Convicts Request Deportation in Brunswick

12 of 13 convicted foreign felons will be sent back to their home countries to serve their time according to the U.S. Southern District Court in Brunswick. A 13th man, Len Bilton, who was convicted nearly a year ago in Savannah on a child pornography charge, has chosen, as a foreign national, to serve out his prison term in the U.S. Bilton received a sentence of three years and six months, in addition to monetary penalties for one count of child pornography. The other 12 men were all convicted on major drug trafficking charges in Florida and seek to be returned to their home countries of the Bahamas and Ecuador for their incarceration. Criminals convicted in drug trafficking operations and tried in Florida are often housed in Folkston’s Ray James Correctional Facility. Because of jurisdictional issues, when those people want to transfer to their home countries, they have to go through the process in U.S. District Court in Brunswick.