McIntosh Man Charged with Island Attacks


On July 8, 2018, at about 10:30 P.M. officers with the Glynn County Police Department responded to a reported robbery in the 700 block of Ocean Blvd on Saint Simons Island. An Alpharetta, Georgia woman reported she was walking down Ocean Blvd when a black male approached her from behind. The male choked the woman until she lost consciousness and stole her purse.

On August 5, 2018, at about 9:30 P.M. officers responded to a reported robbery in the 500 block of Beachview Drive on Saint Simons Island. A Decatur Georgia woman reported being accosted from behind by a black male after she exited her vehicle. The modus operandi was the same as the July 8 incident; the woman reported being choked until she lost consciousness and her purse was stolen.

On August 6, 2018, as a result of the investigation into both incidents, investigators arrested 39-year-old McIntosh County resident David Lee Wilson. He has been charged with two counts of Robbery by Sudden Snatching and two counts of Aggravated Assault(Strangulation).Additionally, Wilson has been charged with one count of Entering an Auto. This charge is related to a theft from within a motor vehicle which occurred on July 7, 2018, at the Circle K on Saint Simons Island. Wilson is being held in the Glynn County Detention Center.Anyone with information about David Lee Wilson or these incidents is asked to call Investigator Jeff Williams at 912-554-7812 or the Silent Witness line at 912-264-1333.

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