Tom Jump Publicly Responds to Suit Against GCPD

Tom Jump, named in a suit against the Glynn County Police Department blaming the department for the death of former officer Cory Sasser, released the following statement today regarding the suit:

”On January 31, 2020, a lawsuit was filed with the Clerk of Superior Court. CE20-00161. The lawsuit alleges the Glynn County Police protected Robert Sasser. The lawsuit contains many inaccuracies and false information. It’s appalling to know that individuals are willing to destroy the reputations of Glynn County Police Officers to mask their mistakes. Unfortunately, it is true that some individuals did choose to protect Robert Sasser, but they did not come from the Glynn County Police Department. 

I am speaking out now, of my own accord, because there is too much false and misinformation being circulated and it’s frustrating as both a person intimately involved in these events, and as a citizen in this community to know that the blame for these events is not being assigned correctly. I know from the experiences of others who have spoken out that my choice to speak about this will likely subject me to retaliation. I choose to do it anyway because the public deserves to know the truth.

On May 15, 2018, the Glynn County Police obtained warrants for Robert Sasser’s arrest for Simple Battery and Criminal Trespass. Sasser was notified that he had warrants for his arrest and was allowed to turn himself into the Glynn County Sheriff’s office. Prior to his surrender, arrangements were already made for his bond. See attached GBI Interview with Alan Tucker. Before speaking with his client or knowing details of the incident, Alan Tucker was contacted by Sheriff Neal Jump and informed that Sasser “needed a bond” and that he would not stay in the Glynn County Detention Center. Special arrangements were made by Sheriff Neal Jump and others for Sasser to report to the jail and immediately be bonded out. At that time, Judge Atwood informed Sasser that he should keep his firearms secure and not possess a gun.

May 17, 2018, an incident occurred at Hutcheson Plantation. Glynn County Sheriff’s Deputies located Robert Sasser in his vehicle. Deputies approached and heard a gunshot from inside the vehicle. This began an approximately eight hour standoff with law enforcement officers.

Former GCPD Captain Marissa Tindale negotiated with Sasser by phone. During the negotiations, Sasser sent text messages to former Captain Marissa Tindale. Minutes prior to Sasser surrendering, Sasser sent the following messages. See Text Messages. (It’s clear in the messages that much of the negotiator’s side of the conversation was deleted prior to being turned over.)

(I want to talk with Judge Atwood)

(Talking to judge)

(He’s call sheriff now)

I was standing next to Sheriff Neal Jump when he received a phone call. When Sheriff Neal Jump hung up, he told me he was talking with Judge Atwood. Sheriff Neal Jump told me that Sasser was going to surrender, and that he was not going to jail. Seconds later, Sasser opened the driver’s door to his vehicle. The Georgia State Patrol Swat Team gave Sasser commands, then deployed a taser. While handcuffed, Sasser kicked Glynn County Police officers. Glynn County Sheriff’s Deputies took control of Sasser and left Hutcheson Plantation with him. Sasser was taken to Saint Simons by the Sea.

On May 24, 2018, Sasser was released from Saint Simons By The Sea. He was taken directly to Magistrate Court by Sheriff’s deputies for a bond hearing. Even though Sasser violated his first bond and had additional assault charges, he was given a second bond and released. Officer Hyer, a victim of one of the assault charges was in Magistrate Court and opposed Sasser getting a bond. Officer Hyer asked to speak in court. During the hearing, Officer Hyer was not acknowledged and did not speak in court. Preferential treatment was again given to Sasser, but not by the Glynn County Police Department.

There is much more information known to those present during these events that is not being released. This is a small piece of a large story. 

Thomas Jump”

More as this develops.

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