Because You Demanded It--This Morning's Monologue Transcribed!

I'm going to go and put this out there, because I've been dealing with e-mails from people and stuff and I’m tired of it. Trump posted a quote the other day that a gentleman used on Fox News who's a pastor. Jeffress, Robert Jeffress you know, who--honestly, I'm kind of on the fence on Robert Jeffress, anyway, because he's done some historical work that hasn't really stood up to a lot of scrutiny. But the quote if you haven't seen it basically is, “If the Democrats are successful in removing the president from office and they never will be, it will cause a Civil War-like fracture in this nation from which our country will never heal.”

And all the Democrats jumped up he says if he gets--and this is literally this is what they're saying. Now the guy said again I'm going to repeat the quote: “If the Democrats are successful in removing the president from office which they never will be it will cause a Civil War-like fracture in this nation from which our country will never heal.” And the immediate Democrat response is typical overreaction as has been with everything of Trump.

Trump goes out on the campaign trail and jokes about Hillary's e-mails. “He's colluding with the Russians!” You remember all that. “He's colluding with the Russians.” Because he jokes, “Hey, Russians you got anymore of Hillary's e-mails? Ha ha ha ha ha.”

And it was so obviously a joke. “He's colluding--! Look at him! He’s colluding with the Russians openly and in public! We can't believe it!” When it was clearly a late night joke basically, and so here he is putting this quote out there.

“See? He said that if he is removed from office he's going to start a civil war! He's going to start a civil uprising!” I literally had that phrase used in an email to me, that he would start a civil uprising. Now, is there anything about this quote that says a.if he is removed from office he will start a civil war, b. that he will start a civil uprising? No! The answer is unless you are a moron or unless you just want it to be so you can't interpret it that way. Again, you have to be desirous of this to be the case in order to interpret it that way.

But yet Democrats all over the country are interpreting it exactly that way. “See? He says she's going to start a civil war!” Never said that. He quoted a guy who said it could cause a Civil War-like fracture in this nation.

I'm going to go one step further, because I'm going to tell you something: the way I get spoken to as an outspoken conservative on the Internet, in e-mails. Now I'm not going to levy the old standby “death threats” because I'm not going to tell you I’ve gotten death threats. I haven't gotten death threats. Even the people who have gone after me over other things haven't used death threats. They've used reputation threats. “He’d better not to have any skeletons in his closet.”

You know, in all honesty if you guys are going to go in my closet let me know, because I'd like to see what you find. I mean, I'll go with you. Because I like going through going down memory lane taking a look at stuff. That’s why I have a giant storage unit. And I wife’s like, “Yes, you do.” She she does not like my storage unit, but anyway the point is that the way I have been spoken to, the way people on Twitter have tried to cancel me from existing as an outspoken conservative, the way I've been lied about and again just the way I've been treated and talked to has been so filthy, foul, untenable, unacceptable that I'm going to go ahead and put this out there.

It's not going to take being successful in removing President Trump from office to cause a Civil War-like fracture in this nation. We're already there. The Civil War-like fracture has already happened. Now, see, Civil War-like fracture doesn't mean, “There's an armed uprising!” What he's referring to--clearly he's referring to--a culture that can't reconcile itself. People who can't get along, people who can't put their differences aside, people who will be unable to work together. I mean I read reports now in the news of people who work in places that can't function anymore, because people show up and can't put their politics aside. Neighborhoods where the neighbors can't co-exist, because people can't put their politics aside to the point of hatred and loathing of the other side.

Now, we don't put our politics aside here because this is what what we do. We talk about it, but we don't hate and loathe people despite what we're accused of doing. In fact I think we show a lot of compassion for everybody. Well, there’s a couple idiots we don't show compassion for, but you know that's always going to be the case. (tweak, tweak, tweak) But I'm going to tell you he's not talking about guns. I mean I know that that's what you guys are scared to death of at all times, and you want to find an excuse to take people's guns away from them, so you want to accuse people of trying to whip out guns every 5 seconds.

But I'm going to tell you we're at that point. It's not going to take anything really we've we're already in Civil War-like conditions in this country as far as I'm concerned. We've hit that point. I mean, there's no there's no doubt in my mind and to see them try to twist that point into something other is a great example.

You know, I was thinking about this impeachment process as a whole this morning just kind of because I was listening to some commentators as I got up this morning. During the 3 o'clock hour as listen some commentators, and the Democrat commentators were all saying, “Well, this is the law. We're just concerned about the rule of law. We need to make sure that the rule of law is followed.”

And I'm going to confess that my jaw did almost fall off of my face. I mean, I almost had a detached mandible when I started hearing this talk. I hear these guys talking this morning, the Democrats: “We’re just concerned about the rule of law” or “the rule of law must be followed.” “You know President Trump has broken the law and we've got to be concerned about that.”

Now, you have no doubt, because you are intelligent and informed, you have read the transcript of the phone call with the president of Ukraine You also are probably very aware that the alleged quid pro quo could not have possibly happened, because the president of Ukraine at the time was unaware that his loan assistance or his military assistance had been frozen. Now it wasn't frozen in exchange for anything it was frozen because they were trying to find better ways to fund it as in defray the cost to other nations stead of us having to foot the bill all the time. That is a classic Trumpism. That is part of his--if there is any governing philosophy to him, I would say that is part of the governing philosophy is that the United States doesn't have to pay for everything all the time.

But the president of Ukraine was unaware. They did not know that this money had been frozen, so there is no chance that the suggestion to investigate Joe Biden and his son's dealings over there while Joe Biden was in charge of Ukraine policy. His son was hired by a Ukrainian a corrupt Ukrainian energy firm in a field he's never worked in before at the tune of $600000.00 a year. And suddenly his company is awash in riches. Now that'--I mean, you've got to admit, you look at that on the face you know something's wrong there, so he called in a favor and said hey can you look into this because it doesn't seem right, especially when Biden's out there bragging about a quid pro quo.

We were told again the quid pro quo was really the awful terrible evil thing. But I started thinking about this whole rule of law thing, and here the Democrats are very, very, very, concerned about the rule of law. But when state after state after state continues to declare marijuana legal in total defiance of federal law, I hear not one peep out of the Democrats about the rule of law. When Democrat-run police departments around this country refuse to work with ICE or the Department of Homeland Security in defiance of federal law I hear not peep one from the Democrats who are so concerned about the rule of law in this country.

Sanctuary cities popping up everywhere. New York is one, San Francisco—Pelosi’s district is a sanctuary city, and yet she's concerned about the Rule of Law. She's never once spoken out against a sanctuary city in her own district, yet she is completely absorbed with the concept of the rule of law. This is a group of Congress people that had no problem with an administration that unloaded weapons into Mexico. Weapons that ultimately killed a Border Patrol agent. But rule of law? It's important to us, the most important thing. When a certain presidential candidate deleted 30,000 e-mails that were under subpoena, smashed cell phones that had been subpoenaed with a hammer, they didn't seem terribly concerned about the rule of law. They continued to not be concerned about those violations of the rule of law when the administration used the banking system of this nation to shut down businesses they didn't like, basically threatened these banks’ charters if they did business with businesses they didn't like-- which is blackmail, which is extortion, which is quid pro quo--I mean you want to talk about mob boss mentality that was it.

They weren't concerned about the rule of law when the i.r.s. used its powers and conspired--and the evidence was out there in e-mails--to shut down the 1st Amendment right of right-wing groups they did not care about the rule of law. So how is it they're going to put forth a masquerade in this day and age that says “We are very, very supportive of the rule of law in this country” when they continue to put blinders on, when there continue to be sanctuary cities out there, when more and more states pass marijuana laws, when more and more places refuse to work with ICE in order to—Look, when someone is here illegally their very presence here is a violation of the rule of law. “Go get them, Ray!” Nothing. Nothing at all, and yet now they're concerned with the rule of law. Tell me another bedtime story please because this one is ridiculous.

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