County Contracts for Irma Debris Removal

At a called meeting last Friday morning the Glynn County Commission hired Ceres Environmental Inc. to pick up debris from Hurricane Irma on public rights of way for $4.5 million and on private rights-of-way for an estimated $1 million. They also hired Witt O’Brien to monitor the cleanup for FEMA reimbursement. These are the same companies who cleaned up after Hurricane Matthew.In addition, the County Commission relaxed some of their zoning ordinances to make it easier for residents with storm damaged homes to make repairs. Permits lasting 12 months will be issued for the temporary use of mobile homes, trailers and recreational vehicles as temporary dwellings in all zoning districts while residents repair houses that were damaged by Hurricane Irma. The temporary dwelling must be approved by the Glynn Health Dept. and the Building Official. Also, the Community Development Department was authorized to temporarily waive the fees for residential and commercial building permits for repairs, renovations and other work related to hurricane damage.