Ligon, Hogan Advance Bill to Consolidate Law Enforcement

Today Senator William Ligon and Representative Don Hogan issued a joint press release stating their reasoning for moving forward with legislation that would compel Glynn County citizens to be allowed to vote this November on “the issue of whether to continue to have a Glynn County Police Department” or have all county law enforcement fall under the Sheriff’s office. The primary concerns were a county police officer in a leadership position who encouraged other officers to decline from cooperating with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Their other concern was the lack of an independent, outside internal affairs investigation. Presenting this issue to the voters will require the passage of a general bill as well as a local bill. The general bill will allow either the county or the legislature to place the question of abolishing a county police department on the ballot. The local bill would specifically direct the placement of the question on the 2020 Glynn County ballot. Ligon and Hogan said they will pursue legislation which will give voters that choice.