DA: Inv. Complete, Sasser's Son Charged, No Further Charges Anticipated

The DA’s office released a statement today indicating that their investigation into whether anyone provided assistance to Corey Sasser the night he murdered his estranged wife Katie Kettles Sasser and her friend John Hall, Jr. has been completed.

Sasser's son Robert Bryce Sasser has been charged Reckless Conduct and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. No further charges will be filed. 

The office released an extensive timeline based on their investigation which details Sasser’s whereabouts between the time of his divorce hearing that Tuesday morning and the murders that Thursday night. Questions about Sasser’s whereabouts, how he obtained a gun, and why he wasn’t arrested for violating the terms of his probation have dogged local law enforcement since the double murder.

Sasser report 1
Sasser report 2
Sasser report 3
Sasser report 4
Sasser report 5
Sasser report 6

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