Cabrera Accuser Recants, Signs Affidavit

J Dow III, attorney for former Oglethorpe Point Elementary Assistant Principal Eric Cabrera, announced this evening that he has received a signed affidavit from Cabrera’s accuser that states “in no way has Eric Cabrera ever committed a crime against me, including, but not limited to, any act of child molestation, sexual assault, sexual abuse or otherwise.”

Cabrera was accused in 2018 of molesting the boy when he was a student at OPE. According to the accusation, Cabrera molested the student after school when the student was late for his bus. Cabrera was arrested and charged with child molestation. He was also pressured to resign his position, which he did. Later the DA’s office declined to prosecute the case citing a lack of evidence, but the case was never dismissed, meaning it has since hung over Cabrera’s head. This affidavit is intended to remedy the situation and exonerate Mr. Cabrera of any wrongdoing.

Dow had placed document as well as the complete narrative of Eric Cabrera’s ordeal here.