Ryfun’s Rants: This War Must End

The endless war has to end. The conflict has been too bloody, the human toll too excessive. Nothing good can possibly come in prolonging this battle. No, I’m not talking about Israel and Palestine. I’m talking about the internecine war between conservatives.

Right now, the left has entered the fray against America’s foundations and traditions in a big way. On several fronts they’re attacking our energy independence, the capitalist system (from within, no less), the minds of the youth of America, and the big two, 1A and 2A. Inflation is rearing its ugly head across the board. Employers can’t find people to work, because the government is paying them over fifteen dollars an hour to stay home. Those two factors are going to bring our prosperity to a screeching halt, and make it difficult for the government to continue the more than generous handouts it’s gotten accustomed to giving away the last year and change.

In other words, the overreach that we all knew was coming when the Dems took the White House, the House, and the Senate is on. The only surprise may be that they’re coming at us even harder than we thought they would.Employers can’t find people to work? Raise your wages higher than we’re paying them, thus creating a non-market-driven fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage.Gasoline suddenly in short supply? Guess you’d better ditch fossil fuels and get an electric car. Again, a non-market-driven way to advance the liberal agenda. Undoing Trump’s policies in the Middle have now resulted in undoing peace in the region.

The Republicans have a golden opportunity right now to be instructive, informative, persuasive. During tough times, when what the administration is doing is clearly making no one’s lives better, people look for alternatives. There’s an entire generation of youth and young adults that have never been exposed to so-called Reaganomics, though those Reaganomics have laid the foundation for our unprecedented increase in prosperity over the last several decades. Now is the time to instruct them about these basic conservative economic concepts and principles. They’re willing to listen to new thoughts and ideas, since what’s going on now clearly isn’t working.

What are we doing instead? We’re bickering over things that just don’t matter a whit in the grand scheme of things. Some Republicans in the House get what I’m saying. The House Republicans removed Liz Cheney from her position in leadership last week, because she’s emblematic of exactly what I’m talking about. Conservatism is poised for a massive resurgence if it can find the right approach and tone. The Republican goal should be to find that tone. What has Cheney been doing? Attacking President Trump over the January 6thCapitol riots. When every rhetorical gun should be aimed that damaging Democrat overreach, Cheney was spending all her time publicly attacking a former Republican President, and on grounds for which he’s already been found not guilty by the Senate.

I get it. Some of you don’t like Trump.

The truth is he’s not the president right now and won’t be anytime in the next several years.And whether you want him to be president or not, he CAN be invaluable in helping to recapture the House. For all the talk about Trump as a failed candidate, he has received more votes for president than anyone in the history of this country (nearly three million more than Obama). And his souring on the election clearly made a difference in the Senate runoff in Georgia. Just look at the depressed turnout among Republicans in that runoff. Gabe Sterling put the numbers out. Republicans didn’t lose the runoff because anyone cheated. They lost because Republicans refused to come back to the polls. The numbers are undeniable. Why do you think they didn’t come back? Because Donald Trump told them the system was rigged against them. He gets votes, he campaigns tirelessly, and he can hurt your campaign if you’re not on board. Why wouldn’t you do what we’re told politicians must do all the time and put your differences aside for the greater good? Right now, stopping the Democrats from running over the Constitution is the greater good.

Then, there’s the other wing.

I get calls and emails on a very regular basis from people insisting I watch this YouTube video or that, claiming that no matter what has been said before this one really IS the one that PROVES the election was fraudulent. Very often, small irregularities are tied together when they’re actually completely independent and are blown up into giant conspiracies. At first, I watched the videos with an eye towards learning something. Honestly, I watched them at first believing that I would find something in there that would validate what I wanted to believe, that Trump hadn’t lost the election and that bad actors in this and other countries had conspired to make the election go awry.

The videos almost all share one particular quality: there is an inordinate amount of setup that says very little other than that the person, sitting in front of a bookcase or in the front seat of his car is very shortly going to tell you something that is going to blow your mind and put all the puzzle pieces in place. These videos often last ten minutes or so and contain very little actual information, just a lot of setup and anticipation. You know why? It’s easiest to get YouTube to monetize videos that run about ten minutes. When I saw claims in these videos, I would then try to research them to independently verify them. I couldn’t. Never once on a major claim. I was told to watch the video of the guy who created the CueCat, the single most useless computer peripheral ever developed in the history of mankind (and I should know; I had one), and I’d see him lay out indisputable proof that the election was hacked and stolen. Forty-seven minutes later I realized the only thing that had been stolen was a significant chunk of my time.

And the arguments seem to have flowed like this: the CIA hacked and stole the election using Hammer and Scorecard. When that was disproven, the Democrats did it by shipping in trunks full of extra ballots. When that was disproven, the Chinese had hacked in and changed the votes. When Georgia’s paper ballots matched up with the computer totals, it was suggested to me that the ballot scanners had secret printers hidden inside them. Today, I was told it was a secret Stingray device and a mysterious airplane flying overhead.

I get it. Some of you love Trump.

But all of these various theories on what happened to the election tell me one thing: that some of you are just so desperate to believe that Trump won the election, you’ll believe whatever you have to to make it so. And when the theory you’ve bought into is disproven, you’ll just embrace a different one. As much as you want to believe it’s about the facts of the case, it isn’t. It’s about finding the facts that will fit your beliefs. For that, you’ll go to war with other Republicans and try to prove yourself right. And to what end? If it’s proven that someone hacked and stole the election, it’s not going to change anything. The Constitutional mechanism for electing the president is the Electoral College and they have spoken.

Meanwhile, all the time and effort you’re spending trying to undo an election that can’t be undone is time you’re not spending winning over the hearts and minds of the American people. It’s time you’re. not spending teaching millennials that no, the country wasn’t founded on racism and white supremacy. It’s time you’re not taking to extol the virtues of the free enterprise system and share the triumphs of freedom and personal liberty.

If Republicans want to stop the Death Train that is the current Democrat grip on American power, they’ve got to get their heads out of their petty squabbles and come together to give America a credible alternative to the fiercely destructive Democrat rule we’re all suffering from. So many people have compared Biden’s term so far to that of Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter was defeated by Ronald Reagan, who was smart, entertaining, and understood and embraced conservatism.Republicans, please do me one favor: be more Reagan.

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