Future Land Use Map Sees Drastic Changes

The Future Land Use Map, which directs how future development will be guided in the county, is a major part of Glynn County’s 2018 Comprehensive plan that was approved by the County Commission last week. There are two versions of the land use map, a low resolution version that is difficult to read, and a very readable high resolution version. The low resolution version was the one that was attached to the agenda for last week’s commission meeting and sent to the commissioners. The high resolution version is located elsewhere on the County website. Land use in the high resolution map appears to have been designated on a parcel by parcel basis, and includes some unusual land use classifications, that contradict existing land uses. For example, the Colonel’s Island port on the north side of Hwy. 17 is designated as Coastal Marshlands which is the most restrictive land use in the plan. Christ Church Frederica, which is currently zoned Conservation Preservation, is designated as Low Density Residential on the new map. The controversial, narrow Sea Island spit, located between ocean and marsh is zoned medium residential on the map. In the southwestern part of the County, all of the Fancy Bluff creek front lots of the Satilla Shores subdivision including an expansive section of marsh are designated Industrial. According to the Plan the Future Land Use Map was presented to both Steering Committees in January to review and provide feedback. It isn’t clear from the Plan who was responsible for the actual changes or why two Future Land Use Maps exist.