Video Of Woman's Reaction To Toddler Grabbing Her On Plane Gets Her Shamed

Photo: Getty Images

Flying can be challenging thanks to everything from delays to a lack of leg room, but few things make it more unpleasant than having a crying or misbehaving child on your flight. Air travel is tough on kids, who tend to get bored easily, but that doesn't mean much to anyone sitting in front of one who is kicking their seat. While that wasn't the case for one woman, she did encounter a child behind her doing something a bit strange, so she filmed it and shared it on TikTok, where some commenters weren't thrilled with her reaction to what the little girl was doing.

Kara Saba was sitting in the window seat, flying from Detroit to her honeymoon in Charleston alongside her new husband, when a tiny hand came from behind and began groping and rubbing Kara's arm. All the newlyweds could do is laugh hysterically and take video of what was going on.

She posted it on TikTok with the caption, "Her name was Adeline and I hope her mom sees this."

Millions of people have watched the clip and many praised Kara, writing things like, "THANK YOU on behalf of mamas everywhere for being able to find the joy in a situation like this. The world needs more of y'all," and "Good hearted people, just laughing about it. Love to see it," and, "So many people hate on parents with kids on planes...I love that you just let her be a child."

However, as often is the case, others weren't pleased with how Kara handled the situation. One stated, "No thank you....let the parents know," while another wrote, "Touching strangers without their permission? Growing up to assault people. Ok."

More commenters though were impressed by the pair's patience, with someone saying, "I'd have whacked that hand away within seconds and she wouldn't have done it again."

No word on if Adeline's mom ever did see the video.

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