part of MAGA

 Hunter's Trial Is Just a Ploy To Protect Joe

 A Referendum on Biden's Corruption of the Legal System

 Is Your Driving Being Secretly Scored?

 Near Death Experience Set Me Free, Politically

 DEI Is Unraveling--the Sooner, the Better

 Democrats Should Rethink the New Era of Lawfare

 A Lesson From Covid on How To Destroy Public Trust

 Ibram Kendi's Intellectual Implosion

 Can America Survive the 'Defenders of Democracy'?

 Trump's True Crime: Threatening To Win Another Election

 Top AI labs have minimal defense against espionage, researchers say

Trump guilty verdict ‘not a factor’ in deadlocked 2024 presidential race, poll shows

South Korea responds to ‘filth balloons’ by blaring news, pop group BTS north across border

Chinese senior leaders use relatives to hide wealth and corruption, says congressional report

2,800 boxes of stolen Lego found in 71-year-old man’s house

Kate, Princess of Wales, apologizes for missing Irish Guards final rehearsal before king’s parade

Trump woos restaurant workers at Las Vegas campaign rally

Cotton: Hold Hamas responsible for Palestinian casualties in hostage rescue, not Israel

House Republican says hostage rescue would never have happened if cease-fire were in place

Trump campaign’s Latino group gives America an ‘Hola’

Nation’s school districts scrimp and improvise as pandemic funds dry up

Ex-Intel Chief James Clapper Says He Doesn’t Regret Signing Hunter Biden Laptop Letter


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Georgia baseball vs. N.C. State prediction, odds in NCAA Super Regional

Oregon DB transferring to Georgia football via portal

Hunter Army Airfield cadets take part in STEM academy 

If SCCPSS millage rate is retained, property owners may still pay more 

State funding sets Ossabaw Island restoration project in motion 

Dawers: Multiple infrastructure projects could leave a great legacy 

102-year-old World War II veteran dies on way to D-Day ceremonies 

Former K-9 handler arrested, charged with animal cruelty

City of Port Wentworth proposing property tax increase

Wayne County, defendants appeal case involving county ambulance services

Clooney called White House to defend wife's work on Israel warrants...

Fetterman tells critics he's 'not progressive': That label left me...

Texas may pay schools to use 'Christian' curriculum...

Costner Epic 'HORIZON' Tracking for Dismal Opening...

New NC sex-ed rules promote abstinence...

COOGAN: The internet is ruining your life...


Memo Shows FBI Discouraging Release Of Trans Killer’s Manifesto

Watchdog Demands Investigation Into Evidence Top Fauci Deputy Hid Public Records

NYT Admits FBI Was Authorized To Use Lethal Force Against Trump, But Dubs The Claim A Lie Anyway

The Hunter Biden Trial Prosecutors Tried Not To Bring Is More Proof Our Justice System Is A Joke

From Lawfare To Bidenbucks, Democrats’ 2024 Election Rigging Is Already Worse Than 2020

The Next POTUS Should Reclaim The Constitutional Spending Power Congress Stole

Federal Judge Caught Stumping For Biden’s Green Agenda In Montana

‘I’m Your Mom Now’: Wisconsin Parents Take School Secrecy Policy On ‘Gender Identity’ To SCOTUS

It Turns Out Hamas Won’t Just Commit Suicide

Supreme Court Silly Season, Cornell Law School Edition

Hallie Biden Testifies She Found Crack alongside Gun in Hunter’s Car

UPenn Issues New Protest Rules Banning Encampments on Campus

DOJ Indicts Whistleblowing Surgeon for Exposing Transgender Procedures at Texas Children’s Hospital

Biden Says He Will Not Pardon Son Hunter, Will Respect Verdict If He’s Convicted

Prosecutors Blow Up Hunter Biden’s Defense with Testimony from Exes, Gun Salesman

Hunter Biden Is Playing the Long Game

Trump’s Felonies Aren’t the Reason He’s Unfit for Office

Georgia Court of Appeals Halts Trump’s Election-Interference Case Indefinitely

‘We Love What They Did’

How the Allies Won at Normandy and Changed History

The Tragedy of French Civilians Killed by Allied Bombing

The Most Important Day of the 20th Century

Disney to Invest Billions in Florida with New Park

President Biden Still Has Not Met Hunter Biden’s 5-Year-Old Daughter

Unbelievable Start for U.S. Cricket in the T20 World Cup

A New Medical Coalition Rebuts the Propriety of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

A Referendum on Biden's Corruption of the Legal System

 Biden’s Border Order Already Failing

 Reagan at Pointe du Hoc, 40 Years Later

 Anti-Israel Student Protesters Pick Up Some Big Fans

 Past Informs the Present

 The Presidential Pilgrimage to Normandy

 The Left Should Speak Up Against Democrat Lawfare

 Home court advantage unlikely to get Hunter Biden an acquittal, expert says

Hallie Biden paints vivid picture of Hunter’s drug use, smoking crack 48 hours after buying a gun

Trump trashes Biden’s ‘fake’ executive order on immigration in first post-conviction campaign stop

Louisiana becomes seventh state to add PragerU to social studies resources

Bragging about how much you work makes people think you’re an idiot, study finds

Texas county must return eight books to library shelves, appeals court rules

Vanna White bids emotional goodbye to Pat Sajak on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Congress opens probe into federal workers doing union business on taxpayers’ time


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

The Savannah Bananas are heading to Fenway Park for sold-out show

Savannah Police investigate Tuesday night shooting death of teen

Georgia appeals court stays election interference case…

Arrest made in fatal shooting on Tatem St.

Mom charged in 2020 murder of her 2-year-old

Arrest made in Colleton Co. targeted killing of 3

Liberty Co. schools to lock up student cellphones

Port Wentworth PD seeks endangered elderly man

Local events to commemorate Juneteenth

 Rep. Nancy Mace speaks ahead of primaries


Byron Donalds nostalgia for Jim Crow era, when 'Black family was together'...


'Gonna Have to Happen to Them'...

When Trump said indicted president 'would cripple' govt...

Republicans Privately Say Could Be In Prison When Nominated...

Cannon rips up court schedule in Mar-a-Lago case in ways that benefit Don...

Georgia case indefinitely paused...

NVIDIA passes APPLE for second most valuable company...

Cook to reveal plan to dominate internet for another decade...

The $21 Billion Lawsuit That Could Break NFL...

LEGO thefts across SoCal leave police trying to piece together clues...

Workers at TJ MAXX, MARSHALLS wearing police-like body cameras...

Juror Falls Asleep During Hunter Biden Trial But Wakes as Exes Testify...

Kate Middleton 'May Never Come Back' as She Was...

WHO warns: NEW strain of bird flu has jumped to humans...

Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths...

New sexually transmitted fungal infection detected in NYC -- first case...

Trump could weaponize spy services against his domestic political enemies...

America’s Corrupt Political Class Should Be Prosecuted, Not Trump

Fauci’s Testimony Reveals The Inconsistencies And Deceit Behind U.S. Covid Response

Obesity Kills Christian Gospel Singer Mandisa More Than 30 Years Early

Biden Is Blaming Netanyahu For Prolonging A War He Won’t Let Israel Finish

MSNBC’s Scarborough Joins Dems Defending Biden After Report On President Mentally ‘Slipping’

Republicans Demand DOJ Charge Hunter And James Biden For Lying About Joe’s Role In Influence-Peddling Scheme

No, Hunter Biden’s Trial Does Not Exonerate America’s Two-Tiered Justice System

Wisconsin AG Files Phony ‘Fake Elector’ Charges Anyway After Admitting GOP Plan Was Legal

There’s Nothing Loving About Dolly Parton’s False Gospel

Pride Events Aren’t Safe For Work Or Children — And That’s A Huge Tell

80 Years After D-Day, Remember The Men Who Liberated The World

Republicans’ Refusal To Wield Power Destroyed Conservatism And Maybe The Country

The Lies and Fall of Ibram X. Kendi

Why the WNBA’s Advocates Resent the League’s Good Fortune

President Biden to Time Magazine: ‘(Unintelligible)’

The 2024 Senate Elections’ Wild Card

Prosecutors Blow Up Hunter Biden’s Defense with Testimony from Exes, Gun Salesman

Strong Economic Numbers, Bad Vibes

Georgia Court of Appeals Halts Trump’s Election-Interference Case Indefinitely

As Biden Campaign Hurls ‘Felon’ Label at Trump, Some Dems Urge Caution

House Republicans Refer Hunter, James Biden to DOJ for Prosecution for Allegedly Lying under Oath

Hunter Biden Is Playing the Long Game

Trump Asks Judge to Lift Gag Order Following Historic Verdict in Hush-Money Trial

It’s Too Late for Biden to ‘Neutralize’ His Border-Crisis Problem

Biden Is Blowing Smoke on the Border

On Public Noise: The Rise of Antisocial Behavior

Dems’ ‘Right to Contraception’ Action Would Funnel Money to Planned Parenthood

Hezbollah Drone Attack Wounds Eleven Israelis, Escalating Northern Conflict

Trump's New York Conviction Is Not Enough

 Conviction Was Meant To Tank Trump in the Polls. It Hasn't

 Biden's Border Action Explained

 We Have Been Subverted

 How the Media Got the Trans Kid Story So Wrong

 Does the Left Really Want a Land of Lawfare?

 Our Corrupt Elites Should Be Prosecuted, Not Trump

 Trump’s Trial Violated Due Process

 House investigators seek DOJ charges for Hunter, James Biden for lying to protect president

Cartels eye loopholes in Biden’s new border rules

All eyes on D-Day heroes 80 years later: Biden, world leaders mark milestone anniversary

Hunter Biden gun trial jurors shown infamous laptop first exposed by The Post in dramatic courtroom reveal


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Are you prepared for an active 2024 Hurricane Season? What you need to know

Public input on Talmadge Bridge future ends June 5. What to know 

Group says it will sue federal government over Hyundai permits 

Wes Johnson helped UGA Bulldogs make 'believers' of themselves 

Savannah football coaches react to GHSA implementing Thanksgiving week bye 

Mayor sounds off on gun violence among young people

Woman dies after being rescued on Tybee Island

Bluffton Middle student assaulted with Stanley cup

Officer-involved shooting suspect pleads not guilty

Brothers follow in father’s footsteps at Savannah Tech

Former Savannah bar employee accused of rape granted bond

Group intends to sue over Hyundai water permits

Statesboro police seek armed robbery suspect

Savannah Police investigating homicide on Tatem St.

Suspect in custody after shooting at Oasis Inn in Beaufort

GBI arrests Sylvania man in child molestation investigation

Hurricane registry aids those in need as hurricane season hits

Parents in Appling Co. express concerns over one administrator’s political remarks, behavior online




CLAIM: Probability AI Will Destroy Humanity 70%...

The Dollar Strongest Since 1980s. Can It Last?

TOXIC: Trump-backed candidate defeated in Republican Senate primary in NJ...

Female Mexican mayor killed after Sheinbaum historic win...

Majority of Middle-Class Americans Say They Struggle Financially...

World Leadership, War, and 2024 Election...


Biden signs executive order dramatically tightening border...

Much of southern border to close at midnight...

The $64 million mystery: Wave of anonymous donations fueling presidential campaign...

Drop in Small-Dollar Donations Shaking Up Both Parties ...

Media scrambles for survival ahead of 2024...

CFO of right-wing EPOCH TIMES accused of $67M money laundering scheme...

'I Couldn't Tell the Lie': Former Republican Tells Jon Stewart Why He Left Congress...

San Fran business hub deserted with footage showing boarded up shops...

Colorado Republican Party issues call to burn all Pride flags...

City sued for paying hundreds of Black residents $25,000 in reparations...

Ibram X. Kendi Faces Reckoning of His Own...

America's Commute to Work Is Getting Longer and Longer...

Hunter Biden gun trial: Prosecutors introduce infamous laptop as evidence...

Wife calls ex-Trump aide 'Nazi piece of s***'...

RFK Jr.'s Popularity Has Collapsed...

Nursing home ruled her dead. Two hours later, she was found breathing...

Remote Amazon tribe connects to Musk's STARLINK: Now hooked on porn, socials...

Rise Of 'Lifestyle Medicine': Doctors 'Prescribing' Behavioral Changes To Reverse Illness...

Colon cancer crisis in young people could be fueled by energy drinks...

Putin suffers BACK-TO-BACK deadliest days...

How NATO plans to get US troops to frontline...

AT&T 'nationwide issue'...

Impacting ability to call non-AT&T users...

Hamas may have moved hostages to Egypt via tunnels...

Merrick Garland Shouldn’t Be Praised. He Should Be Impeached

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Hunter Biden’s Criminal Gun Trial

Exclusive: Rumble Barred In Russia Over Platform’s Refusal Of Kremlin Censorship

Chuck Schumer’s Brother Works For Law Firm Behind Bragg’s Get-Trump Indictment

We Need More Democrats To Oppose The Left’s Destruction Of Democratic Norms

Why J.D. Vance Is Trump’s Ideal Running Mate

Weaponizing The Justice System Is An Attack On All Americans, Not Just Trump

If Churches Are Really Pro-Marriage, They Will Discipline Its Destroyers

Ultra-processed foods do NOT cause obesity, says US government's top diet advisors in bombshell review of current evidence: 'Studies have been biased'

X Suspends Pro-Life Columnist For Exposing The ‘Gratuitous Gore’ Of Abortion

Here’s How The Media Are Lying Right Now: Biden’s Deliberately Busted Border Edition

Hearing: Federal Business Agency Spends ‘Bidenbucks’ To Win Michigan For Democrats

Trump Sentencing Watch: It’s the ‘Charge’ Not the Charges

Joe Biden Is Confused

Alvin Bragg Won

Biden Issues Order Tightening Asylum Process after Insisting He Needed Congress to Act

Prosecution Introduces Hunter Biden’s Infamous Laptop at Trial, Uses Data as Evidence of Crack Addiction

Biden’s Befuddled Genius

Portland Parents Sound Alarm on Local Teachers’ Union Indoctrinating Students with Anti-Israel Propaganda

‘He Crossed a Line’: Prosecutors Use Hunter’s Own Words to Paint Damning Picture of Drug Use as Gun Trial Kicks Off

Court Confirms: Weiss’s ‘Special Counsel’ Appointment Is a Sham

Is Judge Merchan Crazy Enough to Give Trump Jail Time?

Biden Applies Soros DAs’ Shoplifting Rules to the Border

Arizona Republicans Pass Texas-Style Immigration Ballot Measure

On the Merits of Burying Our Enemies in Cheap Drones

Montgomery County School District Reportedly Sidesteps Public-Records Request

It’s Joe Biden’s Fault That Israel Is Taking So Long in Gaza

Cooke: Face It, Biden Has Been Lying about the Border All Along 

Chinese Student, Disguised, Tells Congress That Columbia Took ‘No Action’ after Assault on Friend

Terror Threat on U.S. Soil ‘Increased Enormously’ Since October 7, AG Garland Testifies

The Progressive Caucus Agenda for 2025

 Biden’s Secret Support for Iran

 Past Informs the Present

 Coolidge's Wisdom and Dignity

 Mail-In Voting May Be the Difference Once Again in PA

 Biden's in Trouble, With Little Prospect of Improvement

 Fauci Keeps Lying

 Restoring Confidence in DOJ Requires New Leadership

 The Many-Sided Crisis in Consulting

 Why Johnny Can't Build

 Journalists Must Help the Washington Post Fly Again

 Mob Education at the Ivies

 Will the Olympics Committee Play Fair With Israeli Swimmers?

 'Thank You for Your Science': Dems Fail To Challenge Fauci

 Phony Claims From 2020 Return To Haunt Biden

 Why Party Platforms Matter

 Biden channels Trump, announces southern border shutdown to limit asylum seekers

Prosecutors use Hunter Biden’s voice, text messages to make case in gun trial

Charm offensive: U.S.-China rivalry plays out in Cambodian capital

Nation’s school districts scrimp and improvise as pandemic funds dry up

Liberal tracker of ‘hate’ groups excludes anti-Israel groups from latest list

Bill Maher says his vote for Biden won’t matter because he is ‘going to lose’

Biden’s aim to win voters on TikTok pays a price

University of the Arts to close Friday after losing students, money, accreditation

AG Garland hasn’t listened to Biden interview tapes, rejects calls to release them

Biden judicial nominee can’t say whether chromosomes determine sex: ‘I have never studied biology’

‘Average American’ wouldn’t be facing Hunter Biden’s gun charges, Sen. Lindsey Graham says

Death of a Race Hustler

Read the Full Transcript of President Joe Biden’s Interview With TIME

Hunter Biden may be seeking jury nullification rather than vindication

Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Public input on Talmadge Bridge future ends June 5. What to know

Contractor airlifted after serious injuries at Hyundai megasite 

Port Wentworth proposes to increase 2024 property taxes 

SPD investigates E 32nd St. shooting

19-year-old arrested in Savannah shooting

Garden City Police searching for missing teen

Group intends to sue over Metaplant’s environmental impact

How to enter the 2024 St. Jude Dream Home giveaway

Court might hear arguments before election on Fani Willis

Parents in Appling Co. express concerns over one administrator’s political remarks, behavior online

Former Vice Lounge employee granted bond on rape charges


Biden preps tough executive order to shut down asylum after 2,500 migrants arrive a day...

Why Americans don't exercise...

Is Judge Merchan Crazy Enough to Give Trump Jail Time?

The Fauci Personality Cult

Flying the Transgender Flag in the Federal Courts

Jurors Selected in Hunter Biden Gun Trial

Nigel Farage Is Back, Upsetting the Applecart of British Politics

Hillary Clinton Meets Chinese ‘Friendship’ Group Flagged by U.S. Intelligence

Sally Buzbee’s Rocky Tenure at the Helm of the Washington Post

How to Marry Rich, Per TikTok

Illegal-Alien Suspect in NYPD Shootings Had Case Closed after Crossing Border

Joe Biden ‘Proud’ of Hunter as Jury Selection Begins in Gun Trial

Hunter Biden’s Only Defense Is the One the DOJ Prosecutor Gave Him

Fauci Tries to Distance Himself from Adviser but Co-Authored 40-Plus Papers with Him

Harvard Faculty End Mandatory DEI Statements in Hiring

The ‘Other Crime’ in the Trump Trial: Conflating Ends and Means

‘I Knew Nothing’: Fauci Distances Himself from Adviser’s Cover-Up of Covid-Origin Emails

Will It Be a Majority Party or a Trump Party?

The Political Fallout of the Trump Verdict

 Trump's Conviction Makes a Mockery of Judicial System

 Joe Biden Is Appeasing Hamas

 Jurors chosen as Hunter Biden’s gun trial begins in Delaware

Fauci says he was always open to China lab-leak theory for coronavirus

Biden ducks strife at Democratic National Convention with Zoom nomination

Trump incarceration ‘obviously doable,’ ex-FBI Director James Comey says: ‘Put him in a double wide’

Democratic-appointed justices recuse from lawsuit filed over their rejection of 2020 election case

Republicans recommend defunding state and local prosecutors engaged in politicized ‘lawfare’

Judge rejects call to immediately shut down Alex Jones’ Infowars in bankruptcy dispute


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Tropical mangroves spotted for first time along Georgia coast

How to watch Georgia baseball on TV in NCAA Tournament…

Man shot, seriously injured in Savannah

SCAD celebrates largest graduating class with Rob Lowe

Fire destroys Effingham County home while family is on vacation

As investigation continues, church holds funeral service for Noah Bush

Beaufort church unveils Harriet Tubman monument

Wreck causes delays on Highway 80 to and from Tybee Island


Daniels breaks silence on Don verdict...






NIH scientists made $710M in royalties from drug makers -- a fact they tried to hide!

Mandela's ANC loses majority for first time since end of apartheid...

The Rise of Poverty Inc...

Obesity blamed as cancer cases rise more quickly in the young...

The Media’s Coordinated Campaign to Destroy the Supreme Court

BREAKING: Jodi Kantor Wins the Pulitzer Prize

Judge Rejects ‘Orchestrated Campaign’ to Remove Trump-Appointed Judge from Classified-Docs Case

Justice Department Uses Executive Privilege, AI Fears to Fight Lawsuit for Biden–Hur Interview Audio

Body Positivity versus Transgenderism

Can a Labour Prime Minister Hold the Center?

Almost Half of Independents Say Trump Should Drop Out after Conviction, New Poll Finds

Biden Is Now Losing to a Felon

In Memory of Justice

Pardon Trump, Says Dean Phillips, House Democrat, to New York Governor Hochul

Elie Honig’s Description of Trump’s Prosecution Should Appall Liberals

RFK Jr. Suggests Trump Conviction Will ‘Backfire’ on Democrats

Nothing Is Ever the Palestinians’ Fault

Biden Outlines His Proposal to Save Hamas

Fauci Stumped on Child-Masking Evidence in Testimony, Admitted Lack of Scientific Basis for Six-Foot Distancing

DEI Will Destroy Our Trust in Doctors

Fauci Admits No Evidence for Distancing, Masking Kids

Justice Department Uses Executive Privilege, Artificial-Intelligence Fears to Fight Lawsuit for Biden–Hur Interview Audio

Donald Trump Joins TikTok, Quickly Gains over 1 Million Followers

Unions Shouldn’t Be Able to Get Their Way through Extortion

Foreign Money Is Corrupting American Universities

Shockingly, Hunter Biden Isn’t the Most Responsible Ex-Husband

Now May We Defend Ourselves?

A Sham Case, and Everyone Knows It

 How Trump Blew His Own Defense

 Trump's Manhattan Convictions Are Unconstitutional

 Trump Verdict Impacted America's Moral Standing in World

 Dems Want You To Check Your Brain at the Door

 We Are Starting To Enjoy Hatred

 Trump Trial Was Rigged From the Very Beginning

 No Way Gen Z Will Let Trump Back Into the White House

 Biden Can't Win in a Fair Election Against Trump

 Media Use Conspiracy Theories To Attack Justices

 The Anti-Americanism of Globalized Universities

 Bad blood: After building empire, Trump can’t escape New York wrath

Plenty of precedent for Hunter Biden’s gun trial: Other drug users possessing guns sent to jail

Trump-appointed judges reshape legal arguments, Supreme Court rulings

Starved of cash and authority, investigators begin to shut down pandemic fraud cases

Democrat congressman says Biden should be ‘leaning into’ Trump conviction

Speaker Johnson expects GOP to ‘drag’ New York D.A. Bragg to Congress for testimony on Trump verdict

It’s time to ‘Appeal to Heaven’ for Justice Alito, his wife and the entire Supreme Court

‘Intentional Misfeasance’ Makes Show Trial Conviction Ripe For Reversal, Legal Experts Say

Lara Trump says Larry Hogan ‘doesn’t deserve’ Republicans’ respect over Trump-verdict stance

Trump campaign video labels Biden as ‘face of corruption’

The Countdown To What Democrats Will Do Next In Their War Against Democracy Starts Now

GOP lawmakers call on FBI official to testify on alleged misuse of revoking security clearances

South Carolina woman dies amid fire from microwaved foil-wrapped food

South Korea plans to nullify peace deal to punish North Korea over trash-carrying balloon launches

After Trump’s Conviction, Republicans Should Do To Democrats What They Did To Him

Mexico elects Claudia Sheinbaum as its first woman president in country’s 200-year history

This Week In Lawfare Land: Democrats Secure Conviction Of Their Chief Political Riva


Will A Single Democrat Stand Up To The Democrat Party’s Inauguration Of Third-World Politics?

Gov. Landry Signs Bill Protecting Louisiana Elections From Ranked-Choice Voting

Trump: November 5 Will ‘Be The Most Important Day In Our Country’s History’

Ex-Democrats, Independents, And Newbie Donors Throw Cash At Trump After Manhattan Show Trial

The Only Hope For Oregon’s Rampant Homelessness Is Undoing Radical Democrat Policies

A Nuclear Iran Will Be Biden’s Biggest Foreign Policy Blunder

TV’s Most-Watched Show Features Good Beating Evil In Small-Town America

This reluctant prosecutor just made Donald Trump a felon

‘Guilty’ Trump Verdict Will Keep Good People From Running For Office

Democracy Under Threat: Where Is The Liberal Media?


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

What happened to Seaport 16 Trade Center in North Bryan?

City Talk: Costs show upside of Civic Center demolition…

Live Oak Public Libraries’ summer challenge rewards avid readers 

Suspects wanted in Ellis Square mass shooting arrested

Local lawmakers react to verdict in hush money trial

Savannah attorney shares insights on Trump guilty verdict

Beaufort County crash leaves 5 dead

Your downloadable 2024 Hurricane-Ready Guide is here

4 charged in connection to Chatham sex trafficking case

NOONAN: We can't go on indefinitely like this...

PEW: 62% worn out by campaign...

Young voters despairing over politics...

Biden Black voter troubles setting off alarm bells...

FBI Takes Down Massive Global Army of Zombie Computer Devices...

Hundreds of thousands of routers destroyed in hack...

CNN Will Buck Tradition and Put Commercial Breaks in Presidential Debate...

RFK Jr. files complaint over exclusion...

How VICE Went from $6B Media Empire to Bankruptcy...

WSJ walkout amid layoff rumors...

Netanyahu popularity ON RISE in blow to rivals...

Most Israelis rate military's campaign in Gaza 'about right' or not enough...

Zero-down mortgages making comeback...

Rigged: Biden Donor Judge Whose Daughter Raised Millions To Defeat Trump Oversaw Soviet Show Trial Conviction

Kangaroo Court Convicts Trump Following Soviet Show Trial In New York City

Judge Merchan’s Jury Instructions Prove Trump’s Trial Is About Power, Not The Law

Rolling Stone’s Hit Piece On Amy Coney Barrett Is Even Dumber Than You Think

Biden Spokesman Decries Media Coverage Of Trump Show Trials After Urging Media To Cover Them

Desperate Biden Camp Tries To Regurgitate Failed 2016 Race Hoax

SCOTUS: New York Gun Grabbers Trampled First Amendment To Stifle National Rifle Association

When The Wind Doesn’t Blow: Weak Breeze Lowered U.S. Turbine Output In 2023

How Marxism Infected America’s Intel Agencies And Corrupted Them Beyond Repair

How One Texas Neighborhood Seceded From The Democrat-Run City Hall Ruining Their Lives

New Poll Shows Manhattan Trump Lawfare Verdict Offers No-Win Scenario For Democrats

Yes, It Was Rigged

Trump Found Guilty on All Counts in Hush-Money Trial

What Happens Next after Trump Hush-Money Conviction

Trump Donation Page Crashes after Conviction in Bragg Trial

GOP Leaders Rally around Trump as Ex-President Slams ‘Rigged’ Hush-Money Conviction

Pandora’s Box Is Now Opened, and We’re About to Find Out What’s Inside

Judge Merchan Schedules Trump Sentencing Four Days Before GOP Convention

Trump’s Trial Has Already Damaged the Office of the Presidency

The Total Collapse of the Alito Flag Stories

The Times’ Specious Crusade against Alito

AOC Claims Abraham Accords ‘Absolutely’ Caused October 7 Hamas Massacre

Biden’s Pier-less Incompetence

Embattled S.F. Mayor Proposes Record Law-Enforcement Budget Four Years after Slashing Funding

Trump Found Guilty in NY Hush Money Trial

 This Is a Disgraceful Day for the United States

 I Just Donated $300k to Trump. I’m Prepared to Lose Friends

 Justice Breyer Says SCOTUS Majority Doing It All Wrong

 Lock 'Em Up Libs Run the Democratic Party

 Here Comes the Re-Recession?

 This Was Done by the Biden Administration to Hurt His Opponent

 Will a Conviction Even Help Biden?

 Manhattan jury finds Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts

Here are Trump’s top three arguments for appeal after guilty verdict in hush money trial

We’ll take it from here: Biden makes permanent IRS program that calculates Americans’ taxes for them

John Grisham says Supreme Court ‘has never looked this bad’

National Association of Broadcasters pulls Robert De Niro award over anti-Trump tirade

‘Menstruators’: Biden’s administration’s workplace advice on menstruation doesn’t mention women

Liberal groups pressure top Democrat to launch probe into Justice Alito

Guilty verdict will electrify Trump base, pollsters say

Team Trump sets sights on Virginia; Dems say it’s a pipe dream

Top colleges restore SAT requirements, rolling back pandemic policies

End of an era: South Africa’s ANC projected to fall short of majority

Blinken assails Russian misinformation after hinting U.S. may allow Ukraine to strike inside Russia

Trump hush money prosecutor Matthew Colangelo was political consultant for DNC, ex-Obama donor

Afghan evacuee vetting process 'fragmented' with 'vulnerabilities,' watchdog warns

Boston Democratic mayor says criminals should not be prosecuted for theft, gang registry should be abolished

Raskin argues DOJ can force recusals of Alito, Thomas in Jan. 6 cases

The Purpose of Pride Month

DNC, Clinton campaign agree to Steele dossier funding fine


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Chatham County grand jury indicts four suspects for sex trafficking

See what public summer camps and activities Savannah has to offer

Escaped monkey was ‘not captured alive,’ officials say

Effingham businesses could see beautification requirements

City plans to sue companies polluting drinking water

Savannah Police seeks missing teenager

Sapelo Island residents concerned over new bar and grill

Beaufort man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

Former St. Simons resort worker accused in golf club …

Former Colleton County clerk of court accused of dozens of ethics violations

Savannah man facing federal charges in Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol

City of Savannah's 100 Days of Summer program kicks off

Savannah Police investigating hit-and-run that injured 3 people

GOOGLE's 14,000 Search Ranking Features Leaked...

Algorithm exposed...

Weird AI answers hint at fundamental problem...

FBI Takes Down Massive Global Army of Zombie Computer Devices...



Hail in Texas so big it required new description... State leads nation in heavy weather events...

Orange juice crisis prompts search for alternative fruits...

Drag has become target. With Pride Month near, performers organizing to fight back...

STUDY: Nearly Half Of Gen Z Live 'Double Life' Online...


Reality TV On Life Support Amid Major Hollywood Cost Cuts...

Stefanik Complaint: Judge Merchan Was ‘Intentionally Selected’ To Ensure Trump Is Convicted

From Dead Registrants To Inactive Mail Voters, Complaints Highlight Michigan’s Voter Roll Mess

Democrats’ Election Worker ‘Threat’ Narrative Is A Bald-Faced Scare Tactic We’ve Seen Before

Alito Becomes Latest Target In Anti-Trump Lawfare Campaign Undermining The Judiciary

Targeting Alito’s Flags Is More About The Boundless Misery Of Leftists Than The Court’s ‘Impartiality’

Dennis Quaid Says ‘Weaponization Of Our Justice System’ Convinced Him To Support Trump

19 State AGs Sue To Protect Residents From Blue State Climate Agenda

Don’t Mistake Democrats’ War On America’s Heritage As Just A Clash Over A Pine Tree Flag

How Louisiana Catholic Men Are Standing Up To The ‘Pride’ Infiltration Of Their Small Town This June 

A Woman Frantically Cutting Off Her Own Breasts Proves We Need Less ‘Gender Affirmation,’ Not More

Apathy Is The Biggest Threat To Medicare And The Federal Budget

Lawsuit: RICO Queen Fani Willis Violated The Same Law She Weaponized Against Trump Republicans

Republicans’ Defense Amendment Would Rescue Military Kids From Lefty Indoctrination In DOD Schools

Corporate Media Think Voters Are Dumb Enough To Believe Biden’s Border Invasion Is ‘Quieting’

Amal Clooney Loses the Plot on Women’s Rights

Trump’s Trial Has Already Damaged the Office of the Presidency

Busted Gaza Pier Has All the Markings of a Joe Biden Op

The New York Times’ Specious Crusade against Justice Alito

San Francisco Removes ‘Appeal to Heaven’ Flag from Civic Center amid Attacks on Alito

America Is Not Ready for War. This Senator Wants to Fix That

Appeals Court Rejects Hunter Biden’s Last-Minute Bid to Throw Out Gun Charges

Democrats Propose Virtual Roll Call to Ensure Biden Gets on Ohio Ballot

Did Israel’s Knee-Jerk Critics Get It Wrong in Rafah?

Mother of Hunter Biden’s Illegitimate Daughter to Publish Tell-All Memoir ahead of Dem Convention

Joe Biden Can’t Help Himself

Three Giant Lies

Biden’s Gaza Pier Is the Disaster We Were Expecting

‘Tobacco-Free Generation’ Establishes Age-Based Ban on Sale of Tobacco — to Adults

Will Voters Care about the Trump Hush-Money Trial Verdict in November?

ESG: Exxon’s Inconvenient Shareholder Vote

Biden Made Israel’s War on Hamas into a Political Liability

Prosecutors Drop Charges against Top Golfer Scottie Scheffler

Justice Alito Rejects Calls to Recuse from January 6 Cases, Denies Involvement in Flying Upside-Down Flag

What's Really Happening To Grocery Prices Right Now

 Bidenomics Spin vs Grocery Store Reality

 Guilty or Not, Trump Wins in 2024 No Matter What

 The Three Barriers to Biden's Re-Election

 Centrists Let the GOP Dismantle Women’s Rights

 Planned Non-Parenthood--The Truth

 2024 Battleground Grows & Tilts Toward Trump

 Haley’s PA Voters Aren’t All Ready To Fall in Line Behind Trump

 Biden, Not Trump, Has the Abnormal Presidency

 A Manhattan Canned Hunt

 'Bidenbucks' Targets Felons in Get-Out-The-Vote Effort

 Justices on Both Sides Reject Modern Civil Asset Forfeiture

 Biden Was My Boss. I Resigned Over the Gaza Atrocity

 Rafah Reminds Us of the Evils of Hamas

 Your Favorite Brand No Longer Cares About Being Woke

 Caitlin Clark Doesn't Check the Left's PC Boxes

 Trump braces for ‘rigged’ guilty verdict as hush money case goes to jury

Pelosi ignores public shaming on huge stock wealth, but calls grow for lawmaker trading ban

Energy giants ask Supreme Court to toss Honolulu’s state claims over climate change

Award-winning nurse is fired after referring to Gaza ‘genocide’ in acceptance speech

Vivek Ramaswamy aims to rework BuzzFeed to make it relevant

Purported Las Vegas alien video shows at least 2 ‘beings’ using ‘cloaking’ device, analyst claims

Top Democrat says Justice Alito’s refusal to recuse shows high court needs enforceable ethics code

Sen. J.D. Vance calls on DOJ to investigate Judge Merchan

Teen gets diploma he was denied for praising Jesus during graduation speech

Report: Colleges must double vocational training to overcome ‘misalignment’ between degrees, jobs

‘Take Back Title IX’ bus tour sends message to Biden by kicking off in Scranton

Kennedy files FEC complaint against CNN for barring him from Biden-Trump debate

Biden plays racist card against Trump at rally with Black voters in Pennsylvania

Biden’s age, broken promises chase away young voters that Democrats count on

Up to 2.7 Million Noncitizens Could Vote Illegally in November, Study Warns

Biden’s Indifference to Americans’ Plight of Soaring Food Prices Is Appalling

Senator wants answers after report of crew being prevented from flying U.S. flag at Denali park

Judge Smacks Down Jack Smith’s Gag Order Request, Warns of Future Sanctions for Flouting ‘Basic Requirements’

‘Condescending and Contemptuous’: University Presidents Blasted in Antisemitism Hearing

24 GOP Governors Warn Biden Against ‘Unconstitutional’ WHO Pandemic Agreement

Rep. Tlaib Addresses Conference Endorsed by Founding Member of Palestinian Terrorist Group

Finally, a ‘Visibility Day’ for the People the LGBTQ Movement Finds Inconvenient

Bad schools have no right to exist

DOJ ‘Hate’ Unit Tracked Moms For Liberty Alongside KKK, Secret Emails Show

University of Florida employee, students implicated in illegal plot to ship drugs, toxins to China

“Democracy is on the Ballot”: California Democrats Seek to Prevent Voters from Approving New Taxes

Fatherhood might be bad for your heart: study


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

SPD confirms identity in fatal Sunday shooting on Emerald Drive

Critics counter Georgia PSC's claim that state's energy is 'cleanest' 

Ellis Square suspect was out on bond at time of shooting

Hampton Co. authorites ID drowning victim as 12-year-old

Workers injured at Bryan County construction site

5 injured in crash near Talmadge Bridge

West Chatham residents concerned over new apartments

Savannah Ghost Pirates name new head coach

Port Wentworth man spots flamingo near neighborhood

Mayor Van Johnson reacts to suspect charged in Ellis Square mass shooting

80-hour closure at I-16, Chatham Parkway happening in June



Dems in full-blown 'freakout' over Biden...

DNC to virtually nominate Joe ahead of convention amid Ohio ballot concerns...

UPDATE: Alito's Neighbors Called Cops After 'Ugly' Run-Ins with Justice's Wife...

Extreme Heat Will Stifle Economy, Fed Study Claims...

Most bizarre Ozempic side-effect yet: Some patients could turn to risky sex and gambling in a phenomenon experts call 'impulse control disorder'

Scientists seriously believe we could live forever by 2030s...


Will stay silent on issues...

IRS Thief Stole the Files of at Least 50,000 Americans...

Rubio Wants to Be Vice President. He Doesn't Want to Audition...

Denver police say DRONES will respond to 911 calls instead of cops...

'Bait houses' loaded with tracking devices...

Hollywood in crisis: Panic mode as jobs vanish...

Why Memorial Day Boxoffice Was So Awful...

Democrats’ Alito Freakout Is A False Flag Operation To Take Down The Court

Biden Exploits Beau’s Death Again, This Time To Visit His Widow Before She Testifies In Hunter’s Trial

Judge Aileen Cannon Is The Latest Object Of Democrats’ Recusal Obsession

Trans Activists Quietly Build ‘Gender-Affirming’ Monopoly On Centers For Abused Children

Republicans, Stay Off Left-Wing Networks Unless You’re Prepared To Go On Offense 

Michelle Obama’s Dark Money Group Launches Campaign To Turn Out Likely-Democrat Voters

GOP Senators Embrace Democrats’ Latest SCOTUS Hoax

Democrats Promise Coordinated Assault On SCOTUS If They Don’t Get Their Way

‘Blue Angels’ Film Shows Pilot’s-Eye View Of Daring Military Feats

Democrats Wanted An Early Debate So They’d Have Plenty Of Time To Dump Biden

‘Lessons In Liberty’ Helps Us Work Like James Madison, Think Like Clara Barton, And Multitask Like RBG

Biden Pressers Confirm ‘Get Trump’ Lawfare Is A Campaign Stunt

Trump Hush-Money Trial in Jury’s Hands after Heated Marathon Closing Arguments Wrap Up

Democrats Will Blame America If Biden Loses

The Tawdriest Political Dirty Trick

The Cat Is Out of the Bragg

Biden’s Gaza Pier Is the Disaster We Were Expecting

Did Israel’s Knee-Jerk Critics Get It Wrong in Rafah?

Harvard Will No Longer Make Official Political Statements

Protect Women’s Sports from Transgender ‘Inclusion’

Merchan and Bragg Fashion a Vague Fraud Instruction to Convict Trump

Who Cares What President Biden Thinks about Trump’s Trial?

Another Violation of Trump’s Constitutional Rights in the Bragg Case

Mother of Hunter Biden’s Illegitimate Daughter to Publish Tell-All Memoir ahead of Dem Convention

Joe Biden Can’t Help Himself

Three Giant Lies

It’s Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry

The EMP Threat

Covid Subcommittee Investigating Public-Health Officials’ Attempts to Dodge FOIA Requests

You’d Boo, Too

Did Robert De Niro Forget Who Michael Cohen Is?

Zelensky and the Question of Elections during Wartime

Judge Refuses to Gag Trump in Classified-Documents Case, Calls Out Prosecutors for Failing to Meet ‘Basic’ Requirements

The World Needs the West

The Myth of Rural Rage

Biden, Not Trump, Has the Abnormal Presidency

 Biden Makes a ‘Guerrilla-Style’ Pivot on the Trump Trial

 The List of Schemes & Hoaxes Trump Is Up Against

 Biden’s Cash Advantage May Be Meaningless

 Ukraine Depends on Our Long-Term Commitment

 America’s Declining Power & the Emerging Multipolar World

 AI Tools Are Still Being Shaped by Human Beings

 One Explanation for the 2024 Election's Biggest Mystery

 Sorry, Biden--Voters Won't Ignore Failed Policies

 High Rents, Home Prices May Be Pivotal in Election

 Why Libertarians Should've Nominated Trump

 From the Baby Boom to the Baby Bust

 DEI Doesn't Belong in the American Workplace

 A Reset for America and Mexico?

 Revisiting Peter Thiel's Prophetic 2016 RNC Speech

 Biden’s age, broken promises chase away young voters that Democrats count on

Trump team tells jury that Michael Cohen’s lies, prosecutors’ wild theories don’t add up to a crime

Jamaal Bowman shrugs off setbacks for far left, banks on grassroots to win primary battle

What would Xi do? Artificial intelligence makes an educated guess

Congress makes it virtually impossible to track celebrities’ private jets

Biden team rolls out De Niro, ex-Capitol police to slam Trump outside courthouse

Richard Dreyfuss’ comments about women, LGBTQ+ people and diversity lead venue to apologize

Memorial Day messages from Democrat lawmakers mix up military observances

Speaker Johnson bashes White House for ‘terrible decision’ not to back ICC sanctions

Biden nominates judge who put transgender rapist in women’s prison

Judge rejects special counsel Jack Smith’s move to muzzle Trump

Trump harms Freedom Caucus chair Bob Good’s reelection hopes by endorsing primary opponent

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan wins GOP primary runoff, fending off anger over impeachment

Biden team ramps up focus on Trump’s legal baggage, Jan. 6 ties

Strapped for cash, college undergraduates form labor unions

Big drop in wind speeds across U.S. saps electricity generated from wind farms

South American gangs using U.S. immigration law to create burglary ‘industry’

Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis barred from practicing in Colorado for three years

Is Joe Biden's $320 Million Gaza Pier Sinking? What We Know 


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Chatham DA's integrity team reviews potential wrongful convictions

Visitors get up-close look at B-17 Flying Fortress "Sentimental Journey" 

Hampton Co. Sheriff’s Office recovers drowning victim

Memorial Day: Savannah veteran honors fallen granddaughter

New Johnny Mercer Blvd. traffic light draws mixed reaction

Savannah Police officer involved in crash

Program offers free summer meals in Lowcountry

Travelers experience delays at Savannah-Hilton Head Airport after Memorial Day Weekend

Flights diverted to Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport after severe thunderstorms impact Atlanta

Netanyahu accepts 'tragic mistake' after dozens killed in Gaza city...

Israel, Egypt Troops Exchange Fire...

As USA remembers fallen soldiers, Trump calls his opponents 'scum'...

Richard Dreyfuss sparks outrage for 'sexist and homophobic' remarks...

Takes Stage At 'JAWS' Screening Wearing Dress...

Trans Activists Quietly Build ‘Gender-Affirming’ Monopoly On Centers For Abused Children

D-Day at 80: How the Allies Won at Normandy and Changed History

270 Years Ago: George Washington at Jumonville Glen

Remember the Fallen

Joe Biden Visits Daughter-in-Law Hallie Ahead of Testimony at Hunter Biden’s Gun Trial

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Shut Down Sacramento Memorial Day Service

‘I Am Mother!’

Be Careful What You Wish for, James Cameron

Trump Lawyers Attempt to Block U.S. Sale, Distribution of New Biopic Critical of Former President

Another Leftist Myth Exploded

Iranian Uranium Stockpiles Increased and Enriched to Weapons-Grade Levels, U.N. Report Finds

Don’t Forget the Purpose of Memorial Day

America Still Has Heroes

 Minority Voters Bolting From Biden a Disaster for Dems

 It's the Cost of Living, Stupid!

 Buttigieg Blames Increase in Turbulence on Climate Change

 The Dems in 2024: Fear Trump - Or Bust

 Trump's Multiracial Optimism Beats Biden's Anger

 A Walk in Arlington

 Legal experts tell how judge has helped prosecutors in Trump’s trial

Congress preps for drama with spending, farm bill, Pentagon policy amid election-year bombast

U.S. gun-makers ask Supreme Court to block Mexico’s claims they’re responsible for cartel violence

The personality cult of Kim Jong-un: North Korean leader elevates himself with portraits, songs

Memorial Day messages from Democrat lawmakers mix up military observances

‘It’s overwhelming’: Soldiers honor fallen heroes at Arlington’s Memorial Day ‘Flags In’ tradition

Biden visits Hunter Biden’s ex before she testifies in son’s gun trial

GOP tees up next round of spending bills, but roadblocks and pitfalls abound

Progressives press Biden to withhold Israel aid over deadly Rafah strike

‘Squad’ member Bowman says ‘hell no’ to attending Netanyahu’s address to Congress

A message from the Bronx for Donald Trump

Intelligence officials’ lack of business expertise jeopardizing America’s economic security

Communities across country reclaim Indian nicknames, iconography as pendulum swings back

Joe and Hunter Biden used a visit to Sandy Hook memorial service to set up secret meet with Chinese over $10m-a-year deal, new emails reveal

Judgment week: How prosecutors will use the ‘other crime’ against Trump

NYC flooded with illegal flavored vapes from China despite ban to protect kids: study


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

One woman dead following early morning shooting

Swimmer dies at Glynn County beach

FBI offering $10,000 for info on Ellis Square shooting

Veterans remember comrades by placing Flags for the Fallen

First Alert: A few strong storms are possible this evening

Hampton Co. Sheriff’s Office searching for drowning victim at Stokes Bluff Landing

Braves star Ronald Acuña Jr. to miss the rest of the season after tearing his left ACL

Acuña departs with torn ACL as Sale, Braves top Pirates 8-1

HOLIDAY SHOCK: At least 14 dead, dozens injured, as tornadoes leave destruction in TX and OK...


Hush Money Verdict Set to Shape Summer of Presidential Politics...

Judge Judy delivers scathing verdict about out-of-control crime...

CARVILLE UNLEASHED: 'Democrat Messaging is Full of Sh*t!'

Sex abuse within spiritual healing industry comes to light...

Israeli Proceeds Into Rafah Despite World Court Ruling...

UPDATE: Hamas fires missiles at Tel Aviv for first time in months...

The Massive Immigration Wave Hitting America's Classrooms...



AGAIN: Severe turbulence on flight leaves 12 hurt...

'Climate change' Buttigieg says...

PGA Tour star Grayson Murray, 30, dies by suicide...

America Has Become The Land Of The Selfish, Home Of The Indoctrinated

Public Elementary Schools Deploy Leftists’ Favorite DEI Terms — And Refuse To Define Them

A Federal ‘Clawback Clause’ Would Ensure We Never Get Another Fauci, Collins, Or Walensky

This Memorial Day, Remember The Fallen, Like This Farm Boy From North Carolina

America Is Still Worth Fighting For

The Unknown Soldier’s Name May Be Forgotten, But His Sacrifice Should Not

‘We Need Trump To Fix This’: New Yorkers Slam Bidenflation, Border Crisis, And Lawfare At Bronx Rally

How Merchan Enabled Prosecutors’ Effort to Convict Trump Based on Improper Evidence

The Brave Patriots Who Helped Save Europe from Hitler

List of Top 100 Albums Compares Apples to Oranges

An Ominous Precedent for the Left’s Politicization of the Military

Major Teachers’ Union Polls Members on Extreme Political Stances: Is Trump a ‘Bully and a Racist’?

Merit Must Trump DEI in Medical Education

Trump Booed at Libertarian National Convention

Dem Senators Demand Meeting with Chief Justice Roberts over Flag Furor

The Alito Flag Nonsense

The Flag Furor Is an Appeal to Stupidity

Smith Responds to Trump’s Absurd Lethal-Force Rant with Absurd Gag-Order Motion

Where’s the Jury Charge?

Trump’s New New Majority

How to Save Universities from Chaos

A Heretic in the Sorority

And the Winner Is . . .

Rashida Tlaib Urges ‘Red Line’ on Israel at Conference Tied to Terrorist Groups

Sunak’s Campaign: From Bad to Worse

The Government Spending Spree Is Hurting Those It’s Meant to Help

The Illinois Chemical Abortion Free-for-All Puts Women in Danger

Biden Tells West Point Grads He’s ‘Determined’ to Keep American Soldiers Out of Ukraine

Memorial Day: We Must Avoid World War III

 After Klaus Schwab, Will the WEF Move to the Right?

 'Biden Didn't Come': Trump Makes Foray Into Dem Turf

 Trump's Multiracial Optimism Beats Biden's Anger

 Libertarians Can't Afford to be Fussy About Donald Trump

 Hack Files: The Truth Is Out There (Just Not in Psaki's Book)

 On Memorial Day, Remembering the Rescuers

 The Speech Biden Didn't Give at Morehouse College

 Meltdown in Florida

 Sharper-Edged Fetterman Keeps Picking Fights With the Left

 What Hamas Called Its Female Captives, and Why It Matters

 Biden Makes a Mockery of Gender Equality

 Chinese war games near Taiwan show new details of attack plans

‘It’s overwhelming’: Soldiers honor fallen heroes at Arlington’s Memorial Day ‘Flags In’ tradition

Sen. Tim Scott says Biden ‘resegregated’ schools by not confronting teachers unions

U.S. gun-makers ask Supreme Court to block Mexico’s claims they’re responsible for cartel violence

Tester hanging on in tight race that could flip control of Senate

Sen. Tom Cotton joins Trump’s short list of potential running mates

This Memorial Day, let the memory of the fallen fuel action in the present

Richard M. Sherman, who fueled Disney charm in ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘It’s a Small World,’ dies at 95

Alaskans outraged after crew reportedly prevented from flying U.S. flag at Denali National Park

TSA says record broken for most passengers screened at U.S. airports

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor says she sometimes cries over rulings made by conservative-majority court and hints more right-wing bombshells are to come

Federal government backs down, allows Virginia Knights to hold annual Memorial Day Mass 

“The Laptop is Real”: Justice Department Denounces Claims of Russian Disinformation as a Biden “Conspiracy Theory”


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Two former Savannah officers indicted on perjury, violation of oath

Boat safety experts issue recommendations ahead of…

Catholic War Veterans place crosses to honor veterans for Memorial Day 

Make your plans to honor the fallen on Memorial Day Weekend

Another arrest after woman found tied up in Jasper Co.

2 former SPD officers indicted

Wayne Co. Sheriff’s Office under fire after boy’s death

Victim of fatal Norwood Ave. hit-and-run identified

Glynn County PD investigates toddler’s death

Poll: Mace holds wide lead in SC-01 GOP primary race

 Ramp from I-95 North to Pooler Parkway back open after tractor trailer overturned


UPDATE: China launches 'punishment' war games around Taiwan...

Unveils robot dogs with mounted machine guns...



Arizona lawmaker says ChatGPT helped draft new deepfake law!

Trump veepstakes verve: Contenders create media boomlets with leaks and manipulation...

Republican senators plan to skip convention...

Newest SF business? Banned books and naked booksellers...

Pope clears way for 'God's influencer' to become a saint...

POLL: America's Most Trusted News Anchors...

Biden Campaign Quietly Meets With Haley Supporters...

Joe's overtime pay rule challenged by business groups...

MEDIA MATTERS hit with sweeping layoffs after defamation suit by Musk, federal probes...

Comey Predicts The Don WILL Be Convicted in NY Trial...

'Case much stronger than I imagined'...

$100 Million Box Office Openers Vanish This Year...

Only 1 in 4 say college degree worth it...

Why have rates of ADHD in kids gotten so high?

Who’s Watching The Federal Government’s Joke Of A Watchdog System?

Will Racial Paranoia Still Work For Democrats In 2024?

Top Republican Senators Reveal John Kerry Blocked FBI Arrests Of Iranian Terrorists

Black People Can Still Be Black If They Don’t Vote For Joe Biden (Or At All)

If You’re Pro-Life And Pro-Family, You Can’t Be Pro-IVF

10 Times Biden’s White House Tried To Clean Up His Disastrous NAACP Speech

If The Judges In RFK’s Censorship Case Were Really Liberal, They’d Defend Free Speech

Will The Censorship Regime Transform America Into Soviet Russia?

Biden’s Border Invasion Is Putting U.S. Service Members’ Lives At Risk

Kyle Larson’s Memorial Weekend ‘Double’ Attempt Is A Tribute To Old School Racers

Ethan Hawke Warns Not To ‘Throw Away’ Geniuses Like Flannery O’Connor

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Deserves To Be On The Presidential Debate Stage

How The Media Are Lying Right Now: Getting Poorer Under Biden’s Economy Is All In Your Head

The Top 11 Flags You Should Fly To Trigger Communist Enemies Of The People

Lawsuit: Fulton County Election Board Wrongfully Withholding Records From GOP Member

Biden Lauches Largest Attack Yet On American Coal With New Lease Ban In Powder River Basin

The Flag Furor Is an Appeal to Stupidity

The Supreme Court Gets Slightly Less Nonsensical about Race and Redistricting

Is the Anti-Woke Backlash upon Us?

UNC System Board of Governors Votes to Dismantle $91 Million DEI Bureaucracy

UNC System Board of Governors Votes to Dismantle $91 Million DEI Bureaucracy

DEI Will Destroy Our Trust in Doctors

Louisiana Legislature Passes Bill Designating Abortion Pills as Controlled Dangerous Substances

Chinese Government Shocked to Learn They Can’t Trust the Taliban

Are the Symbols of American Patriotism All Right-Wing?

Don’t Look Now, but the Alito Flag Story Just Got Even Dumber

Remember What’s Behind the Alito Attacks

It Would Be Easier to Stop Worrying about AI If Its Apostles Weren’t So Creepy

A Heretic in the Sorority

First Reagan Trailer Drops, with Dennis Quaid Starring as the 40th President

The Trojan Horse of ‘Ethnic Studies’

Newsom Signs Law Temporarily Allowing Arizona Abortionists to Perform Procedure in California

You Can’t Have That Flag, It’s Mine

Northwestern President Schill Contradicts Himself, Refuses to Answer Questions in Contentious Antisemitism Hearing

Hundreds of Harvard Students, Faculty Walk Out of Commencement Ceremony to Protest Israel

Too Many Climate Scientists Confuse ‘Science’ with Activism

DOJ Prosecutors Insist on Authenticity of Hunter Biden Laptop, Will Use Data as Evidence at Gun Trial

It's Time To Punish Those Who Violate FOIA

 The Right Stuff for the Left

 Biden's Tax Deception

 ATF director questioned by US lawmakers on deadly March raid

ATF director questioned on March raid of home of Little Rock airport executive Bryan Malinowski

U.S. House subcommittee hears testimony on ATF raid that killed Little Rock airport director

Why Did Google Ban Winslow Homer?

 Glenn Loury Goes Right, Left and Back Again

 In Bronx rally, Trump says Biden policies have ‘slaughtered’ Black and Hispanic Americans

‘A difficult position’: Colleges sued by pro-Palestinian, pro-Israel protesters over First Amendment

Intelligence officials’ lack of business expertise jeopardizing America’s economic security

Chiefs’ quarterback, coach, owner’s wife defend Butker after commencement speech

NBA great Dwyane Wade launches Translatable, an online community supporting transgender youth

House GOP to press spy agencies for report on corruption among China’s leaders

Biden stumbles through press conference with Kenyan president: ‘What was my question?’

Trump said to be ‘excited’ about Florida Sen. Rick Scott’s bid to replace McConnell as GOP leader

‘Ron, I love that you’re back’: Trump and DeSantis put an often personal primary fight behind them

Death of American staple as CEO tanks her own company's stock by announcing they're 'not as relevant' anymore

Caitlin Clark’s popularity is about ‘White privilege’ and ‘pretty privilege’: host of ‘The View’

Michelle Beadle rips Harrison Butker over his controversial speech: ‘Go f–k yourself’

US service member critically injured, airlifted to Israel while working on Gaza aid pier


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Richard Coleman wins Democratic Primary for Chatham County Sheriff

Ben Watson defeats Republican challenger by more than 1…

Shalena Cook Jones wins Democratic Primary for Chatham District Attorney 

Campbell upsets Johnson, wins SCCPSS District 7 school board race 

Savannah Goodwill meeting also spotlights 'underrepresented workgroups' 

Letter: We need to prioritize affordable housing over another hotel 

Pentagon Tacitly Admits Biden’s Gaza Pier Stunt Is A Total Failure

Jason Smith: New Whistleblower Documents Show Hunter Biden Lied To Congress

AOC Admits Lawfare Is An ‘Ankle Bracelet’ Keeping Trump From Campaign Trail

Why Is Indiana’s Secretary Of State Partnering With ‘Nerve Center’ Of Federal Censorship?

Trump Can’t ‘Drain The Swamp’ If He Keeps Endorsing Its Worst Offenders

AP Admits Noncitizens Vote In U.S. Elections While Insisting It’s No Big Deal

If The Judges In RFK’s Censorship Case Were Really Liberal, They’d Defend Free Speech

Why All Christians Should Care About The Left’s Latin Mass Phobia

Tucker Slams Newsweek Smear As Scheme To Restart Government Surveillance

Biden’s Abortion Extremism Is A Vulnerability Trump Should Expose

Pelosi, Biden, And Other Democrat Elites Anoint Themselves To Make Decisions For The Rest Of Us

This Trans Athlete Has Beaten Girls 700 Times Thanks To Democrat Policies

Chicago Council Votes to Block Mayor Brandon Johnson from Eliminating ShotSpotter Citywide

Don’t Look Now, but the Alito Flag Story Just Got Even Dumber

Trump’s Lethal Farce

New Whistleblower Documents Blow Holes in Hunter Biden’s Congressional Testimony

Whistleblowers Allege John Kerry Blocked FBI from Arresting Iranian Agents on U.S. Soil while Obama Admin Secretary of State

Nikki Haley Says She Will Vote for Trump

Joe Biden’s Anti-Israel Friends Prove More Trouble Than They’re Worth

It Would Be Easier to Stop Worrying about AI If Its Apostles Weren’t So Creepy

Families of Hostages Release Horrifying Video of Hamas Kidnapping Female Soldiers

Ireland, Spain, Norway Recognize Palestinian State

Netanyahu Slams ICC Prosecutor over War-Crimes Warrant

Trump’s Veep Pick: It Won’t Be Pence Again but Could Be Pompeo

Dark Brandon Looks to Hire a ‘Meme Manager’

Two Views of Sustainability

Trump’s Petite Personal Printer

‘Not My Choice’: Ohio Secretary of State Warns Biden Risks Losing Ballot Access Due to Statutory Deadline

The Fall of the ‘Nones’?

Fauci Lieutenant Intentionally Hid Emails to Avoid Transparency, Coronavirus Subcommittee Memo Shows

Florida Senator Rick Scott Enters Competitive Race to Succeed Retiring GOP Leader Mitch McConnell

UCLA Police Chief Reassigned over Handling of Anti-Israel Protest Violence

Gallagher Thanks Communist China for Its Recognition of His Work

Judge Delays Hunter Biden Tax Trial to September as Gun Trial Looms

After Raisi’s Death, What’s Next for Iran?

The Real Choice in 2024? Civil Society or None

 Biden Can't Blow the Debates

 Biden Not Fooling Voters on Economy

 For Independent Voters, a 'Lesser of Two Evils' Election

 State Dept: 'Atheism Grant May Have Been Misused

 The Economy Is Good, But Biden Must Focus on Character

 Trump’s Great Week & Biden’s Debate Desperation

 What I Saw at the Trump Trial Shocked Me

 Lawmakers say newly released documents show Hunter Biden lied to Congress

Democratic Party’s progressive left tanks in Oregon as deep-blue voters inch right

Chiefs’ Mahomes supports teammate Butker amid controversy: ‘I know what kind of person he is’

Strapped for cash, college undergraduates form labor unions

Rick Scott enters Senate GOP leader race as right-wing alternative to replace Mitch McConnell

Bipartisan House bill seeks to increase presidential transparency

Biden celebrates confirmation of his 200th judge

Trump claims Biden was ‘ready to take me out’ in Mar-a-Lago raid

Biden cancels $7.7 billion in student loans for 160,000 borrowers in latest debt forgiveness


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Follow live updates for primary contests in Chatham, Bryan, Effingham counties

Chatham voters overwhelming support Coroner David Campbell in Dem primary

Low voter turnout in Bryan, Effingham counties as residents decide races

RESULTS: Georgia general primary election

SPD looking for missing man

Appling County falls in state championship game

SPD searching for missing East Side woman

Multiple defendants prosecuted on federal firearms, …

“There’s more to the story”: Jesup community pleading for answers following 8-year-old’s death

City releases update on victims from Saturday’s mass shooting in Ellis Square

Three Bluffton Police officers, department employee under investigation

Low voter turnout seen in Chatham Co. for Georgia primary elections

Judge rules in favor of city of Pooler in lawsuit against former manager

Georgia Southern Athletics receives $3 million donation, renaming field inside Paulson Stadium



GOOGLE cuts mystery check to Feds in bid to sidestep jury trial over ad biz...

BUTCHER'S FAREWELL: 3-DAY funeral for Iran president begins amid fears of crackdown...

Death met by muted mourning...

In the House of Psychiatry, Jarring Tale of Violence...

Judge Sees Nothing Wrong With Leftist Voter Drives On Wisconsin College Campus

Target Will Only Learn Its Lesson On Radical LGBT Activism If We Keep The Boycott Going

Gov. Landry Won’t Say If He’ll Sign A Bill Shielding Louisiana’s Elections From Ranked-Choice Voting

Complaint: Illegal Memo Lets People Who Fail ID Checks Onto Pennsylvania’s Voter Rolls Anyway

Outrage Grows Over ‘Incredible Disaster’ Requiring Absentee Wisconsinites To Commit Fraud Or Not Vote

Court Rules Schools Can Force LGBT Ideology On Kids Against Parents’ Religious Objections

If American Institutions Were Morally Neutral, Harrison Butker Wouldn’t Have Struck A Nerve

National Women’s Law Center Sides Against The Female Athletes Suing NCAA For Trans Insanity

U.S. Government Gave Over $1.5 Million To Nonprofit With Ties To Palestinian Pro-Terror Universities

Want To Protect Children Online? Target The Porn Distributors

John Fetterman Is Right: The House Is a Circus Overstocked with Clowns

Trump Campaign Bringing on Corey Lewandowski for GOP Convention

New York Times Op-Ed: Does Clarence Thomas Love His Wife Too Much?

Food Aid to Gaza Is Getting Stolen as Fast as It Can Be Delivered

‘Pack of Lies’: Netanyahu Slams ‘Rogue’ ICC Prosecutor over War-Crimes Warrant

The Road to . . . Fascism?

Fulton County DA Fani Willis Bests Democratic Primary Opponent

McKinsey-Tied Institute Advised China to ‘Vigorously Promote’ Military-Tech Program

Justice Alito Well Within His Rights to Sell Cratering Bud Light Stock, Legal-Ethics Experts Say

Remember What’s Behind the Alito Attacks

BREAKING: Justice Alito Once Cut in Line at the Alexandria, Va., Safeway

The NFL Doesn’t Need to Ref Its Players’ Religious Views

Joe Biden’s Bleak Verdict on America

Dark Brandon Looks to Hire a ‘Meme Manager’

Northwestern University Has Received Nearly $690 Million from Qatar: Report

Trump’s Social-Media Company Posts $327.6 Million Net Loss in First Quarter

American Bar Association, Law Schools Hit with Complaint over Racially Discriminatory Programs

Cooke: Alito Is Guilty of . . . Having Written the Majority Opinion in Dobbs

United Nations Headquarters Lowers Flag to Half-Mast to Honor Deceased Iranian President

The Trump Trial Suffers a Nervous Breakdown

 Is This the Start of an American Stasi?

 Liberals Sound the Alarm: Should Biden Step Aside?

 Trump looks to eat into Obama coalition with Bronx rally

DEI goes on defense as universities shutter diversity offices, ban ‘poisonous ideology’

Justice Alito could face congressional probe if Democrats take over, AOC warns

GOP pushes to sanction ICC for Israel ‘genocide’ warrant request, but Democrats noncommittal

Biden’s border bill loses Democratic support

California bill would require cars to beep at drivers for breaking the speed limit

California lawmaker Vince Fong wins special election to finish ousted House Speaker McCarthy’s term

House targets D.C. home rule by passing bill that would give Congress oversight on public safety

Tech leaders pledge allegiance to America in fight with China: ‘Silicon Valley’s neutrality is over’

Trump declines to testify as defense rests, jurors dismissed until after Memorial Day

Norway, Ireland and Spain say they are recognizing a Palestinian state in a historic move

DHS Shuts Down Partisan ‘Intelligence Experts’ Panel after Lawsuit from Conservative Legal Group

How Michael Cohen’s past lies make him a more credible witness


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Truck-charging facility rejected after getting $7.8 million from feds

Two Savannah-Chatham school board candidates drop out of…

Georgia native Will Moseley finishes American Idol as runner-up 

Letter: We need to prioritize affordable housing over another hotel 

On the Lookout: Police search for a suspect after weekend …

FBI and SPD establish Digital Media Tipline

Targeted shooting claims life of three in Colleton Co.

Savanah shootings spark fear among those in hospitality …

1 injured in shooting at Shell gas station on Ogeechee …

Call for prosecution amid weekend violence in Savannah

Four men federally indicted on attempted child sexual enticement charges




UPDATE: The internet is disappearing, study says...

Tehran blames USA sanctions...

Joe Rogan's most unhinged interview yet: Terrence Howard remembers his own birth; We're about to 'kill gravity'...

Expert warns Sweden on 'brink of civil war' as country gripped by migrant violence...

Realtors Partied, Spent Big and Lobbied Hard. Then It All Came Crashing Down...

Researcher Links OPENAI to Drug-Fueled Sex Parties...


Judge erupts at 'stare down' defense witness, clears court...



9/11 video alleges 'secret' new evidence in landmark case against hijackers...

What Army Is The ICC Sending To Arrest Benjamin Netanyahu?

NBC News, New York Times Replay Russia Hoax For 2024 Election

Rubio Gives Masterclass On Parrying Media Hacks’ Dishonest Election Questions

Marred By Lobbying Conflicts, Georgia Election Board Member Resigns

The Only Discernible Crime In Trump Trial Is Michael Cohen Admitting To Stealing $30,000

GOP-Led Bill Protects IVF Industry But Not The Babies It Routinely Kills

I Researched Judicial Ethics Rules For Years. Here’s Why The Alito Recusal Calls Are Ridiculous

Justice Alito Becomes Latest Target Of Fabricated Controversies To Delegitimize SCOTUS

‘Quiet On Set’ Exposes How Pornography Inspired Abuse Of Nickelodeon Child Actors

If American Institutions Were Morally Neutral, Harrison Butker Wouldn’t Have Struck A Nerve

Court Rules Schools Can Force LGBT Ideology On Kids Against Parents’ Religious Objections

Whistleblowers File Bold Motion To Intervene In Hunter Biden’s Lawsuit Against IRS

Stop Putting Non-Models On Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covers

Is the Pope Catholic?

Remember What’s Behind the Alito Attacks

Trump vs. Biden, in One Simple Chart

Michael Cohen Admits to Stealing $30,000 from Trump Organization

Chicago Develops Exciting New Form of Gun Crime

Dear Hollywood, Stop Remaking Things You Can’t Improve

ChatGPT Removes Scarlett Johansson-Sounding Narrator after Actress Deploys Lawyers

MIT Hit with Civil-Rights Complaint over ‘Women of Color’ Mentorship Program

Oxford Has Two Liberated Zones

NSA Document Extract

Biden’s ‘Ironclad’ Promises to Israel Are Hollow

Sixty Minutes with the Pope Fractures Liberal Fantasies

X-Men ’97 Is One of Marvel’s Best Recent Efforts. Does Anyone Care?

An Activist Indiana Court Botches the Meaning of ‘Sandwich’

Is Reliably Dem Nevada Slipping From Biden’s Grasp?

 Three Reasons Black Voters Are Moving To Trump

 Trump’s Trials May Help, Not Hurt, His Shot at WH

 Biden, Fauci & Butker Deliver Starkly Different Speeches

 Family Wealth Soared Under Trump, Stagnated Under Biden

 Biden's Racist, Patronizing Speech to Morehouse Grads

 Even Some Dems Think Biden's Green Crusade Is Madness

Don’t Let the Media Lie to You About Election Integrity

 The Crisis of Confidence in Higher Education

 Higher Ed Has a Progressive Disease. Can It Be Reversed?

 Northwestern Received $4B From Taxpayers Since '18

 House may abandon plans to hold Garland in contempt of Congress

Former DHS disinfo chief says department can’t even agree on definition of disinformation

All people are ‘fundamentally good,’ Pope Francis tells CBS interviewer, stirring theological debate

Taiwan’s new president urges China to respect island, reminds global partners of its relevance

White House employees who campaign on government time can now face discipline

Communities across country reclaim Indian nicknames, iconography as pendulum swings back



Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Truck-charging facilty rejected after getting $7.8 million from feds

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson holds press conference to address weekend gun violence

Dispute leaves 11 injured in Ellis Square shooting

Targeted shooting claims life of three in Colleton Co.

W. 49th St. shooting claims life of juvenile

Pair of shootings leaves one dead and another injured

One arrested in connection with Waters Ave. shooting

Mayor holds press conference following weekend of …

15th Annual 200 Club Savannah Mile returns

Iran president dead in helicopter crash...

Theories swirl...




Giuliani's 80th birthday in Palm Beach ends with an indictment...

Guests scream and cry when he's served papers for AZ fake electors case...

Nick Fuentes blames his gay porn stream on IDF...

USA Fears Undersea Cables Vulnerable to Espionage From Chinese Repair Ships...


Reaganomics on Last Legs...

Dems AND Republicans Against Free Trade...

Reaganomics on Last Legs...

Dems AND Republicans Against Free Trade...

Exclusive: Wisconsin Judge Stops Elections Commission From ‘Fomenting Election Fraud’

This Week In Lawfare Land: Bragg’s ‘Star Witness’ Blows Up His Own Credibility

Former NIH Director Admits Government Was Top Source Of Covid Misinformation

Harrison Butker Is Right. We’ve Been Duped Into Sacrificing Womanhood For The Workplace

New York Times Frames Daniel Perry’s Just Pardon As Product Of Partisan Pressure Campaign

Should Biden Really Be Worried About Black Voters?

 How Lawfare Turned Trump Into a Superhero

 President Biden’s Voldemortian Theory of Privilege

 How Michael Cohen Became a Hero of the #Resistance

 Sorry, Biden's Inflation Numbers Totally Suck

 'Never Trump?' 'Never Biden' Voters Might Loom Larger

 Hamas Is Not Innocent of Sexual Violence

 Safetyism Fueled the Gaza Campus Protests

 House Republicans Should Heed Texas’ Warning On The Dangers Of Democrat-Driven ‘Bipartisanship’

TikTok’s ‘Attention Economy’ Warps Our Wallets And Brains

‘Zuckbucks’ Group Trains Election Offices On How To Put ‘Bidenbucks’ To Use

There’s No Such Thing As Good Masculine Male Characters In The Woke World Of Book Publishing

Covid Fearmongering Worked So Well, The Government Is Now Creating A Poultry Panic

Stand Firm, Boomers — the Student Protesters Actually Are Idiots

Jim Acosta and the Laziness of Elite Opinion

Ethanol Farmers Find a New Subsidy Savior

Anti-Israel Student Protesters Disrupt George Washington University Commencement

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Feared Dead after Helicopter Crashes, Makes ‘Difficult Landing’: Report

Jane Fonda ‘Cannot Believe There Is a Jane Fonda Day.’ Millions of Americans Can’t Either

Germany’s Woke Government Wavers as Islamists Declare Holy War

‘She Can Rest’: Shani Louk’s Body Recovered from Gaza in Time for Her Mother’s Birthday

First-Degree Criminal and Academic Mischief at Yale

Harvard Prevents Twelve Anti-Israel Protesters from Graduating at Commencement

Harrison Butker’s Grave Mistake concerning the Jews

Harrison Butker Is Right about Men and Women

Harrison Butker’s Speech Wasn’t for You

Back-to-Back Hunter Biden Trials Are a Big Political Problem for the President

Can the Tao Save Western Civilization? 

Seven States Most Likely To Flip in Biden-Trump Race



Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Chatham County Commission District 1 race features two longtime residents 

Whitfield House honored with preservation award from Historic Savannah Foundation 

Body of missing Wayne Co. juvenile located

SCAD Community Experiencing ‘Housing Crisis’

1 man injured after shooting on 59th St.

Local food bank gearing up for summer feeding program

New construction projects progressing on Victory Drive

Hometown Tour: Beach Bum Parade on Tybee Island

Local group works to tackle period poverty

Growing population could impact Chatham County schools

Upside-down US flag flew at home of Justice Alito after 2020 election...

Storms leave trail of damage in Houston... Developing...

SEX ON THE HILL: Republican congressman files for divorce amid rumored relationship with fellow House colleague...

Scorned wife offers cryptic text...

Harrison Butker Misses the Point

Supreme Court to Congress: The CFPB Is Your Problem

Surprise! The Anti-Israel Protesters Are Really Unpopular

California University President Placed on Leave after Approving Israel Boycott

Columbia Faculty Back ‘No-Confidence’ Motion against President Minouche Shafik

‘Team Ape’ Is Completely Awful

New China Committee Chair Urges Execs to Seize ‘Patriotic Opportunity’ to Compete with Beijing

A Chinese Takeover of Taiwan without Full Invasion Is Plausible and Scary

The Biden (and Trump) Debate High-Wire Act

Will Dems Do Something . . . Unconventional?

Nobody Cares about Your Political Endorsement

Representatives Lawler, Torres Pitch Antisemitism Monitors on College Campuses

My Columbia Education Is Not What I Expected

Defending Trump Is Not a Crime

Pro-Palestinian ‘Anarchists and Communists’ Claim Responsibility for Vandalism at University of California President’s Office

Elderly Jewish Man Sustained Injuries from Pro-Hamas Protester’s Bullhorn Strike before He Died, Medical Examiner Finds

Trump Defense Grills Michael Cohen About Criminal History, Lies to Undermine Credibility

If Joe Biden Is ‘Sharp As Ever,’ Why Is He Trying To Suppress The Hur Audio?

The NFL’s Condemnation Of Harrison Butker Exemplifies The Left’s Anti-Christian Bigotry

Republicans To Small Business Administration On ‘Bidenbucks’ Coverup: Stop Stonewalling

Air Force Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ Amidst ‘Worst’ Recruiting Crisis In Modern History

Monte Warden And The Dangerous Few’s ‘Jackpot!’ Is The Most Compelling Album Of The Year

Biden’s Tariffs Are Bad. Biden’s Tariffs Coupled With EV Mandates Are Even Worse

Judge Orders Redo Of 2022 Judicial Race In Texas After More Than 1,400 Illegal Votes Cast

More Chinese Nationals Illegally Entered The U.S. In Two Days This Month Than In All Of 2021

There’s No Such Thing As Good Masculine Male Characters In The Woke World Of Book Publishing

Covid Fearmongering Worked So Well, The Government Is Now Creating A Poultry Panic

Russia Hoaxer Jake Tapper Is The Perfect Partisan Hack To Give Biden A Debate Edge

HHS Secretary Admits The Feds Will Punish Hospitals That Resist Trans Mutilation

Biden Fundraises Off Lawfare Circus After Taunting Trump For Being Stuck In Court

MIT Breaks With DEI Insanity In Faculty Hiring, But Is It Too Late?

House panel holds Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress over Hur tapes

Trump says he wants RFK Jr. to join him and Biden on debate stage if he qualifies

Sailor killed in Pearl Harbor attack finally identified, laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery

Billions in federal COVID money can’t save rural private colleges from shutting down

Supreme Court rules CFPB funding structure is lawful, jarring attempt to undo Wall Street cop

Hogan embraces pro-choice label, vows to restore Roe-protected abortion rights into federal law

Migrants caught making incursion at Marine Corps Base Quantico were Jordanians, DHS says

Missouri AG opens probe into Kansas City’s ‘retaliatory’ post doxxing Chiefs’ Harrison Butker

Chargers mock Chiefs’ Harrison Butker over commencement speech at Catholic college

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck reportedly ‘headed for divorce,’ he ‘already moved out’

Biden should have ‘immediately’ pardoned Trump, Sen. Mitt Romney says

Trump: My only crime was beating Hillary Clinton

States ask for federal help to block noncitizen voting


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Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Savannah's southside is set for a new rec center. Conflict rises over where

Savannah's manufacturing workforce planning still a work…

Letter: State Senator Watson is the definition of a…

Statesboro church embraces 'creation care' with solar power 

Publix at Twelve Oaks all clear after bomb threat

New construction projects progressing on Victory Drive

Man injured in E 39th Street shooting

Father survives medical emergency with help from son

Statesboro proposes $1.7M budget to come from property …

Man pleads guilty in theft of Arnold Palmer’s Masters …

Fort Stewart to celebrate the return of the 3rd ID from Poland

National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force gets approval for expansion

Hundreds seek employment at Bryan County Job Palooza




Grocery prices fall for first time in year...

MSNBC's Leftward Tilt Delivers Ratings, and Complications...

PAPER: David Copperfield accused of sexual misconduct by 16 women...


Top exec quits Tucker Carlson's company...

'SOUTH PARK' to Tackle Ozempic Craze...

Vietnamese groups furious over 'Jane Fonda Day' in LA...

THE MESSENGER Crashed and Burned -- Now the CEO's Back at It...

Biden’s Debate Demands Show His Weakness. Trump Can Capitalize On It

Anti-Trump DOJ Officials Prepare Attacks On His Appointees During Election Year

In Nevada’s Biggest County, Nearly 40,000 Ballots Counted Despite Arriving After Election Day 2022

Communists Cheer Ranked-Choice Voting As A Weapon For Defeating Conservatives

Republicans Need To Chase Ballots From Every Low-Turnout Voter Who Polls For Trump

When I Went To The Doctor For Kidney Stones, She Cared More About Pronouns Than Patient Care

WaPo Opinion Editor Upset Lawfare Trials Aren’t Kneecapping Trump As Intended

Obama-Appointed Judge Smacks Down Marc Elias’ ‘Absurd’ Election Lawfare

HHS Strips EcoHealth Alliance Of Federal Funds Over Reckless Coronavirus Research

Ohio Moves To Clean Voter Rolls After Finding 137 Foreigners Registered To Vote

Biden Campaign Lies To Cover Up The Democrat President’s Unpopular Abortion Extremism

Should the Republican Party Be Jailed en Masse?

Cohen Is a Two-Edged Sword for Trump

Nonprofit Tied to Wuhan Lab Cut Off from Taxpayer Funding

It’s Good News That Trump and Biden Have Agreed to Debate

Biden Says He’ll Debate Trump. Don’t Hold Your Breath

About That New King Charles Portrait . . .

New Jersey Senate Cancels Antisemitism Bill Hearing Due to ‘Safety Concerns’

Barge Strikes Galveston Bridge, Causing Oil Spill and Traffic Shutdown

Anti-Israel Campus LARPing Is Not ‘The New Jewishness’

Democratic Senator Bob Casey Outrunning Biden in Pennsylvania, for Now

A MAGA Faceplant in Nebraska

Biden to Trump on Debates: ‘Make My Day, Pal!’

Biden Continues to Lie That the Inflation Rate ‘Was at 9 Percent When I Came In’

Biden’s Nonsensical China Tariffs

House Passes D.C. Crime Bill Giving Congress More Control over Crime Oversight

Representatives Lawler, Torres Pitch Antisemitism Monitors on College Campuses

Arizona Senate Postpones Considering Republican-Backed Immigration Ballot Measure

Cynical WaPo Tells Biden: Beating Trump All That Matters

 Biden’s Poll Denial: Why He Doesn't Believe He's Behind

 GOP Chances of Winning the Senate Just Skyrocketed

 Biden's Weakness With Young Voters Isn't About Gaza

 The Trial Still in Search of a Crime

 To the Class of 2024: You Are All Diseased

 It’s On (for Now): Biden and Trump Agree to 2 Debates

 Dems Really Hate Americans. Here's the Proof

 Was Trump's NJ Rally a 4D Chess Move?

 Think Corporate Greed Is Leading Cause of Inflation? Think Again

 Bidenflation Is Pushing Small Businesses to the Brink

 The Unbearable Lightness of Anti-Zionism

 Why Biden Can't Be Trusted To Take on Anti-Semitism

 The Myth of Student Protest

 ‘Police Week’ shines spotlight on the left’s retreat from ‘Defund the Police’ movement

House targets D.C. home rule by passing bill that would give Congress oversight on public safety

Intelligence agencies warn of election threats from active Russia, aggressive Iran

Smoked: Jon Stewart says Nancy Pelosi getting away with ‘legal corruption’

Jets star Aaron Rodgers said he ‘definitely’ considered being RFK Jr.’s VP

Court rejects Maryland parents’ objections to LGBTQ books in elementary school classes

Paris 2024 Olympics introduces ‘anti-sex’ beds allegedly to deter intimacy among athletes

Communities across country reclaim Indian nicknames, iconography as pendulum swings back

GOP leaders clash with Secret Service over ‘protest trap’ near Republican National Convention site

Communities across country reclaim Indian nicknames, iconography as pendulum swings back

CDC: Drug overdose deaths fell last year for the first time since 2018

Border cools as migrants use Biden ‘parole’ to enter elsewhere

Michael Cohen’s former lawyer accused him of lying on stand about payment to Stormy Daniels

Charity born from a nonprofit covers legal fees for Trump co-defendants in Georgia

U.S. military: Gaza Strip pier project completed, aid to soon flow as Israel-Hamas war rages on

U.S., Japan move ahead in co-developing hypersonic weapons interceptor as regional threats grow

Rural America Won’t Be Spared During Biden’s Immigration Crisis

They Spent $29,284 per Pupil, but Only 28% of Eighth Graders Rated Proficient in Math

First Quarter of 2024 Stokes Fears That the Economy Is in a Period of Stagflation

Someone’s Going to Have to Pay a Lot for Your Social Security

Supreme Court to Make Significant Rulings on Power of Administrative State, Presidential Immunity, More

Anti-abortion activist who led a clinic blockade is sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Residences at future Ritz-Carlton in downtown Savannah are closer to reality

Jimmy Carter's grandson says the former president is 'coming to the end'

Waiver to end for SAT, ACT scores for admissions to Georgia universities

16-year-old arrested for death of 14-year-old in Pembroke

Storms could bring severe weather to Savannah area…

Kickoff time, TV announced for Georgia football vs. Clemson opener 

Will Savannah ban horse-drawn carriages?

Chatham Co. seeing low early voter turnout as time ticks

Man injured in E 39th Street shooting

Half of Savannah St. Jude Dream Home tickets are gone!

4 dead in Georgia after crash

Teen arrested in fatal shooting of 14-year-old in Pembroke

CAT needs public opinion regarding new maintenance facility

Longtime local law enforcement officer dies at 69

Coastal Health District to offer free vaccines for uninsured, underinsured adults

Powell admits inflation HIGHER than thought...






The increasingly embarrassing details at Trump trial...

DISNEY Boss Iger Makes Rare Pitch To Advertisers In NYC As TV Viewing Crashes...

KRISTOF v KAHN? Famed NYT journo says press 'shouldn't be neutral' on democracy...

Florida Dentist Who Called for Death of Jews Could Lose His License...

Peru officially classifies trans people as 'mentally ill'...

Why being a 'man's man' could add years to your life...


Tim Cook Running Out of Ideas?

US suffers radio blackouts after being hit by ANOTHER solar storm, NOAA says...

Parts of Paris will be off-limits without QR code this summer...

Gayle King graces SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit cover at AGE 69...

Taylor Swift worship service at church!

Paris Hilton admits she wore prosthetic baby bump while her surrogate was pregnant...

Biden’s Incompetence Is Outstripping Voters’ Fear Of Trump

Hunter Biden IRS Whistleblowers Aren’t Under Investigation, So Why Did Weiss Suggest They Were?

Super Bowl Champ Harrison Butker Slams ‘Delusional’ Biden Over Abortion Extremism

Republicans Need To Show Up To Trump’s Manhattan Lawfare Trial Every Day

Here’s How The Media Are Lying Right Now: Imaginary ‘Chaos’ Vs. Real Chaos

Since Biden Inherited The Trump Boom, The Whole Economy’s Gone Bust

RNC Has Few Operatives On The Ground In Swing States, Local GOP Leaders Say

New Biden Rule Aims To Entrench The Deep State Forever

Don’t Buy The Media’s Spin About Illegal Border Crossings Being Down

How College Student Voters Could Blow Up Democrats’ Ballot-Harvesting Election Ploy

When SCOTUS Nuked Affirmative Action, Universities Just Took It Underground

Peaceful Pro-Lifer Gets Years In Prison After Biden DOJ Targeted Her Under FACE Act

Democrats Can’t Force Employees To Use Transgender Pronouns, 18-State Lawsuit Says

Apple’s ‘Crushing’ Of The Good And Beautiful Is Step One In Demanding Our Compliance

What Must the Jury Be Thinking about Why Trump Is on Trial?

Why the U.N.’s Gaza Casualty Figures Were So Off

Governor Jim Justice Cruises to Victory in West Virginia’s GOP Senate Primary

Alsobrooks Wins Maryland Democratic Senate Primary, Will Face Hogan in November

The Revolution Is Catered

What Made the Onion Funny

Biden Continues to Lie That the Inflation Rate ‘Was at 9 Percent When I Came In’

The Biden Campaign’s Unconvincing Theory of the Race

The Biden Administration’s Commitment to Self-Sabotage

The U.N.’s ‘Palestine’ Vote: Tinker Bell at Turtle Bay

Jim Justice Looks Poised to Crush Alex Mooney in Today’s West Virginia Senate Primary

Trump to Fundraise in Manhattan Tuesday Evening

The NYT/Siena Poll Leaves Biden Holding Only Low Cards

A President Who Cannot Conceive of Victory

Biden Has Disastrously Misplayed the Politics of Gaza

Trump Defense Team Presses Michael Cohen on Anti-Trump Commentary, Past Relationship

Kansas Sues Biden Administration over Title IX Gender-Identity Expansion

Anti-Israel Campus LARPing Is Not ‘The New Jewishness’

Harvard to Begin Reinstating Suspended Students in Deal with Anti-Israel Encampment Organizers

Disney Reportedly Cancels Tinker Bell Because She's A "Problematic Image" For Young Girls, Will No Longer Hold ...

The 2024 Race Is Now Donald Trump’s To Lose

 Republicans Need to Strategic Retreat From Abortion

 The Economy Will Undo Biden

 The Unbearable Lightness of Anti-Zionism

 To the Class of 2024: You Are All Diseased

 To Change the World, Protest Less, Study More

 Trump in Trouble But Biden Campaign Is Dead in the Water

 Your Friends Aren't a Representative Sample of Public Opinion

 Riot Tactics Redux

 Trendy Nonsense About Gen Z

 Trump Doesn't Need a DEI Running Mate

 Nellie Bowles Knows Why So Many Progressives Lost It

 Distinguishing Climate Science From Climate Activism

 Preventing Bailouts Is Simple, But It Isn't Easy

Trump’s team hits Michael Cohen as foul-mouthed schemer

Inspector general sees trouble in DOJ, FBI punishing whistleblowers, stripping security clearances

Biden administration is giving $1 billion in new weapons and ammo to Israel, congressional aides say

Trump reads from Washington Times columnist outside court

What is a sorority sister? Appeals court takes up case over transgender pledge at Kappa Kappa Gamma

Communities across country reclaim Indian nicknames, iconography as pendulum swings back

TikTok content creators sue U.S. government over federal law that could ban popular platform

GOP advances Senate candidates in West Virginia, Maryland who could flip Democratic seats

Speaker Johnson takes on Trump prosecutors, vows to investigate them for election interference

Disney Reportedly Cancels Tinker Bell Because She's A "Problematic Image" For Young Girls, Will No Longer Hold ...

23 States File Court Challenge To New Biden EPA Attack On Coal Energy Plants



Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Georgia native Will Moseley makes American Idol Top 3

Hurricane fortune doesn't make Savannah 'Dodge City,'…

Two suspects indicted for attempted robbery and murder

Former church site OK'ed for redevelopment into retail…

Baby killed, driver arrested after Bluffton Parkway crash

Savannah Civic Center’s future unclear

Officials ID man found dead after chemical release

School bus involved in accident on Victory Dr.

Shots fired in neighborhood near Windsor Forest High …

SCCPSS releases information on 2024 commencement dates

Expected report could change Savannah carriage tours

Man dead after being shot by mother in Screven Co.

High school senior expelled after livestreaming classroom fight

Artificial Intelligence Trained To Deceive Humans, Lie...

OPENAI gives ChatGPT new powers to see, hear...

SILENCE OF THE MAGA: Trump bizarrely praises 'the late great Hannibal Lecter' as a 'wonderful man'...

Joe Promised Normal. Do Voters Want His Version of It?

Untold story of day Reagan was shot; Soviet nuclear subs neared DC...

Judge Judy Sues NATIONAL ENQUIRER Over False Story...

Record travel expected Memorial Day weekend...

Diddy's Son Blasts Feds in New Diss Track...

NY AG Letitia James Sues Pregnancy Centers Over Life-Saving Abortion Pill Reversal

Controversial Wisconsin Clerk Admits To Violating Election Law, Claims She Doesn’t Understand It

Paralegal Testimony: Alvin Bragg’s Office Tampered With Evidence

How Pro-Abortion States Are Blocking Other States From Protecting The Unborn

Just Like New Coke, The Biden Campaign Can’t Sell A Product People Don’t Like

Without The SAVE Act, The Only Thing Keeping Foreigners From Voting Is The Honor System

Teachers Unions’ Fanatical Hatred Of Children Ignited The Parent Revolution

How The Media And Democrats Helped Create The Israeli ‘Genocide’ Lie

Lawyer Cohen Testifies about Covertly Recording Client Trump

The NYT/Siena Poll Leaves Biden Holding Only Low Cards

They’re Not Happy Unless You’re Miserable

Psaki’s Shameful Lie

In Minnesota, Push for ERA Threatens Freedoms, Equality

The ‘Burn It All Down’ Crowd Deserves to Be Defeated

Biden’s Untenable Distinction between Offensive and Defensive Aid to Israel

Why Are We Withholding Sensitive Intelligence about Hamas from the Israelis?

The U.N.’s ‘Palestine’ Vote: Tinker Bell at Turtle Bay

Trump Ahead of Biden in Five Key Battleground States, New Polls Show

More Evidence That Nevada Isn’t Really a Swing State in 2024

It’s 1892 All Over Again

Airports Are Not Public Goods

Mississippi Governor Signs Bill Banning Men from Women’s Bathrooms (and Vice Versa) in Public Buildings

No, Doctors Shouldn’t Make Treatment Decisions for Incompetent Patients

D.C. Mayor Bowser’s Approval Ratings Drop to Nine-Year Low

University of North Carolina Board Slashes DEI Funding, Diverts Money to Campus Police

Big Government Is Still Unpopular

CNN Panelists Criticize Biden for Whining about Polls, Telling Americans ‘You’re Wrong’ about Economy

Biden Tests Potency of Soak-the-Rich Appeal to Voters

 House Oversight Cmte Probing Biden Voter Mobilization Order

 Why the Jury May Be Surprised by Michael Cohen

 Biden to quadruple tariffs on Chinese EVs, solar components, steel, aluminum, semiconductors

GOP leaders clash with Secret Service over ‘protest trap’ near Republican National Convention site

Michael Cohen on hush money scheme: ‘Everything required Mr. Trump’s sign-off’

Bill aimed at reducing credit-card ‘swipe fees’ puts Chinese company in crosshairs

Porn Actress v. Germaphobe: Trump trial backfiring on Democrats — bigly

Dating app Bumble sneered at celibacy as an alternative to meeting people online — and got stung

Columbia graduate in zip-tie handcuffs rips up degree during commencement

‘Judge Judy’ Sheindlin sues for defamation over National Enquirer, InTouch Weekly stories

Harris drops the f-bomb while addressing young Asian Americans

RFK Jr. carves out unique space on major issues in presidential race

Ron DeSantis plans to raise money for Trump in Florida, Texas

Justice Department vows to sniff out election threats in 2024 campaign

Just 46% of new immigrants are working, census data show

Supreme Court fires back: Justices speak out on security, free speech and ‘lies’

Pelosi says 2016 election was "hijacked" during Oxford Union debate with Mumford & Sons guitarist

Investigative report exposes NGOs that have made BILLIONS on the border crisis since Biden took office


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

Savannah passes trolley sound ordinance in 'first step' to address quality of life

Mayor Johnson resolute in defense of gun storage ordinance despite criticism 

14-year-old boy found shot and killed in Pembroke 

SPD investigating a shooting that leaves juvenile wounded

PHOTOS: Northern lights visible in Savannah area

Power back on Tybee Island after vehicle strikes power …

1 dead after chemical release in Effingham County

Neighbors pick up the pieces after Toombs County storm

New details surrounding Tybee fire chief’s termination

14-year-old found dead with gunshot wound in Pembroke

Tybee to celebrate 37th annual Beach Bum Parade

Chatham Area Transit to discuss new maintenance facility at Monday’s meeting

Pro-Palestinian demonstration held at Johnson Square



Fetterman makes his mark in DC two years after stroke...

In top races, Republicans try to stay quiet on Trump false 2020 claims...

CORN: America Is Broken, and the Media Ain't Helping...

A combustible Cannes is set to unfurl with 'MEGALOPOLIS' and a #MeToo reckoning...

NOT FUNNY: Seinfeld speech at Duke prompts walkouts...

There's Not Enough Power for America's High-Tech Ambitions...

The Discovery Of ‘Mass Graves’ Of Indigenous Canadian Children Was Actually A Massive Hoax

Trans Activists Sabotage Hotline For Girls To Report Creepy Men In Their Bathrooms

North Carolina’s Early Voting Locations Illegally Favor Democrats

Presbyterian Church In America Invites Professional Polarizer David French To Lecture Christians On Getting Along

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Endorses Democrats’ Unpopular Abortion Until Birth Agenda

Pressure Grows For Ohio Speaker To Advance Bill Keeping Foreign Cash Out Of Elections

Ivey Signs Legislation To Keep Ranked-Choice Voting From ‘Confusing’ Voters

Meta Relies On ‘Human Rights Norms’ To Censor Protected Speech, Board Member Admits

Roger Corman, Giant of Independent Filmmaking, Dead at 98...

Streaming Was Supposed to Rescue Ailing TV Ad Business. It Hasn't...

UN Halves Its Estimate of Women, Children Killed in Gaza...

Try as They Might, They Can’t Hide the Truth

The Media Aren’t to Blame for Noem’s Downfall

Privatize the Airports

The Homelessness Discussion Is Overlooking an Obvious Solution

Trump Promises to ‘Immediately Deport’ Foreign Students Involved in Anti-Israel Protests

Once Again, President Biden Caves to the Bernie Sanders Left

On Harms to Noncombatants in Gaza

The Bastardization of the Boy Scouts

DEI Loses Its Shine

Trump Says Nikki Haley ‘Not Under Consideration’ for VP Pick Despite New Report

Trump Should Be Acquitted in Manhattan

The Week Alvin Bragg's Case Against Trump Falls Apart

 Democrats Take Lead in Generic Congressional Ballot

 The Real Threat to Democracy Is From the Elites

 "Antisemitism Awareness Act" Is Bad for American Jews

 The Shipwreck of Modernity

 Make Happiness Cool Again

 U.S., China to discuss AI risks, role of government in providing safety at Tuesday meeting in Geneva

Class warfare: Biden tests the potency of soak-the-rich appeal to voters

Ex-Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says Democrats, Biden-Harris administration put themselves in God’s place

Biden tells supporters that Trump is ‘clearly unhinged’

Obama and Clooney and Roberts, oh my! Biden enlists big names for June fundraiser

Trump is increasingly directing personal attacks against independent rival Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Trump hush money trial shares similarities with John Edwards’ case; ex-senator was acquitted


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

First open house on Civic Center future shows "gravity" of the project

Savannah area under severe thunderstorm warning, tornado…

Savannah water sources make statewide 'Dirty Dozen' report 

Strong and severe storms possible once again

Strong storm damages Vidalia homes and businesses

Forsyth Farmers’ Market executive director terminated

Toombs County Schools cancels classes after storm

Georgia Supreme Court declines to rule on electoral maps

SC gender-affirming care ban sent to governor’s desk

Volunteers revamp tiny homes for veterans in Savannah

Coast Guard crews rescue injured sailboater near …

All first responders involved in lawsuit against Bryan Co. Fire and Emergency Services no longer work for department

Woman convicted of theft after using Target self-checkout to steal $60K of merchandise


Thiel trapped inside student hall by pro-Palestinians...

Checkpoints at UCLA encampment provoke fear: 'Are you a Zionist?'

Inside Campus Playbook To Build Nationwide 'Unity Intifada'...

Far-right, far-left unite against Jews...

Defiant Stormy Daniels spars with lawyer, riveting jurors...

Evangelicals See Don's Hedonism as Godly 'Masculinity'...

AXELROD: Biden 'pride' may cost him election...

'Seriously underwater' mortgages tick up across USA...

Just 4% of current retirees say they are 'living the dream'...

Hospitals Refusing to Do Surgeries Unless You Pay In Full First...

Revealed: Key sign indicates woman may be PSYCHOPATH...

Sexism, cheating, and nightclubs: Inside dark heart of modern chess...

Happiness Gap Between Left, Right Isn't Closing...

Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Lost Republicans...

Joe Biden Is Selling Out Israel To The Antisemitic Mob

Campus Terrorists Demand A Steady Supply Of Gluten-Free Meals

Babies By Any Means Necessary Won’t Fix The West’s Fertility Woes

CNN Flips Out Over GOP Rep. Scott Perry Highlighting Democrats’ KKK History

Apple’s iPad Ad Boasts Of Replacing The Real With The Fake

Working Moms Shouldn’t Have To Choose Between Girlboss And Tradwife

GOP Speaker Blocks Bill Keeping Foreign Money Out Of Ohio Ballot Measure Campaigns

House Republicans Refer ‘Convicted Liar’ Michael Cohen To DOJ For Perjury

North Carolina Gubernatorial Race Is A Dead Heat, New Polling Shows

Republicans Introduce SAVE Act To Block Illegal Aliens From Voting In U.S. Elections

The Horror of War Does Not Remove Its Necessity

The Anti-Israel Left Loves the Charge of ‘Genocide’ Precisely Because It Is So Perverse

Does Biden’s Sabotage of Israel Remind You of Anything?

Netanyahu Hits Back at Biden Aid Threat: ‘If Necessary, We Will Fight with Our Nails’

Welcome Signs of Humility at Marvel

Menachem Begin Warned Us about Joe Biden

Kevin McCarthy Says He ‘Couldn’t Live With’ Himself If He Worked with Democrats to Keep Speakership

U.N. Vote on Palestinian Membership Could Prompt U.S. Funding Cutoff

Israel Must Finish Hamas — Even without Biden’s Support

Judge Rejects Trump Team’s Requests for Mistrial, Narrowing of Gag Order

San Francisco Mayor Appoints Drag Queen to Head Office of Transgender Initiatives

Cornell’s President Resigns: ‘There Will Be Lots of Speculation’

Covid Subcommittee Accuses Nonprofit President Linked to Wuhan Lab of Intentionally Obstructing Investigation

Court Denies Hunter Biden’s Federal Gun Charges Appeal, Setting Stage for Trial

President Biden Just Made His Biggest Blunder

 Israel Choosing Life as It Fights Against a ‘Death Cult'

 FBI Bungling May Collapse Mar-a-Lago Case Against TrumpBiden's Economic Elitism Devastating Americans

 Is the Corporate DEI Panic Finally Over?

 Confused Ivy Leagues Should Look to the Sunshine State

 Biden’s weapons curb sparks Israeli defiance, impeachment push

Defense portrays Stormy Daniels as a money-hungry author of sex stories at Trump trial

Eye on the storm: Air Force’s ‘Hurricane Hunters’ track threats before they hit the U.S. coast

Student sues school district over suspension for saying ‘illegal aliens,’ switches to homeschooling

Neuralink’s first human brain implant malfunctions

Senate passes FAA bill after battle over new flights out of Washington’s Reagan National Airport

DHS announces plans to speed deportation for dangerous asylum seekers

GOP proposes stiffer penalties for IRS leakers after Trump tax return leak

Biden insists to skeptical voters that he’s turned the economy around

RFK Jr. says he’ll eat more brain worms and still win debate with Biden, Trump


Our News Partner, WSAV

Brunswick's Paper of Record

Savannah's Paper of Record

From millionaires to Muslims, small subgroups of the population seem much larger to many Americans

‘Jim Crow 2.0’: Advocates, academics react to new Georgia election law

Man on Alabama Avenue dies after being shot Wednesday morning

Suspect in fatal beating of Laken Riley indicted by grand jury

Strong and severe storms possible Thursday

Man arrested in Richmond Hill arson investigation

Addy’s Law: SCCPSS taking closer look at bus safety

Statesboro Police investigating shooting, reluctant victim

Fatal shooting on Alabama Ave.

SCCPSS holds first public hearing for budget

Community celebrates Ahmaud Arbery’s 30th birthday

Savannah City Council to consider ordinance to reduce noise from bus tours

Tybee Island city council to read revised ordinance over short-term rentals

Ga. House Speaker recaps latest legislative session

Top Teacher: Valerie Moore


Trump Has Base Problem...

5 twists that could shake it up...


Greene moves to oust Speaker Johnson...

Booed by colleagues...


Shady Milwaukee Elections Chief Ousted Six Months Before Election, But Will Her Successor Be Worse?

Illinois Democrats Change Rules To Cement Incumbent Power In Actual Attack On Democracy

Pennsylvania State Department Told Voters To Cast ‘Cured’ Ballots Against County Rules, Filing Alleges

Celebrities’ ‘Misery Chic’ Aesthetic Flows From Their Spiritual Poverty

The Democrat Party’s Antisemitism Went Mainstream With Barack Obama

Biden HHS Redefines ‘Lawfully Present’ To Give ‘Free’ Health Care To Illegal Immigrants

NY Judge Thwarts Dems’ 2024 Scheming With Smackdown Of Deceptive Abortion Amendment

The Truth Is Out There, Jamaal Bowman

Biden’s Dangerous Misreading of ‘Never Again’

Colorado Town Learns the Harm Caused by Granting Rights to Nature

House Immediately Dismisses MTG’s Motion to Vacate Speaker Johnson

Greg Abbott Instructs Texas Universities, Colleges to Ignore Biden’s Title IX Revision

‘Each Day of Delay Helps’: Covid Subcommittee Accuses Top Fauci Adviser of Obstruction

Warning to Young Women: Bears Will Maul You

Police Clear George Washington University’s Anti-Israel Encampment, Congressional Hearing Scrapped

The Tea Party Movement Is Dead

Trump’s Humiliation Is the Point of Bragg’s Prosecution

Gavin Newsom’s Claim of Record-High California Tourism Spending Undermined by Inflation Adjustment

California’s Predictably Disastrous Minimum-Wage Hikes

California vs. the World on Zero-Emissions Trains

U.S. Iran Envoy Downloaded Classified Docs to Personal Device, Lawmakers Say

Berkeley’s ‘Babies’

K-12 Administrators Grilled, Accused of Paying ‘Lip Service’ to Antisemitism in Schools

Joe Biden Aims to Avoid Press Scrutiny with Unconventional Media Strategy

Universities Surrender to Pro-Hamas Demonstrators

 New Laws Are Turning Police Into 'Supercitizens'

 Happiness Gap Between Left and Right Isn't Closing

 US Pays Little Attention to Latin America. China Moves In

 US’s Greatest Strategic Failure? Embracing Communist China

 Kristi Noem Cuts Short Book Tour Citing 'Bad Weather'

 Stormy Daniels’ steamy testimony isn’t expected to sway the presidential race

Masters of irregular warfare: U.S. Special Forces eye complex mission in ‘decisive decade’

Gorsuch to release book in August: ‘Over Ruled: The Human Toll of Too Much Law’

Netflix edits out crowd’s boos of Kim Kardashian at Tom Brady roast

Democrats rescue GOP House Speaker Johnson from hardliner move to oust him

Democratic Leader Jeffries does not guarantee his party will save Speaker Johnson again

Biden threatens to withhold arms to Israel if they launch major Rafah invasion

Heroes and villains of illegal immigration on display at Senate ‘Dreamer’ hearing

RFK Jr. says he’ll eat more brain worms and still win debate with Biden, Trump

Biden insists to skeptical voters that he’s turned the economy around

Barron Trump chosen as Florida delegate to the RNC

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