Ours Offered S.C. Contract, Turns it Down

Glynn's County manager Alan Ours has been offered a contract to manage Beaufort County, South Carolina. Ours had previously informed the county commission that he was a finalist for the position and that if offered the job, he intended to take it. Last night, the Beaufort County commission rejected the two finalists, of which Ours was one, opting instead to hire the interim administrator.  The council then revisited the decision and offered the job to Ours. The decision was made by a 7-3 vote of the county council.

Ours decided to turn the higher-paying job it of family concerns. The father of ten told some members of the press that some of his children strongly wanted to stay in the area. “Some people’s legacy is their career, mine is my family,” Ours is reported to have said.