More Rejected Bee Headlines

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you the story of how I joined the Babylon Bee forum so I could pitch headlines to them. My thoughts are, if they use one, great! If they don't, I got the creative exercise and kept my brain running. I still haven't had a headline published, but it's only a matter of time. Most people don't even get 1% of their submissions published and I haven't even submitted a hundred yet. But there are some that I thought were definitely worth sharing with you, since the Bee isn't going to be using them. Here they are:

-Sidney Powell's Defense in Dominion Lawsuit: When I Say "Kraken" I Mean "Snyder Cut"

-Biden to Hold First Solo Press Conference; Media Eagerly Await The Questions They'll Be Told to Ask

-Too Far? Cardi B Canceled After Reading Green Eggs and Ham at the Grammys

-New "Sustainable Seafood" Restaurant to Only Serve Fish That Died of Old Age

-Investigation: Biden Dog Bit Secret Service Agent After Agent Misgendered Dog By Calling It "Good Boy"

-CDC Announces Return to Following the Constitution at 25% Capacity

-Biden Announced New Deficit Reduction Measure: POTUS OnlyFans Account

-Bombshell Interview: Meghan Markle Contends That People Who Believe They Are Born Better Than Others "Elitist"

-Cuomo Denies He's Facing Twin Scandals: "I Never Made it With Twins"

-Right Side of History Disavows All Recent Claims

-Biden Asked About Euthenasia: "Their Hair Smells Just as Good as White Kids' Hair"

-Democrats Pass Late-Term Voting Bill Allowing Third Trimester Fetuses to Vote

-Feds Say No White House Interference in Hunter Biden Probe: "We Can Bury This On Our Own"

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