Charges Added in Zeh Case

Glynn County Police released an updated list of charges against local attorney Reid "Billy" Zeh this morning. Below is the release:


Glynn County Police Investigators have additional charges for Billy “Reid” Zeh in relation

to domestic violence. Through their investigation, they were able to uncover more

information about prior violence that dates back nearly a year, to November 2018.

Investigators were also able to break it down by date of occurrence. The following is a list

of the updated charges, along with their corresponding date. The charges in bold are the

charges that have been added since the previous press release:

8/20-21/2019 – Influencing Witnesses

8/16/2019 – Robbery Sudden Snatching FVA

8/16/2019 – Aggravated Assault FVA

8/16/2019 – Aggravated Assault FVA

8/16/2019 – Kidnapping FVA

8/16/2019 – Battery FVA

7/18/2019 – Theft by Taking Misdemeanor

7/18/2019 – Aggravated Assault FVA

7/18/2019 – Robbery Sudden Snatching FVA

7/18/2019 – False Imprisonment FVA

7/18/2019 – Aggravated Assault FVA

11/12/2018 – Simple Assault FVA

11/12/2018 – Simple Battery FVA

11/12/2018 – Sexual Battery

11/12/2018 – Sexual Battery

11/12/2018 – Sexual Battery

11/12/2018 - False Imprisonment FVA

11/12/2018 - Aggravated Assault FVA"

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