Junkin Being Pushed Out at JWSC?

Jimmy Junkin, the executive director of the Joint Water Sewer commission may be on his way out, and not by his own choice, according to sources speaking on condition of anonymity. Those sources say an announcement could be coming as early as today stating that Junkin is stepping down and may be retained as a consultant during the interim. The sources also suggest the decision to ask for Junkin's resignation was not unanimous and followed a heated discussion.

Junkin was hired in June 2016 and started in August of that year. He has been very vocal about bringing change to the JWSC and setting the utility on a path to becoming more fiscally responsible, as well as continuing the efforts to repair the system and bring it up to date started by his predecessor Steve Swan.

UPDATED 12noon: The information in the article has been confirmed. JWSC has scheduled a meeting to discuss the issue for next week.


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