Rep Spencer Says He Won't Resign

State Representative Jason Spencer of Woodbine is rejecting calls for his resignation after his appearance on Sunday night's episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's program Who Is America. On the program, Spencer was goaded into using racial slurs and performing offensive stereotypical caricatures, charged at Cohen with his exposed rear, and recorded a PSA in which he attacked a fake Arab, chopped off its genitals, and bit them. Spencer told the Washington Post that he had extreme fear for his safety after threats had been leveled at his family in the wake of his proposal of legislation making it illegal for people to cover their faces in public. He was also disturbed by the 2017 attack on the Republican baseball practice last year that nearly killed house whip Steve Scalise. Spencer said he regretted his language in the video and issued an apology but stopped short of resigning from his seat, since he lost his may primary.