Brunson Challenges Opponent's Candidacy

County Commissioner Bill Brunson, who is running for re-election to the Commission’s District 4 Seat, filed a challenge against Democrat Vicki Greene who is also running for the District 4 Seat. The challenge is based on the premise that Ms. Greene does not live in Dist. 4. According to Ms. Greene’s qualifying documents, she listed her address as 13 Ibis Cove, Brunswick. According to county tax documents this address is in District 1. According to the Glynn County code of ordinances Chapter 1-2-1 candidates must live in the district they seek to represent, unless they are running for one of the two At Large posts. In addition, Georgia State law OCGA 20-2-51 states that no person shall be eligible for election who is not a member of the district that person seeks to represent.