JWSC: School Debt Increasing

Yesterday Joint Water and Sewer Director Jimmy Junkin reported that Phase One of the North Mainland sewer improvements project is substantially complete. Before moving forward with Phase Two the JWSC is contracting with an inspection company to check the downstream sewer line to see if it is usable or not. Once the line’s usability has been determined, the utility will move forward with designing Phase II of the project. In additional JWSC staff is looking at cost saving changes to the their other mainland SPLOST project, the Brunswick Sewer improvements. Along with being cheaper, the project changes will eliminate the need to dig up city streets.In other JWSC business, Junkin told the commission that the Glynn school board has appealed the court decision requiring them to pay the JWSC’s debt service fees. Junkin said it could be a year before the case is heard by the Appeals Court. The JWSC claims the school board currently owes $359,000, not including late fees. Since the school board is still not paying the fees, Junkin said more debt service is accruing, so the amount will change substantially. He will give the JWSC an summary at their next meeting April.