More Bee Rejects

It's been a while since I shared, but I'm still slugging away at trying to get the Babylon Bee to publish a headline from me. Their standards are understandably high, but mine aren't! So I'm going to share some of the creations I have submitted to the Bee that didn't make the cut:

-Fauci's New Book to Feature Six Different Versions of His Life Story

-Blue of Blue's Clues to Have Live Addadictomy on Nick Jr.

-New Amazon Program Loads Your Internet Onto Your Neighbor's Computer for Free. Introducing Amazon Free Loader

-Latest Friday the 13th Reboot Casts Jason as Good Guy, Only One Wearing a Mask

-Due to Rise of Onboard Fights, Boeing Unveils Octagon-Shaped 747

-Hoth Researchers Trying to Prevent Global Thawing

-Coyotes Now Smuggling Children and 2x4s From Mexico

-Eastern Orthodox Star Wars Fan Celebrates May 25th

-Bill Gates Announces End of Support for Marriage 1.0, Already Planning Version 2.0

-Man Wonders Why Subway Has a Tip Jar: "I Have to Stand There and Tell Them How to Make a Sandwich"

-New Edition of 1984 Adds Subtitle "Based on a True Story"

-Poll: 85% of People Receiving Government Checks Support More Government Checks

-BLM Starts New Fundraising Site:

-Wildebeests Wiped Out As Biden Accidentally Writes Executive Order Banning Gnus

-13 Justices? Court Packers Fudge Numbers

-Amnesty International Calls Out Biden Admin for Encouraging Illegals to Come to "Racist, Bigoted" US

-New House Committee, the HWAC, Poses the Question "Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been White?"

-Biden Told To Only Call On Reporters White House Cartel Supplied With Wristbands

-Biden Press Conference to Be Held at Hall of Presidents, Will Speak After Lincoln


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