College of Coastal Georgia Cancels Classes, Evacuates Dorms

The College of Coastal Georgia will be cancelling classes beginning Thursday,  September 7 at 12:30pm.  The College will remain closed through Tuesday, September 12.  Additionally, to ensure the safety of the residential student population and in preparation for potentially adverse conditions, residential students are being required to evacuate campus residence halls by 6pm Thursday, September 7.  Because we are uncertain as to the weather conditions or the impact Hurricane Irma will have on campus and our housing facilities (i.e. potential damage, power outages, extreme weather conditions, etc.), the residence halls and campus dining services will also be closing on Thursday, September 7 at 6pm.  Parents are encouraged to reach out to their students to discuss travel arrangements, carpooling, evacuation routes, and other important emergency information you may deem necessary.   If a student is unable to secure transportation or if they are unable to evacuate to an alternate location,  the College will transport remaining residential  students to an evacuation site at another University System of Georgia institution.  Although the evacuation site will provide room and board, CCGA is highly encouraging students to make their own arrangements to evacuate campus.  No residential students will be allowed to remain on our campus once the campus closes the evening of Thursday, September 7.  Our residence life staff will continue to work to inform students of the latest information in their halls.

  If you have questions about your residential student, feel free to contact the Residence Life staff at the following numbers:Lakeside Village Front Desk:   912-279-4560Mariner Village Front Desk: 912-279-5913Lakeside Village RA on Call:  912-230-8991Mariner Village RA on Call:  912-215-9139Coastal Place Apartments RA on Call: 912-506-3087Professional Staff On Call: