Plane Owner IDed, Victim Not IDed

Authorities say that can’t confirm the identity of the pilot of the Cessna 182 that crashed in Sinclair Point this morning until the crime lab and coronoer’s office release a positive ID. However, multiple aviation websites have confirmed the tail number of the plane and it matches that uncovered by our earlier research. Based on the information, the owner of the plane is an investment firm in Bluffton, SC called May River Investments. The principal owner of the firm is named Roger Crane, a Facebook profile for a Roger Crane shows, as its profile picture, a Cessna matching the tail number of the one deduced and its blue accents match the wreckage observed by this reporter.

Once again, there has been no confirmation that Mr. Crane the pilot of the plane. Someone else may have been piloting it for him. We are still awaiting official word as to the identity of the deceased.

Plane N6123T

Plane N6123T

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