Charges Dropped Against Assistant Principal Cabrera

Yesterday, District Attorney Jackie Johnson dismissed the warrants in the case of Eric Cabrera, the Oglethorpe Point administrator who was accused of child molestation in August. 

His attorney Jay Dow expressed pleasure at a good outcome for a good man and released the following statement: 

"We are very pleased the Glynn County District Attorney pursued the right and just course in declining prosecution of Mr. Eric Cabrera.  Jackie Johnson demonstrated objectivity, professionalism and an interest in the truth above blind advocacy in a political climate that tends to shoot first and ask questions later.  Mr. Cabrera is a good man who has devoted his life to the education and development of children.  While he has been relieved of the threat of prosecution which he has been under since August 2018, this situation has been devastating to him, his wife and his family.  His life’s work and good name have been irreparably harmed if not altogether destroyed.  Mr. Cabrera is set to get his ankle monitor off today and begin to expand the scope of his life beyond the practical house-arrest he has suffered through following his initial two week incarceration in the Glynn County Jail.  Eric and his family deserve to enjoy some peace in this holiday season and they are very thankful for the community support they have received throughout their five month nightmare."

Cabrera, a former Glynn County Schools Teacher of the Year, was accused of a 2014 incident by a former student who was in fifth grade at the time. The former student made his accusation from a residential treatment facility. From there word spread far and wide, as the school sent messages informing parents of the arrest and media reports detailed the allegations outlined in court by the police investigator.

DA Johnson's decision not to prosecute was based on a lack of evidence, according to the dismissal. 

Cabrera Dismissal

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