Sheriff’s Statement on Today’s Threat at Courthouse

From Glynn County Sheriff Neal Jump:

On September 30, 2019 at approximately I0:05 a.m. the Glynn County Sheriff's Office was notified by the Glynn/Brunswick E911 Center that someone had called a local business and reported a bomb was at the courthouse. The Sheriff's Office immediately responded to the Glynn County main Courthouse at the 1800 block of Reynolds Street and initiated pre-established protocol for such occurrences which included an evacuation of the courthouses and search of the buildings and grounds. The Juvenile Courthouse was also checked as an extra precaution.

The person who called alleging that a bomb was in the courthouse did not specify a particular courthouse which made the situation a little more complex. Instead of initiating our emergency procedures for one courthouse, we had to cover three courthouses under our watch and this didn't include any response which may have been taken by federal authorities at the federal courthouse or the Brunswick Police Department with the city courthouse.

These kinds of incidents are extremely disruptive but we have to take the threats seriously. We really appreciate the cooperation we receive from the Judges and other elected officials and their employees. They always follow instructions carefully which is a big help to us in getting these buildings evacuated as quickly as possible.

We were pleased with the response of our deputies as well as the local agencies that assisted us starting with the notification from the E911 Center. The Brunswick Police Department was right beside us offering to assist in any way they could. The Brunswick City and Glynn County Fire Departments responded immediately as well.

We are especially appreciative of our neighboring Sheriff's Office to the South, the Camden County Sheriff's Office who dispatched a couple oftheir deputies and their explosive detecting canines The U.S. Coast Guard also sent a Coast Guard Officer with an explosive detecting canine.

ln the end it was a collaborative effort with multiple agencies responding and assisting for one common goal and that was to ensure everyone remained safe. The incident is still under investigation.

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