Island Assault, Robbery a Hoax; “Victim” Arrested

From Glynn County Police:


On Sunday, June 10, 2018, at about 8:30 PM Officers responded to a reported armed robbery, kidnapping, and attempted sexual assault which was reported to have occurred on Saint Simons Island. The complainant, Megan Wheat, reported that she was kidnapped at gunpoint by a white male after withdrawing money from an ATM, and forced to drive to a secluded location. She reported the male robbed her of over $450.00, and attempted to sexually assault her before she was able to fight him off.Criminal Investigators have spent many hours conducting a thorough investigation into Mrs. Wheat’s reported crime. As a result of the investigation, Mrs. Wheat has been arrested and charged with False Report of a Crime and Making False Statements.The investigation revealed that Mrs. Wheat owed a person money for illegal narcotics. On Sunday, June 10, Mrs. Wheat met with the person and paid $460.00 towards her narcotics bill. According to Mrs. Wheat, the person then punched her in the face because she was not paying the total amount she owed. She then concocted the kidnapping, robbery, and attempted sexual assault story in hopes that her narcotics supplier would be arrested. Mrs. Wheat went as far as to plant evidence to make her story more believable.“Anytime a crime as heinous as this is reported, the police department investigates it thoroughly in order to bring those responsible to justice”, said Glynn County Police Chief John Powell. “I am relieved to know that this report was a hoax”, said Powell.

This investigation continues by Inv. Brad Butler, 912-554-7817

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